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Who Am I? - Penmore

Hit by the ever colorful rainbow caused by the girls who thwarted her plans; Sunset finds herself cursed and abandoned by the pillar of friendship.

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Pansy Petals

Bonnie Daleen had lived for over 68 years in this world and had regretted only a few of the decisions she made during that time. She was born an only child with her father dying soon after her birth in a mining accident and her mother left raising her alone. Her mother would bring her along when she cleaned houses and when she was old enough left her alone at home. It taught her the value of independence and hard work since she didn't want to trouble her weary mother. She abandoned her education at the age of 12 in order to help provide an extra source of income to their household much to her mother's objections.

At the age of 23, her mother died of an illness as Bonnie had started a proper job with the skills she had gained throughout her years of hard work. Land and a small jewelry box were the only things her mother left behind. She sold the land in order to advance her education and move to the city where she focused entirely on her job and grew into an old maid of sorts until she met an older man by the name of Alistair Daleen.

It was thanks to this man that she realized that life was more than just carving out a niche for only one person. He peeled back the layers of grit that protected the small girl that was left to raise herself at an early age and helped her be the woman she was to this day. His passion for helping anyone he encountered warmed her heart and they soon found themselves married.

Unfortunately, by the time they did get married she was already past her prime to raise children. She had given up the opportunity as her stubborn attitude got in the way of finally answering the man. It was this part of her that she regretted the most in the years afterward. She had no other family as even her husband was an only child abandoned during his infancy. The feeling she recently found herself experiencing was new and it was one that had sprung up when she met a certain red and gold haired girl during the anniversary of her husband's death.

Whether it was pure coincidence or something the old man had planned even after he passed on, she didn't know. She didn't pay the girl any mind in the beginning; only taking her in due to her husband's memory. However, as time passed and she got to know the girl known as Sunset Shimmer she realized how much they had in common. She often wondered, when taking care of the girl during times she was sick or when she would come back with clear signs of fighting, if this was what having a daughter would be like.

Would she be as reckless and idiotic at times? Would she be as passionate about her goals as Sunset? Did she have a chance to be even half as intelligent as the girl? Would she, Bonnie, even be a good parental figure? These questions would pop up every now and again as time passed between the two and she witnessed Sunset go from being confused and amazed at the simplest things to cold and calculating with her plans for what turned out to be world domination.

"World domination... this coming from the same moron who wouldn't move away from the T.V for weeks once after I left it on during dinner. I guess not seeing or hearing anything like it gives her some leeway but it took me canceling my cable to get her outside."

Bonnie sat on her couch pampering her cat formally named Sir Magnifique despite being a female. A name that was given to the poor thing by her husband despite her daily and physical protests. It was already half past three and she was done with cleaning her apartment. It didn't take much as she barely had anything in it due to most of the space usually being taken up by her husband's hideous knick-knacks which were now in storage. She'd usually spend this time preparing some form of prank for her indentured Super but, it didn't feel right anymore.

There was a change in more than just Sunset's gender and Bonnie knew it after talking to the former young woman. Her... His drive appeared to have vanished and replaced with a melancholy attitude. The passion that made up most of his personality had been stamped out for pure complacency. There were times during the weekend when she thought those back only for them to peter out as quickly as they came.

"What am I going to do with that good for nothing? You wouldn't happen to know would you Maggie?" She asked the rather lazy fluff ball on her lap only to receive a purr in response. "Yea, me neither."

There was a familiar slam that echoed through the halls indicating someone was being stupid enough to try and take their frustrations out on her building. She pushed aside the mass of pampered fur and reached for her cane intent on introducing it to whomever made the poor decision to mistreat her building. Opening her door; she was met with a sight that was not completely unfamiliar.

"I thought I told you the next time you slam anything in my building you'd get a taste of what it feels like." she yelled walking towards the clearly frustrated teen cane ready.

"Not now, you crazy old bat. I'm having a bad enough day without you trying to get your daily dose of hate."

"Does it have anything to do with why you're here early?" Bonnie pushed past Sunset to open the door and took a seat on the couch.

"The Dean of that school is a bitch! She set me up to fail and then punished me for shit I didn't even start!" He threw his bag down by the door and joined the old woman as a large and fat cat walked in and tried it's best to climb onto Bonnie's lap. The sight was enough to calm the rage that had built inside him to a small extent as he helped the thing up onto the couch after closing the door.

"Oh? I was under the impression that you were going to start fresh and not be in these types of situations. How exactly did this Dean set you up?"

Sunset sighed before taking a seat next to her and grabbed Maggie. "You remember what I told you about how I got this way?"

"You said something about some horse princess and five other girls blasting you with a rainbow death ray. What about it?"

"Pony, not horse."

"Whatever just get to it already."

"Well, turns out that the school I'm enrolled in has her human counterpart."


"And the Dean learned everything about me because of the Vice-Principal at Canterlot. So, she thought it would be a good test to see if I was willing to change by sticking me with the sad sack of nerves for my time there."

"Oh... This Dean of yours sounds real stupid. Who puts the source of one's issues in immediate proximity without first easing them into it? However, that still doesn't answer why you're here early."

"Apparently, this bitch does and I'm here early because I was accused of bullying and threatening other students."

"Did you?"

"No!" A cane swung towards him and knocked him square on his head before he could avoid it. "Ow! What the fuck?"

"Don't you yell at me; I'm not the cause of all of this so there's no need to take it out on me."

"Sorry, Bonnie."

"It's fine, just go on with your story."

"Well, apparently these three girls I met didn't take kindly to me for some odd reason and made up the false charges of me bullying them. As for the threats, well, I might have done it... but it was only a small one."

"Who'd you threaten?"

"The pony princess twin they stuck me with; I told her to keep her distance or else. I wasn't really going to do anything but she was such a pushover that it apparently looked a lot worse than I intended it to be."

"So, what? Instead of taking the blame and talking about it, you storm out?"

"Well, no. I did get to explain my end of things to the Dean but I'm the only one being punished by being taken off the AP course. She wants to put me in regular classes since that'll mean a teacher would be keeping an eye on me at all times."


"That's it."

Cane met head as Sunset finished complaining and Bonnie reeled back for a second hit only for it to be taken away.

"Fuck! Stop that!"

"You deserve it. Why can't you get a hold of your anger long enough to think things through? She might have done something bad but she went pretty lenient considering what you've done before attending that school. Let me guess what happened next, you yelled at her and stormed out in a hissy fit because you felt cheated. You might have also made someone else's day extremely unpleasant considering you lash out at everything when you're in one of your moods."

"I wasn't throwing a hissy fit!"

"Shut up! Listen here Sunset, I've done a lot of things in my life that I never once second guessed myself about due to thinking it through first but you just do whatever you want at all times and look where it's got you."

"I thought things through!"

"Oh, really? Tell me, what exactly was your plan after leaving school the way you did?"

"I was thinking of just dropping out and just start working. It's not like I have to go to school or anything I'm already old enough to take care of myself."

"Is that so? What job are you even thinking of getting exactly?"

"That's easy, I was just going to work as the Super here. I already do more than enough work around and you know I'm good at it."

"Well, then I guess you're old enough to start paying rent. Seeing as you obviously don't need help from anyone, I don't have to look the other way as a perfectly good room and source of income goes to waste." Bonnie snatched her cane back and got up from the couch as Sunset tried to stop her from leaving. "I expect the rent on the first and you can forget about being the Super, I only let you do that as a way to pay me back for the room. Since you're going to be paying the rent from now on I'm going to hire someone qualified."

"You can't do that!"

"Watch me you little brat. This is what you wanted so this is how it's going to be from now on."

"I see what you're trying to do. You're trying to get me to go back, well, it's not going to work! I won't go crawling back to that bitch no matter what!" Sunset ran towards the kitchen and took out a jar from one of the cupboards. Reaching inside and taking out a wad of bills, he shoved them into Bonnie's hands. "In fact, here's the rent for the next two months Mrs. Daleen. You can expect regular payments from now on as I'll be coming into employment very soon."

"Fine, I'll take it. Don't come crying to me when you realize you're in over your head, you damn fool."

Sunset watched the woman walk out and slammed the door behind her. Her footsteps and the sound of the cane striking the floor giving him an indication that she was beyond pissed at him.

"Fuck, that was all my cash. What the fuck am I going to do now?" The realization of the situation hit as quick as the door. "I was banking on her just taking me on full time and not paying rent. Now what?"

He took out his phone and scrolled through the results for part time jobs. Minutes turned to hours and hope turned to frustration as any that were available needed prior experience or were too far and paid less than what he needed to sustain himself now that Bonnie was cracking down.

"Argh!" he threw the phone onto the couch. "Maybe I can find something if I walk around. There's bound to be something or someone out there that needs a smart, capable young wo... man... to help out. That has little to no experience other than being an improvised Super and a potential drop out." he rubbed his temples as the prospect of employment seemed that much dimmer.

"Thank you for your time."

It was day two into his job search and things were looking bleak. Everywhere that seemed to have potential asked for things that were impossible for him. A Social Security Number and valid ID were the two things that were requested the most which put a wrench in everything. Canterlot High school was extremely lenient in terms of acceptance and he never really had to worry about money as Bonnie used to give him some as part of being the Super. Now, with the way things were looking it seemed he had indeed jumped the gun once again in terms of actions.

"Maybe, I didn't really think this through at all..." he muttered walking out of the small cafe near his house.

He had walked around the neighborhood and asked for work at any of the places available only to walk out as they requested someone with more experience in the fields or wanted proper paperwork. It was nearing six in the afternoon and he'd ended up close to downtown with absolutely no prospects in his search. The streets were filled with people as most were getting off work or out of school some of which he recognized from Canterlot High. They hadn't recognized him as they passed and it helped that he wasn't wearing his usual attire and stuck with just the jeans and plain white shirt accompanied with the jacket Bonnie gave him.

He ducked into a store in order to avoid a large crowd of Canterlot students and found himself in view of a veritable jungle of flowers.

"Welcome to the Pansy Petals. Are there any flowers, in particular, you're looking for?" a woman with fuchsia hair tied in a bun asked as she put on her glasses to see her new customer. She wore a plain white apron that bore stains from the work she'd been doing and did little to hid her very attractive curves.

"Oh, uh, I'm just looking around."

"Let me know if there's anything I can help you with dear."

"Sure. Thanks."

The shop was bigger than it looked from the outside. The counter was situated at the front and there was a double door leading towards a small greenhouse to the right. Tables were lined up along the middle filled with many different kinds of individual flora and some of the most beautiful bouquets he'd ever seen. The place reminded Sunset of the Royal Garden with its abundance of meticulously maintained flowers. The slight breeze coming from the greenhouse through the open windows did more to remind him of the quiet and serene moments he'd take to study in the gardens.

"Wow." he said barely above a whisper as he stepped outside into the greenhouse to see a sight that would make even the royal gardener jealous with it's wide arrangement of flowers.

"Thank you." a voice came from his left that caused him to jump slightly and see the woman from the front. "Oh my, I'm sorry if I startled you. I was just wondering if you were thirsty." she held up a glass of water.

"Uh... yeah. Thanks for that. Why'd you say thank you?" he asked before taking a sip of the cucumber flavored water.

"No problem dear. I was just thanking you for taking a liking to my little shop. I don't get many young men that seem to appreciate the amount of work I put into this place."

"I can tell you put in a lot of work too."

"Yes, though, I do find it hard to take care of everything at times. Was there anything you're looking for dear? Or did you only come in here to avoid those kids coming down the street?"

"That obvious huh?" Sunset put the glass onto one of the small tables before walking over to the section holding some rather impressive looking Sunflowers.

"Just a bit, I noticed you steering clear of a lot of the students as you came down the street. Is something wrong?"

"No, not really. It's personal if you must know."

"It's okay, you don't have to tell me. Just let me know if there's anything I can do to help."

"Well, unless you're hiring, I don't there's anything you can do for me. Thanks, though, I'll be going now."

"Wait! Please." The woman grabbed Sunset's arm as he walked past her. "It just so happens that I am in need of a worker. I'm not exactly able to take care of everything myself now that I have the greenhouse as well as the plants inside the main part. Are you looking for part-time or full?"

"Well, I was hoping for full but part-time works just as well. It's just... I don't exactly have anything along the lines of ID and stuff."

"I see... What about school? You're obviously still a bit young so..."

"I, uh, dropped out... Look if this is going to be a problem then I'll just go look elsewhere."

"No, it's okay. You obviously have your reasons for being in the situation you're in so I won't ask if you don't feel like telling me. I'll hire you as part-time if it helps you out, someone that appreciates flowers like you can't be a bad person."

"You will?" he shouted which caused her to shrink back a bit. "Sorry, and thank you. You don't know how much this means to me."

"It's no problem dear. I just have one condition."

"Sure, what is it?"

"Please think about going back to school. I have two kids around your age and I would hate it if they dropped out and squandered their education."

Sunset hesitated as he felt his anger start to rise from being told what to do but he stuffed it down as Bonnie's reprimand echoed through his mind. "Fine. I'll think about it."

"Wonderful!" she held out her hand and they shook before heading back into the main part of the shop. "Oh! Before I forget my name is Samantha Shy. What's your name dear?"

"Pleasure, thanks for the job Mrs. Shy. Name's Sunset Shimmer"

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