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The Disney Chronicles III: Fantasia - Dinodisneylover1

When the ponies prepare a concert in Canterlot, Twilight and Company travel with two friends back inside the book to worlds that are created by music. 3rd instalment of this series.

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Concert Preparation/Searching for Inspiration

“Morning in Ponyville, what could be more beautiful than that?” A familiar voice spoke. “As Celestia’s sun began to rise, all the ponies awoke to the rays of daylight. Some began their daily duties, while others basked and played in the warmth of the sun. I’m telling you, it’s not every day I see something like this in another world?”


Inside Twilight’s castle, within the library, there sat the source of whom the voice belongs to. A little cricket reading a book, as the camera pans toward him.

“Oh! Hello, didn’t hear you come in!” Jiminy Cricket replied, turning to the camera


“That’s right, it’s me,” Jiminy Cricket spoke. “Cricket’s the name, Jiminy Cricket. Never expected to see me in a different world, did ya?”

Yes, well Jiminy…

“Well, I didn’t either. This is all completely new to me, but I actually love it and…”

Jiminy! *Clears throat* I hate to interrupt or be rude, but… As the writer, I normally tell the story.

“Oh, of course,” Jiminy replied, looking at the sky. “I just wanted to tell our readers how excited I am.”

Of course, I’d love for you to do that. But next time, could you give me a little warning?

“I’ll do that, Mr. Writer sir,” Jiminy said.

Uh oh, I hear someone coming. Gotta go.

Anyways, a set of hoofsteps draws Jiminy to turn around as none other than Twilight Sparkle, the Princess of Friendship, enters the library.

“Good morning, Jiminy,” Twilight greeted.

“Good morning, Twilight,” Jiminy Cricket tipped his hat. “How are you today?”

“I’m fine, thank you. Did you sleep well on your first night in Equestria?”

“I slept great, actually. After I woke up, I decide to catch up on some reading in your library and I stumbled onto one book containing Equestria’s history. I didn’t know you hated each other at first and how it attracted these… Windigos?

“Yep, but luckily three ponies understood the true value of friendship,” Twilight replied, proudly. “Its power was so great it chased the Windigos away, then eventually the three tribes learned to like each other and thus founded Equestria.”

“Wow, that is quite a tale!”

“Yes, it is… So, any plans on your first day?”

“Hmm… I’m not sure,” Jiminy shrugged. “Never thought about it.”

“If you’d like I can ask Spike to give you a tour around town,” Twilight offered. “I’d do it myself, but I have important business in Canterlot.”

“What are you doing there?”

“We’re preparing a concert and it’s my duty to ensure everything is perfect.”

“That’s great, but are you sure it has to be completely perfect? I mean as long as it looks good, it should be fine.”

“The princesses are going to watch the concert,” Twilight explains. “It has to be perfect.”

“Well, if you want everything to be a hundred percent perfect, I won’t complain,” Jiminy assures.

Suddenly, a yawn interrupts the two causing them to face the entrance. Spike enters the library, a Rarity plushie in one claw and rubbing his eyes with the other.

“Oh, good morning, Spike,” Twilight greeted.

“Good morning, Twilight,” Spike said, sleepily. “Good morning, Jiminy.”

“Say Spike, would you like to give Jiminy a tour of Ponyville?” Twilight asked.

“Sure,” Spike nodded, tiredly. “But why can’t you?”

“I have to go to Canterlot,” Twilight said. “Remember? The Concert?”

It took a moment for Spike to think about it, until it hit him.

“Oh yeah! Totally forgot about that. Whaddaya say, buddy?”

“Well alright then,” Jiminy said, hopping on Spike’s shoulder. “Show me the way.”

Twilight watched as Spike and Jiminy stepped out the door, approaching the outside to explore Ponyville.

“Be careful out there!” Twilight called out.

“We will!” Spike called back.

While Twilight prepared for Canterlot, Spike gave Jiminy a tour through town. Jiminy became excited as they approached, recognizing many ponies from the Star Gaze Festival. He never had the chance to know them personally, but now he has all the time to do so.

“Over there’s Town Hall,” Spike explained, pointing out. “You can ask help from Mayor Mare for certain things. Over there’s the school, then there’s the hospital, train station and if you ever want to relax, I highly recommend the spa.”

“My, my,” Jiminy replied, looking around. “This town has everything."

“That’s nothing. We also have a few shops, a couple restaurants and cafes. And if you have a desire for pie or cupcakes, the best place to go is Sugar Cube Corner. There’s also the Carousel Boutique, that’s where Rarity creates her best outfits.”

As Spike explained further, a shadow loomed over them causing Jiminy to face the sky. Before his very eyes, he saw a mobile cloud with… A city.

“What is that?” The cricket pointed out.

“Oh, that’s Cloudsdale,” Spike answered, looking up. “Most of the Pegasi live there, including Fluttershy and Rainbow Dash’s families.”

“Amazing! An entire city on a cloud floating wherever it goes!”

“I know, right? There’s lots of amazing things here.”

Suddenly, Jiminy Cricket turned toward a destroyed tree, along with several bouquets of flowers on the ground at the front.

“Hey, Spike!” Jiminy calls out.

“What is it, Jiminy?” Spike asked.

“That tree, was that something important? I noticed all those flowers.”

It was at that moment they both stood still, well Spike at least. The little dragon faces the tree, then looms toward the ground. Jiminy could see his little buddy was sad.

“Spike?” Jiminy asked. “Are you alright, son?”

"It's... It’s okay, I’ll tell you,” Spike said, taking a deep breath. “That was the Golden Oak Library. When we first moved to Ponyville, this was me and Twilight’s home. We had lots of good memories there: The parties, all the lessons we learned. I remember them like it was yesterday; I really miss those days.”

“What happened?”

“Tirek, an evil centaur, he came one day stealing the magic of all ponies in Equestria including mine! When Twilight fought him, he destroyed the library and everything in it… Except her pet owl, Owlowiscious. I wasn’t there when it happened; Twilight experienced the whole thing herself. After we defeated Tirek and sent him back to Tartarus, Twilight gained the castle we live in now. The girls even had the idea to dig up the tree roots and place them inside the castle while they asked me to distract Twilight. Those roots hang on the ceiling in the map room, each with special gems containing all the beautiful memories of the library before it was destroyed. Don’t get me wrong, the castle is great, but this library was still our true home.”

Jiminy felt sorry for his little dragon friend, watching him shed a single tear. He was especially sorry for his other friends, imagining how hard it was for them.

“I’m sorry that happened, Spike,” Jiminy said, sadly.

“Hey, it’s okay,” Spike assured, with a small smile. “We just gotta move on, right?”

“That’s right, son,” Jiminy nodded. “You can have a peek in the past, but you must focus on the here and now.”

“How about we run to Sugar Cube Corner for something sweet?” Spike asked. “I don’t know about you, but all this walking makes me hungry. Besides, I can introduce you to the Cake Family.”

“I’d love that,” Jiminy replied, smiling.

As the dragon and the cricket went off to Sugar Cube Corner, Jiminy Cricket sang a little tune while Spike nods his head to the beat.

“I’m no fool, no siree,
I want to live to be 93,
I play safe for you and me
‘Cause I’m no fool…”

While Spike gave Jiminy the tour, Twilight was on her way to Canterlot. Of course, she could easily fly there, but she prefers going by train. After a few minutes, she had reached Canterlot and was on her way to the Opera House. She’d stop to address a few ponies asking for a picture or autograph, something that’s been common for being a princess.

Eventually, Twilight reached the Opera house, as every pony was busily setting up decorations like garlands. But the best ponies on the job were none other than Lyra Heartstrings and Bon-Bon.

“Nice job, girls,” Twilight complimented the two mares. “Keep up the good work!”

“Thank you, Princess Twilight,” Lyra called, from the balcony.

As Twilight looked around, everything looked absolutely perfect. She strolls toward the orchestra, where the various musicians talked amongst each other. Among the orchestra is one of the most well-known cellists in the group: Octavia Melody.

“Good morning, every pony,” Twilight greeted.

“Good morning, Princess Twilight,” The musicians answered, in unison.

“How are things going?”

“Just about to practice promptly,” Octavia smiled, with a lovely British accent.

Twilight Sparkle noticed while Octavia appeared happy, something was off. Having learned from Pinkie Pie, that smile usually meant this pony was hiding something. It couldn’t be good.

“Octavia, is everything alright?” Twilight asked.

“Oh yes, of course,” Octavia replied. “Just a bit nervous for the concert, being the day after tomorrow. But I’m happy to see you today.”

“I’m happy you volunteered to help write the sheet music for the concert,” Twilight replied. “I bet they’re going to be beautiful.”

“Yes, indeed,” Octavia replied, with the same suspicious smile.

“I sure would like to listen a bit…”


Every pony turned toward Octavia, who realized she just startled the princess.

“Ahem, I mean, of course you can,” Octavia said, clearing her throat. “But it’s our first time we get to play the music. I don’t think it would sound perfect during first practice.”

“Ooooookay… Well, how about tomorrow?”

“That be wonderful, Princess.”

“Please, call me Twilight. Anyway, I leave you to start practice and not disturb you. Whatever you’re going to play, Princess Celestia and Luna are going to love it, like any pony else.”

“You won’t regret anything, princess,” Octavia said, nervously. “It’s going to be the best concert ever.”

Octavia kept her smile while watching Twilight leave the Opera house. It wasn’t long before one of the orchestra members, a stallion named Parish Nandermane, approached Octavia.

“You got nothing, do you?” He asked, bluntly.

“No,” Octavia pouted, sighing.

“What are you going to do now?”

“I don’t know!” Octavia answered, panicking. “I… Don’t know.”

“Well, you better figure it out,” A mare named Beauty Brass replied. “We can’t practice without sheet music and not knowing what to play. You should talk to Princess Twilight and ask for help.”

“I don’t know if I can,” Octavia said, sadly. “She trusted me to handle this and she’ll think I’m a failure.”

“Don’t be pessimistic, Octavia,” Another stallion, Frederick Horseshoepin, replied. “If there’s one thing Princess Twilight likes to do it’s help others with their problems.”

“Even though she does have a tendency to freak out,” Parish Nandermane replied.

“Oh hush!” Beauty Brass said, facing Octavia. “Frederick’s right. All you have to do is ask and everything will work out.”

Octavia put some thought into it, before taking a deep breath.

“Alright, I'll ask."

One hour later

Leaving Canterlot, Octavia was on her way to Twilight’s castle. She wasn’t alone when her roommate/best friend, the famous DJ PON-3, decided to join Octavia. A good thing because Octavia was having a nervous breakdown.

“I still don’t know if I should even ask for help,” Octavia muttered, as her friend listened. “I promised her I could do it and I’ve been brainstorming long before preparations even started. I don’t know what it is, but I just haven’t found any inspiration. How am I ever going to come with something beautiful for the concert, if every pony has already—”

A pat on the back instantly silenced Octavia, who turned toward her DJ friend, her sunglasses raised showing her moderate cerise eyes.

“Don’t worry, Tavi,” The DJ replied. “You always come up with something.”

Under normal circumstances, DJ PON-3 wasn’t much for conversation unless absolutely necessary. Octavia knew her friend meant well, but her concerned look said otherwise.

“Not this time,” Octavia sighed.

“Ah, come on. Stop looking at the bad side, I’m sure Princess Twilight can help give you inspiration. Even I need it.”


“Of course! Remember that musical number we played together for Cranky and Matilda’s wedding?”

“Of course, but—”

“The song you were preparing for the wedding gave me inspiration too,” The DJ interrupted. “What, you think dubstep music is just pushing buttons and making ‘boom’ noises just to make remixes?”

“Well… No.”

“Exactly! Every musician needs inspiration, but they also need ‘imagination’."

The DJ used her hooves to create an imaginary rainbow, regardless if Octavia could see it or not.

“Imagination,” Octavia pondered.

“Sure! When you listen to music, it’s not just noise from instruments. It creates images in your head that makes you happy. It’s like, oh… A grassy field that you like to play in or maybe a babbling brook. Music tells stories, you just have to listen and let your imagination run free.”

“Wow… I’ve never heard you say those things before,” Octavia said, impressed. “That is so unlike you.”

“Hey, there’s a lot you don’t know about me, Tavi,” The DJ replied, blinking.

Octavia considered the wisdom from her friend of all ponies, as a smile slowly appears on her face.

A few minutes passed before the two ponies reached Twilight’s castle. Octavia hesitated upon reaching the foot of the door, taking deep breaths in and out.

“Alright, let’s get this over with,” She said, to herself.

Octavia knocked on the door, waiting a while. The door finally opens, and the girls looked inside. To their surprise, they saw no pony at the door, as if it opened by itself. They looked at each other before entering, perhaps assuming Twilight opened the door with her magic.

“Well, that’s creepy,” The DJ replied, looking around. “Didn’t expect Twilight to be spooky.”

“Hush,” Octavia shushed, calling out. “Hello? Princess Twilight? Are you home?”

But answer there came none, as the two ponies slowly entered the castle.


An unfamiliar male voice stopped the girls in their tracks, looking around for the source.

“Yes?” Octavia answered.

“Down here,” The voice spoke again.

They slowly looked down and that’s when they see Jiminy Cricket waving to them.


“AAAH!!!!!!!!!” Octavia screamed, in surprise.

“Whoa, whoa, whoa! Take it easy, miss!” Jiminy said, trying to calm her. “There’s nothing to be afraid of; I won’t hurt ya.”

“You… You’re… A t-t-talking cricket!” Octavia stutters.

Meanwhile, the DJ pony calmly took a closer look at the cricket, studying him with a peak of interest.

“Hey, I know you,” The DJ spoke, smiling. “You’re that cricket some ponies talked about. The one from another world.”

“You’re that cricket?” Octavia asked.

“That’s me!” Jiminy tipped his hat, bowing. “Cricket’s the name. Jiminy Cricket, at your service.”

“It’s a pleasure to meet you, Mr. Cricket,” Octavia greeted. “I’m Octavia Melody and this is my friend, DJ PON-3.”

“It’s more of a stage name,” The DJ replied. “My real name is Vinyl Scratch.”

“Pleased to meet you ladies,” Jiminy shook their hooves. “Did you say you need Princess Twilight?”

“Yes, it’s rather urgent,” Octavia answers.

“Well, follow me,” Jiminy ushered, leading the two mares. “She’s in the library, though I’d give her time for herself. She and Spike are discussing some important matters.”

Meanwhile, inside the library, Twilight and Spike did indeed have important matters to go through.

“I’m not doing it!” Spike shouts.

“I said ‘do it’!” Twilight shouts.

“I am NOT doing it!”

Well, at least important for some ponies anyway.

Twilight grappled with Spike, who struggled to get free. It got to the point they rolled off the couch and onto the floor.

“Whoa!” Twilight screamed, crashing to the floor.

For a moment, Spike got loose and tried to run. But the purple unicorn/alicorn quickly pins him, locking the dragon in a vice-like grip preventing him from moving his arms. Jiminy Cricket was just about to lead the two mares when he heard the commotion, motioning the guests to be quiet. They slowly peered through the opening watching the little dragon struggle to break free.

“As long as you live under my rules, you do as I say!” Twilight said.

“I brought gems, cupcakes and cider!” Spike yelled, stomping on Twilight’s hoof.

“YEOW!!!” Twilight yelped.

The princess found herself held tight, with Spike wrapping his little arms around her neck in a chokehold.

“So, what are you bringing, princess?” Spike asked, mockingly.

“The pain!” Twilight shouts, elbowing Spike’s stomach.


Suddenly, as Jiminy Cricket and the two mares watch silently, they witness Twilight lifting Spike with her magic and… CRASH! Their eyes widen as Spike was slammed through a tiny table, smashing it to pieces. He couldn’t move when he found himself trapped in the magic aura, Twilight Sparkle looming down.

“I… Said… Do it!” Twilight said, breathing heavily.

It was in that moment Spike knew he was beat, with no way to escape the field.

“Okay… Okay!” Spike gave in. “I’ll do it already!”

Satisfied, Twilight released the magic hold over Spike. They both took deep breathes amidst all the chaos in the room.

“All of them?” Spike asked.

“For today,” Twilight said. “Just the library.”

Sighing, Spike picked up a broom and began to sweep the library.

“You know? We really need to buy a vacuum cleaner.”

Twilight didn’t award that with a response, breathing heavily.


Twilight suddenly turned and saw Jiminy Cricket and the two mares, all looking wide-eyed toward the princess. There was an awkward silence, even Spike watched between sweeps.

“How long have you—” Twilight asked.

“The whole time,” Jiminy said, clearing his throat. “Anyways, there’s somebody here to speak to you. Unless this is a bad time.”

“Oh no! It’s okay,” Twilight assures, waving her hooves. “Let them in.”

Octavia and Vinyl slowly entered the library, looking around at the mess. Twilight was most surprised to see Octavia.

“Octavia? I thought you’d be practicing with the orchestra. Is something wrong?”

“Unfortunately,… Yes,” Octavia nodded, regretfully.

“What’s the matter?” Twilight asked. “Are any of the musicians sick?”

“No, I… I…” Octavia began, unsure of what to say.

“Yes? What is it?”

“Go on, Tavi,” Vinyl nudged. “Tell her.”

“Well, you see… The thing is…” Octavia said, sighing. “I don’t think there’ll be a concert.”

“Why not?” Twilight asked, worried.

“Because… I haven’t written any music!”


“I’m sorry, Twilight! I've been concentrating day after day, but I can’t find any inspiration. We have no music to play for the concert!”

“Then why didn’t you tell me before?”

“Because you put so much faith in me. I hate to disappoint you or anypony else. I just couldn’t hide it any longer, so I came here to ask for help.”

“Oh, Octavia,” Twilight said. “Of course, I can help.”

Octavia’s sad face shifts to a smile knowing how understanding Twilight is.

“But the thing is… I never wrote music before,” Twilight added, shrugging.

That caused Octavia’s smile to vanish, as if her newfound confidence suddenly washed away.

“Sounds like a problem,” Vinyl replied.

“Did you need help for something, DJ PON-3?” Twilight asked.

“Nah, only Octavia. I tagged along to assist.”

“Hmm… Maybe I have a book about music. With your help I’m sure I can…”

Before Twilight could finish her sentence, a bright light shone around her. Octavia, Vinyl and Jiminy stared at her wide-eyed.

“Twilight, your cutie mark is glowing,” Jiminy points out.

Twilight looked over her flank and saw Jiminy was right. Her cutie mark was glowing.

“Oh, I suppose you have to solve a friendship problem somewhere,” Octavia said, sadly.

“No, this is different,” Twilight said.

To confirm her suspicions, she turned toward the Book of Disney, which glowed on a shelf behind her. She walked toward it, levitating the book with her magic aura.

“What’s with that book?” Vinyl asked.

“That’s the Book of Disney,” Spike explained, stopping his work. “It’s a storybook that allows us to experience its stories in real life.”

“Whoa!” Vinyl gasped, her glasses slanting.

Suddenly, the door of the library opened revealing all five of Twilight’s best friends.

“We came as fast as we could!” Rainbow shouts.

“Is it what I think it is?” Applejack asked.

“Yes, girls,” Twilight confirms. “The Book of Disney has called us again.”

“Oh yeah!” Rainbow cheered, pumping her hoof.

It was then Pinkie Pie noticed two other mares in the library, who just stood silently blinking upon their arrival.

“Oh, hello Octavia!” Pinkie greeted. “Hiya, DJ PON-3!”

“Hello, Pinkie,” Octavia answered.

“Ah yeah, I remember you,” Vinyl nodded. “You’re the pink pony who ruined my party at Manehattan!”

Suddenly, every pony’s eyes went wide clearly being the first time they heard her speak.

“Whoa!” Rainbow gasped.

“First of all, wow that’s the first time I heard you speak in public,” Pinkie began. “Second, I told you I was sorry for making you play that boring music. I made up for it, right?”

“Relax, it’s all good!” Vinyl shrugged it off. “No biggie.”

“So, what brings you two here?” Applejack asked. “Friendship problem?”

“More of a music problem,” Vinyl said.

“I’m supposed to write music for the concert the day after tomorrow,” Octavia explained. “But I still haven’t found anything!”

“Oh my!” Rarity gasped.

“I came here to ask Twilight for help, but seems you have something else to do,” Octavia said, depressed. “Guess I’ll be the laughing stock in all of Canterlot… Maybe even Equestria!”

“Nopony is going to be a laughing stock,” Twilight said, placing a hoof over her shoulder. “We’ll make sure of that.”

“But how?” Octavia asked. “Don’t you have somewhere to go?”

Pinkie began to think until she had an idea.

“Light bulb!” Pinkie said.

Pinkie took a literal light bulb hanging over her head and tossed it aside.

“Why can’t she just come with us? Maybe it can help her!”

“Pinkie, are you crazy?” Twilight freaked. “We can’t just bring ‘any’ pony into these worlds with us. Granted, we did see some beautiful things, but also many dangers. Remember the first time we went there, when we faced an evil queen trying to kill her own stepdaughter over her beauty? Or remember last time we faced two con artists, a sinister puppet master, an evil coachman who enslaves children for profits and a giant whale that eats everything? Need I mention the Sirens?”

“Yes Twilight, we were there for all fifteen chapters and seventy-seven thousand something words,” Pinkie answered, showing a copy of the story to the camera. “I counted the words myself.”

“What—” Twilight spoke.

“Oh, come on, Twilight,” Pinkie interrupts. “Just give them a chance, please?”

Pinkie suddenly gave Twilight the sad puppy dog face, as the princess thought about it.

“I actually wouldn’t mind exploring a different world,” Vinyl said to Octavia, nudging her. “It can help you find your inspiration.”

“Well…” Octavia thought, with a smile. “I’ll join if Vinyl goes.”

“Vinyl?” Everypony said.

“That’s my real name,” The DJ pony said. “Just call me Vinyl, it’s short and simple.”

“She’s not kidding, it says so on her profile page,” Pinkie exclaimed, to everypony’s confusion.

“I have a profile page?” Vinyl asked.

“Don’t ask,” Applejack said.

“I’m coming too, girls,” Jiminy said, hopping on Twilight’s back. “I’d like to see where we’re going this time.”

“Don’t forget me,” Spike stepped in. “I am part of the team after all.”

Twilight turned to everypony and released a deep sigh.

“Alright, but we have to stay together. I have no idea what we’re going to face this time.”

“Deal,” Everypony nodded.

“Hey, as long as Tavi and me are together, nothing can go wrong,” Vinyl said, wrapping an arm around Octavia.

“Right,” Octavia said, with a smile.

“Well come on, let’s go!” Rainbow ushered. “I’m thirsty for adventure already!”

“I can’t wait to write about this in my journal,” Jiminy said, holding a tiny book in one hand.

“Alright, let’s do this!” Twilight said, opening the book. “Since we did ‘Pinocchio’, lets move to the next one.”

Turning to the next story, Twilight suddenly stopped. She stared at the page, raising an eyebrow in confusion.

“What is it, Princess?” Octavia asked. “Something wrong?”

“Well, we usually see the title of the story,” Twilight explained. “But I don’t see one on here. It’s just a scale with music notes.”

The group looked down and Twilight was right. There was just a scale and a random set of notes.

“What do they mean?” Fluttershy asked.

“I don’t know,” Twilight shook her head.

“Hmm… I have an idea!” Pinkie offered.

Twilight turns and sees Pinkie Pie pull out a clarinet from her mane, much to Octavia’s surprise.

“Pinkie, this is no time to play…” Twilight began.

But Pinkie already began to play the notes on the scale. When she finished, the music notes began to glow, and the craziest thing happened. A title slowly appeared on the page.

“… Clarinet?” Twilight finished.

“’Fantasia’?” Twilight read.

“What’s that?” Rainbow asked.

“I don’t know,” Twilight answered. “That’s the title.”

“Sounds like the name of a famous singer or a magical land,” Pinkie speaks, randomly.

“Pinkie, please!” Rarity said, shaking her head.

As Twilight turned to the next page, suddenly they found it was filled with scales and music notes.

“More music?” Spike asked.

“Hmm… I think this story and that world has something to do with music,” Twilight observed.

“Allow me,” Pinkie stepped in.

Pinkie proceeds to play each and every note on the page. Suddenly, a strong light illuminated the book preparing a portal for the ponies to enter the new realm.

“Pinkie, it worked!” Twilight exclaimed. “Music is the key for this story!”

Pinkie smiles, twirling the clarinet with style before placing it back in her mane.

“Everypony, ready?” Rarity asked.

“Ready!” Everypony said, in unison.

“Then let’s go!” Twilight said, jumping into the light.

“Why do I have a feeling I won’t like what happens next?” Octavia asked.

“Come on, Tavi,” Vinyl said, grabbing Octavia’s hoof. “The book won’t hold forever!”

Before Octavia can argue, she yelped as the two jumped inside the light.

“New world, here we come!” Applejack said.

Soon the rest jumped inside the book, as the light disappeared, and the book closed showing the cover. Our heroes swirled through space once more, this time surrounded by scales with music notes. A bright light shone at the end of the tunnel, drawing them toward their new destination.

Author's Note:

Chopin's Nocturne No. 9 would be more fit during the night and for Princess Luna, but I thought it might work for the scene where I used it too.