• Published 1st Dec 2016
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Who Am I? - Penmore

Hit by the ever colorful rainbow caused by the girls who thwarted her plans; Sunset finds herself cursed and abandoned by the pillar of friendship.

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First Meetings

Arriving in a new world with strange creatures was enough to send even the then female Sunset spiraling into a fit of panic. A new, strange body coupled with being surrounded by unfamiliar creatures and sights sent her even further into a daze. It wasn't until she found herself huddled in some alley that calming down seemed like a good idea. That night was cold and unforgiving as she walked through the streets trying to get a handle of her new appendages.

She had wandered through the city and into this part of the neighborhood only to find herself surrounded by a group trying to rob her. It amounted to nothing as she had run into a relatively well maintained building only to encounter an old lady walking down the stairs.

"What's going here?" the old woman said coming close to Sunset.

"Nothing. Mind your own bus- Ow!"

"That's no way to talk to your elders young lady."

Sunset rubbed her head as the hit from the woman's cane had hit a rather soft spot. She scowled at the woman only to receive another hit.

"Stop that!"

"Then stop scowling. Keep making those kinds of faces and you'll end up being stuck with them. Now, tell me what you're doing here and why you're so dirty." she pointed at the stains on the girl's clothes.

"Some idiots tried to mug so I ran in here to lose them. As for the clothes, well, I was taking a break in an alley. Don't worry I'll be out of here in a bit since they don't seem to have found me."

"Why were you in an alley?"

"Now it's really none of your business."

"Very well, come along then. We need to clean you up."

"I'm not going anywhere with you lady."

"Then I guess I should be calling the cops to let them know some foul mouthed girl is causing trouble in my building."

"You wouldn't."

"Try me kid. I'm old, cranky, and stubborn. I'd like to see you try your best against me."

"You're a hateful old nag aren't you?"

"That's a new one. Now, come along and lose the attitude if you don't want to get to know my cane better."

Time seemed hazy as Sunset was forced to comply with the woman's demands. She didn't exactly have much say in things as she was put to work. Most of the tasks were just simple maintenance that even in her current form she could do easily. It also helped that the woman fed her when she got hungry and not having a proper meal in a while had made it hard to refuse.

As the day came to a close the codger brought her to a room full of junk and was made to clean it out. It was clearly past midnight by the time they'd finished cleaning and the room was left spotless and devoid of anything save for a couch, small table, and two chairs.

"Finally, you're lucky I'm getting food out of this or I'd have sneaked away a long time ago you crazy old bat."

"Yea, yea. Shut up and eat you ungrateful little idiot." she replied from the kitchen.

Dinner was mostly silent as the two could barely talk to each other without having an insult every thrown into the sentence. As the Sunset finished washing the dishes she stepped started to go outside only to trip on the old woman's cane. She stopped herself from falling face first by grabbing hold of the wall and turned to demand an answer from her assailant.

"What the fuck you nag?!"

"Shut it. Who said you were done?"

"I did. It's already past midnight and you still want me to slave away for you? At this point I'd rather face the cops."

"Don't tempt me you little urchin."

"I am not an urch-"

"I said to shut it." the woman hit Sunset with her cane once more. "Follow me."

The angry pony did so but not without complaining. They stopped at a door at the end of the hallway passing by another one of the residents of the apartment. He handed an envelope to the lady and nodded towards Sunset. With a whisper and another nod he left to head downstairs.

"Wait here."

Sunset was left outside as she heard rustling around in the room. She took the time to look around to find a door nearby slightly cracked open only to close as she saw a pair of eyes disappear. Before she could wonder whether or not someone was spying the old woman came out with a pillow and blankets and shoved in her arms.


"Hay is for horses. Here take this as well." A key was placed on top of the pillow before Sunset could offer a rebuttal.

"Wha- what are you doing you nag? What do want from me?"

"Take the room. I knew from how you looked downstairs that you have nowhere to go. I don't know what happened and I don't really care right now if you want to tell me or not."

"Then wh-"

"What I do know is, if I turned you away I'd be making a mockery of my husband's memory. He'd always be bringing in strays and giving them a home no matter the circumstances. They've come and gone but he never gave up on trying to help them live a better life."


"Don't misunderstand, I'm not as carefree as him. The room isn't free so I'll have you work about the building like you did today. I also want you to come check with me in case there's more work. Now, good night-"

"Sunset. Sunset Shimmer."

"Bonnie. Bonnie Daleen. Now go get some sleep, I got a lot of work for you in the morning. Oh, and try not to make a mess."

"Right... Uh, listen I-" Sunset was cut off as the Bonnie closed the door once more leaving her outside. "Freaking nag."

"I heard that!"

Sunset walked away in a hurry before a cane could pop out and hit her. She opened the room they were in previously which was in the center of the hallway. Throwing the blankets and pillow on the couch she saw something sticking out from between the sheets. She took it out to find the envelope from before which contained a fair bit of money.

"Thanks, but you're still a nag."

The memory was quickly recalled through a dream which led to him waking up only to find himself tied up on the couch he had slept on the previous night. There was gag preventing him from speaking and as he turned to face away from the ceiling finding that same nag sitting down in front of him with a shotgun by her side. He started to panic and struggle free before a cane to hit him squarely in the gut.

"Shut up! I'll take off the gag and I expect you to answer truthfully. What have you done with Sunset?" she pulled the gag off as the young man tried to sit up.

"You fucking nag. What the hell did you tie me up for?!"

"I come in to set up a prank for the girl that lives in this room and I find a strange young man not only sleeping on her couch but with her clothes on. I may be going senile but that there just screams pervert. So, I'll give you one more chance." She grabbed the gun and pointed pointed it towards said pervert.

"Wha- wait."

"What did you do to Sunset? Why are you in her room and why in the name of decency are you wearing her clothes you fucking pervert?!"

"It's me, I'm Sunset! Point that thing the other way you crazy bitch!"

"Wrong answer!"

"Wait! I can prove it! I know that when you took me in you left an envelope between the sheets. I went to give it back but you said it was for the work I'd be doing around the building."

"I'll give you points for knowing that but the Sunset I know is a girl and you clearly are just a pervert."

"I gave you a brochure for a retirement home for your birthday as joke! You thanked me by trying to give me a lesson on how to hobble someone!"

"Well, I'll be damned." Bonnie lowered the gun and stared for a minute only to start laughing. "I... I... Whew, I can't believe you had a sex change and didn't even bother to tell me. I always knew there was something wrong with you and this was it huh?"

"Fuck off, you nag... I mean, can you please let me go now?"

"Good answer." Bonnie lowered the shotgun once again and untied Sunset who grabbed the shotgun only to find it made of wood.

"What the fuck?"

"You like it? My husband made it as a side project to use in case of potential muggers. Even makes a the same sounds due to mechanisms he put inside." Bonnie laughed once more and laid back on the couch as Sunset threw the thing on the table.

"I hate you so much."

"Yea, yea. So care to explain what's going on?"

Sunset gave a heavy sigh and joined her on the couch. "I don't even know where to start."

"Well start somewhere dummy. I'm old so who knows how much time I got left in me."

"Bullshit. I bet you could live on the hate you get from me alone for another fifty years."

"Yea, probably."

The pair laughed once more and Sunset started to feel relaxed considering the events leading to his point. He told Bonnie everything from the very beginning. From the time his time as a mare and his arrival to this world. About the school and the things that he did to the students and teachers. The incident with the crown and the six girls, along with what happened to make him... him.

Bonnie kept silent the whole time only asking a question or two about her childhood. As the recounting of the events ended the silence grew between them. Sunset sat there anxious as to how the old woman would react. It wasn't every day he talked to someone about his life. Let alone his time in Equestria and how he came to be a human.

"Okay. I'll give you some of my husband's old clothes. Go buy some new ones today and take some time off from fixing things around the place."

"Wait. That's it? After everything I just told you that's all you have to say?"

"Sunset, in the time we've gotten to know each other I'm proud to say that I know whether or not you're lying. Whether or not I believe this whole thing of magic and talking horses; I would be lying if I said I didn't think you crazy. But, when I look at you now and back to all those times you were sick. I know that you're far from being crazy. You talk in your sleep stupid. I've always wondered who Celestia was and what she did to you to end up the way you are, now I at least have an answer for it."


"Don't, we're not good with this mushy shit. Just do what I told you and let me process the rest of this for now." Getting up and walking towards the door, she picked up the wooden toy. "Gotta admit though, with the way you're dressed right now; you make a shit crossdresser."

"Fuck you too Bonnie." he sighed.

"That's the Sunny I know." She disappeared beyond the door and the room was silent once again.

With everything that has been going on in his life as of late it was nice to know that some things would stay the same. It was also pretty nice to know that Bonnie accepted him explanation for the most part about what happened and didn't throw him out. Having to look for a new place to stay would be enough to lead even him to thinking of things better left unsaid.

It wasn't long after having showered and cleaned up that Bonnie came to drop off some clothes. It was a three pairs of jeans and some plain white shirts that she gave him along with a rather pristine vintage brown leather jacket.

"Isn't this..."

"Yea, dumb bastard always took care of it more than himself. He wore it during our first date and every time we went out somewhere for a date on that same day."

"Are you sure you want me to have it?"

"Yea, he'd be happy to know someone is getting to use it at least and you're just around his size."

"I'll put it to good use. I can't really wear mine since the size is so different. I'll probably just store it somewhere for now."

As he came out of the bathroom changed and ready he put the jacket on and smiled at the size being just enough to have room even when zipped.

"How do I look?"

"Stupid. Then again you looked that way when you were a girl too so not much has changed."

"Why do I even bother?" he shook his head trying to rub the irritation from behind his eyes.

"Good question. Here." Bonnie handed over an envelope which Sunset already knew the contents of but opened it to be sure.

"An advance?"

"You always did learn quickly. Now, get going and buy your clothes and uniform. The sooner you're all settled the sooner you get to work."

"You're such a generous soul Bonnie."

"And you're a horrible crossdressing brat. Get moving."

They left the room and parted their respective ways. Sunset stood at the bus stop for only a few minutes before it arrived and got a handful of stares from the few passengers already inside. The ride was uneventful other than a handful of stares and whispers from some of the locals. It made him uncomfortable but it was easier to deal with now wearing men's clothing than when he still had his other outfit.

The mall came up and Sunset stepped off the bus just as he heard a familiar voice in the distance. Looking around he spotted Rarity and Fluttershy together off in the distance. They hadn't seen him or they just weren't used to being on the lookout for him as a male instead of the usual Sunset.

"Great, just when I thought I'd at least never have to deal with those idiots again. Better just keep an eye out for the other ones just in case."

He stepped into a crowd of people passing by and slipped past the two girls unnoticed. Once in the mall itself he headed to one of the many clothing stores inside the bustling building. The shop for uniforms was easy enough to find as it was on the first floor, however, it was also near the entrance which meant he'd have to keep an eye out in case the two girls passed by and caught sight of him.

"May I help you?" asked a fairly older and attractive woman with blue curls.

"Yea, can you point me to the uniforms for Crystal Prep?"

"Follow me."

Sunset was led towards the back where a display for school uniforms was spread out across the wall. It ranged from the summer to the winter sets and the gym clothing as well. He took a look at the prices for them and felt his wallet already start to bleed money.

"Is there any chance of a sale going on?"

"No, sorry dear but this is it. Crystal prep is known not to have anything done cheap. Between you and me, most of their students are stuck up brats."

"I'm going to be student there you know. Are you sure you should be saying that to a customer?"

"Sweetie, you might be going there but the way you handle yourself is a far cry from how they act. Trust me when I say that if it wasn't for the fact they left as quick as they came I'd probably be fired for assault."

"Fuck. I think I might have made a mistake if that's true. I'm trying to stay out of trouble, not be tested on my anger issues."

"Tell you what, I'll give you discount on the stuff because you're a breath of fresh air that place might need."

"Thanks, but what's the catch?"

"The catch is coming back and letting me know if you've knocked any of those insufferable brats out."


The two shook and shared a laugh as they gathered the uniforms and proceeded to the check out. It was surprising how friendly the woman seemed despite being older. Then again it wasn't much of a change from encountering some ponies his age back in Equestria. It remained a mystery as to why the portal seemed to spit him out younger than he really was. Where, back home, he'd be in his late twenties and free to do much of what he enjoyed. Here he found himself in his teens with all of it's wondrous restrictions.

"Take care now. Be sure to drop by to let me know what happens."

"You bet. I'm looking forward to getting to know the sap who tries anything first."

The rest of his time in the mall was spent relatively carefree as he only saw the girls once more while passing the food court. He had to sit down and put the bags with the uniforms on the table to hid his face as they walked by and was left alone once he saw them heading towards the direction of the theater. The uniforms, even with the discount, proved to still be where the majority of his funds were spent as he only had enough to buy three more pairs of pants, one pair of shorts, and some plain shirts on sale. All in all it was a peaceful day with no unfavorable events, like running into two of the six girls he regarded as the source of his current situation.

"I think from now on I'll just stick to the mom and pop shops instead of coming around here. There's bound to be less of a chance of running into any of them if I do."

He took out of the uniform shirts only to groan at the sheer tacky design. It was no small wonder that Luna had been able to make the transfer go through as the school was known to accept only the best and brightest and Sunset was certainly all that and more. It was, however, strange that it would be accepted so readily, instead of having it take a week or month, it would only take the weekend.

"There's gotta be something she didn't tell me." He tried to figure out what it was that made the transfer go smoothly but came up short in the end. "Whatever, I'll figure it when I actually get to the damn place. At the very least it's far away from those six... five idiots."

The weekend passed with him taking care of the problems that popped up around the apartment and having to "meet the residents for the first time" once again. While it was a bit tedious but it at least let them know he wasn't a stranger and that news would spread outside in the neighborhood so he wouldn't be viewed as much of a target.

The morning of the first day Sunset had put on the uniform along with the blazer and as much an idiot as he figured he looked. Uniforms were always something he hated even back in Equestria. It gave no sense of individuality and forced him to comply with whatever "rules" came with them. At the very least he'd read the rules online and found that his hair didn't have to be cut as much as he thought. Bonnie did the deed free of charge as the long locks were cut just past his shoulders. He tied the rest in a ponytail and was satisfied with the look regardless of the clothing.

"My little Sunny is all grown up into big strong man now. I'm so proud of you." Bonnie said as she stopped short of the academy's entrance wiping a non-existant tear away.

"You just never stop do you? Thanks for the ride you crazy old bat. I'll be taking the bus back and after today. I just need to meet the Dean and see about my schedule."

"I'll stop when I'm dead. Which, if what you said about me living off hate is true, will be never." she laughed as Sunset rolled his eyes and drove away before he could say anything else.

The hall was empty and bigger than Canterlot's by far. Everything seemed to fit the whole crystal theme and it was slightly annoying. They either used an impressive amount of cash on real crystal or did everything possible to make it look real. The classrooms were bigger and there were signs showing which floor held what. The school certainly didn't spare any expense when it came to it's facilities.

"Maybe it won't be so bad after all. I could certainly be in a far worse place than this." he stopped in front of a door that read Dean and knocked.

"Come in." answered a soft voice from inside.

The door opened and a candy colored beauty sat inside behind her desk. It was a bit unnerving to say the least as a wave of unwanted nostalgia overcame him.

"You must be Sunset Shimmer. I received all the paperwork from Vice-Principal Luna and I must say that I'm very impressed with your accomplishments." she said looking over his student file.

"Thanks, I gu-"

"She also told me as to why your file speaks of a girl instead of the young man in front me. It was a little hard to believe but with the videos from the school surveillance backing her I'm finding it hard to disbelieve."


"I want you to know that I'll be checking up on you on a regular basis due to your... rather questionable actions during your time in Canterlot High. I also want you to know that the tuition for this academy is being covered by a scholarship for bright young minds. Which means, that the moment you fall below anything less than a 4.0 you'll be forced to pay everything yourself or withdraw."

"I was wondering how I was able to get in to fancy school like this so easily"

"You might also want to thank Luna. I was on the fence about letting you into the academy but she made a sound argument in your place. If she did so much just to give you a second chance then I suggest you don't take it for granted." She held out a sheet of paper with a small key attached and pointed to a stack of books resting on a chair to the side.

"This is your class schedule and locker key. The books there are for your lessons so be sure to look at the schedule to know which to keep at what times."

It was simple enough to understand. The classes here seemed a bit longer than the ones in Canterlot according to the times but there was something else he noticed as he looked at the paper.

"Are all these AP classes?"

"Yes, with your grades you qualify for all of them and just because Auntie Luna is asking to make an exception for you doesn't mean I'm going to give you an easy time."

"Auntie Luna?"

"She's a close friend of my mother so I consider her my aunt."

"So she asked you to keep on eye on me in her place huh? Figures I wouldn't be free of her otherwise. What's this last thing on the list? All it says is lab."

"That, is a free period so to speak. Students with grades like you have the privilege of using any of our facilities to further their studies. You can either use that time doing so or ignore it. Now, since you are new to the school I've taken the liberty to assign you guide. You'll be happy to know she has all the same classes so you'll be seeing her a lot. Any questions?"

"No, I'm good. I guess I really can't expect much of anything else. I'm at least glad I'll have a lot of things to occupy my time. So who's the nerd you're sticking me with?"

A knock came from behind Sunset as the Dean answered.

"You wanted to see me Dean Cadance?" an oddly familiar and sickening voice spoke up causing him to turn immediately.

"Yes, come in. Sunset Shimmer, this is Twilight Sparkle. She'll be your guide for the remainder of your time at Crystal Prep. I do hope you get along."

A slam came as Sunset stepped up to the desk in a fit of anger. "You've got to be fucking kidding me! You said she told you everything! Are you trying to make me fail by sticking me with her?!"

"I'm sorry?" Twilight said taking a step back from the sudden outburst.

"Mr. Shimmer! I am in no ways joking about such a matter. I know the circumstances aren't exactly ideal for you but this is something that I've discussed in length with your former Vice-Principal. So I suggest you get used to it as one more outburst such as this and I'll have to reconsider whether you truly are Crystal Prep material."

Twilight stood by as the two were locked in trying to stare each other down. Neither of them seemed to let up until the young turned in a huff and gathered his belongings. He started to walk out only to be blocked by having Twilight between him and the door.

"H-hi, I'm Tw-"

"A pain in the ass. I suggest you move before I get in an even fouler mood than I am now."

The possibility of what could happen made the bespectacled girl immediately move as Sunset pushed past her and out the room. Twilight took a moment to look towards the Dean who had sat stoically through it all.

"Follow him Twilight. If he causes you any real trouble be sure to let me know."

"Do I have to do this? He doesn't seem to like me much and I'm not really cut out for things such as this."

"You have to interact with the students somehow Twilight. I don't want you cooped up in that lab of yours forever. It's either this or I talk to your parents about that explosion you caused a week ago."

"No! I mean, uh, it's fine. Really, maybe... maybe it won't be so bad?"

"Hurry up four-eyes! I ain't got all day!" Sunset's voice echoed from the hallway.

"Or maybe it'll just be as traumatizing as the time Shining tried to teach me how to play football."

"Try not to kill each other, okay?" a soft smile crossed Cadance's face as the teen looked at her with hesitation.

"Fine." she pouted.

Cadance watched the frail girl leave and heard running as she tried to catch up to her charge. In retrospect the plan was not the best but, with everything she learned about Sunset and that night, Luna had insisted she have someone keep tabs on the young man. It didn't really have to be Twilight but it gave her the opportunity to interact with someone close to her age instead of be buried in her books and hidden away.

She also thought it'd be a chance for a form of rehabilitation. If Sunset truly wanted to change or had no ambition to do anything like he used to do. Then sticking him with the very doppelganger of the one responsible for this forced situation would certainly be a test if he had it in him.

"I just truly hope he doesn't do anything to hurt her. Of course, if it does come to that then he'll be wishing he stayed in that place with talking pastel horses." she rubbed her temples as she sighed. "Be careful, Ladybug."