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Dragon Ball TX - MidnightTwister

Young Saiyan Cloud has lived in the Everfree Forest for a long time, but hasn't once considered leaving to explore the world, not until he happens upon three young fillies after fishing!

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Episode 9: A Taste of Bane

Ponyville Saga

Episode 9: A Bitter Taste of Bane

Cloud clenched his fist tightly in front of his face and said “You AND your brother are both gonna pay!”

Orah stared seriously at the little fighter just a few meters away before a cocky smile formed on his face. He chuckled a little, saying “Say, kid, you hit pretty hard! How did ya get so strong?” He asked, hunger for more power in his eyes.

Cloud wasn’t interested in talking however. “Does it matter?! Or are you gonna fight already?!” He asked impatiently as he entered a crude fighting stance.

Orah frowned in slight annoyance, but quickly switched to a malicious grin, saying “Alright then, runt, have it your way!”

Cloud tensed up as the large crocodile walked forward. Each step he took closed the distance between the two, and with Orah’s large feet, they closed very quickly. Cloud’s heart began to beat faster and faster, as well as his breathing rate. Orah clenched his fists tightly, stopped and smirked, and Cloud tensed.

Cloud charged quickly for the killer croc. He jumped and attacked with a sweeping right kick towards Orah’s side, and the croc flexed his huge muscles. The kick hit him with great force, but not enough to hurt him too much.

Cloud fell to the ground, but used his hands to push himself back up, landing an upwards kick on Orah’s gut. Cloud quickly got to his feet and launched a barrage of punches to the croc’s upper body, causing the croc to hunch over slightly, but having no real effect. Orah laughed and the boy looked up angrily. He aimed his next left punch to the chin, however, Orah grabbed it with his right hand.

The killer croc took the offensive and pulled Cloud up off the ground, smashing his enormous left fist into his smaller abdomen. Cloud was sent crashing into the ground hard a few meters away.

The Royal Guards had not left the room as they stared on in shock. They were afraid, but they couldn’t just leave Cloud there! They had to do something! They all looked at Orah with fire in their eyes as he walked over to the Saiyan, but he returned their gazes with a look of terrifying malice. “Go on and get outta here weaklings! It’s the whelp I’m after!”

The Guards remained in their places as they prepared to charge. Orah stopped in place and crossed his arms. They all charged at him, the Pegasi flapping their wings for a boost, the Unicorns charging their magic in their horns, and the Earth Ponies tensing their muscles as they prepared to ram.

“Stop!” Cloud yelled, leaping in front of the guards, halting them.

“Wh-what are you doing?! You need help, even with your strength!” A guard said.

Cloud turned to look at the group with a smile, saying “Don’t worry! I’ll be fine! ‘Sides, I’m still warming up a little!” He earned shocked looks from the guards before he flexed his muscles playfully.

Ghid looked at his older brother and said, “C’mon bro! Finish this quick! I want outta here before more guards decide to show up, along with the Princess!” He earned a glare from the croc. “Hey, don’t give me that! I don’t wanna be banished to the moon!”

Cloud heard the lizard’s complaints and looked at him and then back to the guards. A light bulb materialized above his head and lit up brightly before dissipating into thin air. “If you guys wanna help, take care of the liz… erd… Lizard one!”

The guards looked at each other and then back at Cloud. They stood firmly and saluted before heading in the direction of Ghid.

“Well? Are you done messin’ around? Cause I’m ready to get back to business!” Orah said, cracking his knuckles and neck.

Cloud looked at him blankly. “… What’s buzzynuss?”

“RRRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHH!!!” Orah yelled as he ran at his bite sized opponent. He got to him in no time, pulled back his right arm, and threw a powerful punch as he came to a screeching halt. Cloud jumped over the croc and landed behind him, whose fist crashed into the stone ground, causing some bits to rise up around his fist. The criminal glanced behind himself for a split second, ripped his fist out of the ground, and spun around with a backhand. Cloud jumped and landed Orah’s forearm with his hands and then flipped himself to the ground, landing on all fours. Cloud quickly landed a back kick to the nose. Orah grabbed his nose as he backed away for a moment.

Cloud ran at the croc, who threw a left punch. Our hero ducked to avoid the attack, and countered with a headbutt to the chest. Orah grabbed at his chest with both hands and groaned in pain. However, Cloud was not finished. He kicked the croc in the shin, causing him to fall on his knee. Cloud landed a right hook the croc’s face, followed by a left hook, and then an entire flurry of punches!

After an intense beat down, Orah gathered his senses as best as he could and raised his fists above his head. “GRAAAAAAH!” He brought his fists down to smash Cloud into the ground, however, the Saiyan jumped up into the air just before the crocodile’s fists came down, smashing into the ground and shaking the entire cavern and forming a small crater in the ground.

‘Huh, he really is strong…’ Cloud thought to himself, his Saiyan blood boiling a little more. He fell down and landed on the killer croc’s back only to jump off to a wall. Orah quickly looked back to see his bite sized opponent land on the wall, only to jump off with great force. He flipped himself around in midflight, his leg extended completely. He flew towards the croc too fast for him to even ready himself. In seconds, Cloud landed a mighty flying kick to the croc’s back, sending him flying into a wall headfirst. Cloud landed on the ground where he had just kicked Orah, ready for the fight to continue.

~ Royal Guards versus Ghid ~

Meanwhile, the younger brother, Ghid the Lizard, stood, surrounded by Royal Guards, who were ready at any moment to make their move. The lizard sweated profusely as he was… honestly? He was REALLY bad in a fight. Nonetheless, he stood ready, his claws hovering over the two canisters on his holster. To be frank, he stood a lot like a cowboy in an old western, ready to draw his pistols at high noon.

“You don’t stand a chance Ghid! Give up!” A Royal Guard ordered as the lizard sweated even more.

Ghid stood in the same position. And then…

“Alright, alright! I give up! I give up!” He said, standing relaxed, with his hands above his head.

All the guards stared at him in disbelief as he got on one knee and placed his hands behind his head. Everypony stood relaxed, and one walked up to cuff him.

Suddenly, Ghid sucker punched the guard in the muzzle and spun the lids on the canisters around to open them. He dipped his long claws into the green liquid in the canisters and pulled them out in the blink of an eye, closing the canisters afterwards.

He looked to his left to see three Earth Ponies running towards him. His claws dripping in the poison, he dodged their attacks and then slashed at them, catching one on the shoulder, one on the cheek, and another on the leg. Instantly, their visions became blurred and they wobbled back and forth before finally falling.

Ghid backed away quickly to catch his breath as the guards came towards him, only to stop a few meters away, wary of his poisonous claws.

“Y-yeah, yeah! That’s right! Stay ba-ACK!” Ghid started, only to be hit from behind, forcing him into the ground hard.

Behind the sly lizard stood the Mane 6, lead by Applejack, who was responsible for bucking him in the back. Before he could get up, the guards surrounded him, and one Unicorn formed a pair of magical cuffs to cuff him.

Twilight sighed in relief. “That’s one down, one to-” She froze when she saw not too far away another fight raging on. “CLOUD!”

~ Back With Our Main Hero And His Conflict ~

Cloud dodged with quite a bit of trouble as Orah started slashing at him with his enormous knife. He dodged to the side, jumped up, ducked, rinse and repeat. Orah only managed to slash at his clothes, though.


Said boy turned towards Twilight for a split second, but that was all Orah needed. Cloud quickly realized his error, but was too late, as he was slashed in the face. Cloud spun around and fell on his stomach, and the crocodile stopped. The boy’s friends stared in shock and horror as he lay there…

The girls and guards all gasped. Twilight, Applejack, and Rainbow could only stare on while Fluttershy and Rarity hugged each other. Pinkie’s normally bright puffy mane and tail dulled and deflated.

Orah looked towards the group with an evil smile, then he saw his defeated younger brother. “Damn it, Ghid! Can’t even handle a few ponies?! You’re lucky we have the same mother, otherwise I’d just leave ya here.” He walked slowly over to the group, savoring the taste of fear and despair in the air. The Mane 6 tried their best to shake off their sorrow and stand strong with the Royal Guards, but it was evident that everypony was very, very afraid.

“Don’t worry! I’ll make it slow so you can get used to the idea of dying!!” Orah said, flicking some blood off of his knife.


Everyone looked up to see a hole form in the rocky ceiling, a golden light shining down from above. Down came Princess Celestia, and she was not happy!

“Don’t you dare even think about hurting my little ponies!” She roared. Her horn glowed in a golden aura and she stamped her hoof on the ground, ready to fight at any moment.

Orah taunted “Oh my, the horse princess herself! Whatever will I do? Hahahahahaha! Alright then come-AAAAAAGH!”

Orah screamed as he was hit from behind! He fell to his knee and grabbed at his back. He turned his head around and was shocked to see-

“CLOUD!” The Mane 6 cheered, wiping the tears from their eyes. Pinkie Pie’s hair exploded and returned to normal as she bounced excitedly.

There stood Cloud, his foot in the air and a small cut on his cheek. It wouldn’t even become a scar!

Cloud put his foot back on the ground and stood relaxed. “Hiya! Sorry about that! I needed to catch him off guard to lay a hit on him!”

Everypony smiled, but Rainbow scolded him, “WELL DON’T SCARE US SO BAD NEXT TIME! OR EVER AGAIN FOR THAT MATTER!” Cloud comically sweatdropped and scratched at the back of his head. Then he looked back at Orah.

The crocodile was even more furious than before as he struggled to stand on his feet and even turn around to face the little boy. “THIS! IS! IMPOSSIBLE! NOTHING IS STRONGER THAN ME!! NOOOTTTHHHIIINNNGGG!”

He pulled back his right arm to punch Cloud, only to hit air.


Cloud had once again jumped into the air to avoid the attack and came back down, this time with a karate chop to the top of the croc’s head. Orah grabbed at his head as he backed away from Cloud who stood strongly. He ordered, “Give up! There’s no way you can win, and I don’t want to fight anymore!”

Orah back into a wall, still grabbing at his head. He opened his eyes to look at the Saiyan with fear.

‘Th-this c-can’t be p-p-possible! There’s… THERE’S NO WAY I CAN WIN!! This isn’t right! I’M THE STRONGEST! I’M THE ONE WITH THE BANE!! I’M THE ONE… wait a second…’ He thought as an idea came to mind.

He stopped sweating, his hands came off of the sore bump on his head, and he relaxed. Then he stared seriously at everyone, mostly at Cloud. Everyone stared on confused. “That varmint is plannin’ somethin’!” Applejack whispered to her friends.

Orah’s face changed to a cocky smile, saying “Hahahahahaha! You’re all going to love this…!” He reached into his pockets to pull out two large objects which he wore on his knuckles. They were like brass knuckles, but much larger. At the ends of each were four sharp needles. He put his dukes up and Cloud tensed.

“Don’t you get it?! You can’t win!!” Cloud yelled angrily, his fists clenching tightly.

Orah laughed at the boy. “No, no, it’s you who doesn’t GET IT!”

Suddenly, the killer croc stabbed himself in his chest with both “black-knuckles”. Everyone stared in shock and confusion as he ripped them out and threw them to the side. “NNGG!! NNGG!! NNNGGGGAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHH!!!!” Orah roared. His own shout shook the cavern, causing rubble to fall from the ceiling.

“What’d that big meanie-mean-pants do?!” Pinkie Pie asked as she and everypony dodged incoming rubble.

“Everypony, come to me!” Princess Celestia said. The Mane 6 and the guards, along with Ghid, rushed to her and her horn glowed gold as a bubble formed around the group.

Only Cloud and Orah remained outside the magic bubble, and the Saiyan had a front row seat for the horror that unfolded before him! The killer croc’s muscles began to bulge outwards, doubling their normal size in mere moments, and then tripling. His veins bulged and glowed red.

After a minute, the previously 7 foot tall crocodile reached a height of just about 9 feet, maybe a little more.

Orah laughed as Cloud and everypony stared on in horror. He reached for a large rock and crushed it into dust effortlessly. “I’ve been experimenting with a super steroid I made by myself! Now you know the answer to the question everyone asks! Now you know how I get so strong!! NOW YOU KNOW MY BANE!!!!

The killer croc suddenly threw the dust at Cloud, who covered his face with his hands instantly. Cloud dropped his hands and was met with an enormous knee to the gut! Actually, Orah’s knee was so large that it practically hit Cloud’s entire upper body…

Cloud was sent flying, however he suddenly stopped. He looked towards his right leg, where a large scaly left hand resided, clenching tightly. The bane induced killer croc spun around. He used the little fighter like a flail and slammed him into the ground. Cloud hit the stone floor with so much force, it not only cracked deeply, it created an entire crater equivalent to a small meteor! But Orah did not stop there, he spun around again to slam the boy into the ground, creating another crater.

Orah stopped and lifted Cloud up. He pulled back his right arm and threw it forward with great force, slamming his fist into Cloud’s stomach. The croc pulled his arm back, only to punch him again. Cloud screamed in pain with each strike to his gut, and energy began to leave him.

Our hero’s vision began to blur, and his eyes began to slowly close. Even his screaming began to cease. Orah suddenly stopped and slammed the boy into the ground to see if he was even alive. Sure enough, he was still alive. He rolled over to his chest and struggled to push himself up. He then stopped as his eyes shot open and he began to cough violently and painfully, spitting up blood.

‘Heh… heh… heh… To be… honest… I… don’t think… I’ve ever… been hit… so… hard…’ Cloud thought.

Suddenly, Orah slammed his boot into Cloud’s back, forcing him back to the ground with a yelp of pain. Orah raised his boot and stomped on him again, and again, and again.

~ With The Ponies ~

Everypony could only stare on helplessly at the brutality. Some tried to avert their gazes, but couldn’t.

“Hahahahahahahahaha!” Someone laughed maniacally. All eyes turned to see the handcuffed Ghid with a grin on his face, sitting with his legs crossed. He said arrogantly, “There’s no way you’ll get out of here now! You lot shouldn’t have ever come here!”

Rainbow Dash charged furiously towards him. “Shut up you jerk! What do you know of anything?!” Ghid, however, just continued to laugh, angering the rainbow maned mare even more. She tensed up and quickly punched him in the face, knocking him to the ground.

Ghid spit out a tooth and looked angrily at the mare who hit him as she struggled against the guards who restrained her, even though most of them wanted to just let her loose. “IF I WASN’T IN THESE CUFFS, YOU’D ALL BE POISONED RIGHT NOW!!"

Twilight’s eyes opened wide in an instant as a light bulb glowed above her head. Pinkie then pulled the light bulb back into her puffy mane to let the Unicorn speak. She said, “Applejack! Grab one of those canisters!” The farm mare hurried to the lizard, pulled a canister off of his holster, and hurried back to her lavender PFF. Twilight smiled and took the canister, using magic to hold it. “Does anypony have anything sharp?”

Rarity stepped forward. “I have a sewing needle! Will that work?” Twilight nodded and took the needle. She opened the canister and dipped the sewing needle in.

“Alright everypony! Here’s the plan!” Twilight said.

~ The Main Battle ~

Orah raised his boot off of Cloud’s back. “There! Are ya finally dead?”

After a second, Cloud used some of the strength he had left to push himself up, though slowly. He stopped and began to cough and groan in pain, spitting some blood up. He panted and pushed himself onto his knees. He almost fell, but placed one hand on the ground to catch himself. He then brought one knee up, and with all of his strength, pushed himself to stand up. The little fighter turned around, clenched his fists, and stood strongly, staring Orah in the eyes.

The croc stared back at Cloud annoyed and asked. “Why the hell don’t you drop dead already?!” Then his eyes went wide. He saw something in Cloud’s eyes. They flashed red briefly, and he saw a fire burning furiously. Cloud was not going to give up, not with the lives of his friends on the line.

“GRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!! Now die!! GAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHH!” A giant fist flew towards Cloud.

Suddenly, a blue blur appeared where the fist was heading, taking Cloud with it. Orah stopped his fist as fast as he could and looked around himself in confusion. He wore a shocked expression when he saw the Mane 6, the Royal Guards, and Celestia surrounding him. Hovering above the group was Rainbow Dash, carrying an exhausted and confused Cloud.

Orah yelled furiously, “YOU ALL WANT TO DIE THAT BADLY, FINE!!” He charged the group, each step he took shaking the cavern.

“CHAAAAARGE!” Princess Celestia ordered. She, the Mane 6, and the guards ran to attack the incoming beast.

However, Rainbow Dash didn’t charge, at least not yet. She put Cloud down and said boldly, “Don’t worry kid! We got this!” She stretched her wings and took off like a rocket.

Three unicorn guards led by Celestia charged golden magic in their horns and fired bolts at Orah. The croc raised his left arm and flexed his already huge muscles. The bolts crashed into him, but had no effect. He wound up his fist and back handed them, sending them flying.

Ten more guards rushed the crocodile, who roared angrily. He raised his clenched fists in the air, and brought them down on the ground. This created a shockwave which sent the guards flying and even brought down some rubble.

As this battle went on, Fluttershy, Rarity, and Pinkie Pie stood together.

“W-w-what d-do we d-d-do?” Fluttershy said, fear evident in her voice.

Rarity scratched at her temple, planning something. Suddenly, a brightly colored cannon appeared out of nowhere with Pinkie behind it. The super duper party pony said “PARTY CANNON GOIN’ OFF IN 3... 2…”

“W-w-wait Pinkie!” Rarity stammered as she and Fluttershy were still standing in front of the cannon.

“FIRE!!” Pinkie yelled. She pressed the button and the two mares in front of the cannon dove out of the way, clinging to each other for dear life.

“BOOM!” Roared the cannon, firing out tons of confetti and sparkles. Along with the party favors was a big rock that Pinkie named ‘Hanks’, who had a big smilie face painted on, a big red clown nose, and a rainbow afro wig. Hanks flew towards the unsuspecting Orah and rammed into him as hard as he could. The rocky hero fell to the ground, his mission… A failure.

Orah turned around and stared blankly at Hanks, and then at the three mares beside the cannon.

“DUCK!” Rarity yelled as she and Fluttershy, who had gotten back up earlier, yet again dove to the side.

“Where?!” Pinkie question as she looked around. Then her pupils shrank as Hanks flew past her and into the wall. Pinkie rushed to the rock’s aid and nursed him in her hooves. She sniffled and whimpered.


The clown nose attached to Hanks’ face fell to the ground and rolled away. The two dots that were his eyes became big X’s, and Pinkie froze. Tears welled up in her eyes and came pouring out in a cartoonish manner as she wailed at the fallen hero that was Mr. Hanks.

Okay, silliness aside, four guards led by Applejack rammed him from behind, taking him by surprise. He fell on one knee, but got back up and spun round with another back hand. However, the Earth Ponies dodged and backed off.

“HOLD STILL DAMN IT!!” Orah yelled only to be hit in the back of the head. He turned around to see the blue blur from before speed off. Rainbow bucked him in the back of the head again, and sped off when he turned around. “GRRRRRRRRRRRR!! DAMN YOU ALL!!”

Twilight watched everypony as they continued to distract him. Sweat rolled down the side of her face. She was tense. Should she stay or should she go? Wait! Maybe she missed the opportunity already! ‘No! Stay calm, Twilight! Be brave! BE BRAVE!’ She thought.

Orah continued fending himself as he was attacked repeatedly. But he wasn’t given any moment to breathe, which served to anger him. After all, it took a lot of energy to move his enormous muscles.

“GRAH!” Orah shouted in pain. Celestia, who was hovering in the air, had fired an intense beam of magical energy at Orah’s back. The crocodile turned around fiercely and swiped at her with his sharp claws, only to miss. She continued to fire energy at him, though this time to no effect as he was well aware of her presence. “JUST DIE!” He yelled. He slammed his hands onto the stone floor, cracking it deeply. He growled and then roared as he dug his fingers into the rock. With all of his might, he ripped out a large chunk of stone. With a yell, he threw it at the princess, who zapped it into rubble with a beam of magic. Suddenly, a gigantic fist was in front of her. She reacted quickly and tried to evade, however, she was clipped and sent crashing into the ground.

‘Celestia! NO!’ Twilight thought as her eyes went wide in fear. Then she saw something. It concerned Orah. He was… Panting! He was worn out! ‘Now’s my chance!’ Twilight readied the poison tipped needle and charged at the unsuspecting croc, whose back was to her. She stopped when she was close enough and pricked him in the back of his leg. Orah reacted instantly. He turned around and tried to back hand her. However, the lavender mare instinctively charged her horn with magic. She was quickly enveloped in a magical bubble and teleported a few feet out of harm’s way!

“THAT’S IT! THIS ENDS… THIS… ENDS… Uuugh…” Orah started, however, he started feeling dizzy. Everypony stopped to watch him. The killer croc wobbled back and forth, his vision became blurred, and his mind was fuzzy. He said groggily, “Wh-wha… didja… d-do t-to… me?” He fell to one knee, dazed and confused.

Everypony walked towards the killer croc and stopped about a meter or two away. Celestia said, “My brilliant student, Twilight Sparkle, used your tricks against you - or rather, she used your brother’s tricks against you!” Orah glanced over to his younger brother with an angry look on his face and then looked back at the princess. “However, it seems that your own tricks betrayed you as well. It grants you incredible strength, but takes a lot of energy out of you when you fight for too long, doesn’t it?” She said.

Orah couldn’t believe this. He just couldn’t! How could a stupid bunch of horses and a weird looking runt beat him?! That was the last straw! The croc rose to his feet, an angry expression on his face. He pulled back his right arm and threw forward a mighty punch at the princess. “RRRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHH!” He yelled!

Suddenly the punch stopped! There, standing in front of the princess, was Cloud, his hand blocking the attack (which was significantly weaker than before)!

“N-N-NO! NOT Y-YOU!” Orah screamed, fear evident in his voice as he stared at Cloud’s eyes - eyes with a mighty inferno burning inside them...

Orah quickly pulled his fist back and stumbled backwards in fear.

“HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!” Our hero yelled as he ran at Orah! He threw a punch at Orah’s gut, causing the crocodile to hunch over in pain. He continued to punch him, firing his fists off like a machine gun! “This is for the Cookie Heart Mouse-Aiders!” Cloud continued with his barrage of punches, however, he aimed higher and higher. He then stopped for a split second and looked up at Orah. Cloud jumped up and charged all the energy he had left into this final punch. He threw a power packed upper cut to the croc square in the chin and sent him flying upwards, only to come crashing down on his back seconds later. Cloud landed on his feet and relaxed, panting. “And that was for my friends!”

The ponies behind Cloud all cheered and rushed over to him.

“THAT… WAS SO… AWESOME!!” Rainbow said in amazement, earning a smile from Cloud.

“You were all like this! He was all like that! And then you went, WHAM!” Pinkie Pie cheered excitedly, reenacting the moment eccentrically.

The rest of the Mane 6 could only giggle at the pink mare, and then they all began to laugh out loud with Cloud joining in.

Rarity said, “Personally, my favorite part was when you mispronounced the Cutie Mark Crusaders’ name!” She said jokingly, earning a blush from Cloud as everypony continued to laugh. Cloud got back to laughing, though his laughter slowed down after a few seconds. His eyes closed and he fell backwards, unconscious, snoring calmly as he drifted off to dreamland!

After a hard fought battle, the day is saved by none other than a young Saiyan boy and his friends! And judging by their crushing defeat, it seems like the Cold Blooded Bros. won’t be causing any more trouble from now on! Stay tuned for the next episode of DRAGON BALL TX!!

Author's Note:

I am never writing anything longer than 2000 words ever again cuz I need sleep dangit! Anyways, by now you might realize that Orah is a triple-combo-reference: Orah from King Ghidorah, he's a croc like Killer Croc, and he uses a super steroid like Bane! What can I say? I'm a nerd and proud of it! That aside, I wrote this fight to the best of my ability, and I hope it's good! See ya!