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Who Am I? - Penmore

Hit by the ever colorful rainbow caused by the girls who thwarted her plans; Sunset finds herself cursed and abandoned by the pillar of friendship.

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After signing some things and confirming the hours for the job at the shop, Sunset said his goodbyes to his new boss. Things were looking up and he even talked his way into getting an advance on his pay. The good thing about that was now he had money to buy some groceries and cooking utensils since Bonnie was the one that mainly did the cooking in her apartment. The downside was that he was now in debt for the next two weeks so he couldn't just quit if he felt like it. He wouldn't quit either way it was just the feeling of having a way out that made Sunset less anxious about things.

In the search for a job he had traveled further than he realized but the Pansy was well within reach transportation wise. Which, was a good thing due not having any other form of transport besides the city bus and his legs. He could bother Bonnie for a ride but then she'd more than likely charge him for it considering her reaction to not going back to Crystal Prep.

"She'll get over it eventually. I can't just go crawling my way back just because she thinks it's a bad idea. I mean, I don't like the fact that I'm not making the most of my time to learn more but what's the point of it in the end? I'm just waiting for that stupid portal to open so I can fix the situation I'm in. Even if I have to spend time in the Canterlot dungeons for a few years it'll still be better than being stuck as a guy." he stared out the window from the backseat of the bus watching as it had started raining and the water slid down the window.

The forecast did say it would rain but the sheer amount was incredible for a world without magic or pegasi. It was always a wonder, Sunset thought, as to how reliant Equestria was on magic as a whole. So many things relied on it that it made him often wonder what would happen if it suddenly vanished. Would the ponies be half as resourceful as the humans are without such a powerful natural commodity? Unicorns relied on it for practically everything, pegasi relied on it to fly and handle the weather, even earth ponies made use of it to better cultivate the land. Would any of the three races be able to survive through such an event?

Pondering these kinds of what-if scenarios were becoming more of a thing lately for Sunset and he knew it as his head collided with the window when the bus hit a pothole. It snapped him out of the deep thought and had him actually notice his surroundings. As it were, he was so lost in thought that he'd missed his stop completely.

"Shit, there goes that money." he said stepping off the bus and heading for the stop across the street trying to dodge the rain by using his jacket. He passed by the few people still out and avoided the splashing caused by the cars. "Horsefeathers." he said halting near the stop as he spotted an unwanted sight.

Underneath the cover of the structure housing, the stop sat a familiar prismatic girl in a sky-blue hoodie. She was staring down at her phone and hadn't noticed him standing underneath some cover provided by an office building.

"Damn it, she's the last one of them I want to run into."

Sunset never wanted to see any of the girls responsible for his current situation again but Rainbow had to be the only one that he truly never wanted to be around. It wasn't because the girl was a threat. It was simply because he considered her way too much of an idiot to even bother with for anything. Out of all the girls she had to be the easiest to convince they were against her. It took less than a day and one text to have her separated from her friends for the better part of the year. While the other girls would sometimes try to patch things up she was too stubborn to even think of it.

"It sure doesn't help that she yells whenever she wants to get her point across. I've no doubt that if she notices me she'll start arguing and I sure as shit won't be able to hold back if that happens. Though, an assault charge is the last thing I want at the moment. Not when I finally found a job that's willing to look past my lack of identity."

The thought of having to listen to the teenage jock's grating voice about anything without a way to strike back was extremely unappealing. Yet, the store close to his place was going to close in two hours and he didn't want to spend more cash than necessary getting a taxi or going further into town to buy groceries. As he was contemplating possibilities the bus pulled up causing Sunset to drop everything and run. He got on through the back as Rainbow used the entrance located at the front of the bus. The fact that, as a teenager, Rainbow rarely looked away from her phone was the only thing that kept the two from a confrontation as he took a seat at the rear.

The ride was annoying, to say the least as Sunset kept having to duck away with Rainbow looking around the bus for some reason or another. It seemed like she didn't seem to know where she was going by the look on her face. It was the same look most people had when traveling somewhere new looking for some kind of landmark to recognize. As the bus pulled up to his stop it seemed luck was against Sunset even now when Rainbow stepped off.

"What the hell could she want in a place like this?" he hid in an alley before being spotted and watched the athlete walk in the opposite direction. "She's crazy if she thinks nothing is going to happen to her around here with that kind of personality. Whatever, it's go nothing to do with me."

"Can you say that one more time?" the farmer of the group said delaying her bite into an apple.

"I said that we should go and find her." Rainbow answered flailing her slice of pizza around to emphasize her seriousness.

"Rainbow, please. Some of us would like to eat without having pizza stains for once."

Rainbow sat back down and took a bite as Rarity wiped away a drop of sauce from her cheek with Fluttershy's help. The cafeteria was bustling with activity and gossip of Sunset Shimmer's transfer. The new school week started with the five girls expecting to encounter the newly male Sunset working off her failed plan of world domination by fixing the entrance. Instead, they were greeted with the sight of Vice-Principal Luna overseeing a construction crew fixing the mess.

When they pressed as to why the school didn't have Sunset helping with the work they were told it would be impractical with her new school schedule. Taking that as her being made to take several individual classes they decided to talk to her at lunch only for them to find out she had transferred schools when Rarity sent a text after asking around her usual gossip circles.

"I don't know Rainbow. Maybe it's best to just leave him alone."

"Oh, come on, Fluttershy. You can't seriously think that bitch can get away with doing all of that and not face justice."

"Rainbow! Mind your language." Rarity yelled pinching Rainbow to calm down.


"I don't know Rarity. I'm kind of with Dash on this one. I don't like the fact she simply went away without facing the consequences of her actions. I mean, she tore us apart and had the school in the palm of her hand for a long time and now she just gets to forget it ever happened?"

"Yea! I mean, look at what she did to Pinkie when she tried to help." Rainbow pointed towards the usually cheerful girl who had now lost her optimistic demeanor.

Following the events that took place at the school's infirmary Pinkie had apparently taken it upon herself to find ways to reach out the new Sunset in order to gain her trust. It wasn't until she had learned of the transfer that all her plans went down the drain. The fact that Sunset wanted nothing to do with them to the point of completely changing schools was a shock to the friend seeking girl. Being rejected by Sunset that night in the infirmary had caused her to waver slightly as she'd usually received less violent objections towards being friends. It caused her to think about much of her actions might have had something to do with her decision to leave entirely.

"No, it's fine Rainbow. It's my fault for being so annoying. I should have tried to understand that she needed space instead of trying to force anything right off the bat." The demure party girl whispered as she picked at her salad.

"It's not your fault Pinkie. It's all her fault, she deserves to be punished for everything that happened."

"Rainbow, you're scaring me. You're not going to hurt Sunset are you?" Fluttershy asked as she scooted away from her oldest friend when her voice was raised.

"Don't worry none, Fluttershy. I'm sure Rainbow didn't mean anything along those lines, right?" A.J shot Rainbow a look that told her to contain herself.

"Y-yea. Sorry, Shy. I guess I'm just frustrated she got away with it."

"Ignoring Rainbow's obvious temper tantrum."

"It's not a tantrum, Rarity!"

"Rainbow Dash, that is quite enough. Now, as I was saying, despite the lingering feelings of frustration caused by Sunset, she has indeed transferred. I asked Principal Celestia if she knew as to where the transfer was but she said that she couldn't share personal information with students."

"But what about the promise we made with Twi? She asked us to look after the no good troublemaker in case anything happened again."

"I'm afraid we'll have to forget about it for now. We can't very well keep an eye on Sunset unless we know where she went."

"I know where he lives."

All of the girls turned towards the shyest member of the group who tried to make herself as small as visually possible due to the extra attention.

"Fluttershy? How do you know where she Sunset Shimmer lives?"

"Well, I..."

"You know where she lives and you didn't tell us?" Rainbow yelled interrupting Rarity. "That's like the whole point of this conversation. Why did you keep it from us?"

"I didn't think it really mattered."

"Didn't matter?" Rainbow raised her voice once more as she walked next to the girl only to be stopped by Rarity once again.

"Stop it! You're scaring the poor girl." Rarity said holding on to Fluttershy as she shook slightly. "Fluttershy, darling, why do you know where Sunset Shimmer lives?"

"I would see him sometimes when I went around volunteering at different shelters. He would always come in and out of the same apartment building so I thought that was where he lived. I never spoke to him because I was scared of what he'd do."

"Well, if you know where he lives that solves everything just tell us."



"Alright, let's just all take a moment to relax." A.J said stepping in before Rainbow could say or do something she'd regret. "I'm sure Fluttershy has a good reason as to why she won't tell us."

"I don't think we should bother Sunset anymore. He's obviously trying to put this behind him and move on and I think we should do the same."

"Move on?" Rainbow yelled. "You make it sound like she's willing to change. You saw how she reacted to Pinkie Pie even after we beat her. She's not just going to take something like that and walk away. Just tell us where she lives already!"

"No! I'm sorry but I saw the look in his eyes that night and it wasn't one of someone seeking revenge. I'm not about to let you try and ruin whatever it is he's trying to do just because you want him to suffer. I think we've done enough already. Not only did is he here against his will but he's not even a girl anymore. None of us have any idea of what that's like at all and for all we know he could be suffering far worse than any punishment you think is worthy." Fluttershy had stared down her friend in her sudden objection as the rest of the girls watched in awe of the normally shy member of their group.

The bell resounded through the cafeteria signaling to the all the students, some of who had stopped their activities to watch the heated exchange, that class was about to start. Fluttershy fixed herself and grabbed her tray and bag leaving the rest of the girls to watch as she walked away.

"I don't think I've ever seen her that determined about anything before, not even during that time she hit Sunset." A.J grabbed her tray as well and Pinkie followed her out so they could catch their next class.

Rarity sighed and collected her things as well, leaving a stunned Rainbow behind. Rainbow sat and turned to grab her things as well feeling astounded that her friend would try so hard to protect the very person that tore them apart. It was then she noticed that Fluttershy had left her phone at her seat, she grabbed it fully intent to return it only to stop as a thought crossed her mind. Fluttershy tended to take pictures of all the animals and shelters she helped out. Being friends for so long Rainbow already knew the phones lock pattern and searched through to find the images she wanted. There were several possible locations that Sunset could be located and she was determined to see her punished for her deeds. Even if it meant making it happen herself.

She deleted the messages she sent herself with the photos and pocketed the phone. The rest of the day was spent with her paying even less attention than normal in her classes. As the final bell rang she bolted from her seat and ran towards the front of the school where the rest of the girls were already waiting. They had all agreed to meet up there ever since their friendship had renewed in order to talk and hang out even just a minute longer to make up for the lack of communication throughout Sunset's reign.

"Hey, Dash how-" A.J's question was cut short as the Rainbow rushed past her and left a phone in her hand.

"Can'ttalkIhavetogohelpmydadouttodaybeforedoinganythingelsebye." She was already halfway down the street before she yelled back. "I'll call you guys later!"

"Did any of ya'll catch what she just said?"

"She said something about helping out her dad but, she usually only does that when... Whats that in your hand Applejack?"

"Oh, it's a phone. She just shoved it my way when she went speeding by us. Is it yours?"

"Yes, I thought I lost it. Rainbow must have found it for me. But why wouldn't she give it to me in between class." She took her phone back and made a note to thank her friend next time she saw her.

It was day three of her search and she had yet to turn up anything in regards to Sunset's place of residence. The other areas that she had tried had failed to help her in the search and Rainbow was beginning to get agitated, more than usual anyways. She had two places left and they were located further into the city than she'd ever traveled. Sure, she passed the areas more than once when going on family trips but she'd never actually walked the streets themselves. Which, if she had taken the time to notice, was for good reason due to the various looks aimed her way as she walked down said streets while the rain died down.

Rainbow tried to ignore most of the guys trying to call out to her and kept walking towards her destination. It wasn't until she noticed a group following close behind her that she sped up, they kept calling to her in hopes of having her stop but she knew better. It wasn't that she was afraid of them or anything. It was simply common sense that there were too many of them even for her to handle. As she rounded a corner she saw another group stop talking and eye her much the same the one behind her had. She ducked into an alleyway and ran through it hearing the sound of several footsteps doing much the same as her.

She looked back to see some of the members of the first group coming closer and failed to notice the person coming out of one of the few stores that lined the street when she came out of the alley. The resulting crash knocked both of them to the ground.

"Watch where you're going you idiot!" Rainbow's victim yelled as she tried to get up.

"Sorry, I was tryi-"

"Rainbow Dash? What are you doing in this part of town?"

"Vice-Principal Luna?"

The older woman helped her attacker up just as the group that had been the cause of the incident came out of the alley as well. They came to a halt to catch their breath and proceeded to move forward towards the pair only to stop as the glare from Luna was far more than just threatening.

"Uh, Vice-Principal Luna?" Rainbow said slightly concerned.

Luna turned towards her immediately and took on a softer look. "Sorry, you were saying Rainbow?" she asked watching from the corner of her eye as the group walked off.

"I, uh, I'm just here to volunteer at a shelter."



"You are here to volunteer? Of your own choice?"

"Yea. Is that so hard to believe?"

Luna took a moment to stare at her which caused Rainbow to start sweating and look away.

"The truth?"

"I'm here to find out where Sunset lives."

"Why in the world are you doing something like that?"

"Well, you and the other teachers aren't any help! You guys let her off by having her transfer and no matter how many times we ask you refuse to tell us anything! You can't seriously believe she won't try anything again!"

"Calm yourself, Rainbow. I understand your confusion but that doesn't give you the right to try and take matters into your own hands. The decision to let her transfer was mine alone and I for one believe that she truly is trying to be better."

"There's no way! She's a manipulative, greedy, evil bitch! She probably used some kind of freaky magic to ma-" Rainbow stopped as the glare Luna was giving her was the same one she had done to the group from before. It seemed to tear into her very being straight into her core sending her into a state of panic.

"Rainbow, there are things one can't understand about a person unless they've been in a similar situation. To be on the outside looking in is one thing but to have some first-hand experience with the same types of problems as someone else makes it far easier to understand. I will ignore your use of language and the fact that you more than likely are here without your parents knowing. Now, you will follow me to my car so I can drive you home."


"This isn't a suggestion Miss Dash. You will be going home right now, you were lucky I found you when I did otherwise you might have had more than just the wrath of your parents to worry about."

The two walked across the street to where a jet black Porsche waited. There were several people looking at it but by the way that they acted when Luna came over it seemed to be known not to mess with the car. Rainbow got in when Luna opened the passenger door and put on the seat belt as it was closed. She let out a sigh before the owner stepped inside. The engine roared and they were soon near the edge of the neighborhood. It was then that Rainbow caught sight of a fiery head of hair coming out of a grocery store. She turned her head immediately to see Sunset Shimmer carrying several bags as he walked down the street towards the area she met Luna.

"Something wrong, Rainbow Dash?"

"Hmm? No, nothing. Why?"

"You seem to be smiling for some odd reason."

"Am I?" she touched the edges of her mouth to see it was true. "I guess I am."

Author's Note:

Another chapter out as a distraction from working on a different story. Not much else to say right now. I might write a blog later but then again I might not.

As always, thank you for taking the time to read my story. Please leave a comment or critique below as any critique helps me as a writer. A like is appreciated and have a great day!

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