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Friendship Games: Friendship Makes Magic - ImNoPony

The great epic showdown set in an alternate continuity where human Twilight must face her old school and her old "friends" and Sunset will have to face herself.

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Chapter 7- Friendship Round II

Through out the school, the commotion from the Friendship Games were in full swing and Crystal Prep were finding stuff to talk about. Pieces of art cover the walls and they were so good that students were left guessing who made them. Several free-food stands scattered about and any student who ate them instantly fall in love with the food. Apparently, Pinkie Pie baked so much food during the baking challenge that the food that they were eating now are the leftovers that was preserved.

Even unused classrooms were not safe for some of the students. In a disserted classroom fairly away from the other students, Twilight and Moondancer had just entered it. They were separated from the Sunset's but they were in one of the neighbouring rooms and having their own conversation.

Once they know that the room was secured and nobody else would notice them there, Moondancer angrily asks: "So Here We Are Twilight! Alone Together Within This Room! Now What Do You Want To Talk About!?"

Twilight took a deep breath. She knows that this is going to be difficult to talk about, especially when Moondancer is this angry at her. However, she has courage and have faith that Moondancer will understand her in the end.

"Remember last week when you ask me what is going on at Canterlot High but I refused to say anything?"


"Well... I thought long and hard about it and... I decided that I'm gunna tell you."

"Really?" Moondancer replied, sceptical and disbelieving towards."

"YES Moondancer! I really want to tell you!" Twilight loudly states. "The reason that I didn't tell you before is that it's so hard and complicated to talk about that I needed time to really explain it to you. That... and that principals made us swear to keep it under wraps until the Friendship Games are over."

Moondancer was still sceptical about Twilight trying to be honest and she didn't know what to think about her excuse of not telling her. The fact that the principals told her to keep quiet sounds believable, but she can't imagine anything that would be "hard and complicated to talk about". However Moondancer could see Twilight's sad and sincere face and she felt compelled to give her a second chance.

"Ok Twilight, so what do you want to tell me?"

"Great!" Twilight happily proclaimed. But before she tells her, Twilight quickly says to Moondancer: "But first you must understand that what I'm about to tell you is really, really unbelievable."

"Yeah whatever Twili-"

"NO! NOT WHATEVER!" yelled Twilight as she take hold of Moondancer. "What this is So Un-Freaking-Believable that even days after I got my head wrapped around all of it, I still asked myself: "Did that still really happened?""

At that moment, Moondancer was a little scared. She could see how series Twilight was being and how she might still be shacking over this. All she could do was reply: "Um... Ok."

Twilight took a moment to calm down and ready herself. After built up enough gusto, Twilight tells: "Ok... the thing that you've been detecting with your machines is..."

"Magic!?!?" Crystal Sunset confusingly said out loud.

"Yes, Magic!" Canterlot Sunset reiterate. "A world that is full of magic and dragons and pegasi and unicorns and this world is where I came from!"

Over in the other room, Pony-Sunset had just tried explaining to her human world counterpart. Understandably, she found it a strong pill to swallow.

"Magic? Dragons? Seriously? Do you Seriously expect me to buy all of that!?"

Pony-Sunset gets a little flustered as she says: "Yes, I know it sounds really unbelievable. But if you are willing to accept that I am some other version of you, then is it hard to believe that I came from another world with magic."

Crystal Sunset really don't want to believe a word that she says. However, despite how much she wants to deny it, she can't get herself to do it. As she is looking at her right in front of her, she sees a complete mirror duplicate that she feels is real. Her eyes, face, the way poise she herself. The only thing that is different was their hairstyles and that is only because she cut it to distinguish herself from her lookalike. Even when (pony) Sunset grab her hand and begs: "Please believe me", she feels like she is touching her own hands instead.

But even though she was being lenient , Crystal Sunset still hold her ground and says to her "supposedly" other world counter: "You better have some proof to make me believe you."

But the other Sunset replies: "Actually, I do!" Surprised, Crystal Sunset watched as her other self went to her back and brought out a book.

Meanwhile, in the main hall, things were getting ready for the dance off. Food tables by the sides, streamers on the walls and a disco ball hanging from the ceiling. It made to room look like a party or the Fall Formal and made the students more relaxed. The dance participants themselves were also looking ready to go into a boxing match. Both Pinkie Pie and Lemon Zest were stretching out their muscle, bouncing on their feet and even squirting water into their mouths to only spike them back out into a bucket.

And over by the stage, behind closed curtains, the Dazzlings were getting ready for a performance of their own. They volunteered to sing the musical accompaniment for the dance show. The teachers allowed it but what they didn't know is that they are gunna use a voice synthesizer to do it. While Adagio, Aria and Sonata were fixing up their appearance to look good and Vinyl tuning her equipment to sound good, a nerd by the name of "Micro Chips" was working on the synthesizer. Micro was rather nerves that if everything isn't perfect and notice they were cheating, they all will be in a lot of trouble.

"Is That Synthesizer Working Yet!?" Adagio demanded.

"In A Minute!" Micro Chips yelled back.

Aria moans: "Augh! What is taking you so long?"

"Well Sorry For Being Cautious! If we are caught, not only will WE be in trouble, but Canterlot High's reputation will go down the sink."

"That doesn't matter" Adagio stated. "Last time, that Crystal Prep Punk thought she could come up to us and proclaims that she's better then us! Not under my watch she isn't."

As Adagio was letting more of her anger shown, so did Micro Chips in terms of being intimidated. He did the last finishing touches before he gave a hesitant thumps up. As he rushes to connect the synthesizer to audio system, the Dazzlings get themselves ready to "sing" on stage.

Later, once everything was set up, the curtains finally opens. Everyone's eyes quickly turn towards the stage as they see the three singers enter on stage. And at that moment, both Pinkie and Lemon walk to the centre of the floor to begin their epic dance off.

"Are you ready for this?" Lemon Zest asked.

"I was ready before you'd asked" Pinkie confident replied.

"Well I was ready before you was ready."

"Well I was ready before you was ready who's getting ready for me!"

"Well I was ready before you getting ready for me being ready for you being ready before me!"

"Well I was..."

"LET START ALREADY!" Aria yelled out in frustration. When both Pinkie Pie and Lemon became quiet, the Dazzlings finally started Singing.

Dance Magic

Sonata: "I feel it stirrin' deep down inside my soul

The rhythm's takin' hold

And it's about to roll"
Aria: "A million sparkles falling across the floor

So DJ give it more

It's what we're looking for"
Adagio, Aria & Sonata: "Dance the night away

All our friends right by our side

It doesn't matter what style you bring

We're about to go on that ride (Hey!)"

When the music and singing began, both girls slowly began to move. The music didn't immediately start out fast so they did soft and small movements to keep in line with the beat. But when the Dazzlings started singing their lyrics, they slowly make more bigger and more memorable dancing. And when the main baseline kicks in...

Adagio, Aria and Sonata:
"It's dance magic
Once you have it
Let your body move
Step into the music!"

"It's dance magic
And it's electric
Let your body move
To the music!"

When the real music finally kicks in, both dancers jumped at the same time and this caused a round of applause from the audience. They were much more energetic and their movements were a lot more memorable. They were twirling, they running and even did the splits for a second before going right back up again. Everyone loved watching them dance and even enjoy listening to the song.


Sonata: "I feel something blockin' deep down in my soul

No matter what I try

I think I'm gunna cry!"

At other parts of the school, more Canterlot and Crystal Prep students was getting closer. In the art room where designers for the fashion contest is making their designs, Sunny Flare was having a tough time coming up with her dress. She could make the most elaborate and sophisticated dress design of them all, but she knows that isn't gunna make her the winner. Her dress need to look appealing with complementary colours and have an appealing form, but Sunny never thought about that before. But right when she was about to throw in the towel and accept whatever punishment Principal Cinch will give her...

Aria: "Then you come right to my side

You show me how much fun

about how not to run!"

Rarity came to Sunny Flare's aid. She helped her about how to start laying out an outfit's design then gave her a few suggestions on where she want to go with it. Sunny thought out loud a few ideas to her, doubtful if any of them was gunna stick, but she says that she like them. With a boost in confidence and Rarity's help, she could start making her dress.

Adagio, Aria & Sonata: "Dance the night away

All our friends right by our side

It doesn't matter what style you bring

We're about to go on that ride (Hey!)"

Eventually, Sunny finally made her dress that she could love and Rarity congratulated. In a moment of intense happiness, Sunny Flare gave Rarity a surprise hug for all of her help. She accepted the hug and gave a kind pat on the back. But as soon as she broke away, Sunny Flare notice something: Rarity's ears had grew and her hair hand grown longer into a ponytail. Rarity became embarrassed about the change but didn't try to deny it to Sunny Flare's bewilderment.

And at a different location...

Adagio, Aria and Sonata:
"It's dance magic
Once you have it
Let your body move
Step into the music!"

"It's dance magic
And it's electric
Let your body move
To the music!"

Twilight and Sunset worked hard to explain to Moondancer and her Crystal Sunset about their magic and Equestria. They were hesitant to believe them but they were soon blown away to what evidence that she show them. Twilight show Moondancer a video on her phone and it has Twilight and her friends transform into their ponified forms. As for the Sunsets, Equestrian-Sunset show "herself" her book that she kept from Equestria and show that she could right to ponies over there. Sunset and Moondancer didn't know what they thought about it but their explainers told them that it's ok.

But back at the gym...

Pinkie Pie: "Doesn't matter what style you've got

Just keep dancin' on that spot

Friends like you for who you are

Dance queen, on the scene, superstar!"

Pinkie had somehow hijacked the Dazzling's even while she was dancing. Her singing was within a rap style and it captured the interest of the audience (much to the Adagio's annoyance). But the crazy part was Pinkie dancing atop of the food table. Everyone thought she was crazy and even Lemon Zest was left in amazement. However, Pinkie elegantly step around the food as she continue to sing and dance towards the end.

Pinkie Pie: "Crystal Prep, you've got the moves

Rainboom bringin' all the grooves

Put it together and make it fit

Crystal Rainbooms, dance magic"

But then disaster struck. In a moment of excitement, Pinkie leapt of the table with complete disregard of anything that might be bellow her. She crashed and everyone heard a loud breaking sound. But when everyone rushed to Pinkie's aid, they saw that she had ponied up. They wondered if she was ok but Pinkie jumped onto her feet with perfect health.

"WOOHOO! PARTY-HARD!!!" Pinkie yelled out loud.

Everyone was amazed that Pinkie was perfectly ok and they all (including Lemon) cheered for her. When they all went back to the centre hall and continue dancing, the Dazzlings finally return to their song.

Dazzlings: "Dance the night away

All our friends right by our side

It doesn't matter what style you bring

We're about to go on that ride (Hey!)"

However, while everyone else was partying, Micro Chips was panicking over by the spot where Pinkie had just landed. Why? Because she landed on and crushed the voice synthesizer for the Dazzlings. However, even though the synthesizer was broken and can not work, he notice the Dazzling doesn't sound terrible. The Dazzlings sound as great as they were even without the voice machine.

Dazzlings: "It's dance magic
Once you have it
Let your body move
Step into the music"

"It's dance magic
And it's electric
Let your body move
To the music"

Meanwhile, at other parts of the school, the other Friendship Games events were happening and everyone were having a lot of fun. The C.P students were allowed to truly express themselves and the CHS students were genuinely liking them. It was becoming more and more of a "Friendship Games" and everyone was have the time of their lives.

Dazzlings: "Crystal Prep got a style that's all their own
Dancin' nonstop, body movin' in the zone
Bring whatever style you got
Cause the party is goin' on"

"It's dance magic
Once you have it
Let your body move
Step into the music"

"It's dance magic
And it's electric
Let your body move
To the music!"

Once the music finally stopped and the singers had finished singing, Pinkie and Lemon finished their dancing with epic poses. Everyone cheered and gave them around of applause for giving them something fun to watch. When Pinkie relaxed, she asked everyone: "So who won?"

But before she know it, Lemon Zest grab a pulled up Pinkie's arm and loudly declares: "YOU WON!" Everyone cheered and were completely behind her. Overjoyed with her win, Pinkie shouts: "LET'S PARTY!" and everybody else followed her.

But while other dance music was put on, Adagio, Aria and Sonata was making their way off staged. They had their fun and they had enough. However, Micro Chip was there and try to tell them something."

"Adagio! I Have To Tell You Something!"

"Out Of My Way!"

"Move it Point Dexter!"


Chips laid there on the ground, trampled by the people who he tried to help.

But when the Dazzling had stepped down from the stage, they come across a familiar face. Indigo Zap, the girl who insulted them last time. And off in the distance, Rainbow was busy partying with the others until she spotted Indigo with that Dazzlings. Fearing that she might do the same as last time, she rushed over there. But as soon as she got close however...

"I'm sorry" Indigo apologized. The Dazzlings and Dash was in shock as she explain herself. "I was a complete jerk to you last time and I realize that I was wrong. I saw you singing up there just then and I thought you all sounded great. I'm sorry and I take back everything that I said about you."

Adagio replies: "Well um... Great! About time you realize our greatness." Aria elbows her. "But thank you for apologizing." Aria elbows Adagio again and Adagio pushed her off in the distance.

When the Dazzlings walked off, Indigo Zap felt good with herself. She did something nice and she likes it. Rainbow Dash then appeared beside her, surprising her, and tells her: "Wow, thanks mate! I got to give you props for doing what she did." Despite still being surprised, Indigo appreciated it.

Back at Twilight and Moondancer, Twilight had just finished showing her proof of magic to her. "So do you believe me?" she asked cautiously.

"Um... yes I think?" Moondancer mumbled. She was still comprehending this shocking revelation and Twilight was giving her space to think. "Magic... Magic! Strange energy sources and weird phenomenon I can get, But MAGIC!"

"I know, right! Do you see why I didn't tell you earlier?"

"Yeah I guess. Just wow..."

As she could see Moondancer's world falling down around her, Twilight sit down beside her and try to comfort her. "Moondancer, I know how this can be really confusing, even for me who lived through all of this, but you need to know one thing."

"What's that?" she ask curiously.

"That I'm now here by your side whenever you need it" Twilight replied. "I'm really sorry for not noticing your feelings before now and I should have really thought about the people who I was leaving behind." And when she grasp Moondancer's hands, she tells her: "But even though I didn't thought about you then, I always remembered our time that we spent together and I would love to call you friend now."

Moondancer was so touched that she was almost brought to tears. But when she realize that Twilight put their old science fair photo into her hands, she actually let one tear escape her eye.

"......... Ok Twilight. I'm giving you a second chance."

"Thank You!" Twilight cried out. Both girls embrace each other with a warm hug. At that moment, they wish they will never forget how good that this moment feels.

But right when they decided that they had enough hugging, somebody suddenly spoke through the P.A system. "Ahem! The poetry and creative-story contest will be beginning in a few minutes. May the participants and anybody who would like to watch please come to the English Studies room on the 2nd floor please. Thank you."

"Well I guess I got to be going now" said Moondancer as she chuckled.

Twilight responded: "Sure. I won't keep you waiting."

They got up and Moondancer was heading for the door. Moondancer still didn't know what to think all of this. The magic, different dimensions and all the drama relating to the games. But right now, she feels really good for patching things with Twilight and hope that nothing will ruin it.

But before Moondancer was about to leave the room, Twilight yells to her: "By the way: Once you are done with your event, make your way down to the gym."


"It's a surprise" Twilight told her.

Moondancer was hesitant but she still replies: "Ok?"

Back at the gym, Pinkie Pie and Lemon Zest was dancing next to each other as they were still partying at the gym. When they realize the other, they try to have the conversation over the music.

"Hey! You Did Some Really Good Moves Back There!"

"Thanks! You Did Some Wicked Moves Yourself!"

"Thanks! You Should Come To Some Of My Parties Sometimes!"

"I Would Love To!"

"By The Way! What's That Thing Around Your Neck?!"

Author's Note:

What to say about this chapter? Well it feels like I just come back from a long break and I already got into the swing of things.

This chapter is mainly about the Canterlot characters reconciling with their Crystal Prep cousins. "Amending Fences" if you will. I honestly had fun writing both groups coming together, with Sunset's and Twilight's scenes in particular.

I also really enjoyed trying adding "singing" to my story. I hadn't did that since my Rainbow Rocks story. I apologize if you found reading the lyrics a bit tedious, considering I also added the "Dance Magic" video as well. But if you didn't notice, I also added some of my own lyrics and tweaked one or two words. I needed it to be a little longer so I can have all the "meanwhile scenes" in between and I thought I did a good job.

Also, if you click on that link at the end: Just focus on the thing that Sci-Twi is holding and not Sci-Twi herself. I just wanted to good image that shows the pendant.

Maybe I'll be publishing more chapters for this story a bit more frequently? I don't know. But what I do want to know is what you thought about this chapter and what are the mistakes that I need to fix.