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Harmony Damashii - ANDIE

Erick Stanford who met a terrible accident when saving a young boy in a convention from bandits, however he was granted a change to restore his life by protecting Equestria from a threat as he's no ordinary ghost, he's Kamen Rider Ghost.

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Visitor! Equestria's introduction!

In Equestria:

Twilight and her friends read throughout every books they find around all of Equestria in Twilight's Castle, trying to dig into the truth behind the mayhem that happened a week ago, the last time the phenomenon occurred was since yesterday. She and the rest of her friends were more desperate to find an answered as soon as before another outbreak occurs again.

Twilight growls in frustration as she tosses a book aside and slammed her own face on to her desk with frustration, but she then begin to sob slightly which caught her friends attention.

"What are we going to do?" Twilight said with sadness. "We've tried everything we've find, but yet our hands turned out empty!"

Depression began to sink into her. They've traveled throughout Equestria to find a slightest hint that could give them a break through, they've asked everypony who might have an answered from the Princesses to asking Sunburst for help, but little to no success as they all failed to helped or to have an answer for them. Rarity approached her along with all of her friends to Twilight.

"Twilight dear! We can't simply give in now. I know that this is a dyer threat were dealing with, but if we stick together and worked harder. We'll sure to find a solution of some sort!" Rarity said with pride to comfort her Alicorn friend.

"Rarity's right y'all! All of our friends in Equestria may don't have the answered. But if we have our head's high! We can overcome anything!" Applejack said as she swing her arm in a hook motion.

"But what I don't understand is how or why would anypony or anything would caused this kind of mess." Fluttershy whimpered at the tragic event that kept folding upon Ponyville.

"Who or whatever caused this phenomenon must be possessing some kind of magic that we've never seen or heard before." Starlight theorized. She have extensive knowledge of magic for years, possibly even rivals with Twilight's. But in this circumstance, she was little to no clue to what had happened or how she could helped.

"Well whatever or whoever caused all of it, once we find it. We'll be ready to whoop their flank out of Equestria!" Rainbow said with her usual tomboyish like enthusiasm. As if on cue, screams of terror and panic begin outside, alerting the Main 6.

"Oh no, not again!" Twilight utters as she and her friends got out of the Castle and head outside to face the dilemma once more, this time however they didn't find objects thrown around nor ponies panicking. Instead they saw everypony stare up into the sky with some of them held their hand up to cover the sun light for a better view while others muttered at each other.

"Huh? What's everypony doing?" Fluttershy asked curiously. Upon realizing what the town's folk doing they raised their heads to the sky, what they find is entirely startling. Up in the sky was an orange portal shape eye.

"What in Equestria is that !?" Rainbow said. Without warning, Pinkie's tail twitching.

"Brace yourself everypony! Something is about to fall!" Pinkie yell out as she ducks down. Her friends may have a slight difficult understanding of her Pinkie Senses, but from their past experiences with it. They knew it's far more than just a normal twitch as everyone else in town head low for cover.

Minutes ago a young man was screaming as he flies around in the multi colorful void until he saw a faint light in front of him. After he passes through the light, he realized that his surrounding is blueish with clouds, but he then look down and realized that he's now up in the sky.

"OH COME ON! I'M AFRAID OF HEIGHTS!" the young man yells out as he begins to fall and screaming for his dear life "Of all the people in the world! Why does it had to be me!?" He said.

Back on the ground, the ponies heard screams of terror and fright from the sky, upon looking up they say a figure that came out from the portal and begins to plummet to the ground.

"Someone's up there!" Fluttershy said.

"Don't worry! I got this!" Rainbow said as she flew up high in great speed, fortunately she catches the figure in time.

"Gotcha!" said Rainbow, however Erick passes out before seeing his savior. Rainbow then looked at his features and realized that he's not a pony. "Hey, you're a-" Rainbow about to said before being interrupted by Twilight.

"Rainbow, are you alright?!" Twilight said.

"Yes I am and so does he." Rainbow answered out as she flew back down, upon landing the boy's limb body to the ground, revealing it all to the citizens of Ponyville. Twilight was the most astonish of all of them since she immediately recognize his features.

"He looks similar to us, but his facial features resembles to my friends from Canterlot High." Twilight said. Where then Fluttershy notice something horrific.

"Look, he's injured!" Fluttershy said, noticing the wound on his clothes.

"Who or what did this to him?" Spike spoke out. Before anyone else said something, the boy let go of his grasp as a plastic eyeball rolled out of his hand.

"AAGGHH! IT'S AN EYEBALL!!!" Pinkie screams out in fright along with Fluttershy as they ran and hide in a nearby tree and bush. The rest of the ponies startled and backed away a few feet away.

"Ugh! Why would anypony keep an eyeball in their hands!?" said Rarity disgusted with the eye's appearance. Before there's more commotions, Starlight gives a more throughout scan of the object.

"Wait a sec." Starlight said as her horn glow with her magical aura and levitates the eyeball like object and brought it closer for a better glance. She then let the eyeball in her hands which gross out some of the ponies in town, including the Main Six.

Upon feeling the material, she come to a conclusion. "Don't worry it's not a real eyeball!" Starlight said.

"Huh?" They all said as they came closer for inspection. Twilight came closest for a better examination.

"Starlight I think your right!" Twilight said as she spread her right hand out for Starlight to place it on her palm.

The eyeball felt more metal and plastic like, the cornea of the eye appears more of a plastic glass like touch to it, the iris of the eye appears more similar to a camera lens, with four screws on each side to secure the cornea and the black metallic back side. It had two black buttons on each side of the eye and the oddest feature it had is it had a flat rectangular sticker on top of it, the sticker is an image of an orange face with no visible nose, mouth nor ears, only two large black eyes with the letter 'G' on top and the word 'Ghost' on the bottom of the sticker.

"Ghost?" Twilight said the word.

"AAGGHH! A GHOST!" Pinkie screams again as she panicked and run wild.

"HUGH!? A GHOST!? WHERE!?" Fluttershy said as she became frantic and turning her head around.

"Calm down y'all! I'm pretty sure that there ain't no ghost around here." said Applejack to calm them down before looking back at the eyeball. "But this fella here does had something very peculiar."

"Twilight darling, do you have any clue to what it is?" Rarity asked.

"No, I've never seen or heard such an object before." Twilight said with confusion.

"Me neither, it's unlike any thing I've known." Starlight said.

"Whatever it is, he came out of that eye shaped portal thingy with it. He might be a ferocious monster that eats eyeballs for lunch!" Rainbow stated.

"A-A-A MONSTER!?" Fluttershy said, shuttering.

"Rainbow, it's not an actual eyeball remember and I doubt it's edible, even for an eye eating monster. Besides, he doesn't look like a monster." Twilight said.

"Maybe's he's disguising himself!" Rainbow said.

"Well either way we won't know what it is until the fella here wakes up, then we can get some answers." Applejack said and soon realize something important. "Oh no, we almost forgot that the fellas injured!"

"A wound like this is quite serious, he needs a doctor!" Twilight said as she uses her magic to levitate him and they all head to the Ponyville hospital. An hour of waiting in the hallway was over when the doctor arrives with the results.

"Princess Twilight Sparkle." The doctor said her name as she and her friends came up to the doctor "I've some results of the patient, his clothes may be covered in some blood, but his injuries are not too serious. In fact whatever caused the wound is completely healed. The patient just need some rest for an hour."

"Oh thank goodness." Twilight said.

"But there is something quite odd about him. When the nurses and I tried using an x-ray on him, the images doesn't show any sign of bone injuries. Or rather it didn't show any bones at all." The doctor said

"WHAT!?" The six including Starlight said.

"That's not all, when we tried to use a heart rate monitor on him, it didn't show any signs of a heart beat." The Doctor informed.

"WHAT!?" Everypony said again.

"Are you saying that he's dead!?" Starlight said, slight panicked.

"Yes, I mean no. I really not sure, but the patient appears to be quite alive because we can still hear his breathing." The Doctor answered. Which erupt the Seven to muddle at each other.

"You all could come in to check on him, but don't make too much noises." The doctor advice as he left the hallways, the ponies with Spike then entered the room where the young boy is lying, they enter and saw him on bead, coming closer to examine him.

"Hm... He does look quite tuckered out." Applejack stated upon looking at him and the rest of them wait for half an hour, during that time Twilight still observing the Eyecon in her hands.

"Still trying to find out what that eyeball thing is?" Spike asked and Twilight nodded.

"Yeah, it looks so intriguing to wondered who or why did they made it. I have so much questions from this thing more than anything I've had encountered before." Twilight said with a squeak of joy. Before anypony else said anything, they can hear a groaning nearby, turning their head back to realized that the human begins to wake up.

"Umm! Where am I?" The young boy said, as he rubs his eyes and slowly gaining his vision, his eyes widened in shock and surprised to
witness what in front of him. Seven multicolored humanoid pony like creatures were around his bead, staring at him with curiosity.

They all blinked for a second before simultaneously react "AAGGHH!" He screams which startles the Main Six and Starlight to screamed back as well, Erick then back off on the edge of his bed while the ponies are on the opposite side of the wall.

"WHAT THE HECK ARE YOU!? WHERE AM I!?" Erick yells in fright.

"Y...You'r in the Ponyville Hospital. D...Does that answered your question?" Starlight answered. Who wears a light blue long sleeve shirt with a white short sleeve blouse. She also had a a pink four point star with four white points on the sides along with two glimmering streams embedded on her light blue skirt and long white socks. Her hair and tail are both straight and curled up at the ends with the colors of light and darker purple and some strands of grayish like tint.

"Maybe, I think... Um I don't want to be rude or offensive, but what are all of you?" Erick asked. Twilight and the others were quite astounded that he doesn't know who they are since Twilight had made some human friends before, but they shrugged it off.

"Well, were ponies." Twilight answered. Wearing a light purple short sleeved blouse with a red bow tie scarf. A purple skirt with a large pink six pointed star surrounded by five smaller white stars. She also had purple socks that had a pinkish inside that was roles out on the top and a single argyle pattern with white lines and two purple diamonds. The most unique thing is her long hair and tail which are dark purple with a single lighter violet and pinkish strain of hair streak. Erick realized something, of all of the seven of them, she possessed both wings and a horn, unlike the others who only possessed one horn or only wings or none.

"My name is Twilight Sparkle, I'm an alicorn princess and there my friends..." she said as she begins to introduce all of her friends

"Applejack." she said, who's wearing a white shirt that had a half green upper part of the shirt's shoulders and the chest, having the sleeves rolled up, wearing blue jeans and a brown belt with a red apple shaped buckle to secure it. With large brown boots reaching near to her knees. An orange coat color fur, blonde hair which was tied near the ends and wore a brown stetson's hat.

"Howdy." said Applejack.

"Pinkie Pie." Twilight shows Pinkie, with a pink colored fur with pink poof hair and tail, with a light blue unbutton blouse which reveal a white shirt with a pink heart. Her skirt is light pink with an image of two balloons and one yellow balloon on the side and having a pink sash that is tied as a bow on the side to fasten the skirt and shirt together. Wearing blue high top shoes with white laces and two pink bows on the top.

"Rainbow Dash." who had blue wings, not as large as Twilight's, but still quite to be hold and rainbow color hair and tail. Wearing a denim vest which reveals a white T-Shirt underneath that had a red neckline with a cloud shot a rainbow lighting bolt. Black sport trousers, blue sport shoes with rainbow stripped socks inside and a rainbow color wristband. She gave a glare at Erick which slightly uncomfortable for him.

"Rarity." She introduce a white fur color unicorn mare with violet curled up hair and tail, wearing a white blouse, a blue belt which held a light blue skirt with three diamonds on the side. Long violet boot heels reaching up to her knees, decorated with a violet diamond on each which made her completion is quite unique and stunning, compare to the others.

"Fluttershy" The Pegasus mare that had yellowish fur, long light pink hair and tail. She wore a basic white top tank, along with a light green skirt with a large butterfly with pink wings, a smaller one with wings that are deeper shade of pink and the smallest one with white wings. She wore a hair clip that had a white butterfly on it, long pink socks with white polka dots and a green scandals. Erick noticed that she is somewhat anxious due to her bashful reaction when he looks at her, but he shrugs it of and continues to listen.

"Spike the baby dragon." Turning focus on a small light purple scale baby dragon which caught Erick's attention most, his spines are green and who is quite short compare to the others in the room.

"Hey there!" Spike respond which shook Erick at first due to the fact that Spike can talk, but he ignores it and goes along with it.

"Hi..." Erick respond slightly hesitating, though hearing that he's a baby dragon, Spike speaking is quite fluent for a baby.

"and my pupil Starlight Glimmer." Starlight waves her hand at him.

Erick looked utterly dumbfounded, but he kept his composure as calm as possible "Um...um...hi, my name is Erick and guess that I'm new here." He tries to talk, but not without shuttering multiple times while talking.

"Well Erick, we'll be willing to welcome anyone who's a guest here in Ponyville." Twilight said.

"That is if you're not that your an eyeball eating monster! " Rainbow said as she dashed at Erick's face.

Erick's expression immediately turned into shock "What!? What makes you think that I am one?" Erick asked in deference.

"Because of this." Twilight said as she held up his Ore Eyecon on the palm of her hands. Erick wide eyed and snatch it from her hands as quick and observing it.

"This is mine, how did you get it?" Erick questioned.

"Y'a dropped it when y'a fell from a strange portal." Applejack answered.

Upon from hearing Applejack, his memories were brought back to how it all began "Oh, I see."

"Hate to interrupt you Erick. But what is it?" Twilight asked, he looked at her slightly. He remembers the ordeal he face and meeting with the merchant that sends him here, but he realized that the truth might be harder to believe than telling a slight lie, so he responded her.

"Oh...um... it's just a toy eyeball. Nothing special about it." He said, knowing that telling the truth will be more hard to believed. Applejack however saw the act just from the look of his eyes, but she decided to pursue it for another time.

"It's just a toy?" Twilight questioned, with confusion as she tilt her head a side along with the others due to them expected it to be something more.

"Yeah, well from where I'm from. This eyeball is based on a hero that I like the most." Erick said.

"A hero? But what's the connection between that hero and this eyeball?" Starlight asked.

"Well, it's kinda hard to understand, but let's just say that it's connected to his soul." Erick answered simply, the rest of them tilt their heads, but decided to go along with it.

"That's an interesting fact and-" before Twilight could ask anything else, Pinkie shoved her out of the way.

"Ooh-Ooh-Ooh! What's that hero like, does he have a cape? A mask? What superpowers does he have?" Pinkie asked feverishly.

"Well, he doesn't wear a cape, but he does wear a mask of some sort and his powers are quite awesome." He said.

"Like what?" Spike said, clearly curious about the hero Erick mentioned. Which is where Erick is unsure to how to describe those powers to them, luckily he was interrupted before he could explain.

"Now now everypony let's not be rationale, the poor darling was still injured when he came here remember?" Rarity beckoned which deflate Spike slightly.

"Oh, it's alright Miss Rarity, it's not that bad." Erick protest. "Besides, I'm feeling quite well now." He said as he got out of his bed and walked around the room.

"See." Erick said and the ponies feel a little more relief.

"Well, we glad that your alright. Because the doctor said that you had quite abnormal symptoms." Twilight said which caught Erick's attention.

"What do you mean?" He asked.

Twilight was about to said what she have heard from the doctor, but a second though came to her mind. "Um... never mind, it's not that serious anyways. Since that your feeling better, I think we can check you out of the hospital and get you some place to stay." Twilight said " It's almost evening, I think well call it for a day." She said as everyone nodded.

Erick was glad, but he noticed another thing as he looked down, he noticed that he's wearing a hospital gown "Wait, where's my clothes!?" he said as he begins to frantic looking around the hospital room until.

"Here there are sir." a voice said as he and the ponies turn their head to the door where a white Earth Pony nurse standing there wearing a typical nurse outfit and on her arms are a folded clothes with a mix color of white, magenta and purple color fabric. Erick's eye widened as he recognize the pattern on the fabric and walk towards the nurse.

"The blood stain on your clothes were fresh, so we were able to wash it off before it dries on it." The nurse said with a smile as she hands out his clothes.

"Oh, thank you. Um do you know a place where I change my clothes? I think I'm in good shape and to check out." Erick said with the nurse nodded.

"I'll take you to the changing room. Once your done, we'll lead you to the lobby where you can check out." The nurse offers and Erick gives a warming relief of a smile.

"Thank you." Erick plead as he followed the nurse to the changing room with the rest of the Main Six, including Starlight and Spike follow. When finished, Erick walked down to the lobby, Twilight arranged to book him out of the hospital.

"Thank you doctor, we won't know what to do without you." Twilight said with pleasure.

"No problem and..." The Doctor then leans on to Twilight's right ear and whispers "Did you tell him about his strange symptoms yet?"

Twilight was shook at his words, but he remains calm "No, I haven't and I think it'll be better if I won't tell. I don't want to cause too much locomotion and panic for both him and the towns ponies." Twilight respond.

"Understood." The doctor whispers as the ponies and Erick left the hospital.

Out of the bloom Pinkie jumps up in front of Erick enthusiastically "Welcome to Ponyville Erickie!" Pinkie declare.

"Erickie ?" Erick ask, a little off about his nickname.

"Don't worry, you'll get used to it." Twilight said. While that Erick looks around Ponyville while a small smile.

"Wow, this town is quite a peaceful place." He said as he views the area, which restore an image on his mind, but he shook it off as he kept on listening.

"I know it's not much of a sight, but sometimes there are quite many interesting things happens here." Twilight said, she experience many unique events that taken place in Ponyville, but she still struggle to figure out the most recent tragic event.

As he observes the town he realized of something else quite important. "Oh, I almost forgot something important! I need to find a place to stay!" Erick said panicked

Twilight slightly giggles "Don't worry, you could stay where I live. My place has more than enough rooms for all of us." Twilight respond.

Erick was startled at her immediate respond "I appreciate your offering Twilight, but I don't want to impose you too much."

"Oh it's alright, believe me my place is huge, I prefer to have more company there." Twilight replied back.

"That's right Erick darling! You simply can't turn down a generous offering to live in a castle!" Rarity said with a squeaky glee pitch in her voice. Erick's thought's and facial features were blown upon hearing it.

"You lived in a castle!?" Erick yelps and Twilight nodded.

"Yeah, It's quite lonely in there sometimes. Starlight, Spike and my pet owl are the only ones who kept me company in the Castle while my friends are not there." said Twilight. Erick felt a certain peace and quiet during their walk in the town, making him realized.

"Hm, it's been a while to be in such a quiet place." He thought, eventually he kept walking until he noticed that the ponies had stopped their track, he snapped back to them.

"Well Erick! This is where you'll be staying!" Twilight said, Erick turn to where their view of vision is. His breath was taken by the sheer size, glistering beauty of the Castle of Friendship, taller and more majestic than any building in the town, Erick could only marveled at it.

"This is where you live? It looks so amazing!" Erick remarked at the castle's structure.

Twilight giggles at his comment. "Oh it's not that great of a place." Twilight said.

"But it is, your friends said that you're a Princess. And I never seen a Castle this glamorous before." Erick commented, which makes Twilight slightly more sheepish.

"Well, I don't know about y'all. But I think it's a fine time to call for a day." Applejack said as everyone else nod in agreement.

"Indeed, tomorrow we can discussed more about you Erick dear." Rarity said.

"And we will be celebrating your welcome to Ponyville party wont we?" Pinkie asked and he respond through a simple nod.

"Why would I turned down on a party that is for me?" Erick respond and Pinkie gives a giggle in excitement.

"Let's just hope you won't do anything suspicious." Rainbow stared darted at him.

Erick gulps slightly before he replied. "I have no intention to do that." Rainbow takes his words for now before turning her back.

"Sorry about Rainbow, she can be quite protective to her friends sometimes." Twilight said which Erick founded to be more reassure.

"Take care everypony, especially you Erick." Fluttershy said as everyone goes to their separated ways to end the day, Twilight, Starlight, Spike and Erick entered the castle, both Starlight and Twilight gives a short preview tour of her castle before showing his current room which is near to Starlight's room

"Erick, tomorrow I'll give you a full tour of the Castle. For now the bathroom is right next to your room so you won't get lost." Twilight said.

"And if you need anything, my room is just a few doors away from here." Starlight added which Erick find it a great relief.

"Thank you Twilight." Erick replied them as he enters his bedroom which was decorated neatly, he's still awestruck at the crystal like materials of the castle. He then closed the door and headed towards the window of the room, glancing the town and it's landscape as the sun slowly sets.

"Wow, what a great view from here." Erick marveled the town from his room in the Castle, as he close the blinds and heads to the bathroom, he's met face to face with a familiar individual staring at him with no warning.

"Enjoying your view?" The visitor ask.

"AAAGGGHHH!" Erick startles as he fell down to the floor, he then looked back again as he recognize face from before. "You! You're the guy who sent me here!" He then points at the young man with his index finger.

"The name's Wilton remember!? And yeah, sorry about the ruff entrance. I forgot to tell you that this world is an anthropomorphic pony world." He giggles which annoys Erick. "And by the way, I brought your luggage from the hotel here." Wilton said as he then points his cane at the right corner of the room. Erick looked at where Wilton points and saw all of his suitcases he brought with him to the convention. His jaws dropped, thinking that he would have lost them upon coming to this world, but instead of a grateful thanks Erick now had a more scowl face at Wilton.

"How could you forget to tell something like this, and more importantly why would you send me to a world like this!" Erick said.

Wilton could only give one basic answer "Because this world is now currently being targeted by Gammas!" Wilton answered which Erick find hard to believe.

"What!? But how!? Or why for that manner?" Erick yelps in shock.

"You heard me! I don't know for sure how or why the Gammas are here now. But like I said, with your talent and my knowledge. Well get to the bottom of it!" He said.

"But how or rather why did you chose me to help you!?" Erick beckoned.

"Remember the incident where you saved that father and son's life? Well that incident made me realized that you're the right person to be a Kamen Rider." Wilton answered while Erick could only stare at him.

"I'm still not getting the grasp of this." Erick answered.

Before Wilton provide more information, a thought came to his mind. "But I'll say, for what ever reason did you put your own life on the line like that?" He questioned.

Erick wide eyed at his response. "I rather not answered that questioned." Erick said, a sorrowful tone can be detected.

Wilton tilt his head slightly "A personal thing huh?..." Wilton mumble for a second. "Understandable." he said before changing the subject.

"Any what. Do you also remembered what I said about the missing people from the convention going into alternate realities of this world and turn into fictional characters that they dress up as?" Wilton said which earns a nod from Erick.

"What do you find out so far?" Erick asked while Wilton walks slowly around the bedroom.

"Not too much, a few more fact and info about it, but that can be for another time. After all, it was a rough journey for you to reach to this world." Wilton said which Erick finds unsettling

"Oh come on, I want to know more." Erick begged, but Wilton said otherwise.

"Dude, haven't you fell warned out after you nearly died, fall from the sky and nearly get crushed." Wilton said, with that Erick had second thoughts.

" Now that you put it that way. I supposed I need a little rest." Erick said and a glimmer of thought came to his head "But if Gamma's are actually here then..." Erick ravels his mind about the information before coming to a fearful conclusion. "Oh no." he thought as he remembers of the existence of the Gamma's in the series back at his home.

"Oh and I have one more thing for you." Wilton interrupted Erick's thoughts which snaps him back to reality. Wilton then spread his right palm at Erick's face, moments later three shining orb like objects appear from thin air and falls for Erick to catch the objects with both of his palms. Upon contacting his hands, the object materialize and reveals it's true form, three Eyecons, one was a red cover with the top sticker has number one on top, a picture of two dual sword, the second one was a yellow coating with the sticker on top and has a number two on it and an image of a light bulb and the third one was green with an arrow and the number three on the sticker.

"Mushashi, Edison and Robin Hood Eyecons?" Erick said as he scans the three Eyecons in his hands.

"Something tells me that tomorrow is going to be a new start, you better get some rest." Wilton said before he vanishes in thin air, Erick looked dumbfounded of how he did it. But he eventually shook it off as he ravels the clothes from his luggage, grabbing the necessarily stuff to prepare for bed, he turn of all lights and even the curtains of the room as he lied on his bed. As he rolls on the bed, he couldn't helped but to think of his status as a ghost and the fact that he doesn't need to eat nor sleep to retain his health, but eventually he sounded a sleep before he even knew it.

Author's Note:

Hey there, longest chapter by far (not counting World of Equestria since it's canceled). Sorry for the delay, school brings down hard on me this year, but I'll be clinging on for all of you. And Yep, the Main six wear similar clothes as to the Equestria Girls version (not exactly the same, but similar enough) which would make them easier to picture in your mind.