• Published 25th Feb 2018
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Mechanical Monstrosity or True Hero? - The Winged Merchant

I don't know my purpose in this new world. But I do know one thing, I must defend this world from a threat nobody... er... noPONY has ever faced or seen before. Even if I'm on the run from the monarchy itself in this world. So, not a good situation.

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Metal Madness

Author's Note:

UPDATE! Not dead yet, and am currently working on a rewrite of OFF the Rails, or at least plan to. Sorry it took so long, I've been busy. I probably won't write another chapter for a little while, school and I've got plans for some little projects, but I had this half done and just decided to complete it recently.

Welcome to the first of the final few chapters that I've planned to get done sooner. I expect it be another chapter or two until it's done, but that won't be for a little while. In the meantime, I hope you all enjoy.

I may not be one for looks as I'm not that overly girly, but I'd rather not look like a rusty worn tin can, I still want to look like a decent person.... or robot.... or.... you know what I mean.

So after Rarity gave me the paint necessary to fix my paint job after my recent scuffle, though still worn out from trying to use Ultimate Emerl's powers for a second time.

The first and last time I used it was many years ago. I remember it like it was yesterday.


I sat within my little prison, hiding myself from the outside world as I looked like I was sleeping peacefully.

But on the inside, I was in for what could have been the fight of my life if It was actually happening outside.

Inside I was going head to head with a certain someone, we fought in a maze-like area filled with mostly grey and purple figures that looked similar to one another, they were avoiding explosions and attacks coming from me and my opponent.

He was a figure about 1.5x my height, maybe a bit taller. He wore black armor with golden shoulder pads under a brown cloak, wearing a helmet that bore a blue jewel in the middle of it as well as having two fins on it, making him resembling a cobra. The most notable thing was the golden circle on his chest, it was filled with black, with a white scar across his chest.

This foes was Bass, but not just any Bass, this was Bass.EXE from the Mega Man Battle Network series, the strongest boss in every game in the series, and I had made the mistake of accidentally cranking him up to the hardest setting in this simulation.

Dear any Sonic god, help me.

We were fighting in the Undernet, specifically the one that appears in MMBN5.

I fought as best as I could, but none of Sonic and his friends moves did any critical damage to destroy his LifeAura, a barrier around him that need enough damage in one shot to temporally destroy it, even Deep Impact with both hands were barely enough to do it.

So while Bass remained untouched, like a toy in mint condition locked inside it's box, I however had looked like a toy that has seen better days. I had been banged up pretty good up to this point, my right eye lens was broken, my right arm has a hold that was exposing wires while my left hand was missing it's index and middle finger, both torn off earlier, and I had a crapton of dents.

The NetNavi looked cocky and taunted in a way similar to a certain conquer, "Was that your best?"

I was annoyed, used to arrogant douches taunting me when I lose in a video game against them, but that taunt really got under my metallic skin for some reason.

I then felt my rage boiling, I was starting to hate this copy of Bass.EXE more than I hated Celestia right now. So I became determined not to lose this battle, no matter what he throws at me, I wanted to win more than anything else right now.

As I felt my anger surging though me, I was unaware of it at the time, but that anger broke the seal locking me out of Emerl's hidden potential. As my eyes had now gone from their usual calming blue to a glowing crimson red, my headpiece also had what resembled a literal third eye, glowing blue.

Bass looked confused by this, and at the time, I didn't understand why nor did I care, I hadn't really noticed the differences as I rush forwards, far faster than before as I go for a solid punch, and explosion appeared like the Deep Impact technique does, breaking his Life Aura as I wail on him with a combo of attacks followed by an backflip kick into leaping and using an Axe Kick that sent Bass flying downwards into the, before I teleported via Chaos Control downwards and hit him with a barrage of punches and kicks courtesy of the Sonic Combo skill, before finishing him off with a Sonic Wave as he was forced to Log Out to survive, making me the winner by default.

It didn't dawn on me until then that I had unlocked the secret cards from Sonic Battle as well as the Ultimate Skills as I realized I was Ultimate Emerl and saw my reflection on the nearest reflective surface, but made a vow to only use them when it was absolutely necessary as I returned back to normal and the ???, Combo and Ultimate skills all became locked once more behind the now broken seal, which became more of a, "In case of emergency break glass," kind of thing.

Honestly that was the last I ever fought of the NetNavi named Bass.EXE. Thankfully this was all a simulation in my head so I was alright and in tip top shape in reality, still hurt like hell when he tore off my fingers and dented my armor at the time though.

I shake my head as the memory that played in my head had finally ended.

Now it was time to get to work looking for the guy or girl that has the other Emeralds.

After searching for any leads, I either got looks of fear, rage, or confusion, as to be expected, after my battle with the princess, not many are going to trust me so easily like the likes of Pinkie did.

After calling it day when it turned to night, I headed back to the place I would call my new home.

As I drifted to sleep, I awoke and found myself in a large void, one familiar to me as I turned and saw my old friend walking towards me.

"Ah, wondering how long it would be until I see you again. It has been far too long since we last talked like this," I said smiling.

Luna meanwhile, grinned and agreed with me before saying, "So... What happened?"

I then feigned an innocent look and said, "What are you talking about, I don't anything about something happening today?"

Luna raised an eyebrow and said like she already knows, "So you're not one of the two mechanized warriors responsible for the battle that took place outside our old castle? The one you seem to reside in right now?"

If I still had eyes, they would widen before she then said, "Good show between you and that Gorbyc fellow by the way."

"You were watching us?"

The moon princess laughed and said, "Yes, while I was asleep I was able to spectate your clash with someone just like you. And I know you've got some, as you usually call them, new 'toys' to play with."

I nodded before explaining the Rocket Fist, Strong Arm, Aqua Beam, Turn Red, Turn Blue, Inferno, Cure, and Gravity Blow attacks to her from what I've gathered.

After that, we were silent before she then asked me out of the blue, "So how long?"

I tilted my head, "'How long' what?"

"How long until you and my sister finally bury the hatchet and stop hating each other? You two can't hate each other forever, it's been 200 years now Clara, if you let it go, sooner or later she will as well. I'll talk to my sister about it later if that helps."

I then began to think about it and then said, "...I hate to admit it, but I suppose you are right Luna, if it makes you happy, I will stop least try to stop hating her. However that doesn't mean I'm not still sore over what she did, and know that if does try any stunts like that again, I will use the minimal force necessary to get out of it."

"I suppose it would be a start," Luna said happily.

I then hugged her and said with some tears, "I just wish my friend, Frigus, was here with me."

Luna then said jokingly and sympathetically, "Hey now you walking suit of rust, don't cry. I'm sure you'll reunite with your boyfriend one day."


I screamed, very annoyed by her teasing, as Luna laughed at my misfortune, soon I began to join her, making myself slowly feel better.

The next day, I ran a few miles away from Ponyville in my search and I noticed a large blue blur flying though the sky, Probally the Emerald thief that dropped and looked at me. He seemed to strongly resembled Mecha Sonic from Sonic 3 & Knuckles but with some of the original Bass's armor designs from the Classic Mega Man series thrown into the mix.

I only ask, "Who are you, and what kind of robot are you?"

I've never seen a Metal Sonic like him before.

"I... am... METALLIX! The ultimate Sonic CopyBot!" He shouted dramatically.

'Wow, that sounds super dumb when you say it like that.' I muttered, it sounded like something my best friend would say.

He didn't fail to hear what I said though as he cried out in anger and/or annoyance, "HEY!"

He then held out his hand, "Now hand me all your Chaos Emeralds." He demanded sternly.

"And why should I?" I shouted back as I fired a Chaos Spear at him.

"Because if you don't I will be forced to destroy you without mercy."

He simply side stepped it with minimal ease, as his arm then began to change into something that somewhat resembled a mix between a Minigun and Bass' Buster Arm. He then fired a barrage of energy bullets at me as I began to dodge them with my speed, doing my best to stray away from anything he could shoot that could hurt somepony.

I then dodged almost all of the bullets, a few clipped my leg, before I went in for a powerful kick to his head followed by a barrage of quick, but weak, punches. When he managed to get out of my combo, he flew up high and tried to get me with a Kamehameha-looking laser beam, even down to him mimicking the pose of the iconic Ki attack.

The beam missed me, as I had dodged it with a quick Chaos Control teleport to get a few feet away to the side, and it blew a large hole into the ground and shook the planet a bit.

"Ready to give up the Emeralds?" He asked, tilting his head to the side. I swear if he had a mouth, he would have a cocky smirk.

I then jumped into the air and went for a homing attack combo, only for him to block it with minimal ease.

He then mimicked Ryu's iconic Tatsumaki Senpukyaku as I ducked under it before going in with Knuckle's Deep Impact.

Metallix dodged it before he seemingly vanished.

I then felt a bit lighter, so after quickly checking my nonexistent pockets, I saw all my emeralds were gone. Metallix then appeared in front of me with them all hovering around him as he waves his finger in the same way Sonic would in the title screen of Sonic 1 or Metal Sonic when you're about to race him in Sonic CD. He then fired an electric blast at me and sent a shock to my circuits as I was forced to power down to recharge my energy.

He then absorbed them turning a golden hue as he shouted while I powered down, "Finally. With all 7 Emeralds, I can finally find...."

That was all I heard before I fainted from power loss.

After a while I heard a multitude of voices in the middle of talking as I power back on.
"-all I'm saying is that she's the only one who could stop him," One voice said, it seemed to be Twilight's.

"Are you out of you're mind, she's untrustworthy," another voice said that really grinded my gears. I knew it was Celestia's.

"Only to you dear sister, after all. You are the one who locked her away and tried to turn this powerful warrior into your pet for a long time. Let it go, and so will she. Trust me," a more familiar voice said. Moonbutt's voice for sure.

"Yeah, what the Moon Princess said." Rainbow Dash said. I recognized as I began to power on.

This stopped their conversation as they looked at me.

"Oh you're awa-" Twilight stared before she was cut off.


I then blink, "What? How long have I been offline?"

"About 2 days." Twilight said.

"Thank you. Anyway that 'Blue Dark Knight'," I began mentally picturing that Sonic CD image of what appeared to be a Sonic and Batman fusion that made me chuckle inside, ",his name is Metallix and he has all 7 Chaos Emeralds."

"Chaos Emeralds?" Rarity asked, I could see a sparkle in her eyes.

I sighed and gave the short version of the story, "The Chaos Emeralds are 7 mystical gems from the universe that this body I became hales from, they are filled with positive and negative energy. I can use one emerald and tap into their Chaos Energy to preform a manner of moves like stopping time and throwing energy spears. However, if one were to collect all 7 they can become nearly unstoppable, only gods and those also filled with chaos power can fight on par with these super forms. Also, before you all start asking, my spirit came from that of a world where you all along with this body, the emeralds, etc. are all fictional games, comics, and shows, but that is a story for another day."

Everyone had a look of shock at this revelation.

Luna then asked, "So what can we do if he's unstoppable?"

I then looked out the window and said, "I have an idea, it's risky and I've only done twice before, but I've worn myself out with it the last time and nearly crashed my systems."

Celestia looked interested but still looked at me like I a bit untrustworthy, "Which is...?"

I sigh and explained, "There is a powered up mode of mine that allows me to shift into MAXIMUM OVERDRIVE!" I shouted at the end in a dramatic voice, it was ridiculous enough to rid some of the tension as I got a few chuckles and giggles.

"For real though, I can turn off my limiters to access a more powerful state of being, allowing me to utilize Emerl's full potential, dubbed Ultimate Emerl, a form that he takes in his only game when he tries to copy and form a link with the Final Egg Blaster, which caused him to-"

I then saw I was getting confused look from everyone in the room as even Luna has no idea what I going on about, as I sighed and said in an embarrassed and kinda flustered tone after fake coughing, "So It's a long story, Sonic Battle was always one of my favorite Sonic games back home."

I then unlocked those limiters like I did yesterday as my eyes turned Red once more with my third eye revealing itself, giving me a more menacing appearance, to the point where I'm sure there was a reference to be made.

With that I then looked at them all before looking at the ground and said, "But I don't think this form is enough, Ultimate Emerl was still defeated by a base form Sonic at the end of the game, so just imagine how a battle with a Super Metallix would go. It hurts me to admit this but Celestia, I'm gonna need your help. Same for you Luna and Twilight."

The Sun princess looked at me, "What do you mean?"

"I believe that even 1 Alicorn, alongside me, we stand a better chance against Metallix, but with 3 by my side, that just improves the odds."

Celestia, "And why me?"

I looked at her directly in the eyes, "Being the most powerful of the Alicorns, since Twilight is still a novice and Luna was stuck in that edgy phase of hers and spent most of her time on the moon," I got a glare and a smirk from said pony while the purple alicorn agreed with my logic on her end, "You would be the most useful and most powerful, and as much as I hate it as you do right now."

I then sigh and take a deep breath and admit, "I think what Luna said to me last night is right, it's time to bury the hatchet and let bygones be bygones. I'm sorry for attacking your men in self defense and hiding from you all this time."

Celestia looked genuinly shocked before she said with a bit of hesitation and began blushing, "A-and I'm sorry for trying to turn you into my pet, I was a bit naive at the time and still a bit bratty. I've let my anger and the actions of the past get the better of me."

I then held out my hand, a smile would be on my face if I had a mouth, "Friends?"

Celestia looked at it for a moment and smiled as she shook it and said, "Friends."

I then heard some tearing up as I see Pinkie crying a river of tears, while Luna said, "As sappy as that was, at least you two are finally gonna get along."

Pinkie then finally stopped crying and asked excitedly, "So what's the plan, Mrs tin can?"

I then said, "OK, if that nickname sticks you and me are the ones who are gonna have a problem with each other now. But anyhow, here's the basic idea, Celesia, do you think you can seal Metallix in the moon like you did with Nightmare Moon or turn him into stone like you and Luna or the Mane 6 both did with Discord on two separate occasions?"

Princess Celestia shook her head sadly, "We had required the Elements of Harmony at the time, and even then, me and my sister are no longer capable of using them as they now belong to Twilight & her friends, but even then, they're gone now thanks to the Tree of Harmony."

I sighed and asked, "Do you think a substitute would work?"


"Perhaps, in theory, we use something different source of energy to potentially seal him?"

Celestia looked at me and boy I could tell I had that look in my eye, the kind of look that had a plan so insane, it just might work.

I then looked at everyone present and said, "Alright, so here is what I'm thinking..."

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I’ve noticed that self-defense counts as a major crime in displaced fics.

I did not know about that, but then again, they are being threatened by a power creature that they just heard is (or at least is about to become) invincible, and both Celestia and Clara aren't i the right here, but I'm sure that part is or could be settled later on when the bigger threat is gone.

9821569 4 out of five displaced fics start with the displacee being petrified or imprisoned for trying to defend themselves. Most of the time, it’s because Celly was too immature or racist at the time to stop herself from petrifying the displacee just because the displacee is not a pony. Now that I think about it, it doesn’t seem all that different from trying to kill a spider but then again not everyone likes spiders.

when will the next chapter come out?

Honestly still consider sonic beating ultimate emerl due to a condition or basically hit the robot hard enough to make him blow up. Just rewatched it and its due to Ultimate Emerl's unsuitability that sonic beat him with great amount of damage, though anyway Super Metallix is still tough, so might as well have extra alicorns anyway.

Would've been nice to see this story continue

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