• Published 12th Jul 2012
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Spike's Home Alone - TheSecretBrony

Twilight has gone to visit Canterlot for the week, leaving Spike home alone. Rated T for Innuendo

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Day 2 (Part 1): Eye of the Storm

When Spike awoke the next morning, he felt strange, not ill, not tired but comfortable. No cramp, no back pain, he opened his eyes slowly he could see stars and a crescent moon and whatever he was laying on was soft and fluffy It's almost like I'm sleeping on a cloud. Wait what?! He sat up suddenly but breathed a sigh of relief when he realised he was in his room, lying under Twilight's quilt which was a dark blue and designed to look like the night sky "Oh thank Celestia for a minute there I'd thought maybe someone had, never mind" I know Fluttershy was mad but she would never go as far as to drop me off on a cloud... would she? Spike looked down, "Hang on, how the hay did I get here?" Spike was sure he'd fallen asleep on the couch last night. Did I sleepwalk or something? He cast the quilt aside and jumped out of the bed, when he noticed a sound, melodic and serene, someone or something was singing. Owlicious was hardly the type of bird to be singing and yet the sound seemed to be coming from downstairs. Upon opening the door all he could see were birds flittering to and fro and squirrels, running across the library floor, darting along the shelves. Spike froze,

Oh. My. Goddess.

Frantically Spike ran down the stairs. Desperately trying to dispel the menagerie that had formed overnight,
he began shooing and swatting and scattering the animals, trying to herd them towards the open front door. To his dismay he found that as soon as he turned his back the animals were running back inside.

Did I leave that door open last night, how could I have been so stupid? Twilight's going to go ballistic if she comes back to a zoo! Wait, hang on what are they doing?

Spike paused for a moment when he noticed something very strange, opposed to tearing the shelves apart, as he feared they would, they were...


Despite how absurd it may have sounded the animals were indeed cleaning, the squirrels were using their bushy tails to sweep, the birds using their feathers to dust. The larger and apparently literate birds, were reorganizing the shelves, with Owlicious supervising. Confused, Spike wandered into the kitchen, where the now much louder singing could be heard. As the door swung open, Spike was greeted by none other than Fluttershy. She turned a wide smile on her face, "Good morning sleepyhead" she said sweetly.

"Flu-Fluttershy what are you doing here? What is all this?" Spike said as Fluttershy picked him up and sat him down at the table.

"This is my way of apologizing for yesterday. I was terribly rude, and worse than that I scared you" she looked down sheepishly "You're not mad at me are you, I mean that, I can understand if you are, it's just..."

"No way, what made you think I was mad at you?"

"Because I shouted at you..."

"Is that all? Twilight yells at me all the time for not doing stuff, don't worry about it." he said dismissively waving his hand "Yes I forgive you, so why don't you tell me what's going on with the animals in there?" he said gesturing towards the library door, through which he could still hear the creature cleaning service.

"Oh that, don't worry they're not making any mess"

"I noticed, they were cleaning up in there, I've never seen animals do that before"

"Well sometimes, I have a lot to clean up in my house especially when it comes to spring cleaning, so I taught the animals how to help me, when I came back last night to apologise I saw that list Twilight had left you..."

Spike interrupted her "Hold on, were you the one that put me into Twi's bed last night?"

"Oh yes, I saw you asleep on the coach, I couldn't very well leave you lying there so I carried you upstairs and tucked you in, like I said, as I was coming downstairs I noticed the list Twilight gave you to do. I thought that was unfair of her, giving you so much to do, I think sometimes she forgets you're only a baby dragon." She smiled, as she walked over to the table, using her wings to carry a tray of food, which she placed on the table before taking a seat opposite Spike. "So the next morning, I came back with all of my little animal friends and decided to give you a helping hand" she handed Spike the scroll, upon examination Spike's jaw almost hit the table, Fluttershy living up to her role as the element of kindness, had been working her way through the list. Spike stared at her amazed, surprising the yellow pegasus when he leapt across the table drawing her into the biggest hug he had every given anypony. Fluttershy had recoiled, expecting something bad to occur, tentatively she opened her eyes, giggling when she saw Spike wrapped around her torso, a few moments passed before he released the embrace, before looking up at her his eyes beaming

"This is... this is unbelieveable, you did nearly everything on the list? Fluttershy, a simple sorry would have been more than enough, you really didn't have to do this. I just can't thank you enough" he walked back to his place at the table, admiring the sheer abundance of delectable treats, greedily wolfing down several slices of toast, each one covered in Granny Smith's signature zap apple jam. Fluttershy was busy nibbling away at the dandelion and lemon grass sandwich she had made, when she stopped for a minute blushing slightly

Should I tell him, he's certainly nice enough. It's not like he's going to laugh at me is it. Besides he told me about his crush on Rarity, if anyone knows what I'm going through right it's him. Maybe he can help me. Oh no he's looking right at me! Come on Fluttershy say something, anything, assertive, assertive, assertive...

"Fluttershy, Equestria to Fluttershy, you okay?" Fluttershy stopped quivering, shaking her head. Slowly she breathed out.

"I'm fine Spike, I was just thinking about what you asked yesterday" she said once again hiding her face in her wings.

"What are you talking abou-- oooooh" said Spike as it dawned on him

Oh Buck! She's not going to go psycho again is she?

"I've decided to tell you, you know about my crush" She said cowering further beneath her wings, Spike secretly breathed a sigh of relief, only for him to jump when Fluttershy glared at him "This never leaves this room, understand. This is between you and me, no one else can know at least not yet, understand?" Spike nodded his head quickly, glancing over to see if the door was still open

Just in case...

"Spike I want you to promise me, that you wont tell anyone" Fluttershy was now floating over Spike, she had never dreamed of giving her friends the stare before, but she had to be certain that he kept his word.

"C-cross my heart and hope to *gulp* die, stick a cupcake in my eye" said Spike reciting the Pinkie promise.

Fluttershy returned to her seat once again, a cute smile on her face, as if nothing had happened. "Good, now listen carefully I only want to say this once." She gestured with her hoof for Spike to come closer, cautiously Spike leaned over.

"Okay Spike, here it is the truth is I have a crush on--"


A loud crash, the sound of breaking glass followed by a seizure-causing flash of colour, if anything could be said of Rainbow Dash she certainly knew how to make an entrance.

"Ah horsefeathers, thought I nailed it that time, huh? Hey Spike, Fluttershy what are you doing here?" said Rainbow as she peeled herself off of the wall. The kitchen was a mess, the breakfast Fluttershy had the spent the morning preparing now littered the floor, scattered when Rainbow crashed into the table, flipping it over and sending plates flying.

"Rainbow Dash... what in the name of Celestia are you doing? Can't you use the door like every other pony?"
Rainbow too busy dusting herself off and wiping crumbs out of her mane to listen. "RAINBOW!"

"What? Oh sorry shortround, I was practising a trick and--"

"Save it, I've heard them all, just help me clean up" Spike said handing her a dustpan and brush. Rainbow stared at the items she had been given, before casting them aside.

"Forget it Spike, I'm too cool for that sort of thing, why do you think I live in a house of clouds? Dirt just falls straight through it, how can I ever join the Wonderbolts if I'm busy cleaning like a housemare?"

Spike picked up the dustpan and brush again and thrust them into Rainbow's chest "Do it or...or. "

Dang it or what, c'mon Spike think of something

"Or so help me I'll,I'll..."

I've got it!

"I'll tell everyone you've been borrowing sappy romance novels from the library!"

Rainbow gasped "You wouldn't!"

How did he know!?! Twilight promised to keep that a secret!

That's odd she looks genuinely worried, well looks like the balls in my court...

Spike smiled at her mischievously, raising an eyebrow he simply replied "Oh wouldn't I?"
Rainbow zoomed over the table, putting it the right way round and began sweeping up the mess she'd made, Spike laughed at the sight "Sorry about that Fluttershy, now where were we... Fluttershy?" Spike looked around but neither Fluttershy nor her animal cleaning crew were anywhere to be seen.

Nice going Rainbow, you scared her off. I'll have to get it out of her another time.

Rainbow stopped cleaning with a puzzled look on her face, what was she doing, she the coolest pony in Equestria cleaning Twilight's kitchen? Her face turned red out of embarrasment,

Besides she thought isn't it Spike's job to clean up in here?
Once again she threw away the dustpan and brush, raided the fridge, taking out the box of cupcakes that Spike had been saving and flew into the library. Spike cursed under his breath, he peered through the open doorway, clutching his fist as he saw Rainbow sat on the couch gobbling down the cupcakes, his cupcakes.

Aw man, well guess I can't stop Rainbow being Rainbow, guess I'm going to have cleaning to do today after all...

"You know Spike, you really are lucky you know!" Rainbow called out.

"What are you talking about you wrecked the kitchen, scared off Fluttershy when she was trying to tell me something and now not only do I have to clean up your mess, you're eating the cakes Pinkie baked for me! I'm no genius but that's not what I call lucky"

Rainbow Dash scoffed "Are you kidding me, do you know how many people would love to spend time with me? I'm awesome and you know it."

"Yeah... right"

"Hey! Who's the one with the fan club?" she said jabbing him in the chest "You think I want to do this, I don't like being a babysitter but Twilight said she needed to someone to look after you so here I am. I never leave my friends hanging. You could be a little more grateful." she said crossing her legs over in a huff. "Could be practising for the Wonderbolts instead of this"

Yeah I'll be grateful alright, when Pinkie Pie says she hates parties.

"So what you been upto" asked Rainbow

"Besides cleaning up after you? Nothing much, I'm actually kinda bored, I have so much free time but I've been told not to leave the library and there's not much to do."

"Well I could give you some ideas if you wanted, I'd fight a manticore for a week off, being in charge of Ponyville's weather is hard work."

"Keep in mind I can't fly..." Spike said, knowing full well Rainbow's idea of fun composed of flying, acrobatics and sleeping.

"Oh right... gee I don't know, apart from partying and playing pranks I don't know how Earth Ponies pass the time, must be really boring down here."

"You don't say, who knows maybe I'll try reading? Stops Twilight from going crazy with boredom. Wait... something seems wrong with that sentance" said Spike rubbing his chin.

Rainbow held back a laugh "There's one thing I don't get though."

"Oh yeah what's that, landing?" Spike said sarcastically.

She rolled her eyes "Funny, no but seriously what was Fluttershy doing here?"

"Twilight asked her to drop by, you know for the same reason she asked you, only you've gone and scared her off"

"Uh-oh, err I'll make it up to her later" she said as she streched out over the couch. "Wait a minute so I didn't even need to be here! Fluttershy had me covered! Maaaan..." she said dissappointed, "Well guess I can't do anything about it now, might as well chill here for a while." Spike just rolled his eyes at her and walked back into what was left of the kitchen.

After he had finished clearing the wreckage, which also included replacing the window, of Spike's many talents that was not one of them. Fortunately for him Twilight had left emergency money. Spike lumbered out of the kitchen and began to head to the bathroom, desperately needing a shower as his spines were now covered in zap apple jam. He enjoyed the warm feeling of the running water, it soothed his aching muscles, besides it was his week off now, thanks to Fluttershy, even if he couldn't trust Rainbow alone in the library, he didn't care, this was his vacation and he was going to relax! Toweling himself off he sauntered over to the mirror admiring his reflection, his now clean scales sparkling in the sunlight.

Looking good Spike, looking real good.

He went back into the library about to give a certain mare a piece of his mind. When he heard snoring, Rainbow Dash was asleep again. Then Spike got an idea, a dastardly idea. An idea that Discord himself would be proud of. He went into the bathroom and raided the cabinets for supplies, before sneaking up on the sleeping cyan pegasus. A devilish grin plastered across his face.

Rainbow my dear you picked the wrong place to take a nap Mwahahaha!

Author's note: I know these are normally frowned upon but I'd thought I'd explain something. The color coded thoughts are for when more than one character is thinking something, just something I'd thought to try out. Cyan and Yellow were difficult to read, so I used corn flower blue for RD and green for Fluttershy.

Again let me know if there are any spelling mistakes and I'll fix them ASAP.

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