• Published 1st Dec 2016
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Who Am I? - Penmore

Hit by the ever colorful rainbow caused by the girls who thwarted her plans; Sunset finds herself cursed and abandoned by the pillar of friendship.

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Facing the Consequences

There was pain; nothing but extreme pain all over from top to bottom. Searing hot and heavy pain caused by being hit with a rainbow with enough force to equal that of a tank. At least, that was what it felt like to Sunset Shimmer. As the blinding light went away the pony turned teen was forced to face the consequences of the choices that led to this point. The one resulting in being face down in a crater as she found herself being stared by the girls who were the cause of it.

The six girls stood at the top of the crater and were soon joined by other students who were curious as to what was going on. They pointed at her and were whispering to each other something. As Sunset climbed up from the crater she found it hard to contain the tears anymore as the hot liquid kept falling down her face.

"Sunset Shimmer?" called the voice of one of the girls who stopped her. It was a voice softer than the rest and knew it had to be the shy one asking.

"I'm sorry. I'm so sorry."

"Is... that really you Sunset?" the same girl asked extending a hand towards her.

"I'm sorry! I'm sorry! No more! Please!" Sunset cried out flinching back as the pain from the rainbow was still ongoing in waves. It felt as if everything she'd ever built to protect herself through her life was gone. She felt vulnerable, unsure, and worst of all weak.

The onlookers whispers once again started in a flurry and people kept pointing at her and staring. Their eyes felt like needles as each gaze seemed to be looking at something beyond her. Something hidden deep inside and beyond her reach. Panic rose in her chest and her breathing became erratic. She could hear someone somewhere calling out to her but she couldn't make it out as her heartbeat clouded all sound around her. Vision began to blur and before she could do anything else darkness took her once again.

"S--- ---." Celestia called out to get the foal's attention.

"Princess Celestia?!" S--- stepped back the presence of the alicorn.

"It's impressive for one so young to have such an enormous amount of magic. Though with that kind of power comes the threat of being unable to control it."

"I'm sorry Princess. I didn't mean to set fire to the classroom. Please don't expel me! I don't have anywhere else to go!"

"Relax, S---. I'm not going to expel any pony. I've come to see the one who had such promising potential to be my new personal student."

"Really? Wait... What? Why me?"

The alicorn stepped forward once more as the foal seemed to relax just a tiny bit. "I've known many a pony who've let their fears take hold of them which caused them to lose control of such power. They've destroyed themselves and caused much harm to others but with you I sense something completely different. Something unique; I wish to see where such a gift will take you in the future. What better way than to be the one teaching you to control such a gift?"

Soft clouds, that's what it felt like she was surrounded by as Sunset started to regain consciousness. Everything was a blur as she remembered the dream vividly. It was the day Celestia took her as a student and it was one of the best days of her life. Yet, the dream itself felt wrong. It felt as if there was something within it missing; a vital piece that screamed at her each time she remembered it.

"Glad to see you're awake." A voice said from beyond her blurred vision.

Rubbing the drowsiness and make up from her eyes she found herself in the nurse's office laying on one of the beds. She'd never really been sent to the place so she'd found it surprising that the beds were more comfortable than what she was used to at her abode. She looked around as the curtain blocking light into the small space the bed was located was pulled back.

"You?" Sunset croaked in a sore voice as the other pony turned teen came into view.

Twilight sat down on the stool by the bed and waited patiently for Sunset to prop herself up.

"Shouldn't you be at the dance gloating about your victory?"

"There are more important things right now. I think you should-"

"Stop. I don't want to hear it. I know I lost and they've seen who I truly am inside. I may not have been the easiest person to deal with and I know I've been downright malicious to a lot of them but, I've never dreamed that the element would turn me into a demon." She looked away as tears started to form once more. She wiped them before turning back as to not give the other girl the satisfaction of seeing her so pathetic.

"Yes, that was really unexpected from both our perspectives but it's not what I was going to say."

"I'm not going back."


"I'm not going back to Equestria. I'm not an idiot; I know where the portal comes out. I know that you being here means she's there waiting for you. I'm not giving that nag the satisfaction of being right about me. I'm not letting her know she's won."

"Sunset... There's not much time left before the portal closes for another cycle of the moons. I think it'd be best for you to come back with me and face whatever it is she says."

"What the fuck do you know about what's best for me?!" a pillow flew through the air as Twilight ducked out of it's path. "You think that, just because you're the one who got everything in the end, means you know what's better for me?! You're just like her! You don't give a shit about what I want as long as it goes with your plans. Well, fuck you and her!"

"Please, Sunset! I just want to help you!"

"You want to help me?! Then leave me alone! Get out of my life! I don't need anything from the one she choose as her favorite! I don't need anyone!" Sunset watched as the girl stood and walked away only to stop by the door.

"The portal will close in half an hour. I beg you to reconsider coming with me. Not for me or for her but for yourself." She disappeared just before another pillow was thrown.

Sunset laid back on the bed trying to calm down from her rage only to find herself crying once more. The reality of everything that had happened hit her all at once. The students knowing she was a monster. Losing everything she had worked for in the time she arrived. The thought of coming back each and every day to face the looks and whispers of the other students dug into her mind. The sting of guilt fresh in her heart for everything she'd done. It wasn't enough that the light caused her seemingly unending pain. It had to make her even more receptive to her emotions.

"I can't do this anymore. I just can't deal with this, day after day after day." She covered her eyes with her arm as more tears streamed down. "I just want to go home."

"Sunset?" came a soft voice from the doorway.

The girl in question wiped the remaining tears away in hopes of hiding what she'd been doing only to forget that her eyes were already red.

"Who's there?!"

A pink haired girl stepped in meekly with her head down trying to make herself seem as small as possible. "I wanted to see if you were okay."


"Eeep!" the shriek was loud compared to what she said before it as she tried to hide behind a small chair.

"It's fine." Sunset sighed trying to keep herself calm. "I just didn't hear what you said. What do you want? Buttershy, right?"

"It's um.. Fluttershy." the meek girl said as she came from behind the chair. "I wanted to see how you were doing. Everyone was worried when you collapsed outside and it seemed like you were in such pain."

"You did that. You and the rest of those girls."

"I'm sorry. I just... it all just happened so fast."

"It's fine. I deserved it." Sunset started to get up from the bed causing Fluttershy to back away slightly. "Was everyone really worried?"

"Well, maybe not everyone but I know I was."


"Because of how you looked when you came out of that hole."


Fluttershy reached for a mirror that was sitting at the nurse's desk and handed it to Sunset who looked at it questioningly. She held it in front of her only to see her image and froze. Her hand was touching everywhere to make sure what she saw was real and when it was confirmed the mirror dropped shattering on the floor as she ran out the room.

She ran past some of the students who were still in the hall ignoring their yells. Past the Vice-Principal who screamed not to run in the halls and through the hole in the front of the school to see a purple leg disappear into the statue surrounded by the other culprits of her situation.

"Wait! Don't go!" She screamed trying to reach the portal only to witness the pink curled girl crash into it as she tried to go through it. "Wait... please...." she whispered as her body felt weak once more and she fell to her knees once again.

"Sunset! Are you alright?" Fluttershy said coming from behind her and causing the other girls to look her direction.

"No... no, no, no, no, no!" Sunset started to slam her fists into the ground causing blood to splatter about as the concrete ripped cuts into them. "I'm not alright! How can I be?! Look at me!"

Fluttershy stepped back as Rainbow and A.J grabbed the hysteric young man. They were struggling in the beginning only for Sunset to finally resign herself to the hand she was dealt. The blast did more than just tear away at her walls; it left her cursed with another body.

Sunset found herself in the nurse's office and staring at the ceiling once again. The girls in the room were silent and cautious as they thought even one word would set the new Sunset off in another rampage. They all jumped slightly as the former tyrant let out a deep sigh.

"What do you guys want? Why are you here?"

"We're just worried about you darling." chimed the one she knew as Rarity.

"I'm not! I say we should have just left her alone!"

"Shut up, Rainbow. You heard what Twilight said and you've already agreed."

"What did she say to you?" Sunset asked the farmer.

"She asked us to take care of you since you didn't want to return. I'm not exactly sure what she meant by it and I don't know how we can do anything about your current situation but the least we can do is try to help you cope with it."

"I don't need your help."

"Awww, come on Sunny. It's not every day you get to experience what it's like to be the opposite sex."

"I don't know who you are-"

"Oh! My names Pinkie Pie!"

"Shut up! I don't care who the fuck you are! Get out of my face!" She pushed Pinkie out of her face and sent the girl tumbling back.

Rainbow caught her before she could hit her head and glared at Sunset. She was stopped as Fluttershy stepped forward and slapped Sunset. The rest of the girls stood in silent shock as their usually shy friend confronted the former female.

"She was just trying to help. You have no right to lash out like that regardless of how you feel towards someone who's trying to help you through this!"

"Just... just go away." Sunset rubbed her cheek before turning over and covering herself with the blankets. She could hear footsteps signaling the meddlers leaving her alone. She laid there in silence unable to accurately grasp what to do about her situation, if there was even anything she could do about it.

Besides her very obvious lack of certain assets she had previously gotten used to, she now noticed she was slightly taller as her feet could easily stretch to the end of the bed. Her hair had stayed the same length but she that was nothing to be surprised about as gender spells usually did as much. She also noticed for the first time that the clothes she wore were a lot tighter than they had been.

New clothes, new documents, and quite possibly a new school were the last things she wanted to think about with her current financial situation. Yet, here she... he was faced with the reality of being a guy for an unforeseeable amount of time. Whether the magic would wear off or stay he had no clue. The only sign of hope would be if the portal would somehow open sooner than scheduled and he could sneak back to undo this curse.

"Celestia damn it."

"The principal?"

Sunset sprang up and looked around to find Fluttershy had stayed where the rest had left her alone to wallow.

"Wha... why are you still here?"

"I actually left but I came back because I wanted to apologize for hitting you. I"m sorry."

"I..." Sunset took a moment to look at the girl. She remembered Fluttershy as the one asking for volunteers at an animal shelter each Friday. How she would seem to hide away whenever Sunset approached or cower beyond the point of fear whenever she was bullied. She had been an easy target since everyone knew the girl feared a lot of things. It was easy to get a cheap thrill of domination whenever Fluttershy was around.

Yet, at the same time, whenever Sunset walked away from one of her routine bullying attempts she would stick around long enough to see the girl carry on with what she was doing albeit crying at the same time. It was wonder that no matter how much teasing or how many threats were slung her way she would take it and continue caring about more than just herself.

The gesture alone made Sunset rethink of a small part of himself whenever he bullied the girl. So much so that whenever there was fund raiser for the shelter in question he'd help out in secret; even if it was just standing on the path leading away from the fund raiser. It at least made people go towards the direction of the booth which caused them to either donate or think about it.

"I deserved it. I wasn't thinking clearly due to everything that's been going on."

"We really do want to help you know."

"Your friend Rainbow didn't seem to like the idea much and I don't want help from people that are only doing it out of a obligation to that bitch of a princess."

Fluttershy looked away for a moment but the fire in her eyes seemed to carry on. "I know that Twilight asked us look out for you but that doesn't mean you should reject the help. This can't be a good thing you're going through right now and pushing people away that are offering help will only lead to you falling into a bad place."

"It's fine. I don't plan on sticking around here that long anyways."

"Wh-what do you mean?"

Sunset was about to speak about his plans to change identities but held back as it would only complicate matters if these girls came looking for her. He wanted to live through this until the portal opened without anything else happening and having them trying to befriend him would just be a headache in and of itself.

"Nothing. Don't worry about it." He said getting up from the bed once more and heading out the door. "Thanks, you know, for trying at least."

Fluttershy sat silently as Sunset left the room and continued down the empty hallways. He walked by the equally empty classrooms and the gym that was being cleaned by the party committee. Stopping only to stand in front of the only other lit room in the building to take a deep breath before opening it.

"Sunset Shimmer? I would have thought my sister would be lecturing you by now." Vice-Principal Luna said looking up from her desk.

"She probably would if I ran into her but I don't want to see her. Not if I can help it at least."

"Well, are you here for your punishment then? I've just finished writing the detention up for you and your two partners in cri-"

"It was all me so just give it all to me if you can. I basically threatened them into it."

"I.. I see. Very well, but I take it that you aren't really here for such things. Does it have anything to do with your... current situation?"

"You could say that." He took a seat but not before checking the hallway for anyone around and closing the door. "I want to transfer to another school."

"Wha- are you trying to run away from your consequences?! Do you think that I'd let you off scot-free after destroying the school the way you did?!"

"No, I plan to pay for it if that's what it takes. I just don't want to be a student here anymore. I can't live with the stares and whispers." He clutched his arms before looking away towards the window. "I can't take going through something like this along with what they have ready."

Luna sat down as her outburst had prompted her to abruptly stand. She took a long look at the school's most known troublemaker and seemed lost in thought about something. Moving the computer's mouse and typing some stuff out; Sunset heard the printer coming to life and several sheets pouring out.

"Give these to your guardians to sign. I'll take care of the rest and my sister."

"I don't have any. Is it fine If I do it myself?"

"You don't have any? How? Never mind, the less I know the better it seems. I don't like the fact you're not willing to face the consequences of your actions so I'll be giving you my number and I want you to call every other week. I expect you to uphold your promise of paying for the damages at least."

"That's fair." The papers were left on Luna's desk as Sunset grabbed the paper the Vice-Principal wrote her number on. "I'll be leaving now; anything I should know about the place?"

"There's a uniform so go buy two or three sets by Monday. I'll be contacting the Dean about your transfer so she'll be expecting you in her office first thing in the morning."

"Alright. I'll call later to check on the price for the entrance."

"Sunset, I may not know what's going through your mind during this time of confusion but I want you to know that you can call for more than just that. You were the worst kind of student in terms of attitude and mischief but you are also the only student to keep such a high grade point average in years despite having such a disadvantage in the beginning. My hope is that you take this opportunity to focus on that instead of your usual hobbies of blackmail and threats."

"Don't worry." he said walking to the door. "I've pretty much lost all motivation for it now that I've got other things to worry about. Goodbye, Vice-Principal Luna."

"Goodbye, Sunset Shimmer."

Author's Note:

I realize adding another story to my ever growing collection is an extremely bad idea right now but I have a very good reason. I'll probably put up a blog about it later. So check it if you really want to know.

As always, thank you for taking the time to read my story. Please leave a comment or critique below as any critique will help me grow as a writer. Have a great day!