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Harmony Damashii - ANDIE

Erick Stanford who met a terrible accident when saving a young boy in a convention from bandits, however he was granted a change to restore his life by protecting Equestria from a threat as he's no ordinary ghost, he's Kamen Rider Ghost.

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Assault! The Revelation!

The scene moves back to the Castle of Friendship in the throne room as everypony, especially Twilight is still thinking of their next action to take, moments later Fluttershy broke the silent.

"Should we report it to Princess Celestia?" Fluttershy asked.

Twilight looked at her with concern "I was thinking about the same thing when Erick first arrived here yesterday, but I don't want to make things too complicated for the Princesses until we know what's really going on." Twilight respond. "I was about to ask him some questions but after everything that is happening today, I forgot all about it!" she stated as she planted her face on the crystal table.

Starlight then walked up to Twilight, placing her hand on Twilight's shoulder "Don't be too hard on yourself Twilight, after all everything that's been happening around here is stressful for all of us." she reassures her mentor.

Twilight looked at her pupil along with all of her friends, including Trixie. Twilight gives a small smile "Thank you everypony. We just have to believe that everything will go alright." she said with confidence and relief.


"HUGH!?" Everypony in the room was startled by the sudden loud noise.

"WHAT WAS THAT!?" Rainbow said with shocked.

"It sounds like it's coming from outside." Starlight replied as they rushed out of the throne room and headed outside the castle.

5 minutes ago

In Erick's room, Erick is still dumbfounded by Wilton's unexpected surprise "Dude! How or where did you even get that!?" he said as he points at the vacuum cleaner like device

"I've made it with my own blood and sweat! Even though I don't really have a body anymore." Wilton reveals sarcastically.

Erick sighs amusingly "I bet you're probably even making an Eyecon Driver G by now." he said jokingly.

"Oh I wouldn't think of it." Wilton said with a sly smile "Or will I?" he thought in his head.

"Seems that you're preparing me for an upcoming intense fight." Erick assumes as he crosses his arms.

Wilton scoffs "What!? It's not like that you're going to be fighting Gammaizers or something. Hee-he-hee-he-he" He said as he makes a nervous laugh. "Or at least I hope that the Gammaizers don't exist here." he thought to himself.

Erick was a little bewildered by Wilton's odd chuckle, but before he could said anything.


Erick and Wilton were both disturbed by the same loud noise from outside.

"What in the world was that!?" Erick said as he frantically turn his head left and right.

"Something tells me that we're going to get some unexpected company. Follow me!" Wilton said as he then ran out of Erick's bedroom.

"HEY! Where are you going!?" Erick call out as he follow suit.

As soon as Twilight and her friends got out of the castle, they were shocked to what's happening in front of them. Ponyville is in the same state of chaos again, only this time, everyday objects were destroyed by larger explosions, houses are slice in half and even buildings were thrown from one place to another.

"WHAT AGAIN!?" Applejack said in disbelief.

"Twice in one day!?" Twilight said in worry "That never happened before!" she stated.

"Well whatever cause this, we need to get the citizen somewhere safer." Rainbow declare as she flies up and dash to the area as her friends follow her.

"Wait! I want to help!" Spike called out.

Twilight and the others turn to him "Spike, we appreciate your concern and your support, but you know that you don't have to do this." she replied.

"Twilight! I'm done hiding, I want to do something!" Spike argues back.

Twilight then looked back at the town where Rainbow is doing the work and turn back to Spike "Alright! But stay close to us all time got it?" She said.

"Crystal clear!" Spike said with thumbs up, the ponies nodded before running to aid Rainbow. As soon as they left the castle and headed to the town, Wilton and Erick got out on the front door of the castle and see it all.

"Well what do you know! My hunch was right." Wilton said with sternest.

Erick on the other hand looked more concern "A Katana and a Yari Gamma! These guys are a lot tougher, I don't know if Princess Twilight and her friends could handle them." he said as he witness the event unfold.

The Katana Gamma charges its large blade like arm with white energy and electricity to slice buildings in half like butter while the Yari Gamma extends it's spear as it twirls it over it's head around the area, destroying more houses in the process, making more ponies scream in panic as they ran for their lives while Twilight and her friends are adding them to safety.

"Is it just the confuse Trixie or is it that this mayhem is a lot more intense than before!" Trixie exclaims in panic as she runs around in fright.

"It's not you Trixie! This is a lot more chaotic than before!" Starlight said as she uses her magic to lift up the falling debris from buildings from landing on the citizen.

Pinkie rushed over the town as she's guiding the ponies to somewhere safer "I'll admit, this is a lot more intense than before!" she exclaims as she continues to dash around the town.

Fluttershy is now too frighten to move as she ducks down with her whole body shivers "Why is this happening to us!" she said with complete panic.

"Fluttershy dear!" Rarity call out as she ran towards Fluttershy, picking her back up to her feet with her arms over Fluttershy's shoulders "I know that this chaos is unnerving even for my standards, but if we don't stop it, than no pony will. And as long as were all here, there's nothing that we cannot accomplish!" Rarity said with encouragement.

Fluttershy looked up to Rarity with a few strand of her pink hair in front of her view, but she gives a firm nod "Alright Rarity, let's save Ponyville!" she said with confidence as she rush to aid a citizen.

"Wow Rarity." Spike call out "Your speech is very encouraging." he complimented.

Rarity turn to Spike "Why thank you Spikey Wikey!" she said.

Unbeknown to them, the two Gammas saw their whole actions and heard their words.

"HA! HA! HA!" The Katana Gamma laughed "Do these inferior beings think they can stop us!?" it exclaims.

"You're right! I don't see how these wimps can defeat our lower level comrades." The Yari Gamma added as the two continue their assault, but they weren't aware of the fact that Erick and Wilton are watching their moves too.

"This is gone too far! I gotta stop them!" Erick said.

"Whelp! Then you know what to do." Wilton said as he handed the leaf blower like machine to Erick. "Spray the elixir on them and they are no longer invisible to the living." he stated.

Erick looked at both the machine and Wilton, slowly but firmly Erick grabbed the machine and begins to turn it on. "Thanks man, looks like that there's no point in hiding my secret anymore." he said as he charged towards the town.

As Twilight and her friends struggle to keep everything in order a voice call out for them.

"Twilight!" Erick yells out.

Twilight turned her head and saw Erick running towards them with the leaf blower device in his hand.

"Erick!? What are you doing! I thought we told you to not get into harms way!" Twilight yell in annoyed and slight anger which also caught the rest of the Main 7's attention.

"Trust me! I know what I'm doing!" Erick said as he held the device up high and activates it as it sprays several yellow glitter like substance in the air as it rains down.

"Erick! What in tarnation are you doing!?" Applejack said in confusion.

"Just wait for a second!" Erick replied and seconds later, the two Gammas began to slowly appear into the living world.

"Huh!? What just happened!" The Yari Gamma said in bewilderment.

"HEY! What have you done!?" The Katana Gamma said in anger.

The voices caught the ponies attention as they finally saw the two Gammas right in front of them.

"AAAHHH!!!" The citizen of the town call out.

"What are those things!?" said one pony.

"Monsters!" Another pony said.

"Run for your lives!" another pony said as they all hide inside their homes or nearby hiding places.

While the Main 7 including Trixie were utterly shocked at the creatures that are now in front of them.

"W-w-what i-i-in Equestria are those things!?" Rarity said in fright.

"Those are Gammas, extra dimensional ghost like beings that have super powers!" Erick reveals to the ponies.

"GHOST!?" the main 7, along with Trixie and Spike said in shock and disbelief.

"I don't know what you've done to us!" The Katana Gamma interrupt "But whatever it is, you're going to pay!" it said as it charged at Erick.

"Look out!" Rainbow yell out as she fly towards Erick and snatch him of the ground right before the Katana Gamma can attack him. "You're okay!?" she ask.

"Yeah, I'm good." Erick reassure her as Rainbow place Erick near to the rest of her friends as they gather around him.

"Erick I don't know what's going on, but we need to do something about them." Twilight said as she points at the two Gammas.

"Oi! Don't think that you could stand a chance against us!" The Yari Gamma said as it extends it's spear again at the group.

"Duck!" Starlight call out as they all got out of the way in the naked time, before the spear could make contact with any of them.

"How about this!" The Katana Gamma said as it rush towards them with great speed and begins to slash at them.

"Girls, be careful!" Twilight warned.

"Heyah!" Rainbow calls out as she delivers a straight kick at the Katana Gamma, but it easily blocks it with it's right arm like sword.

"Don't get cocky!" it said as the Gamma then punch straight at Rainbow's stomach.

"RAINBOW!" Her friends call out in worry, Rainbow was paralyzed by the pain as he drop to her knees.

"How pathetic!" The Gamma said as it kicks straight at Rainbow's head, sending her a few feet away, luckily Trixie use her magic to hold Rainbow in place before she crashes into something.

"Why you!" Applejack rushed towards to Katana Gamma, but the Yari Gamma uses it's spear again to whack Applejack in the head which cause her to roll on the ground behind her.

"Applejack!" Twilight said as she rushed to her injured friend, Applejack clutches her head as she groans in pain.

"Ah'm okay Twilight, these critters are a lot tougher than they look!" Applejack warned as all of her friends including Spike gathered up to her, they all looked at the two Gammas in front of them.

"Are you ready to meet your demise?" The Katana Gamma ask.

"Because were going to have a lot of fun with you." The Yari Gamma added as the two pursue the ponies and Spike.

Twilight and her friends embrace together as they slowly stood up, ready for an intense fight...but suddenly.

"That's enough! You've done your part!" Erick interrupted as he stepped in between the ponies and the Gammas.

Twilight and her friends turn their heads to him with confuse faces "Erick what are you talking about?" Twilight ask.

Erick then turn his focus at the two Gammas as he walked towards them "I'll take it from here!" he said.

This immediately startled the ponies and Spike.

"What are you crazy!? You seen what they could do!" Rainbow call out despite the pain in her head and stomach.

"No Erickie! We don't want to see you get hurt!" Pinkie said in concern.

"Erick darling! You can't be serious! You'll get clobbered." Rarity call out.

"Don't worry everyone!" Erick said as he turns his head to them. He then summons the Ghost Driver with fiery energy around his waist. "I got this on my side." He said, pointing at the driver.

The ponies and Spike looked at him even more confused. "Um...isn't that just a belt?" Fluttershy ask.

Erick smirks back at her "Or is it?" he said as he held up his Ore Eyecon.

"An Eyecon! Where did you get that!?" The Katana Gamma said in disbelief along with the Yari Gamma.

"That's none of your concerns!" Erick said to them as he gives them an intense glare, he then presses the button on the Eyecon which cause it to pop the letter G in it's pupils. "Because this is where I'll put you two in your places!" he said as he opens the Driver and inserts the Eyecon inside it before closing it again


The Driver announces as the Ore Parka Ghost shot out of the Driver's eye again. The Main 7, include Trixie and Spike are now more than utterly surprised and shocked to see it.

"WHAT IN THE!?" Starlight yells.

"WHAT IN TARNATION!?" Applejack calls out.


"EEPP!" Fluttershy squeak in fright as he hid behind Pinkie's who's jaws dropped.

"What sort of sorcery is this!?" Trixie exclaims while Twilight eyes widened.

The Parka ghost then begins to circling around Erick as it 'dances' through the Drivers catchy repeated giggle.


The jingle goes into a loop as Erick does his stands again (same as Takeru's) before calling out "Henshin!" he call out as he pulls and pushes the handle of the Driver which cause the eye on the Driver to blink which reveals the face sticker of the Eyecon inside it.


Erick's body is covered by blue light which then forms into his Transient Armor again as the Parka Ghost flies around him quicker.


The Driver finishes it's calls as the Parka Ghost then landed on Erick's back, completing his transformation into Kamen Rider Ghost, Erick hung his head down before pulling the hoodie behind him.

Everyone around him were completely at shock and awe at the sight. Even the two Gammas felt a little concern.

"E-E-Erick, i-i-is-is t-t-that y-y-you?" Twilight shutters as if her head just explode as her friends behind her looked just as shocked with their mouths agape.

Erick turns his head back to them and nodded "Yep! I'm now Kamen Rider Ghost!" he reveal as he walks up to the two Gammas.

"Don't think that you could beat us just because you got a new outfit!" The Katana Gamma said as it points it sword at Erick.

"We'll just see about that!" Erick said as his Ghost Driver summons his Ga Gun Saber, Erick now as Ghost snatches it and charged at the Gammas.

The Gammas tried to slash him with their weapons, but Ghost easily dodge their attacks and jumps up high for safety, he then slashes the Gammas with his Ga Gun Saber, which cause sparks to fly out of the monster's body. Ghost then stabs his weapon on the Yari Gamma at the stomach which in term cause a larger spark and slight black liquid substance to fly out as it stumbles back.

"You're tougher than you look! Let's see if you could handle this!" said the Yari Gamma as it makes it's spear extends towards Ghost with a large impact, which cause Ghost's armor to be damaged with sparks as he fly a few feet away, but before he could land on the ground, the Katana Gamma then slashes it's right arm sword at Ghost's back which cause even more sparks to fly out of him as he rolls on the ground hard.

"Erick!" The ponies plus Spike call out in worry.

Erick grunted in slight pain as he slowly trying to get his feet back up. "I won't give in!" he said to himself as he push the orange handle of the Driver which cause the eye to close. He then raised his right hand up with his index and middle finger out, Erick then put his hand down as he then stretch both his index fingers and connect them which forms a triangle. Suddenly a large orange circle with ruins on it and an eye symbol on the center appears behind him.

"Whoa..." Spike said in amazement.

"Oh no you won't!" The Yari Gamma interrupts as it charged towards Ghost while wielding it's spear up high.

Erick then glares at the Yari Gamma "Because...I'll let my life burn bright!" he yell with determination before pulling the handle which cause the eye to open which makes a small holographic image of a white shoe kicking down.


The Driver announces as the symbol turns into pure orange energy which travels down to Ghost's right foreleg.


Ghost then charges at the approaching Yari Gamma, the Gamma points it's spear straight at Ghost, but the Rider jumps and place his feet on the spear which in term cause him to jump higher and deliver a flying kick straight at the Gamma's chest which cause the Gamma's robes to fly off of it, revealing it's weaker state.

"AAGGHH!" The Gamma scream in pain as black liquid like substance gush out of it before it explodes along with the robes that it wore, after the explosion it's spear drop to the ground along with it's Eyecon before it too explodes into shards. The Rider land safely on his feet.

"You! You'll pay for that!" The Katana Gamma said in fury as it pull out several other Gamma Eyecons out from it's pocket, the Gamma then threw the Eyecon into the air, the Eyecons landed onto the ground which then morphs into Gamma grunts.

"There's more of them!?" Starlight said in fear.

"Erick! Be careful!" Fluttershy said in worry.

Ghost makes a fighting stance, preparing for the assault.

"Oi! Don't forget about me!" a mysterious voice call out.

"Huh?" Ghost said with confusion as he looks around him, suddenly a red Eyecon came out of his pocket, which reveals to be the Musashi Eyecon.

"Remember that were here for you!" said the floating Musashi Eyecon.

"Oh yeah! I almost forgot about you guys, sorry about that." Ghost said with embarrassment.

"No worries, for we will lend you our power!" said the red Eyecon before it falls onto the Rider's right hand.

"Alright then!" Ghost said as he press the button switch on the Eyecon, making it pop the number 1 on the iris of the Eyecon.

"Another Eyecon!?" The Katana Gamma said in bewilderment.

Ghost then opens his Driver and removes his previous Eyecon, which in turn losing the Parka Ghost he was wearing.

"What's he doing?" Trixie ask in curiosity.

"I think were about to find out." Twilight said with intrigue as she and her friends observes the Rider's next move.

Ghost then inserts the Musashi Eyecon into the Driver and he closes it, activating another jingle.


The same loop jingle was emitted as another Parka Ghost emerged from the Driver, this one is red with a sword handle on it's head and it had two long sharp blades for arms. The new Parka Ghost then uses it's arms to slash at the Gamma grunts as the grunts approach to the Rider.

"Another one!?" Twilight said in surprise as Fluttershy squeak in fright again.


Ghost then push and pulls the handle again.


The Driver announces as the new Parka Ghost attaches itself on Ghost's Transient suit, which in term makes the Rider wearing the new hoodie.


The Driver finished it's announcement as Ghost not only wearing the Musashi Parka Ghost, but his face plate now change into an image of two red samurai swords put in an X. His Gan Gun Saber appears again, but the weapon suddenly splits itself into two different blades, Ghost caught both the two weapons in his hands as he's now wielding the sword's Nitouryu mode.

"Alright then!" Ghost calls out "Let's dance!" he yells as he charges at the Gamma grunts, the grunts slash their daggers at him, but the Rider easily able to dodge their attacks and blocks their dagger with his duel sword. Ghost slashes at them with ease as black liquid substance spills out, when he got pass through all of the grunts, they all exploded along with their Eyecons shattered.

"You're really good, I'll give you that. But this will end here!" The Katana Gamma said.

"Yeah! Here is the end of the line!" Ghost said as he place the eye symbol on the sword's hilt in front of the belt's eye with the same laser beam connect the two, activating the same jingle again.


The Rider bend down and the same eye symbol but this time it's red appear behind him and the dual swords are charged with red energy.


The Driver chanted several times before the two charged at each other, as the two opponents run towards their target, Ghost presses the trigger of the Gan Gun Saber again.


The weapon announces as the two finally slash their weapons at each other, sending out red energy as they ran pass away from each other. Ghost held his weapon firmly before the Gamma's body then surged with sparks and electricity as the black liquid spill out of it and it's robe flew out of it's body, leaving the Gamma in a weaker state before exploding along with it's clothing. The smoke dissipate as it reveals the Eyecon that created the monster before it too explodes into pieces, only leaving the Katana sword intact.

The Rider held the blades of his sword down as he sighs in relief "Huh! It's over!" he said before looking back up to the ponies along with Spike. Their jaws literally dropped to the ground with awestruck.

Ghost chuckles nervously "I guess I have a lot of explaining to do." He said as he put his right hand on his head.

Pinkie blinks several times before forming a huge smile "BEST SWORD FIGHT EVER!" she cheered, leaving her friends to look at her in bewilderment.

Author's Note:

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