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Secret of Andalantis - Fizzy Orange

Lunaverse, On a trip to the beach Ditzy dissapears underwater, adventure ensue. COMPLETE!

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Chapter 11

The roar of the creature formerly known as Ek’idna really didn’t help Lyra’s pounding headache to go away, but at the moment the sight before her was enough to keep her distracted from it… At least a little.

The massive monstrosity maneuvered itself to float upright, with its large eyeball staring, unblinking, straight up. Its heads, for lack of a better term to describe a tentacle with a shark’s mouth, began to whip around in an erratic pattern, sending the assembled mass of ponies scrambling for safety. One of the heads snapped its maw toward Ditzy who dodged at the last second, much to everypony’s relief. Another one scraped the bottom of the large depression that used to be the center of Ek’idna’s slave work camp, kicking up large amount of silt and sending larger pieces of debris flying around as it did so.

Bon Bon grabbed her marefriend and pulled her behind rock outcropping just as a piece of a fractured column hurtled through the water towards them. Lyra sighed in relief and gave the earth pony a hug and a quick kiss on the cheek. Being reunited after all those stressful hours felt amazing, but it was no time to bask in that feeling. Channeling her magic Lyra recalled her lyre to her side. She wasn’t sure where it had floated of to after her confrontation with Ek’idna, but she didn’t want it getting broken in the confrontation. She might need it before this was all over.

“We could really use your fancy magical friendship beam right about now,” commented Bon Bon, peeking over the outcropping at the jellyfish like creature.

“Can’t happen unless Princess Luna suddenly teleports in with the others in tow,” replied Lyra, secretly hoping for just that to happen, however unlikely it might be.

“I’d take Princess Luna too, I’m sure she could take care of this thing.”

“Well she’s not here…” grimly said the unicorn.

The unicorn also looked over the outcropping and gasped, quickly strumming her lyre and unleashing a brilliant golden lasso of magic. It wrapped around Sea Shanty and pulled the aquamarine seapony out of the way just before she could be hit by one of the heads swinging about. Rock Beauty was actually coming up behind her for the same reason and the two collided mid-pull, ending up landing next to Lyra and Bon Bon in a heap of limbs.

“Oh… sorry about that, you okay girls?” Asked Lyra, wincing.

Sea Shanty got up first, her eyes more misaligned than Ditzy’s, “Yeah…yeah…better this than that… thing…hitting me,” she managed to say before straightening her gaze with a good shake of her head.

Her white and pink mane went crazy and obscured her vision before she could move it out of her field of vision.

“Sea Shanty, Rock Beauty, meet Bon Bon, my mare friend,” explained Lyra. “Bon Bon those are Sea Shanty and Rock Beauty, we were prisoners together.”

“Nice to meet you,” replied Bon Bon, thinking this was an odd time to do proper introductions, but humoring her marefriend nonetheless.

“The gray one over there is Ditzy and the blue one is Trixie,” added Lyra, looking at Sea Shanty.

The grey colored merpony piped up and pointed at Scylla. “And the dark blue merpony with a yellow mane is Scylla, the leader of our pod!”

Lyra smiled brightly. “Great! We’re all up to speed now!”

Ek’idna’s choosing that exact moment to roar, followed by the sounds of rock crashing, brought that smile down in a second.

“Sooo…what are we going to do now?!” asked Rock Beauty.

“What are we going to do now?!” Asked Scylla to no one in particular.

Scylla, Ditzy and Trixie were swimming at best they could around the former Ek’idna, constantly trying to keep her from moving far in any direction. The question of what to do next felt to Trixie like it had been asked a hundred times since the morning.

“Just…AH! Keep it distracted so it doesn’t go after the free prisoners…” called Trixie from another flank of the monster, dodging a head. The monster’s head were faster than one would expect of a creature that size, but the smaller ponies proved much more maneuverable underwater, keeping them ahead of the heads, at least for the moment. The creature was growling and letting discordant roars go at various interval, clearly annoyed by all the little creatures swimming around it.

“How long do you think we can last?!” Replied Ditzy, her wings catching a strong current and carrying her in a circle around the creature.

The merpony leader and Ditzy were keeping up fine but Trixie was showing signs of fatigue. She really needed to step up her exercise regimen if she was to continue saving ponies on a regular basis…

Trixie’s horn began to glow “I can try something!”

At that about half a dozen copies of Trixie appeared all around Ek’idna’s now deformed body, waving at its various heads. The blue mare was confident her experience underwater had already improved her illusions, making them feel a lot more natural. She hoped those simple images could keep the behemoth from chasing off after its former slaves long enough for their group to come up with a plan.

The illusions did nothing. None of the heads seemed to react, and one simply shot toward Ditzy, barely clipping the side of an illusion.

“Trixie! It’s not working!” Shouted the Pegasus, just barely keeping out of reach.

Scylla brought her forehooves down ontop of a nearby head, using the leverage to push herself away from its razor sharp roes of teeth. “Those things have no eyes you idiot!”

Trixie took a second, if not less, to feel dumb, then she quickly switched gear. Trixie concentrated, bringing to her mind the sound of her friends’ voices. She hadn’t been around Scylla, Rock Beauty and Sea Shanty enough to be able to mimic them, but she sure knew Lyra, Ditzy, and even Bon Bon, well enough. Soon phantom sounds came out from all around Ek’idna.

“Over here!” Came Ditzy’s voice,

“This way!” Called Lyra’s voice,

“Hey!” Shouted Bon Bon’s voice,

“Can’t catch me!” Added Trixie.

The monster’s heads roared in unison and began to trash about blindly, grasping with their maws at the impossible voices moving all around it. One head smashed into a small conical building by the side of the work camp, shattering it to pieces, while another hit the ground and causing a low sound to echo across the sea. Scylla, Ditzy and Trixie all swam toward the hiding place of their friends for a quick meeting.

Lyra observed the failure of Trixie’s visual illusion from their little hiding spot by the rocks. Thankfully her headache was subsiding and she could start thinking a bit more clearly. She had no idea what Ek’idna was supposed to be as she had never heard of a creature like this, or anything even close to it, in any legends. The heads did remind her of the leviathans, a species of sea serpent thought to have gone extinct around the founding of Equestria, but there was nothing in those legends on how to defeat one if you didn’t happen to be a dragon or possess the sheer power of Clover the Clever.

“Let’s run away. Why aren’t we running away yet?” asked Bon Bon, sounding slightly panicked. “Or I guess it would be more appropriate to say swim away? Yeah let’s do that. That thing’s probably not fast enough to catch us right?”

“But we can’t leave Scylla and the others behind,” said Rock Beauty.

“We’ll just tell them to follow us!” replied the earth pony mare.

Lyra shook her head. “If we leave this thing unchecked it will probably keep rampaging…Attack the settlements underwater and then move on to Cayo El Bayo.”

“And the escaped slaves were fighting the kaosharks over the ridge…” said Bon Bon, more to herself than to the others.

This was mostly news to Sea Shanty, Rock Beauty and Lyra. Bon Bon quickly filled them in on what they had seen on their way in.

“So that means there’s a bunch of weakened workers and ponies who used to be kaosharks? Lyra was one for only a few minutes and it took a lot out of her, who knows how long those poor souls were transformed,” mused Sea Shanty.

Rock Beauty gasped, “Someone should go warn them!”

Trixie had moved on to audio illusions and the monster really didn’t like the confusion. It destroyed the small building that had been uncovered and another head slammed down onto the bottom of the bowl they were all in. Rather than crack the altar like structure Lyra knew was sitting beneath the kicked up silt, a sound, not unlike a gong, echoed. The altar was much more solid than it appeared, possibly even was an enchanted piece. Lyra didn’t know Trixie’s magic sight spell, but she knew the plain spell detection spell that most unicorns referred to as ‘detect magic’. It really only worked on certain types of constructed and molded magical product and didn’t detect magic in its raw state… but in this case it was enough for Lyra to see that the altar was indeed faintly enchanted. A giant triangle seemed to glow from beneath the sand to Lyra’s senses. Combined with what she had seen earlier a plan was finally forming into her head. It was a long shot but it was all they had.

“I think I have a plan!” she declared, turning to her friends, “and I’ll need you two to help me!” she added, pointing a hoof to the aquatic ponies

Rock Beauty and Sea Shanty looked at each other confused.

“What’s this about a plan?” asked Trixie as she and the others swam behind their cover.

The blue unicorn seemed to wince and brought a hoof to massage the base of her horn.

“How long are you going to be able to keep casting that many illusions?” Asked Lyra, worried.

Trixie shrugged, “I’ll manage, just organize that plan of yours already.”

Dizty put a hoof on her friend’s shoulder “Don’t over extend yourself, we don’t want you fainting on us.”

“You guys will need to run interference on that thing while Sea Shanty, Rock Beauty and I sing…” began Lyra.

“Sing?! What good is that going to do?” interrupted Scylla, frustration in her voice.

Lyra was about to explain when their attention was drawn to Ek’idna. Her head had begun to roar in unison once more, but this time the sound began to change pitch, growing higher and higher.

Trixie knew what was coming.

“Oh no! Protect your ears Lyra!” she called, before she began screaming in pain.

Lyra had never heard a noise like that before; it was like ten times as painful as metal nails scraping on a chalkboard and seemed to assault her horn, clearly making it impossible to cast anything. Forcing her eyelids open she could see Trixie failing to swim and just beyond the rock formation all five heads of Ek’idna had turned toward their screams. Just as suddenly as it had started the noise became somewhat muffled as somepony stuffed something in her ears and she could feel the familiar presence of Bon Bon at her back. Her marefriend had parted her fluffy mane and turned it into a pair of makeshift earmuffs. It wasn’t perfect but it was enough relief to allow Lyra to brute force her way through the situation.

Now was no time for subtlety or holding back.

She took hold of her lyre, lit up her horn and let loose the mother of all power chords. It was shoddy, it was painfully discordant, it made her non-unicorns friend cringe, and it also blasted right through Ek’idna’s roar, completely cancelling it and making the creature recoil in surprise and confusion.

This gave them a quick respite, maybe not even a minute by Lyra’s count.

“No time to explain! We act now! Bon Bon, go update the others over the ridge! Sea Shanty, Rock Beauty, we form a triangle around it, I’ll mark the beat with my lyre, just sing what you sang to me in the cell. Everypony else, keep that thing where it is! GO!” She quickly ordered.

She had just enough time to kiss the nearby Bon Bon on the nose before swimming off with her musician friends. The others were a bit taken aback by the sudden command in Lyra’s voice and it took a second for them to react.

“Get to it everypony!” declared Ditzy, getting everybody else, including a grumbling Scylla, to spring into action.

Scylla quickly followed Rock Beauty while Ditzy took off after Sea Shanty, leaving Trixie to trail behind Lyra. The unicorn didn’t have to look back to know that Bon Bon had went off to perform her duty, but she did take a chance to glance at her, admittedly very nice, departing backside. This was a perfect chance to get Bon Bon away from danger, all the while having someone perform a crucial bit of communication. Things might get worse before they get better.

“Hmm…my name’s Sea Shanty by the way,” she heard her seapony friend say as her and Ditzy swam ahead.

Ditzy and Sea Shanty dodged a head, going above and under it, respectively and then dodged a second one by swimming out of its reach. Scylla meanwhile tackled a head just as it was about to reach Rock Beauty and sent it off course just enough to avoid the grey merpony. Lyra heard Bon Bon’s voice coming from a short distance to her side, as Trixie used another illusionary sound. This time she wasn’t going to get greedy and would limit the number of voice to make it seem like it was just one pony avoiding attacks rather than a whole swarm.

Lyra got into position and saw Scylla and Ditzy begin hit and run tactics on the nearby heads. It wasn’t doing much damage on the creature’s thick skin, but it was enough to annoy. Trixie had thrown her own voice into the mix and had two of the heads distracted at once. Her friends were in position so the unicorn went for her lyre and began to pluck single string to start the rhythmic base. Once the basic tempo was established she switched string, as a signal to her friends and they all began to sing.

Rock Beauty and Sea Shanty’ song were fairly plain compared to the grandiose opening to the musical she had participated in years ago, and so was the piece on the wall but they were all fairly familiar. In fact Lyra had quickly theorized that the three songs were actually three component of the same piece. It didn’t take more than two measures for Lyra to mentally celebrate on being right. The three pieces of music played off each other instantly, supporting each other wonderfully. The three were pretty much lost in the music by the time they hit the first refrain and their three voices joined in harmony.

Lyra began to feel something, some sort of tingling feeling pulling her horn. She could also feel in her mind’s eye as if magic itself was beginning to surge around her, as if coming out of the ocean itself!

And then there was a loud roar and Trixie tackled her out of the way of an incoming head. Her eyes shot open as the two spiraled out of control and disappeared into a cloud of silt, landing on the sandy ocean surface in a soft thud. Despite the spinning Lyra had managed to see Ek’idna thrashing about as if in a fury, not unlike when Trixie had used multiple phantom sound. Once they swam out of the cloud of sand and regained a clear view, the two unicorns could see that both Sea Shanty and Rock Beauty had also been knocked out of alignment.

“What happened?!” asked Lyra, confused.

“It was fine ignoring your singing until you hit the chorus, and then the…stone altar thing under us began to softly glow this weird pink light in a triangle shape and the monster just freaked out! It went straight for you and ignored my illusions!”

The monster’s frenzy seemed to have subsided a little, now that the three pony had stopped singing, and it let loose a powerful roar. The creature then began to furiously slam all five of its tentacle heads onto the stone altar, causing loud muffled thumps to echo.

“Whatever it is you were doing I think it was working,” said Trixie.

Lyra raised an eyebrow “How can you tell it was working if you don’t know what I was doing?”

“Because the bad guy hated it,” the blue unicorn replied, matter-of-factly.

Lyra gave the answer a smirk and shot a glance to the other side of the altar. Ditzy, Scylla and the other two performers had regrouped and seemed to be discussing something. Everypony seemed pumped to try something again. The little huddle broke off and the duo headed back to their positions.

“Let’s get back out there!” Declared Lyra.

“Are you nuts? That thing won’t let you finish your song!”

Lyra had to admit it felt good not being the most responsible member of the team anymore. And now they knew exactly how to win this, it was just a matter of not being interrupted again by the giant monster they were trying to sing into defeat! They had spent most of the day unsure of how to proceed, unsure of what the situation was, now there was no doubt in Lyra’s mind that, today, victory began with a song!

The minty unicorn shot her friend a cocky grin,“I’m sure you of all ponies should understand, I can’t let a performance go unfinished like that.”

Trixie sighed but returned the grin. “The show must go on!”

And with that they both took off again.

“Well that did something after all,” admitted Scylla, “I can’t say I mind being wrong on that point, but this… Thing isn’t going to let us have our recital in peace.”

Scylla, Rock Beauty, Ditzy and Sea Shanty had all converged together on a nearby flank of the work camp pit after the frenzied monster had almost grabbed the two singers.

Ditzy was frowning. “I spent all day not sure of what to do next and how to help the seaponies that had been so nice to me, and then I met you merponies and things got even more complicated because I didn’t want you all to keep fighting. Then Lyra went missing and we were all worried about her and we didn’t know how to find her or even how to save her…”

“But?” asked Rock Beauty, guessing there was one there.

“But now we KNOW how to win! That song you were doing was clearly not something the monster wanted to hear! We just need to keep it off you three somehow.”

The merpony leader growled a little, “Easier said than done, that tackle I did earlier probably did more damage to my shoulder than that creature’s face. It’s been crushing rocks with those heads without flinching, I don’t think we can do damage to them!”

Ditzy focused both her eyes to glare at the creature, now pounding the sea floor and the structure found beneath the silt. One of her eye wandered and she could spot Lyra and Trixie on the other side. This gave her an idea. She wasn’t one for fighting but this might give them a chance to come out on top.

“Then maybe we can go for other parts of its body? Maybe that’ll distract it enough.”

“What other parts? That thing is nothing but five heads and a chunk of flesh!” replied Scylla.

“Don’t you remember when it showed up? There’s an obvious weak spot at the top,” said Ditzy, pointing a hoof at the main body of the creature, “We just have to target it. I bet it can’t even reach us with its tentacles up there.”

Realization dawned on the dark blue merpony’s face and she smirked. “That’s a great idea! Time for some payback then! But we’ll need to bring some real pain when the girls start singing otherwise it’ll just ignore us again.”

“Well I have an idea for that as well but…” began Ditzy sighing, “I’m really not looking forward to it and I don’t even know if it’ll work.”

Scylla stayed silent for a beat before speaking up again “Then don’t do it. I can’t force you to do anything crazy for our sake; you have your own family to think of after all. I’ll do the dangerous stuff and you can just watch out backs. This monster’s been playing with our feelings, endangering the lives of my kin and making slaves out of them! I’ll do anything to make sure this all stops right here, right now,” she said, anger in her voice.

Ditzy realized that, while rougher in attitude than the seapony leader, Scylla was as much of a mother to her tribe as Charybdis. Earlier in the fights with the kaosharks she had seen the two leaders help each other, and she hoped they could become great friends going forward. Ditzy had no doubt this was going to be the case now. The two of them had a lot more in common than one might think.

Ditzy shook her head, “I didn’t say it was too risky for me, I just don’t know if it’ll be as effective as I hope… but I’ll still try it anyway.”

“Then it’s decided! We’ll get back in position,” said Rock Beauty, earning a nod from Sea Shanty.

Everybody nodded and they took off. Sea Shanty and Rock Beauty went to retake their position and Ditzy and Scylla swam off toward the top of the creature. It was too focused on trying to smash whatever was buried in the sea floor to notice their maneuvers, so the ascent was fairly easy. Before cresting the giant saucer shaped mass of monster flesh Ditzy caught sight of Lyra and Trixie getting back into position as well. Finally the merpony and the pegasus could see their target: the monster’s giant unblinking eyeball! They ducked low when the pupil swept around in their general direction, but its completely erratic movement continued so they considered themselves safe.

“Let’s wait until Lyra plucks her lyre first,” whispered Ditzy.

It didn’t take long, the first few notes began to ring out, setting up the tempo for the coming song.

“Go!” called out Ditzy, taking off upward while Scylla charged the giant eyeball.

She got to it just as he creature’s frantic beating of the seafloor stopped. Clearly it had noticed Lyra’s opening and was about to focus its attention on the singers. Ditzy saw Scylla deliver a nasty tail slap to the eyeball, eliciting a roar, just as she breached the surface of the water and took flight. She ascended high in the sky as fast as she could to the necessary height to get terminal velocity. Flight school was a long time away but she could guess just how far she needed to rise. As she reached what she assumed to be the correct altitude she looked down and saw the creature’s mass looking like a massive dark shape looming under the surface of the water. It was crazy to think how dangerous the situation was down there, considering how peaceful the surface was. A couple of seagulls even saluted her as they flew by.

“Well… It probably won’t be pleasant but let’s do it,” she said to herself as she dove back down, forehoof first, toward the dark shape below.

Slapping that giant eyeball wasn’t a very pleasant sensation. It was rubbery and squishy and felt super slimy. Scylla’s mind conjured up an embarrassing memory of being caught in a pile of decomposing kelp as a young kid. But it had gotten the creature’s attention. Its massive pupil swung around to stare at the merpony who responded in a dignified and reasonable fashion as befits a wise and benevolent leader.

She stuck her tongue at it and punched it in its stupid non-face.

It was still slimy but infinitely more fun, because now the monster knew she did it. The whole mass of the creature seemed to writhe in a combination of pain and anger. The pupil seemed to run away from the attack and Scylla could see the large heads peeking over the edge of the saucer section, futilely trying to reach her. Just as anticipated the tentacles were just too short! Snickering she chased the pupil around to attack it, distracting it some more. And just below the trio of performers had reached the first refrain. This was going to be the critical point where they needed a big painful hit to make sure the monster couldn’t go after the singers right away. Scylla could see flashes of the pink light they had seen before coming out from below the saucer section!

And that’s when Ditzy Doo came splashing into the water from the air above. The massive creature wasn’t that far from the surface and by taking a perfect diving position the pegasus barely lost any speed as she fell straight into the massive eyeball. The entire thing went concave for a few seconds and Scylla half expected it to burst like a bubble. It –sadly, or thankfully- didn’t, but it did spring back into shape, sending Ditzy flying back upward, spinning like crazy. The grey pegasus disappeared above the surface for a short while before falling back in the water and being caught by Trixie.

Ek’idna went nuts, the whole mass quaking as discordant roars came from the five heads, and they began to beat furiously at the edge of the creature’s own main body, attempting to just swing further inward. Scylla had to bail as the creature began to roll over, maybe intending to crush the offending creatures against the sea floor with its bulk.

But it was too late, for the musicians had finished the first refrain and were well into the second couplet of their song. Scylla cleared the main body, deftly swimming between two berserk heads, just in time to see the pink light of the altar flash and blast upward to engulf the whole monster.

“That was pretty bold of you,” commented Trixie, as she let go of Ditzy, “I like that side of you, you should be bold more often.”

Ditzy’s instinct had been right, touching that thing was even more unpleasant than she had anticipated, and her shoulders were probably going to ache for days after that from the force of the impact. Good things pegasi were built to handle crashes. The spinning hadn’t been all that fun either, but by opening her wings at the right moment she caught a straight current of wind that slowed her spin enough to allow her to fall back in the water, away from the monster this time.

“Don’t get used to it…”said Ditzy as she got her bearing and sense of balance back.

By now Lyra, Sea Shanty and Rock Beauty had finished their beautifully harmonious refrain and were back into a different couplet, further than they had gone earlier. The music was incredibly enchanting; with one voice seemingly chasing the other up and down the musical scale, with the third one jumping in and out and then the voices would switch roles. It was like…it was like kids chasing each other as they played with no clear rules to stifle their fun.

The start of the second refrain was accompanied by a magnificent blast of pink light from the sea floor that engulfed the larged monster. It seemed to stop in mid tumble, frozen in place, and began to visibly struggle against some unseen restraint. Ditzy found herself transfixed by the sight of the shimmering pink light emanating from the triangle formation at the bottom of the sea. Lyra and her friends were also glowing and it was as if their song had gotten louder, and Ditzy felt soothing warmth spread throughout her body.

Trixie gasped “This song…we’re not actually hearing it with our ears! I don’t understand how, but it’s being transmitted directly through the magic in us! The song is actually calling out to the magic in all of us and the ocean itself!”

And that’s when they appeared.

Hundreds, then thousands and then ten thousands of jellyfishes! All the moon jelly they had seen earlier in the day and then more than Ditzy had ever thought could live in the entire area… all of them were glowing with the same pink light from the ritual and it was pulsating to the rhythm of Lyra’s lyre! They were all floating towards the site of this strange ritual, like a field of pink stars flying toward them. Trixie and Ditzy stood there, transfixed and silent, as the swarm of shining jellyfishes danced in the current and began to circle the still struggling Ek’idna. Soon the entire monster disappeared behind a sphere of glowing jellyfishes.

Their light began to intensify, no longer pulsating to the sound of Lyra’s lyre, and soon there was nothing else but a bright giant ball of pink light left in the middle of the seafloor depression!

The song began to slow down, and, as if answering to it, the ball of light also began to shrink. It shrank smaller and smaller, compressing into a single point. As it shrank long single files of jellyfishes just floated out of it, now back to their normal selves, and danced away like enchanted ribbons. The voices of the three performers died out, the warmth left Ditzy’s body, and in a final brilliant flash the ball of light turned back into the lantern Bon Bon had smashed earlier. Now, however, it was filled with a pink glow instead of darker purple glow it had in the hooves of Ek’idna.

Of Ek’idna there was no trace.

Ditzy and Trixie swam back to the bottom of the work camp, where the lantern now laid, and met up with Scylla, Sea Shanty, Rock Beauty and an exited Lyra.

“That….WAS…AMAZING!” She cheered, spinning on herself. “I can’t believe we just did that! You girls were perfect! And the way this song works just blows my mind!”

“It’s incredible, I feel like something’s awakened inside of me! It’s like a hole I had no idea was there was just filled up!” commented Sea Shanty.

“I know! Also it…it feels like… like we really connected during that performance,” added Rock Beauty, bringing Lyra and Sea Shanty into a hug “Thanks a lot you two!”

"It...it was nothing," replied Sea Shanty, blushing.

“So that’s it then? We won? The bad guy is trapped in here or something?” asked Ditzy, gingerly nudging the ancient artifact.

The group was distracted by the sounds of cheers and hollering. They turned to see the group of escaped prisoners, Charybdis and Bon Bon at the front, swimming down the slope towards them. Many of the prisoners were helping to carry clearly weakened members of the group, and Bon Bon was actually helping Charybdis carry a young seapony who looked a lot like the leader. Ditzy guessed the ones being carried were the former kaosharks and that one on Bon Bon’s back was probably Charybdis’ daughter. Soon all the merponies and seaponies were crowding around them. What followed was a solid minute of hugs, cheers, congratulations, Trixie boasting, with Bon Bon and Lyra locking lips all the while.

The elation was shorted lived though, because that was when the shaking and rumbling began.

“Oh what now?!” asked an angry Scylla.

That was when a massive piece of rock fell off Lucky Seagull Island and crashed into the sea.

Author's Note:

Finally! We're almost there folks! I can't belive how long it's taken me to write this story. I promise next time I write one I'm not going to go into it without a clear plan. This has been probably even more frustrating for me to write than it was for you to wait for, trust me.

I want to apologize again for how bloody slow I am at this. Normally the story should wrap up neatly by the next chapter, maybe an extra epilogue? I hope you enjoyed this chapter and will enjoy the next one too.

Now this chapter is probably still messy despite my best efforts, so feel free to point out my mistakes!

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