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Friendship Games: Friendship Makes Magic - ImNoPony

The great epic showdown set in an alternate continuity where human Twilight must face her old school and her old "friends" and Sunset will have to face herself.

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Chapter 2- Team Shadowbolts

Several days later and it was the day of the actual games. To buses line up at Canterlot High to take it's students to it's rivals school. Not everybody will being going of course but a few must go to help promote "interschool relations". While they don't like it's students, a few people are curious on what the Crystal Prep school looks like and they are being excused from classes to do this. And while it's a nice and sunny day, uneasiness is in the air as the students and Principals gets on the buses.

"Hurry up kiddies! Time's A-Wasting" call out the rather eccentric bus driver with a very chaotic appearance. "You mustn't be late for your eventual roasting at Crystal Prep!"

Knowing what he secretly means as she was by the driver, Celestia upsettingly says to him: "Discord, do you really have to be that way towards the students?"

Pretending to be ignorant, Discord replies to the principal: "What!? Is said roast as in a party. Aren't you all going to get along with bitter rivals? These are called the Friendship Games after all." Celestia didn't buy his words for a second and look at him sternly.

Once all the students were on board and seated, the engines begin the rev-up and the buses began moving. As the Wondercults saw comfortably in their seats, everyone began doing stuff to pass the time. Some just gazed out towards the nice scenery outside the window, namely Pinkie Pie, Sonata and the girl with a half-a-dozen names. A few like Rainbow Dash and Applejack were chatting interesting stuff to pass the time while a few people like Aria and Adagio prefer to sit the bus ride in peace and quiet. Meanwhile, everyone else was reading something per Twilight's request. While Rarity was reading a fashion magazine, Flash was reading a rule book on chess and Sunset was brushing up on her maths. For Twilight, she was sitting quietly in her seat and petting Spike who was on her lap. She was fighting her nerves and she is using Spike to calm them down a bit.

Everything was going smoothly on the bus ride and nobody was having any problem. But then Luna (whose seat is in fronts of Twilight's) turn around to face Twilight to ask her: "By the Twilight. Have you talk to your friends about your magical..."

At that moment, Twilight realized that she forgot to do something. "Shoot! I forgot!" She got up on her knees on her seat and call out to her friends. "Hey, Guys! Luna wanted me to tell you all to keep our magic a secret so C.P won't accuse us of cheating."

When they heard Twilight say that, they instantly understand what they must do. "Don't worry sugar cube, we got the message" AJ replied back.

"Yeah. We'll try put it on the down low" added Rainbow Dash.

Both Twilight and Luna return to sit comfortably in their seat once they know that they got the picture. But once she returns back to her mind, Twilight then remembers the last words she had with Moondancer. She remembers that Moondancer was searching something at Canterlot and it was something that she detected. Twilight couldn't help but feel that thing she is referring to is all of their magic. And if that is the case, Twilight began to worry that their magic might have some unintentional side effect that they don't know about. Unfortunately, there isn't much for her to do at that point and time besides sitting on the bus and thinking about her worries.

Eventually, after about an hour of driving, the buses were just about to reach Crystal Prep. A few students woke up from napping when the teachers announce their near arrival and we they did, they saw the side of the school as well as how well kept lawn was. Canterlot's lawn is nothing to scoff at but this lawn looks a bit more regal and fresher than theirs. And as the buses were turning to the front side of the school, mix feelings were building up in all of the students.

But as they were coming up to the front of the school, everyone saw a welcoming party was there to greet them. Most of the Crystal Prep's students we standing by the doors and they were holding up a big banner that says: "Welcome Canterlot High!" Even though the students weren't that enthused or excited (like always), it's still a fairly big number to come and greet them. And in front, there were the Principals and a few teachers.

But as the other CHS students were somewhat impressed by the big welcome, Twilight was more focus on the people in the front. There, she saw Dean Cadence (the technical vice-principal of C.P) and the school's coach Shining Armour. When everybody else was getting up and stretching from their seats, as soon as the doors opened, Twilight and Spike were the first ones out of the bus. Her friends question why Twilight suddenly became eager all of a sudden. But when they see who she reuniting with, they decide to let her have her moment.

"Cadence! Shining Armour! It's Great To See You Again!"

"It's great to see you too Twily!" replied Shining Armour

"Yeah, we really missed you" Cadence replied.

As everybody else was getting off the buses, Shining Armour asks Twilight: "So how was the bus ride? Long?"

"Yeah, it was nothing special. Just a long ride and watching the scenery."

As the area became mixed with both CHS and C.P students, everyone began "mixing" with each other (if you could call it that). They share greetings and they share their platitudes but they all know they are being forced to be friendly to one another. However, Flash was more focused on Twilight and the people she was talking to. "Who are they and how do they know Twilight?" he wondered. Curious to find out, he decides to went over and talks to them.

"Hey, Twilight."

They all became surprised when Flash appeared behind them. "Oh! Flash!" Twilight said in surprise.

"Who are these people?" Flash asked Twilight.

Seeing Flash's confused face, Twilight felt obliged to introduce them. "Oh them!? Well, he's my big brother Shining Armour..."


"... and she's my future sister-in-law, Cadence."

"Twilight!" Cadence yelled in embarrassment.

After a microsecond of laughter, Flash says to the both of them: "Well it's very nice to meet you" and extend his hand for a handshake towards Shining Armour.

Shining politely replied "Same here" and return Flash's handshake. "And um... are you one of Twilight's friends?"

"Well um... yes, actually. We've been friends for awhile and get along great and..."

"And he tries to hit on me" Twilight humorously point out.

"Twilight!" Flash yelled out and shocked.

Getting angry, Shining became serious and says to Flash: "Have you been annoying my sister?"

Stumbling, Flash quickly reply: "What! No-No-No-No-No! We're Not Close Or Anything! I Mean We Are Close But..."

"It's alright big brother" Twilight interrupted after she had her fun. "He had been trying, but it's nothing serious yet."

Shining just stood there squinting at a very timid Flash who was sweating buckets. But as Cadence was fearing she would have to pull him away and cool him down, Shining's mood did a 180 and cheerfully claims: "Relax, I'm kidding. I'm just pretending to be the "over-protective parental figure"." And then, much to Flash's bewilderment, everyone else began laughing out loud. However, as he tries to laugh along with them, he saw Shining quickly giving him a scary look. Flash was left scared and didn't know if he's acting or not.

"Well isn't this a happy reunion?"

Everyone jumped when they heard the sudden voice. When Cadence and Shining Armour looked at them, they notice a tall and composed woman. Flash initially thought of anything too much from her, but he then notices that Twilight was is slightly spooked. Not terrified, but intimidated.

"Who's she Twilight?" asked a concerned Flash.

"That's Abacus Cinch, headmistress of Crystal Prep" Twilight whispered. Right off that bat, Flash could see why she could be intimidating.

After scanning the scene, Principal Cinch says to employees: "Shining, Cadence; can you two go inside and make sure everything is ready for the events."

"Um... ok" Cadence softly replied. She says "We'll see you later Twilight" and she and Shining head off. There, Twilight stood face to face with her formal school principal and all of the tense memories of the times where she tries to impress her came back into her mind.

"Hey, Principal Cinch... How're ya doin'?" Twilight nervously greets.

"I'm fine but there's no need for flattery Twilight" Cinch responded. "And it's "How are you doing?", not "How're ya doin'?"."

Twilight gulped, couldn't believe that she forgot about her speech adequate training.

As she looks coldly at her former student, Cinch says to her: "Listen Twilight, I hold no hard feelings with you transferring away from Crystal Prep. However, do you know the implications that you made by transferring to a different school, of your own volition?"

Twilight froze, unsure of what to say to her. Cinch has this real obsession with reputations which no one could explain. She also seems to have a real grudge against CHS which, again, understands why.

"By transferring over to Canterlot, you would be insinuating to people that their school is better Crystal Prep's curriculum. So, to make sure nobody would be getting that idea, I'll make sure that our Shadowbolt team will show everything that we have to offer. And when we win the games, then everyone will remember that..."

However, before she could finish her sentence, Cinch abruptly stops. Her nose started twitching, her eyes were starting to tear up and her face was scrunching up like a piece of paper. At first, Twilight was confused. But when she looked down and saw Spike by her feet, she instantly realized what's going to happen.

"What's wrong?" Flash asked curiously.

"My Dog! Principal Cinch Has An Allergy To Fur!" Twilight yelled out in a panic.

She quickly picked Spike up and moved as far back from Principal Cinch. But right when she let out a massive sneeze, Cinch managed to grab out her pocket-handkerchief and blow her nose onto it. Once the sneeze appears to be averted, Twilight was quick to apologize.

"I'm so sorry Principal Cinch. I totally forgot about you..."

However, Cinch was crossed and she shows her it to Twilight. "Twilight! Why Did You Bring That Dog To School!?"

"He's... Our team's mascot."

Twilight's excuse didn't bold well with Principal Cinch as it seems like it got her madder. As she was fearing the worst, Cinch tells her: "I would have expected, being a former student, that you would remember my condition." She then turns her back against Twilight and Flash and storms off.

Flash, after feeling stunned by what happened, looked at Twilight. He saw looking upset and possibly regretting coming back to Crystal Prep. Wanting to cure her of her unrest, Flash stood up beside her, grab her shoulder and tell her: "There-There Twilight. I'm sure... she isn't too upset... I hope."

Twilight looks at him and smiles. Not because it was helpful, but because it was a bad attempt at one (but an appreciative attempt none the less). "Alright, Flash" Twilight soft tells her. Twilight then tell him that she's fine and they could meet up later. Once Flash slow left once he feels that she's ok, Twilight head towards her friends. Her friends, in turn, witness the whole thing and see what they can do for her.

When she got to them, she says to Fluttershy: "Hey Fluttershy, can you look after Spike for me today?"

As Twilight hands Spike over to her, Fluttershy replies: "Sure Twilight but what for?"

Twilight then off-handily explains that: "Oh I don't know. Maybe because I know you're an animal person and I know you can keep them safe." While others would consider that a slight insult, they all know it as a compliment.

Rainbow Dash then leans her arm on Fluttershy's shoulder and adds: "Yeah! I know she brings her animals a hundred time to school and she never got caught."

"A hundred? More like 3 hundred for always bringing 3 animals" Pinkie Pie added to the joke

"You Guys!" Fluttershy humorously responded.

All the girls began laughing out loud and enjoying the moment. Twilight was almost forgetting about what has just happened with Principal Cinch. But as soon as she did, a hand suddenly slap itself again Twilight's back and causing her to jump.

"What you all laughing about Twilight?" asked a very "sweet"-toned voice.

Everyone jumped right along with Twilight when they saw somebody appeared behind them. When she looked behind her, Twilight saw another familiar face to her. With a moderate rose hair color, greyish-gold skin and a grinning smile, she remembers who she is.

"Hehe, Sour Sweet. It um, a surprise to see you again."

But then, almost swinging into an opposite emotion, the girl Sour Sweet moves away from Twilight, almost as if she trying to avoid her. "Don't pretend to be happy. We know you totally forgot about us" she angrily tells her.

"Us?" Twilight muttered.

And right then, Twilight her friends notice 6 other Crystal Prep student standing right behind Sour Sweet. They were all girls and have an array of dark colors that actually contrast/compliment their own. Two girls were blue or blue-ish and they seem mostly indifferent, one girl with crazy green hair was more focus on her headphones, a girl with beige-ish skin colors looked more angry and upset, a shy-ish Moondancer and one girl were covering her face with her hoodie. If you look from afar, you could mistake them for a mirroring group to the Rainbooms.

"Who the heck are these girls Twilight?" Applejack asked as she whispered into Twilight.

But before she could reply, the girl with beige skin and blue hair overheard her and respond: "What!? You haven't bothered them about you old friends Twilight!?"

"It's understandable. We haven't been on the best-est of terms with her" pointed out by the girl with the blue skin and silver pigtail hair.

"Still, she should have at least mentioned us at least once."

Twilight could see that she is trapped between two groups who are looking at her extensively. Fearing that this will turn ugly, Twilight turns to her Canterlot friends and explains: "Guys, these are my old "friends" that I often hang with at Crystal Prep."

"Actually, we weren't really friends," said the girl who interrupted before. "We were just forced to work together during certain school projects."

Twilight stood there annoyed. Not because of being interrupted, but because the girl who interrupted her is being as blunt as always. Meanwhile, Twilight's "real" friends were astonished by how blunt she was. It even caused Applejack to off-handily comment: "Wow. She's blunt."

"Oh Sugarcoat, don't be like that," said Sour Sweet in he sweet tone. But then she swings back to her "sour" mood and angrily says out loud: "I'm sure she'll introduce us to her new friends."

As she standing between both groups, Twilight could see that she has to be a moderator. Still hoping to maintain friendly relations with everyone, sheepishly says: "Hehe... Ok, let do introductions then?"

Her Canterlot friends didn't like it that the C.P students were putting Twilight into an awkward position. However, even though they didn't like the other group very much, they are curious about the fact that they are calling themselves Twilight's friends. Seeing that Sour Sweet was the one who most forward and it was her idea, Twilight decides to introduce her first.

"Guys, this is Sour Sweet. She's... nice sometimes and she's really good in social studies."

"It's really nice to meet you all" said Sour Sweet as she politely greets the Canterlot girls. They were somewhat skeptic as they were expecting her to mood swing again.

Looking at her friends, Twilight was hoping to find someone to help get things started on a good foot. When she saw Fluttershy, she knew she was the right candidate. Softly pulling her over, she says to her C.P friends: "And this is Fluttershy. She's really good with animals and volunteer at the local animal shelter."

Fluttershy was a bit nervous at first from being introduced. But she worked up her courage and try to show them her kindness. "Hi. It's very nice you."

With Fluttershy standing face to face with her, Sour Sweet curiously asks: "You're really good with animals?"

"Oh Yes" Fluttershy cheerfully replied. "I'm good with dogs, cats, rabbits, birds, bears. I get along with all animals."

"Well ain't you a little miss showoff" Sour Sweet rudely said back to her.

"What?!" responded a shocked and confused Fluttershy.

Swinging between both personalities, Sour Sweet tells her: "Oh I'm sorry. It's just so infuriating that you bragging about how good you are with animals. But you can go and have fun with your little pets while I'll go and compete in the Friendship Games."

Everyone from Canterlot was taken back by her display of mood swings. They were even thinking that she has some sort of mental disorder. However, one other thing that they are seeing was Fluttershy who was emotionally wounded by her words. They all got a bit mad and Rainbow Dash was about to give them a bit of her mind. But Twilight stops her and optimistically says to them: "Oh that Sour Sweet. Just likes to... hold nothing back." And while they were still mad at her, they then notice that even C.P girls were appalled with Sour Sweet. Giving her disappointing glares and Sweet not realizing what she has done.

Twilight could see that things went off in a way that is opposite that she had originally intended. Since she was next to Rainbow Dash, she is hoping that her introduction could be better.

"This Rainbow Dash. She's Canterlot High's star athlete and she's super loyal."

Rainbow, despite being initially surprised by it, kind of like her introduction. But then, the beige girl with blue hair that spoke before says out loud: "Star athlete huh?" When Rainbow saw her and see her having a confident expression, tense sparks light between both girls as they squint their eyes at one another.

"And you are?" Rainbow ask her.

"I'm Indigo Zap and I'm Crystal Prep's star athlete" the girl introduced.

"Oh Really" Rainbow surprisingly responded. "Let me guess; you think you gonna win this?"

"No... I KNOW we gonna win this."

"Really! And What Makes You Think That Canterlot Isn't Going To Win This Year!?"

But as Rainbow and Indigo were about to literally but heads, Twilight got in between the both of them and break them up. "Ha-Ha! School Spirit, Am I Right?" Even though there is still much tension between the both of them, they willingly back off.

After whipping sweat from her head, Twilight began looking for a different person. When she saw Rarity and one girl with light-purple hair who remained quiet all this time, Twilight had a smile and think this might be good. Pulling them together, Twilight says to the both of them: "Rarity, this is Sunny Flare. Sunny Flare, this is Rarity. You may not know this about each other, but one of the things that you have in common is that you both are Designers!"

Grabbing her intrigue, Rarity asks her: "Oh! You're a fellow fashion designer?"

After a split second of awkward silence, Sunny Flare replied to her: "No, I'm not a fashion designer." Rarity was confused at first, but Sunny then explains: "I prefer to make stuff that other people could use. I help make furniture, electrical equipment, tools that can help students with their education."

Understanding what she means, Rarity nicely says to her: "Oh I can make other stuff besides clothes and accessories. Sometimes I help make puppet theaters, props for plays and..."

"Yes, but since you admitted to being a fashion designer, I bet you would focus more on the aesthetics and appearances rather than their practicality and purpose" Sunny Flare pointed out.

Rarity became speechless as Sunny's assumption was really accurate. She does have a problem where she focuses form over function and it has become a real critique of hers. She even remembers that she has to make the puppet theater twice since the first one was unusable. "Well um..."

"What do you think of this?" Sunny ask her as she shows Rarity a strange device on her wrist. It was fairly big, able to have a few buttons and a wide green screen on it.

After judging it, Rarity answers: "Well it seems a bit big and doesn't go well with your uniform."

"Really? I think it's really useful." Sunny then explains and shows-off: "It's a personal PDA, smartphone, has extendable screwdrivers, a place to keep a pencil and can even massage my wrist when it starts to ache."

Everyone was astonished and wouldn't believe it if she hadn't shown their features in front of their eyes. Meanwhile, Rarity was embarrassed and felt like she was out-shined. There is no way she could have come up with something like that. The best she could do would make a pretty little bracelet with embedded jewels. "Wow. That seems really amazing" she complimented.

"Thanks. You can make something like this too when you realize that aesthetics is a waste of time."

However, as soon as she heard that, Rarity felt personally offended. Even though she would (begrudgingly) admit that fashion isn't thee important thing in the world, she firmly believes that everyone should look like how they feel on the inside and show off their inner beauty. Saying aesthetics is a waste of time greatly upset her. However, there isn't much that Rarity could do right beside going back to her group in frustration.

Twilight figured that could have ended better. It starts with relative well but knows that Sunny Flare upped and ruined it. But as she was thinking about what to do next, music began entering her ears and distracting her. When looking at the green haired girl who has been listening to music all of this time, Twilight rebuild her hope a bit. But as she was about to call out Pinkie, she notices Pinkie trying to act cool patient. She was kicking the dirt and looking like a person waiting to be noticed. But anyway...

"Hey Pinkie!" Pinkie shot at Twilight eagerly when he name was called. "Do you want to meet Lemon Zest?"

"Sure!" she replied excitingly.

When Twilight pointed out who Lemon Zest was, Pinkie rushed over to meet her. Everyone around else looked at them with intrigue as they were wondering how it will. When Pinkie got up close, Pinkie puts out her hand and greets: "Hi, I'm Pinkie Pie. It's really nice to meet you."

However, Lemon was too absorbed into her music and took a minute to see Pinkie. "SORRY!? WHAT WAS THAT!?"

Seeing that she needs to be louder, Pinkie yells: "HI! I'M PINKIE PIE!"




Pinkie was becoming annoyed that she isn't being heard. As everyone was wondering what she was going to do, Pinkie suddenly pulls out a megaphone. The C.P students were asking themselves where she pulled that from while her friends from Canterlot is fearing she is being too loud.

But as Pinkie was about to yell into the megaphone, Lemon Zest grab and stop her. "Dude, relax. I heard you the first time. I was just messing with you."

Pinkie was stunned. She was played for a fool as she got worked up for nothing. It didn't help that Lemon Zest went back and focus on her music. And while the others were feeling the same way like Pinkie, a few of them (even her friends) couldn't help but snicker. Still wanting to maintain her friendly persona, Pinkie puts up a fake smile and laughter and says: "Hahaha! Nice One!"

Twilight was really didn't like how the introduction has been going. She'd expected that it wouldn't go perfectly well, but she was at least hoping that everyone was on the good ground by now.

"Things aren't going so well as you hoped for, isn't it Sparkle?" said the girl with silver pigtail hair. Twilight didn't find that helpful and was left even more annoyed.

Seeing Twilight being so dismayed, Applejack crossed her arms and asks out loud: "Why do have to be so blunt?"

After letting out a sigh, Twilight explains: "Her name is Sugarcoat and as you can obviously tell, she doesn't like to "sugarcoat" stuff."

"HA!" laughed Pinkie.

"It isn't that funny" Sugarcoat responded bluntly.

"Well can still be a little bit nicer about it" said Applejack.

Seeing AJ looking mad at her, Sugarcoat replies: "Look..."

"Applejack" said Twilight.

"...Applejack, I'm just being honest."

But Applejack then says back to her: "Well I know a thing or two about honesty and I'm honestly telling you that you don't have to be such a jerk about it."

Both Applejack and Sugarcoat began to glare at each other, kind of like how Rainbow Dash and Indigo did there. But while Rainbow's and Indigo's were angrier, AJ's and Sugarcoat's were more subdued and tranquil. More about standing by their points rather than showing off their strength. Wanting to prevent another fight, Twilight got between them and says: "Hey! Hey! You both can be honest!" Again, still tension between the two groups, but they aren't willing to start a fight or start an argument.

But when Twilight thinks that her introduction couldn't get any worst, she caught a glimpse of Moondancer within the C.P girls. Even though she was trying to keep her distance and avoid being noticed, Twilight felt slight happy all of a sudden. Maybe because she talked about her recently and remembering the good times that she had with her. Right when Moondancer thought she wouldn't be involved with all of this, Twilight pull her into her arms and reveal her to her friends.

"Hey, this is the friend that I was telling you about, Moondancer!"

At first, Twilight friends were taken aback by the reveal of Moondancer... mainly because she looked so similar to Twilight. She didn't look exactly like Twilight, but they have a similar appearance, hairstyle and looks like a dedicated learner. She was even wearing glasses that they could imagine Twilight could be wearing. But when everybody has about to become a bit happy, Moondancer angrily pulls away from Twilight.

"What!? Now I'm You Friend?" Moondancer angrily says to Twilight.

They all instantly picked up the hostility within Moondancer. Even the C.P girls pulled back as their feelings for CHS isn't as high. Shocked, Twilight hesitantly replies: "Well I mean... We kind of were... in a way?"

However, Moondancer says back to her: "Well I guess you only think that way after you left."

As Moondancer looks away from her, Twilight couldn't come up with any words to say to her. Her fears that she might be angry at her were true. She is obviously mad at her and Twilight couldn't blame her. Only fairly recently that she could recognize people as friends and how friend's emotions could seriously be hurt. Twilight want to say that she was sorry to her or say something else, but with a crowd around them, she felt like she couldn't do it then and there.

But right when she felt sad, Moondancer said something. "Anyway... What about her?"

She then nods her head towards Sunset who only know that everyone realizes that she hadn't had her introduction yet. Sunset was surprised from suddenly getting the attention and even Twilight regret to admit that she had forgotten about her.

Sunset sheepishly says: "Well I'm..."

"We Already Know Who You Are!"

Everyone jumped when they heard another voice that came from nowhere. But for some weird reason, the voice sounded like Sunset. The Sunset who was by the Canterlot was also surprised and confused with them. And then, the girl with the S.P hoodie suddenly step forward. Kind of like Sunset, everyone else had almost forgotten about her mainly because she hadn't spoken anything until now. But when she pulled back her hoodie, no expected on who they see underneath.

"What The..."

Underneath was another Sunset Shimmer. No. The other Sunset Shimmer. The Sunset Shimmer that they learned that was going to Crystal Prep. There were two Sunset's standing before their eyes but there was one big difference... one of them had shorter hair. The Sunset who was under the hoodie had hair that looked like it was cut recently. It goes down to the back of her neck instead of going further down the back like the "1st" Sunset. "Why is that?" some of them wondered. Is it so that other people won't confuse her with the other Sunset? They also had a strong feeling that she did it to herself. Even the C.P group had their eyes with to this.

While Canterlot's Sunset was left too stunned to speak, her other doppelganger was giving her a mean and angry look. Her anger might be on par with Moondancer's but a lot more personal. When she stepped a bit closer, everyone didn't know what was going to happen and afraid something bad might happen. When Crystal Prep Sunset was eye to eye with her more speechless self, she begins to speak.

"Look, I don't know who you are or why you look like me, but you got some nerve for trying to imitate me."


"But! Just because you look like me doesn't mean you are me. I worked hard so to get into a school like this and I'm not letting a look alike screwing it all up. Don't try to talk to me. Don't try to give me whatever excuse that you might have. And if you taking part in these silly little Friendship Games, know that I will do whatever it takes to humiliate you in front of both schools."

After she said her threats, Twilight, the girls from Canterlot and the girls from Crystal Prep were all stunned by this. She looked series when she said all of that and they could tell that she means business.

And then, by the school's doorway, Dean Cadence shout to everyone. "Ok, Everyone! Come In So We Can Start The Friendship Games."

Sunset, Crystal Prep's Sunset, took one more moment to look angrily at Sunset before she walks off. She joined the other students who heard Cadence's announcement and all were heading to the school. The others took this as a sign for them to get a move. "Ok. Better go with them" Rainbow stated to her friends.

But as everyone was getting their stuff and walking on, Twilight still stood where she was. Not only was she still stunned by Sunset's threats, but just how poorly her reunion had gotten. She had barely met her bother and step-sister, she had gotten on her ex-principal's bad side and her friends' introduction went poorly. And right went regret was swirling up inside her, Sugarcoat stop by her just to tell her:

"Like I said; Don't expect a happy reunion at the Friendship Games."

Author's Note:

Holy cow, I'm so sorry. This is a really long chapter. I even broke my 5000 word limit rule to fit all of this in. I only have that rule since I fear that people would be afraid of very long chapters since I see stories (with multiple chapters) stick have theirs around 1000-3000. I could shorten it, but I really want all of the characters introductions to be in this chapter.

Anyway... onto some Author's Nots shall we.

I found the bus scene in the beginning very relaxing. Just how everyone was spending their time and chilling on the bus. When I imagine the scene, I feel like I'm right along with them. As for Discord being the bus driver, that's one of my personal headcannons for him. Just a position where can talk to the students. And No! He Isn't The Same Discord From Equestria! It irritates me when people say that.

I also found Twilight reuniting with Cadence and Shining Armour scene really heartwarming. I always imagine Shining being Crystal Prep's gym teacher, but I think the movie only implies that he's a former student or a senior that's about to graduate. I also really like how I made Shining an overprotective parent who is eyeballing Flash Sentry. It hopefully give both characters "character" and character development.

I think I made Principal Cinch a bit too creepy. I want to make seem intimidating, but not out right threatening. However, I did like that I enforce that she has a fur allergy that causes her to sneeze. They said she had the allergy in the movie but they never did anything with it. Here, I'm fixing it. Also: This is gunna be foreshadowing to what's going to happen later in the story.

The Shadowbolt girls introductions has to be the hardest thing to write in this chapter and the reason why this is so long. Just introducing each character takes time and space and I had to be extra careful since this is the first time that I wrote them (that isn't just one sentences).
In fact each one became progressively longer and harder to write. Sour Sweet's and Indigo Zap's was pretty ok, Sunny Flare's and Lemon Zest's were funny but took a bit longer and Sugarcoat was just a bit complicated to get her bluntness down pat. I sort of rushed Moondancer's, but I my point was to show that she's really angry at Twilight.

But for Crystal Prep's Sunset, I somehow became amused while writing her. Just showing how shock everybody was, how terrified Canterlot's Sunset was and how angry C.P Sunset is. I'm having a bit trouble abbreviating their names down so it could make it easier for me to narrate them.

Anyway, that was my really long chapter. I really hope that you enjoy and you come back for the next chapter. I hope you have a nice time and feel free to point out my mistakes in the comments.