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Legacy of the Pegasi - secret89

An ancient pegasi myth has returned. It will take three special pegasi to turn back the storm.

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Ch. 21: Broken Alliances and Renewed Plans

Legacy of the Pegasi:

Ch. 21: Broken Alliances and Renewed Plans

Pain. That was the first thing that Soarin' felt. A sore, numbing pain and a splitting headache. Eyes still closed, he tried to shift from his lying position, but his body protested violently. A groan escaped his mouth as he waited for the spike in pain to subside. Okay, don't move. Moving is bad, he thought. Sound reached his ears, what sounded like the shuffling about of hooves. Only one way to find out, Soarin' mentally groaned. Slowly his eyes opened.

Light reached his vision first, agitating Soarin's headache further. The stallion groaned again. Yep. Should've seen that one coming, Soarin' thought, memories of rigorous training exercises coming to mind. His eyes slowly adjusted, but the only thing he could see was a tan canvas overhead. That doesn't help too much, the stallion sighed. Screw it. No point in dragging it out.

Abruptly Soarin' forced himself up. His body protested again, if somewhat less so this time. Slowly he looked around, his mind still somewhat fuzzy. He was on a cot, one of many occupied within a large canvas tent. What appeared to be early morning light peered through the window screens as a cool, gentle breeze slipped through. IV bags and aid kits were distributed about. Near the other end of the tent Soarin' could see a white placard with a red cross affixed above the entryway. The bright red barn of Sweet Apple Acres lay beyond.

So he was back in Ponyville.

“Even after the hospital is destroyed, I still somehow find myself here,” he quipped to himself. A frown crossed his face. How did I get back here? That thought immediately disappeared, replaced by his friends. Rainbow! Scootaloo! Spitfire!

Frantically his eyes darted around the tent. He didn't have to look far. Rainbow Dash and Scootaloo were along either side of him, sleeping peacefully upon their own cots. Spitfire, Fleetfoot and the rest of the Wonderbolts were all in the row across from his. Slowly he looked to each one, watching for the rise and fall of breath.

Relief overcame Soarin'. Alive. We're all alive. Thank the Arc-

Soarin's mind blanched for a moment. He let out a mirthless chuckle at the irony.

“Mister Soarin'?!”

The Wonderbolt's head slowly turned to the far end of the tent. Oh yeah. The shuffling hooves thing, he thought, groaning aloud.

Doctor Remedy strode quickly forward between the rows of cots. “What are you doing up? You need to rest!”

“I'm already up,” Soarin' stated flatly. Slowly he began inch his rear hooves to the ground. “I need to know what's g-going...” he started to say, as abrupt dizziness overtook him. “N-need to...” he muttered again, still trying to reach for the ground. He was suddenly tired. So very tired...

“Absolutely not!” Doctor Remedy commanded. “With what you've been through, you shouldn't be alive, let alone up and about.” The doctor took a firm hold of Soarin', guiding him back to his cot. “Rest. Doctor's orders.”

Soarin' didn't argue this time.

Doctor Remedy watched Soarin' for a moment before trotting away.

Soarin' didn't let sleep take him yet. Gingerly he reached out to his aura. It was battered and bruised, as much as an ethereal link could be, but it was there. Slowly he reached out. One by one he felt for every Wonderbolt. To Spitfire. To Scootaloo. Each were dormant, but still hummed together.

Summoning what little strength he had, Soarin' shifted to his side. His eyes rested on the messy rainbow mane and the serene face beneath it.

Slowly he reached out to Rainbow. Her aura replied in the same dormant hum at first, but more soon followed. It was subtle, an underlying current of happiness that only came from her, directed entirely at his own aura. Sensations came to Soarin's mind. Flashy. Spicy-sweet. Determined.

A small, content smile came to Rainbow's face.

Soarin allowed himself a small smile. “She's cute when she's asleep,” he whispered to himself.

His eyelids grew heavy. Resigned to his fatigue, Soarin' wrapped himself in aural link between himself and Rainbow, drifting into a restful sleep.

Several hours later, Soarin' awoke. Sitting upright, he was surprised at the sudden energy and lack of pain from his body. He looked himself over. His wounds were healed, already scarred over. Only minor sores and aches remained, like he had only just been through flight practice.

“That is never not going to be weird,” he said. Slowly he took a deep breath. Spicy-sweet lingered about his aura.

“Glad to hear you're okay.”

Soarin' looked to the voice in front of him. Rainbow looked up at Soarin' from her cot with rested eyes. She was propped up on a hoof.

Soarin' jumped from his cot, kneeling down to eye level with Rainbow. “Rainbow! Are you okay?”

Rainbow smiled. “I'm more than okay. And that's saying something, after last night,” she added darkly.

Soarin' flinched slightly as memories from the Everfree rushed back all at once. Rainbow's voice pulled him back.

“All thanks to you.”


Rainbow grinned, pushing herself up onto her forehooves. “You're aura, I felt it while I slept.” Rainbow looked coyly at Soarin' through her bedhead mane. “Playing around with that link between us again?”

“What?” Soarin' flustered. “N-no! I was just trying to make sure you were okay. And... well I thought that maybe it would help us heal from everything.”

“Well it did.” Rainbow stretched out, taking a deep breath. She sighed contently. “Mmm. Apple pie.”

Soarin' looked confused. Apple pie? Wh- my aura smells like apple pie? I don't even lik-

Soft lips pressed against Soarin's cheek rendered his mind numb. So blissfully numb.

“Thanks for looking out for me,” Rainbow whispered. Cautiously she looked around the tent. “But tell anyone I did that and you're toast,” she said with a teasing grin.

“Uh... yeah. S-sure.”

A tired yawn from behind Soarin' eased the sudden tension.

Soarin' looked over his shoulder.

Scootaloo was sitting upright. Bags hung under her eyes. She bleakly looked about the medical tent, looking completely lost and confused.

Rainbow Dash immediately jumped from her cot and leaped over Soarin's. She seated herself at Scootaloo's side, reaching out to her sister.

“Scootaloo! Are you okay?”

Scootaloo looked back blankly at Rainbow. “I feel like garbage,” she stated flatly.

Soarin' started to chuckle at the younger mare's crass reply, but it died in his throat when Scootaloo started to shake.

Rainbow wrapped a wing around Scootaloo, pulling her close into the older pegasus' hooves.

“Hey, don't worry Scoots, we're here okay? We're here for you.”

Scootaloo's shaking lessened. Her eyes remained at her hooves, but she leaned into Rainbow. “Everything's so wrong...” she whispered, more to herself than the other two pegasi. “Why does everything...” Scootaloo abruptly clenched her eyes shut, a few tears appearing.

Rainbow rubbed her sister's back, still trying to comfort her. She looked to Soarin' worriedly.

Soarin' sighed. Slowly he walked toward the two, seating himself along the other side of Scootaloo. Gently he took her hoof in his. Instead of words of comfort, he reached first to Rainbow's aura.

Rainbow made to scowl at Soarin', but she soon realized what he was doing.

With Soarin's aura joined with Rainbow's, he slowly reached out to Scootaloo.

Cold was the first sensation he felt. Scootaloo's aura was still hidden, but instead of the aggressive and harsh reaction from the night prior, it was now simply confused. Lost.

Soarin' risked to approach further. No walls met his advance. Only a greater sense of confusion, fear and pain.

Scootaloo slowly looked up at the two. “W-wha...”

“Like Rainbow said, we're here for you Scootaloo. We're a team, and we take care of each other.”

Scootaloo still seemed confused as she looked at Soarin', but there was more life in her eyes.

The three remained that way for several minutes.

Scootaloo began to stir.

Rainbow and Soarin' stood up, giving the teenager some space.

Scootaloo took several breaths. Her eyes held greater focus and her trembles had ceased. She looked between the two elder pegasi. “I-I feel better.”

Soarin' and Rainbow shared a grateful smile. Yet Soarin' could still feel the reservation about Scootaloo's aura. Some part of her was still hidden from the other two. I guess we can't expect her to be completely accepting just yet. Not with all she's been through, Soarin' thought. Her parents killed. Powers she barely understood, a world saving responsibility and the trauma of battle all thrust upon her within the course of a day. The only thing Soarin' had dealt with at that age was training for the military.

“But what did you do?”

“You're one of the Legacy Bearers now Scootaloo. Rainbow and I don't know a whole lot about it either, but between the three of us there's a connection. It seems we can bolster each other's strength through our aura's.”

“Though they seem to have a mind of their own at times...” Rainbow said off hoof.

“Yeah, well, like I said, neither of us knows too much just yet,” Soarin' said, shrugging. “Only that we're Bearers of the Legacy, and only together we'll be able to take down the Archon. Somehow. Commander Hurricane wasn't too big on specifics,” Soarin' said in an annoyed voice, as if addressing the deceased pegasus.

“Lightning Streak wasn't much better,” Rainbow said.

“Sounds like Ice Wing,” Scootaloo remarked.

“Who?” Rainbow asked.

Scootaloo cringed slightly as if she had spoken too loud. “Um, well, she's a ghost.” She waited for a reaction between Soarin' and Rainbow, but neither were fazed. “She was one of the bearers you were talking about. And... she told me some stuff.”

“About what?” Soarin' asked, though he had an idea of what the ghost had told Scootaloo.

Scootaloo sighed. “About what would happen if I didn't make the right choice.” She looked between Rainbow Dash and Soarin'.

Soarin' could feel Scootaloo's aura tentatively reach out to himself and Rainbow. There was still pain and confusion. But there was now also fear. Not for herself. Not for the journey ahead. But a fear for the two pegasi beside her.

“But you don't have to worry about me.” Scootaloo raised her head a little higher. At the same time Soarin' felt her aura swell with an unsure courage, but courage all the same. “I'm ready to do this. I-I think.”

Scootaloo looked expectantly to Rainbow Dash with a weak smile.

Soarin' looked as well, expecting Rainbow to burst forth with pride. Instead the elder mare was very still, looking almost sadly at Scootaloo.

Soarin' didn't need his aura to see the split second worry and fear behind Rainbow's eyes.

A second later Rainbow caught herself, falling back to her usual swagger.

“Now that's what I'm talking about!” Rainbow announced just a little too convincingly.

Scootaloo hadn't noticed.

Rainbow pulled her into a massive hug. “Hey, have I ever told you how incredibly awesome you are?”

Scootaloo managed a weak smirk. “Once or twice.”

Outwardly Soarin' put on a convincing smile. Inwardly he frowned. He could feel genuine pride flow from Rainbow's aura, but it was practically lost in a wave of worry and fear.

Rainbow let Scootaloo go with a laugh. “Good. But don't think I'm about to let you out of my sight. I'm still your big sister after all.”

Scootaloo made to protest, but Rainbow cut her off.

“So where do we go from here? Now that we've got the three of us together.”

Soarin' frowned. That really was the question wasn't it? Up until now they had been grasping in the dark to gather the Legacy Bearers, reacting to events around them. Now that they were together, what were they to do?

“Something's still missing,” Soarin' thought aloud. “We couldn't defeat the Archon last night, even with us all together.”

“Well that was just winging it, if I remember correctly,” Rainbow said, frowning at Soarin'. “Outside of awesome healing powers and poking each other all mystically and stuff we don't really know how to use this Legacy Bearer stuff.”

“Poking each other?” Scootaloo questioned.

Soarin' ignored Rainbow's glib remark, thinking over the past few days. His aura abruptly jumped, thrusting the answer to the forefront of his mind.

“Pegasi Peak.”

Scootaloo ceased questioning an embarrassed Rainbow about 'poking', both looking to Soarin' confusedly.

“Huh?” Both said in unison.

"Pegasi Peak," Soarin' repeated, looking to Rainbow. "From the mesa inside the mountain. Remember? The vision and the stone altar."

Rainbow's eyes lit up as Soarin's words sunk in. "You're right! It's the only lead we have left."

"Pegasi Peak?" Scootaloo spoke up, looking confused again between Soarin' and Rainbow. “You're talking about what you guys found in the caves right?”

“Yeah,” Soarin' confirmed. “Last time it was just me and Rainbow. But with the three of us together, I think we might be able to unlock whatever power Commander Hurricane was talking about.”

“Then what are we waiting for?” Rainbow announced, stretching her wings.

Soarin' caught the look of eager excitement in Scootaloo's eyes as her wings fidgeted in apprehension.

“Hold on you two,” Soarin' said. “We shouldn't just go jumping in. A lot's happened in the past twenty fours hours. We need to plan this out.”

Rainbow cocked a brow, clearly not impressed. “Wow. Since when did you start sounding like Twilight?”

“Wonderbolt's always have a plan,” Soarin' recited mechanically. “Better yet, we need to figure out what's going. We should find Spitf-”

“Soarin'!” A familiar voice called out.

Soarin's eyes jerked toward the tent entrance.

Spitfire hobbled as quickly as her hooves would allow toward the trio.

Doctor Remedy quickly intercepted the Wonderbolt. “Captain Spitfire! How did you get out of here? You need rest!”

“Outta my way doc!” Spitfire roughly brushed past the physician.

Soarin' ran forward to meet Spitfire halfway.

“Spits, I- whoa there!”

Spitfire stumbled beneath her unsteady hooves, nearly falling to the ground. Soarin' leaned forward, catching the mare to his side. Slowly he propped her up.

“Stupid hooves...” Spitfire grimaced.

“You good?” Soarin' asked.

Soarin' waited for Spitfire to steady herself. He wasn't prepared when she abruptly pulled him into an awkward hug.

“I came as soon as I heard you were awake!” She said quickly, pulling all the tighter at Soarin'. “Are you okay? Are you all okay?”

Soarin' smirked, allowing Spitfire to ease herself back to her hooves. “Actually I think I should be asking you that. But yeah, I'm good. I'm a super pegasus now, remember?”

“Har har, shut up,” Spitfire said, punching Soarin' in the chest.

“Offh!” Soarin' coughed, bending over slightly. Captain still got a good punch in her...

Spitfire noticeably ignored Soarin'. Instead she looked to Rainbow. “You okay Rainbow?”

Rainbow smiled appreciatively. “Top notch Captain.”

“And you Scootaloo? Are you doing alright?”

Soarin' and Rainbow turned to Scootaloo.

The younger mare was silent, refusing to look at Spitfire.

Soarin' and Rainbow shared an uneasy glance. Soarin' reached out with his aura. Scootaloo's aura had turned ice cold. More so than Soarin' had felt up to that point. He narrowed his gaze at the younger pegasus. Scootaloo, what's wrong?

Spitfire hesitantly stepped forward, an unsure look on her face. “Uh, Scootaloo... did you hear me?”

Soarin' could feel the warmth in Spitfire's aura unconsciously reach out to Scootaloo. The icy barrier around her intensified.

Scootaloo remained impassive, staring at her hooves and ignoring Spitfire like she wasn't there.

Soarin' felt the hurt before he saw it briefly flash across Spitfire's face.

“She's fine.” Rainbow said quickly, trying to reassure the Wonderbolt.

“Ahem.” Soarin' cleared his throat. “We were actually about to find you Spits.”

To her credit, Spitfire quickly composed herself. She turned to Soarin'. “Right, guess I saved you the trouble then,” she said.

Spitfire was silent for a moment, seeming to think on what to say. Soarin' frowned. That's not good.

“We've got a lot on our plate now,” she said finally with a grumble. Spitfire looked over Soarin's shoulder to Rainbow. “You're unicorn friend decided to take matters into her own hooves and involve the royals,” she growled.

Rainbow's eyes lit up. “Celestia? She sent her a letter?”

“Right before we left into the Everfree.”

Soarin' eyes lingered ahead as he began to piece the picture together. “That's how got back here, isn't it?” He said, looking to Spitfire.

“Rescued by the Royal Guard no less!” Spitfire exclaimed, throwing her hooves into the air. She nearly stumbled again, but caught Soarin's outstretched hoof. She ran a hoof through her mane. “I can't believe the Wonderbolts are in debt to those Cloudsdale washouts...” she muttered.

Soarin' frowned slightly. “Well, considering what happened, I think we can overlook that one Spits...” Soarin' trailed off, trying not to agitate her further.

“Oh it gets better!” Spitfire announced in a mock tone. “She did more than call for the Guard. She pulled out all the stops!”

“Wait, you mean...” Rainbow started to say.

“Let's go,” Spitfire said, turning toward the entrance. “We've been 'summoned' by the royals to discuss a course of action.”

“Princess Celestia is here?” Rainbow said, flying overhead to Spitfire.

Spitfire looked up flatly at Rainbow, not at all sharing in the other pegasus' elation. “Yes,” she said tersely, baring her teeth slightly. “And moon butt is with her.” She strode past Rainbow toward the entrance way. “Now come on, lets get this over with so the pegasi who really know what they're doing can resolve the situation before it gets any worse.”

Spitfire disappeared outside the tent.

So now the royals are involved, Soarin' thought, frowning. We've got to deal with those two.

Rainbow looked to Soarin', a slightly put off and unsure look on her face. “Is she going to be okay? I mean, I know you guys don't really like Celestia and Luna and all, but they can help us.”

Soarin' sighed, putting a hoof to the bridge of his nose. “Yeah... she's just frustrated, that's all,” he said with a sigh. He gestured to Rainbow and Scootaloo. “Lets go see what this is all about.”

Soarin', Rainbow Dash and Scootaloo joined the small congregation of ponies inside the Apple family's barn. Rainbow's friends were seated on hay bales to the left. Across from them were the small number of Wonderbolts who had recovered, some seated on hay bales, others perched upon the rafters within the barn. Spitfire leaned lazily against a support beam with an annoyed look on her face, Fleetfoot at her side. Bridging the two groups and seated at the end of the barn were the Diarchs Princess Celestia and Luna. Both were flanked by a pair of rigid and unmoving Royal Guards.

The trio had only taken a few steps before a exuberant shout assaulted them.

“Rainbow Dash! Scootaloo!”

Soarin' barely blinked as a pink blur swept past him. Turning around he witnessed a very happy Pinkie Pie as she enveloped Rainbow and Scootaloo in a massive hug. “I'm so happy you guys are okay!”

“Ack! Pink-” Rainbow flailed about, to no avail.

Soarin' chuckled as the two ponies gasped for air.

“Yeah, we're, ack... we're glad to see you're okay too Pinkie,” Scootaloo managed to say.

“Don't think I forgot about you Soarin'!”


Soarin' immediately found himself in the pink clutches of a vice like hug. “I wouldn't leave out Dash's coltfriend!”

Coltfriend? Soarin' thought dumbly. Wait. When did this happen? I mean, I like her, but I don't remember making a move like that? “Um...” Was all he could mutter, as he meekly looked to Rainbow.

Rainbow wasn't much better. An unsure look was on her face as she looked to Soarin'. “Um...”

“Um?” Pinkie said obliviously. “Aren't you two like the knight in shining armor and his fair princess?” Pinkie said dramatically, still gripping Soarin' tightly.

Scootaloo looked awkwardly at Pinkie, then rolled her eyes.

“Who you calling 'fair princess'?” Rainbow remarked sharply in a moment of clarity.

Soarin' took a moment to gasp for air. “Um, Pinkie, Rainbow and I...” his trailed off, his eyes apprehensively looking to Rainbow, “we're uh, we're not there. Yet.”

Pinkie abruptly dropped Soarin' to the ground. “Oh! Okie dokie lokie!”

Soarin' rose to his hooves. “Ugh.” He risked a looked a Rainbow, trying to look as normal as possible.

Rainbow mirrored the stallion's efforts, appearing mildly annoyed with her friend's antics. Despite this, Soarin' glimpsed a momentary smile from Rainbow. It quickly disappeared behind an excited smile as Rainbow called out to her other friends.

Soarin' grinned to himself. Well played Soarin', well played.

The rest of Rainbow's friends quickly circled the newcomers, exchanging hugs and gratitude for one another.

A serene voice addressed the happy group.

“I am quite happy to see you all safe and well.”

Soarin' looked toward the center of barn.

A pure white Alicorn and the eternal co-ruler of Equestria, Celestia stood well over a head above the other gathered ponies, a part of her much larger stature. Yet she still maintained a very graceful appearance, with a mane and a tail of ever shifting light blue, pink and green that continually wafted about magically. A golden crown inset with a purple gem rested upon her head with a matching peytral about her chest. A blazing sun adorned her flank, signifying her role in raising and lowering the sun.

Celestia looked warmly at the happy group, but the Wonderbolt could tell that the monarch was troubled. She appeared as calm as she was oft spoken of, yet Soarin' got the distinct impression that Celestia was not at ease.

Well she can worry all she wants, Soarin' thought. Just so long as she doesn't get in the way.

“As am I,” Luna added stoically. “But we must not waste time, for we have little of it if what has transpired recently is true.”

Princess Luna, recently reformed from her one-thousand year imprisonment as Nightmare Moon was of a slightly smaller stature than her sister. As the Princess of the Night her coat was a very dark navy blue, with a mane and tail of similar hues and twinkling stars that behaved the same as her sister's. She wore a black crown and peytral with a crescent moon upon it. As was her duty over the moon, a crescent moon marked her flanks as her talent.

Soarin' regarded the Lunar Princess for a moment as he made his way toward Spitfire and Fleetfoot. Unlike her sister she appeared utterly calm, devoid of any outward emotion. If anything, Soarin' would guess she was evaluating and calculating the situation at hoof, such was her speech.

“I agree with Princess Luna,” Spitfire said evenly. “We need to formulate a course of action ASAP, track down the Tempest Guard and eliminate the threat.”

Hm. Soarin' thought absently, as he watched Spitfire from the corner of his eye. Her voice was even and neutral, but from the agitated swishing of her tail and her fidgeting wings he could tell she was barely entertaining the monarchs' meeting.

“A bold statement young one,” Celestia said, nodding to Spitfire. “But I must urge caution. First I would like to know all that has transpired here before we come to a decision.”

Soarin' barely caught the twitch in Spitfire's eye. Inwardly he groaned. Just keep it together Spits. We'll be the ones to sort this out, just keep a lid on that temper of yours.

Over the next hour, Soarin', Rainbow Dash, Scootaloo and the Element Bearers proceeded to recount the past days' events in detail. For his own part, Soarin' opted again to omit any mention of his parents.

“We tried using the Elements of Harmony, but that kinda backfired...” Rainbow trailed off.

“He attacked us with lightning,” Soarin' said bluntly, picking up where Rainbow left off. “Power I've seen or felt before. I have no comparison, but this has to be the Archon,” Soarin' said resolutely, looking squarely at the Princesses.

“You know the rest from there,” Spitfire added quickly.

Celestia was silent the trio had finished, her brow furrowed as she thought.

Soarin' glanced Spitfire's way. Her demeanor hadn't changed, but her aura said otherwise. A quick look revealed a fiery and volatile swirling about Spitfire's chest. The lack of action was starting to wear on the Wonderbolt.

“To think that one of the Ascended was interred beneath our home for all those centuries...” Luna commented absently.

“And never once did we suspect a thing,” Celestia added. “Though I would guess that Commander Hurricane intended it to be so when he presented the castle to us.”

Twilight stepped forward to address her teacher. “He said that he helped create the Elements, which I didn't even think was possible. Did you know? Is it something that can help us? What are the Ascended? I have so many questions-”

Celestia raised her hoof, signaling Twilight to stop.

“I don't think now is the time for a history lesson,” Spitfire said irritably.

Soarin' grunted, echoing his Captain's sentiment. This is taking too long. We need a plan so Rainbow, Scootaloo and I can get to Pegasi Peak!

Celestia ignored Spitfire's remark.

“I will endeavor to answer what I can, my faithful student. But you must remember, though some ponies may think so, my sister and I are not omnipotent. Time has afforded me knowledge, but there are pieces of the deep histories that even I am not privy to.”

Luna cocked a head toward Spitfire. “We will offer the abbreviated version.”

Spitfire nodded.

“The Elements of Harmony have not always existed,” Celestia started. “Rather they were created at the proposal of Luna and I to combat Discord.”

“But to create weapons of such purity could never be done by ourselves alone,” Luna said. “It could only be accomplished through the mutual combination of beings of great power from across Equestria and beyond.”

“Beings similar to my sister and I, from all the major races,” Celestia continued. “unicorns, earth ponies, zebras, minotaurs, dragons and pegasi.”

“They came in delegations. For the pegasi, this consisted of their entire ruling council from the Skythan Empire,” Luna said. “It was the first time many of the races had met amicably. The Skythan Pegasi were particularly secretive,” Luna said, before a wry smile appeared on her face. “And quite handsome as well, if I recall.”

“Sister...,” Celestia said dismissively, before simply shaking her head.

Several pegasi mumbled and muttered at Luna's revelation, Soarin' among them. So Skythus did exist. And there was an Archon council. Guess I shouldn't put it past Celestia and Luna to keep secrets about our past from us.

“Assembled with the others we were able to create the Elements, and dispel Discord. Following the conflict the Ascended disappeared,” Celestia said. “We never heard from the Skythan pegasi again until Commander Hurricane arrived in Equestria along with the rest of his race. All he could tell us was that the Archon Council had disappeared and left the pegasi to their own fate.”

“Until now it seems,” Luna added darkly. She looked across the assembled ponies for a moment. “The opponent you faced a last night is indeed an Archon, proven by the Elements ineffectiveness. The elements were in part birthed from his power; he cannot be harmed by them.”

“Yeah, I think we figured that one out,” Spitfire said flatly.

Soarin' noted a particularly nasty look from Luna directed right at Spitfire. The Wonderbolt seemed to pay no mind.

“If that's all true then,” Applejack started to say slowly, looking to Luna, “then how's come the Elements worked on you?”

Luna looked thoughtful for a moment before responding. “I... willfully changed myself through dark magics into Nightmare Moon. From that point onward I was no long Luna, the one who had contributed her magic to the Elements creation. In fact, I believe that is what allowed the Elements to restore me; with my own magic that is a part of their power.”

“It would appear that the Archon has made no such changes to himself,” Celestia added.

“But if the Elements won't work, what will we do?” Twilight said. “Is there anything you can do Princess? You both were with them all those years ago, do you know how we might stop him?”

Luna shook her head. “As I said before, the pegasi were quite secretive. My sister and I know as much as you do about the abilities of an Archon.”

Soarin' noted the depressing looks amongst the Ponyville citizens.

“I know that is not answer you wanted to hear,” Celestia said. “But do not think that we will do nothing.”

“Indeed!” Luna abruptly shouted, stamping her hoof to the ground. “It has been too long since I have took to the sky in battle!”

Celestia shot a slightly disapproving look at her sister. “Perhaps. Unfortunately, other threats have come about.”

That was news to Soarin'. Other threats?

“There have been rumors of attacks along our borders with the dragon lands,” Celestia said grimly. “Contact has been lost with several fringe villages.”

“And there is unrest even within our own realm,” Luna said, looking squarely at Spitfire.

Did she actually just say that? Soarin' thought in disbelief, right before the mare next to him exploded.

“Are you calling Cloudsdale a threat?!” Spitfire nearly shouted, rounding to face the lunar monarch with wings flared.

Steely gazes, including Soarin's, were immediately amongst the Wonderbolts, all directed at the lunar monarch.

“Because right now the only 'threat' I see is wasted time from two 'rulers' who have told me nothing worthwhile!” Spitfire growled baring her teeth.

Celestia was impassive, but her sister was not so calm. Her glare intensified onto the Wonderbolt Captain.

The Royal Guard next to Celestia stepped forward. “Captain Spitfire you are out of line! I will not tolerate such disrespect! Remember who your allegiance lies with!”

“My allegiance is to Cloudsdale and the pegasi!” Spitfire shouted back, taking an aggressive step toward the Guard.

Soarin' took a stance next to his Captain. This crosses the line, he thought angrily, glaring at Celestia and Luna. We're better off without their 'help'.

He almost didn't feel Rainbow's aura brush up against his own.

Abruptly Rainbow Dash flew into the center of the barn, placing herself between the Wonderbolts and the Royal Guard. “Hey, whoa hold on everypony, we're all on the same team here,” she said apprehensively. She looked for help down at Soarin'.

For the briefest of moments, Soarin' considered doing nothing. For one of the monarchs to insinuate that Cloudsdale would be a threat to the country boiled his pegasus blood. But the look on Rainbow's face and the calming touch of her aura told him she was right. This was the worst time to start fighting with allies. Even if he didn't like them.

He made to reply to Rainbow, when the sudden thud of wooden doors cut him off.

All eyes turned toward the barn entrance.

In rushed one of the Royal Guards. “I bring urgent news from the interrogators.”

“Interrogators?” Soarin' say aloud, looking confusedly to Spitfire. “We have a captive?”

A bewildered look overcame Spitfire. She whirled around onto the messenger. “Why wasn't I notified we captured a Tempest Guard?!”

The Guard looked unsure between Spitfire and Princess Celestia and Luna.

“Please, render you report,” Celestia said calmly.

“They were unable to divulge any information from him,” the Guard said.

Were? Soarin' thought. He realized it the same time Spitfire did.

A mixture of disgust and fury marked Spitfire's face.

“We were changing interrogators when he killed himself. Overloaded the amulet they wore and detonated it against his chest,” the Guard finished gravely.

“You left him alone? And didn't even think to strip him of his amulet?” Spitfire said incredulously. “Could you be any more of an incompetent clipped wing? Of all the wasted oppor-” she started to mutter angrily before suddenly composing herself, turning back to the monarchs.

Soarin' glanced worriedly at Spitfire as she stared impassively at Celestia and Luna.

“That's it,” Spitfire said in a commanding voice, addressing all those assembled. “In light of the threat at hoof to Cloudsdale and with the full authorization of Supreme Commander Dark Shot I'm initiating the Hurricane Contingency.”

Soarin' sighed in resignation. So its come to this.

Those assembled muttered confusedly at Spitfire's announcement.

Celestia arched a brow. “I'm not familiar with such a thing.”

“You wouldn't be. It's classified,” Spitfire replied dryly.

“Classified!?” Twilight's exclaimed. “She's the princess!”

Spitfire looked annoyed at Twilight. “And as of right now, that means nothing to me.” Spitfire turned back to Celestia and Luna. “Martial law now exists within Cloudsdale. Until the threat is eliminated, Cloudsdale and the pegasi military no longer answer to Canterlot.”

Abruptly, Spitfire made an about face, striding toward the door. The rest of the Wonderbolts, save for Soarin' followed her.

“Spitfire wait!” Rainbow Dash called out.

“Let her go,” Luna said evenly. “She will not be dissuaded.”

“Perhaps you could enlighten me as to what this 'Hurricane Contingency' entails?” Celestia asked, looking to Soarin'.

Soarin' looked at the Alicorn for a moment. He sighed. At this point it doesn't matter. “The Hurricane Contingency is Commander Hurricane's final orders. Most of the details have been lost over the years, but the basic instructions still exist. In the time when the 'great storms' threaten the sky, the aerial legions will be immediately recalled to fight against the 'enemy of old to the pegasi nation',” Soarin' recited. “The Twin Storms were the first sign. And the Archon has followed it.” Soarin' looked over his shoulder to were Spitfire and the rest of the Wonderbolts had left. “The pegasi military will gather it's forces at the air base in Los Pegasus and confront the threat.”

“Hurricane knew he would return,” Luna said softly.

Celestia looked alarmed, turning to her sister. “You knew this?”

“I am very sorry sister,” Luna admitted. “He said many things back then. I had forgotten, it has been so long, and thinking of him...” Luna paused for a moment, seeming to think over her words. “Thinking of him and our time together... it has been difficult.” She finished, a sad look upon her face.

Celestia's gaze softened, offering her sister a quick hug with her wing.

Celestia turned to Soarin'. “You speak of your comrades gathering at Los Pegasus, yet here you remain. You spoke as if you do not plan on joining them.”

Soarin' opened his mouth, then closed it. For a moment he was quiet. He looked to Rainbow Dash and Scootaloo, feeling their aura's connect with his.

He looked back to Celestia and Luna.

“The Wonderbolts and the pegasi military will do whatever it takes to defeat the Archon,” he said boldly. “But... I think there may be a better way,” he said in an unsure voice, shuffling his hooves. “The only way.”

Celestia walked over to Soarin', who was now joined by Rainbow Dash and Scootaloo at his side. “I believe you are right, Soarin' Legacy Bearer,” she said, smiling warmly down at the trio.

Luna walked up beside her sister. “It would appear that the legends of the Legacy Bearers were true. My sister and I do not know of the powers you three hold within you, but I do not believe it is a coincidence that you three have come to bear them now.”

“Don't worry Princess,” Rainbow said confidently. “We'll buck that Archon jerk so hard he won't know what hit him!”

“Rainbow!” Twilight said disapprovingly, chastising the pegasus' language.

Luna chuckled. “I have no doubt of your determination.”

“I believe you three are the best we have at defeating this threat,” Celestia said in a serious tone. “The situation now is most dire. My sister and I can combat the Archon, but our power alone will not defeat him. A battle of immortals would only serve greater destruction. I will not be able to assist you, rather I will go to investigate the rumors along the dragon borders.”

“And I to speak with the Cloudsdale Consul,” Luna said. She turned to Soarin'. “He has already relayed to me prior what your Captain spoke of. Cloudsdale stands apart from the rest of Equestria.”

“Forgive me if I don't sympathize with you Princess,” Soarin' replied lightly.

Luna bowed her head. “You must forgive my earlier assertion. I only wish to ensure our subjects safety. Recent political events have turned most sour,” she said bitterly. “Regardless of the Consul's claim of independence, I still care deeply for Hurricane's kin. And despite what you may think, I have always held a special place in my heart for the Cloudsdale pegasi,” she said wistfully. “They have always held my starry nights in such high regard...” she trailed off.

“What will you do now?” Celestia asked.

Soarin' looked between Rainbow and Scootaloo, then back to the Princess. “We're going to Pegasi Peak. Commander Hurricane left something there for us. I'm not sure what it is, but I think it will help us against the Archon. After that, I'm not sure.”

Celestia bowed her head. “I wish you the best of luck. And while I know that you may not hold my sister and I in the highest regard, always remember that you will always be a friend amongst us.”

Soarin' didn't reply, instead rendering a curt nod.

From there the remaining ponies departed. Rainbow's friends exited the barn. Twilight accompanied her teacher, pouring over questions as the two departed.

Soarin' walked toward the entrance with Rainbow and Scootaloo.

“Lieutenant Soarin', a moment if I may,” Princess Luna said.

Soarin' looked to Rainbow and Scootaloo.

“We'll meet up later,” Rainbow said. “And be nice to Luna. She's a friend,” she added before exiting the barn, Scootaloo following after her.

Soarin' turned to Luna. “Alright. What is it?”

A wry smile came to Luna's face. “Please do not be angry with me Soarin', I meant what I said before. I merely wish to share a few words that may be of help.”

Soarin' sighed. “Okay. Let's hear it.”

“Hurricane spoke little of his time as the Legacy Bearer, even to myself. He only said that a 'whole spirit would be as a razor forged blade',” Luna recited sadly. “Then and even now I do not know entirely what he meant by such words. But I would pass on what little I have in the hopes that they may aid you.”

“Old scars re-opened and a broken blade.” Commander Hurricane's words echoed in Soarin's mind. “He will not be struck down by a blunted edge.” Again with that, Soarin' thought. Why didn't Hurricane come out and tell him what was the problem? What did he have to fix?

“Does it mean anything to you?”

Soarin' blinked, Luna's words bringing him from his thoughts. He hadn't realized how quiet it had become between the two.

“I'm not sure,” Soarin' said truthfully, looking to Luna. “I... I need to think about it. Talk with the others.”

Luna sighed. “I suppose it was too much to hope that it would bring about an end to this crisis.” Her gaze lingered over to Soarin', smiling warmly.

“You look so very much like him, I hope you should know,” Luna commented with a coy smile.

Soarin' was slightly taken aback by the Princess' forwardness. “Uh... thanks?”

Luna laughed. “I can assure Soarin', it is indeed a compliment. A sign of your deeds to come perhaps?” She asked, moving toward the exit.

“If it means that we can stop this, then I'll take it.”

Luna stopped in the doorway. “Oh and if I may say, Rainbow Dash should consider herself a very lucky mare,” she said wryly, winking at Soarin'.

Soarin' made to reply but the Lunar Princess had already left.

Rolling his eyes, Soarin' followed after, off to seek out Rainbow and Scootaloo.

A short while later Soarin' met with Rainbow Dash near the edge of Sweet Apple Acres. Rainbow's friends were there as well, along with Celestia and Luna. The Wonderbolts were gathered a short distance away, each clad in their armor, and making final preparations to their gear.

Soarin' looked all around the group. “Where's Scootaloo?”

“She said she had to take care of something important,” Rainbow said sullenly. “Not sure why she's avoiding her.”

Soarin' shook his head. Why are you making this so hard on her Scootaloo?

Spitfire walked over to the trio, her helmet tucked under her wing. “We're about ready to leave,” she said.

Her words seemed hollow somehow, Soarin' thought sadly.

“Right,” Rainbow said, casting a sidelong glance at Soarin'. “I'm not really sure what you guys' are going to do, but I know you'll kick flank.” Rainbow offered her hoof to Spitfire. “Stay safe out there.”

Spitfire grinned back, meeting Rainbow's hoof with her own. “Same to you Rainbow. And take care of this big guy,” she looked to Soarin' with a cocky grin, “stars knows he'll need it if I'm not around.”

Her jab earned a playful smirk from the stallion. “What can I say? Super powers turned me into a loose cannon.”

Both Wonderbolts laughed.

Spitfire looked around group absently, but Soarin' could tell what she was looking for. Or rather who she was looking for.

“Where's um...” Spitfire's wings fidgeted. “Where's Scootaloo?”

Rainbow sighed. “Said she had something important to take care of.”

“Oh,” Spitfire said weakly. Her eyes drifted over her hooves, seemingly lost in thought. “Kinda wanted to...” her words were lost in a mumble.

Soarin' thought he saw Spitfire swallow before she took a deep breath, looking up at Rainbow, slightly more composed. “Can... can you tell her to be safe?” She asked. “And that she's a tough pegasus, more than she knows? Okay?” Spitfire said awkwardly. Soarin' could tell the mare was doing her best not to get to choked up.

“I promise,” Rainbow said.

Spitfire nodded in thanks. She turned to Soarin'.

“You sure I can't convince you to come with us? Technically speaking, you could be charged with being AWOL if you don't show up at Los Pegasus,” she said with weak smile.

Soarin' chuckled awkwardly. “Heh. Yeah.”

For a moment it was quiet between the two Wonderbolts.

Spitfire abruptly threw her hooves around Soarin's neck.

“Damnit you better stay safe out there!”

Soarin' felt dampness around his neck as he returned Spitfire's hug in kind. He didn't even try to hold back the few tears that trickled down onto her mane. “I w-will.”

“And that's an order!” Spitfire pulled herself away, hooves still resting on Soarin's shoulders and his on hers. “Which means when this is all over, and you're this big stupid hero after kicking that clipped wings flank, I'm going to see you in Cloudsdale ready to go!”

Soarin' couldn't help but smile even as tears continued down his cheeks. “Roger Captain.”

He could tell his grin only served to further tear up her attempt to remain firm. “Cause I need my second in command!” Spitfire was quiet for a moment. When she spoke again, her voice was barely above a whisper. “And I need my b-best friend. I don't leave f-friends behind! Y-you got it?!”

“I p-promise Spitfire,” Soarin' replied shakily. “Be careful out there. I-I need you too,” he barely managed to say, his voice nearly lost to him. He put on the biggest smile he could muster. “You're gonna be the hero to lead the 'Bolts through all this. I know it.”

Spitfire swallowed hard, sniffling. All she could do was manage a nod.

Fleetfoot walked up behind Spitfire. “Captain? We're ready to go.”

Spitfire released Soarin'. Taking a deep breath, she composed herself as best she could. “Right. We make for Los Pegasus.” With a final nod toward Soarin', she left to rejoin the rest of the Wonderbolts.

Soarin' watched her walk away, dread filling him. The realization that she was going into danger, and he wouldn't be there. He reached forth with his aura, touching upon Spitfire's.

Save for his own and Rainbow's, Spitfire's aura burned bright. Some of his worries melted away as he he felt the absolute strength that flowed from hers to his. Be careful Spitfire. I need my best friend too.

“Fleets.” Soarin' said, still looking on after Spitfire. “Take care of her.”

Fleetfoot nodded, before quickly thrusting his helmet over his head. He followed after Spitfire.

Soarin' watched the armor clad Wonderbolts standing in formation, with Spitfire at the head. “Defensores Caelum!” She shouted, thrusting her helmet on and leaping into the sky.

“DEFENSORES CAELUM!” Erupted from the Wonderbolts. Immediately they leaped into the air with incredible speed, following their Captain across the sky.

Soarin' watched the yellow winged pegasus at the head of the pack until she was only a dot on the horizon. “Defensores Caelum,” he whispered.

Rainbow sided up next to Soarin', offering a comforting smile as she draped a wing over his back.

“That one is brash, disrespectful, insubordinate and reckless,” Luna said, her eyes lingering on the horizon. A smirk came to her face.

“I like her.”

Author's Note:

Hello again all! It has been quite a while.

I hope you enjoyed this chapter. I must say that Spitfire really has become the most fun to write. Very dynamic character. But not to worry! We'll be getting plenty from Soarin', Rainbow and Scootaloo as they journey on their own. I think it should make things move a little smoother too, now that we'll be focusing on these three for a while.

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