• Published 27th Jul 2017
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Trial - Even Evil Has Standards

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Owl's Well That Ends Well: Negligence and Incrimination

Once Spike was on the dock, Anon started. "Twilight, do you recall acquiring an owl?"
"Why yes. Owloscious is his name."
"Spike, what do you recall feeling about this... Owloscious?"
Spike hung his head and began.

"When it was just me and Twilight, it felt so good because she was always there for me and I was there for her; she'd want something and I gave it to her. Then when Owloscious came along, it felt like he was always there. When she'd want something, he gave it to her. The more that happened, the more jealous I became. Then along came the burnt book. The sole reason I never said anything about it was because Twilight is so OCD that she can't even keep calm when one measly book is misshelved and panics when ONE little part of a simple plan goes wrong. After which, I wanted to make it look like he killed a mouse. I'm sure you know the rest."

Twilight also hung her head. "The excuse of being with Owloscious because of Spike's bedtime was a pretty good excuse. Looking back, though..."

"You know Twilight," said Anon, "we think about neither the consequences of our actions nor the severity of said consequences, until we do the deed. Sometimes, they're too big to fix, mostly to the point of unfixable."

"Has the jury reached a verdict, Mr. Foreman?" asked Diesel.
"We have, your honor." said the foreman. "We find both defendants not guilty."

The convicts were shocked. Anon looked over the 2 on the dock. "Don't get your hopes up. There's still more to come."

Diesel cleared his throat. "I declare a recess for half an hour. During that time, the accused shall be free to speak. After that, the gags go back on. Court adjourned for half an hour." With that, he tooted his horn and reversed into his shed.

Author's Note:

Up next: Anon offers suggestions on how to keep a party pony from a party long enough and discusses the girls' first triple G.

A quick address:

An excuse to address issues of the show


Isn't that the point of Accusation Fics? To address issues of the show that we the viewers feel are left unresolved and act as our own canons to so that either the guilty party receives their commuppance, said issue has a better ending than the show gave it, or both?

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