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Legacy of the Pegasi - secret89

An ancient pegasi myth has returned. It will take three special pegasi to turn back the storm.

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Ch. 3: Lies and Countrysides

Legacy of the Pegasi

Chapter 3: Lies and Countrysides

The unification of Equestria brought about a new government for the allied races of Earth pony, unicorn, and pegasi under the Royals. For many an average and perhaps uninformed citizen of the land, it was the belief that all executive power and jurisdiction radiated solely from Canterlot and the Alicorns that resided there. While it was true that the original governing bodies of the Earth ponies and unicorns had either been absorbed into the current jurisdiction or were ceremonial, the same could not be said of the pegasi.

Though not so militaristic any longer, the pegasi had secured for themselves a measure of autonomy, staying very much within their stubbornly independent nature. Unlike the mostly defunct parliaments and caucuses of their ground borne brethren, the pegasi had maintained their own. This came in the form of the Cloudsdale Senate, the highest governing body to pegasi throughout the sky and land, and second only the the Royals in Canterlot. Nevertheless, the structure still displayed a strong sense of regional pride.

Located in the center of Cloudsdale, the Senate building was a sight to behold. A largely circular structure, it boasted four towers, each spread evenly around the edge. An additional tower rested atop the dome, around which were statues of pegasi that seemed to be at guard. Countless flags billowed in the wind, creating a sense majesty. Within the building was equally if not more so impressive.

The inside of the of the Senate was a large circular room, rows of seating stretching along the inner circumference of the chamber. The ceiling reached upwards of one hundred feet from the center of the floor, thanks in part to the massive cloud dome. Like the base of the building, the floor was circular, though tempered in size due to the surrounding seating. It was this area from which much of the debate originated, a central dais and podium the only decoration installed. The walls inside the structure also had their own trimmings. Bronze and marble statues of famous pegasi in military history lined the inner walls, as if to guard the sacrosanct assembly. Some stood in regal pose in full military attire, while others were depicted in flight, others still raised on their rear hooves, as if in battle. Of these, the greatest rested in the center of the chamber. Raised up upon a cloud so that even the rearmost Senator had to raise his head, a golden-bronze statue of Commander Hurricane and his two Lieutenants Lightning Streak and Ice Wing dominated the caucus. Behind the standing statues was the massive Cloudsdale flag. The background of the flag was sky blue, with two white clouds on either side, each bearing a single yellow lightning bolt that crossed the other near the bottom center of the standard. While royal decree stated that the seal of the two sisters and the Equestrian flag be displayed in all government establishments, these two were relegated to flanking the entrance of the Senate. This placement, coupled with the imposing statues of Commander Hurricane, his Lieutenants, and the Cloudsdale Flag, made it quite clear where much of the pride and allegiance lay in the floating city.

Though most of the pegasi in modern Equestria had abandoned the military garb and lifestyle that still adorned the Senate statues, they had lost none of their fiery passion or tempers. Those within Cloudsdale Senate were no exception. As a result, the government and politics of the winged ponies was a much more involved, and at times, animated affair. This not only included heated debates between the sky city and the government in Canterlot, but even between the policy makers within the pegasi government.

The inside of the Senate chambers abounded with raised voices, a minority in anger, others in righteous protest. Though it may have seemed to be a sharply divided issue to the casual bystander, the current motion seemed to hold popular support. Many Senators found themselves on their hooves, yelling across the vast chamber, either at opponents in the opposite seating, or at the current speaker who occupied the Senatorial Floor. Insults were not uncommon, and brawls on the Senate Floor were not unheard of. Suffice to say, harmony still had a long way to go when it came to the pegasi race. The current debate was shaping up to be a fine example of such.

“Order, Order!” Shouted an elder pegasi, seated behind a large podium near the rear of the Floor. The current Speaker in the Senate, it was his cumbersome job to instill a sense of order among the Senators and preside over Senate procedure. In other words, his job sucked. “Order!” He shouted again, his frustration apparent.

Despite this, his calls went unheeded. Senators continued to yell throughout the chamber, some even beginning to make their way closer to the forward seating near the Floor. The Speaker sighed. Raising his hoof, he struck a small dark cloud that rested atop the podium.

Immediately the large cloud supporting the trio of statues in the center of the Senate darkened, a lightning bolt cracking up along the metallic Commander Hurricane. It was immediately followed by a massive roll of thunder.

Instantly the assembly quieted, Senators making their way back to their seats. “Now,” the Speaker began, “we will continue.” He turned to the pegasi at the Floor podium. “Senator Wings, you may go on.”

A light gray pegasus stallion with a vibrantly silver mane, Silver Wings was one of the more verbose Senators. His cutie mark, though not by any means elegant, conveyed his talent. A soap box with a speech bubble.

“Thank you Mr. Speaker.” Silver Wings responded, turning to address the assembly.

“As I was saying before, the time has come for the status quo to change.” the Senator spoke beginning to circle the chamber Floor. “Cloudsdale and her pegasi have faithfully served the Equestrian Royalty in the capacity of weather management, and Celestia forbid it should ever be necessary, as an aerial force unequaled in the skies.”

Many Senators nodded in ascent, many of whom had served in each of the respected institutions.

Silver continued. “However, these capacities can be expanded, and our services to this united nation greater!”

Murmurs of ascent gradually rose and fell.

“It has always been in the nature of a pegasus to serve, to strive to best assist not only their winged brethren, but also our adopted cousins that reside upon the earth.” Silver's voice was full of sincerity, yet had a keener eye been at watch, some would have noticed the forced smile at the use of the word 'cousins'. Yet, the assembled politicians were too enthralled with the speech of pegasi pride.

Many more pegasi seemed to give their approval, and even those who had opposed earlier seemed to give sway.

“Yet,” Silver's tone changed, “there are those in the Royal government who would deny us this opportunity.” The senator turned, just now giving his attention to the small delegation of unicorns. Representing the Royal government in Canterlot, the small group had silently observed as the action had unfolded before them. They now locked eyes with Senator Wings.

Grumblings and the occasional boo could heard throughout the Senate. It was well known throughout Equestrian politics that Canterlot and Cloudsdale had been on rocky terms in recent years. Today only served to make things more tenuous.

“Our national government would deny us the right to follow in the hoofsteps of our ancestors,” Silver pointed excitedly at the massive trio of statues above him, “to deny us the will to serve that which runs in our veins, handed down to us by those who have gone before!”

Hoops and hollers of support randomly began to pop up from the surrounding seating.

Silver took a moment to compose himself, returning to address the Canterlot delegation. “I have heard the worries from the national government. I have heard the rumors. That a change in the relationship would only serve to create a disharmony among the nations, that cooperation would deteriorate and collapse. I have even heard the ludicrous notion that this legislative body seeks a secession from our great nation.”

Silver paused, locking eyes once again with the unicorn delegates. Their stares were anything but friendly. The Senator chuckled to himself. “I can personally assure that this is completely false. The pegasi simply wish to best serve their country. It is my sincere hope that the Canterlot delegation will see reason.” He ended warmly, his benevolent smile not at all impressing the unicorn attendees.

Returning to the podium, Senator Wings turned to the assembly, addressing it in a formal and firm voice. “Therefore, Mr. Speaker, assembled Senators, I put forth a motion to a vote, that upon passage will be sent to the national government in Canterlot, requesting for the increased autonomy of Cloudsdale and her pegasi citizenry, that she may better serve...”

Senator Wings continued briefly, but he was quickly overshadowed by the cheers and hoofbeats that poured throughout the Senate. Finally, we're on our way, Silver thought, filling with pride. All will be set right... he thought knowingly, glancing outside the Senate building, as storm was released from a weather factory. All will be set right.

“Order, ORDER!” The speaker bellowed, attempting to quench the continuing cheers and hoofbeats. “ORDER I SAY!” He slammed his hoof upon the storm gavel, but this time it did little to dissuade the Senate. “ORDER!”

Several hours later, the Senate adjourned, the vote completed. Pegasi Senators flew and sauntered out of the massive building. One of the last out, Senator Wings walked briskly from the building.

“Silver! Hey Silver Wings! Wait up!”

Silver looked up. One his fellow Senators and his best friend Windswept flew down, landing hard next to him.

“Hello Windswept. How are you?” Silver returned calmly, continuing to walk.

Windswept was flabbergasted. “How am I? How am I!? I'm mad as Tartarus that's what! And why aren't you!? The vote failed!

“Yes, I know I was there.” Silver Wing replied, still as calm as ever.

“Silver, you know what I mean. Your speech, it was incredible! The applause, the cheering!” A look of disbelief was etched on Windswept's face. “I just can't believe it! How did it fail?”

Stopping, Silver turned to his upset friend. “Winds, I've been at this game a little longer than you have. I think you'll find that despite their patriotism, come time to vote many of our colleagues still find themselves under the oppressive hoof of Celestia.” Silver spat out the monarch's name, no hint of respect in his voice.

“I still can't believe it.” Windswept let out a sigh, gazing out across the Cloudsdale cityscape. “Cloudsdale and the pegasi have so much potential.” He spoke wistfully.

Potential indeed. Silver thought. “Don't worry my friend. The vote was very close; we gained allies today.”

“But will it be enough? We don't even know if Canterlot would've accepted the vote even if it had passed!”

“I know its frustrating. But it's how the game is played.”

“It's just maddening, trying to reach our goal. Even Commander Hurricane would be ashamed to see us restricted like this, unable to carry out his legacy of service to the nation.”

Silver Wing snorted mentally. Hardly. That traitorous coward. “As I said before, don't worry. Our... group...” Silver spoke more cautiously, “of fellow patriots have found the sway we need to ensure our greater autonomy.” A wicked grin spread across his face.

Windswept lit up immediately. “W-we have? And it will bring in the others? How? When? What is it!?”

Silver waited for his friend to compose himself, before answering. “All in good time. Just know that things are going to change you'll be there to see it.”

Windswept smiled. “Finally.”

Soarin' and Spitfire landed softly in the outskirts of Ponyville. It was mid-morning, Celestia's sun still making it's way across the sky. Though the show wasn't for several days, Soarin' and Spitfire always arrived early to ensure that the proper facilities would be available for the squad. As for arriving early in the day, it was always easier for the athletes to move through town when there wasn't a great deal of ponies about who might have recognized the pair, even out of uniform. However, the two Wonderbolts could have put that worry aside. Ponyville was clearly a town detached from the commercialism and news of the cities.

The outskirts of the town were largely rural pastures, wide open ranges that seemed to stretch on toward the horizon. Only wooden fencing and simple dirt roads crisscrossed the sea of wild grass. It was only when they started to make their way into town did they encounter what could be considered an actual road. Coming with the brick and mortar road were the various country homes and shops that made up the small town. Most were simple single storied buildings, complemented with shuttered windows, a brick or wooden build, and small wooden slats for shingles. If a visitor to Ponyville wasn't convinced that it was a country town, then its citizens surely would. Ponies went about their work setting up stalls for produce and baked goods, others tending to their shops. Adults milled about the marketplace, buying and selling, while colts and foals ran about at play. Outside the city limits lay the patchwork of the various farms that surrounded the village, completing the picture. All in all, Ponyville appeared to be a cheerful place, its citizens happily going about their business in the quaint little town. It was quite the contrast to the cities of Equestria, a concept not lost on Spitfire. The same realization could not be said of her compatriot.

“Well if this isn't a little slice of heaven, then I don't know what is.” Spitfire remarked casually.

Soarin' barely acknowledged the comment, grunting absently. He had told himself that he wasn't going to worry about the nightmarish memory from earlier. And here I am, still worrying about it. Normally when something was bugging him, he would turn to flying. It had been the one thing he was able to hold onto after his parents had died. It was something he poured all his anger, sorrow, and pain into, fueling his drive. And for years it had worked, shielding him, propelling him forward. But this time its not working. The stallion thought in confusion. Soarin' felt weak and vulnerable. He didn't like it.

The pair continued to stroll slowly through the town. Spitfire took in the experience, enjoying a simple walk without being bombarded by fans. However, she did notice Soarin's blank expression.

“Hey Soar?” She called out curiously, a slightly concerned look on her face.

Soarin' continued in step, not even taking note of his friend. His body was on autopilot as his mind continued to churn. What had killed his parents all those years ago? Just what had the Twin Storms been? These were just some of the unanswered questions that he had lived with, buried away under his determination to fly, to be the best.

The pair had stopped near the town square. Various ponies moved around them, thankfully taking little note of the newcomers. Laughter rang through the air as young ponies ran about nearby. Unfortunately, Spitfire didn't share in the youngsters enthusiasm. Genuine worry filled her as she gave her friend a solid stare. She was the only pony that knew about his past, how he had grown up, the barriers that he had placed on himself.

"Hey, Soarin', are you okay?”

Right now, those barriers were failing. The tension from earlier, from weeks before, had returned again. Soarin' sighed in frustration. He just couldn't seem to shake this vaguely familiar feeling. Why am I even thinking about this stuff? Its ancient history. Done and gone. Right? Somewhere in the back of his mind, a small voice seemed to say otherwise.

Spitfire called out to her teammate again. “Hey, you alright?”

The male pegasus pulled himself out of his pensive state, turning to the yellow mare.

“Yeah, yeah...” He started not convincingly, staring ahead.

Its throwing me off. He continued in his mind. I've got to do som-. Suddenly laughter caught the stallion's attention. Ignoring Spitfire's curious look, Soarin' turned about, looking for the source. The sight he beheld rooted him on the spot. A young colt trotted happily along down the road, his parents by his side. Smiles were all among them. Anger suddenly flashed through the stallion's body, mixed with confusion. Where in the hay did that come from? The raw emotion had risen up from deep within. It felt foreign, and yet familiar, like an old foe. With it came the accursed and nameless anxiety that had decided to haunt him. First his weird nightmare, and now this? What was going on with him? No, it doesn't matter. I just need to focus. And get rid of, whatever this is. He thought, not entirely sure of himself.

Spitfire glanced between Soarin' and the family before the two. An outpouring of sympathy filled her as she noted the pained expression on her friend's face. “Soar whats bugging you?” She spoke as tenderly as she could.

Soarin' blinked a few times before acknowledging his fellow Wonderbolt. She looked as if she were about to pull him into a massive hug. What, did he look like he was about to break down in tears? Sure some things were gnawing at him a bit, but he wasn't a colt, he'd deal with it. “Nothing, I'm fine.” He replied casually, years of built up barriers lying for him.

Spitfire wasn't fazed. Yet she knew Soarin' well enough not to prod just yet. The stallion wasn't in the habit of asking for help. He'd do things his way first, and then if it didn't work out, she'd make it her business as his friend to step in. Whether he liked it or not. But for now, she simply let out belabored sigh.

Soarin' flashed his friend a grateful smile. He really was lucky to have Spitfire as a friend.

Silence passed between the two for a moment. Still feeling uncomfortable, Soarin' turned to the yellow mare, much more resolute now. He still had something to take care of. “Hey, Spit?”

“Hm?” She replied absently. The Wonderbolt had pulled out a piece of parchment from her saddlebag, not bothering to look up. Instead, there was a knowing look on her face, waiting for Soarin to continue.

“I'm going to take a flight around, check things out.”

“Yeah, sure you are.” She replied sarcastically, a small grin on her face.

She knew him too well. Yep, definitely lucky to have her. He thought happily, the nagging in the back of his mind temporarily subsiding.

“I need to find the local weather pegasus anyway, make sure were setup for the show.” She continued, returning to the list before her.

Soarin' nodded, walking towards the outskirts of the town square. He was about to launch himself into the air, when the Wonderbolt Captain called out to him.

“Just don't go and get yourself hurt understand?” There was a twinge of worry on her face as she looked out toward the light blue stallion.

Soarin' raised a hoof in mock salute, grinning. “Course not! Wouldn't dream of putting you on that emotional roller coaster!”

Before the dumbfounded mare could respond, Soarin' took to the air. Watching him go, Spitfire simply smiled, walking off to find Ponyville's elusive weather pegasus.

Okay, so maybe preparing for the Wonderbolts will have to wait.

Rainbow Dash slowly glided down, landing in a large pasture well outside Ponyville. She hadn't lied to Twilight when she said that she had a lot to do today. It wasn't everyday that the entire Wonderbolts flight team showed up in Ponyville for a show. Normally they stuck with hitting all the major venues in the cities across Equestria. Yet, they had chosen to host their next show right in Rainbow's backyard. To say she was excited was an understatement. Yet, recent events had significantly dampened her spirits.

Taking in the landscape around her, Rainbow spotted a lone tree among the endless flowing fields of grass. Walking over to the solitary oak, she rested herself under its shade. A contemplative mood overtook her. The young cyan mare hadn't had this much on her mind in a long time.

Gifted with the talent of flying, Rainbow Dash was the self proclaimed “Greatest Flier in Equestria”. Though there may have been some legitimacy issues to that claim, she didn't sweat the details. Added to that, she bore the Element of Loyalty, and had been instrumental in defeating Nightmare Moon upon her return. Like her other five friends, she had gone on to save Equestria from the spirit of chaos itself, as well as saving Ponyville proper multiple times. To top it off, she was easily one of the up and coming prospects to join the Wonderbolts. When she wasn't practicing for her eventual tryout, she tended to the town's weather related needs, a job that fit well with her laid back personality. Had she been asked a few weeks ago if she was happy, there would have been no question as to her answer. But the recent weeks had not been typical. “And today definitely takes the cake,” she said aloud to herself.

Still seated against the trunk of the large tree, Rainbow stared off into the distance. It was midday, the sun lighting up the golden fields before her, not a cloud in the sky. Yet, instead of the endless blue that laid out before her, she only saw two terrific storms in her mind, converging on a massive cloud city. She had been at Cloudsdale, the day the Twin Storms hit. The day she had become an orphan. She had been very young when it had happened, only fuzzy memories coming to mind. But come to mind they did, accompanied by sporadic shots of fear and sadness, all she had left after her parents had been taken from her. “And now its all back, thanks to some crazy book,” Rainbow said wistfully, still staring off in the distance. For the longest time after, she had wondered in vain about why her parents had died. Why the freak storm had happened when it did. Her younger years hadn't been very easy in the Cloudsdale orphanage. As soon as she was old enough, she left, eventually ending up in Ponyville. There she had found friends, a real home. “I don't even know if what that dead pegasus from the book was talking about has anything to do with my parents!” She yelled out in frustration. Pausing for a moment, Rainbow thought about what she just said. Wow. I sound like a lunatic, the mare sighed.

What did it even mean? Find her, find him? And what was going to happen? Dash didn't know, and while it bothered her that something big was going to happen, it was kind of hard to prepare on so little information. She tried to put the predicament out of her mind. But instead of more questions, the anxiety from recent weeks filled her, seemingly forcing images of her parents, Cloudsdale, and a massive storm into her mind. “ARGGHHH! GETOUTTAMYHEAD!” Rainbow bolted up, putting her hooves to her temple.

Suddenly, sounds of breaking branches overhead snapped Rainbow from her problem. There was a startled yelp, followed by a solid thud. Rainbow turned to see a copper colored pegasus, with a purple mane sprawled at the base of the tree. A single white wing crossed with an amethyst lightning bolt rested on her flank. Rainbow Dash smiled happily to see the young mare, grateful for the distraction.

“Hey Scoots, what are you doing all the way out here?”

The pegasus looked up from the ground, blowing a tuft of her mane out of her eyes. “Oof.” Scootaloo let out a groan, before standing up slowly. “Hey Dash. I was just taking a quick nap, its quieter out here away from Ponyville.”

Once titled Rainbow Dash's “Number one fan”, Scootaloo had grown in the years since she was a small filly buzzing about on her scooter. Now in her younger teens, the pegasus had not only obtained her precious mark, but had also developed into a strong flier herself, her wings full and strong. This was thanks in no small part to Rainbow's own assistance to the orange filly, the two becoming much closer friends in the process.

“Since when do you nap Scoots?” Rainbow asked in disbelief. Scootaloo had gone to great lengths to try to imitate the cyan mare, but copying her lifestyle like this was a little weird. Course I could just be flattering myself. What was that Twilight had said about ego?

“Hey, advanced flight training wears a pegasus out. I mean, normally I'm cool with a cloud over town, but for the last few days I've been feeling kinda antsy. Not sure why.” The young mare remarked casually. “Anyway, I couldn't sleep there, so I figured I'd change things up a little bit.”

Rainbow felt a tug at the back of her mind. It was subtle, almost unnoticeable, but entirely too familiar. She inwardly growled. I am not dealing with that right now, she thought, tired of the thoughts that had plagued her only moments before. However, at the thought of her latest worry, Rainbow frowned.

“Yeah. So you ah, you didn't hear any of that did you?”

Scootaloo dusted herself off before replying. “Any of what? All I heard was loud noise, a yell, or something. Was that you?”

Though she was grateful the pegasus hadn't heard her, Rainbow hated lying to her friends. But this wasn't something she was willing to discuss. Not yet, anyway. “Uh, yeah, I was just uh, working on some new stuff, and eh, had a bit of a rough landing, that's all.”

Though she seemed somewhat suspicious, Scootaloo accepted Dash's story. “Oh. Is that what this is for then?” The young mare turned to the library book Rainbow had checked out earlier. In her frustration it had fallen out of her bag.”

“Yes!” Dash said quickly, trying to cement her tale. All it did though was draw another curious look from Scootaloo, but the copper pegasus didn't question further. “Yes, I was uh, looking for some inspiration ya know?” At least I didn't have to lie about that one.

Scootaloo, pushed the book in front of her, nosing through. “Hmm. Some of this stuff looks pretty intense.” The mare shot Dash a sly look. “What are you up to RD?”

Rainbow Dash grinned, seating herself next to her fellow pegasus. “I surprised you haven't heard yet Scoots.”

This only served teased Scootaloo's curiosity. “Aw, come on, tell me Rainbow!” The young mare spoke excitedly.

"Relax squirt, its not a secret." Though she herself was excited about the upcoming show, Rainbow decided to let Scootaloo know in the most casually cool way possible. Besides, I may be a bit older, but I haven't lost any of my style.

“Turns out the Bolts' are coming to do a show in Ponyville in a few days.” She turned to her now very still friend.

Scootaloo practically exploded with excitement. “The Wonderbolts?! Here in Ponyville?! I've never been able to go to a show before. I gotta make sure Mom and Dad let me go! ThisisgoingtobeSOAWESOME!”

Rainbow merely chuckled at the teenage filly's ramblings. She too shared a fascination for the stunt pegasi. Clearly napping wasn't the only thing Scootaloo had inherited from Rainbow.

“Yep. But that's not even the best part.” Dash shot her friend a cocky glance.

Scootaloo looked confused for a moment, trying to decipher what Rainbow Dash meant. Realization dawned on her as she looked between the cyan mare and the book before her. She did this several times, her mouth agape in awe. “You're going to do something big when the Wonderbolts are here?!”

“Bingo kiddo.”

The copper mare leaped in front of Rainbow, grasping her with her forehooves. “Dash, this is it! You're going to get into the Wonderbolts for sure!” To say that she was excited for Rainbow was an understatement.

Rainbow grimaced sheepishly under the praise from the ecstatic pegasus. “Yeah, well, I...”

Scootaloo cut her off, still rocking from the news. “So, what move are ya going to do?”

Rainbow Dash frowned. She didn't have a move yet. Heck, I haven't even had time to look in the book, thanks to... whatever that was, or is, or whatever. She thought, the mysterious anxiety creeping once again into the back of her mind.

Rainbow turned to the young mare in front of her. “Yeah, I uh, I don't have a move yet.” For some reason she felt ashamed, confessing herself to the filly in front of her.

Scootaloo didn't waste a moment. Releasing her friend, she poured through the open book. “Well let's get going then!”

Rainbow gave the mare a confused look. “Huh?”

“You need a move, let's get one!” The teenager looked up from the book challengingly. “Or are ya just chicken?”

Rainbow Dash grinned. “Rainbow Dash, greatest flier in Equestria chicken? Never!”

Author's Note:

Hello again everyone. I have a longer chapter for you today. Hopefully it won't bore you though, I know politics/government stuff isn't always exciting, but I've always liked world building, so I couldn't resist. I plan to keep pace with this story as much as possible, but things are about to get a little more busy here in about a week. Nevertheless I will continue to try to update this story. At any rate, here is chapter 3. Enjoy!