• Published 12th Jul 2012
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Spike's Home Alone - TheSecretBrony

Twilight has gone to visit Canterlot for the week, leaving Spike home alone. Rated T for Innuendo

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Day 2 (Part 2): Hurricane Rainbow Dash

Spike was wandering through the market, he knew Twilight said not to leave the library but it would have been foolish of him to hang around after what he did to Rainbow Dash. He decided that he should head over to Sugarcube Corner as Rainbow's pantry raid had left Spike craving something sweet. He walked by the market stalls, the area was bustling with life as ponies of all ages were busy haggling, determined to get the best possible deals. Spike loved walking past the market. Nothing could compare to the smell of freshly cooked bread or the delicate aroma of flowers. The Apples stall was, in Spike's opinion, by far the best. Granny Smith's freshly made apple pies were the best thing Spike had ever eaten, well except that delicious Sapphire cupcake he got for his birthday. Spike's mouth began to salivate.

I wonder if the Cake's would make me another one, I know they're probably pricey, but maybe if I ask nicely...


Before Spike could turn to react he found himself pinned to a wall, blue hooves digging into his shoulders. He could feel the hot breath of the perpertrator on his face, Spike dared to look at his attacker, he could see a pair of rose eyes staring at him. a fire burning in the pupils. Despite how threatening the pony had tried to be, Spike couldn't stop himself bursting out laughing. It was Rainbow Dash. His merriment was short lived however as she punched the wall, narrowly missing his head.

"You think this is funny? You little... Look at what you've done!"

Spike was almost in tears, he could see full well what he had done and he found it hilarious. After she had fallen asleep Spike took the opportunity to get some payback on the lazy mare. With a pair of scissors and the careful precision of surgeon Spike had relieved the cyan pegasus of her trademark mane, he was going to leave it at that when a stroke of genius occurred to him. Following a quick trip to Twilight's study, he had procured a vial of glue she had made by refining tree sap. She had told Spike she needed to test it and nothing seemed like a better opportunity to try it out. Using a paintbrush he had liberally applied it to Rainbow's face, in particular around the mouth and chin, before collecting a handful of her sheared hair and sprinkling it over her. Rainbow had sneezed as a result, fortunately for Spike she was a deep sleeper. The end result had left Rainbow Dash with a rather charming mustache-goatee combination, as well as bald. Seeing it up close, Spike just couldn't contain himself, he found himself giggling like a little filly on hearts and hooves day.

"I walked through town looking like this! Everypony was laughing at me. I think that Scootaloo kid had a heart attack when she saw me looking like this! I thought to myself, well this is odd, so I fly over to the lake, look at my reflection and see this..." she circled her face with her hoof "Staring back at me!"

"Oh come on, I think you look good, you'll have the mares lining up in no time!" He said bursting out laughing.

Rainbow faltered slightly. Did he just...

She shook him violently "Do you have any idea how much this itches? And I can't get it off! When I'm through with you you're going to wish you'd never messed with me!"

"What do you meeaaarrgh aargh no!" Before Spike could react Rainbow had picked him up and placed him on her back, before shooting up like a rocket. She began barreling through the air, spinning and twirling, getting faster and faster. Spike could do nothing except cling on for dear life. He wasn't scared of heights, but the large g-forces were beginning to take their toll, especially as Raibow began forming circles, travelling at such a high speed she began to generate a miniature tornado which threatened to tear Spike from Rainbow Dash. As he felt his claws slipping he shouted out as loud as he could.

"I'm sorry! Rainbow I'm sorry, let me down!"

Rainbow Dash came to a sudden halt, both she and Spike were several miles above Ponyville."What was that?" she asked disdainfully

"I, said, I'm, sorry" Spike's breathing was very heavy, the high altitude had no affect on Rainbow Dash, she'd spent her childhood high up in the sky but to Spike being this high up was a totally new experience, adrenaline and fear the only thing stopping him from passing out.

"Ohoho you will be" said Rainbow, as she began rubbing her hooves together, an evil smile on her face.

"What, are you, talking, about?"

"Hold on Spike!" Those three words, those three innocent looking little words drove Spike into a panic. And with good reason.

"Nonononononononononononoooooooooooooooooo!!!!" Rainbow Dash dove, picking up more and more speed, a cone of air forming around her outstretched hooves.

Oh Celestia. Please tell me she's not!

"See you later Spike!" she called out laughing maniacally

She is!


The Sonic Rainboom stretched across the sky, causing ponies all over town to look up in awe, what they couldn't see however was the small purple object being propelled at great speeds by the shockwave. Spike screamed, he was very high up and traveling very fast. Flailing his limbs he called out for any assistance, anyone to help him. He dared to peek at what lay out in front of him, only to see the ground rushing up very quickly. Spike eyes snapped shut and he held his breath, waiting for the inevitable impact. His life flashed before his eyes, being hatched by Twilight, packing on the pounds at Joe's Donuts, all of Pinkie's crazy parties and following the dragon migration.

If I have one regret, it's that I never asked Rarity out.

Spike curled up, waiting for it all to be over and waited. And carried on waiting.

Shouldn't I have hit the ground by now?

Spike opened his eyes, expecting to find himself at the bottom of a large crater, instead he was once again in the air, riding on the back of Rainbow Dash, who was looking back and smiling

"Got you! You should've seen the luck on your face! You really thought I was going to let you fall."

Spike couldn't think what to say, instead choosing to kick Rainbow in the side. Hard.

"Ow! Hey what was that for?"

"What do you think? You scared me half to death! You took things too far Rainbow, way WAAAAAY too far."

"That's what you get for making me look like an old colt!" Rainbow said, then she got an idea, the final nail in the coffin. "Well Spike as fun as this was, I'm sick of carrying you around on my back, so would you kindly get off me now?" Flying low she passed over the river that ran along the front of Fluttershy's house, before spinning rapidly. Spike lost his grip and fell with a sploosh into the water. Spike emerged just in time to see Rainbow flying away, laughing her feathers off. He clambered out of the river, shaking the water off.

"Twilight was right, all the ponies in this town ARE crazy."

Well as long as I'm here I might as well drop in on Fluttershy, maybe I'll finally get to know who her crush is.

Spike walked up to Fluttershy's front door, making sure he still looked presentable after his impromptu skydive, he knocked and then stood back waiting for her .It edged open slightly and a small voice could be heard from within "Who-who is it?"

"Hey Fluttershy. It's me Spike?"

The door opened further, Fluttershy peered through the crack, once she saw it was indeed Spike however, she flung the door wide open. "Hello Spike, please, come in!" she said quite loudly, the quizzical look on Spike's face however soon caused her to lose her nerve, "That is if you still want to of course." she said.
Spike walked in and Fluttershy closed the door behind them. He'd never been in Fluttershy's house before and he certainly didn't expect what he saw. Fluttershy was kind hearted, timid and reserved, the inside of her house however looked like something designed by Derpy. There was a fire place that doubled as a stove, a table and chairs. That would have been normal enough but all over the walls and the ceiling were little staircases, leading into a variety of homes for her animal charges. As far as decoration went there was a wool carpet lying on the oak floor and a multitude of birdhouses and mouse holes dotted all over the room. There was a large mirror at the back of the room and a stairwell leading up to the second floor.

"Geez Fluttershy, when you said you shared your house with animals, I was thinking you had a pet or two. I certainly didn't expect this" He looked around in awe, Fluttershy's house was incredible, it was almost like it was alive. He could hear birdsong, the quiet chittering of small animals. It was certainly a big step away from the akward silence Spike had to endure back at the Library.

She giggled "I do have a lot of pets Spike, all these homes are for my animal patients though. It let's me keep an eye on them whilst they're recovering. Shouldn't you be at the library? I thought Twilight said she didn't want you to leave, and your all wet! How did you get here?" she said passing him a towel.

"Rainbow Airways" Spike leaned against a wall, his head still spinning from his flight.


"Doesn't matter, let's just say I was in the area okay, I really don't want to talk about it. Do you mind if I sit down?" he said still feeling a little nauseous. He began towelling himself off, grateful to no longer be wet and shivering, he flashed a smile at Fluttershy who returned in kind.

"Oh okay" Fluttershy flew away returning with a stool, thankful Spike sat down, Fluttershy joined him shortly after sitting on a small cushion so the two could speak eye to eye "Did you want something?"

"Well, you were going to tell me something earlier before Rainbow Crash interrupted us, remember?"

Her eyes widened "Oh yes, that. I don't know Spike. I'm really kinda nervous" she could feel herself beginning to flush.

Spike noticed this and asked "Well are they nice?" curious to learn more about her crush.

"Yes he is, he's the nicest guy I know, it's why I like him so much."

"So what are you worried about?"

"I'm worried he'll reject me, I know he's already got his eye on someone else!" she looked at him through watery eyes.

"Well maybe you shouldn't be wasting time then, you should ask him. You're a lovely pony, certainly nicer than some of the other pegasi around here." He said, thinking of Rainbow.

"I don't know, I mean what if he thinks I'm weird, everyone else does even my friends." she said with a frown, a tear trickling down her face

"Well I don't think your weird, you're kind, caring, qualities like that can be hard to come by."

"..." Fluttershy wiped her cheek and smiled at him, before quickly averting her gaze.

Spike sighed, "Look I've had an eventful day, can we just get this over with please? I already made the Pinkie promise, c'mon the suspense is killing me"

Fluttershy nodded "Okay, but remember you can't tell anyone. Not even our friends okay?"

"Yeah I know"

She turned a bright crimson, biting her lip. She began breathing slowly attempting to steady her shaking limbs. By now the two had attracted some attention, unbeknownst to them, several of the animals in the hut had peered through the doors of their homes watching the spectacle unravel before them.

She leaned forward, so close that Spike could feel the heat emanating from her face, and whispered as loudly as she dared,

"I have a crush on..." she halted her approach

Should I? I really want to, how will he react though...NO! No more nervous Fluttershy, time to assertive. Here goes...

Fluttershy had stopped herself unusually close to Spike's face, he could smell her perfume, it was light, subtle with the delightful aroma of berries, her blue eyes staring vacantly into Spike's green, she'd frozen.

Aw rats! She's gone again, she was so close to telling me too. Maybe if I ask again she'll snap out of it...

"Wh-" Spike was interrupted as Fluttershy kissed him. It was only quick, the most fleeting of moments, but to Fluttershy time seemed to stand still as her lips met his. As she broke away she curled up hiding her face. Waiting for a reaction, for him to say something. She peered up and saw Spike sitting there staring at the space she had occupied, a vacant expression on his face.

Spike was dazed, his mind not quite able to process what had jut happened, as he tried to speak he found the words stuck in his throat. His vision blurred and he could feel his legs begin to buckle.

This is. What's happening? Did she just? Is this a dream? I can't...

"Spike, a-are you alright?" she reached out as he began to sway.

*Thud* Spike's head collided with the hard oak floor as he collapsed, he saw Fluttershy standing over him a hoof covering her mouth in shock before slipping into unconsciousness.

Author's Note (Geez another one!): It was suggested that I do either Soarin or Caramel as Fluttershy's crush, but since Caramel has a canon girlfriend and Soarin's only dialogue is about pie I really didn't have a lot to work with and I HATE going against canon (making stuff up is fine though). I know people sometimes have a problem with Spike/X Shippings, I don't want to be seeing any hate here they only kissed for Celestia's sake. Beside I think Spike X Fluttershy is kind of a cute concept and I haven't seen many of those types of stories floating around here. Or anywhere, seriously type Fluttershy X Spike into google or something, the only picture I've found is of her cuddling newly hatched Spike.

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