• Published 24th Mar 2017
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Dragon Ball TX - MidnightTwister

Young Saiyan Cloud has lived in the Everfree Forest for a long time, but hasn't once considered leaving to explore the world, not until he happens upon three young fillies after fishing!

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Episode 6: Party Inside A Tree!

Ponyville Saga

Episode 6: A Party Inside A Tree!




An entranced Cloud stared up at the moon, his heart beating strongly as his black innocent eyes became red. He was undergoing the transformation into the Oozaru, however, something was missing, one single component needed for the transformation.

A tail…

Spike, Twilight, and Rarity all took notice of Cloud’s strange, hypnotized state, but did nothing as they stared on in confusion. After a moment however, Spike walked forward to tap Cloud on the shoulder. “Hey, Cloud. Hey!” The dragon began shaking him.

Cloud twitched and his red eyes returned to their normal innocent black form. He looked back to see the concerned and confused looks of his friends and returned a confused look of his own as he said, “What’s wrong? You’re looking at me all strange…”

“Um, sorry, it’s just… you sort of froze there for a second…” Twilight answered. “It happened when you looked at the moon.”

Cloud looked back at the moon, but the effects from before did not happen again. He looked back at his friends and said, “What’s a moon?” This question surprised his friends. “I’ve never seen it before…” He added, looking back at the moon with interest.

“You’ve never seen the moon before?!” Rarity asked in shock.

“Uh-uh. I think it’s ‘cuz of the trees in the forest…” He said, still looking at the moon. “But… I kinda feel like I have seen it before… Anyways, can we go back to the Old Cokes li… libra… libar… uh, Twilight’s place?”

Twilight was going to correct Cloud’s usual mispronunciation, but chose not to, instead saying “Alright, let’s get going everypony!”

~ A Block or Two from Golden Oaks ~

Minutes had passed since Cloud’s small incident and the group had long since forgotten about it. They had passed the time getting to the library with a friendly chat. Occasionally they passed another pony, in which they waved hello and wished a good night. Eventually, the boys wound up talking about Supermare and the girls about what they’ll do during the sleepover.

“… So, what did Supermare do?!” Cloud asked eagerly as Spike educated him on one of Supermare’s many feats.

“It was SUPER awesome! She flew up to the sky and into space and flew around the world SO fast, she REWOUND time, fixing all of the damage!” The dragon said, still amazed greatly by the feat. “The best part about it is that she’s an Earth pony - she doesn’t have wings, and she STILL flies!” He added.

Cloud exclaimed “So. Awesome! I wish I could fly…” He added, looking up at the night sky.

The group arrived at the library in no time and Twilight pulled out a key from her saddle bag. “It’s just about 8:00 now, so we have plenty of time to play games and-”

Cloud sensed a… dark presence behind the door, one with intentions so vile they sent a chill down his spine. Just as Twilight turned the knob with her magic, he said, “Wait a second Twi!” The mare stopped and everyone looked at him. “I’ve got a feeling something’s behind the door. It’s like… I dunno, but I have this really weird feeling!”

Cloud walked forward and approached the door. “Stand back, I’ll open it…” He said. No pony knew what he was talking about just now, but if there was something behind the door he’d definitely have the strength to deal with it alright.

The door creaked open slowly to reveal darkness. The moment the door was fully opened, he got into a fighting stance and inched forward into the darkness. And then…


A cannon went off as the lights flashed on. Cloud’s body tensed, ready for battle as confetti hit him. He-

Wait a second. Confetti?

“SURPRISE!!” A bunch of ponies yelled, popping out of their hiding places and scaring Cloud as he fell on his back.

A pink pony with a pink, puffy mane and tail appeared right in front of Cloud’s face with the biggest smile he had ever seen in his life. “Welcome, welcome, welcome to Ponyville! I’m Pinkie Pie! What’s your name?” The mare dubbed Pinkie Pie said. The Saiyan boy was unable to respond due to his immense amount of confusion.

“Oh! Is that a chocolate emerald jewel cake?! I love those!” Spike said as he rushed in, followed by Rarity.

Cloud got up to a sitting position and scratched the back of his head as he stuttered unintelligibly, “Uuuuhhh, w-what…?”

Twilight giggled as she walked to her pink friend, wrapping Cloud in magic to levitate him onto his feet as she did so. “Pinkie Pie, this is Cloud! Cloud, this is Pinkie Pie!” She said happily. “It looks like she’s planned a ‘Welcome’ party for you! You should feel honored!”

Cloud shook off his confusion as he extended his hand for a handshake, which Pinkie me with her hoof. She shook vigorously and said, “Come on in! This is your big ‘Welcome’ party!” She pulled him inside with enough force to create a strong gust of wind which slammed the door shut. She continued to drag him to see a number of games like pin the tail on the donkey, apple bobbing, and twister, which the majority of ponies seemed to be playing. Ponies who weren’t playing any games conversed with each other, danced, and really just had fun. “And right here is ALL the food!”


The party mare did something she should not have done. She showed a Saiyan an ENTIRE buffet.

Cloud’s hunger peaked and he stared longingly at the towers of food, ranging from various types of cake and pie, sandwiches, cupcakes, muffins, and more. He drooled intensely as he thought deeply about which of the foods he should eat first He was so deep in thought that he didn’t notice Pinkie Pie trying to get his attention, holding a baseball bat in her mouth with a blind fold.

“HELLOOOOOO! ARE. YOU. IN. THERE?” She asked, knocking on his noggin. Suddenly, he disappeared from sight. She looked around herself, turning her head in directions thought to be impossible and found Cloud behind her at the table digging into the mounds of food like a wild animal. After a moment, she giggled and joined in with Cloud.

Cloud grabbed a handful of mangos and a liter of soda, chomping on three mangos at a time before switching to a liter of of soda and draining it by half in three or four gulps. Meanwhile, Pinkie Pie began to chow down on a bunch of cupcakes and muffins, each of varying flavors but each coated in hot sauce. As she moved onto the three layer cake, Cloud grabbed as many apples as he could, chomping into three at the same time. He then took a moment to pause as a realization struck him like a bolt of lightning.

‘MMMMMMM! These apples taste REALLY good!’ Cloud noted in his head. He finished 12 of the apples in under two minutes and was about to grab another when he noticed the apple pie. He went for that instead, but the moment his hand was a mere inch away, a certain pink mare appeared out of nowhere and devoured it entirely. By doing this (not that she knew he was reaching for it) she awakened a slumbering beast. Pinkie reached for some more pie, but when she was only an inch away, Cloud grabbed it and devoured it within seconds.

Then he smirked challengingly.

Both looked at each other with an intense fire blazing in their eyes, eyes like that of hungry tigers. The Saiyan broke the silence.

“I bet I can eat more than you!” He challenged eagerly as began to care less about not being able to eat the apple pie and more about eating in a contest with her.

“CHALLENGE ACCEPTED!” She exclaimed joyfully.

The two renewed their feast with Cloud taking the food on the table’s left side and Pinkie the right side. They ate as fast as they could, and within minutes a good portion of the food was gone. Neither of them seemed to be out eating the other.

After a few more minutes, all of the ponies in the tree house took notice of the two’s battle and watched. “CLOUD! CLOUD! PINKIE! PINKIE!” They all cheered.

“Whose winning?”

“I have no idea. What do you think, MidnightTwister?”

“Dude, I’m the author and I have no buckin’ idea…”



Many minutes passed and the battle was still raging on. Pinkie finished wolfing down a chocolate-chip-cookie-pizza and Cloud a dozen of frost tarts. They both reached out for more food only to feel something very strange, nothing like food. Actually what they grabbed seemed to resist. They looked to see what it was and found that they had grabbed each other’s hand and hoof. They took a moment to realize what this meant.

“ALL THE FOOD’S GONE?!?!” They yelled in unison for all of Ponyville to hear. “So wait, who won?” Pinkie asked.

Twilight stepped up and answered, “I guess it’s a tie!” She earned a bout of disappointed groans from the two.

“Well, that was fun!” Cloud said happily. “I’d like to do this again some time!”

“YEP, YEP, YEP!” Pinkie said cheerfully.

~ The Party Ends ~

“Goodnight everypony!” Twilight said as the last of the ponies left. She closed the door to see the last remaining ponies, dragon, and Saiyan.

Excluding Spike, Rarity, Twilight, Fluttershy and Pinkie Pie, Cloud had not met everypony. Twilight walked to Cloud and pointed to two ponies, saying “Girls, this is Cloud! Cloud, this is-”

A cyan Pegasus mare who had a rainbow mane, rainbow tail, and rose red irises flew up quickly with flare, interrupting the lavender mare. “The name’s Rainbow Dash, fastest flier in ALL of Equestria! Nice ta meet’cha, kid!” She proudly stated.

Rainbow was suddenly engulfed in a magenta aura and pulled aside as an orange Earth Pony having a blonde mane and tail worn in a ponytail, green irises, and sporting a cowboy hat walked forward. She outstretched her hoof with a smile. “Ah’m Applejack! Nice ta meet ya, pardner! Ah’ve heard tales of yer strength from Fluttershy over there!” She said with a chuckle.

A rainbow blur appeared instantly, taking the form of Dash as it stopped next to Cloud. She rested an elbow on his shoulder and said, “Yeah, same here! I didn’t believe her at first until she showed me, and still I’m having a hard time believing a kid like you could uproot that tree!”

Twilight walked up and added, “Well, it’s true! He’s pretty strong for somepony his age!”

“I bet if I taught you some kung fu, you’d reach top class easy!” Rainbow said.

Cloud wore a confused look on his face. “What’s gun food?”

“Kung fu.” Rainbow corrected. “It’s a way of fighting!”

Cloud’s confusion switched to joy and excitement. “REALLY?! I LOVE FIGHTING!” He said. “Please, please, PLEASE teach me!” He begged with the biggest puppy dog eyes.

Rainbow smiled as an idea crossed her mind, then her smile disappeared as she put on an unimpressed face. She teased, “I dunno, kid. Looking at ya, you might not have it in ya…” A look of fear overtook Cloud’s face.

“I’ll work SUPER hard! Please teach me!!” He begged, not catching onto the fact that she was just messing with him.

Rainbow earned a glare from Applejack and Twilight and responded. “I suppose I could teach ya. But you have to work HARD! If you for a moment start slacking off, you can forget me teaching ya!”

Cloud wore a big smile at that. “Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!” He said, jumping up and down.

As the ponies just watched the joyous boy jump with glee, Rarity realized something. She looked to her butter yellow Pegasus friend and asked “Fluttershy, I thought you’d be with the girls! Did you tuck them in?”

Fluttershy wore a confused expression on her face. “They never came by. I thought they changed their minds and stayed at the boutique.”

~ Rambling Rock Ridge Mines ~

A bipedal, lanky dog with dark, brownish grey fur, pointed ears, and green eyes walked through the tunnels of the mine. He wore a diamond studded collar with one orange gem attached and a red vest with pockets full of varying gems.

This was the diamond dog named Rover.

He entered a very large space filled with cages which contained ponynapped fillies and colts. He came to a desk to find his closest comrades, Fido, a large muscular Diamond Dog, and Spot, a small and easily irritable Diamond Dog. Both sat in chairs by the desk which had a door behind it. Rover took a seat by his friends and readied to hear the news.

The door behind the desk opened and three beings walked out. One was an old and round Diamond Dog with thick blue fur and a thick white mustache, dressed in a formal suit. He sat down in the chair behind the desk.

The other two weren’t Diamond Dogs at all. They were reptilians, one being a lizard and the other being a crocodile.

The lizard was very lanky, had light green scales, a short snout, yellow eyes, and had a thin tail. He wore a beige vest with pockets on the front and pants of the same color. Two silver containers were holstered on either side of his hips with contents unknown.

The crocodile was just the opposite of the lizard. He was very large and unbelievably muscular, had dark green and bumpy scales, his snout was very long, his eyes white, and his muscular tail was cut in half. He was dressed in a dark brown vest with pockets on the front and pants of the same color. Attached behind him at the top of his pants was a sheathed hunting knife.

The old Diamond Dog at the desk named Mr. Furry cleared his throat. “Gentledogs, I have good news! We have struck the deal!” The dogs on the other side of the desk cheered for a moment before becoming quiet as Mr. Furry raised his right paw to silence them. “In exchange for these 200 ponies, we’ll receive from these Saurians a sum of 400 diamonds!” The three began to wag their tails and drool heavily in excitement.

As the old dog explained more of the details, the two Saurians still standing at the door began their own conversation. “Phase 1 is complete, Big Bro! Now to phase 2!” The lizard whispered as the croc grinned a toothy grin.

Just as everyone was beginning to enjoy themselves, trouble arises! The Cutie Mark Crusaders have disappeared without a trace! To make matters worse, a shady operation takes place under the ground in which young ponies are going to be sold! Could the CMC be one of the foalnapped ponies?! For answers, don’t miss the next action packed episode of DRAGON BALL TX!