• Published 25th Feb 2018
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Mechanical Monstrosity or True Hero? - The Winged Merchant

I don't know my purpose in this new world. But I do know one thing, I must defend this world from a threat nobody... er... noPONY has ever faced or seen before. Even if I'm on the run from the monarchy itself in this world. So, not a good situation.

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Secrets out, Chaos ensures, and a Rainbow Haired Opponent

It had been a few hours since they were saved. They needed to talk about it to see if it was so they had a sleepover in Sweetie Belle's room for the night.

"I can't believe that the statue was alive." Sweetie Belle happily said.

"Shush Sweetie Belle. Nopony is supposed to know about him remember." Scootaloo said trying to shut her up before she slips up and Somepony hears her blabbering.

"How do you it's a he? Her voice was very much that of a female's." Sweetie Belle asked back.

"Well how about I shut your bucking mouth!" Scootaloo shouted in annoyance.

Sweetie Belle smacked her with a pillow unexpectedly. Scoots looked angry before a cocky smile plastered on her face.

"IT. IS. ON!"

The three began a pillow fight, but it soon turned into more of pillow war.

Meanwhile Applejack was drinking some leftover cider she shared with her two friends.

"Ah can't believe 'hey would do something so reckless." the southern mare said.

"Well they are them after all Applejack," Rainbow said in their defense. ", we would Probally do the same thing."

"It's a miracle they weren't hurt," Rarity said in relief. ", Celestia knows what I'd do without Sweetie Belle."

"Yeah, not a single scratch on them. I could have sworn I heard them yelling for help just a few minutes before we got there." Rainbow said, recalling the events in her perspective as she began to tell them what happened.

Flashback: Earlier that day

Rainbow Dash was sleeping on a cloud like she normally did as she hovered near the Everfree Forest entrance. She was sent by Applejack to retrieve the Crusaders as they should be leaving by now.

She simply waited there as she had already talked to Fluttershy, who by that point was feeding her animals, and simply soared above the clouds until.

"HELP!" Three very familiar voices shouted as Rainbow Dash heard growling. She knew on her own she would be screwed so she flew off to get her friends. Fluttershy wouldn't be much help in combat, but Applejack was, and she knew how strong Rarity was if in the right scenario. So she took off quickly to go find them.

Her two friends stared at Rainbow in disbelief. Leaving the million bit question, What happened? They all looked at each other and went to interrogate the Crusaders. They weren't gonna leave without the truth. Rainbow Dash decided to go ask Fluttershy if she can help her find anything mysterious in the Everfree Forest, it could lead to some clues or perhaps the one who saved them if they hit the jackpot.

Meanwhile with Emerl...

I was distressed, the only ponies not scared of me and I let them go. I did the right thing, but after all these 1
200 years, I've been really lonely. If only Mike could have grabbed my hand all those years back, then we could have ended up in this world together. *SIGH* Well that's life, but should I stay here until they possibly return or should I go to the town.

Against my better judgment I stayed here and decided to load up the simulator. It allowed me free reign over a world that did not exist. I used it to create "Memories", like the Bowser Memory M & Bowser Memory L boss fight where Mario & Luigi face themselves created from Bowser's memory of them, only perfected to create exact clones of them.

I was brought to a boss select screen and scrolled through what seemed like limitless foes before deciding on a familiar teenage blue robot with a red gem in his helmet and green eyes with an arm cannon, Mega Man X.

I materialized in a large bleak field that just seemed depressing until the scenery shifted to that familiar highway that started my love for the series. I looked on as I saw no life for miles.

...Well no ORGANIC life that is.

The blue robot in question appeared nearby riding on what can only be described as a futuristic motorcycle.

I used Tail's arm cannon and fired an energy shot at him, destroying the bike as he jumped off of it. I then got into a fighting pose as he did the same.

'Just another average training simulation.' I thought as we rushed towards each other.


I finally beat X again. He tried to get me using his Ultimate Armor. But my attacks were enough to take him down.

I simply sat in the cave as I began to wonder if I would be accepted. But I remember what happened when my face was seen.

I decided a simple look outside couldn't hurt as I made my way towards the night sky and decided to bask in Luna's light for at least a few minutes as I sat on top of the cave until I heard a faint "Hello? Is anypony here?" from a certain female Pegasus. I took a glance and saw her and it was exactly what I expected. The pastel yellow fur and wings, her timid pose, her cyan blue eyes that shined in the nightlight, and her long pink mane and tail. Fluttershy.

I tried my hardest to resist all urges to go down there and cuddle the living hell out of her for two reasons. It would be bad to get caught trying to snuggle that adorable pony as it would sink my reputation with Celestia and Luna as a force to be reckoned with to a threat that just needs attention every Thursday and I would be revealed and I would once again be feared and tracked down for study and containment.

The only reasons they never found me was because I faded into myths centuries ago, I don't possess any magic of the sort that they can track in this world, and I'm not really an organic life they can track.

I prayed to Chaos, Iblis, Mephilis, Solaris, Dark Gaia, Light Gaia, Infinite, and every other god or godlike character in the Sonic Universe that I wouldn't be seen.

"Is someone there? I can't believe I agreed to this, but I want to help you. If you saved those 3 fillies, I just want to say 'Thank you' and show my appreciation." She said.

I wanted to show myself but I knew I couldn't and weighed the pros and cons for the 300th time.

On one side, I could become a respected hero, have friends to combat the centuries of loneliness and solitude, and I might be able to track down all 7 Chaos Emeralds and maybe the Phantom Ruby if it's also here.

But on the other side, I would be feared like a wild animal and treated as one, I would be made fun of, and I would dismantled or worse brainwashed/reprogrammed never finding inner peace knowing in the back of my mind that it's not who I am, no matter how small of a tweak it is.

But this is Fluttershy, the element of Kindness. She and the crusaders could show that I was never the beast all those legends and myths painted me as. I only attacked those who tried to stop me when I was running away from Celestia who wanted me as her pet or pet project. I never bothered to find out when I booked it. This made Celestia think I was a violent beast who fights all who stands in her way when all I did what anyone would do if they were in my nonexistent boots.

I then began to ponder more and more, not noticing that the rocks were shaking and I fell down as my train of thought was wrecked when I fell down in front of her. Thanks to Sonic's agility. I was able to stick a landing with a bit of style by landing on my hand and pushing myself into the air and landing on my feet.

Fluttershy then looked scared and I realized that it was gonna be a long night.

Applejack and Rarity entered the bedroom after talking over a plan to make them talk.

When they entered, it looked like Discord came and dropped a bomb made entirely of Pillows as feathers were scattered on every visible inch of the room.

"What did ya girls do in this room? A pillow fight with Discord?" Applejack asked as Rarity looked like she was gonna faint.

"Nope, a pillow war." The orange Pegasus said.

"Shame pillow fighting aren't our Cutie Marks." Sweetie Belle commented.

Applebloom nodded as she then asked "What do you two want anyway?"

She secretly knew they wanted the truth. A truth they promised to not tell.

Applejack then said firmly "The truth on what happened in that there forest earlier. Rainbow got us when she heard you three call for help, but you're all fine. So we gotta know, 'What exactly happened in there that night?' Also don't you even think of lying to your big sisters or else. Got it?"

"Chrystal clear." The three said, sweating bullets as they tried to figure out what to do. That was until a few minutes later two Pegasuses came in. But before you can understand what's going on. You need to hear the following story that happened earlier.

Flutters simply looked at me in fear and curiosity likely trying to figure out what I am.

"Who-what are you?" Fluttershy asked as she backed away slowly and looked like she was gonna use her infamous stare on me.

"I'm a Robot. Couldn't you tell?" I said sarcastically and if I had pupils, I would have rolled my eyes.

"Robot?" She asked with curiosity.

"In basic, I'm not organic, I do have a soul and feelings, but most robots don't back where I'm from." I explained.

"Where are you from anyway? Oh an before I forget, I'm Fluttershy."

"Nice to meet you Fluttershy. I'm from another world where I was organic, but then I died and was reincarnated into this form." I said sadly.

"Oh I'm sorry Miss...?" She started.

"Emerl. In my last life, I was called 'Clara' before you ask." I said.

"What weird, but very unique names Miss Emerl." She said politely.

"Thanks. But I think we strayed far from the topic at hand. You wanted to thank me for saving those three fillies from earlier?" I asked.

"Oh yes. I came here to find the cause of them coming out unharmed with Rainb-" Fluttershy said before she got cut off.

"A MONSTER! DON'T WORRY FLUTTERSHY! I'LL SAVE YOU!" a certain rainbow haired pony shouted

Speak of the devil.

She was moving at a pretty fast speed. Using a Sonic Rainboom to try and hit me.

...Only for me to move a speed faster than sound instantly and step aside as she crashed into the mountainside behind us. Getting up a few seconds later.

"Don't worry Fluttershy. I'll protect you from that freak of nature." Rainbow said as she got into a fight pose. Confused at how I dodged her.

"As much as I want to avoid a violent battle, I can tell you won't stop unless I win. So here's the deal, If you win, I'll leave and won't 'hurt' her. But if I win, you got to let me explain myself with no outbursts at all. Deal?" I explained.

"Deal." Rainbow said with a smirk. Clearly stubborn to see this through with her loyalty to her friend.

I then got into my fight pose. This was gonna be a lighting fast brawl.

"First one to 10 strikes wins." I said.

I rushed at Rainbow and used Knuckles's hand to hand techniques to hit her with some pretty tough force, sliding her back as she rushed back and surprisingly karate chopped me as I was sent back a little.

'Oh yeah, forget she knew Karate.' I remembered and remember that Death Battle's Boomstick asked how she even mastered it. I'm starting to wonder that myself.

I shake my head and hit her with a powerful and quick combo followed by a finishing uppercut sending her flying up high. Instantly nailing me the win. Much to Rainbow's shock.

"You're faster than me, I thought you only dodged me the first time was because I was a good distance away, you dodged with some skill or dumb luck. But you're far faster than I thought, what kind of monster are you."

"Okay one, stop calling me a monster, would you like it if I just called you 'Pegasus' or 'Pony'? Second, I'm an inorganic life form called a Robot. I'm the only one of my kind as far as I know. And like I was saying Miss Fluttershy, I saved those three despite the fact I wanted to hide from ponykind. You can see why I wasn't exactly excited when I fell down in front of you." I said and gestured to Rainbow as she said "Hey!"

Fluttershy then nodded and noticed I showed selflessness in my actions. Despite the possibility that she would be shunned by everypony if she was found out.

"But how come they weren't talking about you? They said they were on a wild goose chase, but you'd think they go on and on about you?" Rainbow asked.

"So they stayed true to their promise that won't tell about me to this hour." I said with a smirk despite it not showing.

"How long have you been alone?" Fluttershy asked.

"Over 200 years. Ever since I disappeared from the face of Equestria." I said reluctantly.

"200 Years!?" Fluttershy and Rainbow shouted at me, making me fall on my back.

"Give or take a couple decades." I added as I jumped up and brushed the dirt off me.

They then stared at me with wide eyes.

"...Well that makes it official, first thing in the morning we're getting you and we're gonna introduce you to our friends." Rainbow said. I could tell she was serious.

"...Oh alright. 8:00 AM is when I'll be ready, got it? Also if things go south I'm blaming you two all right?" I said.

"Got it." They said as they flew away to lord knows what. Likely going to go tell their friends about me.

'Lord knows what's gonna happen when Celestia hears about me. She'll be after me and it's gonna be like 200 years never happened. We'll just pick up where we left off.' I mentally groaned. I didn't want to tell them that I was technically a fugitive that ran away from Princess Celestia who wanted to make me her pet/pet project. Like I said, I never bothered to find out which. But I didn't like where it was going either way. But I also don't want to make my new friends sad either. Either way it's Game Over for me if it all goes south when Queen Sunbutt and her little sis find out about this.

I sighed as I prayed to all the Sonic Gods that I would be ok.

With that, I went back inside to rest. I had electric sheep to dream of.

Author's Note:

So this fic is honestly gonna focus on Clara/Emerl and Metallix, only switching to a third person scene with the ponies for the sake of pacing the fic. But it's not enough to consider them main characters. I might add Celestia and/or Luna and potentially the Mane Six. But I'm honestly not sure. Either way, I hoped you enjoyed.