• Published 30th Dec 2016
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Harmony Damashii - ANDIE

Erick Stanford who met a terrible accident when saving a young boy in a convention from bandits, however he was granted a change to restore his life by protecting Equestria from a threat as he's no ordinary ghost, he's Kamen Rider Ghost.

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Displaced! A human with a bright soul!

Author's Note:

Warning: This chapter may contain minor/slight gore and blood, viewer's description is advised

"Alright! My very first time going to a convention." A young man said as he got out of the room of his high deluxe apartment and pulling his luggage's, he then walk through the halls before headed to the elevator and comes down. After headed to the Base floor, he headed for the table of the hallways.

"So sir, you informed that you'll be leaving for a couple of month's before your returned, am I correct?" one of the employer of the apartment said.

"Yes, I have an hour trip to Los Angeles for a convention, I don't have a real costume, but a suit will be just as good." The young man said.

"Very well then, we'll take care of your apartment room while your journey to the convention mister Erick." The employer said.

"Thank you, this convention is a rare sight in America and I don't want to missed that chance." Erick said and leaves the apartment building, as an cab waits for him, Erick got in the cab as it drives him towards the international Airport. Erick waits for about minutes to hours before he finally got into the airplane to arrive to his destination, while flying Erick watch through some TV programs on the plane and play some games, eventually he fell asleep through his long flight to Los Angeles, upon arriving he coincidentally got up on time and grabbed all of his luggage. He was able to get another cab as he leaves the airport and headed for the hotel where he booked a room.

He then pays for the driver as he got out of the cab and heads to the hotel. He was able to find the room he booked and headed to his hotel room for the month, he was amazed at the sheer high quality of the room's furniture and the designs, as Erick set all of his bags to his room, he then began to call for the day before headed to bead and got ready for the convention tomorrow.

Erick got up before his alarm clock even went on, he brought in his costume which is a matching clothes to Tenkuji Takeru, the main protagonist of Kamen Rider Ghost. He was satisfied of how the outfit turn out on him "hum... needs a little bit adjustments, but it's look good enough." Erick though before he got out of his hotel room and head out to the convention nearby. Erick was stunned witnessing everyone in America get up as some of Japan's most iconic super heroes and villains, he even saw someone get up in Garo's gold armor. Erick walked throughout the convention, finding if there is something that could equip his interest.

"Yo kid! You look like a worthy Kamen Rider Fan!" A voice said, Erick turns his back and saw a man wearing a suit similar to Captain Marvelous from Gokaiger next to a stand. Erick approach the man and greets the man.

"Yes good sir! How's the day for you?" Erick said as he observes the merchants stand full of merchandise. He saw everything that speaks to him, until he witness a Driver that he thinks will make his clothes more complete.

"Wow" Erick wondered as he picks the Driver up. "This is a very good quality Ghost Driver! And it even have two additional Eyecons" said Erick as he marvels at the texture of the toy belt and the Eyecons. The merchant was begin to have a form of interest.

"Hm... You've quite a lively fan of Ghost. Some people said that Ghost was an awful Kamen Rider series." The merchant said. But soon realize that it had tapped a nerved in Erick's brain as he turns his head to the merchant with malice and stomped towards him.

"Really man!? I mean Ghost could've been better. But it's not down right bad!" Erick said with pride as he continues looking at the other Ghost related merchandise. "Ghost deserved to have some honor as any Kamen Rider series." said Erick. The merchant then perked his eyebrows and lean towards Erick.

"Hey kid." The merchant said as he lean on Erick's hear, giving him a small whisper. "Have you heard of the rumors?" Erick was equipped with confusion and curiosity.

"Rumors? What rumors?" Erick asked.

"There has been rumors of people been gone missing and disappearance in conventions like this one." The merchant whispers. Erick wide eye at the fact, but soon he kept his composure.

"Well I don't know much about rumors. But I for one don't really take them likely." Erick answered and his attention is now on a strange white and black blade molded toy sword.

Moments later without a warning, gun fires can be heard nearby, everyone turn their head to the source of the sound and found a deranged man wearing a black leather jacket and a gun on his right hand, everyone was startled and step away from him. Erick showed some fear in his face, but tries to embrace it while the merchant hides under his stand for protection.

"THIS IS ONE A HELL OF A CONVENTION!!" The man said as he raised a gun on his right hand and fired the ceiling of the stadium, everyone streak and duck down to show their fear "I DON'T KNOW WHY THE HELL WOULD A F***ING WIMPY ASIAN SHOWS WOULD MAKE A CONVENTION HERE IN THE U.S!!!" The man said as he points and waves his gun around the room, threatening everyone.

Erick kept his composure as calm as possible, that is until a crying sound was heard, he turns his head to the left and saw a little boy cries at the man's threat, the boy's father tries to comfort the boy and quiet him down. But not before it began to annoy the psychotic man and enraged his temper more.

"Stopped crying you little brat!" the man yells at the boy before he held his gun up at him.

"No please! Don't hurt the boy. He's innocent!" The father said. But the boy continues to sob which enrage the mad man even further.

"If you won't shut him! Then I'll will!" The criminal said as his index finger is merely seconds before pushing the trigger.

Erick saw it and did what his instincts told him, he leaps up from his place and pace himself towards the father and son as the maniac pulls the trigger of his gun, the boy and his father closed their eyes to embrace for the worst, but as seconds gone by, they felt no sign of harm, upon opening their eyes again, what they witness made everyone in the whole building gasp in horror, even the gunman.

Erick got in between the psychotic man and his shot path towards the boy and his father, with both of Erick's arm spread out sideways, the bullet made contact to his body, dangerously near to his heart. He then fall to his knees with his blood begin to absorb by his clothes and was visible to everyone, his eyes were nearly blanked, but not before he turns his head to the father and the boy with a smile before his demise.

"Don't worry! I...I...'ll pr...protect you're potential!" Erick said with short breaths before his body fell to the ground with his face made contact with the cold marbled floor, people started to panic and stepped back. The psychotic man began to loosen his grip of his gun with all of his doubts shown and staring at both his hands. Moments later, sirens of police cars can be heard outside, while the man still daze at his guilt, everyone else got out of the building unharmed and the police came in and tackled the criminal without a warning to him, one of the police saw Erick's near death form and call out the others.

"We got an injured civilian here! Get an ambulance quick!" The police said as the others nodded and head for their cars to make contact for help while the policemen ran towards Erick, checking if there's any life in him.

"Hey! You're okay!?" The police said as he shakes Erick, hoping to get a response from him. "Hang in there man!" The police then remembered something, something that might support Erick's life a little longer.

"Don't worry! My coworkers will get an ambulance as quick as possible! I got a medical kit in my car just in case situations like this happens. I'll be right back!" The police said as he ran outside and get his medical kit in his car. Erick was able to open his eyelids slightly after the police left the scene. He then take out a police badge out of his pocket and stared at it.

"I believed in myself!" Erick proclaim himself as he tighten his grip on a badge, as the floor begin to be oozed with his blood, his consciousness became blurry once more before his vision is nearly blacked. The merchant from before saw everything and stood up out of his stand and proceeds to Erick.

"You're really are a total idiot for taking a shot like that." The merchant said as he walked closer to the nearly dead Erick. "But I guess you'll have to do." Suddenly both the merchants and Erick body glows brightly before they both faded in golden dusk like particles in the air and faded mere seconds before the policemen came back into the building with his medical kit in his hands, but found no one in sight.

"W-W-What!? Where did he go!?" The police said with shock as he ran and inspects the whole convention building.

The merchant and Erick now appears to be in a multicolored dimensional space, the merchant sighs at Erick's unfortunate condition.

"Still out cold huh? Maybe this will help." he said as he takes out the same Eyecon from the toy packaging, the merchant then press the button of the Eyecon which makes a letter G appear on the eye's pupil before he tossed it near to Erick, the Eyecon then glow as energy particles begin to seeped out of Erick's body before the particles absorbed into the Eyecon as it suddenly floats in midair and flies towards Erick's right palm and it glows brighter. Moments later Erick's eyelids began to open up and he stood up his knees and stand up, he was utterly stunned at the whole area he's in and even more stunned upon feeling the moist blood on his clothes.

"Egh! What the!? Where am I!?" Erick said and he then caught his sight at the merchant.

"You! What did you do to me!?" Erick asked. Leaving the merchant felt slightly annoyed.

"Ugh, don't tell me you forget everything!" The merchant said "You've almost died when that maniac shot you dead on!" He said, leaving Erick's expressions of fear as he reclaims his memories of the incident.

"WHAT!? Does that mean that I died!?" Erick shouted.

"Nope! You're neither dead or alive!" The merchant answered as he walked around Erick. "But, I'm pretty sure that you won't be worried about getting hungry or thirsty again."

"WHAT!? Then that means that I'm really dead!" Erick yells as he stomps to the merchant, but not before getting whacked with a cane in the head by him.

"Now, now don't get a head of yourself. Anyways, there's a reason that yer still here." The merchant said as he glows in an orange aura before the light dissipates, revealing him in a different outfit, he's now wearing a gold cloak and wears a read shawl and a dark blue head band. Resembling the Sage in Kamen Rider Ghost.

"Hey! How did you do that!?" Erick asked, only to be hit in the head again.

"Now's not the time for that, there are more pressing matters! Do you recall to what I said about the rumors of disappearing people in conventions?" The merchant said, Erick was silent for a while before nodding his head.

"Well those rumors are true, in fact I've been investigating those rumors ever since it began! I manage to find some insight about it. But I've only been able to find so much!" The merchant said, shocking and luring Erick's curiosity.

"What have you found out so far?" Erick asked, making the merchant to give a serious facial feature.

"That those people ended up in an entirely different alternate worlds and they became the characters of the costume they wear." The merchant said, leaving Erick stunned. But turns into a more skeptical face.

"Hold on a sec, what makes you think that I'll believed in a word you say?" Erick questioned before the merchant gave a more furious face.

"If I think you wouldn't believed me then I would've left you died for real back there!" The merchant said with malice, which froze Erick temporarily.

"Anyways what really bugs me is that the missing people usually disappeared right after they met and bought something from a merchant like myself." This however make Erick though of something.

"Wait, so now I'm one of those missing peoples now!?" Erick said making the merchant nodded.

"I was able to mimic those merchants actions through eavesdropping and going undercover on them. But I only doing this because I want to know the truth, however I would need someone's help to back me up." He said before he held up a cane and pointed at Erick. "And that someone is you! You'll be the second Kamen Rider Ghost!"

Erick blinked for a while before spilling out "EEHH!!!??? You'll turn me into a Kamen Rider!?" Erick yells and the merchant nodded.

"I've pinpoint at the world where the missing people were ended up, but I don't have enough power or knowledge to go there myself. But with your help, we both could go there because you believed in your potential." The merchant said before placing his hand on Erick's left shoulder.

"Use the souls of our world's heroes to save that world's heroes. And if you ever need help, just call out my name, which is Wilton." The merchant smile, but then frown just as quick.

"But...you're aware the kind of burden that a Kamen Rider has to hold do you? You think you're up for it?" He asked, Erick takes out the badge once more and stares at it with a firm grip before looking back at the merchant and nodded.

"If those people lives are at stake, then I'm more willing to do it!" Erick answered, the merchant held up his right hand and snaps his finger, out of the bloom an orange fiery aura appeared on Erick's waist, which died down to reveal the Ghost Driver.

"Wow! Sweet!" Erick proclaims.

"I'll informed you anything that I've discovered, remember if you need any help just call out for me and I'll provided it to you." The merchant said and Erick gives a simple smile.

"Until then" The merchant held up his cane "Get a move on!" And unexpectedly, he spread his right palm and pushed Erick at the chest, which sends him screaming as he flew into an orange eye shaped portal and passed through it, leaving no trace of him as the portal closes.

"Now, time for me to do my part!" The merchant said as he vanished into thin air, leaving the multicolored space empty.