• Published 25th Feb 2018
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Mechanical Monstrosity or True Hero? - The Winged Merchant

I don't know my purpose in this new world. But I do know one thing, I must defend this world from a threat nobody... er... noPONY has ever faced or seen before. Even if I'm on the run from the monarchy itself in this world. So, not a good situation.

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Pain, Anger, and Slightly burnt cake

At the Castle of Friendship
Twilight and her new roommate Starlight Glimmer were adjusting to their new life after the latter of the two played with time travel and was stopped by the former. Spike meanwhile was just reading his comics, after making sure this one wasn't cursed. Sure it was fun to be in a comic book and all, but one time is enough.

When suddenly Rainbow Dash flew by and dropped a note on the doorstep, much to the young dragon's surprise.

"Twilight, Starlight, we got a letter from Rainbow! It also says urgent in big red text!" He called out as the two turned their attention from what they were doing to the small dragon.

Twilight then took the letter and read it aloud.

Dear Twilight, Starlight, and Spike

We have a big surprise that me and Fluttershy are going the CMC all have a surprise for you. We'll be out here with the being at 8:15 AM on the dot if our friend's math is right.

From Rainbow Dash

"Huh wonder what that surprise is?" The three mused aloud.

"I wonder, what if it's a object of lost legend like an ancient artifact or a being from a time long forgotten?" Twilight mused as her eyes sparkled. Imagining a pony from ancient times holding a rare looking gem.

Spike rolled his eyes as he said "Knowing those five, it's Probally gonna be some sort of cool looking rare animal or being." He smirked as he thought about an insane looking animal that made Discord look tame by comparison.

Starlight then wondered "What if it's a being far stronger than anything you've faced before?" as she imagined all of Ponyville burning to the ground as it shows the Mane 6 in their Rainbow Forms as they are thrown aside with minimal ease. She then quivered at the thought.

They then just prepare to leave, preparing for the unexpected.

Only they didn't expect the unexpected to be something that was ironically a balanced mix between what they thought and more.

"Now Applebloom, ya promise the surprise isn't a monster."

"I promise big sis." the little pastel yellow filly said as they and the other ponies of Ponyville gathered as they awaited for the two pegasi to approach with the surprise. Twilight wanted to know if it was anything worthwhile and report it to Princess Celestia so she can record it in the books for all ponies to learn of it.

Only for her jaw to hit the ground when she saw a dragon with no tail and wearing armor like it was made of it. In fact it looked like the armor was alive. The being's glass eyes glowed with some sort of magic as it was looking a little shy as Pinkie went bonkers and said at a speed faster than the average pony can process "HimynameisPinkiePieandI'mhappytomeetyoumissClaraasI'vebeentoldbyFluttershyandDashietomakeacakeforyouwithyournameonit." She said as she held a cake that had the beings face on it. This "Clara", if I heard it right, seemed to process all of Pinkie's words just fine and simply said "Well Miss Pinkie, I hope we can be good friends in the future." Clara said.

I'm still paranoid and rather reluctant to be in plain sight where Celestia can come and get me.

"Now then I would like to introduce you to our princess Twilight Sparkle, my friends Applejack, Rarity, Spike-" She started as I then looked around to see if I could name all the ponies I could. When I finished I had named 90% of all the ponies. I then slowly began to wonder what I was so scared about, these Ponies Probally don't know of the legend. I burnt that record of my self defense being written as violence over a hundred years ago. Nopony has ever heard of it, I'm totally fine.

...and now I jinx myself in 3... 2... 1...

Twilight then said to me "Hello, Clara was it, I just finished sending Princess Celestia, the ruler of Equestria and my mentor a letter of your arrival."

My eyes widened as I said to myself "Called it." as I facepalmed myself and then held up my other hand as my fingers went from 5, 4, 3, 2, 1....

Celestia appeared before me in full battle armor with a plethora of various weapons in her telekinetic grasp as she cried out "YOU! YOU MAY HAVE ESCAPED MY CLUTCHES LAST TIME, BUT I WILL CAPTURE YOU THIS TIME 'ROBOT', IF THAT IS STILL WHAT YOU CALL YOUSELF!"

"Geez nice to see you too Sunnyside." I then muttered annoyed under my breath with an attempted eye roll with no pupils.

Twilight asked "Wait you two know each other?"

Celestia then turned to Twilight and all of the ponies that were bowing and sort of confused at why Celestia teleported in a full suit of battle armor instead of taking her chariot in her normal outfit like she normally did. "Indeed, though it was over at most 100 years ago."

"Exactly 256 years actually but who's keeping track." I said with a smartass smirk much to the tri-color haired alicorn's dismay as I then said "Now are you here to capture me again because you couldn't do it and you had your sister Luna and Starswirl backing you up and you had the Elements of Harmony. So if you didn't mind me, I'd like to become a being that wasn't about to be falsely written down as a murderer for knocking out 99 of your strongest ponies in self defense, and for that you called me evil, If I wanted to, they'd all be dead instead of knocked out if I didn't have mortality." I explained.

"Is that so, then why are you only telling me this now?" Celestia said with a raised eyebrow.

"Oh don't play dumb, we both know I tried to tell you and you never listened. You just kept saying I was evil and I wanted to exterminate all life in Equestria after the incident, never bothering to pay attention. Well you know what, I don't care anymore, anything you throw at me isn't enough to stop me, not then and most certainly not now. You just wanted to stop me and make me your pet, when I am, in fact, sentient and am entirely capable of doing things myself." I shouted in anger as many ponies stared at Celestia in disbelief as guilt began to wash over her face. She began to sweat up a storm.

"So you know what, you may not be able to stop me from trying to live a life, but you can TRY." I said as I got into my fighting pose much to everyponies' shock. Rainbow Dash then said "We get to see to see the Princess fight against a powerful robot? (Whatever that is exactly....)" "AWESOME!!!" Both her and Scootaloo cried out in excitement. Much to some of the ponies' annoyance. Others meanwhile were scared of what was about to transpire. Pinkie Pie, much to both my amusement and surprise, had already set up a ticket booth as everypony that went up there was voting on Celestia with Pinkie Pie, Rainbow Dash, The CMC, Spike, Fluttershy, and for some odd reason DJPon3/Vinyl Scratch being the only ones that voted for me.

I then prepared myself as I rushed at Celestia. As Sonic would say "Time to party."

I rushed at the princess and prepared to battle her as I attacked her with a quick Shadow Chop before following with a quick combo and pink tornado with Amy's Piko Piko Hammer. She then attacked me with a sword and spear from both sides as they attempted to stab into my body as I leapt with the strength of the Ultimate Lifeform into the air as I prepared Sonic and Shadow's homing attack technique as I locked onto her and in a blaze of orange and blue energy, I hit her at Hypersonic speeds.

I grabbed onto her horn after hitting her as she then sent me flying into the air with a mighty sword swing as I then stopped and hovered in the air as some sort of energy gathered in my hand.

"CHAOS SPEAR!" I shouted as a spear of energy was launched at her to destroy her own spear. Leaving a sword, a shield with spikes, a lance, and a hammer.

I then homing attacked towards the sword as I stopped and grabbed it out of the air, I hope all those hours of Sonic & the black knight and Skyward Sword are worth it here. I then began to clash with her lance, as she began to trust at me, hitting me a few time in the process before using the Boost to blast past her as I slashed at her from the back before her hammer met my Piko Piko Hammer.

She then fired a fireball at me to which I defended against using a nearby object, which just happened to be the cake that became a little more than slightly burnt. She then looked a bit hurt for a moment as I remembered her cake obsession. Her eyes then began to glow red and was about to draw blood from me, ...or oil but she doesn't know that.

Ponies began to cheer as the fight was heating up (pun not intended). Twilight was shocked that this being, that just came out of nowhere, is keeping up with-no, it is overpowering Princess Celestia despite not being seen and or found for over 100 years, has it been training In it's own ways?

"This is amazing...." Starlight muttered as Spike agreed with her.

I then decided to finish this here and now as I prepared the Falcon Punch of Sonic Battle, Knuckles' Deep Impact.

I then charged a lot of energy into my fist as my attack connected with Celestia's cheek and I sent her flying into the air with a mighty punch as I then flew up high and hit her with an axe kick towards the ground as it connected with Celestia's helmet as the force sent her spinning towards the ground as those who voted for me, were found getting the money and evenly splitting between themselves.

I then landed on the ground as I then simply looked at the shocked crowd. "Are they okay?"

"I think you shocked them too much." Spike guessed.

"Damn." I muttered as I then began to go find Celestia and see if she's alright. I found her unconscious as I then sighed "She's alive but just barely man those last few hits took a lot out of her."

"I got this...." a familiar voice said as I turned and saw Princess Luna coming with a first aid kit.

"Hey Starcheeks." I said nonchalantly to her as Luna was the one of the two sisters who actually understood me when she was fighting to prevent Nightmare Moon from taking over at the time. I can tell she's pass it by this point, much to my relief even if I knew the events were gonna transpire.

Twilight and the other ponies were about to scold me before Luna cut them off with a sigh of relief.

"*Relieved Sigh* Finally, my one friend who actually treats me like I'm a common mare. I was wondering when you'd show that metallic plating you call your face again Metalbutt." She said as we remembered when I treated her like a normal pony and not like a princess. I stiffened a giggle at the nickname as I watched her look into the kit.

She began to levitate a cake out of it and snapped it in half above Celestia, causing her to wake up as she devoured the cake faster than a fanbase demeaning the franchise with fanart.

Celestia then got into a battle pose, I held up my hands "Sorry Sunnyside but as fun as it is to get back at you for trying to make me your personal pet," I then pointed at her as I slowly let out more and more steam that I've had pent up for over 200 years. ",despite the fact that I'm a being that, if used correctly, could be a trump card, if the card literally flipped the table over, and shot the other player. Yet you wanted to waste what I could do for this world. At least you're sister cared about me enough to see me as a smart sentient being and saw me as an actual person! Also can we go over that whole accused murder thing. You block the exit and I didn't know I could teleport at the time so I just knocked them out by holding back my power so I could leave with little trouble and you think I tried to kill them and failed!? If I wanted to kill them, I would've started with you and I Probally could, and still can, kick your pale colored flank into next Thursday!" I shouted. Luna also giving her sister a disapproving glare.

"But you lack a-"


Most of the ponies were starting to get angrier and angrier with how I spoke to their Princess. Luna then held up a hoof and tried to ease them.

"It's alright, she's just letting a lot of weight off her shoulders. After everything Celestia did to her, she has full rights to be angry at my sister right now. She's locked her away, isolated her from most ponies, treated her like a pet, forced her to wear a collar that she always found demeaning, and constantly annoyed her by trying to make her look, as Miss Clare put it, 'too girly for her own personal taste,' when she learned of her female gender."

"See told you she was female!" I heard Sweetie Belle shout to Scootaloo.

"So you can tell Tia isn't exactly on her good side, unlike I who visited her when I wasn't on duty after I raised the moon as I fed her food despite the insistence that she doesn't need food and yet appreciates the offers anyway, played games with her from Checkers and Chess to Poniémon and Bombermare, occasionally taking her and exploring the dream realm together to view other ponies dreams, and we even talked for hours on end. From juicy gossip, bets, jokes, puns, prank ideas, predictions, video games, theories, nerd offs, and of course our infamous debates on who would win in a fight." Luna explained as she became a bit flustered at the end with the mention of our debates.

I then mentally smirked as I remembered one time when we were debating on if I could take on Exousía, AKA, the Kratos of this world, all by myself, I said I could win and Luna thought otherwise, we got so vulgar with our words as we were trying to prove the other wrong with no hard feelings in the end, it all was in good fun.

I then focused back onto Celestia who was completely surprised that her sister had been doing such things behind her back. "Luna? Why did you befriend this metallic monster?"

"Because my dear sister, she treats me like I'm an everyday pony, not just some monarch most of the nobles suck up to just to get what they want. Like this time one when Clara was helping me sort requests that ranged from good spirited like a filly asking for funds to help repair her school's faults to a noble who wanted us to wage war on pancakes. PANCAKES!" Luna shouted.

"Oh yeah I remember that, I swear to god I was gonna shove a brick up the guy's as- flank." I said and quickly corrected myself when I remembered children were here. I then walked off and Celestia then walked off, I could tell from the look in her eyes she was slowly gonna see me for the person I am and not a soulless creature that is against her, but don't get me wrong she still thinks she is in the right as she said, "Don't think this over yet Clara, I know there is more to you than meets the eye, and for that reason is why I don't have faith in you and I still know that my ideals on you hold water. Next time, I will not be as merciful due to my loyal subjects being here so watch that rust colored back of yours." With that, she vanished as she teleported off to go back to her princess duties.

"I will see you in your dreams Clara. I hope that you do not hold any anger towards me if we fight. I will try to change my sister's thoughts on you if I can, but I make no promises." Luna said.

"Don't worry Princess, I would never. See you later Moonbutt. Talk to you tonight." I joked.

"Goodbye Roboflank." She teased back as she teleported off as well.

When I turned around I saw everyone looked at me and it was a mix of anger, sadness, symphony, confusion, wonder, fear, ignorance, and other emotions. I then said "...Well after this fiasco, I'm just gonna take my cake slices and a few drinks for later. Bye and thank you Miss Pinkie for the cake!" I shouted and grabbed 25% of my cake slices and a few sodas as in a flash of blue energy I was gone thanks to Sonic's insane speed as I ran back to the Everfree and I ran back to my cave, only to see the ruins of what was Celestia's and Luna's old castle in distance and I noticed it was in a mostly livable condition. It had plenty of books, essentials, and, best of all, it was smack dab in the middle of a forest very few ponies dared to venture which made it ideal for a being like myself.

I then found and repaired a fridge I found in kitchen, you'd be surprised how well a small portion of my Chaos Emerald could be used to power the entire castle without electricity.

With that I made my way downstairs and saw the room I was locked in and saw the collar I once was forced to wear as I destroyed it with a single Chaos Spear. Every time I broke a collar Princess Celestia had another one ready. I then put my food and drinks away. While I never got hungry or thirsty, I could still taste and enjoy food and drinks like any other pony.

With that I went to sleep later that night. Ready to see my friend from over a century ago. Tomorrow I would finally be able seek out the other Chaos Emeralds.

A metallic blue blur flew through the midnight sky as It landed in a town and saw a museum. It entered via a large hole in wall he made and saw the quote on quote "Rare Gemstone and saw it was one of emeralds."

However before the blue armored warrior could get the gemstone....

"Freeze! Put your arms or hoofs in the air!" A police officer shouted at the being. He only turned and face the guard who had his horn ready to fire a blast a magic attack. The being, if he had a mouth, smirked as he said "I never freeze." He then pulled out one of the two gems that resembled the one on display that he had gotten earlier from the Diamond Dogs and shouted "Chaos Control!"

With that time froze and he kicked the guard who will feel the full force of the kick as he will be sent flying time moves forwards again. He then took the gem as time skyrocketed forwards again as he teleported away. Leaving a guard that was sent flying and knocking him out.

When the guard came to, he saw the thief was gone without a trace.

"I'm so fired for this...." he muttered to himself.

Author's Note:

I hope you enjoyed, this was just an excuse to show Clara's power compared to one other character. Also plot and character development, enjoy.