• Published 27th Jul 2017
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Trial - Even Evil Has Standards

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Winter Wrap Up: Animal Abuse

After Twilight and Applejack we're led onto the dock and free to speak, Anon proceeded.
"You both know the ins and outs of Winter Wrap Up, correct?"
"Correct." They answered.
"You both do your own thing: Applejack is in charge of the sowing of crops and Twilight is the brains behind the whole thing."
"Got that right fer me." said Applejack.
"I wasn't always the organizer." said Twilight. "But I guess it'd defeat the purpose of telling you something you already know."
"True. I do know that you were desperate to fit in, so desperate that you would break the rules."

Twilight hung her head. "It's true. I was getting so desperate that-" she trailed off, thinking it was pointless to continue.
But Anon rolled his hand. "I believe Ms. Applejack deserves to hear it from a friend."

Twilight obliged. "Every time I took part in a task, I would fail. I'm not one to take failure lightly. So the more I failed, the desperate I was. Then when I failed the crop task and Applejack yelled at me, it only reminded me of how much of a screw up I was up to that point." She sounded close to tearing up. "I began to feel like I couldn't do anything right."

Applejack's jaw fell open. She felt like she had gone a little overboard that day, but she didn't think the circumstances were THAT bad. "A'm sorry, Sugarcube. Ah was just so mad that you made that mess of all our hard work. You were just trying to find yerself a place in all that mish mash. Can ya forgive me?"
"I do." And they nuzzled.
Anon cleared his throat "No further questions for Ms. Applejack. I thought we agreed to use moments like that for interludes. But I have some for you, Ms. Sparkle."

After Applejack was seated, Anon turned to Twilight. "During your times as Celestia's student, did your studies cover dragons?"
Twilight thought for a moment then said, "Not as much as I should've."
Anon gave her a very flat stare. "You mean all those times that drakling has been your assistant, you never once considered his health?"
"Hey I did study dragons a few times to know about their health?"
"Then you know dragons are cold blooded."
"Then why did you leave him stranded on a plate of ice during Winter Wrap Up?"
"It was a joke!"
Anon held up a sign of read "a joke?" Then he walked over to Spike. "How did it feel, waking up to some bitter cold water?"
Spike shuddered. "It felt very very cold, like the inside of an ice cube. I thought I was going to die the moment I went out."
Anon turned right around and looked pointedly at Twilight who looked distraught. "Dear Celestia," she whispered. "I could've killed Spike." She buried her head, bursting into tears and muttering, "I could've killed Spike."

"Has the jury reached a verdict, Mr. Foreman?" asked Diesel.
"We find the defendant Twilight Sparkle guilty of animal abuse." He then passed the sentence to Mok who read:

"Princess Twilight Sparkle is to spend the rest of her days in her castle studying dragons and is forbidden to leave there until she knows enough so she won't potentially kill her assistant."
"Leave her on the dock," said Anon, "this next one involves her and the little dragon too."

Author's Note:

The interludes are going to be like a recess. Here Anon will ask ponies questions that aren't serious enough to warrant a conviction.

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