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Legacy of the Pegasi - secret89

An ancient pegasi myth has returned. It will take three special pegasi to turn back the storm.

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Ch. 5: Cryptic Answers and Patching Wounds

Legacy of the Pegasi:

Chapter 5: Cryptic Answers and Patching Wounds

Silver Wings trotted with purpose through his cloud home, slight excitement in his step. After years of careful research, searching, persuasion and preparation, it was finally time. Grinning smugly to himself, he made his way to his bedroom, stopping in front of a large double door closet. Thrusting the doors open, Silver parted the various garments that hung within, reaching toward the very back. Ah, there it is. It's been longer than I realized, he thought, retrieving an old, and simple black hooded cloak. Many memories briefly flashed through the pegasus' mind as he regarded the finely woven material. Though it appeared basic, Silver had gone through much to earn the garment. But it was worth it. And will be again, shortly. Yet, despite its importance, the cloak was incomplete. Another vital piece was required to fully embody who the stallion really was, what his mission was and what he was a part of.


Awakened from his reverie, Silver Wings turned toward the voice of his friend.. “In my room Windswept”.

Windswept soon appeared in the doorway, clothed in similar but insignificant cloak, his not of the same affiliation as Silver's. His hood rested limply behind his head, exposing the curious face that adorned the pegasus.

“I came as soon as I got your message. And I got the...” The pegasus gestured awkwardly at the garment he wore, “attire you specified, thought I'm still a little lost here.”

Silver smiled slightly, walking casually toward his bed stand as he pulled the midnight cloak around himself. “Don't worry my friend, all will be revealed shortly.” Silver spoke lightly. His back turned to his fellow pegasi, Silver proceeded to open a small black wooden case atop his nightstand. His gaze rested on a metallic cloak clasp. Much like its counterpart, the clasp was simple in design and utility, yet its symbolism held a far greater meaning. It consisted of a pair of pegasi wings, facing outward, and linking together where the body would have been, joining the cloak together. Additionally the wings bore a distinct pattern. Instead of feathers and some whimsical color, the wings were made of lightning bolts, both colored a violently deep amethyst that seemed to shift in the light.

Raising the symbol to his eyes, Silver Wings regarded the device with care, letting the light glint off its polished surface.

“I do have something important to ask you though, Windswept,” the gray pegasus remarked casually, still turned from his friend.

“What's that?”

Silver turned to face his fellow compatriot, affixing the clasp to his cloak, his appearance now complete. “Are you truly committed to our cause?”

Windswept paused for a moment, the query taking him by surprise. But it was only momentary. “Yes. Yes I am.” The young stallion replied resolutely. “Anything to see the legacy fulfilled.”

Silver Wings smiled. “Good to hear. I promise you won't be disappointed.” Walking past his friend, Silver made for the exit of his home. “We best be off then, there is no time to delay, not with the discovery we've made.”

Windswept trotted alongside his friend, confusion once again on his face. “This is what you spoke of before isn't it?”

Silver Wings nodded, as both pegasi stopped at the edge of his home, the vast expanse of the Equestrian horizon stretched out before them. Twilight was before them, the sun's rays retreating over the horizon as Luna's moon rose to take its place. Taking a moment to raise his hood, Silver took to the sky, his ally flying up astride him a moment later.

Again Windswept probed his vague friend, slight annoyance in his voice. “Can't you tell me what it is? We've been friends for a long time Silver, you can trust me. I think it's only fair; I'm putting a lot of faith in you right now on not a lot of information.”

Silver simply stared ahead, but his eyes betrayed the thoughts to his friend's questions. After several moments, the elder pegasus replied.

“The truth is Winds, even if I told you, you wouldn't believe me. I think it will make more sense when you see it for yourself.” A thoughtful expression overtook the pegasus, as he glanced down at the winged clasp that adorned his cloak. “It did for the rest of us...”

Windswept sighed, resigned to his friend's cryptic answers. “Fine. But can't you tell me something? Like where we're going?”

Silver Wings grinned. “That I can my friend, that I can. You've earned that much. Tell me; have you ever heard of the Everfree Forest?”

Beep. Beep. Beep.

Soarin's ears twitched, slowly coming around to the solitary sound around him.

Beep. Beep. Beep.

Again they twitched, this time more violently. This was a familiar sound, a far too familiar one. Consciousness slowly began surface, as the Wonderbolt's mind sluggishly began to reform.

Beep. Beep. Beep.

The sound continued to drone in his ears, a slow, annoyed groan erupting from the pegasus' lips. His eyes began to flutter haphazardly, hoping that they would deny what his ears had already told him.

Beep. Beep. Beep.

Soarin' opened his eyes. “Buck. Not this place again.”

He was in the hospital. Seated in a basic steel frame bed, Soarin' groaned again, slowly pushing himself upright, as he took in the small room around him. A portion of the walls were a light blue, bordered by wooden molding, the rest of which was an earthen brown. Above him the ceiling maintained a forest green, and on the opposite end, the floor sported a two tone color of off white and gray tiles. A white curtain separated the pegasus from what he assumed where other patients. Add in the characteristically sterile smell that wafted about the room, and you got the typical hospital recovery room.

Soarin' gave a frustrated snort. “Well, they've got all the bases covered. This place is a complete bore.” Flopping painfully back onto the pillows behind him, Soarin' stared ahead glumly. The only thing that stood out was an indentation on the wall across from his bed. It appeared as if somepony had repeatedly thrown a round object against the wall, dark scuffs and peeling wallpaper providing the evidence.

The stallion sighed again. Points to you hospital. Way to have some character. He thought sarcastically.

Resigned to the inevitable boredom ahead of him, Soarin' finally took a detailed look at his own body. Small bandages adorned his hooves and forelegs, while the rest of his body remained untouched. Shifting slightly, Soarin' noted the discomfort near his wings. It was only when he tried to outstretch his feathered appendages when sharp spasms ran down his back. Grunting against the pain, the stallion twisted his head around. Both his wings were heavily bandaged and padded, particularly around base by his back. “Oh. Yeah. How could I forget.” He said out loud to himself, recent events rushing back to the forefront of his mind.

But before Soarin' could even begin to decipher all that had transpired, a young orange mare with a violet mane popped her head into the doorway.

“Hey! You're awake!” The filly shouted excitedly.

“Uh, yeah, and I was-” Soarin' started, but was cut off by the animated pegasus.

“Hey, Rainbow Dash! He's awake!”

Rainbow Dash?

Less than a second later, the prismatic mare joined her younger friend, both bursting into the room.

Both Soarin' and Rainbow Dash opened their mouths to speak, and likewise caught themselves when they made eye contact.

For a split second Soarin' stared at the mare in front of him, a sudden realization striking his mind. It was gone. Completely gone. He could feel the strength pouring out from Rainbow, and likewise he could feel something similar pour out from himself, each exchanging with the other. Wait. What? I mean... Wow.

Despite this revelation, both pegasi managed to recover, Soarin' coughing awkwardly, while Rainbow Dash seemed to be scolding herself mentally, despite the red hue on her face.

Oblivious to the other two, Scootaloo, jumped in, siding up alongside the bedridden pegasus. “Hey, how are you feeling? You're a Wonderbolt right?”

Sufficiently composed for a stallion in a hospital bed, Soarin' turned to the younger filly. “Um, I'm good I think. And yeah, I'm Soarin'. And you are...?”

“I'm Scootaloo! And this here is-”

“Rainbow Dash.” The stunt mare cut in, flashing a cocky grin. “But then you already knew that didn't you?”

Soarin' chuckled. “Yeah, I guess so. Kinda hard to forget about the rainbow mare who broke the sound barrier.”

Dash grinned at the compliment. It had been several years since the Best Young Flier Competition, where she had first met Soarin', and the rest of the Wonderbolts, firsthoof. Though more acquaintances than friends, Rainbow knew the stallion enough not to be too starstruck. Likewise, Soarin' was glad to have a fan that didn't immediately gush all over him.

“Speaking of high velocity pegasi”, Rainbow started, her tone changing suddenly. “What in the hay where you thinking?”

“Uh, yeah. About that...”

“WHERE IS HE?!” A very characteristic voice boomed through the hospital.

Dash and Scootaloo seemed mildly alarmed, but it was Soarin' who visibly cringed, dread suddenly surging through him. Ah, crap.

Seconds later a yellow pegasus with a fiery orange mane bolted into the room. To say the mare was mad was an understatement. Soarin' mentally slapped himself, meeting his Captain's furious eyes. Spitfire didn't get her name from her aerobatic skill alone, something Soarin' knew all too well.

Rainbow Dash and Scootaloo simply stared between the two Wonderbolts, both acutely aware of the thick tension that suddenly filled the room. Dash had to resist the urge to not to stare at the famed mare standing just a few hooves away from her.

“What in the hay Soarin'?! Are you out of your mind? I thought I told you not to hurt yourself!”

“Spitfire, I-”

“You know I didn't entirely believe you when you said you'd be okay. But I let it go because I figured you could handle it. But like this?! Do you have any idea what you did?” An incredulous look spread across the female Wonderbolt's face. “Half of the apple orchard outside town looks like it's been hit by a tornado!”

Rainbow Dash grimaced slightly. Ho boy. AJ's not gonna be happy about that...

“Well, I didn't mean-”

“And that's only the half of it! Ponyville proper is a mess!” Spitfire gestured violently out the window toward the rest of the town.

Soarin' took the second to glance out the window for the first time. The image before him left feelings of pride, embarrassment and shame all at once. Wow. I mean. Wow. Didn't think I could do that... The stallion thought in a sort of morbid amusement. However, it was a fleeting thought. Spitfire's eyes still bored into the stallion with fiery precision.

“Yeah. You did all that. But believe me it gets better!” The yellow pegasus mocked in fake enthusiasm. “The town is so messed up that the Mayor came to me personally. How gracious do you think she was when she heard that one of the Wonderbolts decided to level half the town?”

Renewed shame once again coursed through Soarin'. “Wait. Don't tell me that she-”

Spitfire simply eyed the blue pegasus with a steely gaze. “Until further notice, the show's been canceled.”

“WHAT!” Rainbow Dash exploded, leaping into the air in agitation. “You can't be serious!? Please tell me you're not serious!”

“No one wants to go to a show when their town has been practically bombarded. Much less by one of members that was supposed to be in it in the first place.” Spitfire replied flatly.

Silence passed among the assembled pegasi. Two were in psuedo shock over the loss of seeing their favorite performers, another furious with what had transpired, and the last, who now found himself all the more broken on the inside as he was on the outside.

“Well, Soarin'? What do you have to say for yourself?”

Rainbow Dash and Scootaloo were mute once more. Scootaloo looked more unsure than anything, still preoccupied with loss of the airshow, while it tore Dash apart to see two ponies that she admired most, and two best friends, at odds.

Soarin' hung his head. This wasn't how it was supposed to happen. He had wanted to rid himself from whatever had plagued him all those past weeks, and he had known exactly what to do. Push himself, fight himself, and run himself ragged in the release of the sky. But it had gone too far. And he hadn't even realized it. Even when I pull myself together and finally figure out what's going on, it still manages to screw up the rest of my life.

Soarin' slowly rose his head, finally meeting his oldest friend's eyes. He could have been angry, screamed out all his frustrations and justifications for what he had done. To lash out with just a bit of what had tormented him for so many weeks. To make her feel the pain from his past that had suddenly surfaced and torn him from the inside out. But he couldn't do it. Not when she was right. Not when she was his friend.

“I'm sorry Spitfire.” The words felt weightless as they left the stallion's mouth. “I didn't mean to go that far. But... it was eating away at me. It has been... for weeks now.” Soarin' admitted painfully, ducking away once again from his Captain's eyes. “I know it doesn't make any sense, and I know it's not an excuse, but I just can't explain it. I thought I was just in a slump, thinking about... them.” Soarin' trailed off slightly, hazy images of his parents coming to mind. “But it was more than that. Like... like something was pushing me, fighting me to think about it.” Soarin's mind suddenly raced back to the war torn landscape within his mind, the spectral image of Commander Hurricane rising from his barren skeleton.

Though Soarin' didn't notice it, Rainbow Dash seemed to shift uncomfortably in place as he continued to talk.

“So I did the only thing I knew.” The stallion turn to face the yellow mare once more, an apologetic yet resolute look on his face. “I flew. And I fought it back. And I won. “But...” The Wonderbolt swallowed hard, tasting his failure. “I still screwed it up. I let the team down. I let you down. I'm sorry.”

Several seconds passed before Spitfire let out a sigh. She seemed more tired now than anything. Her expression had softened, but still held a hint of frustration. “I don't really know what to say to that Soarin'.” The mare said in pained resignation, wishing the stallion could have given her more, something she could understand.

Soarin' mutely nodded.

“Look, I need to take a walk, think things through.” She said in annoyed voice, more at the situation than at her friend. “We'll talk later.”

Soarin' nodded glumly again, as Spitfire strode out of the room.

“Wait, Spitfire!” Rainbow Dash called out, but the Wonderbolt Captain had already left.

Immediately Dash made a move for the door, a determined look on her face.

“Where are you going Dash?” Scootaloo said, trotting ahead of the elder pegasus.

“To get Spitfire back over here. You may have screwed up,” Rainbow turned to Soarin, “but nopony walks out on their friend after talking like that.”

“Uh, Dash, maybe we should just let Spitfire go-?”

“No way.”

“No, she's right, Rainbow.” Soarin' cut in. “And so is Spitfire.” Even if I had to do what I did. I just don't know how I could ever explain it to her. Commander Hurricane's ghost inside my head? Wounds? An... Archon? Soarin' shivered, remembering the mythic being's otherworldly eyes. She'd never believe me.

Rainbow still looked unsure.

“Hey, I'll go talk to her.” Scootaloo quipped, moving toward the door. “I think I might be better at this sort of thing.”

Rainbow looked surprised. “Hey! What's that supposed to mean?” But Scootaloo had already left.

Rainbow Dash huffed in annoyance, turning back toward the center of the room. She was greeted by Soarin' staring at her.

Rainbow shifted awkwardly, trying to ignore the stallion's gaze. It had been weird enough the first time when she arrived, and even more so when Soarin' had mentioned it in the back of his mind. But she didn't want to deal with that right now. It wasn't the time, and too much had already happened.

“So... so are you doing alright?” She asked lightly, trying to brighten the situation up.

Soarin' blinked. He hadn't realized he was staring the same way he had earlier when Dash had first walked in.

“Uh, yeah, I guess. All things considered.” Soarin' twisted about gingerly, eying his wrapped wings.

Rainbow seated herself next to Soarin's bed. “Ah yeah. Sorry we weren't able to make your rescue any softer. Kinda hard to do at high speed.”

“So that's how I got here. I was wondering what happened after I blacked out.”

“Yep. Me and the squirt pulled a bunch of clouds together at the last minute. Pretty impressive if I do say so myself.”


“Oh yeah. Forgot. She's the same filly who was in her a minute ago, Scootaloo.”


An uncomfortable silence settled between the two pegasi, both drawn back to thoughts of the strange comfort that seemed to emanate between them.

Suddenly, Rainbow fluttered into the air, trying in vain to hide the fluster about her face. “Hey, ah, I'm going to go, go find the Mayor. Try to sort this out.”

“Uh, y-yeah, sure.” Soarin' looked up at the mare in slight confusion.

“Hey, we can hang out sometime or, uh, something.” Rainbow seemed to have a hard time string her words together. “You know, when you get out.”

“Sure, sounds good.”

“Right, ah, guess I'll catch ya later. Feel better and all.” Rainbow said finally, before jetting out the nearby window.

Silence once again filled the room as Soarin' simply slumped back in his bed, closing his eyes. He tried to process all that had happened the past few days. Ghost induced mental condition. Check. Flying himself ragged. Check. Getting chewed out by his best friend. Check. And now some weird connection to Rainbow? Check. And an apparent doomsday with barely anything to go on to top it off. Perfect.

Just perfect.