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Erick Stanford who met a terrible accident when saving a young boy in a convention from bandits, however he was granted a change to restore his life by protecting Equestria from a threat as he's no ordinary ghost, he's Kamen Rider Ghost.

After the event of Chrysalis fled and the Changelings became good, Twilight and her friends returned to Ponyville safelly. But little did they know that a far more sinister threat lies within the shadows, a threat can't be see by living beings are now begin to reach havoc Equestria. Reluctanly for them, a new arrival named Erick Stanford who might have what it takes to help stop the new enemies, how will he do it? One thing is for sure.


- A Kamen Rider Ghost Displace fanfic.
-This is not a sequel nor in the same universe with Drive with the Rider.
-However this event taken place after the Season 6 Finale.
-This story can accept crossovers with other displaced fanfics.
-Warning: may contain minor gore and blood shed.

Prologue: Equestria! A New Threat!

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"WOW! What a day! I still can't believed that you did all of that Starlight." Twilight said as she, Starlight, Trixie and the rest of the Main Six walking back to Ponyville. Rainbow Dash put her right hand over her mouth as she yawns.

"Yep! The ponies back at your town sure outdone themselves." Rainbow said as she pats her hand on Starlights right shoulder.

"Well, I'm glad that everypony enjoy it, even thought the festival was almost over by then." Starlight said and she then turns her head from left to right, noticing that something is up. "Hey where's Discord?"

"Oh, he said something about having an arranged meeting with somepony at his house." Trixie said while carrying her bags.

"Alright y'all, were home! Let's call it for a day!" Applejack said as they all head to Ponyville center.

"Goody night girls! See you all tomorrow." Twilight

"Good nigh y'all!" Applejack said

"Good night!" They all said to each other before going separate ways. Trixie decides to stay in Ponyville a little longer as she came back to her wagon behind the Castle Of Friendship, Twilight, Spike and Starlight greeted Trixie from there way into the castle, the three then headed near to Starlight's room.

"Starlight, you've been through a lot. You need plenty of rest." Twilight said.

"I'm not the only one Twilight, you've been in a rough situation yourself." Starlight said and they headed to her room, she opens the door and came in.

"See you tomorrow, Starlight." Twilight said as she and Spike waves at her before Starlight waves back at them and slowly closes the door of her room, calling the day off.

1 hour later.

Starlight and everypony else in the town are having a peaceful sleep, until.

"Gasp!" As Starlight woke up from a sudden boom she heard "What was that?" Starlight said as she got to her window and looked outside of Ponyville, a shock in her eyes as she witness everypony running away, several objects are thrown from one place to another, furniture's and items being thrown and smash by an unknown force and fire begin to burn at a few places. Starlight frantic action raced out of the hallways and headed to the foyer of the Castle, accompanied by Twilight and Spike who's also startled from the sound.

"Starlight! You heard the commotion too right!?" Twilight said with Spike next to her.

"Yes, it's coming from outside!" Starlight said and they open the doors of the Castle, they witness in horror to everypony ran away from the mischief of flying objects and throw away items, some ponies levitate of the ground, some being prank like tripping on a banana peel, tomatoes thrown at their faces, even some small buildings begin to being burn on fire, Trixie ran up to them out of the bloom.

"Twilight! Thank goodness you're here!" Trixie said as she frantically tried to keep her composure.

"Trixie, what's going on out here!?" Starlight ask.

"I don't know! I was sleeping in my wagon and all of a sudden. I heard all of this commotion and when I got out, this happens!" Trixie said as she uses her magic to put some of the objects back in order, but many are still thrown everywhere.

"I just hope the others are alright!" Spike said, as if it was a coincidence, the rest of the Main Six ran past through the now corrupt storm of chaos.

"Girls! Are you all alright!?" Twilight said.

"Don't worry about us darling! Were fine. But Ponyville itself on the other hand..." Rarity said as she's also looked distress at the catastrophic of a town.

"But... What kind of a party pooper would do this!?" Pinkie said as she's looking at the ponies ran from flying objects, some furnitures being explode and so on. Starlight looks at the surrounding and could only come up with one explanation in her mind.

"This most likely to be Discord's act." Starlight said and everypony else gasp in shock.

"But it couldn't be, Discord was reformed, remember?" Fluttershy said, but everypony else muttered and sighs, indicating of slight disagreements. Twilight then takes a serious thrown on her face and turns her head left and right.

"Discord! If this is a game to you, then cut it out or we'll have to used force on you!" Twilight said.

"Only one way to find out!" Rainbow said "Hey Discord, if it's really you! You better cut out the act or we'll give you to a flank whooping!" Rainbow said as she's performing some martial arts skills, but without warning a nearby toadstool coffee table was throw at Rainbow's back, luckily Applejack saw it and push her out of the way in naked time.

"Wow! That was a close one!" Rainbow said.

"Rainbow, you can't just bust your way to conclusions!" Applejack said as she stood back up.

"Alright y'all, whatever the caused of all of this, we need to team up to stop this!" Applejack saids and the rest of her friends nodded in agreement.

"Twilight, Starlight, Rarity and Trixie, you guys are going to use your magic to stop as many of the objects from hitting anypony." Applejack said.

"Fluttershy, Rainbow, Pinkie Spike! You all take everypony to somewhere safe!" Applejack said and the other four nodded.

"And I'll try to find out the cause of all this, got it!?" Applejack said and everypony gives a simple "Right!" and they all spread out and doing their part. As Twilight and her friends tried to keep the commotion in check, at a distance, a figure hiding behind one of the Everfree Forest trees saw everything, the being wears a strange white cloak with spiky shoulder pads and a grew tip on the hood, though the hood shadowed it's face, the being then held up it's right hand and snaps it's finger, at the right moment everything stops, the throwing, the mayhem stops and everypony in the town, stood in total shock, trying to process everything they witness.

"What just happend?" Twilight said, a fearful tone can be heard. While everypony else began to feel the same fear.

"Hey everypony! I got some warm chocolate milk!" Discord said as he appears from thin air while, wearing pajamas and holding a glass of chocolate milk in his left claw.

"Just what are you playing at Discord?! We thought you've gotten over of making chaos!" Rainbow said as she charged and having a face to face confront at him, making him spill the glass.

"Just what are you talking about?" Discord said with his left eyebrow raised.

"Don't you lie to us! We all know ya the only one here who is capable to do such a thing!" Applejack said, pointing at him.

"No! I was rolling on my bed, trying to get some sleep. But for some reason I felt a strange presence had came here, so I thought that I could get a glass of warm milk to help me relax." Discord said

"Quick the act buster! If you didn't do it then how would you explained all of the stuffs being thrown by itself and ponies got pranked!" Pinkie said, giving a sure sign of a suspicious face.

"Look, I may enjoy a little prank or two sometimes. But do I look like I would want to cause some chaos when it's past my sleeping time!?" Discord said as he makes a watch appear out of thin air on his left claw.

"We've thought you have changed to a greater good long ago Discord! Now we know that you've just been using us!" Rarity said, pointing at him with her right hand with furry in her eyes.

"GIRLS! THAT'S ENOUGH!" Fluttershy said with a rare sign of rage "If Discord said that he didn't do it, then he didn't do all of this!" She said.

"But Fluttershy, who else could possibly have the kind of magic to cause this kind of havoc other than Discord." Twilight replied.

"I don't know, but if Discord said it wasn't him, then it wasn't him!" Fluttershy said. "And I though we all agreed that he's reformed!" Fluttershy merely just assure.

"Oh, my dear Fluttershy! I knew you're always the understanding one around here!" Discord said. "And there I though that you all though of me the same way." he said disappointingly at the rest of the Six. The rest of her friends still stares at him with suspicions, but at the same time confusion.

"So... If you really are not the one who caused all of this, then who ?" Trixie who then decides to join in the argument.

"I guess that's a mystery in our hands. In the meantime, I'm going back to my bed with another cup of warm chocolate milk" Discord said as he vanishes in a flash of light. As soon as Discord disappears, Twilight and her friends gathered in a group puddle and began their discussion.

"You all believed what he said, do you?" Fluttershy said.

"Fluttershy, we understand how much you want all of us to get along with him, but we all need to make sure that he is right to his words." Twilight whispers.

"I for one think that one of us should spy on him, just to see if he's actually doing something behind our backs." Rarity said.

Starlight sighs before her eyes widened with an idea. "Twilight, I may have a spell that could help us to find out if whether if Discord is the one who's responsible for all of this or not, but I would need your help ." Starlight said as she turn to Twilight, getting everypony's attention.

"What is it Starlight?" Twilight ask and leaned closer to Starlight along with everypony else, Starlight begin to mutter her plans to the main Six.

The Figure's POV:

The figure who still hides in the same spot as before still view upon on Ponyville, this time it's now accompanied by several strange creatures walking towards it, all of which wears a black body suit with a rib cage like chest, blue flame shaped eyes, a yellow water droplet symbol on their foreheads, wearing dark grey gloves and boots and a strange belt with an angry eyeball shaped buckle.

"You all done well!" The figure said before turning it's back away from the bunch "The experiment was a success!". The being said as it turns it head back to the creatures.

"Come! We have more business to intent!" the figure said as it and the rest of the group of creatures enters deeper into the Everfree Forest, their silhouettes were last seen in the night before being covered in vegetation.

Weeks later, Ponyville is now peaceful again. Twilight continues to teach more about the magic of friendship to Starlight, however today in particular special for them because Twilight has a new assignment for Starlight, she and all of their pony friends are at the park, having a picnic. Learning to share more joy and happiness to each other as they eat their usual cucumber sandwiches and other picnic delights.

"Starlight, looks like you're getting a hang of it!" Twilight said as she's joyful to see Starlight's new growth. Starlight, along with all of her friends giggle at their happiness, however it was lasted until they heard screams and panic at the town square.

"Oh no, not again!" Twilight said as she and the rest of her friends ran to the source of the havoc, the same phenomenon happens again, however Starlight smirks and turns her head to Twilight.

"Twilight! Remember our plan?" Starlight said and Twilight nods as she uses her magic to tried to levitate and stopped the objects from throwing around, after her attempt fail the two then focus their magic as their horn glow.

"Twilight! Now!" Starlight said as she and Twilight blast two powerful magical beams that make a direct hit to each other, the two beams merged into a magical ball which levitates into the air and explodes into several glitter like substance, but after a few moments, little to nothing appears or happened, bringing a shock to both Starlight and Twilight.

"W-W-What!? That spell was supposed to reveal the source of the spell which cause the commotion!?" Starlight said, shocked at the result "Why didn't it worked!?" said Starlight as the mayhem continues. Seconds later, Discord appears out of the blue again.

"See!? What did I tell you!?" Discord said as he points his left claw at them. "But I think I might could lend you a little hand!" Discord said as he snaps his lion paw and the commotion stops. The whole citizen in town stares at each other shock as the town is now restored thanks to Discords magic. Twilight and her friends walked up to Discord with shameful expressions.

"What did I said when I'm not the one who's responsible for all of this!?" Discord said who's unamused.

"I guess we misjudge you, again. Sorry Discord" Starlight said, a small yet sorrowful tone in it.

"None taken everypony." He said as he waves his right paw at them. Twilight who now had a more confused expression on her face.

"But since you helped us stopped it, do you have any clues to what caused all of this?" Twilight ask.

"No single clue, I didn't realized that my magic could even put a stop to this mess up until now of course." Discord said, Twilight then turn her attention to the disaster which was left in Ponyville.

"Why is this happening?" Twilight said with a hint of fear in her voice as everypony else felt the same sensation. Discord however had a more serious expression on him as he turns his back from the Main Six and now looks at the same strange creatures back at the Everfree Forest as the creatures retreat and headed back into the forest, the oddly thing is that no pony else seems to able to see or hear them, except for Discord himself.

"I hope he knows what he's doing." Discord whispers to himself with slight concern.

Displaced! A human with a bright soul!

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"Alright! My very first time going to a convention." A young man said as he got out of the room of his high deluxe apartment and pulling his luggage's, he then walk through the halls before headed to the elevator and comes down. After headed to the Base floor, he headed for the table of the hallways.

"So sir, you informed that you'll be leaving for a couple of month's before your returned, am I correct?" one of the employer of the apartment said.

"Yes, I have an hour trip to Los Angeles for a convention, I don't have a real costume, but a suit will be just as good." The young man said.

"Very well then, we'll take care of your apartment room while your journey to the convention mister Erick." The employer said.

"Thank you, this convention is a rare sight in America and I don't want to missed that chance." Erick said and leaves the apartment building, as an cab waits for him, Erick got in the cab as it drives him towards the international Airport. Erick waits for about minutes to hours before he finally got into the airplane to arrive to his destination, while flying Erick watch through some TV programs on the plane and play some games, eventually he fell asleep through his long flight to Los Angeles, upon arriving he coincidentally got up on time and grabbed all of his luggage. He was able to get another cab as he leaves the airport and headed for the hotel where he booked a room.

He then pays for the driver as he got out of the cab and heads to the hotel. He was able to find the room he booked and headed to his hotel room for the month, he was amazed at the sheer high quality of the room's furniture and the designs, as Erick set all of his bags to his room, he then began to call for the day before headed to bead and got ready for the convention tomorrow.

Erick got up before his alarm clock even went on, he brought in his costume which is a matching clothes to Tenkuji Takeru, the main protagonist of Kamen Rider Ghost. He was satisfied of how the outfit turn out on him "hum... needs a little bit adjustments, but it's look good enough." Erick though before he got out of his hotel room and head out to the convention nearby. Erick was stunned witnessing everyone in America get up as some of Japan's most iconic super heroes and villains, he even saw someone get up in Garo's gold armor. Erick walked throughout the convention, finding if there is something that could equip his interest.

"Yo kid! You look like a worthy Kamen Rider Fan!" A voice said, Erick turns his back and saw a man wearing a suit similar to Captain Marvelous from Gokaiger next to a stand. Erick approach the man and greets the man.

"Yes good sir! How's the day for you?" Erick said as he observes the merchants stand full of merchandise. He saw everything that speaks to him, until he witness a Driver that he thinks will make his clothes more complete.

"Wow" Erick wondered as he picks the Driver up. "This is a very good quality Ghost Driver! And it even have two additional Eyecons" said Erick as he marvels at the texture of the toy belt and the Eyecons. The merchant was begin to have a form of interest.

"Hm... You've quite a lively fan of Ghost. Some people said that Ghost was an awful Kamen Rider series." The merchant said. But soon realize that it had tapped a nerved in Erick's brain as he turns his head to the merchant with malice and stomped towards him.

"Really man!? I mean Ghost could've been better. But it's not down right bad!" Erick said with pride as he continues looking at the other Ghost related merchandise. "Ghost deserved to have some honor as any Kamen Rider series." said Erick. The merchant then perked his eyebrows and lean towards Erick.

"Hey kid." The merchant said as he lean on Erick's hear, giving him a small whisper. "Have you heard of the rumors?" Erick was equipped with confusion and curiosity.

"Rumors? What rumors?" Erick asked.

"There has been rumors of people been gone missing and disappearance in conventions like this one." The merchant whispers. Erick wide eye at the fact, but soon he kept his composure.

"Well I don't know much about rumors. But I for one don't really take them likely." Erick answered and his attention is now on a strange white and black blade molded toy sword.

Moments later without a warning, gun fires can be heard nearby, everyone turn their head to the source of the sound and found a deranged man wearing a black leather jacket and a gun on his right hand, everyone was startled and step away from him. Erick showed some fear in his face, but tries to embrace it while the merchant hides under his stand for protection.

"THIS IS ONE A HELL OF A CONVENTION!!" The man said as he raised a gun on his right hand and fired the ceiling of the stadium, everyone streak and duck down to show their fear "I DON'T KNOW WHY THE HELL WOULD A F***ING WIMPY ASIAN SHOWS WOULD MAKE A CONVENTION HERE IN THE U.S!!!" The man said as he points and waves his gun around the room, threatening everyone.

Erick kept his composure as calm as possible, that is until a crying sound was heard, he turns his head to the left and saw a little boy cries at the man's threat, the boy's father tries to comfort the boy and quiet him down. But not before it began to annoy the psychotic man and enraged his temper more.

"Stopped crying you little brat!" the man yells at the boy before he held his gun up at him.

"No please! Don't hurt the boy. He's innocent!" The father said. But the boy continues to sob which enrage the mad man even further.

"If you won't shut him! Then I'll will!" The criminal said as his index finger is merely seconds before pushing the trigger.

Erick saw it and did what his instincts told him, he leaps up from his place and pace himself towards the father and son as the maniac pulls the trigger of his gun, the boy and his father closed their eyes to embrace for the worst, but as seconds gone by, they felt no sign of harm, upon opening their eyes again, what they witness made everyone in the whole building gasp in horror, even the gunman.

Erick got in between the psychotic man and his shot path towards the boy and his father, with both of Erick's arm spread out sideways, the bullet made contact to his body, dangerously near to his heart. He then fall to his knees with his blood begin to absorb by his clothes and was visible to everyone, his eyes were nearly blanked, but not before he turns his head to the father and the boy with a smile before his demise.

"Don't worry! I...I...'ll pr...protect you're potential!" Erick said with short breaths before his body fell to the ground with his face made contact with the cold marbled floor, people started to panic and stepped back. The psychotic man began to loosen his grip of his gun with all of his doubts shown and staring at both his hands. Moments later, sirens of police cars can be heard outside, while the man still daze at his guilt, everyone else got out of the building unharmed and the police came in and tackled the criminal without a warning to him, one of the police saw Erick's near death form and call out the others.

"We got an injured civilian here! Get an ambulance quick!" The police said as the others nodded and head for their cars to make contact for help while the policemen ran towards Erick, checking if there's any life in him.

"Hey! You're okay!?" The police said as he shakes Erick, hoping to get a response from him. "Hang in there man!" The police then remembered something, something that might support Erick's life a little longer.

"Don't worry! My coworkers will get an ambulance as quick as possible! I got a medical kit in my car just in case situations like this happens. I'll be right back!" The police said as he ran outside and get his medical kit in his car. Erick was able to open his eyelids slightly after the police left the scene. He then take out a police badge out of his pocket and stared at it.

"I believed in myself!" Erick proclaim himself as he tighten his grip on a badge, as the floor begin to be oozed with his blood, his consciousness became blurry once more before his vision is nearly blacked. The merchant from before saw everything and stood up out of his stand and proceeds to Erick.

"You're really are a total idiot for taking a shot like that." The merchant said as he walked closer to the nearly dead Erick. "But I guess you'll have to do." Suddenly both the merchants and Erick body glows brightly before they both faded in golden dusk like particles in the air and faded mere seconds before the policemen came back into the building with his medical kit in his hands, but found no one in sight.

"W-W-What!? Where did he go!?" The police said with shock as he ran and inspects the whole convention building.

The merchant and Erick now appears to be in a multicolored dimensional space, the merchant sighs at Erick's unfortunate condition.

"Still out cold huh? Maybe this will help." he said as he takes out the same Eyecon from the toy packaging, the merchant then press the button of the Eyecon which makes a letter G appear on the eye's pupil before he tossed it near to Erick, the Eyecon then glow as energy particles begin to seeped out of Erick's body before the particles absorbed into the Eyecon as it suddenly floats in midair and flies towards Erick's right palm and it glows brighter. Moments later Erick's eyelids began to open up and he stood up his knees and stand up, he was utterly stunned at the whole area he's in and even more stunned upon feeling the moist blood on his clothes.

"Egh! What the!? Where am I!?" Erick said and he then caught his sight at the merchant.

"You! What did you do to me!?" Erick asked. Leaving the merchant felt slightly annoyed.

"Ugh, don't tell me you forget everything!" The merchant said "You've almost died when that maniac shot you dead on!" He said, leaving Erick's expressions of fear as he reclaims his memories of the incident.

"WHAT!? Does that mean that I died!?" Erick shouted.

"Nope! You're neither dead or alive!" The merchant answered as he walked around Erick. "But, I'm pretty sure that you won't be worried about getting hungry or thirsty again."

"WHAT!? Then that means that I'm really dead!" Erick yells as he stomps to the merchant, but not before getting whacked with a cane in the head by him.

"Now, now don't get a head of yourself. Anyways, there's a reason that yer still here." The merchant said as he glows in an orange aura before the light dissipates, revealing him in a different outfit, he's now wearing a gold cloak and wears a read shawl and a dark blue head band. Resembling the Sage in Kamen Rider Ghost.

"Hey! How did you do that!?" Erick asked, only to be hit in the head again.

"Now's not the time for that, there are more pressing matters! Do you recall to what I said about the rumors of disappearing people in conventions?" The merchant said, Erick was silent for a while before nodding his head.

"Well those rumors are true, in fact I've been investigating those rumors ever since it began! I manage to find some insight about it. But I've only been able to find so much!" The merchant said, shocking and luring Erick's curiosity.

"What have you found out so far?" Erick asked, making the merchant to give a serious facial feature.

"That those people ended up in an entirely different alternate worlds and they became the characters of the costume they wear." The merchant said, leaving Erick stunned. But turns into a more skeptical face.

"Hold on a sec, what makes you think that I'll believed in a word you say?" Erick questioned before the merchant gave a more furious face.

"If I think you wouldn't believed me then I would've left you died for real back there!" The merchant said with malice, which froze Erick temporarily.

"Anyways what really bugs me is that the missing people usually disappeared right after they met and bought something from a merchant like myself." This however make Erick though of something.

"Wait, so now I'm one of those missing peoples now!?" Erick said making the merchant nodded.

"I was able to mimic those merchants actions through eavesdropping and going undercover on them. But I only doing this because I want to know the truth, however I would need someone's help to back me up." He said before he held up a cane and pointed at Erick. "And that someone is you! You'll be the second Kamen Rider Ghost!"

Erick blinked for a while before spilling out "EEHH!!!??? You'll turn me into a Kamen Rider!?" Erick yells and the merchant nodded.

"I've pinpoint at the world where the missing people were ended up, but I don't have enough power or knowledge to go there myself. But with your help, we both could go there because you believed in your potential." The merchant said before placing his hand on Erick's left shoulder.

"Use the souls of our world's heroes to save that world's heroes. And if you ever need help, just call out my name, which is Wilton." The merchant smile, but then frown just as quick.

"But...you're aware the kind of burden that a Kamen Rider has to hold do you? You think you're up for it?" He asked, Erick takes out the badge once more and stares at it with a firm grip before looking back at the merchant and nodded.

"If those people lives are at stake, then I'm more willing to do it!" Erick answered, the merchant held up his right hand and snaps his finger, out of the bloom an orange fiery aura appeared on Erick's waist, which died down to reveal the Ghost Driver.

"Wow! Sweet!" Erick proclaims.

"I'll informed you anything that I've discovered, remember if you need any help just call out for me and I'll provided it to you." The merchant said and Erick gives a simple smile.

"Until then" The merchant held up his cane "Get a move on!" And unexpectedly, he spread his right palm and pushed Erick at the chest, which sends him screaming as he flew into an orange eye shaped portal and passed through it, leaving no trace of him as the portal closes.

"Now, time for me to do my part!" The merchant said as he vanished into thin air, leaving the multicolored space empty.

Visitor! Equestria's introduction!

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In Equestria:

Twilight and her friends read throughout every books they find around all of Equestria in Twilight's Castle, trying to dig into the truth behind the mayhem that happened a week ago, the last time the phenomenon occurred was since yesterday. She and the rest of her friends were more desperate to find an answered as soon as before another outbreak occurs again.

Twilight growls in frustration as she tosses a book aside and slammed her own face on to her desk with frustration, but she then begin to sob slightly which caught her friends attention.

"What are we going to do?" Twilight said with sadness. "We've tried everything we've find, but yet our hands turned out empty!"

Depression began to sink into her. They've traveled throughout Equestria to find a slightest hint that could give them a break through, they've asked everypony who might have an answered from the Princesses to asking Sunburst for help, but little to no success as they all failed to helped or to have an answer for them. Rarity approached her along with all of her friends to Twilight.

"Twilight dear! We can't simply give in now. I know that this is a dyer threat were dealing with, but if we stick together and worked harder. We'll sure to find a solution of some sort!" Rarity said with pride to comfort her Alicorn friend.

"Rarity's right y'all! All of our friends in Equestria may don't have the answered. But if we have our head's high! We can overcome anything!" Applejack said as she swing her arm in a hook motion.

"But what I don't understand is how or why would anypony or anything would caused this kind of mess." Fluttershy whimpered at the tragic event that kept folding upon Ponyville.

"Who or whatever caused this phenomenon must be possessing some kind of magic that we've never seen or heard before." Starlight theorized. She have extensive knowledge of magic for years, possibly even rivals with Twilight's. But in this circumstance, she was little to no clue to what had happened or how she could helped.

"Well whatever or whoever caused all of it, once we find it. We'll be ready to whoop their flank out of Equestria!" Rainbow said with her usual tomboyish like enthusiasm. As if on cue, screams of terror and panic begin outside, alerting the Main 6.

"Oh no, not again!" Twilight utters as she and her friends got out of the Castle and head outside to face the dilemma once more, this time however they didn't find objects thrown around nor ponies panicking. Instead they saw everypony stare up into the sky with some of them held their hand up to cover the sun light for a better view while others muttered at each other.

"Huh? What's everypony doing?" Fluttershy asked curiously. Upon realizing what the town's folk doing they raised their heads to the sky, what they find is entirely startling. Up in the sky was an orange portal shape eye.

"What in Equestria is that !?" Rainbow said. Without warning, Pinkie's tail twitching.

"Brace yourself everypony! Something is about to fall!" Pinkie yell out as she ducks down. Her friends may have a slight difficult understanding of her Pinkie Senses, but from their past experiences with it. They knew it's far more than just a normal twitch as everyone else in town head low for cover.

Minutes ago a young man was screaming as he flies around in the multi colorful void until he saw a faint light in front of him. After he passes through the light, he realized that his surrounding is blueish with clouds, but he then look down and realized that he's now up in the sky.

"OH COME ON! I'M AFRAID OF HEIGHTS!" the young man yells out as he begins to fall and screaming for his dear life "Of all the people in the world! Why does it had to be me!?" He said.

Back on the ground, the ponies heard screams of terror and fright from the sky, upon looking up they say a figure that came out from the portal and begins to plummet to the ground.

"Someone's up there!" Fluttershy said.

"Don't worry! I got this!" Rainbow said as she flew up high in great speed, fortunately she catches the figure in time.

"Gotcha!" said Rainbow, however Erick passes out before seeing his savior. Rainbow then looked at his features and realized that he's not a pony. "Hey, you're a-" Rainbow about to said before being interrupted by Twilight.

"Rainbow, are you alright?!" Twilight said.

"Yes I am and so does he." Rainbow answered out as she flew back down, upon landing the boy's limb body to the ground, revealing it all to the citizens of Ponyville. Twilight was the most astonish of all of them since she immediately recognize his features.

"He looks similar to us, but his facial features resembles to my friends from Canterlot High." Twilight said. Where then Fluttershy notice something horrific.

"Look, he's injured!" Fluttershy said, noticing the wound on his clothes.

"Who or what did this to him?" Spike spoke out. Before anyone else said something, the boy let go of his grasp as a plastic eyeball rolled out of his hand.

"AAGGHH! IT'S AN EYEBALL!!!" Pinkie screams out in fright along with Fluttershy as they ran and hide in a nearby tree and bush. The rest of the ponies startled and backed away a few feet away.

"Ugh! Why would anypony keep an eyeball in their hands!?" said Rarity disgusted with the eye's appearance. Before there's more commotions, Starlight gives a more throughout scan of the object.

"Wait a sec." Starlight said as her horn glow with her magical aura and levitates the eyeball like object and brought it closer for a better glance. She then let the eyeball in her hands which gross out some of the ponies in town, including the Main Six.

Upon feeling the material, she come to a conclusion. "Don't worry it's not a real eyeball!" Starlight said.

"Huh?" They all said as they came closer for inspection. Twilight came closest for a better examination.

"Starlight I think your right!" Twilight said as she spread her right hand out for Starlight to place it on her palm.

The eyeball felt more metal and plastic like, the cornea of the eye appears more of a plastic glass like touch to it, the iris of the eye appears more similar to a camera lens, with four screws on each side to secure the cornea and the black metallic back side. It had two black buttons on each side of the eye and the oddest feature it had is it had a flat rectangular sticker on top of it, the sticker is an image of an orange face with no visible nose, mouth nor ears, only two large black eyes with the letter 'G' on top and the word 'Ghost' on the bottom of the sticker.

"Ghost?" Twilight said the word.

"AAGGHH! A GHOST!" Pinkie screams again as she panicked and run wild.

"HUGH!? A GHOST!? WHERE!?" Fluttershy said as she became frantic and turning her head around.

"Calm down y'all! I'm pretty sure that there ain't no ghost around here." said Applejack to calm them down before looking back at the eyeball. "But this fella here does had something very peculiar."

"Twilight darling, do you have any clue to what it is?" Rarity asked.

"No, I've never seen or heard such an object before." Twilight said with confusion.

"Me neither, it's unlike any thing I've known." Starlight said.

"Whatever it is, he came out of that eye shaped portal thingy with it. He might be a ferocious monster that eats eyeballs for lunch!" Rainbow stated.

"A-A-A MONSTER!?" Fluttershy said, shuttering.

"Rainbow, it's not an actual eyeball remember and I doubt it's edible, even for an eye eating monster. Besides, he doesn't look like a monster." Twilight said.

"Maybe's he's disguising himself!" Rainbow said.

"Well either way we won't know what it is until the fella here wakes up, then we can get some answers." Applejack said and soon realize something important. "Oh no, we almost forgot that the fellas injured!"

"A wound like this is quite serious, he needs a doctor!" Twilight said as she uses her magic to levitate him and they all head to the Ponyville hospital. An hour of waiting in the hallway was over when the doctor arrives with the results.

"Princess Twilight Sparkle." The doctor said her name as she and her friends came up to the doctor "I've some results of the patient, his clothes may be covered in some blood, but his injuries are not too serious. In fact whatever caused the wound is completely healed. The patient just need some rest for an hour."

"Oh thank goodness." Twilight said.

"But there is something quite odd about him. When the nurses and I tried using an x-ray on him, the images doesn't show any sign of bone injuries. Or rather it didn't show any bones at all." The doctor said

"WHAT!?" The six including Starlight said.

"That's not all, when we tried to use a heart rate monitor on him, it didn't show any signs of a heart beat." The Doctor informed.

"WHAT!?" Everypony said again.

"Are you saying that he's dead!?" Starlight said, slight panicked.

"Yes, I mean no. I really not sure, but the patient appears to be quite alive because we can still hear his breathing." The Doctor answered. Which erupt the Seven to muddle at each other.

"You all could come in to check on him, but don't make too much noises." The doctor advice as he left the hallways, the ponies with Spike then entered the room where the young boy is lying, they enter and saw him on bead, coming closer to examine him.

"Hm... He does look quite tuckered out." Applejack stated upon looking at him and the rest of them wait for half an hour, during that time Twilight still observing the Eyecon in her hands.

"Still trying to find out what that eyeball thing is?" Spike asked and Twilight nodded.

"Yeah, it looks so intriguing to wondered who or why did they made it. I have so much questions from this thing more than anything I've had encountered before." Twilight said with a squeak of joy. Before anypony else said anything, they can hear a groaning nearby, turning their head back to realized that the human begins to wake up.

"Umm! Where am I?" The young boy said, as he rubs his eyes and slowly gaining his vision, his eyes widened in shock and surprised to
witness what in front of him. Seven multicolored humanoid pony like creatures were around his bead, staring at him with curiosity.

They all blinked for a second before simultaneously react "AAGGHH!" He screams which startles the Main Six and Starlight to screamed back as well, Erick then back off on the edge of his bed while the ponies are on the opposite side of the wall.

"WHAT THE HECK ARE YOU!? WHERE AM I!?" Erick yells in fright.

"Y...You'r in the Ponyville Hospital. D...Does that answered your question?" Starlight answered. Who wears a light blue long sleeve shirt with a white short sleeve blouse. She also had a a pink four point star with four white points on the sides along with two glimmering streams embedded on her light blue skirt and long white socks. Her hair and tail are both straight and curled up at the ends with the colors of light and darker purple and some strands of grayish like tint.

"Maybe, I think... Um I don't want to be rude or offensive, but what are all of you?" Erick asked. Twilight and the others were quite astounded that he doesn't know who they are since Twilight had made some human friends before, but they shrugged it off.

"Well, were ponies." Twilight answered. Wearing a light purple short sleeved blouse with a red bow tie scarf. A purple skirt with a large pink six pointed star surrounded by five smaller white stars. She also had purple socks that had a pinkish inside that was roles out on the top and a single argyle pattern with white lines and two purple diamonds. The most unique thing is her long hair and tail which are dark purple with a single lighter violet and pinkish strain of hair streak. Erick realized something, of all of the seven of them, she possessed both wings and a horn, unlike the others who only possessed one horn or only wings or none.

"My name is Twilight Sparkle, I'm an alicorn princess and there my friends..." she said as she begins to introduce all of her friends

"Applejack." she said, who's wearing a white shirt that had a half green upper part of the shirt's shoulders and the chest, having the sleeves rolled up, wearing blue jeans and a brown belt with a red apple shaped buckle to secure it. With large brown boots reaching near to her knees. An orange coat color fur, blonde hair which was tied near the ends and wore a brown stetson's hat.

"Howdy." said Applejack.

"Pinkie Pie." Twilight shows Pinkie, with a pink colored fur with pink poof hair and tail, with a light blue unbutton blouse which reveal a white shirt with a pink heart. Her skirt is light pink with an image of two balloons and one yellow balloon on the side and having a pink sash that is tied as a bow on the side to fasten the skirt and shirt together. Wearing blue high top shoes with white laces and two pink bows on the top.

"Rainbow Dash." who had blue wings, not as large as Twilight's, but still quite to be hold and rainbow color hair and tail. Wearing a denim vest which reveals a white T-Shirt underneath that had a red neckline with a cloud shot a rainbow lighting bolt. Black sport trousers, blue sport shoes with rainbow stripped socks inside and a rainbow color wristband. She gave a glare at Erick which slightly uncomfortable for him.

"Rarity." She introduce a white fur color unicorn mare with violet curled up hair and tail, wearing a white blouse, a blue belt which held a light blue skirt with three diamonds on the side. Long violet boot heels reaching up to her knees, decorated with a violet diamond on each which made her completion is quite unique and stunning, compare to the others.

"Fluttershy" The Pegasus mare that had yellowish fur, long light pink hair and tail. She wore a basic white top tank, along with a light green skirt with a large butterfly with pink wings, a smaller one with wings that are deeper shade of pink and the smallest one with white wings. She wore a hair clip that had a white butterfly on it, long pink socks with white polka dots and a green scandals. Erick noticed that she is somewhat anxious due to her bashful reaction when he looks at her, but he shrugs it of and continues to listen.

"Spike the baby dragon." Turning focus on a small light purple scale baby dragon which caught Erick's attention most, his spines are green and who is quite short compare to the others in the room.

"Hey there!" Spike respond which shook Erick at first due to the fact that Spike can talk, but he ignores it and goes along with it.

"Hi..." Erick respond slightly hesitating, though hearing that he's a baby dragon, Spike speaking is quite fluent for a baby.

"and my pupil Starlight Glimmer." Starlight waves her hand at him.

Erick looked utterly dumbfounded, but he kept his composure as calm as possible "Um...um...hi, my name is Erick and guess that I'm new here." He tries to talk, but not without shuttering multiple times while talking.

"Well Erick, we'll be willing to welcome anyone who's a guest here in Ponyville." Twilight said.

"That is if you're not that your an eyeball eating monster! " Rainbow said as she dashed at Erick's face.

Erick's expression immediately turned into shock "What!? What makes you think that I am one?" Erick asked in deference.

"Because of this." Twilight said as she held up his Ore Eyecon on the palm of her hands. Erick wide eyed and snatch it from her hands as quick and observing it.

"This is mine, how did you get it?" Erick questioned.

"Y'a dropped it when y'a fell from a strange portal." Applejack answered.

Upon from hearing Applejack, his memories were brought back to how it all began "Oh, I see."

"Hate to interrupt you Erick. But what is it?" Twilight asked, he looked at her slightly. He remembers the ordeal he face and meeting with the merchant that sends him here, but he realized that the truth might be harder to believe than telling a slight lie, so he responded her.

"Oh...um... it's just a toy eyeball. Nothing special about it." He said, knowing that telling the truth will be more hard to believed. Applejack however saw the act just from the look of his eyes, but she decided to pursue it for another time.

"It's just a toy?" Twilight questioned, with confusion as she tilt her head a side along with the others due to them expected it to be something more.

"Yeah, well from where I'm from. This eyeball is based on a hero that I like the most." Erick said.

"A hero? But what's the connection between that hero and this eyeball?" Starlight asked.

"Well, it's kinda hard to understand, but let's just say that it's connected to his soul." Erick answered simply, the rest of them tilt their heads, but decided to go along with it.

"That's an interesting fact and-" before Twilight could ask anything else, Pinkie shoved her out of the way.

"Ooh-Ooh-Ooh! What's that hero like, does he have a cape? A mask? What superpowers does he have?" Pinkie asked feverishly.

"Well, he doesn't wear a cape, but he does wear a mask of some sort and his powers are quite awesome." He said.

"Like what?" Spike said, clearly curious about the hero Erick mentioned. Which is where Erick is unsure to how to describe those powers to them, luckily he was interrupted before he could explain.

"Now now everypony let's not be rationale, the poor darling was still injured when he came here remember?" Rarity beckoned which deflate Spike slightly.

"Oh, it's alright Miss Rarity, it's not that bad." Erick protest. "Besides, I'm feeling quite well now." He said as he got out of his bed and walked around the room.

"See." Erick said and the ponies feel a little more relief.

"Well, we glad that your alright. Because the doctor said that you had quite abnormal symptoms." Twilight said which caught Erick's attention.

"What do you mean?" He asked.

Twilight was about to said what she have heard from the doctor, but a second though came to her mind. "Um... never mind, it's not that serious anyways. Since that your feeling better, I think we can check you out of the hospital and get you some place to stay." Twilight said " It's almost evening, I think well call it for a day." She said as everyone nodded.

Erick was glad, but he noticed another thing as he looked down, he noticed that he's wearing a hospital gown "Wait, where's my clothes!?" he said as he begins to frantic looking around the hospital room until.

"Here there are sir." a voice said as he and the ponies turn their head to the door where a white Earth Pony nurse standing there wearing a typical nurse outfit and on her arms are a folded clothes with a mix color of white, magenta and purple color fabric. Erick's eye widened as he recognize the pattern on the fabric and walk towards the nurse.

"The blood stain on your clothes were fresh, so we were able to wash it off before it dries on it." The nurse said with a smile as she hands out his clothes.

"Oh, thank you. Um do you know a place where I change my clothes? I think I'm in good shape and to check out." Erick said with the nurse nodded.

"I'll take you to the changing room. Once your done, we'll lead you to the lobby where you can check out." The nurse offers and Erick gives a warming relief of a smile.

"Thank you." Erick plead as he followed the nurse to the changing room with the rest of the Main Six, including Starlight and Spike follow. When finished, Erick walked down to the lobby, Twilight arranged to book him out of the hospital.

"Thank you doctor, we won't know what to do without you." Twilight said with pleasure.

"No problem and..." The Doctor then leans on to Twilight's right ear and whispers "Did you tell him about his strange symptoms yet?"

Twilight was shook at his words, but he remains calm "No, I haven't and I think it'll be better if I won't tell. I don't want to cause too much locomotion and panic for both him and the towns ponies." Twilight respond.

"Understood." The doctor whispers as the ponies and Erick left the hospital.

Out of the bloom Pinkie jumps up in front of Erick enthusiastically "Welcome to Ponyville Erickie!" Pinkie declare.

"Erickie ?" Erick ask, a little off about his nickname.

"Don't worry, you'll get used to it." Twilight said. While that Erick looks around Ponyville while a small smile.

"Wow, this town is quite a peaceful place." He said as he views the area, which restore an image on his mind, but he shook it off as he kept on listening.

"I know it's not much of a sight, but sometimes there are quite many interesting things happens here." Twilight said, she experience many unique events that taken place in Ponyville, but she still struggle to figure out the most recent tragic event.

As he observes the town he realized of something else quite important. "Oh, I almost forgot something important! I need to find a place to stay!" Erick said panicked

Twilight slightly giggles "Don't worry, you could stay where I live. My place has more than enough rooms for all of us." Twilight respond.

Erick was startled at her immediate respond "I appreciate your offering Twilight, but I don't want to impose you too much."

"Oh it's alright, believe me my place is huge, I prefer to have more company there." Twilight replied back.

"That's right Erick darling! You simply can't turn down a generous offering to live in a castle!" Rarity said with a squeaky glee pitch in her voice. Erick's thought's and facial features were blown upon hearing it.

"You lived in a castle!?" Erick yelps and Twilight nodded.

"Yeah, It's quite lonely in there sometimes. Starlight, Spike and my pet owl are the only ones who kept me company in the Castle while my friends are not there." said Twilight. Erick felt a certain peace and quiet during their walk in the town, making him realized.

"Hm, it's been a while to be in such a quiet place." He thought, eventually he kept walking until he noticed that the ponies had stopped their track, he snapped back to them.

"Well Erick! This is where you'll be staying!" Twilight said, Erick turn to where their view of vision is. His breath was taken by the sheer size, glistering beauty of the Castle of Friendship, taller and more majestic than any building in the town, Erick could only marveled at it.

"This is where you live? It looks so amazing!" Erick remarked at the castle's structure.

Twilight giggles at his comment. "Oh it's not that great of a place." Twilight said.

"But it is, your friends said that you're a Princess. And I never seen a Castle this glamorous before." Erick commented, which makes Twilight slightly more sheepish.

"Well, I don't know about y'all. But I think it's a fine time to call for a day." Applejack said as everyone else nod in agreement.

"Indeed, tomorrow we can discussed more about you Erick dear." Rarity said.

"And we will be celebrating your welcome to Ponyville party wont we?" Pinkie asked and he respond through a simple nod.

"Why would I turned down on a party that is for me?" Erick respond and Pinkie gives a giggle in excitement.

"Let's just hope you won't do anything suspicious." Rainbow stared darted at him.

Erick gulps slightly before he replied. "I have no intention to do that." Rainbow takes his words for now before turning her back.

"Sorry about Rainbow, she can be quite protective to her friends sometimes." Twilight said which Erick founded to be more reassure.

"Take care everypony, especially you Erick." Fluttershy said as everyone goes to their separated ways to end the day, Twilight, Starlight, Spike and Erick entered the castle, both Starlight and Twilight gives a short preview tour of her castle before showing his current room which is near to Starlight's room

"Erick, tomorrow I'll give you a full tour of the Castle. For now the bathroom is right next to your room so you won't get lost." Twilight said.

"And if you need anything, my room is just a few doors away from here." Starlight added which Erick find it a great relief.

"Thank you Twilight." Erick replied them as he enters his bedroom which was decorated neatly, he's still awestruck at the crystal like materials of the castle. He then closed the door and headed towards the window of the room, glancing the town and it's landscape as the sun slowly sets.

"Wow, what a great view from here." Erick marveled the town from his room in the Castle, as he close the blinds and heads to the bathroom, he's met face to face with a familiar individual staring at him with no warning.

"Enjoying your view?" The visitor ask.

"AAAGGGHHH!" Erick startles as he fell down to the floor, he then looked back again as he recognize face from before. "You! You're the guy who sent me here!" He then points at the young man with his index finger.

"The name's Wilton remember!? And yeah, sorry about the ruff entrance. I forgot to tell you that this world is an anthropomorphic pony world." He giggles which annoys Erick. "And by the way, I brought your luggage from the hotel here." Wilton said as he then points his cane at the right corner of the room. Erick looked at where Wilton points and saw all of his suitcases he brought with him to the convention. His jaws dropped, thinking that he would have lost them upon coming to this world, but instead of a grateful thanks Erick now had a more scowl face at Wilton.

"How could you forget to tell something like this, and more importantly why would you send me to a world like this!" Erick said.

Wilton could only give one basic answer "Because this world is now currently being targeted by Gammas!" Wilton answered which Erick find hard to believe.

"What!? But how!? Or why for that manner?" Erick yelps in shock.

"You heard me! I don't know for sure how or why the Gammas are here now. But like I said, with your talent and my knowledge. Well get to the bottom of it!" He said.

"But how or rather why did you chose me to help you!?" Erick beckoned.

"Remember the incident where you saved that father and son's life? Well that incident made me realized that you're the right person to be a Kamen Rider." Wilton answered while Erick could only stare at him.

"I'm still not getting the grasp of this." Erick answered.

Before Wilton provide more information, a thought came to his mind. "But I'll say, for what ever reason did you put your own life on the line like that?" He questioned.

Erick wide eyed at his response. "I rather not answered that questioned." Erick said, a sorrowful tone can be detected.

Wilton tilt his head slightly "A personal thing huh?..." Wilton mumble for a second. "Understandable." he said before changing the subject.

"Any what. Do you also remembered what I said about the missing people from the convention going into alternate realities of this world and turn into fictional characters that they dress up as?" Wilton said which earns a nod from Erick.

"What do you find out so far?" Erick asked while Wilton walks slowly around the bedroom.

"Not too much, a few more fact and info about it, but that can be for another time. After all, it was a rough journey for you to reach to this world." Wilton said which Erick finds unsettling

"Oh come on, I want to know more." Erick begged, but Wilton said otherwise.

"Dude, haven't you fell warned out after you nearly died, fall from the sky and nearly get crushed." Wilton said, with that Erick had second thoughts.

" Now that you put it that way. I supposed I need a little rest." Erick said and a glimmer of thought came to his head "But if Gamma's are actually here then..." Erick ravels his mind about the information before coming to a fearful conclusion. "Oh no." he thought as he remembers of the existence of the Gamma's in the series back at his home.

"Oh and I have one more thing for you." Wilton interrupted Erick's thoughts which snaps him back to reality. Wilton then spread his right palm at Erick's face, moments later three shining orb like objects appear from thin air and falls for Erick to catch the objects with both of his palms. Upon contacting his hands, the object materialize and reveals it's true form, three Eyecons, one was a red cover with the top sticker has number one on top, a picture of two dual sword, the second one was a yellow coating with the sticker on top and has a number two on it and an image of a light bulb and the third one was green with an arrow and the number three on the sticker.

"Mushashi, Edison and Robin Hood Eyecons?" Erick said as he scans the three Eyecons in his hands.

"Something tells me that tomorrow is going to be a new start, you better get some rest." Wilton said before he vanishes in thin air, Erick looked dumbfounded of how he did it. But he eventually shook it off as he ravels the clothes from his luggage, grabbing the necessarily stuff to prepare for bed, he turn of all lights and even the curtains of the room as he lied on his bed. As he rolls on the bed, he couldn't helped but to think of his status as a ghost and the fact that he doesn't need to eat nor sleep to retain his health, but eventually he sounded a sleep before he even knew it.

Let's Go! The Rider Henshin!

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While Erick was in his room snoozing, Twilight walked through the halls of the Castle before heading to the living room where she saw Starlight and Spike sitting on a couch.

"I heard that you and Twilight had seen them before. But I never would have thought that I'll get to see a real human with my own eyes." Starlight said who was still amazed.

"Well Starlight, if you think seeing a human is awesome, then imagine turning into one." Spike said before the two were interrupted by Twilight's clear voice.

"Seems like you two are quite amazed of Erick's introduction to Ponyville." Twilight said

"Well from what you and Spike told me about humans that they are quite similar but yet different from us ponies, now I can understand what you two meant." Starlight said. Twilight giggles back in respond before her eyes widened at a realization.

"Hold on, this can't be right." Twilight said which caught both Spike's and Starlight's attention.

"What is it Twilight?" Starlight asked concernedly.

"We were so excited about Erick's arrival that I almost forgot to ask him a few more questions that I haven't thought about until just now." Twilight said.

"A few more questions? Like what?" Spike ask curiously.

"Like that we haven't ask him to how that he isn't a pony when he first came here, Spike do you remember when we first came to Canterlot High? I was turned into a human while you turned into a dog." Twilight recall the event.

Spike perks up "So your point is?" he said who felt like he wasn't aware of the answer which is under his nose.

"Then why it didn't that apply to him? Shouldn't he be a pony when he came to Equestia? If he did came through the portal, he should have turned into a pony. Not to mentioned that the doctor said that he had strange symptoms that even they can't explain." Twilight said who is somewhat frantic.

"Calm down Twilight, we could ask him a few more questions by tomorrow when he feels better." Starlight reassures.

Twilight gasp calmly before breath out "You're right Starlight, it's getting pretty late. It's better that we head to bead first, I just hope that he'll slept well." Twilight said as she headed to her room.

"We better head to bed as well Spike. Good night." Starlight said as she and Spike head to their separate rooms to call for the night.

At night, Erick barely had his eyelids closed, despite having to change to his pajamas and laid in bed and that he's not entirely dead, he constantly tried to get some sleep. But as the night expands, every single time he tried to close his eyelids, images of burning houses, people screaming for their lives kept him awake. Suddenly the scene changes to a car flip upside down from a crash and in the car were a man and a women, both were injured and bleeding from their head, reaching their hand out to him, Erick reaches his hand to them and saw another but a smaller and more delicate hand next to his doing the same thing. But eventually he closed his eyes, assuming to be sleeping however it didn't last before an hour or longer later he startles himself to wake up from the outlandish dream, he then views his surroundings as his memories evoke to the event occur since yesterday.

"Huh, never thought I'll see that again." Erick thought in his mind, the atmosphere of the castle's room is somewhat lighter than his old apartment which he still founded to be marvelous, as he's about to get of bed a ringing noise distract him. Turning his head to his right, he saw a small black dial telephone with bronze color ring dials, Erick who recognize the design of the telephone and grabs the telephone both hands and picked up the phone to answer the call.

"Moshimoshi? (Hello?)" Erick answered.

"HEY! It's breakfast time sleepy head!" A voice said through the phone.

"Wilton!?" Erick said, baffled at the familiar voice.

"You've finally remembered my name? Took you long enough!" Wilton's said hysterically.

"Um... Where are you!?" Erick ask confusedly.

"I'm enjoying the basking dawn of the sun!" Wilton replied "You should get some breakfast, that is if you need any breakfast." Erick attempts to ask him more matters before the phone hung up. Erick shrugs as he closes it and got out of bed. Erick then walk towards the bathroom, luckily the bathroom door was right next to his room, otherwise he would have gotten lost in the hallways of the castle. He turns on the faucet and washed his face with water, he dried it with a nearby towel. He looked at his reflection, revealing a natural reddish hair with commonly brown eyes.

"Hm, I guess Wilton was right about me being a ghost after all," He thought to himself before he takes a breath of his mouth and uses his hand to covered it closed enough to his nose. "Hm, smell the same as always". He took a shower and have his teeth brushed just in any case. Upon finishing he walked back into his room, he takes out a new pair of clothes similar to the one he wore yesterday, only it was an entirely red and purple colored one instead of white with blossom color one. He wore the new pare as he heads out of his room.

5 mintues later:

Spike was fixing up some breakfast as he is standing on a stool with Twilight in the dining room as Erick slowly enters the room"Erick you're awake quite early." Spike noticed along with Twilight.

"Yeah, it's quite a habit sometimes." He said.

"Starlight is still a sleep, I guess she overdid her studies again." Twilight said with her eyes role.

"Well in that case I'll cook some breakfast for the both of us." Spike said as he jumps of the stool as he has two dishes with several pancake stacks before placing it on the dining table, one for Ericks side and one for Twilight.

"Here Erick, I hoped you'll enjoy it, Spike is quite the cook himself." Twilight said with remarked.

"Um!!! It looks great!" Erick remarked as he grabs the knives and fork beside the dish, he sliced a piece of the pancake and was about to delivered it to his taste buds, that is if he had taste buds as he paused for a slight second. He then slowly drops the pancake piece along with the fork on the dish and pushed them away a few inches from him.

"Erick, are you alright?" Twilight asked with some concern.

"Oh no, I'm alright! I'm just not hungry." He said, which they find it slightly startling of how they aware of the importance of breakfast.

"WHAT!? Not hungry!?" Spike screatch, slightly startled "How couldn't you? That's crazy talk!?"

"What Spike meant to said is that breakfast is very important because it enhances your health in the morning, with out it you'll have a hard time going through the day even when having lunch ." Twilight said.

"Um... no it'll be alright." Erick simply said, the whole room was paused before Twilight breaks the silent.

"Erick. Are you depressed?" Twilight asked

"What!? No! I'm alright! What makes you say that?" Erick protested.

"Well, I think that coming to our world is making you feel agitated." Twilight explain her theory.

And again Erick shook his head "Oh no no no! I'm absolutely sure that I'm fine." he denies.

"Erick, just have something okay?" Twilight said with a small pleading tone in it.

Before more discussions begin, Spike delivers a burp sound that emits green sparkly fire, which startles and grosses Erick slightly. However the fire then dissipates into a scroll much to Erick's surprise, Twilight takes the scroll and rolls it up as she reads it.

"what is it Twilight?" Spike asked.

"It's Princess Celestia." Twilight said.

Erick's right eye perked up "Princess Celestia? You're not the only princess here?" he asked with a little surprise.

"Oh yeah we haven't told you! Celestia was Twilight's teacher!" Spike said. "It was because of her that she's a princess now!" Spike proclaims before Twilight bodge in.

"That's not entirely true, It was the help of all of my friends that I became a princess." Twilight said.

"Huh?" Erick said.

"It's a long story Erick." she stated as she begins to read the letter. "Hm... Princess Celestia said that she and Princess Luna haven't found the cause of the strange phenomenons a few weeks ago." Twilight reads before looking back at Spike.

"She want us to be on a look out in case if it happens again." Twilight said and Spike nodded and solutes.

"Strange Phenomenons?" Erick said in confusion.

"Well Erick, I may can't tell you my whole story on how I became a princess, but I can tell you what has been happening here a few weeks before you came here." Twilight said before clearing her throat.

"You see Erick, a few weeks ago, creatures called Changelings captured me and my friends. Changelings are pony insect like creature that can change their form to anything they see and they feed on the love of others. Starlight was able to saved us and stopped their Queen named Queen Chrysalis. She escaped. but with the help of her new friend all of the other Changelings became good and they have a new ruler." Twilight explains.

"Wow." Erick said in awe.

She nodded but a sigh came in "But after the incident. Strange phenomenons began to happened. Objects throw by itself, houses burning and furniture destroyed itself. It's total chaos! Starlight and all of our friends tried to find the caused of it. But so far we only have dusk in our hands!" Twilight said desperately.

"Hey!" A voice call out, but Twilight nor Spike was startled by the voice except for Erick as he turns his head and saw Wilton on his right side. "That's sounds like the work of the Gamma's!" Wilton said in excite.

Erick stares at Wilton with unsure of his theory and said "How can you be so sure?" he said which caught Twilight's attention.

"Huh?" Twilight said.

Erick who was startled "Oh, um. Nothing, so you were saying?" he said, chuckle nervously.

Twilight sighs "I'm just worried for Starlight, my friends and the whole town and all of Equestria. It's my duty as princess and mentor to protect my subjects, my pupil and my friends." Twilight said.

Erick hung his head down "I see." Erick said with a thinking face and a thought came to his mind. "It'll be alright Twilight!"

Twilight heard him "Hm?"

"I don't know anything about this world or how it works. But what I do know is that protecting something precious is difficult anywhere, however if you let your life shine bright for yourself and your friends. Anything can be accomplished." He said which Twilight find it comforting.

Before Twilight could give her respond to Erick, the Castle's door bell rang which disturbs their conversation.

"Sorry about that, somepony is here. I'll get the door just remember to eat okay?" Twilight said before she got out of the dinning room.

"Hey wait up Twi!" Spike responded as he took of his apron and followed Twilight.

Erick ignores her advice of breakfast as thoughts came into his mind. "Hm. Should I be happy of how I make her smile or sad of how I can't eat the same way anymore." He though before he stares usher at the pancakes that Spike cooked for him and the unexpected happens. His body suddenly glow white slightly before he slowly turns transparent before he completely fated into thin air.

At the front door of the Castle, Twilight and Spike opens the door and revealing another unicorn pony who reveal to be Trixie.

"Hi there Princess Twilight." Trixie greeted much to their surprise.

"Trixie!? I thought you're headed to live somewhere safe from the strange phenomenons?" Twilight said.

"Well I was, but I was quite worried for both you and Starlight's safety after that strange incident." Trixie explains as she takes a breath before continuing "As much as I was freaked out about that chaotic mess, I can't just ignored my first actual friend here to have to face all of it while I'm just hiding in the shadows."

Twilight sighs with a smile "Trixie, you're more bolder than ever." Twilight said, "I guess Starlight did taught you a thing or two about friendship since she first met you."

Before that Twilight had a though in her mind "Speaking of friends, the girls and I just met a new friend from yesterday. I think you would be impress to see him." Twilight said as she grabs Trixie's wrist and drags her into the castle with Spike following pursuit.

Erick kept staring at the breakfast in front of him without noticing that he is invisible until he heard Twilight's voice.

"Erick say hi to..." Twilight said but paused before noticing he's not there on the table anymore "Erick?"

"Twilight! I'm here!" Erick responded, but as if his voice was not audible, Twilight ignores it as she kept calling his name. Erick ran towards her for only to be shocked at the fact he ran through her and falls to the ground.

"What the!?" Erick said in shocked and as if on cue, Wilton appears out of thin air again and right in front of Erick.

"Dude! Don't you remember!? You're visibility is based on your emotions like Takeru's!" Wilton mentions.

Erick eyes widened in realization "Oh right!" Erick realized before he ran through the door of the dining room and out in the hallway.

"Okay think of happy, cheerful thoughts!" Erick said to himself before he slowly materialize back into solid matter. He takes a look at himself with relief. "Whoa, it worked!" He claims happily as he opens the dining room door again, revealing himself to the three.

"Here I am Twilight!" He call out

"Erick where were you?" Twilight asked.

"Well, I though I heard Starlight woke up. But silly me it's just my imagination." He giggles nervously, Twilight's left brow raised while Trixie on the other hand was in shock at the sight of

"Um anyway, meet Trixie, she's the first friend Starlight actually made here in Ponyville without forcing it." Twilight introduce.

"Forcing it?" Erick ask which caused her eyebrows to raised nervously after realizing to what she just said.

Twilight respond by giggling nervously "It's another long story Erick." She said before turning to Trixie "Trixie this is Erick." She said then she noticed Trixie's startled face.

"Twilight, what is he?" Trixie asked.

"Oh, I should have explain he's a human, like the one's I told you about with Starlight." Twilight said. Upon hearing it Trixie begins to look stunned at the revelation.

"Um... nice to meet you." Erick said as he reach out his hand.

"Yeah, if you're a friend of Starlight then I guess you and I could get along." Trixie said and before she could reach out her hand, sudden screams of panic fill the air of the castle. Twilight and Trixie was all to familiar with the struggle while Erick looks around confused.

"Oh no not again!" Twilight said as she along with Trixie ran to the exit of the castle with Spike and Erick follow suit. Once Twilight opens the Castle Door, she saw Ponyville in the same state of panic as the chaos and mayhem happens all over again.

"Hugh! Of all times!" Trixie frustrated said.

A moment later the rest of the Main Six emerged from the town and head towards Twilight castle where she along with Trixie were waiting.

"Girls, are all you alright." Twilight said in worry.

"Yes, were alright Twilight." Fluttershy said softly "But I'm not so sure about the rest of the town." she said as she looks at Ponyville.

Rarity looks around and notice something "Hey, where is Starlight Glimmer?" she ask.

"Starlight is still asleep, I don't know if she'll be waking up anytime soon." Twilight answered.

"But we still have to do something!" Spike claims as everyone (except Erick) looks at him, the ponies look at each other and nodded.

"Everypony! Y'all know the drill! Let's go save Ponyville!" Applejack called out as she and the rest of her friends, including Trixie ran towards Ponyville and tries to save the day.

Unnoticed to the ponies, Erick on the other hand saw something that no pony could see, he saw the very cause of the chaos with his own eyes.

"G-G-Gammas! But how!?" Erick gasp as he witness the numerous Gammas terrorizing the whole town as they throw objects, destroying property and other mischief.

As he witness the Main Six with Trixie by side, they managed to clear out some of the mischief with team up, but the more they tried to fix things up, the more the Gammas kept messing things up.

Erick then begins to realize something "Oh yeah, I'm a ghost and I'm the only one who has an Eyecon so I'm the only one who can see them." He though.

"Hey! Isn't this the time for you to shine!?" a voice interrupts.

Erick turns his head behind and saw Wilton "Wait what?" Erick confusedly said.

"Don't you get it? it's time for some henshining." Wilton said as he does a pose very similar to the first Kamen Rider.

Erick stared at Wilton with a shock at the realization "Wait, that's a word?" He said before he was interrupted by the sounds of ponies screaming.

"Dude, the longer you argue, the more this town going to fall into pieces." Wilton said which makes Erick looked desperate.

"Okay! Okay!" Erick said frantically before running towards the nearest by alleyway which no one seem to notice until Starlight suddenly ran to the outside door.

"Twilight! Spike where are..." She said before she noticed Erick running towards a nearby alleyway. "Where's he going?" Starlight thought before following him.

As Trixie guides the citizens to a safer place, she notices Erick ran to an alleyway and Starlight following him "Starlight?" Trixie notices before pursuing them.

Once Erick goes into the alleyway, he looked at the surrounding of the alleyway, making sure that no one was in view of him, but Starlight hid herself behind the walls effectively. Then she saw Trixie running to her.

"Starlight." Trixie whispers as she waves her right hand up high and Starlight respond with a wave.

"What's going on?" Trixie ask and Starlight points at the alleyway as the two looks at Erick without him noticing them

Unexpectedly, a fiery orange aura emitted on his waste, as the aura die down, it reveals a strange belt with an orange strap on his waist, while the buckle was large and bulky, the shape is rectangular like, but what makes it very strange was it appears to be made of a translucent ectoplasm like substance with a black and orange handle on the right side and a single eye on the center of the belt, giving it a ghost like appearance.

Erick then pulls out an Eyecon from his pocket and press a black button on the right which makes a letter G appear on the iris of the Eyecon before he presses a button which cause the belt to open as he inserts the Eyecon into his belt and closes it. Upon closing it, his entire body suddenly fades into thin air.

"He disappeared!?" Trixie said in shock as Starlight who looks just as startle as her.

Erick then closes the driver, and the unexpected happened, the eye off the belt emits a fiery orange aura as an object began to materialized out of the belt's eye, the object reveals to be a black vest hoodie like entity with two orange eyes, a horn like nose, having orange like trimmings on the edges and two small belt straps on the shoulders, acting as arms for the entity, the entity is called a Parka Ghost. At the same time the belt emits a bizarre jingle as the entity flies around him.


The belt begins as Erick pulls the handle out, making the eye closed and a strange chanting began.


The jingle repeats as Erick spread both his arms out, he then have both his hands facing forward with his left hand spread out while his right hand only had his index and middle finger spread and slowly bringing them together, he then roll his hands before he shot his right hand up in the air, still having his index and middle finger spread while his left hand was near to his armpits with his ring and pinkie finger slightly bend. He slowly have his right hand back down to face in front of him and at the same time both his arm crosses each other. As the Parka Ghost flies around him he then shout a single word.

"Henshin!" He said as he grabs the handle and pushes it, causing the eye of the belt to open.


The belt announced as a small holographic energy image of the orange face appears in front of the belt. In addition orange energy like patterns resembling skeletal bones appear around his body and a blue eye symbol appear on his chest and a blue aura engulfs his whole body for moments. Erick's is no longer there as he was replaced by a black humanoid suit with orange glowing lines resembling bones of a skeleton with a light blue eye symbol on the chest , wearing transparent armor like exoskeleton with silver wristbands, ankle bands and knee pads. The oddest thing is the head with a silver face with no facial features what so ever. This form is known as a transient form.


The jingle finishes as the parka ghost attaches itself to the transient suit, making the transient suit wearing a black short sleeve hoodie with light orange edges and two silver buttons to hold the light orange lapel in place. In addition, the silver face is now orange with two large black eyes, having two small metal pieces to hold it in place and a small curved silver horn on the forehead. Erick then stares at his palms, realizing that he actually transformed into Kamen Rider Ghost.

"I can't believed this! it actually worked!" Erick cheered for himself before hearing screams of panic and broken objects. "Oh right!" Erick said as he rushed out of the other side of the alleyway and exposed himself to the Gamma's.

"Hey You!" Erick shouted which caught their attentions.

The Gammas turn their heads to him, they were more than shock of the new arrival to a point that all of the Gammas stop their assault and mischief by dropping the objects down to the ground. As soon as they stop, the chaos and the mayhem of throwing objects stops just as quick as the Main 6 along with everyone else in town notices the sudden halt.

"What the?" Rainbow Dash said as everything had stopped.

"That's odd, it stopped a lot sooner than it usually is." Twilight claims in confusion.

Back at a ghost point of view, the Gammas are still starring at the new individual "What the!? He could see us?" One of the creatures said in shocked.

"Yeah! I could definitely see you guys!" Erick called out as he points at them.

"Who the hell are you!?" One of the Gamma's said.

"I'm Kamen Rider Ghost! And if you think you're going to get away with messing this town!" Erick paused for a moment before he place both his palms near to the belt and suddenly a large black and silver sword like weapon appears out of thin air, this sword is called the Gan Gun Saber.

"Then you're messing with the wrong place!" Erick said as he charged at the minions. The creatures tried to uses their daggers to strike Erick, but he was able to dodge and deflect them with his sword as he consciously slashing them with it, causing sparks and strange black liquid like substance to spattered out from the Gamma's, his sheer strength was enough to destroyed a few, but the Gamma's find it irritating.

"You tool! Swarm on him!" One of the Gamma's yell as they all tried to sink him in their numbers. But without warning, he jumps up high before he realized that he is levitating through the air as his mask glows orange along with an orange aura on his body.

"Wow! I guess being a ghost has it's own benefits after all!" He remarked as he flew towards the Gammas and uses his sword to slash all of them as he fly pass through them with enough force to stun them before landing back on the ground with his feet.

"I'll let my life burn bright!" Erick announced as he let the eye symbol on his sword place in front of the belt, then a small laser beam connected between the two and the belt sang another jingle.


The belt call out.


Erick then charged at the gamma's slashing all of them one by one as he passes through them, upon reaching to the end, he presses a trigger of the sword.


The Gan Gun Saber spoke as he delivers a large orange color energy slashed at the Gammas, destroying all of them instantly before they dissolved into black smoke and were replaced by Eyecons similar to Ericks, only having four claw like shapes on the sides before it all explodes.

Ghost merely stood there in a mix of shock and excitement as he stares at his new Gan Gun Saber in his hand.

"Y-Y-YES!" Ghost cheered out triumphantly as he held his Saber up high in the air before he opens his Ghost Driver and removes the Eyecon before his Rider Form dissipates, turning him back to normal. This also cause him to turn visible again to the living.

"I DID IT! I DID IT! I DID IT!" Erick continues his cheering as he spun around, this time however everyone in the town including Trixie and Starlight who still was hiding behind a wall in an alleyway heard his cheering as they turn their heads to him.

"Erick?" Twilight called out which caught his attention as he stop spinning and turn to face her along with her friends before his smile turns upside down before realizing what he just did.

"U...Umm." Erick hums awkwardly as Trixie and Starlight approaches him.

"Erick darling, where did you come from? I presumed that you would have stayed back at the castle for safety." Rarity pointed out.

"Um..." Erick hums even more nervously before Starlight interjects.

"Erick. How did you do that?" Starlight said out.

"How did I do what?" Erick responded dumbly.

"No one other than the Great and Powerfull Trixie, the princesses and Starlight were able to accomplish such feet." Trixie stated.

"What feet?" Erick said confusedly.

"We saw you running towards an alleyway, when Trixie and I followed you, we saw you vanished into thin air." Starlight reveal which causes Erick's eye widened as he gulps his throat with nervousness of the outcome.

Unexpected! The Close Call!

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"Um... I-I was performing a stunt." Erick bluntly said "Yeah! What you two just saw was an illusion!" he lies as he chuckle nervously.

Most of the ponies give weird faces, but Applejack has a more skeptical look as she notices Erick's uneasiness.

"U-huh." Trixie said with skepticism. Before anyone said anything, Twilight then turned to face the citizens of Ponyville.

"It's alright everypony! The situation seems to be on control." She called out.

The ponies looked at each other, muttering of the event taken told, eventually everyone in the town shrugs it of and slowly begin to go back to their daily basics. Everyone except for the eight mares who turns back their attention to Erick.

"Erick, what wer' ya' thinking' going out and about like that? You could get in trouble!" Applejack scolded.

Erick scratch the back of his head nervously "S-sorry girls... I guess I got a little carry away." he said.

"Well maybe next time, try not to make things tougher for us. You could have just done your little stunt right after we fix the chaos that's been happening around." Rainbow Dash exclaims.

Without warning, Starlight then stares lower down at Erick and noticed an addition to his attire "Hey, what's with the belt?" Starlight asked, pointing at the Ghost Drive on Erick's waist.

This also caught the attention to the rest of the girls as they to noticed the belt "Ugh, that's a rather creepy belt." Rarity commented in slight disgust.

"W-Why does it have an eye?" ask the timid Fluttershy as she too was creep out of the Driver's design.

Erick looks down at his Driver "Oh this thing?" he said as he hold's it "It's just a plastic toy belt that's all" he stated.

"That's odd, where did you get it? I could've sworn that belt wasn't on you when we first found you." Twilight points out

"Um...It was hidden in my clothes! Yeah, I hid it in a special pocket in my clothes." Erick excuses with a nervous chuckle.

The Main Six including Trixie and Starlight stares at him with raised eyebrows, not knowing what to respond.

"W-Well, I guess it's okay to have your attire to change a bit." Starlight inter gets the silence.

"Yeah, it's not always that you'll see a belt that looks like an one eye ghost." Pinkie cheerfully said "I bet it had something to do with that hero you mentioned yesterday." she teases.

Erick eye brow began to twitch at Pinkies random respond "What!?" He scoffed "No, it's just a little additional accessory for my wardrobe." he added.

"Hm..." The seven ponies hum as they thought about Erick's respond. Twilight then decides to spoke first.

"Okay, but we need to make some ground rules about this when we head back to the castle." Twilight said.

Erick responds with a firm nod "Alright, I'm sorry for my stunt Princess." he apologies with a bow.

"Oh, no need for something this formal, I don't want my friends to bow down to me." Twilight gently said as she picks Erick back up from his bow. "Just not make things hard for us okay?" she repeats.

"Okay." Erick nodded.

"Alright everypony, let's head back to the castle and get some rest." Twilight declares as everyone in the group begins to head back to the castle. While walking, Applejack then dash up to Twilight and lean close to her.

"Twi, Ah' know we shouldn't be rude to our' guest. But Ah' have a feeling that oh Erick here is hiding something from us." Applejack whispers closely to Twilight's ear.

Twilight heard and thought about Applejack's suspicion "Um...Now that you mentioned it Applejack, I start to noticed that Erick is acting quite unusual." she admitted.

"Hm..." Applejack thinks "Whatever he's hiding from us, he's really don't want us to find out. His lying can't fool my eyes." she pointed out.

" I just hope that his secret isn't something too serious, I really don't want to get an argument with him if it's too significant for us." Twilight said. "Best that we'll come to that bridge later." she added.

Applejack simply nod, the other mares noticed their chat "Hey, what do you think Twilight and Applejack are talking about?" Rainbow whispers quietly to Pinkie, Fluttershy and Rarity.

"Oh...I just hope it's not too serious." Fluttershy nervously said.

"I bet they are talking about some sort of secret that Erick has been hiding from us." Pinkie bluntly said which caught the three's attention.

"What ever made you said that Pinkie?" Rarity ask.

"Well..." Pinkie begins "It's started out him falling from an eye shaped portal from the sky, having a toy eyeball and now a belt that looks like a ghost which has one eye." Pinkie explains "I think it has something to do with eyes." she theorized.

"That sounds like the most plausible reason." Rainbow follows.

"Whatever Twilight and Applejack were whispering about, I think we'll find out once we head back to the castle." Rarity said and earns a nod from Pinkie, Rainbow and Fluttershy.

Starlight have been eavesdropping everything that her friends said "Things are getting more awkward by the minute." Starlight quietly said next to Trixie.

"Trixie agrees." she whispers quietly to Starlight.

Erick on the other hand looks in concern as he realized that the mares are beginning to catch on to him. As everyone continues to walk, Erick could heard a hissing sound nearby.

"SST! Hey!" a voice call out. Erick turns his head behind him and saw none other than the ghostly figure of Wilton behind him.

"Wilton?" Erick exclaims.

"Yeah." Wilton said as he walk up to Erick "Good job on beating those gamma grunts. But I think your new friends are slowly getting onto you now." he said as he points his cane at the ponies as they got closer and closer back to the castle.

"I know, I just noticed it too." Erick said as he looks back at the girls "I feel like that they will eventually found out our secret at some point in time." Erick whispers.

Wilton then leans close to Erick "Agree. They have been saving this land countless of times. They have the right to know eventually." Wilton whispers.

"Yeah, Twilight have told me how she and her friends have been kidnapped by some insect queen and Starlight and Trixie saved them. Although it'll be quite hard for me to explain it to them." Erick stated.

"Hm..." Wilton hums as he is thinking in his head until a light bulb appear on his head as his eye wide with an idea "I know what to do." he said and looks back at Erick "But we'll discuss it when we came back to your room." he pointed as he vanishes into thin air.

Erick simply sighs "I hope it's something good." he though to himself. Not before long, they all got inside the castle's front foyer and begin to make discussions.

"Alright here's what were gonna do." Twilight declare to everyone before turning her attention to Erick "Erick, next time if something like this happens again, please stay away and get somewhere safe okay?" She said as she place her hand on Erick's left shoulder "We don't want any of our friends to get hurt, understood?" she said with sincerity.

Erick responds with a nod of understanding.

Twilight smile back "Okay, me and my friends are going to have a little chat, how about you'll go back to your room while were talking." she said.

"Alright then, I guess I'll see you girls later." Erick said as he walk up the stairs and headed back to his room. Twilight turn back to her friends.

"Alright girls, there's something that Applejack and I have been discussing while we were on our way back." She admitted.

"Yeah Twilight, we noticed it while we were walking behind you." Rainbow pointed out.

"Just what were the two of you whispering about?" Rarity asked curiously.

"I'll talk all about it once we're in the throne room." Twilight replied as everyone are heading to the throne room, everyone except Trixie who has a nervous expression on her face.

"And while that the great and powerful Trixie will takes her leave." she said in agitation as she grabs her cape and make her leave, but not before being trapped by Twilight's magical aura and was lift of the ground.

"Oh no Trixie! You need to know about this too!" Twilight called out, Trixie sighs in frustration as the former drags her to the throne room with her magic.

In the throne room, all the Main 6 were sitting on their perspective thrones while Starlight and Trixie are standing right behind Twilight's throne room, before they begin their discussion however they noticed a missing member.

"Hey wait, where's Spike?" Twilight asked as she looks around.

Everypony else in the room looked just a perplex "I don't think he was with us when we were saving the town." Fluttershy said.

"I'm here!" a voice called out as everyone turn their head to the door of the throne room as they saw Spike closes the door as he proceeds to them.

"Spike, where have you been while we were saving the town?" Starlight asked.

Spike chuckle in nervousness "I was kind of...hiding." he admitted.

Everyone in the throne room stares at him with blank faces, but it was nothing compare to Trixie's "Really?" she said, deadpanned.

"Look I'm sorry, it's just that I wanted to help. But I don't see if there's anything I could do to help out! These strange things have been happening for more than weeks now and I can't take it anymore!" Spike said in distraught.

This causes some tension in the room, the ponies felt a little unease after hearing Spike's concern about the situation and how he couldn't have been there to help them. Rarity then walk in front of Spike, kneeling down and gives him a comforting hug.

"Spikey-wikey, there's no need to feel a shamed to stay in the side lines. Remember when the incident first happened? We were all just as confused and helpless as you are." Rarity comforted him "We understand your feelings too Spike, don't worry I know that there's a reason for all of this and we can fix it." she reassure.

Spike look back at the rest of his friends, they all give a smile and a firm nod in response.

Twilight was the first to said "Rarity's right Spike, we understand what you're going through. But right now we need to focus, there's something I need to share to everypony" she pointed out.

Spike nodded as he and Rarity walked back to their friends as the two sit on their perspective throne.

Twilight takes a breath and begins her explanation "Alright everypony, as you all know the strange phenomenon has been happening for a few weeks. But today is a little different." she reveals.

"Different how?" Rainbow asked in confusion.

"Well first of, did any of you noticed that the phenomenon had ended a lot quicker than the past times?" Twilight questioned, everyone else in the room looked at each other, realizing what Twilight meant.

"Now that you mentioned it, the chaos did ended only around 15 minute or less." Rarity points out.

"Yeah, usually it's about 30 minutes or longer." Fluttershy said as she's equally puzzled.

Twilight nods "And second of all, did any of you noticed of how Erick suddenly appears out of nowhere right after the phenomenon ended?" she questions again as everypony see Twilight's point.

"You mean right after how he did his secret stunt that we didn't noticed?" Pinkie asked back.

"Well, he didn't specifically said of what kind of stunt it is and how it works." Twilight replied to Pinkie.

"Not to mentioned that creepy belt he was wearing. Brrr" Rarity respond with a shiver.

Applejack rolled her eyes "Fashion is the least concern we have to face Rarity. Besides me and Twilight think that Erick might be hiding something from us." she reveals.

"Hiding something? Like what?" Starlight questions.

"I don't know. I just hope that it's something not too important." Twilight replied.

Spike then questions "Wait, so you're saying that he's somehow connected to the phenomenon?" he asked.

This got everypony to thinking "Now that you mentioned it, a few moments ago, Trixie and I saw Erick ran to an alleyway and we both saw him vanished into thin air." Starlight points out as she looks back at Trixie.

"Trixie is as utterly confuse as Starlight of how a creature with no magic could perform such feat." Trixie added her thought.

"Wait!" Twilight interrupted "You two saw him vanished into thin air!?" she said, dumbfounded.

The two nodded "And he reappears back at the same place where all of you were when the chaos stops." Starlight finishes her explanation.

"Hah!." Rainbow called "I knew it that he's up to no good!" she declares.

But Twilight held her hand up in a stop motion "Now now Rainbow. If he is a threat, than he could have done something to us by now. Still if it is something important then we need to know what it is as soon as possible." she said.

"I just hope that it isn't something sinister." Starlight said with worried.

"We all could only hope that." The former said as they all looked at each other puzzled.

"Awww. I was hoping to throw a welcoming party for him." Pinkie said with frustration.

As Erick walks up the stairs a thought came into his mind "Why do I feel like that those Gamma grunts are the least of my worries for now?" he thought before he shrugged it of as he continues to walk back up to the floor where his room is located, upon opening the door of his room, he saw Wilton sitting on his bed, waiting.

"There you are!" Wilton greeted as he stand up and walked up to Erick. "I was worried that you might get in trouble or something." he said.

"Nah, I just have a thought before I came back here." Erick erasures.

Wilton looked curiously at Erick "Well...Anyways. I've been eavesdropping the things that you're new pony friends have said." he revealed.

"What!?" Erick said in surprised "How?"

"Dude. I'm a ghost myself remember?" Wilton reminded.

"Oh...right" Erick said in embarrassment.

Wilton then clear his throat "Any what, I've heard what those ponies said, you and I were both right that they are getting on to you, so we have no other options but to reveal them our secret at some point." Wilton said.

Erick thought about what Wilton said "But even if I did tell them the truth, it's not like that they would believed that I'm a ghost and the town was attacked by extra-dimensional ghost like monsters." Erick criticize.

Wilton however smirks back "Which is why I brought this!" Wilton said which caught Erick's attention, Wilton then head to Erick's bed as he kneel down under the bed as Wilton seems to be pulling something underneath the bed, he pulls out a small leaf blower/gun like device under the bed, revealing it to Erick.

Erick's jaw dropped upon seeing it "Is-is-is-is that-that a." Erick hesitatingly said.

"Yep!" Wilton said with glee "With this, you can spray special substances at the Gamma's, making them visible to the living, with that the ponies will believed in what you said for sure!" he said confidently.

"Dude..." Erick said with a smirk as he cross his arms "You are so prepared" he said with impress.

The scene changes to what appears to be a dark lair or hideout of some sort, in the middle was a throne where the same mysterious white cloak figure was sitting impatiently.

"Something's not right. They should have been back by now." The figure said in concern before lifting it's left hand up, revealing two black Eyecon's with four claws on the ends.

"Bring out our items!" The figure said, suddenly two Gamma grunts appear out of the shadows, one was holding a katana sword while the other holds a spear.

The two grunts place the items on the floor as they back away. The figure press the button on the right of the two Eyecons before throwing it at the two weapons. Upon doing so the four items collided and black energy emitted from it before the energy takes on a more humanoid shape, the energy disappears revealing two more Gamma's wearing a different attire.

The first one appears to be wearing a white robe with slight blue paint and brass color lines on it, brass color boots, wearing a white vambrace, along with several paper like capes on it's back, it wears a black hat that resembles a dragon's face, it had six blue eyes instead of two and the most unique feature is that it's right forearm is a long and large sharp sword.

The second one wears a shorter white robe with tears on the underside, white boots, a short white cape, sharp spiky brass shoulder pads, wearing several large black beads on it's forearms and shoulders, the Gamma also wears a helmet with two white sheets on the ears along with two curved silver horns and a large blade on the head as it wields a long yari spear on it's hand.

The two Gamma's bow in front of the figure "How will we served you our lord?" The former Gamma said.

"I've sent several of soldiers to the small town of Ponyville not too far from here and they haven't returned for a while. I need you two to investigate on the town to see if everything is according to our plan." the figure ordered.

"Understood our Lord." both the two Gamma's said in unison before leaving the area.

Assault! The Revelation!

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The scene moves back to the Castle of Friendship in the throne room as everypony, especially Twilight is still thinking of their next action to take, moments later Fluttershy broke the silent.

"Should we report it to Princess Celestia?" Fluttershy asked.

Twilight looked at her with concern "I was thinking about the same thing when Erick first arrived here yesterday, but I don't want to make things too complicated for the Princesses until we know what's really going on." Twilight respond. "I was about to ask him some questions but after everything that is happening today, I forgot all about it!" she stated as she planted her face on the crystal table.

Starlight then walked up to Twilight, placing her hand on Twilight's shoulder "Don't be too hard on yourself Twilight, after all everything that's been happening around here is stressful for all of us." she reassures her mentor.

Twilight looked at her pupil along with all of her friends, including Trixie. Twilight gives a small smile "Thank you everypony. We just have to believe that everything will go alright." she said with confidence and relief.


"HUGH!?" Everypony in the room was startled by the sudden loud noise.

"WHAT WAS THAT!?" Rainbow said with shocked.

"It sounds like it's coming from outside." Starlight replied as they rushed out of the throne room and headed outside the castle.

5 minutes ago

In Erick's room, Erick is still dumbfounded by Wilton's unexpected surprise "Dude! How or where did you even get that!?" he said as he points at the vacuum cleaner like device

"I've made it with my own blood and sweat! Even though I don't really have a body anymore." Wilton reveals sarcastically.

Erick sighs amusingly "I bet you're probably even making an Eyecon Driver G by now." he said jokingly.

"Oh I wouldn't think of it." Wilton said with a sly smile "Or will I?" he thought in his head.

"Seems that you're preparing me for an upcoming intense fight." Erick assumes as he crosses his arms.

Wilton scoffs "What!? It's not like that you're going to be fighting Gammaizers or something. Hee-he-hee-he-he" He said as he makes a nervous laugh. "Or at least I hope that the Gammaizers don't exist here." he thought to himself.

Erick was a little bewildered by Wilton's odd chuckle, but before he could said anything.


Erick and Wilton were both disturbed by the same loud noise from outside.

"What in the world was that!?" Erick said as he frantically turn his head left and right.

"Something tells me that we're going to get some unexpected company. Follow me!" Wilton said as he then ran out of Erick's bedroom.

"HEY! Where are you going!?" Erick call out as he follow suit.

As soon as Twilight and her friends got out of the castle, they were shocked to what's happening in front of them. Ponyville is in the same state of chaos again, only this time, everyday objects were destroyed by larger explosions, houses are slice in half and even buildings were thrown from one place to another.

"WHAT AGAIN!?" Applejack said in disbelief.

"Twice in one day!?" Twilight said in worry "That never happened before!" she stated.

"Well whatever cause this, we need to get the citizen somewhere safer." Rainbow declare as she flies up and dash to the area as her friends follow her.

"Wait! I want to help!" Spike called out.

Twilight and the others turn to him "Spike, we appreciate your concern and your support, but you know that you don't have to do this." she replied.

"Twilight! I'm done hiding, I want to do something!" Spike argues back.

Twilight then looked back at the town where Rainbow is doing the work and turn back to Spike "Alright! But stay close to us all time got it?" She said.

"Crystal clear!" Spike said with thumbs up, the ponies nodded before running to aid Rainbow. As soon as they left the castle and headed to the town, Wilton and Erick got out on the front door of the castle and see it all.

"Well what do you know! My hunch was right." Wilton said with sternest.

Erick on the other hand looked more concern "A Katana and a Yari Gamma! These guys are a lot tougher, I don't know if Princess Twilight and her friends could handle them." he said as he witness the event unfold.

The Katana Gamma charges its large blade like arm with white energy and electricity to slice buildings in half like butter while the Yari Gamma extends it's spear as it twirls it over it's head around the area, destroying more houses in the process, making more ponies scream in panic as they ran for their lives while Twilight and her friends are adding them to safety.

"Is it just the confuse Trixie or is it that this mayhem is a lot more intense than before!" Trixie exclaims in panic as she runs around in fright.

"It's not you Trixie! This is a lot more chaotic than before!" Starlight said as she uses her magic to lift up the falling debris from buildings from landing on the citizen.

Pinkie rushed over the town as she's guiding the ponies to somewhere safer "I'll admit, this is a lot more intense than before!" she exclaims as she continues to dash around the town.

Fluttershy is now too frighten to move as she ducks down with her whole body shivers "Why is this happening to us!" she said with complete panic.

"Fluttershy dear!" Rarity call out as she ran towards Fluttershy, picking her back up to her feet with her arms over Fluttershy's shoulders "I know that this chaos is unnerving even for my standards, but if we don't stop it, than no pony will. And as long as were all here, there's nothing that we cannot accomplish!" Rarity said with encouragement.

Fluttershy looked up to Rarity with a few strand of her pink hair in front of her view, but she gives a firm nod "Alright Rarity, let's save Ponyville!" she said with confidence as she rush to aid a citizen.

"Wow Rarity." Spike call out "Your speech is very encouraging." he complimented.

Rarity turn to Spike "Why thank you Spikey Wikey!" she said.

Unbeknown to them, the two Gammas saw their whole actions and heard their words.

"HA! HA! HA!" The Katana Gamma laughed "Do these inferior beings think they can stop us!?" it exclaims.

"You're right! I don't see how these wimps can defeat our lower level comrades." The Yari Gamma added as the two continue their assault, but they weren't aware of the fact that Erick and Wilton are watching their moves too.

"This is gone too far! I gotta stop them!" Erick said.

"Whelp! Then you know what to do." Wilton said as he handed the leaf blower like machine to Erick. "Spray the elixir on them and they are no longer invisible to the living." he stated.

Erick looked at both the machine and Wilton, slowly but firmly Erick grabbed the machine and begins to turn it on. "Thanks man, looks like that there's no point in hiding my secret anymore." he said as he charged towards the town.

As Twilight and her friends struggle to keep everything in order a voice call out for them.

"Twilight!" Erick yells out.

Twilight turned her head and saw Erick running towards them with the leaf blower device in his hand.

"Erick!? What are you doing! I thought we told you to not get into harms way!" Twilight yell in annoyed and slight anger which also caught the rest of the Main 7's attention.

"Trust me! I know what I'm doing!" Erick said as he held the device up high and activates it as it sprays several yellow glitter like substance in the air as it rains down.

"Erick! What in tarnation are you doing!?" Applejack said in confusion.

"Just wait for a second!" Erick replied and seconds later, the two Gammas began to slowly appear into the living world.

"Huh!? What just happened!" The Yari Gamma said in bewilderment.

"HEY! What have you done!?" The Katana Gamma said in anger.

The voices caught the ponies attention as they finally saw the two Gammas right in front of them.

"AAAHHH!!!" The citizen of the town call out.

"What are those things!?" said one pony.

"Monsters!" Another pony said.

"Run for your lives!" another pony said as they all hide inside their homes or nearby hiding places.

While the Main 7 including Trixie were utterly shocked at the creatures that are now in front of them.

"W-w-what i-i-in Equestria are those things!?" Rarity said in fright.

"Those are Gammas, extra dimensional ghost like beings that have super powers!" Erick reveals to the ponies.

"GHOST!?" the main 7, along with Trixie and Spike said in shock and disbelief.

"I don't know what you've done to us!" The Katana Gamma interrupt "But whatever it is, you're going to pay!" it said as it charged at Erick.

"Look out!" Rainbow yell out as she fly towards Erick and snatch him of the ground right before the Katana Gamma can attack him. "You're okay!?" she ask.

"Yeah, I'm good." Erick reassure her as Rainbow place Erick near to the rest of her friends as they gather around him.

"Erick I don't know what's going on, but we need to do something about them." Twilight said as she points at the two Gammas.

"Oi! Don't think that you could stand a chance against us!" The Yari Gamma said as it extends it's spear again at the group.

"Duck!" Starlight call out as they all got out of the way in the naked time, before the spear could make contact with any of them.

"How about this!" The Katana Gamma said as it rush towards them with great speed and begins to slash at them.

"Girls, be careful!" Twilight warned.

"Heyah!" Rainbow calls out as she delivers a straight kick at the Katana Gamma, but it easily blocks it with it's right arm like sword.

"Don't get cocky!" it said as the Gamma then punch straight at Rainbow's stomach.

"RAINBOW!" Her friends call out in worry, Rainbow was paralyzed by the pain as he drop to her knees.

"How pathetic!" The Gamma said as it kicks straight at Rainbow's head, sending her a few feet away, luckily Trixie use her magic to hold Rainbow in place before she crashes into something.

"Why you!" Applejack rushed towards to Katana Gamma, but the Yari Gamma uses it's spear again to whack Applejack in the head which cause her to roll on the ground behind her.

"Applejack!" Twilight said as she rushed to her injured friend, Applejack clutches her head as she groans in pain.

"Ah'm okay Twilight, these critters are a lot tougher than they look!" Applejack warned as all of her friends including Spike gathered up to her, they all looked at the two Gammas in front of them.

"Are you ready to meet your demise?" The Katana Gamma ask.

"Because were going to have a lot of fun with you." The Yari Gamma added as the two pursue the ponies and Spike.

Twilight and her friends embrace together as they slowly stood up, ready for an intense fight...but suddenly.

"That's enough! You've done your part!" Erick interrupted as he stepped in between the ponies and the Gammas.

Twilight and her friends turn their heads to him with confuse faces "Erick what are you talking about?" Twilight ask.

Erick then turn his focus at the two Gammas as he walked towards them "I'll take it from here!" he said.

This immediately startled the ponies and Spike.

"What are you crazy!? You seen what they could do!" Rainbow call out despite the pain in her head and stomach.

"No Erickie! We don't want to see you get hurt!" Pinkie said in concern.

"Erick darling! You can't be serious! You'll get clobbered." Rarity call out.

"Don't worry everyone!" Erick said as he turns his head to them. He then summons the Ghost Driver with fiery energy around his waist. "I got this on my side." He said, pointing at the driver.

The ponies and Spike looked at him even more confused. "Um...isn't that just a belt?" Fluttershy ask.

Erick smirks back at her "Or is it?" he said as he held up his Ore Eyecon.

"An Eyecon! Where did you get that!?" The Katana Gamma said in disbelief along with the Yari Gamma.

"That's none of your concerns!" Erick said to them as he gives them an intense glare, he then presses the button on the Eyecon which cause it to pop the letter G in it's pupils. "Because this is where I'll put you two in your places!" he said as he opens the Driver and inserts the Eyecon inside it before closing it again


The Driver announces as the Ore Parka Ghost shot out of the Driver's eye again. The Main 7, include Trixie and Spike are now more than utterly surprised and shocked to see it.

"WHAT IN THE!?" Starlight yells.

"WHAT IN TARNATION!?" Applejack calls out.


"EEPP!" Fluttershy squeak in fright as he hid behind Pinkie's who's jaws dropped.

"What sort of sorcery is this!?" Trixie exclaims while Twilight eyes widened.

The Parka ghost then begins to circling around Erick as it 'dances' through the Drivers catchy repeated giggle.


The jingle goes into a loop as Erick does his stands again (same as Takeru's) before calling out "Henshin!" he call out as he pulls and pushes the handle of the Driver which cause the eye on the Driver to blink which reveals the face sticker of the Eyecon inside it.


Erick's body is covered by blue light which then forms into his Transient Armor again as the Parka Ghost flies around him quicker.


The Driver finishes it's calls as the Parka Ghost then landed on Erick's back, completing his transformation into Kamen Rider Ghost, Erick hung his head down before pulling the hoodie behind him.

Everyone around him were completely at shock and awe at the sight. Even the two Gammas felt a little concern.

"E-E-Erick, i-i-is-is t-t-that y-y-you?" Twilight shutters as if her head just explode as her friends behind her looked just as shocked with their mouths agape.

Erick turns his head back to them and nodded "Yep! I'm now Kamen Rider Ghost!" he reveal as he walks up to the two Gammas.

"Don't think that you could beat us just because you got a new outfit!" The Katana Gamma said as it points it sword at Erick.

"We'll just see about that!" Erick said as his Ghost Driver summons his Ga Gun Saber, Erick now as Ghost snatches it and charged at the Gammas.

The Gammas tried to slash him with their weapons, but Ghost easily dodge their attacks and jumps up high for safety, he then slashes the Gammas with his Ga Gun Saber, which cause sparks to fly out of the monster's body. Ghost then stabs his weapon on the Yari Gamma at the stomach which in term cause a larger spark and slight black liquid substance to fly out as it stumbles back.

"You're tougher than you look! Let's see if you could handle this!" said the Yari Gamma as it makes it's spear extends towards Ghost with a large impact, which cause Ghost's armor to be damaged with sparks as he fly a few feet away, but before he could land on the ground, the Katana Gamma then slashes it's right arm sword at Ghost's back which cause even more sparks to fly out of him as he rolls on the ground hard.

"Erick!" The ponies plus Spike call out in worry.

Erick grunted in slight pain as he slowly trying to get his feet back up. "I won't give in!" he said to himself as he push the orange handle of the Driver which cause the eye to close. He then raised his right hand up with his index and middle finger out, Erick then put his hand down as he then stretch both his index fingers and connect them which forms a triangle. Suddenly a large orange circle with ruins on it and an eye symbol on the center appears behind him.

"Whoa..." Spike said in amazement.

"Oh no you won't!" The Yari Gamma interrupts as it charged towards Ghost while wielding it's spear up high.

Erick then glares at the Yari Gamma "Because...I'll let my life burn bright!" he yell with determination before pulling the handle which cause the eye to open which makes a small holographic image of a white shoe kicking down.


The Driver announces as the symbol turns into pure orange energy which travels down to Ghost's right foreleg.


Ghost then charges at the approaching Yari Gamma, the Gamma points it's spear straight at Ghost, but the Rider jumps and place his feet on the spear which in term cause him to jump higher and deliver a flying kick straight at the Gamma's chest which cause the Gamma's robes to fly off of it, revealing it's weaker state.

"AAGGHH!" The Gamma scream in pain as black liquid like substance gush out of it before it explodes along with the robes that it wore, after the explosion it's spear drop to the ground along with it's Eyecon before it too explodes into shards. The Rider land safely on his feet.

"You! You'll pay for that!" The Katana Gamma said in fury as it pull out several other Gamma Eyecons out from it's pocket, the Gamma then threw the Eyecon into the air, the Eyecons landed onto the ground which then morphs into Gamma grunts.

"There's more of them!?" Starlight said in fear.

"Erick! Be careful!" Fluttershy said in worry.

Ghost makes a fighting stance, preparing for the assault.

"Oi! Don't forget about me!" a mysterious voice call out.

"Huh?" Ghost said with confusion as he looks around him, suddenly a red Eyecon came out of his pocket, which reveals to be the Musashi Eyecon.

"Remember that were here for you!" said the floating Musashi Eyecon.

"Oh yeah! I almost forgot about you guys, sorry about that." Ghost said with embarrassment.

"No worries, for we will lend you our power!" said the red Eyecon before it falls onto the Rider's right hand.

"Alright then!" Ghost said as he press the button switch on the Eyecon, making it pop the number 1 on the iris of the Eyecon.

"Another Eyecon!?" The Katana Gamma said in bewilderment.

Ghost then opens his Driver and removes his previous Eyecon, which in turn losing the Parka Ghost he was wearing.

"What's he doing?" Trixie ask in curiosity.

"I think were about to find out." Twilight said with intrigue as she and her friends observes the Rider's next move.

Ghost then inserts the Musashi Eyecon into the Driver and he closes it, activating another jingle.


The same loop jingle was emitted as another Parka Ghost emerged from the Driver, this one is red with a sword handle on it's head and it had two long sharp blades for arms. The new Parka Ghost then uses it's arms to slash at the Gamma grunts as the grunts approach to the Rider.

"Another one!?" Twilight said in surprise as Fluttershy squeak in fright again.


Ghost then push and pulls the handle again.


The Driver announces as the new Parka Ghost attaches itself on Ghost's Transient suit, which in term makes the Rider wearing the new hoodie.


The Driver finished it's announcement as Ghost not only wearing the Musashi Parka Ghost, but his face plate now change into an image of two red samurai swords put in an X. His Gan Gun Saber appears again, but the weapon suddenly splits itself into two different blades, Ghost caught both the two weapons in his hands as he's now wielding the sword's Nitouryu mode.

"Alright then!" Ghost calls out "Let's dance!" he yells as he charges at the Gamma grunts, the grunts slash their daggers at him, but the Rider easily able to dodge their attacks and blocks their dagger with his duel sword. Ghost slashes at them with ease as black liquid substance spills out, when he got pass through all of the grunts, they all exploded along with their Eyecons shattered.

"You're really good, I'll give you that. But this will end here!" The Katana Gamma said.

"Yeah! Here is the end of the line!" Ghost said as he place the eye symbol on the sword's hilt in front of the belt's eye with the same laser beam connect the two, activating the same jingle again.


The Rider bend down and the same eye symbol but this time it's red appear behind him and the dual swords are charged with red energy.


The Driver chanted several times before the two charged at each other, as the two opponents run towards their target, Ghost presses the trigger of the Gan Gun Saber again.


The weapon announces as the two finally slash their weapons at each other, sending out red energy as they ran pass away from each other. Ghost held his weapon firmly before the Gamma's body then surged with sparks and electricity as the black liquid spill out of it and it's robe flew out of it's body, leaving the Gamma in a weaker state before exploding along with it's clothing. The smoke dissipate as it reveals the Eyecon that created the monster before it too explodes into pieces, only leaving the Katana sword intact.

The Rider held the blades of his sword down as he sighs in relief "Huh! It's over!" he said before looking back up to the ponies along with Spike. Their jaws literally dropped to the ground with awestruck.

Ghost chuckles nervously "I guess I have a lot of explaining to do." He said as he put his right hand on his head.

Pinkie blinks several times before forming a huge smile "BEST SWORD FIGHT EVER!" she cheered, leaving her friends to look at her in bewilderment.

Revealed! A Discussion!

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After the fight, the whole town began to slowly look through their windows and doors, seeing Princess Twilight and her friends stood a few feet from Erick now as Kamen Rider Ghost. The citizens were still frighten after the incident and presumed that the Rider is a threat, Twilight and her friends however were beyond stunned at seeing what and who's in front of them.

Twilight was the first to talk after Pinkie's cheer "Erick...Ho-How did you do all of that?" she shutters in her sentence, one could not complain her due to the young man turned into an armor warrior.

Ghost then walked up to the Main 6, Spike and Starlight, which cause them to tense up. Ghost however opens the Ghost Driver again and removes the Musashi Eyecon from the Driver before closing the lid of the belt and moments later, his suit glows red a little before it vanishes into energy. Reverting the Rider back to his civilian clothes and looks.


The belt called out after canceling the transformation, Erick blinks and sighs "I know that all of this is a lot to take in Princess, but I'll answer every question you will - Puff!" he said but got cut by Rainbow Dash who caught and tackles you on the ground.

"THAT WAS AWESOME!" She exclaims "You just kick those two things butt like there nothing!" she said with glee.

"YEAH!" Pinkie joins in "They were like 'arrgghh, were gonna destroy you!' and you were like 'I don't think so!'." Pinkie said with excitement, trying to mimic everything that happened like throwing punches and kicks "And they were like 'Heyah!' and you were like 'Pow Pow!' and 'Wayah!' and then you were-" She said but was cut of when Applejack put her hand on Pinkie's muzzle, shutting her up.

"We get the idea Pinkie." The Apple imply before looking back at Erick "Nonetheless, if Erick here didn't do whatever he did, those critters would have whooped our hindquarters. Thanks." She replied.

Erick smiled back with honor "It's nothing really, I just can't stand on the side line and watch you girls getting beat up." he noted.

Starlight then interjects "But still how did you do all of that?" she said.

"And what are those monsters back there?" Fluttershy asked.

"And what's with those flying hoodies?" Rarity added which cause her friends to stare at her in confusion, "What? Those hoodies are just out of style!" she stated.

"Is fashion your only concern?" Trixie exclaims.

"Urgh absolutely!" Rarity pondered.

Erick just shook his head with a cocky smile "Like I said, I'll answer all of your questions." He said as he observes his surroundings, noticing that a few anthro ponies looking at him and the group. "But I think that it will be better if we discuss this at someplace more privately. Like back at your castle princess." Erick suggested.

Twilight saw what he meant when she noticed that a few of Ponyville's citizens are staring at them from their houses and other hiding places "Oh, um... I supposed that you do have a point there Erick, let's head back to the castle before everypony in the town starts a panic." she stated before she and her friends along with Trixie dash towards the castle in quick pace.

"Hey! Wait up!" Erick called out as he ran behind them, back to the castle.

"WAIT!" A voice call out as coming out of the town hall was none other than Mayor Mare, she tries to reach to the Main 7 with Trixie and Erick, but all of them had already headed straight back to the castle.

"Oh good riddance, I wonder what they are in a hurry about." she exclaims to herself.

The ponies along with Spike arrived to the castle as they burst through the front door as they gasping in exhaustion, shortly after Erick had arrived through the castle lobby as he too was tired from the running.

The ponies stopped their gasping as they turn their attention back to Erick "Okay Erick, just what in the name of Celestia is going on here!?" Spike exclaims first as the rest of his friends, along with Trixie stares at the human boy, wanting some answers.

Erick knows that what information he has is a lot "Everyone. What I'm about to tell all of you is a lot to take in." He pause before giving a long sigh to steady himself "Well...the thing is." He was about to reveal his secret when he noticed something behind the ponies. He saw Wilton waving both of his arms out.

"Hey! I want to be apart of this too! Don't just left me in the dark here!" The man in the sage uniform call out, the ponies and dragon didn't heard him due to Wilton's status as a ghost, however Erick heard him loud and clear before looking back at the Main 7 (8 if Trixie counts) and Spike.

"But before that, first I would like to introduce you girls to someone." Erick said which surprise the girls since they don't know who Erick was talking about as he pull out the same leaf blower like device he had before as he use it to blow off the same yellow energy particles from before into the air as it rains down on everyone.

"Are you making a joke out of Trixie! We demand on what is it that you're doing!?" Trixie yell at anger to Erick, growing impatient and wanting answers.

"Revealing his secret of course!" Wilton's voice calls out, now audible to the ponies ears.

The group were stunned to hear the new voice. They slowly turned their back and saw Wilton standing behind them as he waves his hand and smirks at the ponies.

"Yo!" he called out.

The girls and drake blinked several times before screaming out in shocked

"AAAHHH! WHO ARE YOU!?" Twilight said.

"HOW DID YOU GET IN HERE!?" Fluttershy exclaims.

"WHAT DO YOU WANT FROM US!?" Rainbow demanded as she lift her hands up in a boxing style.

"AND WHAT'S WITH THAT STYLE!?" Rarity added.

Which caused everyone in the room to look at Rarity weirdly "Really Rarity. Really?" Pinkie said in a deadpanned tone, which cause the said fashionista pony to shrug her shoulders.

Before they could confront Wilton, Erick rushed to Wilton's side and waving his hand in defense. "Whoa easy there! He's an ally." Erick said as he make his hand motion to the ponies "Ponies." he said before moving his hand gesture to Wilton. "Wilton." he said as he did the same in the opposite side. "Wilton. Ponies." he introduced.

"Dude, you don't need to do that. I already know who they are." Wilton replied. Which caught the Main ponies attention, he then points his cane at each of them "Twilight, Rarity, Pinkie, Applejack, Fluttershy, Rainbow Dash, Trixie, Starlight and lastly Spike the Dragon." He said.

Everyone in the room are now stunned at Wilton as he not only know their names,but he also spell their names properly and points at the right pony and dragon of their names.

"WHAT!?" How do you know us!?" Starlight asked. That also caught Erick's curiosity, although Erick had already known Wilton before coming to Equestria, he barely knows anything about the sage wearing man.

"I was getting to that! But first!..." said Wilton as he makes a goofy smile "Do you have any milk and cookies?" he said.

This cause everyone, even Erick give a dumb expression "EEHH!?" They all respond as they fell down on the floor with their feet up high in the air.

Erick was the first to stood back up and looked at Wilton with an annoyed expression "Milk and cookies!? Are you serious!?" he exclaim, Wilton however held his right hand up in front of Erick's face.

"Hold on! if were going to be making a long conversation, at least I would have something to snack on." Wilton implies in a monotone voice.

"But-but I thought you can't eat or drink! Consider that you're practically dead like me!" Erick exclaim in annoyance as he raised both his arms up high.

"Wait, what do you mean dead?" Twilight interrupted the two.

Erick's pupil shrunk as he realized what he just said as he turned his head at the confused ponies. "Urrgghh." he said awkwardly, not knowing what to respond.

But Wilton then jumped in between Erick's eye contact with the Main 7 and Spike "How about we go into the castle's library where the two of us will tell you our tales." he said as he dashed to Erick's side and wrapped his left arm over Erick's shoulders. "Can we still have the milk and cookies though?" He asked bluntly as Erick respond with a face palm.

Moments later, the whole group including Erick and Wilton are now in the castle's library, the former sits on a wooden stool while the latter sat on a comfy armchair.

The Main 7 had gathered some chairs to sat on, Starlight and Twilight use their magic to carry a single sofa into the room for some of their friends to sit on, Spike then steps into the library with a plate of cookies and a glass of milk and place it on a nightstand next to Wilton's armchair.

Wilton takes a cookie and dips it in the glass milk before taking a bite out of it "Uuum, thanks!" he replied as he then takes another cookie on the plate and present it to Erick. "Want some?" he ask.

Erick shook his head in dismiss "How can you be so casual about this? I mean can you even taste it?" he asked.

"Hey, we may be ghost, but don't let it get into you like that." Wilton said with reassurance.

Rainbow who became more impatient had enough "OKAY SERIOUSLY! JUST WHAT DO YOU MEAN BY 'GHOST'? WHAT ARE YOU GUYS TALKING ABOUT!?" she demanded.

Erick held his hands in defense "Alright Rainbow chill out!" he said as he sighs and begins his explanation "It goes like this. Those two monsters are called Gammas and there extra-dimensional ghost with super powers." he said.

"You already said that back at the fight man! What we want to know is what and why there here and why they are attacking us!" Spike stated.

"And how you just beat them by turning into that armored suit guy." Trixie commented.

"And what you mean by 'dead' and 'ghost'" Twilight pointed out.

Erick who then had a saddened look, Wilton noticed it and decides to take the role "Well, like those Gammas, were not technically alive. Were basically ghost." he revealed.

This caused the ponies and Spike to gasped in shocked, not knowing how to respond "You mean that...you guys are dead?" Fluttershy said in shocked.

"And-and you guys are gh-gh-ghost!?" Pinkie shutters as she chatters her teeth in fright.

Twilight who heard everything had a hard time getting this "Woah woah woah! Just hang on, first ghost like monsters from another dimension, now two human GHOST!? HOW IS THIS ALL SCIENTIFICALLY POSSIBLE!?" Twilight said in panic as she stood up and exclaims in disbelief.

Applejack sighs "Twilight, as far fetch as it sounds. We all saw it for ourselves, those Gamma critters just appear out of nowhere and so is that Wilton fella." she stated.

"Speaking of which, Erick..." Starlight interjects "What was that glitter stuff that you spray from that machine?" she asked.

"Oh, that leaf blower contains a special elixir that makes ghost and other spirits to be visible to the living world, that's how you all were able to see the Gammas and Wilton when I spray it in the area." Jeff explains.

"An elixir that makes ghost visible? That's awesome! We might gonna need a lot of that!" Spike commented.

Rarity taps her hand on her chin "Well that would be very convenient I suppose. Still how are those horrid creatures are here in Equestria?" she said.

Erick then turn his head to Wilton, expecting him to have the answers. Wilton noticed Erick's glare at him and said "What!? Just because I'm the one who send you here doesn't mean that I would know all the answers!" he implied.

"Wait! You're the one who send Erick here!?" Twilight pointed out which cause everypony and dragon to drag their attention to Wilton.

Wilton respond with a nod "Yep! Why? Because like you ponies, I don't know how and why the Gammas are here and I want to find out!" He as he bumps Erick's shoulder with his fist "But I need his help in order to do it!"

"His help? How can he helped you?" Trixie questions.

Wilton then respond with a smirk "Well remember when you ask to how he turns into that armored suit guy?" he mentions Trixie previous question as the said pony nodded as she recall asking that question.

"Well that's how! by fighting the Gammas, we can uncovered their motives, learning what their schemes and plots they might have in store for us in the near future. He can help us to confront them and get answers!" Wilton explains with glee, making everyone in the room including Erick to understand and agree his statement.

"Well...That's a pretty good idea...But still how did Erick transform like that?" Fluttershy asked.

Wilton then continues to answer "Oh he's no ordinary ghost per say! He's 'Kamen Rider' Ghost!" he said as he bump his elbow at Erick's arm.

"Kame what now?" Rainbow Dash said with confusion along with everyone else in the room with confusion, puzzle at the title.

Erick then finally decide to take the spot light "Well, do you girls remember the hero I was talking about yesterday?" he said.

The ponies and Spike nodded as they recall their conversation from yesterday "Well, basically what you all saw back then was the hero that I was talking about!" Erick reveals.

This caught everypony and dragon surprise "Wait, you mean to tell us that you've just turned into the hero that you were talking about with the eyeball from yesterday!?" Applejack exclaims in dumbfounded.

"Uhum! That hero is known as a Kamen Rider, there superheroes that wears mask, fight the forces of evil and ride on motorcycles!" Erick said with glee as he raise his two arms and pretends to ride on a motorcycle.

"Motorcycles? That's sounds an awful like the vehicles that Sunset Shimmer was talking about." Twilight mentions, remembering some of the messages from a certain friend from an alternate world.

"Sunset Shimmer?" Erick said with confusion, while Wilton chuckles as he knows who Twilight mentions of.

The said princess of friendship realized what she just said "Um...That'll be a story for another time. So how did you transform?" she ask.

Erick then pull out his Ore Eyecon for everyone to see it, again"Remember this?" He ask, trying to make them recall the eyeball.

The ponies and Spike nodded "Well, the eyeball here is actually called an Eyecon. And it does actually contains one's soul." Erick reveals.

Everyone in the room gasp upon hearing it "So you stole somepony's soul?" Trixie exclaims.

"Oh no! It's not like that." Wilton interrupts as he jumps in between Erick and everyone else "The Eyecons are the souls of those who have already passed away. Moreover, if Kamen Riders like Erick creates one, they can be manifested through a positive way, it's not like draining a soul from a living." he said, hoping to ease up the Main 7, Trixie and Spike.

Everyone else in the room looks somewhat less bothered, but are still unsure. Erick then make his hand sway in a motion like he's conjuring something and does it on his waist, suddenly an orange fiery energy evolve around his waist before it morphs into the Ghost Driver.

This caught the ponies and dragon in surprise "Hey, how did you do that?" Starlight questions.

Erick then points at his belt "The belt I was wearing from before is called the Ghost Driver, it's a belt like device that allows me to use the power of the Eyecons, by putting it inside the belt like this!" he said as he stands up from his stool and opens the Driver which cause it to emit a strange sound before inserting the Eyecon into his belt and closes the lid of the Driver.


The Driver call out and suddenly a black object appear through the eye of the Driver which then manifest itself into the Ore Parka ghost from before.

Everyone except Erick and Wilton were startled at the Parka Ghost's sudden appearance "AAGGHH! It's that ghost from before!" Pinkie screams panicking as she hid behind the couch where her friends are sitting.

"Eeep!" Fluttershy squeak in fright as she did the same as Pinkie, hiding behind the same couch. While the belt emits the same jingle from before.


"Don't worry everyone, this ghost is an ally, it's called a Parka Ghost and it's the soul that is inside the Eyecons." Erick explains reassuringly as the Parka ghost flies and dances around the room.

"Well, I'll admit that is quite a catch tune." Pinkie commented as she peeks her head out of hiding while the rest of the ponies feel more reassure.

"Yeah, now that you mentioned it, you did kind of wear it when you transformed like an ordinary hoodie." Rarity pointed out.

Erick nodded as he walked away to a spot that has more space "That's right, and in order for me to put it on, all I have to do is to say the word 'Henshin'-" Erick explains and all of a sudden Wilton call out.

"Which means transform in Japanese by the way." Wilton interrupted.

Erick felt slightly annoyed at Wilton's inteferance, but decides to shrug it of "Yes, it does and after saying it, I then pull and push the lever, like this." he said as he pulls and pushes the handle, making the eye on the belt blink before


The belt announces as his body glows in a flash of blue light before the light vanishes, revealing Erick wearing the Transient suit again. The Parka Ghost then stops flying around and head towards Erick and hovers behind him.


The hoodie like entity then wrapped itself around Erick, making him wearing the black hoodie and creating the orange face and black eyes, completing the transformation.

Everyone except Wilton in the room are stunned at Erick's display, even thought they've already seen him transformed. Nerveless they have never seen anything quite like it before.

"That's how you do it. I'm now a Kamen Rider, Kamen Rider Ghost to be exact!" Ghost reveals as he pulls his hoodie back, showing a single curve horn on his forehead.

"That's so cool!" Spike commented with excitement.

Twilight look intrigue, but another thought came to her mind "I'll admit it's quite interesting to see how you transformed, but what about the red ghost that you use to defeat the last Gamma, what's that about?" she ask.

Ghost thought for a moment before realizing what the princess was talking about "Oh that Parka Ghost, you see I have more than one Eyecon." The Rider said as he reach inside his pocket and pull out the said red Eyecon from before "This one contains the soul of Miyamoto Musashi, one of the greatest swordsman and philosophers in the history of my world." he explains.

"Woah." Everyone in the room respond in awe. Even Trixie was somewhat intrigue of the Eyecons.

"He has others too." Wilton pointed out.

Ghost nodded before pulling two more Eyecon from his pocket, one is yellow and the other is green. Wilton then points at the yellow Eyecon "This Eyecon represents Edison, one of the greatest inventors of all time." He said before pointing at the green Eyecon "While the green one is Robin Hood, an archer and swordsmen who fights corrupted rich people and provide their riches to the poor." he explains.

"Woah" Everypony and Spike respond with awe.

"Fascinating indeed! It sounds like these Eyecons contains the souls of very important figures." Twilight said with fascination.

Wilton nodded "And it's possible for Erick here to create more Eyecons, but to do that he has to find an object or item that attaches to a historical figure." he reveals.

This cause more surprise faces from the Equestrians "Really? Like anything that associates with a historical figure? Like a spell book, a sword, anything?" Rainbow exclaims in glee.

"Yep." Wilton confirms casually.

"So any more questions?" Erick said, waiting to see more response.

Everyone in the room tries to come up with more questions to ask, until finally Starlight had one "One more thing, we saw that after you defeated those Gammas, they turn into Eyecons too before exploding. Why is that?" she asked.

"That's because the Gamma's are actually a manifestation of corrupted Eyecons, meaning that those Gammas are made by something or someone." Erick answers

"WHAT!?" Everypony and dragon exclaims in panic.

"That would mean that whoever made these Gammas could just make more." Twilight assumes with worry.

Wilton nodded "That's true, and the weapons you saw that the Gammas have dropped upon defeat are the things that also grants them their powers, but those guys are just the tip of the iceberg. It's possible that there could be more powerful and dangerous Gammas will appear in the near future." he explains.

"M-M-More d-d-dangerous?" Fluttershy shutters as the rest of her friends feel the same way.

But Wilton appears to be calm "That's correct! Which is why we need to find out who responsible for it, otherwise more Gammas will appear to terrarise this town. Or if not all of Equestria." Wilton stated.

Everypony plus Spike were all silent in the room, Erick saw the worries and concerns that they all having, so he decide to break the silence "But I know that they can be stopped! After all, I'm here and I have powers to fight them." He reminded them.

This brighten up everyone's mood, "Really? You're going to help us stop them?" Starlight said in slight hope.

Erick responds with a nod and "uhum" before stating "Besides, Wilton here will aid me too right?" He said as he turn his attention to Wilton.

"Well of course! I've been making several plans that could help Erick to defeat the Gammas." Wilton said "So there's nothing to worry about." He confirms.

Everypony in the room sighs in relief "Well that's ah great help from y'all. Thanks!" Applejack said.

"It's nothing really." Erick replied.

"Besides, it's not like were going to be facing the Gammai-" Wilton tries to say something when Erick cuts him of by covering his mouth with his hand.

"What he meant to said is it's not like there's anything worst than Gammas, right?" Erick said nervously.

The ponies and dragon were a little suspicious of the two human's strange behavior and acting, but nonetheless they all went along with it...For now. Erick then slowly place his hand away from Wilton's mouth, the latter seems to be annoyed.

"Well, I just hope the two of you will make yourselves home here in Equestria." Twilight said.

"Hey! I know we should make a party to officially welcome them here!" Pinkie said in excitement.

"One more thing thought." Rarity interrupts Pinkie and everyone else as she looks back at Wilton "How is it that you know who we are, if you don't mind me asking Wilton darling." She asked.

This cause everyone else, even Erick to remember their previous moment from before.

Wiltons only smirks "Let's just say that you girls have a bigger reputation than you think." He said as he casually takes another cookie, dipping it in a glass of milk and takes a bite out of it.

"Well, if anypony needs me than just call out my name. Oh and Erick..." He said.

Erick heard him and turned his attention to Wilton "I want to have a word with you, meet me back at your room." He said as he then stands up from his armchair and throw his right hand up high and a puff of smoke covers his whole body before he vanishes in thin air.

Everyone, in the room were surprised, but Trixie was shocked the most "HOW DID HE DISAPPEAR LIKE THAT! HE'S NOT EVEN A UNICORN!" Trixie exclaims.

Erick then look at everyone else in the room "Don't question it." He said nonchalantly as he remember the Sage's antics in the series.