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Free at last. - cccvvvttt

How much pain can a six year old go through? Well...

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Chapter 4: School, And Bully's

School, And Bully's

Twilight and Zachary started to walk back outside to her five friends, and the new prisoner. When they got back outside, they saw Twilights friends looking closely at Melissa, as to make sure that she didn't do anything.

"How's she doing?" Twilight asked, catching her friends attention. Pinkie bounced over to Twilight.

"She's been saying some horrible things about Zachary, none that are true obviously." Pinkie said, causing Melissa to growl.

"How would you know what's true or not?" Melissa snapped. "You pony's seem see Zachary more than just a..."

"Don't. You. Dare. Finish. That. Sentence." Twilight growled, causing Melissa to flinch a bit. The mane six, along with Zachary, heard footsteps coming from behind them. They all turned around to see the source of the noise, only to see a very grumpy, tired looking Spike. He was holding a letter in his right claw.

"Princess Celestia sent a reply." Spike said with a groggy tone, handing Twilight the letter. "Can I please go back to...." Spike slowly went quit, when he saw Melissa tied up in the rope. He stared at her in confusion, then suddenly realized who it was.

"Twilight, is that..." Spike stopped at Twilights response.

"Yes, she is." Twilight replied, glaring at her. Spike was now more awake then he was before. Twilight stopped glaring at Melissa for a moment, to check on Zachary. Zachary, once again, looked troubled.

"Zachary... are you okay?" Twilight asked, concerned. The other's noticed Zachary's behavior, and walked over to him.

"Yeah, it's just that...." Zachary didn't finish his sentence, and grew quit, lowing his head to the ground.

"Darling, you know that you can tell us anything, we wont judge." Rarity said. Pinkie bounced over to him, and was about to say something, but then Melissa interrupted.

"Don't tell them anything Zachary, they will judge you for everything." Melissa said, earning the glares of everypony that was there. "What? You would." Applejack trotted over to her, still glaring.

"Ah'm the Element Of Honesty, and ah can say that we won't judge him." Applejack growled. Zachary looked up at Twilight, who just got done reading Celestia's letter. She turned her attention to him, and smiled.

"It's alright, we wont judge you." Twilight said, patting Zachary on the shoulder.

"It's just that.... what i saw earlier..... I know that it wasn't my fault for what happened, it's just...." Zachary let a tear fall out. "I can't help but to feel like i had something to do with it.... maybe i was slowing them down....I feel like I'm slowing you guys down too, and maybe that's why my dad got angry, and..... and killed my mom." Zachary was now quietly whimpering, and the mane six immediately comforted him. (Except for Spike, who went upstairs shortly after getting the letter to Twilight.)

"Aww, it's not your fault little wittle guy." Pinkie said, this time, Melissa kept her mouth shut. "We don't know why your father did that, but for whatever reason it was, it was not you fault." Pinkie said, while hugging him tightly. Finally, Pinkie released Zachary, causing him to fall back a bit, but was caught with Twilight's magic.

"I agree, It isn't your fault that your mother is gone... it just..... happened." Twilight said. "I don't know why, but we will help you find out the reason, alright?" Zachary just nodded his head in response. Rainbow hovered over to him next.

"Kid, you weren't slowing them down, and you aren't slowing us down either." Rainbow said, going up a little higher. "And this is coming from the fastest flyer in all of Equestria!" Rainbow made a pose. Zachary smiled up at her, then the mane six decided to come in for a group hug, including Zachary. They hugged for a few moments, then they finally broke the hug.

"It will be alright, and we will find out the reason your father did that, and we will get your foster father." Twilight said reassuringly. Melissa huffed with anger at this, and decided to speak up again.

"Oh, please. Don't listen to them, they don't know anything." Melissa said. After she said that, everypony, including Zachary, shouted "SHUT UP!" At the same time. Melissa snarled at them. "You pony's are stupid, and your brainless!

"I don't appreciate you saying such things about my subjects, human." A voice from above said. They all looked up, only to see Princess Celestia in a carriage, with two Pegasus pony's landing it on the ground softly. Princess Celestia got out of the carriage, and walked over to everypony, and human.

"Hello, My Little Pony's." Celestia greeted, while everypony bowed down to her, except for Melissa. "You all may rise, now." Celestia said. Everypony got up from there bowing position, as Twilight walked over to her.

"Princess Celestia, this is Zachary's foster mother." Twilight said, pointing a hoof over to Melissa. "She, along with the foster father, tried to kidnap Zachary earlier this evening." Melissa's head shot up after she heard this.

"You're the one's kidnapping him! He belongs to me and John alone." Melissa shouted, still trying to free herself from the ropes tied around her.

"He does not belong to you anymore." Celestia replied. "He belongs to whoever he wants to belong to." Melissa glared daggers at her.

"Funny joke." She said, not letting go of her glare for even a single second. Celestia walked over to her, with a look of interest on her face.

"So, this is what an adult human looks like then?" Celestia asked, looking closely at her.

"Um, yes... why?" Melissa sked, now confused. Celestia used her magic to put Melissa on both of her feet, Melissa, squirming a bit in the magical grasp. She then gasped, as the adult women looked very confused at Celestia's shocked face.

No, it can't be.... Celestia thought to herself.

"Princess, are you okay." Twilight asked, causing Celestia to snap out of her thought's.

"Oh, um, yes I'm fine Twilight. You have no need to worry." Celestia replied, before turning her attention back to Melissa. "What is your name, human?" Melissa just made a look of disgust, due to the fact that she was so similar to her, that person, and she didn't really want to give out her name to these pony's , but feeling like she had no choice, said her name anyway.

"Melissa" She growled at Celestia. She glared back, before introducing herself as well.

"I am Princess Of The Day, Princess Celestia." Celestia greeted. "We heard about what you did to Zachary over in your world, and I am truly disgusted on the way you treated him, so I would like to ask you a few questions." She took a deep breath, before asking the first question.

"How did you end up here in the first place?" Celestia asked. Melissa thought of a lie that she could make up, but seeing that she had no way out of this, she told the truth.

"I got here after my idiot husband pushed me on a desk, causing a box to fall over." Melissa started. "Inside, was a glowing pocket watch, that teleported us here after we went out in the front yard with it." Celestia had a look of interest.

"Do you have this "Pocket Watch?" She asked.

"No, it's with my stupid husband, who had the stupid idea of trying to get Zachary back, by coming to this stupid library thing, and then trying to reason with the purple one to hand him over!" Melissa shouted, taking a few deep breath's after her shouting. Celestia was taken aback by this, not expecting that to happen. Twilight walked over to Celestia, holding a handgun with her magic.

"The male foster parent.... John i think, pointed this gun thingy at me, and tried to kill me with it." Twilight explained, letting Celestia take the gun. Celestia put the gun inside her carriage.

"Thank you for bringing this to me, I'll make sure that they can't get it back." Celestia said. Melissa started to laugh a bit. They all looked at her.

"What's so funny?" Celestia asked, with a confused look.

"It's just the simple fact that taking that gun away wont save you from John." Melissa said, getting her insane laughter under control. "He always carries around TWO Handguns." Everypony was shocked, except for Zachary, who already knew this.

"Why does he do that, may i ask?" Celestia asked.

"He does it, just in case something happens to the other one." Melissa explained. "You might be safe from me, but you are not safe from John." Celestia was getting a bit annoyed, but regained her composure, and looked at the mane six.

"Well, i must be going now, along with the new prisoner." Celestia said, levitating Melissa inside the carriage. "Keep an eye out for this, "John" person, and please be safe. I hope you all have a good rest of the night." She then went into the carriage, sitting by the new prisoner. "Let's get going."

"Yes, your highness." The two Pegasus replied, before taking of into the night. Twilight looked back at all of her friends, and Zachary, and smiled.

"Alright, it's pretty late, let's get all of your sleeping bags, and then we'll go to sleep, sound good?" Twilight asked, and all of her friends nodded. "Alright then, let's get inside."

One Week Later

It's been an entire week since Zachary arrived in Equestria. Pony's have gotten used to seeing him around with Twilight, who would often take him out to go get ice cream, or something. Though, he was physically alright, mentally, not so much. He would only talk to the mane six, who would often come over to see how he was doing, and Spike, who talked to him about comics and stuff.

But when any other ponies tried to talk to them, he wouldn't really talk to them at all, he would just shake his head up or no in response to those pony's. He also liked talking to the Two Princess's. Luna would visit his dreams every night to try to heal some of the mental scars that he had. It was like therapy.

He would sometimes just look out one of the window's in the library, without saying so much as a single word. Twilight grew concerned, but then realized he started to open up more and more. Thanks to Luna, and The Mane Six, he started to talk to a few more ponies.

Melissa was thrown in the dungeons under Canterlot for her crimes. Melissa was put through hard work everyday. She would have to help mine rocks, do community service, and other things. On most occasions, she would be over worked, and never really getting enough sleep at all, she was always tired, she felt like she was being tortured every hour, of every day.

Twilight officially adopted Zachary. When she showed the paper's to him, he had the biggest smile on his face. Not only was he an official citizen of ponyville, but he was now officially allowed to stay at Twilights, without feeling guilty.

One afternoon, while Spike was making lunch, Twilight and Zachary were reading another Daring Doo book. Twilight, just like the week before, heard a knock on the door.

"Hold on, I'll go get that." Twilight said, getting up to go answer the door. When she opened the door, she saw her five friends, and the CMC'S (Who Zachary also considered, real friends) who all looked happy to see her.

"Hey girls, what's up?" Twilight greeted, and the other mares.

"Hey Twilight, can we come in, dear?" Rarity asked, with a look on her face that said, "I have a good idea." Twilight wondered why Rarity had that face, but shrugged it off.

"Of course you can come in, me and Zachary were just reading some Daring Do." Twilight said, welcoming them in. When they got inside the library, they saw Zachary sitting on the couch, looking at the cover of the book that him and Twilight were reading.

"Heya, kid, how are ya doing?" Rainbow dash asked, flying up to him, rubbing his hair with her hoof. Zachary giggle a bit.

"I'm good, better then how i was a week ago, any way's." Zachary replied, with a smile on his face.

"That's good to hear." Applejack said, walking up to him, and giving him a pat on the shoulder. The CMC'S also walked up to greet him.

"Hey Zachary," Applebloom started. "Do you want to do somethin' outside?" She asked. Sweetie Belle then came up.

"Yeah, like helping us get our Cutie Marks or something?" Sweetie Belle suggested. Zachary thought about it for a moment, before looking up at Twilight.

"If it's alright with Twilight, then i guess..." Zachary said. Twilight smiled at him.

"Of course it's alright. Just don't go off too far, okay?" Twilight asked, and Zachary nodded his head in response. The CMC'S, along with Zachary, ran off outside, and Twilight giggled. She turned back to her friends, who all looked like they wanted to discuss something.

"So, um... girls, did you want to talk about something?" Twilight asked, getting a nodded response from all of her friends. Rarity was the first one to walk up.

"Darling, we've been talking, and, well we think it would be a good idea to enroll Zachary in a school." Rarity said. Twilight looked at her with a concerned face.

"Enroll him into school?" Twilight asked, being rewarded with nods from her friends. "I Don't know if that's a good idea, i mean, normally, i would agree with him going to school, but with his foster father still on the loose, I don't know if it would really be that safe to send him to school yet." Twilight said, before thinking about a certain pink filly.

" Plus, Diamond Tiara might try to do something to him, and i wont be there to help him." Twilight said, now hyperventilating a bit. Applejack walked over to her, to try to calm her.

"Twilight, you need to calm down, you're getting more hyped up than then the pigs at feeding time." Applejack said, calming Twilight a little.

"Nothin bad is going to happen to the little feller, with ma little sister and her friends, and Ms. Cheerlie can keep an eye on him." Applejack reassured. Twilight started to regain most of her composure, and started to calm down.

"Sorry girls, it's just... i don't want anything bad to happen to him." Twilight said, with an apologetic tone. Her friends smiled at her. Applejack was about to say something, but was interrupted by Spikes voice.

"Lunch is ready." He shouted, and walked in the main room with some sandwiches. "Sorry girls, i wasn't expecting you to come over." Spike apologized. Rarity walked over to him.

"It's fine, my little Spiky Wikey" Rarity said, while patting him on the head. Spike blushed at this.

"Th-thank you, Rarity.." He said, in a quit, happy tone. Rarity smiled, but then turned her attention back to her friends.

"So, what do you think, Twilight? Is it a good idea to enroll Zachary in a school?" Rarity asked. Twilight put her hoof up to her chin in thought. She didn't want him to get hurt, but she knew he had to make some friends as well.

"Okay, I'll enroll him in school." Twilight said. "But, please tell your sister's to keep an eye on him, and make sure nopony tries to hurt him?" Applejack, Rarity, and Rainbow dash all agreed. Pinkie zoomed over to Twilight.

"But how do you know what grade he's in?" Pinkie asked, while bouncing. Twilight thought about it.

"Well, he is six, and most six year olds are in the first grade, so he's most likely in first grade. Also, he told me that he was in first grade before he came here." Twilight giggled a bit at this. Her five friends looked at each other, all having face's of agreement on.

"Alright, then I will put him in the same class as your sister's, then." Twilight said.

"Well, alright then, it's settled." Applejack said, before another thought came to her head. "Ah know that you will most likely be the one to take him to school Twilight, but what if ya can't pick him up?" Applejack asked. "Ah could pick him up if you can't." Twilight shook her head.

"No, it's fine, I should be able to take him and pick him up, but if I can't, then you can pick him up, if you want." Twilight told Applejack. Applejack nodded her head in agreement.

"When should I enroll him?" Twilight asked, her friends already having the answer.

"Um.... well I think you should do it tomorrow, if you want to...." Fluttershy suggested.

"Yeah, I think I can do that, if Zachary wants to," Twilight said. "I mean, I know I have to bring him sometime, but I just want him to go when he feels comfortable with going."

"Well, you can ask the kid right now." Rainbow dash said, pointing her hoof over to the door, where Zachary and the CMC'S stood. Twilight walked over to them.

"Hey, Zachary. There's something that I wanted to ask you." Twilight said, motioning Zachary to come closer. He got the message, and came a little closer to Twilight. "Zachary, how would you like to go to school?" Zachary was taken aback by this question. He didn't really want to go to school, after what those sixth graders did to him, and after Diamond Tiara's threat, he wasn't sure. But then, he looked around at all the friendly faces around the room.

Twilight and Spike, who gave him somewhere to stay in this world and would do stuff with him, Rainbow Dash, who thought he was one of the coolest kids, Rarity, who made new cloths for him for no charge, Applejack, who let Zachary on her farm, and just have a good time, Pinkie, who always baked a treat for him, and Fluttershy, who was always extremely kind towards him. All of them did so many nice things for him, he felt grateful. Also, if he did go to school, he would have three friends with him. He made up his mind.

"I guess I can try to go to school... I just don't want to get bullied..." Zachary said nervously. Twilight knew about those "bullies" at school. Twilight bended down to his head level.

"If there is anypony that is giving you a hard time at school, then you just tell me, or the teacher, and we'll take care of it." Twilight said, Zachary nodding in response. "Good, we'll have to go down to the school tomorrow to get you enrolled, alright?"

"Okay, that's fine...." Zachary said, and Twilight gave him a smile. The CMC'S walked over to him.

"Yeah, and don't worry about Diamond Tiara, she wont lay a hoof on you either." Scootaloo said. Zachary smiled at all of them.

"Alright, then it's settled, who's hungry for lunch?" Twilight asked, earning the words "Me" from everypony in the room. Twilight smiled, and looked at Spike. "Spike.." She was about to say, but was cut off by his groan

"Fine, I'll make you all lunch." He said, walking into the kitchen, but was topped by Twilight.

"No, I was going to ask if you wanted to come to the hay burger with us." Twilight said.

"Oh, um, yeah. That sounds fun." Spike replied, with an embarrassed smile. They all walked out of the library, all laughing and smiling and just having a good time.

This place isn't so bad. Zachary thought to himself, as they all mad their way the restaurant.

The next day

Twilight and Zachary were walking through ponyville, on their way to the school house to get Zachary enrolled. Twilight looked down at Zachary, who looked very nervous. Twilight gave him a reassuring smile.

"It's alright, Zachary. Ms. Cheerlie is a nice teacher. I think you'll like her class." Twilight said.

"It's not the class I'm worried about." Zachary replied. "It's just... the other filly's and colts there, they might judge me..." Twilight face did turn to worry. While she would talk to Ms. Cheerlie about keeping an eye on him, his classmates might still stare at him, making him feel uncomfortable in the class.

"Don't worry, they wont hurt you, you'll be alright, I'm sure of it." Twilight said, ruffling Zachary's hair playfully. "There's the school, and it looks like it just got let out." Twilight pointed her hoof over to the building. It was red, was kind of small, and there was filly's and colts running out of the building , Ms. Cheerlie waving at them.

"Don't forget to do your math homework tonight, everypony!" Ms. Cheerlie called out to all the running filly's and colts. The CMC'S were running towards a different direction, not noticing Twilight and Zachary walking towards the building, but a certain pink filly did, along with her friend. They gave a harsh glare at Zachary, which made him flinch a little. Twilight noticed this, and glared back at the two rotten filly's, who backed up after that.

"Oh, Ms. Sparkle, I wasn't expecting you. How are you today?" Ms. Cheerlie greeted, giving Twilight a warm smile.

"Hello, Ms. Cheerlie. I would like to enroll Zachary here in school." Twilight said, showing Zachary to Ms. Cheerlie. Cheerlie let out an aww.

"Aww, he's adorable." Cheerlie said. "If you want to enroll him, all you'll have to do is sign some paper's." Ms. Cheerlie than pointed to the school. "Follow me, please." Cheerlie asked Twilight, as they all began to walk towards the school house. After Twilight got done signing the paper's, Zachary was now officially enrolled in the school.

"Alrighty then. Zachary can begin school either tomorrow, or whenever you feel like starting him." Ms. Cheerlie said.

"Thank you." Twilight replied, leaving through the front of the building. When they got out, Twilight looked at Zachary.

"Do you want to go get something to eat?" Twilight asked, and Zachary nodded his head, as they left the school yard. "Where would you like to go?" Zachary was about to answer, but then he saw something glittering on the side of the path that him and Twilight were walking on.

"What's that?" Zachary asked, pointing to the object. Twilight looked in the direction of his finger. She saw something glitter on the ground. They walked over to the object. It was a small, silver, pen. Twilight was confused on what it was. She never saw a pen before, because most pony's would either write with a quill, or a pencil.

"Do you know what that is?" Twilight asked. "It looks like a pencil, but different.."

"It's a pen, from my world." Zachary said, picking it up. As soon as he picked it up, those harsh whispers from before came back, the color draining from his eye's, and his vision turning black and white. Twilight soon caught on to what was happening to him, and panicked.

"Zachary, are you ok-" Twilight didn't finish her sentence, when she put her hoof on Zachary, the same process began to happen to Twilight. Then, everything flashed white again, as Zachary and Twilight traveled to a past memory.

Flash back

Twilight slowly opened her eyes, after the bright light went away. She looked around the new area she found herself in. It didn't look like the place she was at before. She was in a building, she could hear shouts of anger out side. She then spotted Zachary, sitting in a chair, holding the silver pen that they had found before.

"Zachary! Are you okay? What's going on-" Twilight was cut off, when shock over took her senses. Her hoof was going right through him.

"That's me when i was younger." A voice said from behind, startling Twilight, causing her to quickly turn around. There, she saw a ghostly version of Zachary. She was shocked.

"Zachary, what's going on here?" Twilight asked, confused, but then it clicked. She remembered when Zachary had that weird episode about a week ago, when he saw his mother getting killed. This was another one of those flashbacks. Another one of his omitted memory's.

"What were you thinking?!" Another voice shouted, one that was coming from inside the room. "Do you have any idea on what is happening, Danny!?" Twilight and Zachary walked up to the door, while Zachary's past self was just looking at the door.

"Sir... I'm so sorry... I didn't mean to-" Danny was cut off by the shouting man.

"We are going to get lawsuits upon lawsuits, because you couldn't test the rollercoaster better!" The man exclaimed. "You and your stupid design flaw caused twelve people to die today, how do you feel about that?!" Danny looked like he was scared of the shouting man.

"I feel guilty, sir..." Danny said.

"Well, you should feel guilty, now we're going to loss money for our park! We have twelve family's threatening to sue us, and it's all your fault!" The shouting man took a breath. "Look, i know it was a mistake, but because of that mistake, there are now twelve people that are dead. This is going to cost you your job, I'm sorry, but your fired." The man said.

Danny looked at the ground, a few tears falling from out of his eye's.

"I need you to get out now, Danny." The man said, pointing towards the door. Danny slowly got up, not even protesting the fact that he just lost his job. When Zachary and Twilight saw him coming out the office.

"Zachary, we need to go, now." Danny said in a gloomy, depressed voice. Zachary just nodded his head, as the two made there way out the door, and through the raging crowd and the officers. Just like the first flashback, everything started to fade to darkness.

End Of Flashback

Twilight groaned, as he raised her head, slowly opening her eye's. She looked around the area she was in. She was back on the same path that her and Zachary were walking on. She turned her head swiftly, trying to find Zachary, but she quickly saw him, peacefully sleeping on the ground. Twilight let out a little 'aww' as she levitated Zachary onto her back. She made her way to the down the path, carefully making sure Zachary wouldn't fall off.

Was that Danny person Zachary's father? Twilight thought to herself. How did he cause twelve others to get killed? It had to be an accident, right? Twilight shuddered at the thought. They got one more piece of the puzzle. Zachary's father killed his wife for a reason, and he got fired for causing an accident. What was going on? Twilight shook those thought's away. She has to get Zachary ready for his first day of school tomorrow. Twilight made her way down the path, with Zachary still sleeping on her back.

The Next Day.... again

Twilight and Zachary were walking down the same path that they were walking down the previous day, only it was way earlier, and Zachary was looking tired.

"Do i have to go today?" Zachary asked, while yawning into his hand, earning a playful giggle from Twilight.

"Yes, Zachary, you do." Twilight said. "Besides, it might be fun, learning about new things, getting to hang out with you friends, you know." Zachary just gave a shrug in response, as they headed towards the building. The school bell rung as all the filly's and colts started to make there way inside.

"We better hurry, before your late." Twilight said, enveloping Zachary in her magic, and started to sprint towards the building. They got to the front of the building, and made there way to Ms. Cheerlie's class. Twilight knocked on the door, then opened it with her magic. She was greeted by Ms. Cheerlie.

"Good morning, Twilight. I assume that you have our new student today?" Ms. Cheerlie asked. Twilight nodded her head, then revealed Zachary, who was hiding behind her.

"You have a good day, I'll be here to pick you up, okay?" Twilight told Zachary, and he just nervously nodded in response. Twilight smiled. "Alright, I'll come pick you up after school." Twilight said, before walking out the door. Ms Cheerlie put her hoof on Zachary's shoulder, and turned him so he could see the entire class. Most of them let out shocked gasps, other's had welcoming smiles, but only two of them stared at him, with hatred in their eye's.

"Everypony, i want you all to meet Zachary Baker. He will be coming to this school for now on." Ms. Cheerlie said. Everypony then greeted with a "Hello Zachary Baker" Zachary waved at them, chuckling nervously. Ms. Cheerlie smiled, then pointed a hoof at an empty desk.

"Why don't you go and take a seat over there." Ms. Cheerlie said. Zachary looked at the desk, then started to walk over to it. He sat down, but was having an uncomfortable feeling. It didn't have anything to do with the seat he was sitting at, it was because of the two angry filly's staring at him.

"Alright, class." Ms. Cheerlie started, causing the filly's to turn their attention towards her. "We're going to start our morning off by writing some poetry." Everypony in the class groaned. "Now, i know it might sound boring, and "uncool"
learning poetry can be very beneficial." Everypony sighed, as they got a paper out of their saddle bags, and started to write down their poems. Zachary picked up the pencil that he had, and began to write down his poem. After ten long minutes for the class, Ms. Cheerlie spoke up.

"Alright class, time's up." Ms. Cheerlie said. "Bring all your poems on my front desk." Everypony got up, and started to do what the teacher asked. Zachary was walking up, then he put his poem on Ms. Cheerlie's desk. She gave him a warm smile, as he walked back to his desk.

"Alright class, you can chat among your self's for a moment, while i take a look at all of your poems." Ms. Cheerlie said, and then the room went into chatter. She started to look at all the poems, most of them were about getting their cutie marks and what not, but one poem caught her eye. It was Zachary's poem. She read it, and was shocked about what it said.

When i first arrived, i was not welcomed
I was chased away, and got fruit thrown at me
Then i met Twilight and her friends, i became happy again
Diamond Tiara is watching me, I'm scared at what she will do
She reminds me of the sixth graders back at my home
cruel and mean

Cheerlie read the poem over and over again. Not only was it the most unique poem in the class, but it was also the most heartbreaking. She glared at Diamond Tiara, knowing she was going to try to do something bad to Zachary.

I better keep an eye on him. She thought. "Alright, now it's time to get on with todays lesson." The class stopped talking, as they then began to pay attention to the day's lesson.

Soon, the lunch bell rung, and all the student's were released from their classrooms to enjoy their meals. Zachary, who was also walking with the CMC'S, got interested in a conversation that they were having.

"So girls, how do you want to get our Cutie Marks after school today?" Apple bloom asked her friends, while Zachary decided to stay quit for now.

"Well, i was thinking that we...." Sweetie belle was saying, but was then cut off when she saw all the pony's that were looking at them. Zachary began to grow nervous, as all the pony's just stared at him. The CMC'S, along with Zachary, started to speed up their walking pace. He looked at all the pony's that were staring at him, then he heard that voice.

"Hey, blank flanks, and monkey boy." Diamond Tiara said in a teasingly tone. They turned around, only to see those two snobby rich filly's walking towards them.

"How's your pet doing?" Silver spoon asked in a mocking tone.

"Hey! He is not our pet! He's our friend!" Scootaloo said, glaring at the two filly's. Diamond picked up a stick, and threw it in a random direction.

"There boy! Go get it! Go get the stick!" Diamond Tiara teased, while silver spoon was laughing. Zachary had enough of running from bullies, it was time that he did something about it.

"Go get it yourself, you stupid rich snobby little filly!" Zachary shouted back. Everypony was shocked. Nothing ever stood up to Diamond Tiara like that, and nothing made her more angry at that moment.

"Why you little..." Diamond Tiara growled, stepping closer to Zachary, with evil intent in her eye's.

"Stop right now, Diamond Tiara!" A voice said. Everypony, including Zachary, turned to see a very angry looking Ms. Cheerlie. She walked up to Diamond Tiara. "Just what do you think your doing?" Cheerlie asked.

"What? He called me a stupid rich snobby little filly, what else was i supposed to do?" Diamond asked, with a smug tone in her voice.

"Why did he call you that?" Ms. Cheerlie asked, still giving Diamond a glare of daggers.

"I threw a stick for him to go catch like a dog, but at least as dog can listen." Diamond replied. Cheerlie was shocked by this answer. Her shock then turned into anger.

"Don't ever make fun of Zachary like that ever again, do you understand?" Ms. Cheerlie asked. Diamond Tiara's blood began to boil, but soon calmed herself down, as she came up with a plan on what she could do after school to make sure that he learned his lessen.

"I won't make fun of Zachary, jeez." Diamond replied.

"Good." Ms. Cheerlie said, before walking back into the building. Diamond turned around with Silver Spoon.

"You're not just going to let him go like that, are you?" Silver spoon asked, and Diamond giggled.

"Of course he isn't just off the hook like that! I have something planned for him.." Diamond said, while letting out some insane laughter. This went unnoticed by the CMC'S and Zachary though, as they found a place to sit. Most of the pony's stopped staring at him, which made it more comfortable for Zachary.

"Hey, Zachary, we were thinking.." Sweetie Belle started. "How would you like to come to our CMC meeting?" Zachary was taken aback by this, not ever expecting them to ask him this.

"But.. I can't even get a cutie mark, why do you want me to go?" Zachary asked.

"Well, you are our friend, aren't ya?" Apple bloom said. "And just because you can't get a cutie mark, that don't mean you aren't welcomed at our tree house." Zachary smiled.

"Thank you, but I'll have to see if it's alright with Twilight first." Zachary said, and the crusader's nodded, and understood.
Soon, the bell rang, telling student to come back inside the classroom. Student's started to make their way back inside, along with the CMC'S and Zachary.

The rest of the day was uneventful. It was just them doing some math problems, learned some history, and all of that. Once the bell had rung, telling student's that they could finally leave the building. Zachary was just about to walk out the building, along with everypony else, when he was stopped by Ms Cheerlie.

"Hey Zachary, can you stay behind for a few moment's, please?" Ms. Cheerlie asked. Zachary looked at the CMC'S.

"I'll catch up with you later." Zachary said, and the CMC'S nodded their heads in response to this, walking out of the classroom. Zachary looked back at Ms. Cheerlie. "Am i in trouble?" Zachary asked, concerned. Ms. Cheerlie shook her head.

"No, your not in any trouble at all dear, it's just that I was curios about your poem." Cheerlie said.

"What about it?" Zachary asked, confused.

"It's just that yours was the most unique out of most of them. How did you learn to write poetry like that?" Cheerlie asked. Zachary smiled at her.

"I like music and writing, I like writing poetry some time's, I guess..." Zachary said. Cheerlie nodded in understandment.

"Alright, just wondering, you may be excused." Cheerlie said. Zachary nodded, before starting to make his way out the door. "Have a good rest of the day, Zachary."

"You to, Ms. Cheerlie...." Zachary said, walking out the door. He closed the door behind him, and started to make his way out of the building. He was walking, when all of the sudden, he felt something go over his head, that pulled him back. He tried to fight against it, bit it was no use. He was being taken somewhere.

A few moments earlier

Twilight was standing outside the school, waiting for Zachary to come out. She heard the bell rang, and dozens of filly's and colt's began to make their way out of the building, to enjoy the rest if their day. She didn't see Zachary anywhere, though. The CMC'S were the last one's to make it out of the building.

"Hey girls, how come Zachary hasn't left yet?" Twilight asked the CMC'S.

"Ms. Cheerlie wanted to talk to him about something, he should come out soon." Applebloom said, looking around."Where's Applejack and Rarity?"

"They were busy, so I volunteered to pick you girls up, along with Zachary, of course." Twilight replied. The CMC'S looked at each other. This was the perfect chance to ask Twilight about their CMC'S meeting.

"Hey Twilight.." Sweetie Belle began. "Can Zachary come over to our CMC clubhouse?" Twilight was taken aback by this. Normally, Zachary would just prefer to stay in the library, not really liking going anywhere else, unless Twilight's with him.

"Of course he can. We just have to wait for him to-" Twilight was cut off by a loud and disturbing scream.

"Help me! Please somepony, anypony, help me ple-!" A voice sounding a lot like Zachary's cried out, but was cut off by what sounded like a large something colliding with something else. Twilight's heart sank, as she and the CMC'S began to run towards the source of the noise. They went behind the school, and heard another voice.

"You better shut up, or we will make this worst for you!" A voice, that sounded like Diamond Tiara said. When they finally got to the source of the noise, Twilight was horrified. She saw Zachary lying on the ground, shaking and crying, and she saw Diamond Tiara, holding a rock, that had some blood on it.

"Now, get ready for some true-" Diamond was cut off, when the rock in her hoof was forcefully taken from her. Annoyed, she turned around to see who did that, but her annoyance turned to horror as she saw a very angry Twilight, along with some very angry CMC'S. Twilight then levitated Diamond Tiara towards her, growling angrily at the now scared filly, Silver Spoon just started to run away, but was caught by the CMC'S.

"What have you done!?" Twilight asked the now scared filly. Twilight saw Zachary begin to groan, while trying to get up.

"What's going on back here-" Another voice, Ms. Cheerlie's was saying, but stopped after looking at the scene. Twilight levitated Diamond over to her.

"Please, make sure she doesn't leave, she caused Zachary to be injured like that." Twilight said, running over to him. When she got to his side, she gasped. Zachary had a gash on the side of his cheek, that was bleeding.

"Twi....twilight?" Zachary asked, while having a little coughing fit. Twilight hugged him as hard as she could.

"Zachary, I'm so... so sorry." Twilight said, letting a few tears out. Zachary, who was still crying a bit, knew he had to try to be strong.

"Why are you sorry?" Zachary asked. "It wasn't your fault." Twilight was shocked, but replied.

"But I broke my promise. I promised that I would make sure you never got hurt, but.." Twilight didn't finish her sentence, but Zachary soon replied.

"There was no way you would be able to keep that promise." He said. "You can't just, never get hurt, everyone, or everypony, gets hurt. Whether it's a scooter accident, or something else, but this wasn't your fault." Twilight was now letting the tears fall faster, as she hugged him just a little tighter.

"I'll protect you as much as I can, I'll make sure nopony lays a hoof on you, as long as I'm around, I'll try to protect you from all the dangers that lie ahead. I promise." Twilight said, realizing the hug. "Let's get back to the library, and get that gash cleaned up, and we will do something about Diamond Tiara tomorrow, right Ms. Cheerlie?" She nodded her head in response.

Twilight made her way with Zachary back to the library, to clean up a nasty scar that Diamond Tiara left.

Canterlot dungeons

Melissa was sitting in her cell, thinking of everything that had happened. She was imprisoned by a bunch of talking pony's, she was horribly abusing a child, but what lead to all of that. She remembered the horrible day like it was yesterday.


"Mommy, can I ride this one, please?" A little girl named Angela, was asking Melissa to ride on the roller coaster. They were at the brand new amusement park that had just opened two weeks ago, and now they were finally there.

"Yes, Angela, of course you can ride it, but..." She grabbed her stomach that was growling. "I'm going to go get something to eat.. you can ride the ride by yourself if you want to.."

"Really, you would let me do that?" Angela asked, receiving a nod from Melissa. "Thank you so much." She ran over to the not so long line

"Alright, there can only be twelve at a time." The conductor in charge said. The Twelve people got into their seats, one of those being Angela. Melissa had a bag of popcorn that she just bought, and was heading back, when she heard screams of horror, and a loud crash. She ran over, only to see the same roller coaster that Angela was riding. It crashed. Her vision became blurry, as she saw people dragging the bodies of a few people out, one of those being Angela.

Melissa dropped her popcorn in horror. All the memories of Angela growing up, her sixteenth birthday, her first car, everything someone goes through while growing up. But all of those memories were now shattered. She fell to the ground, and began to sob, she wanted her daughter to come back, but she knew that she wouldn’t come back ever agian.

“WHY?!?!?” Melissa shouted, crying.

End Of Flashback

Melissa started to sob, in her dark, lonely cell. She cried, but there was no one to comfort her. No one to hold her. No one that wanted to help her. She missed her daughter, she wanted her back, but she knew that she is dead. Her daughter can’t come back.

Author's Note:

Chapter 4, sorry if the begining feels rushed, or the entire chapter

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