• Published 30th Dec 2016
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Harmony Damashii - ANDIE

Erick Stanford who met a terrible accident when saving a young boy in a convention from bandits, however he was granted a change to restore his life by protecting Equestria from a threat as he's no ordinary ghost, he's Kamen Rider Ghost.

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Let's Go! The Rider Henshin!

While Erick was in his room snoozing, Twilight walked through the halls of the Castle before heading to the living room where she saw Starlight and Spike sitting on a couch.

"I heard that you and Twilight had seen them before. But I never would have thought that I'll get to see a real human with my own eyes." Starlight said who was still amazed.

"Well Starlight, if you think seeing a human is awesome, then imagine turning into one." Spike said before the two were interrupted by Twilight's clear voice.

"Seems like you two are quite amazed of Erick's introduction to Ponyville." Twilight said

"Well from what you and Spike told me about humans that they are quite similar but yet different from us ponies, now I can understand what you two meant." Starlight said. Twilight giggles back in respond before her eyes widened at a realization.

"Hold on, this can't be right." Twilight said which caught both Spike's and Starlight's attention.

"What is it Twilight?" Starlight asked concernedly.

"We were so excited about Erick's arrival that I almost forgot to ask him a few more questions that I haven't thought about until just now." Twilight said.

"A few more questions? Like what?" Spike ask curiously.

"Like that we haven't ask him to how that he isn't a pony when he first came here, Spike do you remember when we first came to Canterlot High? I was turned into a human while you turned into a dog." Twilight recall the event.

Spike perks up "So your point is?" he said who felt like he wasn't aware of the answer which is under his nose.

"Then why it didn't that apply to him? Shouldn't he be a pony when he came to Equestia? If he did came through the portal, he should have turned into a pony. Not to mentioned that the doctor said that he had strange symptoms that even they can't explain." Twilight said who is somewhat frantic.

"Calm down Twilight, we could ask him a few more questions by tomorrow when he feels better." Starlight reassures.

Twilight gasp calmly before breath out "You're right Starlight, it's getting pretty late. It's better that we head to bead first, I just hope that he'll slept well." Twilight said as she headed to her room.

"We better head to bed as well Spike. Good night." Starlight said as she and Spike head to their separate rooms to call for the night.

At night, Erick barely had his eyelids closed, despite having to change to his pajamas and laid in bed and that he's not entirely dead, he constantly tried to get some sleep. But as the night expands, every single time he tried to close his eyelids, images of burning houses, people screaming for their lives kept him awake. Suddenly the scene changes to a car flip upside down from a crash and in the car were a man and a women, both were injured and bleeding from their head, reaching their hand out to him, Erick reaches his hand to them and saw another but a smaller and more delicate hand next to his doing the same thing. But eventually he closed his eyes, assuming to be sleeping however it didn't last before an hour or longer later he startles himself to wake up from the outlandish dream, he then views his surroundings as his memories evoke to the event occur since yesterday.

"Huh, never thought I'll see that again." Erick thought in his mind, the atmosphere of the castle's room is somewhat lighter than his old apartment which he still founded to be marvelous, as he's about to get of bed a ringing noise distract him. Turning his head to his right, he saw a small black dial telephone with bronze color ring dials, Erick who recognize the design of the telephone and grabs the telephone both hands and picked up the phone to answer the call.

"Moshimoshi? (Hello?)" Erick answered.

"HEY! It's breakfast time sleepy head!" A voice said through the phone.

"Wilton!?" Erick said, baffled at the familiar voice.

"You've finally remembered my name? Took you long enough!" Wilton's said hysterically.

"Um... Where are you!?" Erick ask confusedly.

"I'm enjoying the basking dawn of the sun!" Wilton replied "You should get some breakfast, that is if you need any breakfast." Erick attempts to ask him more matters before the phone hung up. Erick shrugs as he closes it and got out of bed. Erick then walk towards the bathroom, luckily the bathroom door was right next to his room, otherwise he would have gotten lost in the hallways of the castle. He turns on the faucet and washed his face with water, he dried it with a nearby towel. He looked at his reflection, revealing a natural reddish hair with commonly brown eyes.

"Hm, I guess Wilton was right about me being a ghost after all," He thought to himself before he takes a breath of his mouth and uses his hand to covered it closed enough to his nose. "Hm, smell the same as always". He took a shower and have his teeth brushed just in any case. Upon finishing he walked back into his room, he takes out a new pair of clothes similar to the one he wore yesterday, only it was an entirely red and purple colored one instead of white with blossom color one. He wore the new pare as he heads out of his room.

5 mintues later:

Spike was fixing up some breakfast as he is standing on a stool with Twilight in the dining room as Erick slowly enters the room"Erick you're awake quite early." Spike noticed along with Twilight.

"Yeah, it's quite a habit sometimes." He said.

"Starlight is still a sleep, I guess she overdid her studies again." Twilight said with her eyes role.

"Well in that case I'll cook some breakfast for the both of us." Spike said as he jumps of the stool as he has two dishes with several pancake stacks before placing it on the dining table, one for Ericks side and one for Twilight.

"Here Erick, I hoped you'll enjoy it, Spike is quite the cook himself." Twilight said with remarked.

"Um!!! It looks great!" Erick remarked as he grabs the knives and fork beside the dish, he sliced a piece of the pancake and was about to delivered it to his taste buds, that is if he had taste buds as he paused for a slight second. He then slowly drops the pancake piece along with the fork on the dish and pushed them away a few inches from him.

"Erick, are you alright?" Twilight asked with some concern.

"Oh no, I'm alright! I'm just not hungry." He said, which they find it slightly startling of how they aware of the importance of breakfast.

"WHAT!? Not hungry!?" Spike screatch, slightly startled "How couldn't you? That's crazy talk!?"

"What Spike meant to said is that breakfast is very important because it enhances your health in the morning, with out it you'll have a hard time going through the day even when having lunch ." Twilight said.

"Um... no it'll be alright." Erick simply said, the whole room was paused before Twilight breaks the silent.

"Erick. Are you depressed?" Twilight asked

"What!? No! I'm alright! What makes you say that?" Erick protested.

"Well, I think that coming to our world is making you feel agitated." Twilight explain her theory.

And again Erick shook his head "Oh no no no! I'm absolutely sure that I'm fine." he denies.

"Erick, just have something okay?" Twilight said with a small pleading tone in it.

Before more discussions begin, Spike delivers a burp sound that emits green sparkly fire, which startles and grosses Erick slightly. However the fire then dissipates into a scroll much to Erick's surprise, Twilight takes the scroll and rolls it up as she reads it.

"what is it Twilight?" Spike asked.

"It's Princess Celestia." Twilight said.

Erick's right eye perked up "Princess Celestia? You're not the only princess here?" he asked with a little surprise.

"Oh yeah we haven't told you! Celestia was Twilight's teacher!" Spike said. "It was because of her that she's a princess now!" Spike proclaims before Twilight bodge in.

"That's not entirely true, It was the help of all of my friends that I became a princess." Twilight said.

"Huh?" Erick said.

"It's a long story Erick." she stated as she begins to read the letter. "Hm... Princess Celestia said that she and Princess Luna haven't found the cause of the strange phenomenons a few weeks ago." Twilight reads before looking back at Spike.

"She want us to be on a look out in case if it happens again." Twilight said and Spike nodded and solutes.

"Strange Phenomenons?" Erick said in confusion.

"Well Erick, I may can't tell you my whole story on how I became a princess, but I can tell you what has been happening here a few weeks before you came here." Twilight said before clearing her throat.

"You see Erick, a few weeks ago, creatures called Changelings captured me and my friends. Changelings are pony insect like creature that can change their form to anything they see and they feed on the love of others. Starlight was able to saved us and stopped their Queen named Queen Chrysalis. She escaped. but with the help of her new friend all of the other Changelings became good and they have a new ruler." Twilight explains.

"Wow." Erick said in awe.

She nodded but a sigh came in "But after the incident. Strange phenomenons began to happened. Objects throw by itself, houses burning and furniture destroyed itself. It's total chaos! Starlight and all of our friends tried to find the caused of it. But so far we only have dusk in our hands!" Twilight said desperately.

"Hey!" A voice call out, but Twilight nor Spike was startled by the voice except for Erick as he turns his head and saw Wilton on his right side. "That's sounds like the work of the Gamma's!" Wilton said in excite.

Erick stares at Wilton with unsure of his theory and said "How can you be so sure?" he said which caught Twilight's attention.

"Huh?" Twilight said.

Erick who was startled "Oh, um. Nothing, so you were saying?" he said, chuckle nervously.

Twilight sighs "I'm just worried for Starlight, my friends and the whole town and all of Equestria. It's my duty as princess and mentor to protect my subjects, my pupil and my friends." Twilight said.

Erick hung his head down "I see." Erick said with a thinking face and a thought came to his mind. "It'll be alright Twilight!"

Twilight heard him "Hm?"

"I don't know anything about this world or how it works. But what I do know is that protecting something precious is difficult anywhere, however if you let your life shine bright for yourself and your friends. Anything can be accomplished." He said which Twilight find it comforting.

Before Twilight could give her respond to Erick, the Castle's door bell rang which disturbs their conversation.

"Sorry about that, somepony is here. I'll get the door just remember to eat okay?" Twilight said before she got out of the dinning room.

"Hey wait up Twi!" Spike responded as he took of his apron and followed Twilight.

Erick ignores her advice of breakfast as thoughts came into his mind. "Hm. Should I be happy of how I make her smile or sad of how I can't eat the same way anymore." He though before he stares usher at the pancakes that Spike cooked for him and the unexpected happens. His body suddenly glow white slightly before he slowly turns transparent before he completely fated into thin air.

At the front door of the Castle, Twilight and Spike opens the door and revealing another unicorn pony who reveal to be Trixie.

"Hi there Princess Twilight." Trixie greeted much to their surprise.

"Trixie!? I thought you're headed to live somewhere safe from the strange phenomenons?" Twilight said.

"Well I was, but I was quite worried for both you and Starlight's safety after that strange incident." Trixie explains as she takes a breath before continuing "As much as I was freaked out about that chaotic mess, I can't just ignored my first actual friend here to have to face all of it while I'm just hiding in the shadows."

Twilight sighs with a smile "Trixie, you're more bolder than ever." Twilight said, "I guess Starlight did taught you a thing or two about friendship since she first met you."

Before that Twilight had a though in her mind "Speaking of friends, the girls and I just met a new friend from yesterday. I think you would be impress to see him." Twilight said as she grabs Trixie's wrist and drags her into the castle with Spike following pursuit.

Erick kept staring at the breakfast in front of him without noticing that he is invisible until he heard Twilight's voice.

"Erick say hi to..." Twilight said but paused before noticing he's not there on the table anymore "Erick?"

"Twilight! I'm here!" Erick responded, but as if his voice was not audible, Twilight ignores it as she kept calling his name. Erick ran towards her for only to be shocked at the fact he ran through her and falls to the ground.

"What the!?" Erick said in shocked and as if on cue, Wilton appears out of thin air again and right in front of Erick.

"Dude! Don't you remember!? You're visibility is based on your emotions like Takeru's!" Wilton mentions.

Erick eyes widened in realization "Oh right!" Erick realized before he ran through the door of the dining room and out in the hallway.

"Okay think of happy, cheerful thoughts!" Erick said to himself before he slowly materialize back into solid matter. He takes a look at himself with relief. "Whoa, it worked!" He claims happily as he opens the dining room door again, revealing himself to the three.

"Here I am Twilight!" He call out

"Erick where were you?" Twilight asked.

"Well, I though I heard Starlight woke up. But silly me it's just my imagination." He giggles nervously, Twilight's left brow raised while Trixie on the other hand was in shock at the sight of

"Um anyway, meet Trixie, she's the first friend Starlight actually made here in Ponyville without forcing it." Twilight introduce.

"Forcing it?" Erick ask which caused her eyebrows to raised nervously after realizing to what she just said.

Twilight respond by giggling nervously "It's another long story Erick." She said before turning to Trixie "Trixie this is Erick." She said then she noticed Trixie's startled face.

"Twilight, what is he?" Trixie asked.

"Oh, I should have explain he's a human, like the one's I told you about with Starlight." Twilight said. Upon hearing it Trixie begins to look stunned at the revelation.

"Um... nice to meet you." Erick said as he reach out his hand.

"Yeah, if you're a friend of Starlight then I guess you and I could get along." Trixie said and before she could reach out her hand, sudden screams of panic fill the air of the castle. Twilight and Trixie was all to familiar with the struggle while Erick looks around confused.

"Oh no not again!" Twilight said as she along with Trixie ran to the exit of the castle with Spike and Erick follow suit. Once Twilight opens the Castle Door, she saw Ponyville in the same state of panic as the chaos and mayhem happens all over again.

"Hugh! Of all times!" Trixie frustrated said.

A moment later the rest of the Main Six emerged from the town and head towards Twilight castle where she along with Trixie were waiting.

"Girls, are all you alright." Twilight said in worry.

"Yes, were alright Twilight." Fluttershy said softly "But I'm not so sure about the rest of the town." she said as she looks at Ponyville.

Rarity looks around and notice something "Hey, where is Starlight Glimmer?" she ask.

"Starlight is still asleep, I don't know if she'll be waking up anytime soon." Twilight answered.

"But we still have to do something!" Spike claims as everyone (except Erick) looks at him, the ponies look at each other and nodded.

"Everypony! Y'all know the drill! Let's go save Ponyville!" Applejack called out as she and the rest of her friends, including Trixie ran towards Ponyville and tries to save the day.

Unnoticed to the ponies, Erick on the other hand saw something that no pony could see, he saw the very cause of the chaos with his own eyes.

"G-G-Gammas! But how!?" Erick gasp as he witness the numerous Gammas terrorizing the whole town as they throw objects, destroying property and other mischief.

As he witness the Main Six with Trixie by side, they managed to clear out some of the mischief with team up, but the more they tried to fix things up, the more the Gammas kept messing things up.

Erick then begins to realize something "Oh yeah, I'm a ghost and I'm the only one who has an Eyecon so I'm the only one who can see them." He though.

"Hey! Isn't this the time for you to shine!?" a voice interrupts.

Erick turns his head behind and saw Wilton "Wait what?" Erick confusedly said.

"Don't you get it? it's time for some henshining." Wilton said as he does a pose very similar to the first Kamen Rider.

Erick stared at Wilton with a shock at the realization "Wait, that's a word?" He said before he was interrupted by the sounds of ponies screaming.

"Dude, the longer you argue, the more this town going to fall into pieces." Wilton said which makes Erick looked desperate.

"Okay! Okay!" Erick said frantically before running towards the nearest by alleyway which no one seem to notice until Starlight suddenly ran to the outside door.

"Twilight! Spike where are..." She said before she noticed Erick running towards a nearby alleyway. "Where's he going?" Starlight thought before following him.

As Trixie guides the citizens to a safer place, she notices Erick ran to an alleyway and Starlight following him "Starlight?" Trixie notices before pursuing them.

Once Erick goes into the alleyway, he looked at the surrounding of the alleyway, making sure that no one was in view of him, but Starlight hid herself behind the walls effectively. Then she saw Trixie running to her.

"Starlight." Trixie whispers as she waves her right hand up high and Starlight respond with a wave.

"What's going on?" Trixie ask and Starlight points at the alleyway as the two looks at Erick without him noticing them

Unexpectedly, a fiery orange aura emitted on his waste, as the aura die down, it reveals a strange belt with an orange strap on his waist, while the buckle was large and bulky, the shape is rectangular like, but what makes it very strange was it appears to be made of a translucent ectoplasm like substance with a black and orange handle on the right side and a single eye on the center of the belt, giving it a ghost like appearance.

Erick then pulls out an Eyecon from his pocket and press a black button on the right which makes a letter G appear on the iris of the Eyecon before he presses a button which cause the belt to open as he inserts the Eyecon into his belt and closes it. Upon closing it, his entire body suddenly fades into thin air.

"He disappeared!?" Trixie said in shock as Starlight who looks just as startle as her.

Erick then closes the driver, and the unexpected happened, the eye off the belt emits a fiery orange aura as an object began to materialized out of the belt's eye, the object reveals to be a black vest hoodie like entity with two orange eyes, a horn like nose, having orange like trimmings on the edges and two small belt straps on the shoulders, acting as arms for the entity, the entity is called a Parka Ghost. At the same time the belt emits a bizarre jingle as the entity flies around him.


The belt begins as Erick pulls the handle out, making the eye closed and a strange chanting began.


The jingle repeats as Erick spread both his arms out, he then have both his hands facing forward with his left hand spread out while his right hand only had his index and middle finger spread and slowly bringing them together, he then roll his hands before he shot his right hand up in the air, still having his index and middle finger spread while his left hand was near to his armpits with his ring and pinkie finger slightly bend. He slowly have his right hand back down to face in front of him and at the same time both his arm crosses each other. As the Parka Ghost flies around him he then shout a single word.

"Henshin!" He said as he grabs the handle and pushes it, causing the eye of the belt to open.


The belt announced as a small holographic energy image of the orange face appears in front of the belt. In addition orange energy like patterns resembling skeletal bones appear around his body and a blue eye symbol appear on his chest and a blue aura engulfs his whole body for moments. Erick's is no longer there as he was replaced by a black humanoid suit with orange glowing lines resembling bones of a skeleton with a light blue eye symbol on the chest , wearing transparent armor like exoskeleton with silver wristbands, ankle bands and knee pads. The oddest thing is the head with a silver face with no facial features what so ever. This form is known as a transient form.


The jingle finishes as the parka ghost attaches itself to the transient suit, making the transient suit wearing a black short sleeve hoodie with light orange edges and two silver buttons to hold the light orange lapel in place. In addition, the silver face is now orange with two large black eyes, having two small metal pieces to hold it in place and a small curved silver horn on the forehead. Erick then stares at his palms, realizing that he actually transformed into Kamen Rider Ghost.

"I can't believed this! it actually worked!" Erick cheered for himself before hearing screams of panic and broken objects. "Oh right!" Erick said as he rushed out of the other side of the alleyway and exposed himself to the Gamma's.

"Hey You!" Erick shouted which caught their attentions.

The Gammas turn their heads to him, they were more than shock of the new arrival to a point that all of the Gammas stop their assault and mischief by dropping the objects down to the ground. As soon as they stop, the chaos and the mayhem of throwing objects stops just as quick as the Main 6 along with everyone else in town notices the sudden halt.

"What the?" Rainbow Dash said as everything had stopped.

"That's odd, it stopped a lot sooner than it usually is." Twilight claims in confusion.

Back at a ghost point of view, the Gammas are still starring at the new individual "What the!? He could see us?" One of the creatures said in shocked.

"Yeah! I could definitely see you guys!" Erick called out as he points at them.

"Who the hell are you!?" One of the Gamma's said.

"I'm Kamen Rider Ghost! And if you think you're going to get away with messing this town!" Erick paused for a moment before he place both his palms near to the belt and suddenly a large black and silver sword like weapon appears out of thin air, this sword is called the Gan Gun Saber.

"Then you're messing with the wrong place!" Erick said as he charged at the minions. The creatures tried to uses their daggers to strike Erick, but he was able to dodge and deflect them with his sword as he consciously slashing them with it, causing sparks and strange black liquid like substance to spattered out from the Gamma's, his sheer strength was enough to destroyed a few, but the Gamma's find it irritating.

"You tool! Swarm on him!" One of the Gamma's yell as they all tried to sink him in their numbers. But without warning, he jumps up high before he realized that he is levitating through the air as his mask glows orange along with an orange aura on his body.

"Wow! I guess being a ghost has it's own benefits after all!" He remarked as he flew towards the Gammas and uses his sword to slash all of them as he fly pass through them with enough force to stun them before landing back on the ground with his feet.

"I'll let my life burn bright!" Erick announced as he let the eye symbol on his sword place in front of the belt, then a small laser beam connected between the two and the belt sang another jingle.


The belt call out.


Erick then charged at the gamma's slashing all of them one by one as he passes through them, upon reaching to the end, he presses a trigger of the sword.


The Gan Gun Saber spoke as he delivers a large orange color energy slashed at the Gammas, destroying all of them instantly before they dissolved into black smoke and were replaced by Eyecons similar to Ericks, only having four claw like shapes on the sides before it all explodes.

Ghost merely stood there in a mix of shock and excitement as he stares at his new Gan Gun Saber in his hand.

"Y-Y-YES!" Ghost cheered out triumphantly as he held his Saber up high in the air before he opens his Ghost Driver and removes the Eyecon before his Rider Form dissipates, turning him back to normal. This also cause him to turn visible again to the living.

"I DID IT! I DID IT! I DID IT!" Erick continues his cheering as he spun around, this time however everyone in the town including Trixie and Starlight who still was hiding behind a wall in an alleyway heard his cheering as they turn their heads to him.

"Erick?" Twilight called out which caught his attention as he stop spinning and turn to face her along with her friends before his smile turns upside down before realizing what he just did.

"U...Umm." Erick hums awkwardly as Trixie and Starlight approaches him.

"Erick darling, where did you come from? I presumed that you would have stayed back at the castle for safety." Rarity pointed out.

"Um..." Erick hums even more nervously before Starlight interjects.

"Erick. How did you do that?" Starlight said out.

"How did I do what?" Erick responded dumbly.

"No one other than the Great and Powerfull Trixie, the princesses and Starlight were able to accomplish such feet." Trixie stated.

"What feet?" Erick said confusedly.

"We saw you running towards an alleyway, when Trixie and I followed you, we saw you vanished into thin air." Starlight reveal which causes Erick's eye widened as he gulps his throat with nervousness of the outcome.