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Harmony Damashii - ANDIE

Erick Stanford who met a terrible accident when saving a young boy in a convention from bandits, however he was granted a change to restore his life by protecting Equestria from a threat as he's no ordinary ghost, he's Kamen Rider Ghost.

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Revealed! A Discussion!

After the fight, the whole town began to slowly look through their windows and doors, seeing Princess Twilight and her friends stood a few feet from Erick now as Kamen Rider Ghost. The citizens were still frighten after the incident and presumed that the Rider is a threat, Twilight and her friends however were beyond stunned at seeing what and who's in front of them.

Twilight was the first to talk after Pinkie's cheer "Erick...Ho-How did you do all of that?" she shutters in her sentence, one could not complain her due to the young man turned into an armor warrior.

Ghost then walked up to the Main 6, Spike and Starlight, which cause them to tense up. Ghost however opens the Ghost Driver again and removes the Musashi Eyecon from the Driver before closing the lid of the belt and moments later, his suit glows red a little before it vanishes into energy. Reverting the Rider back to his civilian clothes and looks.


The belt called out after canceling the transformation, Erick blinks and sighs "I know that all of this is a lot to take in Princess, but I'll answer every question you will - Puff!" he said but got cut by Rainbow Dash who caught and tackles you on the ground.

"THAT WAS AWESOME!" She exclaims "You just kick those two things butt like there nothing!" she said with glee.

"YEAH!" Pinkie joins in "They were like 'arrgghh, were gonna destroy you!' and you were like 'I don't think so!'." Pinkie said with excitement, trying to mimic everything that happened like throwing punches and kicks "And they were like 'Heyah!' and you were like 'Pow Pow!' and 'Wayah!' and then you were-" She said but was cut of when Applejack put her hand on Pinkie's muzzle, shutting her up.

"We get the idea Pinkie." The Apple imply before looking back at Erick "Nonetheless, if Erick here didn't do whatever he did, those critters would have whooped our hindquarters. Thanks." She replied.

Erick smiled back with honor "It's nothing really, I just can't stand on the side line and watch you girls getting beat up." he noted.

Starlight then interjects "But still how did you do all of that?" she said.

"And what are those monsters back there?" Fluttershy asked.

"And what's with those flying hoodies?" Rarity added which cause her friends to stare at her in confusion, "What? Those hoodies are just out of style!" she stated.

"Is fashion your only concern?" Trixie exclaims.

"Urgh absolutely!" Rarity pondered.

Erick just shook his head with a cocky smile "Like I said, I'll answer all of your questions." He said as he observes his surroundings, noticing that a few anthro ponies looking at him and the group. "But I think that it will be better if we discuss this at someplace more privately. Like back at your castle princess." Erick suggested.

Twilight saw what he meant when she noticed that a few of Ponyville's citizens are staring at them from their houses and other hiding places "Oh, um... I supposed that you do have a point there Erick, let's head back to the castle before everypony in the town starts a panic." she stated before she and her friends along with Trixie dash towards the castle in quick pace.

"Hey! Wait up!" Erick called out as he ran behind them, back to the castle.

"WAIT!" A voice call out as coming out of the town hall was none other than Mayor Mare, she tries to reach to the Main 7 with Trixie and Erick, but all of them had already headed straight back to the castle.

"Oh good riddance, I wonder what they are in a hurry about." she exclaims to herself.

The ponies along with Spike arrived to the castle as they burst through the front door as they gasping in exhaustion, shortly after Erick had arrived through the castle lobby as he too was tired from the running.

The ponies stopped their gasping as they turn their attention back to Erick "Okay Erick, just what in the name of Celestia is going on here!?" Spike exclaims first as the rest of his friends, along with Trixie stares at the human boy, wanting some answers.

Erick knows that what information he has is a lot "Everyone. What I'm about to tell all of you is a lot to take in." He pause before giving a long sigh to steady himself "Well...the thing is." He was about to reveal his secret when he noticed something behind the ponies. He saw Wilton waving both of his arms out.

"Hey! I want to be apart of this too! Don't just left me in the dark here!" The man in the sage uniform call out, the ponies and dragon didn't heard him due to Wilton's status as a ghost, however Erick heard him loud and clear before looking back at the Main 7 (8 if Trixie counts) and Spike.

"But before that, first I would like to introduce you girls to someone." Erick said which surprise the girls since they don't know who Erick was talking about as he pull out the same leaf blower like device he had before as he use it to blow off the same yellow energy particles from before into the air as it rains down on everyone.

"Are you making a joke out of Trixie! We demand on what is it that you're doing!?" Trixie yell at anger to Erick, growing impatient and wanting answers.

"Revealing his secret of course!" Wilton's voice calls out, now audible to the ponies ears.

The group were stunned to hear the new voice. They slowly turned their back and saw Wilton standing behind them as he waves his hand and smirks at the ponies.

"Yo!" he called out.

The girls and drake blinked several times before screaming out in shocked

"AAAHHH! WHO ARE YOU!?" Twilight said.

"HOW DID YOU GET IN HERE!?" Fluttershy exclaims.

"WHAT DO YOU WANT FROM US!?" Rainbow demanded as she lift her hands up in a boxing style.

"AND WHAT'S WITH THAT STYLE!?" Rarity added.

Which caused everyone in the room to look at Rarity weirdly "Really Rarity. Really?" Pinkie said in a deadpanned tone, which cause the said fashionista pony to shrug her shoulders.

Before they could confront Wilton, Erick rushed to Wilton's side and waving his hand in defense. "Whoa easy there! He's an ally." Erick said as he make his hand motion to the ponies "Ponies." he said before moving his hand gesture to Wilton. "Wilton." he said as he did the same in the opposite side. "Wilton. Ponies." he introduced.

"Dude, you don't need to do that. I already know who they are." Wilton replied. Which caught the Main ponies attention, he then points his cane at each of them "Twilight, Rarity, Pinkie, Applejack, Fluttershy, Rainbow Dash, Trixie, Starlight and lastly Spike the Dragon." He said.

Everyone in the room are now stunned at Wilton as he not only know their names,but he also spell their names properly and points at the right pony and dragon of their names.

"WHAT!?" How do you know us!?" Starlight asked. That also caught Erick's curiosity, although Erick had already known Wilton before coming to Equestria, he barely knows anything about the sage wearing man.

"I was getting to that! But first!..." said Wilton as he makes a goofy smile "Do you have any milk and cookies?" he said.

This cause everyone, even Erick give a dumb expression "EEHH!?" They all respond as they fell down on the floor with their feet up high in the air.

Erick was the first to stood back up and looked at Wilton with an annoyed expression "Milk and cookies!? Are you serious!?" he exclaim, Wilton however held his right hand up in front of Erick's face.

"Hold on! if were going to be making a long conversation, at least I would have something to snack on." Wilton implies in a monotone voice.

"But-but I thought you can't eat or drink! Consider that you're practically dead like me!" Erick exclaim in annoyance as he raised both his arms up high.

"Wait, what do you mean dead?" Twilight interrupted the two.

Erick's pupil shrunk as he realized what he just said as he turned his head at the confused ponies. "Urrgghh." he said awkwardly, not knowing what to respond.

But Wilton then jumped in between Erick's eye contact with the Main 7 and Spike "How about we go into the castle's library where the two of us will tell you our tales." he said as he dashed to Erick's side and wrapped his left arm over Erick's shoulders. "Can we still have the milk and cookies though?" He asked bluntly as Erick respond with a face palm.

Moments later, the whole group including Erick and Wilton are now in the castle's library, the former sits on a wooden stool while the latter sat on a comfy armchair.

The Main 7 had gathered some chairs to sat on, Starlight and Twilight use their magic to carry a single sofa into the room for some of their friends to sit on, Spike then steps into the library with a plate of cookies and a glass of milk and place it on a nightstand next to Wilton's armchair.

Wilton takes a cookie and dips it in the glass milk before taking a bite out of it "Uuum, thanks!" he replied as he then takes another cookie on the plate and present it to Erick. "Want some?" he ask.

Erick shook his head in dismiss "How can you be so casual about this? I mean can you even taste it?" he asked.

"Hey, we may be ghost, but don't let it get into you like that." Wilton said with reassurance.

Rainbow who became more impatient had enough "OKAY SERIOUSLY! JUST WHAT DO YOU MEAN BY 'GHOST'? WHAT ARE YOU GUYS TALKING ABOUT!?" she demanded.

Erick held his hands in defense "Alright Rainbow chill out!" he said as he sighs and begins his explanation "It goes like this. Those two monsters are called Gammas and there extra-dimensional ghost with super powers." he said.

"You already said that back at the fight man! What we want to know is what and why there here and why they are attacking us!" Spike stated.

"And how you just beat them by turning into that armored suit guy." Trixie commented.

"And what you mean by 'dead' and 'ghost'" Twilight pointed out.

Erick who then had a saddened look, Wilton noticed it and decides to take the role "Well, like those Gammas, were not technically alive. Were basically ghost." he revealed.

This caused the ponies and Spike to gasped in shocked, not knowing how to respond "You mean that...you guys are dead?" Fluttershy said in shocked.

"And-and you guys are gh-gh-ghost!?" Pinkie shutters as she chatters her teeth in fright.

Twilight who heard everything had a hard time getting this "Woah woah woah! Just hang on, first ghost like monsters from another dimension, now two human GHOST!? HOW IS THIS ALL SCIENTIFICALLY POSSIBLE!?" Twilight said in panic as she stood up and exclaims in disbelief.

Applejack sighs "Twilight, as far fetch as it sounds. We all saw it for ourselves, those Gamma critters just appear out of nowhere and so is that Wilton fella." she stated.

"Speaking of which, Erick..." Starlight interjects "What was that glitter stuff that you spray from that machine?" she asked.

"Oh, that leaf blower contains a special elixir that makes ghost and other spirits to be visible to the living world, that's how you all were able to see the Gammas and Wilton when I spray it in the area." Jeff explains.

"An elixir that makes ghost visible? That's awesome! We might gonna need a lot of that!" Spike commented.

Rarity taps her hand on her chin "Well that would be very convenient I suppose. Still how are those horrid creatures are here in Equestria?" she said.

Erick then turn his head to Wilton, expecting him to have the answers. Wilton noticed Erick's glare at him and said "What!? Just because I'm the one who send you here doesn't mean that I would know all the answers!" he implied.

"Wait! You're the one who send Erick here!?" Twilight pointed out which cause everypony and dragon to drag their attention to Wilton.

Wilton respond with a nod "Yep! Why? Because like you ponies, I don't know how and why the Gammas are here and I want to find out!" He as he bumps Erick's shoulder with his fist "But I need his help in order to do it!"

"His help? How can he helped you?" Trixie questions.

Wilton then respond with a smirk "Well remember when you ask to how he turns into that armored suit guy?" he mentions Trixie previous question as the said pony nodded as she recall asking that question.

"Well that's how! by fighting the Gammas, we can uncovered their motives, learning what their schemes and plots they might have in store for us in the near future. He can help us to confront them and get answers!" Wilton explains with glee, making everyone in the room including Erick to understand and agree his statement.

"Well...That's a pretty good idea...But still how did Erick transform like that?" Fluttershy asked.

Wilton then continues to answer "Oh he's no ordinary ghost per say! He's 'Kamen Rider' Ghost!" he said as he bump his elbow at Erick's arm.

"Kame what now?" Rainbow Dash said with confusion along with everyone else in the room with confusion, puzzle at the title.

Erick then finally decide to take the spot light "Well, do you girls remember the hero I was talking about yesterday?" he said.

The ponies and Spike nodded as they recall their conversation from yesterday "Well, basically what you all saw back then was the hero that I was talking about!" Erick reveals.

This caught everypony and dragon surprise "Wait, you mean to tell us that you've just turned into the hero that you were talking about with the eyeball from yesterday!?" Applejack exclaims in dumbfounded.

"Uhum! That hero is known as a Kamen Rider, there superheroes that wears mask, fight the forces of evil and ride on motorcycles!" Erick said with glee as he raise his two arms and pretends to ride on a motorcycle.

"Motorcycles? That's sounds an awful like the vehicles that Sunset Shimmer was talking about." Twilight mentions, remembering some of the messages from a certain friend from an alternate world.

"Sunset Shimmer?" Erick said with confusion, while Wilton chuckles as he knows who Twilight mentions of.

The said princess of friendship realized what she just said "Um...That'll be a story for another time. So how did you transform?" she ask.

Erick then pull out his Ore Eyecon for everyone to see it, again"Remember this?" He ask, trying to make them recall the eyeball.

The ponies and Spike nodded "Well, the eyeball here is actually called an Eyecon. And it does actually contains one's soul." Erick reveals.

Everyone in the room gasp upon hearing it "So you stole somepony's soul?" Trixie exclaims.

"Oh no! It's not like that." Wilton interrupts as he jumps in between Erick and everyone else "The Eyecons are the souls of those who have already passed away. Moreover, if Kamen Riders like Erick creates one, they can be manifested through a positive way, it's not like draining a soul from a living." he said, hoping to ease up the Main 7, Trixie and Spike.

Everyone else in the room looks somewhat less bothered, but are still unsure. Erick then make his hand sway in a motion like he's conjuring something and does it on his waist, suddenly an orange fiery energy evolve around his waist before it morphs into the Ghost Driver.

This caught the ponies and dragon in surprise "Hey, how did you do that?" Starlight questions.

Erick then points at his belt "The belt I was wearing from before is called the Ghost Driver, it's a belt like device that allows me to use the power of the Eyecons, by putting it inside the belt like this!" he said as he stands up from his stool and opens the Driver which cause it to emit a strange sound before inserting the Eyecon into his belt and closes the lid of the Driver.


The Driver call out and suddenly a black object appear through the eye of the Driver which then manifest itself into the Ore Parka ghost from before.

Everyone except Erick and Wilton were startled at the Parka Ghost's sudden appearance "AAGGHH! It's that ghost from before!" Pinkie screams panicking as she hid behind the couch where her friends are sitting.

"Eeep!" Fluttershy squeak in fright as she did the same as Pinkie, hiding behind the same couch. While the belt emits the same jingle from before.


"Don't worry everyone, this ghost is an ally, it's called a Parka Ghost and it's the soul that is inside the Eyecons." Erick explains reassuringly as the Parka ghost flies and dances around the room.

"Well, I'll admit that is quite a catch tune." Pinkie commented as she peeks her head out of hiding while the rest of the ponies feel more reassure.

"Yeah, now that you mentioned it, you did kind of wear it when you transformed like an ordinary hoodie." Rarity pointed out.

Erick nodded as he walked away to a spot that has more space "That's right, and in order for me to put it on, all I have to do is to say the word 'Henshin'-" Erick explains and all of a sudden Wilton call out.

"Which means transform in Japanese by the way." Wilton interrupted.

Erick felt slightly annoyed at Wilton's inteferance, but decides to shrug it of "Yes, it does and after saying it, I then pull and push the lever, like this." he said as he pulls and pushes the handle, making the eye on the belt blink before


The belt announces as his body glows in a flash of blue light before the light vanishes, revealing Erick wearing the Transient suit again. The Parka Ghost then stops flying around and head towards Erick and hovers behind him.


The hoodie like entity then wrapped itself around Erick, making him wearing the black hoodie and creating the orange face and black eyes, completing the transformation.

Everyone except Wilton in the room are stunned at Erick's display, even thought they've already seen him transformed. Nerveless they have never seen anything quite like it before.

"That's how you do it. I'm now a Kamen Rider, Kamen Rider Ghost to be exact!" Ghost reveals as he pulls his hoodie back, showing a single curve horn on his forehead.

"That's so cool!" Spike commented with excitement.

Twilight look intrigue, but another thought came to her mind "I'll admit it's quite interesting to see how you transformed, but what about the red ghost that you use to defeat the last Gamma, what's that about?" she ask.

Ghost thought for a moment before realizing what the princess was talking about "Oh that Parka Ghost, you see I have more than one Eyecon." The Rider said as he reach inside his pocket and pull out the said red Eyecon from before "This one contains the soul of Miyamoto Musashi, one of the greatest swordsman and philosophers in the history of my world." he explains.

"Woah." Everyone in the room respond in awe. Even Trixie was somewhat intrigue of the Eyecons.

"He has others too." Wilton pointed out.

Ghost nodded before pulling two more Eyecon from his pocket, one is yellow and the other is green. Wilton then points at the yellow Eyecon "This Eyecon represents Edison, one of the greatest inventors of all time." He said before pointing at the green Eyecon "While the green one is Robin Hood, an archer and swordsmen who fights corrupted rich people and provide their riches to the poor." he explains.

"Woah" Everypony and Spike respond with awe.

"Fascinating indeed! It sounds like these Eyecons contains the souls of very important figures." Twilight said with fascination.

Wilton nodded "And it's possible for Erick here to create more Eyecons, but to do that he has to find an object or item that attaches to a historical figure." he reveals.

This cause more surprise faces from the Equestrians "Really? Like anything that associates with a historical figure? Like a spell book, a sword, anything?" Rainbow exclaims in glee.

"Yep." Wilton confirms casually.

"So any more questions?" Erick said, waiting to see more response.

Everyone in the room tries to come up with more questions to ask, until finally Starlight had one "One more thing, we saw that after you defeated those Gammas, they turn into Eyecons too before exploding. Why is that?" she asked.

"That's because the Gamma's are actually a manifestation of corrupted Eyecons, meaning that those Gammas are made by something or someone." Erick answers

"WHAT!?" Everypony and dragon exclaims in panic.

"That would mean that whoever made these Gammas could just make more." Twilight assumes with worry.

Wilton nodded "That's true, and the weapons you saw that the Gammas have dropped upon defeat are the things that also grants them their powers, but those guys are just the tip of the iceberg. It's possible that there could be more powerful and dangerous Gammas will appear in the near future." he explains.

"M-M-More d-d-dangerous?" Fluttershy shutters as the rest of her friends feel the same way.

But Wilton appears to be calm "That's correct! Which is why we need to find out who responsible for it, otherwise more Gammas will appear to terrarise this town. Or if not all of Equestria." Wilton stated.

Everypony plus Spike were all silent in the room, Erick saw the worries and concerns that they all having, so he decide to break the silence "But I know that they can be stopped! After all, I'm here and I have powers to fight them." He reminded them.

This brighten up everyone's mood, "Really? You're going to help us stop them?" Starlight said in slight hope.

Erick responds with a nod and "uhum" before stating "Besides, Wilton here will aid me too right?" He said as he turn his attention to Wilton.

"Well of course! I've been making several plans that could help Erick to defeat the Gammas." Wilton said "So there's nothing to worry about." He confirms.

Everypony in the room sighs in relief "Well that's ah great help from y'all. Thanks!" Applejack said.

"It's nothing really." Erick replied.

"Besides, it's not like were going to be facing the Gammai-" Wilton tries to say something when Erick cuts him of by covering his mouth with his hand.

"What he meant to said is it's not like there's anything worst than Gammas, right?" Erick said nervously.

The ponies and dragon were a little suspicious of the two human's strange behavior and acting, but nonetheless they all went along with it...For now. Erick then slowly place his hand away from Wilton's mouth, the latter seems to be annoyed.

"Well, I just hope the two of you will make yourselves home here in Equestria." Twilight said.

"Hey! I know we should make a party to officially welcome them here!" Pinkie said in excitement.

"One more thing thought." Rarity interrupts Pinkie and everyone else as she looks back at Wilton "How is it that you know who we are, if you don't mind me asking Wilton darling." She asked.

This cause everyone else, even Erick to remember their previous moment from before.

Wiltons only smirks "Let's just say that you girls have a bigger reputation than you think." He said as he casually takes another cookie, dipping it in a glass of milk and takes a bite out of it.

"Well, if anypony needs me than just call out my name. Oh and Erick..." He said.

Erick heard him and turned his attention to Wilton "I want to have a word with you, meet me back at your room." He said as he then stands up from his armchair and throw his right hand up high and a puff of smoke covers his whole body before he vanishes in thin air.

Everyone, in the room were surprised, but Trixie was shocked the most "HOW DID HE DISAPPEAR LIKE THAT! HE'S NOT EVEN A UNICORN!" Trixie exclaims.

Erick then look at everyone else in the room "Don't question it." He said nonchalantly as he remember the Sage's antics in the series.

Author's Note:

WOW! It's been a long while since I update anything in my fanfics, I'm slowly starting to lose motivations on writing fanfics. But I will try my best to keep them updated and maybe even try writing non crossover fanfics for once. Let me know what you think about this chapter and if there any errors than let me know.


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