• Published 25th Feb 2018
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Mechanical Monstrosity or True Hero? - The Winged Merchant

I don't know my purpose in this new world. But I do know one thing, I must defend this world from a threat nobody... er... noPONY has ever faced or seen before. Even if I'm on the run from the monarchy itself in this world. So, not a good situation.

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It was a beautiful day in Equestria. Peace was maintained thanks to it's 6 protectors. Not a single pony was doing anything insane.

*Crash* *Bang* *Boom*

...I take that last sentence back....

The Cutie Mark Crusaders were in the Everfree Forest heading back from Zecora's home. They were trying to get their cutie marks in making medicine. They made a mess, and ended up doing more cleaning than making. Zecora sent them home when Celestia began to set the sun.

"Aw come on, we still haven't earned our Cutie Marks yet." a tired Scootaloo whined.

"Ah come on Scoots. We'll get em eventually." Applebloom said with hope.

"Yeah, we'll get them eventually." Agreed Sweetie Belle.

"Well what's next on the list?" Applebloom asked.

"Well it says here we should try to discover something Equestria has never seen before or even recorded." Sweetie Belle said pulling out a list and checking it.

"Ok then. Where should we explore first?" Scootaloo asked with some interest.

"Deeper into the Everfree forest?"

"There is no bucking way Applejack, Rainbow Dash, and Rarity will allow us to go."


"We're not high in the bits category remember?"

"Fluttershy's Shed?"

"...Why do I feel really uncomfortable and scared with that idea?"

"Well how bout that cave over there?"

Sweetie Belle pointed to a cave that sat on a hill a 5 minute trot away from them from them that was covered in vines, blending in nicely, almost making it invisible.

"Hmm... Ok, but if whatever we find makes us popular, I want movie rights."

"I wanna write the autobiography and biographies on us."


"Girls, we may not find something in there. Besides, it may not be important."

"Ok fine."

The three fillies made their way to the cave as they entered, all praying they would be safe.

They explored the cave, which had dimly lit lanterns on the wall, only reaching a dead end in only a few minutes.

"Oh come on! There is barely anything worthwhile in here!"

They barely found any treasure up to that point, they continued to explore the barely lit cave

They noticed what they could only guess is an old statue made of a mustard colored metal nearby. Not much else seemed to stand out in the room.

The statue didn't look anything like a pony, yet it's height seemed to resemble a young dragon in their teens. Yet, it seemed to lack the muzzle and mouth, and their blue eyes seemed lifeless, so it wasn't a dragon. It was weird, not Discord levels of weird, just normal weird.

"I wonder who made this weird statue?" Applebloom asked to nopony in particular.

"Yeah, and what for?" Scootaloo agreed.

"Maybe it has a music box in it." Sweetie Belle suggested.

"That is the dumbest idea I've ever heard." Scootaloo exclaimed "I mean who in the right mind will hide a music box in a statue."

Sweetie Belle shrugged "How the hay should I know?"

Suddenly the lights turned off and they heard something that made their manes stand up on ends/

*Growl...* *Growl...* *Growl...* *Growl...* *Growl...* *Growl...*

They all immediately regretted life choices as they heard the multiple timberwolf growls. They couldn't see it but they were sure there was at least 6 timberwolves as their were at least 6 pairs of faint green timberwolf eyes. Their was only one thing that came to mind for them to do.

"HELP!!!" The three screamed, Sweetie Belle making the highest amount of sound as she shrieked for help with her 2 friends screaming. They wished anypony or creature to come and save them as they looked to the end to see if a shadow appears on the leaves and vines.

...But nopony came...

The saw the leader which had the biggest eyes lunge at them...

...But it didn't come.

They didn't feel pain or wet. They opened their eyes to see a bright cyan pair of eyes appear in the darkness. The leader was gone. They looked at the cyan eyes in confusion. But before they could speak, they heard a strange sounding female voice come from they're savior.

"Shame on you, deciding to eat 3 little ponies? That's not cool, not Papyrus cool, not Shadow the Hedgehog cool, hell not even Chuck Norris cool." The voice said with a disapproving tone. They didn't know who Papyrus, Shadow, or Chuck Norris were. But Papyrus sounded like he and Pinkie would get along fine, Shadow wouldn't like it here, and Chuck Norris sounded like a unstoppable god.

The timberwolves growled at the savior. Another one lunged at the savior.


They saw the timberwolf's shadow fly out the exit. Another one met the same fate before the timberwolves whimpered and ran for their lives.

"That was a close one. Are you three alright?" The voice asked.



"THAT... WAS... AWESOME! Not Rainbow Dash awesome but awesome." Scootaloo said with a disapproving tone that mocked the savior's tone when he was shaming the timberwolves. Much to her friends amusement.

"Alright hop on. Let's get out of here." The voice said as his lowered, meaning they crouched down. The 3 fillies climbed on their savior's back, which was surprisingly cold and metallic, likely armor. "You 3 on tight?"

They all simply nodded as they took off at a moderately fast speed. Getting to the exit in 30 seconds flat.

They were dropped off as the voice said sadly "Goodbye little ponies. Don't tell anypony what has transpired here or of my existence alright?"

They all looked at the eyes once more and asked sadly "Why not?"

The figure's eyes had a saddened position as they said "I'm not ready for ponykind to know of me yet. Not after what happened."

"Can we at least see what you look like? So we know you when we see you." Sweetie Belle asked.

"...Alright. But don't tell anypony, promise?"

"Promise." They said in unison.

The eyes blinked twice before saying "Alright."

The figure stepped out as they're jaws dropped.

It was the "statue".

"...Goodbye. I hope to see you later." The figure said before going back into the shadows of the cave.

They walked about 10 minutes until they heard 3 familiar ponies speak from behind them. Much to their dismay and horror.

"Where the hay have you been?" A southern voice asked.

"You weren't on the way to either of our homes, at Sugarcube corner, or on the path to Zecora's home." A high class voiced continued.

"So that leaves one question." An athletic tomboyish voice finished.

The three fillies gulped and turned around to see Applejack, Rarity, and Rainbow Dash

"WHERE WERE YOU THREE!?" They yelled and asked the three fillies.

They were in a pool of sweat. Busted.

They didn't know what to say, they couldn't tell the truth, they promised not to tell of the living statue.

Suddenly Scootaloo had an idea.

"We thought we saw something but it turned out to be a bust." Scootaloo said sadly.

The two fillies caught on quickly.

"Yeah, we searched and searched, but we were on a wild goose chase the whole time." Applebloom said, in an equally sad tone.

"It was just a big dumb rock in the end." Sweetie Belle finished. The three hoping that at least they'll buy the lie.

"...Alright. But next time, tell us and we'll go with you. Promise?" Applejack said.

"Got it." The three fillies said.

"Next time, you three are grounded for a week." Rarity said.

"Ok." They said as they looked back and saw the cyan eyed statue nodding in approval as it went back inside. Much they're joy that they did the right thing. They all went home happy that they made a new friend.


The diamond dogs were looking through the dirt as they began to seek pretty gems. They're efforts seem futile until suddenly...


Rover and two guards began to look at them with interest, the gems looked similar but one was red and one was yellow. Oddly enough, they seemed to glow brighter when near each other.

"Hmm... I think we should look into them later. Put them over there for now." Rover said as he had the founder put them over by the entrance to the cave.

However the joy and interest didn't last long...

Lights start flashing 10 feet from the enterence

"What the- WHAT IS THAT THING!?" Rover shouts

The light develops and a strange blue spiky armored dragon-like creature appeared to come out. Some of the lighter dogs are pushed backward by the growing winds until it died down. His helmet now possessed two crimson red glowing eyes.

He appears to be scanning the environment only to finally focus on the pretty gems as he walks to them. Only for the founder to grab them and shout "Stay away from our new shiny gemstones!"

The blue spiky armored being stared at them only to shout at them "Give me the Chaos Emeralds!!!"

Rover looked at their visitor curiously "Chaos Emeralds? What's are Chaos Emeralds???"

The blue armored newcomer charges a strange red form of magic into his hand.

The founder of gem shouted "No! Wait! Stop!!!!" Only for a red energy sphere of powerful magic to annihilate him into a red puddle of blood as the blue newcomer took the gems and fly off at the speed of sound almost instantaneously.

...Rover stared at the fallen Diamond Dog and then stared in the direction that the blue spiky dragon-like creature with on question on his mind.

Who... no... WHAT is that thing?

Author's Note:

Hello. Welcome to my second displaced fic.

I know an Emerl displaced already exists. But I decided to take a crack at Emerl.

I don't own the music used here, please support the original creators.


Emerl is owned by Sega. ??? is owned by technically Sega and comes from Mark Haynes.