• Published 25th Feb 2018
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Mechanical Monstrosity or True Hero? - The Winged Merchant

I don't know my purpose in this new world. But I do know one thing, I must defend this world from a threat nobody... er... noPONY has ever faced or seen before. Even if I'm on the run from the monarchy itself in this world. So, not a good situation.

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So a Cockatrice, a Dragon, and a Gizoid walk into a bar....

Author's Note:

Heya, Sorry I haven't updated in a while, been working much more passively with School and I can get more episodes out. BTW, keep in mind that this fic won't be long per say, like maybe about 6 to 8 more chapters until the end. I will have some crossovers that I won't account for as chapters per say. But I do have a secret sequel in the works when I get finished. If I had to say when the final chapter comes out, I'd say in the Summer is the highest probability. Like before I don't own any of the music, enjoy.

I had set off to go find my second Chaos Emerald. I found the one I hold with me now when I found it in the Cave I sat in for many moons. I used the Emerald I already had to search the area as I made my way around the area, trying to find another emerald. I began my search around the castle and found one of the emeralds in a trophy case lodged into a "World's fastest cake eater: Princess Celestia". I frowned and broke the trophy to free the Emerald with one punch, "Saitama be proud." I muttered as I thought of the Caped Baldy himself.

I then began to make my way outside as I began to search. I would look for one more Emerald, then I will take a break. I began to run around like I was in a Sonic action stage. Beating up foes, rolling around at the speed of sound, and, I kid you not, a giant Monday-to-Friday boulder straight out of a Indiana Jones movie.

A familiar blue blur flies at speeds faster than the eye can track. With 3 Emeralds in his possession, he will find the remaining 4 emeralds. He detected 3 with 2 near each other in the Everfree Forest. He decided to find the unaccounted one before going after the last 3, now all he had to do was find the damn thing.

He then continued his long search for the keys to his true power. Then maybe with said power, he can finally find the one he lost. A single tear of oil shed from his dark eyelid. "I'm coming soon my love. I'll be able to reach you soon."

With that, he flew in silence as he tried to sense the Emerald, but was too wrapped up in his emotions to sense it.

I found an Emerald's location. Apparently, according to Equestrian legends I found in Princess Luna's and her fat cake-loving butthole of a sister's library, an ancient race of ponies worshipped a shiny stone that they called the "Precious Stone," that was rumored to hold the key to their true god, Aqueous, the rumored water god. I realized why they thought so. Chaos you clever Chao.

I assume they sensed Chaos's presence in the Emerald due to it's connection with the Master Emerald, where he and Tikal are sealed in. I wonder if I would ever see him, displaced or not. I pray he's at least friendly.

I found it, the cyan colored gemstone sat on a stone pedestal. I was about to reach it when I heard some leaves shake as I saw a white chicken head on a teal dragon. It stared at me. A Cockatrice, the medusa of chickens. It seemed to the guardian of this gemstones. It seemed focused on my eyes as I stared at it's back. I knew what it was trying to do and smiled (not physically) and began to walk towards the gem and took it. I then saw it was shocked and then said "Nice try, but I'm not a organic life form... at least, not anymore." I muttered at the end as I walk away with the Emerald. Leaving it stunned as it attempted to attack me... keyword "ATTEMPTED". I just smacked that son of a chicken into a tree without even thinking.

I then began to make my way off as I rushed out of the forest to quickly search around an 800 mile radius of the Everyfree Forest. Including Ponyville, though I moved at a speed faster than they could perceive, I was only saw by the rainbow haired Sonic wannabe pony, who was also travelling at similar speeds, and the pink pony version of a walking, talking textbook definition of a sugar rush, who was sitting in a rocket car (I don't have any idea how or why) who were racing each other. They simply waved and said "Hi!" respectively as I waved back before I continued my search and began to go even further beyond. I feel it's close, but I don't know where.

When I finally get an idea, I run in a single direction as I see a lava area filled with dragons who were eating gemstones. "As Gohan would put it, 'Ah crapbaskets...'" I deadpanned before continuing onwards as I prayed to all the Sonic deities in existence that I would not have to wait for it to... develop.

It's a good thing I don't have to puke cause I wanted to hurl right then and there.

After I got my bearing together and put the 2 new Emeralds in a pocket dimension. I held tightly onto the other Emerald as I rushed and began to walk around until I find a pile that it's buried in and was being eaten by 2 Dragons. I then asked "Pardon me gentle-dragons. But I believe a rare gem of mine was brought and left here by accident. If you may, I sense it in this pile."

I was greeted by a large black dragon with a pony skull necklace, he also had long, sharp, blood red scales, claws, and eyes, with the finishing touch of a white stomach. He also had notably jacked muscles.

"Me and my friend, aren't going anywhere tiny, your so weak, you have to wear armor." He said, clearly not noticing the fact that I'm not a dragon. "*Sarcastically* Right, so what's your name ?"

"Brute. Brute Force. The strongest of all the Dragons here 'Girly.'"

Girly? Oh that's it this guy is dead meat on a stick.

While I began to have violent thoughts about this guy. I said "Oh really 'Girly?' That's the best you've got? At least I'm not some big, tough, stupid dragon who won't let a girl find her gems."

"You take that back or I'll kill you!" He shouted in anger. I mentally smiled. Perfect.

"All right, all right. You're not tough." I said.

"That's better!" He shouted while the other dragon, a white dragon with blue eyes (Insert Yu Gi Oh or "My Blue Eyes!" Jokes here) looked at me confused "Wait, but didn't you... "

I held up a finger to him "Give him a minute."


"Hey! That's it you're dead bi-" I then punched him into a mountain before he could finish, nobody get's away with calling me that name.

"Now, now. That mountain is not your eating disorder. " I said smugly, oh how proud TFS Piccolo must be right of me if he could see me now.

I then saw he was knocked out as I turn to the blue eyed white dragon.

"You can take the stupid gemstone, I'm not risking my butt for one stupid gem! I got to go get Brute medical attention STAT. I got to go miss...?"

"...Clara. Clara The Gizoid. I'm not a dragon, common mistake a lot of ponies and dragons can make."

"...huh, whatever that is, good on you. Nice to meet you Clara, I'm Kaiba. Later!" He shouted while doing a ciao gesture while he flys off.

I then began to search the pile of gemstones until I find it, thankful not eaten yet. I then look at Brute with my still smug face while I run off, faster than they could see as they all stared at me, I suppose that's natural when you take down the strongest there in just one punch. Once again, Saitama be proud.

With that I set off home, I picked up a newspaper that read "Stolen gemstone from museum." Aw crapbaskets, someone else is after the Emeralds, when I read the eyewitness report the guard stated "-I was confused by him and when he held up two gems of the exact same cut as the one stolen in different colors and shouted, 'Chaos Control,' I was somehow kicked into a wall and saw he was gone." If another thief, possibly a Sonic character, is in the mist, then that means he has the remaining Emeralds. No doubt he's gonna come after me next. But I'll be ready for them, no matter who it is.