• Published 27th Jul 2017
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Trial - Even Evil Has Standards

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Bridle Gossip: Breaking & Entering and Racism

"Mr. Smith!" boomed Diesel. "Bring the 3 forward!" A tall black suited man with shaded along with 2 clones, dragged the mares on to the dock. Anon walked up to them.
"What are your reactions to seeing something you don't understand?"
"Well,-" started Rose, but was cut off.
"OH THE HORROR!" shrieked Daisy and fainted.
"Guess that sums it up," grumbled Anon. "So that's it? Scream and run?"
"Well..." said Lily which was an answer of itself.
"It never occurs to you that said strange thing might be friendly, but doesn't have any friends because he/she is being shunned because he/she is different?"
Neither of them answered and hung their heads, ears drooping.
"I thought so. No further questions."
Mr. Smith and his clones dragged the mares off the dock. "I now call the Elements of Harmony to the stand."
"Bring them forward." Mr. Smith and a few more clones dragged the six to the dock (Rainbow Dash made it difficult).
"What the hay do you think you are?" demanded Rainbow. "Undo these chains so I can pummel you!"

Diesel blew his horn. "Order in the court! I have the power to have you immediately incarcerated, Dashie so sit down and shut up!" He inhaled and exhaled deeply. "Proceed."

"So you think zebras are enchantresses?"
"I use to." answered Pinkie Pie. "I even have a song about them."
"And if you sing it, I'll see to it that you're institutionalized." retorted Anon. "And what she was doing when you first saw her?"
"She was diggin' in the dirt," said Applejack.
"And wearing that horrible cloak!" shuddered Rarity.
"So what if your friends shunned you because your method of farming was different and they thought your dresses were horrid?" inquired Anon.
They started to retaliate, then changed their minds when they saw his point.
"So you chase her away into the forest where you come to an array of odd plants. And when she tells you to beware of them, what was your reaction?"
The Elements were stunned. Fluttershy just barely managed to speak. "R-Rainbow Dash f-figured she was placing a c-curse on us."

Anon turned to one of the jurors. "Oh doctor, can you call in the source?" A man in a red jacket got up and whistled. A dark purple blob came up with a crack of lightning. It began to take form filled with gears and it's green white pupiless eyes and a white mouth. "Ladies and gentlemen, mares and stallions, may I present the Time Eater! Show us the 'curse'!"
The Time Eater waved its hand a gear shaped wheel appeared. In the center of the wheel appeared the scene of Zecora "cursing" them, followed by the poisoned jokes along with Twilight literally judging a book by its cover. Then the wheel vanished. Anon stroked his chin and turned to Twilight. "Granted her help wasn't so close, but sate my curiosity. You were a unicorn at the time. Unicorns dabble in magic which involves necromancy, love potions, and yet you denounce curses which is done by unicorns?"
"Of c-!" started Twilight then froze then blushed.
"Kinda hypocritical when you think about it."

"Yes it is." replied Twilight sadly.
"Now we go to Zecora's tree where the first thing you assume is that she is committing cannibalism on little Apple Bloom and that she really is the one behind the 'curse'. While I get the fact most of the trespassing and vandalism was because Ms. Dash had upside down wings, it was no excuse for the rest of you to barge in and accuse her of 'cursing' you. What evidence did you have to back that up?"

Weren't my wings, Twilight's horn, Rarity's mane, Pinkie's tongue, Applejack's size, and Fluttershy's somewhat cool voice enough?" demanded Rainbow.
"But was only a hunch that she did it enough?"
"Hey we were seeing something we didn't understand!"
But did Zecora deserve all that?"
All six hung their heads and said in unison, "guess not."
"No further questions, Your Honor." Mr. Smith and his clones the mares off the dock.

"Foreman of the jury, have you reached a verdict?" asked Diesel.
A bald man with slits for nostrals, a white pallor, and wearing a black robe stood. "We find the defendants Roseluck, Daisy, and Lily Valley guilty of racism in the third degree. We find the defendants Twilight Sparkle, Pinkamena Diane Pie, Rarity Belle, Rainbow Dash, Fluttershy, and Applejack guilty of trespassing, breaking and entering. Here are the sentences." He produced a piece of paper and levitated to Mok.

The balliff cleared his throat and read:
"The defendants Roseluck Daisy and Lily are to wear collars that will give them a little zap whenever they have their little oh the horror moments. The collars will come off by themselves after one of two moments:
That these 3 have learned their lesson or when they haven't, the latter of which will beep, signaling that they need to be institutionalized.
Now the other 6 defendants are to stay away from Ms. Zecora for a month. They will communicate using Spike the Dragon and Apple Bloom, the only 2 to be reasonable during that fiasco."

"Proceed." said Diesel. Another man in black, this time with a hood and wrinkly face, got out of the jury box, walked up to the Flower Trio and slipped red collars on their necks.

"Now release those 3 and continue with this." ordered Diesel. Mr. Smith his clones obliged and the 3 mares trudged away.

"I now call Ms. Twilight Sparkle and Applejack to the stand." said Anon.

Author's Note:

This was done via phone and formats vary depending on what device is used.

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