• Published 24th Mar 2017
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Dragon Ball TX - MidnightTwister

Young Saiyan Cloud has lived in the Everfree Forest for a long time, but hasn't once considered leaving to explore the world, not until he happens upon three young fillies after fishing!

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Episode 10: Waking Up to Exercise!

Wolf Saga

Warm summer light poured into the hospital room through the open window, lighting up the room perfectly, and the fresh smell of Equestria was carried into the room by a cool and crisp breeze.

This room was occupied by none other than our hero, Cloud, who slept soundly on a white hospital bed. Channeling his Saiyan instincts strongly, the young hybrid was sleeping in an awkward position, with his head and left arm dangling off the foot of the bed, his right arm hanging off the right side, his left leg on the pillow, and his right leg partly off the right side of the bed.

Cloud was snoring soundly in peace when his nose twitched a little. After a second, his nose twitched again, and then-


Our hero's eyes tightened for a moment before relaxing and fluttering open. He yawned as his vision cleared up and he took in his surroundings to see that he was in a room with white walls having small teal dots, a marble tiled floor, and some white cabinets on the side of the room.

Cloud got up to a sitting position and asked in a confused tone, "Where am I?" He looked around for a moment before looking at himself. A look of surprise adorned his face as he grabbed at his clothes. "What happened to my clothes?! What is this thingy?!"

This 'thingy' Cloud was referring to was of course a typical hospital gown, one that was white with the same teal dots on it like the walls.

Cloud looked around frantically for his favorite green Gi for a moment before spotting next to him three things on an oak night stand under the open window. These three things included a small letter, a plate with a sandwich and a pill, and-

"YAY! MY CLOTHES!!" Cloud cheered joyously. He hopped off the bed and reached for his Gi, but then he suddenly fell down after losing his balance, groaning after collapsing on the floor. "Oh yeah, that's right, gotta focus on my balance since I lost my tail..."

Cloud got up slowly to his feet, and then began to wobble as he tried to find his balance. After a moment, he stopped wobbling and stood just fine, afterwards giving a sigh of relief.

He swiftly removed the hospital gown, and then he then grabbed his favorite clothes and prepared to put them on. However, the second he grabbed them, he fell flat on his belly with a loud thud!

The hybrid boy got to his feet immediately and looked at the clothes in shock. "What gives?! Why are they so dang heavy?!" He grabbed them again, this time without dropping them. "And where are all the holes and tears? Didn't Orah beat me up pretty good?" He looked them over for a minute but couldn't figure out why his Gi was so different, so he shrugged it off.

After about a minute of struggle, Cloud finally put his green Gi on. The only things missing though were his boots and wristbands. "Geez, these are really heavy! I can barely stand!" He was hunched over and shaking. Sweat rolled down the side of his face as he fought to stand up straight. "Wait a sec... this is great! I can use these to train better now!"

Cloud then, with some effort, got to doing a couple of stretches, followed by a few minutes of push ups and sit ups as warm ups.

When he finished, he got ready to do the real exercise, but met a new problem. "I don't think I have enough space in here to train." He looked out to the open window and took a look outside. Nearby was a good empty space to train in.

Without hesitating, Cloud jumped out of the window and landed on the ground with a loud thud. He then quickly ran over to the empty space away from the hospital.

After reaching the desired spot, Cloud entered a martial arts fighting stance and threw out a fast punch. He then threw out another punch, followed by ten more punches. He then threw out a kick, and then another, and another.

With each attack, his speed increased, and his actions became more and more complex. He threw elbows, knees, uppercuts, spin kicks, and galore.

"DADADADADADADADADADADA!" Cloud exclaimed attacking with a flurry of right kicks, followed by a left kick and a flurry of more punches. After thirty lightning fast punches, he ended the flurry with a right hook. He followed the hook up with a spinning kick, and then an elbow.

Worn out and sweating so badly it seemed he just finished swimming, Cloud stopped his exercise, and allowed his arms to hang at his side. He panted heavily and wobbled a little.

"Huff, huff, huff... No! I know I can do more than that!" He raised his arms up again and started off round 2 of his exercise with another flurry of punches.

~~~ Back in the Hospital ~~~

Twilight was joined by Rainbow Dash and Rarity, and they were all ready to stop by to see Cloud. They didn't know he was awake at the moment, but they had received news that Cloud had finished healing, and in a quick amount of time, too, and they were also told that he should wake up today.

However, they had also been told that after his healing had finished in just two days, Cloud had a lot of energy inside him which made him stronger than before. Strangely though, it wasn't magic. This especially piqued Twi's interests.

Rarity and RD came by for different reasons. Rarity had some more clothing to drop off, and RD just wanted to be there when he woke up so she could talk about training him. Unfortunately, AJ, Fluttershy and Pinkie Pie couldn't stop by due to work, and they were understandably upset about it. But they promised to come by the second they were free.

The three walked through the hospital halls, on their way to Cloud's room, where he should be sleeping.

"So what exactly did you bring him, Rarity? Didn't you already give him his clothes?" RD asked the fashion mare.

Rarity used her magic to open up one of her saddle bags and brought out a pair of finger-less leather gloves and a pair of white boots with yellow tips. "Yes, actually, but I decided to take back his wrist bands and boots to make something else."

"So you made these gloves and weird boots?" RD asked.

"Actually, Rainbow, we found these boots in Cloud's house after we brought it to Ponyville." Twilight answered.

"That's right! And after we found these boots, I decided to make these finger-less gloves to go with them! With his Gi, they screamed to me, 'cool punk martial arts'!"

After thinking about it for a second, RD said, "I'll admit, they actually look pretty cool!"

"Although, to be frank, I don't know whether or not he'll appreciate his Gi..." Rarity said.

"Why's that?" Twilight asked.

"Cloud's Gi was in such bad shape from both age and Orah, that I pretty much had to make a new Gi from scratch! But considering Cloud's the type who will likely get into a lot of fights, I knew I had to make it as strong as possible. So the material I used, while strong, is also pretty heavy. I had to have Big Mac come and help me deliver them!" The white mare said.

"Really?! Big Mac had to help you?! BIG MAC?!" RD said in surprise. "Don't you think that'll be too heavy for Cloud?"

"Considering how strong Cloud is, Rainbow Dash, I'm certain he'll be fine!" Twilight answered.

The mares finally arrived at the door to Cloud's room and immediately entered, only to find that Cloud was nowhere to be seen. Their eyes were as wide as plates, and they got to searching the room.

"Where'd he go?!" RD asked.

"All that's here is his hospital gown!" Rarity said. She looked over to the night stand where she set the Gi to find they were missing. "At least he's wearing his Gi..."

Twilight realized the window was open and proceeded to look outside. After a couple of seconds, she found Cloud in an empty space, training.

"There he is!" Twilight said. RD and Rarity looked outside and saw him. They all sighed and made their way outside, although RD chose to fly out the window.

~~~ Back With Our Hero ~~~

"WATATATATATATATATATA!" Cloud threw a barrage of punches, and after 20 or 30, he threw a kick, and then another kick. This lead into a barrage of more lightning fast kicks.

Gradually, and then rapidly, the speed of the kick barrage increased. "Grrrrr... UUUUAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!" Cloud screamed, kicking faster and faster. "YAAAAH!!" He finished off with one last, powerful kick.

He remained in a fixed position, with his leg raised in the air and his body leaning back. He was breathing heavily, and sweat fell from his body and onto the grass. He slowly put his foot on the ground to stand normally, before falling backwards on the grass.

"Huff, huff, huff... That... should be... enough..." Cloud said. He took a moment to cool down and breathe normally, and then he got up to a sitting position. He looked at his hand and clenched it tightly in front of his face. He wore a surprised and happy expression on his face and said, "Gee, I feel so much stronger than before! I feel like I could beat Orah at his best without any trouble at all!!"

"Hey Cloud!" Rainbow Dash called from behind.

Our hero looked behind himself to see the cyan Pegasus and then got to his bare feet. He then turned around just as she landed and said, "Hey, Rainbow! What's up?"

"Ah, nothing. Still as awesome as ever!" Rainbow said with a smile. "But what in they hay are you doing out here?"

"Just training! And it's going great! Heck, I'm stronger than I've ever been! I feel like I could take on anyone!" Cloud said.

"And you're okay, even in those heavy clothes?!" She asked with shock.

"Heck yeah! With any luck, these'll get me even stronger!"

"Rainbow! Cloud!" Twilight shouted from not too far away. She was running towards the two with Rarity (who looked like she wanted to do anything but run and get sweaty).

The mares reached Cloud and Rainbow, panting loudly. "You two should really get in shape..." Rainbow teased with a little chuckle.

After a second, the Unicorn mares caught their breath. "Here Cloud!" Rarity said, using magic to pull out the leather finger-less gloves and white yellow-tipped boots from her saddle bag. "These are for you!"

"Thanks, Rarity!" Cloud said happily. He put the gloves and boots on, and at last his clothes were complete. "Heh, heh! I think I like these more than my old boots and wristbands!"

"We were told you should wake up today, but we didn't think you'd be up this quick! It's not even noon!" Twilight said with a smile. "But there's something I need to ask you. You see, when the doctors checked on you earlier, they said you had a lot more energy in you than anypony else! Like, a lot of energy!"

"Oh yeah! I have a lot more energy now! More than I've ever had!" He looked around for a second and spotted a nearby tree. "Check this out!" He ran over to the tree and starred at it for a second.

"HIYAAAA!" Cloud punched the tree with just half his strength and completely uprooted it and sent it flying for miles on end. He turned to see the shocked faces of his friends and ran back towards them. "Did you see that! I feel incredible!" He exclaimed with childish energy and joy, flexing his muscles.

The mares stood with their jaws dropped, trying to wrap their minds around what they just saw. After a moment, Twilight spoke, or rather stuttered in awe. "H-h-h-how? Th-that's... n-not... p-p-possible!!"

"Well then, I'm gonna go on home! There's something I wanna test out!" Cloud said, walking in the direction of the Everfree.

It took a couple moments, but Twilight snapped herself out of her stupor. "Wait a second! We moved your house to Ponyville! Actually it's right by Sweet Apple Acres! Let's just sign you out before we leave!"


Cloud grabbed at his stomach which growled louder than ever before in his life. "C-c-can we h-hurry, though? I'm starving!!!"

The mares looked at each other in silence for a moment and burst out laughing.

"... But I mean it..." Cloud said.

Author's Note:

Yes! It's finally up! I promise the updates will be much, much quicker this time! And I hope you all look forward to the surprises in store for this saga!