• Published 11th Jan 2017
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The Night shatters - Skaltrox Defiance Knight

A human is turned into a pony after gazing up at the night sky, he is roped into Equestria not long after and learns that he is different from the normal ponies.

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A simple night with a bright moon

"It's so bright" Jared said to himself as he marvelled at the light being reflected from the sun onto Earth's moon. It shone down, radiating with untold power and beauty that only those that really enjoyed the night could see. Jared breathed in, he smelt the jasmine plant's scent beside him and he felt nothing but tranquil at that moment in time. As he looked at the stars, Jared turned his attention back to the moon, something felt...different about it.

It's light pulsed brighter and brighter and Jared could feel that light surge into him and he felt it's power. Oh what a power it was. He could feel the moon's light enter his body and made it pulse with it very own light. All of a sudden Jared felt a bizarre pain spread through out his body,it was hard to explain and Jared had no time to do so, his hands and feet felt numb, the digits stiffened and started to recede into his hands and feet...much to his horror, his head felt weird too, it seemed to reshape and something began to push out from his forehead, his hair grew out on his head into long black and blue locks with a slight curl to them, flowing down to his body like dark water. A short sting in his eyes made him blink for a second and his eyes turned from amber to purple, next Jared could feel a tug at the back of his pants, he lowered the waistband of his shorts and watched as an equally long tail hang down from just above his butt. Jared couldn't understand any of this, at first he was looking at the moon and now he was convulsing in pain and turning into something like a werewolf he thought. As navy blue fur started to sprout all over his body, he felt incredibly tired for some reason. Like as if the transformation was draining him of energy to even stand up, yawning a couple of times, he drops to the ground completely unconscious as his body begins to shrink.

Waking up groggily what felt like an hour later, Jared rubbed his head of the throbbing pain that had become apparent and tried to rise to his 'feet', but yet he could not, he tried to feel his toes but all he could feel were a blocky legs with no appendages on them, looking at his hands he instead finds navy blue hooves. "What's going on?" Jared said just noticing his now feminine voice, "And why do I sound like a girl?"

Jared was beyond confused, first he was having a pleasant time looking at the sky then he turns into a small horse? How? Why would this happen? Jared had many questions but felt like he wasn't going to get any answers to them, his parents were inside asleep and he knew that if he came up to him as he was and explained that a female blue horse was their son, they would most likely think they were delirious or take him to be studied at a lab.

"What do I do? Things like this don't happen on a regular basis, how am I going to fix it?" Jared pondered as he paced....which changed his current topic to how he was able to stand and walk on four legs as if he had done it for years!

Jared looked at the nearby window and shrugged "Well I might as well assess the damage" he decided. Walking over to the window he took a look at his reflection and gasped.

For a four legged animal he looked pretty good looking: Firstly (as he already found out) he had navy blue fur that covered his/her now naked body, he had long blue and black hair that tumbled down his head in slightly bouncy curls all the way down just to his fetlocks, he noticed an equally long blue and black tail swishing gently on his rear and the most peculiar thing on him was the spiraled blue horn jutting from his forehead.

"A unicorn?! Well this took a turn for the best" Jared cheered as he tapped his horn lightly, he had one...unfortunate thing left to check though and it made him red in the face thinking about it. He turned his head around to where his tail was and looked... yep he was a girl alright. 'Looks like I have to go by her or she or whatever now' Jared thought.

The former human now unicorn continued to pace , going over her situation.She was looking at the sky, then the moon's light shone down on her and now turned into a pony...yeah doesn't seem random at all. But as much as Jared wanted to joke about it to make herself fell better, she knew that this was serious and it was going to be strange morning when she explained it to her parents.


Jared turned for the door to go back inside when suddenly, another light blinded her for a second. Jared blinked a few times waiting for her vision to return and see what just happened. What she found instead was that she no longer stood on the front porch of her home, instead she was standing in a meadow of flowers, still at night.

"OK what the hell is going on?!" Jared demanded to the nothingness around her, as she expected, she got no response....for 5 seconds before a regal sounding voice breaks the silence.

"Hello Jared" the voice says.

Jared spins around to find the voice and she comes face to face with a slightly taller pony with a spectral looking mane and tail, dark blue fur, both a horn and wings and she wore a black crown with silver boots or shoes.

She had a calm and collected look on her face, " I am Princess Luna and I know you have a lot of questions about what happened, but I need you to calm down firstly so I can tell you some information that is important for you to understand." she stated.

Jared sat down on her bottom "OK go ahead then" she responded.

Luna smiled "Thank you, now this may seem bizarre to you but your world...Earth and this world called Equestria are connected somehow, I'm not sure how, as it's been like this before even I was born" Luna explained.

'How old is she then?' Jared thought.

Luna continued "Anyway that connection is part of how you changed but we will get to that part soon enough. Long ago my sister, Princess Celestia, and I were in constant trouble of being invaded by monsters and villains; it happened nearly every week and grew tiresome very quickly. We were frustrated with the attacks and Celestia was starting to show the strain of trying to keep our foes at bay. One day we decided upon an idea that would help us drop our attacks to a minimal, we called it Project: Day and Night."

Luna paused to clear her throat.

"We got together 10 royal guards ponies we believed to be worthy of what they were obtaining and asked them if they wished to be more than 'just' a guard, all of them as we thought said yes, we didn't need any more reason to go ahead with the plan after that. Combining our power we gave those ten ponies a powerful magic that even the pegasi and earth ponies could use, 5 had power over the light, like my sister, they were called 'Day breakers', the other 5 had the power over the dark, like myself, they were called 'Night shatterers' together these super powered ponies protected Equestria's citizens and pushed back any evil force. But of course the power, while it was great, was unable to extend those soldiers lives and they eventually passed away. So we had a certain spell in place for when they died, if they had a foal then the power would go to their foal...or their first born if they had more than one. This has continued on for many generations, all the way up to now"

Jared asked a question "What happens if they don't have a child?"

Luna replied "This is were you come in, you see if they die and they haven't created their own kin, the process becomes... different. The pony...or in your case person, in that pony's final thoughts becomes the next one to obtain the power, it activates when the candidate looks out at the moon during the night if they are gaining the dark power, if they are gaining the light power they will feel hotter outside in the sun than they normally do for a brief moment."

"OK...so what about me being a girl then?" Jared slightly understood the process and the history behind these warriors, but she needed more, hence the question of gender.

Luna pondered the question for a moment, then she replied "When I was reported of that pony's demise, I recalled the name, Winter Star... a mare, so since you are not related to her you needed to be the same gender as the previous power holder to acquire it properly and so to make that happen the power changed your gender, quite fascinating since its never happened before."

Jared lost it at those words 'This isn't fascinating, this is crazy! I turn into a girl and then into a pony unicorn!? I feel like I'm dreaming" she spluttered out.

Luna responded "I would know if you were dreaming. Trust me."

Jared would of lost it again if she had thought that was logical to do, but instead she slowly calmed down and took in the info she had been bombarded with. "Ok so I'm going to take your word for it and say that I have become this unicorn mare with these elemental powers that are used to protect...Equestria is it?" Jared asked.

Luna confirmed "Yes, there are only 10 of these ponies present at a time, 5 of day and 5 of night. You are a Night Shatterer one of my dark wielders Jared...."Luna trailed off, making Jared ask why.

"What, what's wrong Princess Luna?" Jared asked.

Luna smiled at Jared and replied "Well it's just your name doesn't fit with your body now. Does it?"

Jared thought 'Darn she's right. But picking a name is no easy feat, picking a name in an rpg game is difficult. Plus these ponies might have some sort of crazy way of naming newborns'

Luna tapped her chin in thought, thinking of a name for Jared. Suddenly her eyes lit up with a brilliant idea "I've got it, how do you like... Eclipse Nightfall?

Jared actually liked that name, it worked well with his appearance and his powers that he couldn't feel yet, "Okay sounds good, but what about my parents?" Jared said in a panic once more.

"Do not worry Eclipse, I shall tend to your parent's worries, for now I will teleport you to Canterlot and my sister will greet you soon enough." Luna responded to Eclipse's worrying.

"But wait, how do I use magic and my lunar powers? How do...How do female ponies....go?" Eclipse battered Luna with questions.

Luna blushed at the last question "We...we will discuss those queries later. For now just don't move and I'll send you to Canterlot. Eclipse complied, she stood in place and waited for Luna to teleport her.

Once again a bright flash appeared and Eclipse was transported once more.


Eclipse looked around at her new destination, she was in a large room with many windows lining the length of the walls, tapestries hung from the walls, with symbols of the sun and moon on them. Ponies in Armour similar to that of Spartans stood stoic by the walls not moving an inch like British soldiers, they didn't even glance at Eclipse's sudden appearance. Eclipse drew her attention to the red carpet running up to a great throne...with a very large pony sitting on said throne. To Eclipse she looked like a horse more than a pony, but she wasn't going to assume straight away.

This pony which Eclipse believed to be Princess Celestia was a pure white pony who wore golden regalia, a gold crown and golden shoes, she had large wings and a long horn. Her rainbow hair and tail flowed in a non existent breeze and Eclipse believed that she was very powerful and wise.

Eclipse looked towards the grand ruler and spoke "Y-You m-must b-be Princess Celestia?" she asked.

The Alabaster ruler stood up and said in a loud but not intimidating voice "I am, it's wonderful to finally meet you Jared"

Author's Note:

So that's the first chapter. As you can see it's bigger than what I normally write. I hope you enjoyed it.