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A Twixie Love Story - Yukito

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A Twixie Cruise - Day 1

The sound of the arriving train interrupted Twilight’s conversation with her friends, and prompted her to quickly say her goodbyes to the five ponies and one dragon gathered. With Spike’s help (brought about by a hoofful of sapphires and rubies), Twilight had managed to make her friends believe that she was visiting the Princess for “important magic-related business” for the next three days.

Rarity and Applejack were sceptical, and tried to press Twilight for details, but Twilight had managed to lose them both by reciting complex magical formulae that, whilst completely unrelated to each other, were able to throw the two off, since neither of them actually understood what she was talking about.

Rainbow Dash didn’t really care where Twilight was going, but still dropped by the station to say goodbye to her. Fluttershy had suspected that Twilight wasn’t being honest, but decided not to say anything about it, not wanting to offend Twilight. And Pinkie Pie was being…Well, Pinkie Pie.

“And say “hi” to the Princess for me, and while you’re there, d’you think you could stop by that store we visited last time and get some of that chocolate that I thought was soooo tasty that I ate like 5 bars on the train ride home? Ooh! And make sure to…”

Pinkie Pie continued rambling as Twilight boarded the train bound for Canterlot (she would then be taking a train from Canterlot to Fillydelphia), waving goodbye to her friends one more time. “I’ll be back in three days! Take good care of the library, Spike!”

Spike saluted the librarian mare. “No problem, Twilight! Just leave it to me!” Inside, Spike was still sulking about this whole thing. ‘She’s serious about this, isn’t she?…Well, at least Trixie isn’t coming here, and I got some gems out of it, too!

“Later, Twilight!”

“See y’all in three days!”

“Um, have a safe trip.”

“Do say hello to the Princess for us, darling.”

“And bring back lots of souvenirs!”

The train left, and Twilight poked her head out of her window to see her friends waving to her, growing smaller as the train moved further and further away from the station, until eventually they disappeared from sight.

Once she could no longer see Ponyville in the distance, Twilight pulled her head back into the train, opened up her saddlebag, and levitated out a manepin, shaped in the style of her marefriend’s Cutie Mark. Letting out a small excited giggle, Twilight applied the manepin to her mane. “Three days on the most romantic cruise with Trixie…I can’t wait!”

Trixie parked her trailer just outside of Fillydelphia, and prepared her bags for the upcoming cruise. She made sure to pack plenty of props to impress Twilight with, along with some snacks, some books, and a few “toys” for the bedroom.

Once her bags were packed, she donned her usual hat and cape, and reached for her manepin, styled in the shape of Twilight’s Cutie Mark. Instead of applying it to her mane, she stashed it inside one of her cape’s secret pockets. She had a much better idea for it; she was going to use it as a prop in a magic trick to impress Twilight.

Once she was set, Trixie departed from her trailer, locked it up with a magical spell, and made her way into Fillydelphia.

The city was very much like Canterlot today; ponies of the upper class walked the streets, their heads upturned as if merely looking at a common pony would be an insult to their eyes.

Trixie gathered that all of the noble-looking ponies currently present were here for the cruise. She could tell from the bags they were carrying, and the fact that they were all flocking towards the same location, that they were.

Trixie made no stops along the way, and soon arrived at the dock from which the ship would be departing later that evening. Since she couldn’t see any sign of Twilight, she assumed that she must have arrived before her, and decided to kill some time by walking around the docks.

As she looked around, she spotted something that caught her eye. Her eyes widened as she recognised one of the ponies standing around, next to a pile of luggage, and wearing the tackiest shirt that Trixie had ever seen. “No way,” she said to herself, and then approached the familiar stallion.

The stallion seemed to be waiting for someone, looking around nervously as he tapped his forehooves on the ground. “Where is she?” he asked himself out loud.

“Hey there, it’s been a while,” Trixie called out, startling the blue maned Unicorn. “Lieutenant Shining Armour, right?”

The stallion, Shining Armour, stared wide-eyed at the blue showmare, and then a sly grin crossed his face. “Well, well…If it isn’t ‘the Great and Powerful Trixie!’ How’ve you been?” Shining picked up on what Trixie had called him, and decided to correct her. “And it’s not Lieutenant anymore, Trixie.”

A look of feigned pity formed on Trixie’s face. “Oh, so you were demoted then? What is it now? Private?”

Shining narrowed his eyes at Trixie. “Why d’you assume I’ve been demoted? I’ll have you know I’m now a Captain!” he declared proudly, a smug grin appearing on his face. He noticed Trixie’s bags, and deduced that she was here for the cruise. “So, Trixie, by your presence here, can I assume you have a special somepony you’ll be spending the weekend with?”

Trixie’s face beamed with the same pride that Shining had seen on her the last time they had met. Actually, probably more so than last time. “Indeed. Trixie will have you know that she has once again outdone everypony in Equestria, this time by securing the most perfect mare in the whole land.”

“Impossible,” Shining protested. “I’ve already done that.”

Trixie raised an eyebrow, and then looked over at the luggage. Most of it was pink, with pretty flower stickers all over the casings. In fact, there was only one bag that seemed to belong to Shining Armour: a small blue bag with a picture of his Cutie Mark on the side.

“You’ve got a marefriend too?” Trixie asked, turning her attention back to Shining Armour. “What poor mare have you suckered into dating you?”

“Hey now, there’s no need for that,” Shining said. “And for your information, she’s the one who approached me.”

Trixie let out a small snicker as Shining Armour quickly covered his mouth with his hooves. “Is that so? And you think your mare is better than Trixie’s?”

Shining was about to respond, when a female voice interrupted them. “Shining! Sorry I took so long!” Trixie and Shining turned their heads towards the voice, and saw a pink pony approaching. Trixie couldn’t get a good look at her, since her eyes were covered by a pair of shades. Her mane, if she had one, was hidden under a pink cap, which was flipped backwards.

The pink pony’s Cutie Mark and tail were hidden by a very nice looking dress, which was beautiful enough to impress a noble’s eyes, but not so beautiful as to attract attention from passersby.

Trixie noted the Unicorn horn on the pony’s head. ‘A Unicorn, huh? Well, she’s clearly nothing compared to Twilight.

“Trixie,” Shining Armour said once the pink pony was by his side. “This is my marefriend, Cadance.” He wrapped a foreleg around Cadance’s shoulder, who responded by moving close to him and nuzzling his neck. “And Cadance, this is Trixie. She’s…Hmmm, I’m not sure what she is…A business partner?”

“Business partner?” Cadance asked, looking at Shining, and then to Trixie.

“Trixie got caught up in a trafficking case a few years back, in Los Pegasus,” Trixie began explaining. “Some scoundrels attempted to use Trixie’s trailer to transport their drugs across Equestria. The Royal Guard told Trixie of this, and Trixie decided to lend a hoof in capturing the criminals.”

Shining Armour nodded, scratching his head and laughing nervously as he thought back to the incident. “Actually, we told you to stay put and not to do anything. And then you used your magic to eavesdrop on our meetings, and did your own investigating…Which almost got you killed.” The last five words were said in a scolding tone, with a stern look from Shining Armour.

Trixie simply shrugged at this. “Trixie was in no danger. Trixie could have rescued herself, even if you guys hadn’t shown up.”

“Yeah, sure, whatever you say,” Shining said sarcastically.

Cadance smiled at Trixie and extended a hoof at the smaller Unicorn. “Well, it’s very nice to meet you, Trixie. Any friend of Shining Armour’s is a welcome friend of mine.”

“Well, Trixie wouldn’t really say we are ‘friends’…Although Trixie admits that, compared to most ponies in Canterlot, Shining Armour is definitely among the easiest to get along with.”

Shining blushed slightly and scratched his head again. “So, have you been getting into any more trouble lately?”

Trixie shook Cadance’s hoof, and then turned back to Shining. “Not really. After that last incident, Trixie’s life has been pretty much the same: travelling from town to town and having to put up with the occasional disrespectful pony or two.”

“After that last incident?” Cadance asked, parting her hoof from Trixie’s. “How many have you been in?”

“Just two,” Trixie answered. “A year after the trafficking case, Trixie was a witness in a foalnapping case in Canterlot. And, once again, the Royal Guard were hopelessly lost without Trixie’s help.”

Shining rolled his eyes, and leaned in closer to Cadance. “And by that, she means that she tagged along to the crime scene and stuck her nose into our business yet again.” Shining noticed Trixie glaring at him, and smiled back at the showmare. “Well, I’ll admit I was impressed. She even helped us save those two foals with that neat little trick.”

“Trick?” Cadance asked.

“‘A magician never reveals their secrets,’” Shining said in a fake Trixie voice. “After that case, I visited a few of her shows in Canterlot.” Shining turned to face Trixie. “It’s a shame your shows keep overlapping with my work. I’ve been wanting to take Cadance to see one of them one day.”

Trixie placed a hoof to her chin, and then grinned at Shining Armour. “Well then, how about after this cruise is over, you tell Trixie what your schedule is like. Trixie will try to find some time so that you two can enjoy one of Trixie’s great shows.”

“That sounds great!” Cadance shouted excitedly. She quickly covered her mouth with her hooves, looking around embarrassed, and then removed her hooves and spoke in a lower volume. “Um, that’s sounds like it would be fun. Right, Shining Armour?”

Shining nodded his head in agreement, and then noticed something. “Hey, Cadance, where’s the necklace I got you earlier?”

Cadance blinked, and then looked down at her body, to find that the necklace she was wearing earlier that day was no longer there. “Oh no!” she shouted as she realised where it was. “I took it off when I fixed my makeup so that it wouldn’t get messy! It must still be in that restroom!”

Shining tried to tell Cadance to calm down, but she had already begun dashing off towards in the same direction that she had come from earlier. “Hey, wait!”

“Don’t worry! I’ll be right back!”

Shining sighed and looked down at their luggage. “I wonder if she did that on purpose, to make me carry all of this by myself?”

Trixie moved closer to Shining, and spoke in a low whisper. “So, there isn’t anything dangerous going on right now, is there?”

Shining raised an eyebrow as he turned to face Trixie. “Why would you think that? Just ‘cause I’m a Royal Guard? I’m off duty right now.”

Trixie shook her head, and pointed to Shining Armour’s shirt, where a small bulge was barely visible if one paid close attention. “You have a weapon with you, so Trixie thought maybe-”

“I was undercover?” Shining asked, and then laughed. He placed a hoof on Trixie’s head, much to her annoyance, and roughed up her mane a little bit. “Don’t worry. This is just for my own protection. Being a Captain makes me a prime target for enemies, so even when I’m off duty I make sure to carry something along with me.”

Trixie nodded. That made sense, and she noticed that the number of Royal Guards and the way they were spread out seemed about right. Just a casual guard, with a little extra security than usual, since there was a Prince onboard, and they didn’t seem to be scouring the crowd, attempting to single out suspicious ponies.

“Now, about that marefriend of yours,” Shining Armour started, but was interrupted by Cadance calling out to him. “Oh, it’s time for us to board.” Trixie looked at him confused, and he winked at her and explained. “We get to board early. We’re VIPs.”

Trixie’s eyes widened as Shining Armour levitated all of the bags around him, let out a loud grunt, and slowly made his way towards Cadance. ‘VIPs? Why? Sure, he’s a Captain, but unless he’s on duty on the ship, that shouldn’t grant him early access…That mare!’ Trixie turned her attention towards Cadance, who took a few bags from Shining Armour with her own magic. “So, your mare has connections, huh?” Trixie asked nopony in particular, before a grin crossed her face. “Well Trixie’s mare is the student of Princess Celestia! How’d you like that!?”

Twilight arrived in Fillydelphia at 16:51, two hours and nine minutes before the ship was set to sail. She agreed to meet Trixie at the dock when she arrived, so that’s where she headed after departing the train.

Making her way through the street, she saw many pony couples making their way towards various restaurants. Today was certainly a good day for business in Fillydelphia. It was easy for Twilight to distinguish between the noble ponies from Canterlot, and the lower class ponies who had the right connections for the tickets, and she was pleasantly surprised to see an about even ratio. ‘Hey, maybe we will get to make some new friends on this cruise,’ she thought to herself as she walked happily through the streets of Fillydelphia.

Once she arrived at the docks, she wandered around, looking for Trixie. She eventually found the blue mare sitting under a tree in a quiet grassy area, holding a book in her forehooves.

Twilight smiled and made her way towards Trixie, picking up her pace a little bit. “Trixie!” she called out when she was close to her. She didn’t receive a response, and so just continued moving towards the showmare. When she reached Trixie’s location, she noticed that Trixie’s eyes were closed. She was sleeping peacefully under the tree, her book’s pages being flipped by the wind.

Twilight wanted to wake Trixie up, but she looked so peaceful sitting there, and so adorable, that Twilight decided instead to just sit down next to Trixie, and lean her marefriend’s head against her shoulder.

Twilight levitated the book out of Trixie’s hooves and read the title on the cover. “Another detective novel? She sure does love these…Pinkie Pie’s collection would be put to shame against Trixie’s.”

A half-hour passed with Trixie sleeping against Twilight’s shoulder, and Twilight looking down at the blue mare sleeping peacefully, occasionally muttering “thank you”s to a crowd that didn’t exist. When Twilight’s stomach started to growl, Twilight decided that they should grab something to eat before the cruise set off.

Twilight gently nudged Trixie with a hoof. “Trixie. Hey, Trixie. Wake up.” Trixie slowly opened her eyes, let out a loud yawn, and then stared at Twilight with half open eyes as she waited for her brain to properly wake up. “You have a good nap?” Twilight asked with a slight giggle.

Trixie waited for her eyes to adjust to the light, and then processed the scene before her. Her head was leaning on Twilight’s shoulder, who was looking down at her with that wonderful smile that made Trixie’s face turn red. “Twilight? What time is it?” she asked, noticing that the sky was much darker than she last remembered it to be.

“About 5:50, Trix,” Twilight said, nuzzling Trixie’s cheek lovingly. “The ship will be leaving in about an hour. We should get some dinner soon.” Twilight stood up and helped Trixie to her hooves. “Sorry I took a while to get here. I had to take a detour to Canterlot. You haven’t been waiting long, have you?”

“…Not too long,” Trixie lied, rubbing her eyes and yawning one final time. “Well, luckily Trixie packed a few books, so she definitely wasn’t bored.” Trixie opened her bag and placed the book back inside. “Oh, and Trixie ran into somepony she knows, so she had somepony to talk to for a little while.”

“Oh? Who?” Twilight asked, excited with the idea of meeting one of Trixie’s friends.

“Somepony who works in the Royal Guard. He’s here with his marefriend and-” Trixie stopped when she recalled Shining Armour’s marefriend, Cadance. Trixie looked Twilight up and down, who looked at Trixie with a confused look on her face. “…Definitely no contest.”

Twilight tilted her head to her side, raising an eyebrow. “Huh?”

Trixie grinned and leaned forward to kiss Twilight on the lips, the sudden action surprising the now blushing librarian, but she certainly wasn’t against it. The two parted after half a minute, and Trixie gazed into Twilight’s eyes with a seductive gaze. “Just thinking that Twilight is definitely the most beautiful mare in all of Equestria.”

Twilight’s blush intensified, and she smiled nervously at Trixie, her eyes moving around, trying to avoid eye contact with the blue mare. “W-Wrong…You are, Trixie,” Twilight said, turning her face away immediately afterwards.

Trixie was tempted to argue back that Twilight was, but had a much better idea in mind. “…Yes, you’re right,” Trixie said, surprising Twilight and causing the librarian to face her once more. “Then you’re second under Trixie.”

Twilight’s ears drooped and her lower lip curled up as she pouted. “Hey! That’s not what you’re supposed to say next!” Twilight complained. ‘At least not according to those books I got from Rarity.

Trixie let out a small chuckle and held her hooves against either side of Twilight’s face, ensuring she wouldn’t be able to turn away again. “Then what do you want Trixie to say, Twilight?” Trixie asked in a teasing tone.

Twilight closed her eyes, since she couldn’t turn her head away, and her face was more red than purple by this point. “Well…You could…Maybe say…”

Trixie saw Twilight shaking and her hooves shuffling against the ground, and, although she found the sight totally adorable, she was starting to feel a little sorry for Twilight. Coupled with the fact that her hunger had started to set in, Trixie decided to stop her teasing there. Trixie removed her hooves from Twilight’s face, and pulled Twilight into a hug. Twilight hugged Trixie back, calming down in Trixie’s embrace.

“So, where should we go?” Trixie asked. Upon seeing Twilight’s look of confusion, she decided to clarify. “To eat?”

“Oh!” Twilight said, snapping back to reality. “Right! Uh…There were a few nice looking restaurants over that way.” Twilight pointed a hoof in the direction behind Trixie. “But, you should know what’s good around here, right?”

Trixie tapped a hoof against her chin, and then turned to face the direction where Twilight was pointing. “If it’s still open, Trixie knows a place that does delicious daffodil sandwiches,” Trixie said.

Twilight moved to Trixie’s side and leaned against her. “Well then, lead the way.” Trixie started moving down the dock, with Twilight staying by her side, her head leaning against Trixie’s as they moved. ‘Best weekend ever starts right now.

An hour later, ponies from all over Equestria, as well as other beings such as griffins, zebras, and donkeys, were all gathered at the S.S. Blueblood, lining up to board the ship.

Twilight and Trixie managed to get to the dock fairly early compared to most of the other guests, due mostly to Twilight’s eagerness and pressing Trixie to go to the dock 30 minutes early. Thanks to this, they were among the first to board, and whilst they waited for the rest of the guests to board, the two looked out to the distant ocean scenery over the edge of the ship.

“Trixie needs to use the restroom,” Trixie suddenly announced. She gently nuzzled Twilight’s cheek, who nuzzled Trixie back. “Trixie will be back soon.”

“Alright, don’t take too long,” Twilight said as Trixie began to leave. Twilight turned back to face the ocean, and rested her chin on the railing in front of her. She was lost in thought as she stared out at the beautiful scenery before her, daydreaming about all the things she and Trixie would be doing this weekend.

We’ve been going out for a few months now…And I can’t stand the thought of being away from her even for a single second. I feel so happy when we’re together, like there’s nothing in Equestria that could possibly go wrong…Should I…Should I ask her to move into the library with me?’ Twilight blushed as the thought crossed her mind, and she quickly shook it off. ‘No, that would be moving things too fast, right? Or…Maybe things aren’t moving fast enough?

Twilight gasped. ‘What if she’s getting bored of me? What if she gets fed up with us only being able to spend such short amounts of time together? Ooh, if only books were more clear about these things! Rarity! She knows a lot about love! But…How can I ask her without her finding out about-” Twilight let out a deep sigh, and closed her eyes. ‘Why am I so worried about them finding out? Sure, they didn’t get along with her at first, but they’re good ponies, right? After all, they gave Zecora a chance when Apple Bloom vouched for her, so surely they’ll be ok with Trixie if I-

“Twilight?” Twilight snapped out of her thoughts and turned around, her eyes widening at the sight before her. “Oh my gosh! It is you, Twilight!”

Trixie exited the restroom feeling refreshed, and began to make her way back to Twilight Sparkle. She spotted Shining Armour talking to one of the Royal Guards, with that serious look on his face that he wore the other two times they worked together.

The guard saluted Shining, and then ran off down the corridor, passing Trixie along the way. Shining noticed Trixie, and smiled at her, his serious look suddenly gone from his face. “What was that all about?” Trixie asked. “Trixie thought you were off duty, Captain Armour.”

Shining Armour hesitated for a moment, and then stepped forward to block Trixie’s path. “… Trixie…I hate to ask this of you, but…Do you think you could lend us a hoof?”

Trixie raised an eyebrow and stopped moving. “Why? Trixie thought you said nothing was going on.”

Shining Armour bit his lower lip, and scratched his head nervously. “Well…You see, there’s a slight chance we may have kinda…Let a terrorist on board…”

Trixie’s eyes widened, before narrowing into a glare that pierced Shining’s eyes. “What!? Are you serious!?”

Shining took a step back, and tried to calm Trixie down. “N-Now now, it’s just the one! We’re sure of it! And we know what his intentions are! We just…Don’t know how to find him.”

“Why’s that?”

“He’s a master of disguise. That’s how he got on in the first place.” Shining scratched the back of his head nervously, and shuffled a hoof against the ground. “We know what he’s planning, but we can’t make a move to stop his plan without endangering the other guests. And if we call for an evacuation of the ship, the Prince will be in danger.”

“…So what do you need Trixie for, then?”

“We were hoping you could help us set up a trap for him. Trickery is what you do best.”

Trixie smirked and let out a soft chuckle. “Are you sure it’s ok to be asking a civilian to get involved?”

Shining narrowed his eyes at Trixie, and spoke a little more sternly. “Trixie, you’re an Honorary Royal Guard. And we need your help. Please.”

Trixie stared into Shining Armour’s eyes for a few seconds, before letting out a defeated sigh. ‘Strange…They look kind of like Twilight’s eyes,’ Trixie thought, before shaking it off. “Alright, fine. Trixie can hardly refuse a request from such a huge fan.”

Shining’s smile returned, and he moved closer to whisper into Trixie’s ear. “Then come to room B-16 tomorrow at 13:15. We’ll begin the strategy meeting then.”

Trixie nodded, and watched Shining Armour walk down the hallway in the same direction as the guard from earlier, before leaving in the opposite direction, back to where Twilight was waiting for her. ‘…Oh Celestia. Now Trixie’s got to find a way to distract Twilight tomorrow.

Twilight gasped as she turned around to see…“Bon Bon?” Bon Bon approached Twilight with an equally confused look on her face, but still smiled to her friend from Ponyville. “W-What are you doing here?”

“Well that’s a silly question, Twilight,” Bon Bon said. “It’s her anniversary present to me.”

“‘Her?’” Twilight asked. As if on cue, an excited green Unicorn popped up from behind Bon Bon, swinging her hooves around the cream pony’s neck, a huge grin on her face as she loudly greeted Twilight. “L-Lyra! Right, I guess that makes sense.” ‘Well, duh! They are a couple, after all!

“But what are you doing here, Twilight?” Bon Bon asked, reaching behind her and pushing Lyra off of her. “Did the Princess give you a ticket? It must be nice being the Princess’ pupil.” There was a hint of jealousy in Bon Bon’s voice, but Twilight decided to ignore it.

“Actually, I’ve specifically asked the Princess not to do me favours like that. I don’t like using my status to get better treatment than other ponies.”

“Then why-”

Lyra jumped in-between Bon Bon and Twilight, interrupting Bon Bon’s question. “C’mon! Isn’t it obvious?” Lyra asked coyly, poking Twilight with a forehoof. “Twilight here is on a date with somepony. And you refused to tell us! How dare you!”

Twilight’s ears drooped as she turned her head away, feeling both guilty and nervous at the same time.

“Is that true?” Bon Bon asked, looking somewhat more excited than she was moments ago. “That’s great news! So, who is it, Twilight?”

Twilight wanted to tell them, but she was afraid to let the words escape her mouth. Luckily, she wouldn’t have to. Because at that moment, she heard a voice calling out from behind Lyra and Bon Bon. “Twiliiight! Trixie’s baaack!”

Trixie zoomed past the two confused mares, not even noticing them, and stopped just in front of Twilight, pulling her marefriend into a great and powerful hug. One which she had to stop shortly afterwards, lest the love of her life suffocate from its tight hold.

“Trixie’s sorry she made you wait so long. Did you miss Trixie?” Trixie asked, smiling as she saw the cute pony’s face turning red as she tried to shrink away from Trixie. “Oh no, don’t tell Trixie you’re getting embarrassed already. The ship hasn’t even set sail yet, and Trixie has many things in store this weekend,” she said, trailing off into a seductive tone at the last part of her speech.

Twilight shook her head weakly, and then pointed a hoof behind Trixie. Trixie turned around, and noticed the two mares standing behind her, watching with wide eyes and open mouths. “Who are they?” Trixie asked, turning back to Twilight.

Twilight sighed, and decided to introduce her friends. ‘Well, might as well get this over with… Surely they’ll understand, right? Right. They’re good ponies. Well, Lyra at least. I haven’t known Bon Bon that long. But I’m sure she’s a good pony, too!

Twilight cleared her throat, and pointed a hoof at the cream pony. “Trixie, this is Bon Bon, a friend from Ponyville.” Trixie and Bon Bon stared at each other for a moment, before Bon Bon offered a hoof towards Trixie. Trixie accepted the hoof shake, and Twilight, now feeling a little more at ease, pointed to Lyra…Or where Lyra was a second ago. “Huh?”

“OHMYCELESTIA!” Lyra shouted suddenly, startling Twilight, who turned to see Lyra standing right in front of Trixie, with the biggest smile she had ever seen since Twilight found some books on humans and showed them to the hyperactive green Unicorn. “You’re the Great and Powerful Trixie, right!? I’m such a fan! I’ve been to all of your Canterlot shows, and many of your shows outside of Canterlot!”

Trixie was about to say something, when Lyra suddenly dashed over to Twilight. “Twi, you are so lucky! Trixie is your marefriend? You have to be the luckiest mare in the world!” An annoyed grunt from Bon Bon caused Lyra to suddenly break into a panicked sweat. “I-I mean, besides me, of course…Hehehe…”

Bon Bon grabbed Lyra’s ear with her hoof, and pulled Lyra away. “You’ll have to forgive Lyra,” Bon Bon said to Trixie. “She can be such a fangirl. She has posters of you in her room, and even collects the tickets from your shows…But, she’s a good pony…Kinda.”

Trixie blinked a few times, and then waved off Bon Bon’s apology. “No need to apologise. Trixie has dealt with fans before. And this “Lyra” certainly seems more…Tame…Than some fans Trixie would hope to never see again.”

Lyra, after somehow escaping Bon Bon’s hold, suddenly bolted up in front of Trixie, startling the showmare yet again. “So how’d you two meet? Was it romantic? Who approached who? Are you gonna do another show in Ponyville? I’ll try to keep the hecklers out! Can you sign my Humie doll?”

Bon Bon pulled Lyra back by her tail before she could overload Trixie’s brain with a thousand questions. “C’mon, Lyra, let’s go to the main hall. The party’s going to start soon,” she said as she dragged Lyra away from the two mares with her tail in her mouth. “You two coming?” she asked as she looked over her shoulder.

Twilight and Trixie exchanged glances, smiled at each other, and then, together, followed the unusual couple from Ponyville.

“Well, that seemed to go alright,” Twilight said, very much relieved that neither Bon Bon nor Lyra seemed to dislike Trixie.

“You were surprised?” Trixie asked. “You were there. Trixie received much applause during her show.”

Twilight thought back to the incident, and remembered that Trixie’s show did go over well with most of Ponyville. In fact, the only part that didn’t receive applause was the incident with Rarity’s mane, and Twilight suspected that was mostly due to the ponies of Ponyville knowing better than to laugh at Rarity on a bad mane day. “Well, they’re close friends with Applejack, one of the ponies you…Challenged.”

“Ah, you were worried they would hold a grudge over that?” Trixie asked, receiving a nervous nod from Twilight in response. “Well, all’s well that ends well, right?”

Twilight smiled and nuzzled her lover’s neck as they continued walking, ignoring the “d’awww” that escaped from Lyra’s lips (who was still being dragged by her tail by Bon Bon).

“…Hey! You know what this means?” Twilight asked, and answered before Trixie could venture a guess. “We can go on a double date!” Twilight shouted, her eyes lighting up as a huge smile formed on her face. “I think I have a book about double dating in the library. Ooh, if only I’d brought it with me! Still, this is so exciting! We finally have another couple to hang out with!”

“That sounds great, Twi!” Lyra shouted, laughing as Twilight blushed when she realised that Lyra (and many other ponies nearby) could hear her very clearly. “What d’you think, Bon Bon?”

“Sounds fine,” Bon Bon replied, sounding neutral about the idea, though inside she was just as excited as Twilight was.

The rest of the trip to the main hall was spent by Lyra and Twilight exchanging ideas about what they could do on their double date, both of them shouting with great excitement and giggling like schoolfillies talking about what ponies they liked.

Trixie and Bon Bon exchanged glances every now and then, laughing silently at the two Unicorns’ excitement. “She looks like a hoofful,” Trixie mouthed to Bon Bon.

“She makes life more interesting,” Bon Bon mouthed back.

Trixie nodded in agreement. “Not as much as Twilight makes Trixie’s life more interesting.”

“You wanna bet?” Bon Bon asked jokingly.

Trixie and Bon Bon exchanged a slightly louder laugh, and this time it was picked up on by their marefriends.

“What’s so funny?” Twilight asked Trixie, who looked away and whistled innocently.

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