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Friendship Games: Friendship Makes Magic - ImNoPony

The great epic showdown set in an alternate continuity where human Twilight must face her old school and her old "friends" and Sunset will have to face herself.

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Chapter 1- Team Wondercolts

"What! What do you mean you met another Sunset Shimmer!?"

"Like what we just said Rainbow Dash. We met somebody who looks exactly like Sunset!"

A few hours later, school had started and there was a lot of commotion by the school statue. After they failed to catch the people who did it, the only thing that they could do was clean up the mess that they left behind. Rarity and Fluttershy was hard at work scrubbing all of the spray paint off of the statue while Pinkie Pie was fascinated with the zebra head that they try to use. Meanwhile, Twilight and Sunset was discussing things with Rainbow and AJ while still in the same vicinity of the others. There was also Spike, but he mostly remain quiet.

"Are sure it just some other girl who looked like you?" Applejack suggested.

"We thought so to Applejack, but she looked so similar that it's almost uncanny" Sunset reply to her.

Rainbow says out loud: "But how is that even possible? Last time I checked, there's suppose to be only one of each person in the whole world."

Sunset then quickly retorts her by saying: "You guys are forgetting something: I'm not from this world. I'm came from another dimension where everybody is a pony. Remember how I mistake Twilight with the pony princess version of her from my world?"

"Yeah, it was kind of funny in hindsight" Twilight whispered out loud.

"As soon as I crossed over into this world, the world now has two Sunset Shimmers. It's very possible that the Sunset that we run into was my counterpart from this world."

After saying all of that, her friends soon realize how important this situation is for her. It must be really weird for any of them if they run into their double. And considering that the other Sunset was willing to vandalize the statue, their Sunset must be feeling even more troubled since she was a bad girl in the past. But as she was working and overhearing all of this, Fluttershy come up with a very interesting question.

"Wait. If she was with Crystal Prep, wouldn't Twilight know about her?"

Realizing the question, Twilight replies: "No I don't. If I did, then my first running with Sunset would be even more confusing."

Things still became a confusing puzzle on the matter. After some thought, Fluttershy then suggest: "Well maybe she is a new student at Crystal Prep?" After hearing it, it does make some sort of sense. However, that caused Pinkie to stop what she was doing and says:

"Wait! So as soon as Twilight came over to CHS, another Sunset took her place over at Crystal Prep!? Talk about dramatic irony."

But while the topic was intense and interesting to think about, a disgruntled Rarity suddenly began making some noise. "Listen darlings, I know this is a really important topic that your talking about here, but can I please have some help cleaning this statue?"

Seeing that she was the only one cleaning the statue, Twilight said "Sorry" to Rarity and everyone began lending her a hand. They grab wet sponges and went onto stepladders to get to the parts that weren't clean. A fair amount of spray paint came off, but you still have to dig deep in order to get rid off all of it. It was a tiresome task, but with them all working together made the whole thing a bonding experience for them. But as they were working, the topic then shifts to a slightly different thing.

"I'm still quite amazed that you were from Crystal Prep Twilight" Rainbow says out loud

"Yeah well, a lot of stuff happened when we first met and there wasn't an opportunity to talk about it."

"Still, I wouldn't mind if you brought it up a lot sooner."

"Honestly Rainbow" Rarity interjected. "Would we really think of Twilight any differently if we knew she came from Crystal Prep?"

"Not me" Fluttershy reply.

"Me nether" Pinkie added.

Seeing everyone else having a similar response, Rainbow kept quiet and roll her eyes. But after they enjoy the sweet supportive moment, Applejack brought up a different question.

"Hey, didn't ya say that you were chasing somebody else that you recognize?"

After thinking for about a moment, Twilight replies: "Oh, you mean Moondancer."

"Moondancer?" AJ responded.

Spike try bark out and explains: "Yeah, she was..."

But since nobody could understand Spike, Twilight explains to her friends: "She was a girl that I often worked together with back at Crystal Prep."

"Did you worked together a lot?" Pinkie asked.

"Oh yes. One time in freshmen year, we were partners in a science fair and we worked on a giant bottle rocket."

"A bottle rocket!" said an intrigued Sunset. "Did it work?"

Twilight then proudly answers: "Yep and we got first place."

"Wow. Sounded like you two were close" Fluttershy commented.

After thinking deeply for a moment, Twilight reply to all of them: "Well aside from Spike, my brother Shining Armor and Dean Cadence, I guess Moondancer is the only other person that I liked to hang around with. In a way, I guess she was my best friend at Crystal Prep."

"Did she know that she was yer best friend?" AJ asked her.

After thinking about it for a moment, Twilight regretfully replies: "... No"

The moment then became very said and very downer. Thinking about her past actions, Twilight was sort of regretting some of the choices that she made. Meanwhile her friends were feeling guilty for making her talk about it. Wanting to lift her spirit, Applejack says to her: "Well don't worry sugar cube. As soon as you talk to her again, you should tell her what you think of her."

Feeling slightly better, Twilight responded by saying: "Thanks AJ. But with the Friendship Games coming up and the awkward history in my past, I'm not sure how involved I would be."

But while the scene was still a bit downer, one good thing they currently see was the statue. Aside from a few tiny spots, the statue's horse looked as good as new. Pinkie was even tempted to imagine it as a real horse and try to rise it. But as they were appreciating their hard work, Principal Celestia came out of the front door.

"Twilight! Can you come over her for a sec!?"

When they notice her, they were wondering why she need Twilight. Regardless, Sunset looked at Twilight and tells her: "You can go ahead and see what she want."

"Ok" Twilight replied. She got down from the stepladder and with Spike by her side, Twilight follow Celestia into the building.

Inside, Twilight and Spike was following behind Celestia as they were walking down the hall. And long the side on the wall was a row of school photos. A few of the were memorable school moments while the others were past accomplishments for the school.

"So what do you want to speak to me about Principal Celestia?" Twilight asked curiously.

Being as homely as she can, Celestia asked her "First of, how have you been enjoying Canterlot High so far Twilight?"

"Well um, it has been great actually. Everyone is nice, education is fair and engaging and I made some really good friends. Although being engaged in two magical events wasn't something that I thought I'd do."

"Hehe... sorry about that, but at least I know you like it here." But then Celestia went into a slightly more serious tone. "Do you know much about the Friendship Games?"

Realizing what this is about, Twilight reply to her: "Not much actually. All I know that it something that Canterlot and Crystal Prep do every year. That and also most of my friends are competing."

Seeing her lack of knowledge, Celestia decided to educate her. "You see; the games are split into 2 rounds plus a third in case of a tie breaker. Each school decides and plan what each round will be about. This year Crystal Prep decided to do the classic academic decathlon over at their school."


"One other thing that we like to do is to assign ourselves team leaders. The leaders really don't have to do much. They just assign each person on the competing team which event they should do."

Twilight has a sinking suspicion on what she is going to say to her. Wanting to be sure, she ask her: "And let me guess: you want me to be team leader for Canterlot?"

Realizing that Twilight saw right through her, Celestia admits: "If it isn't too much trouble?"

Twilight was put in a really difficult position. Being team leader sounds like an important role and those sort of things has always appealed to Twilight. However, that would mean she would be directly apposing Crystal Prep, the place that she had a long and complicated history with. At that moment, the best that Twilight could say was: "I don't know..."

Seeing that Twilight was conflicted, Celestia told her that: "The reason that I asked Twilight was because I think you're the best person who can revive the spirit of the games." Twilight was puzzled with what she said and follow her to some old school photos. Celestia explains: "You see; me, Luna, Cadence and Cinch all came up with the games during our early tenure of being principals. We sort of wanted the games to be a way for both schools to bond over and help promote friendship between one another. But now they have became cold and monotonous ever since Crystal Prep began winning all of them."

As she was saying that, Twilight was looking at all of the photos. In the old photos, she saw everybody have had fun and was getting along well with one another. But as she looking at the newer and newer photos, things slowly began to change. It went from everyone having fun to only the winners were having fun until even the winners looked they were bored with the games. It is actually kind of saddening.

Celestia then says to her: "You know Twilight, I'm not forcing you to do anything. If you don't want to be team leader, I'm sure Rainbow Dash would be happy to take that role."

Twilight thinks long and hard on it. She still feel uneasy about this morning and the resurfacing old wounds she got from her old school, but she doesn't want that to hold her back. Ever since she discover the wonders and "magic" of friendship, she wanted to share her experience to her classmates at Crystal Prep and hopes to make that place better. Once she made sure she was sure with herself, Twilight response to Celestia is:

"Alright. I'll give it a go and see how things turns out."

Happy to hear Twilight accepted it, the cheery principal tell her: "Wonderful. If you need anything from me Twilight, don't be afraid to ask."

Celestia then heads off and left Twilight in the hallway. She still felt uneasy about her decision, but one supportive look from Spike boost her confidence a bit. "Wow Twilight. Do you really think you can turn Crystal Prep around?" Spike thought to Twilight.

Twilight says to him: "I don't know Spike. But if I know anything about myself, I won't do something without giving it my very best!"

Twilight stood there confidently and she felt ready for the task ahead. But then Celestia stopped just before leaving the scene just so she can yell one more thing to Twilight. "By The Way! Luna Wanted Me To Tell You To Keep Your Magical Friendship Powers A Secret Just So We Won't Be Accused For Cheating!" Twilight was somewhat off put with that (sort of knocking her off her mojo) but she put that memo to heart.

Several days has passed and Twilight and Spike was making their way to the Wondercolt's meeting room. Wanting to dressed for the position, Twilight had brought along her personal clipboard as well as wearing a cap that says "Team Captain" on it. She knows that all of her friends will be at the meeting room but not of the other people who were on the Wondercolt team. Twilight was feeling slightly nervous, but it isn't by much and she was building herself up with confidence.

As they were walking, Spike couldn't help but keep looking at the funny hat that Twilight got on her head. "You know Twilight; I can understand the clipboard, but do you really have to wear the silly hat?"

When Twilight notice that Spike was looking at her and guess what he was thinking, she reply to him by saying: "Of come on Spike. Don't you think it is suited for the occasion?"

"Yeah but it still look silly on you" Spike replied as he shook his head side to side.

Annoyed, Twilight says back to him: "Well I don't know why you are coming to this meeting Spike? I'm not sure how a dog would help things."

As they was coming up to the room, Spike bark/reply to her: "What! I'm The Team's Mascot! Who doesn't want a dog to be the face for their team?" As he was jumping around the door, Twilight just roll her eyes. After taking a deep breath, she proceed into the room.

When she entered the makeshift meeting room, the first people that Twilight see was all of her friends who were seeing in the from row. When they saw her, Pinkie instantly yells out: "Hey! It's Twilight!" Soon they all began rushing over towards Twilight and surrounding her.

"Hey, so you're the one who's team captain" Applejack remarks.

"Yeah, that what Principal Celestia talked to me about the other day."

"I'll admit that I wanted to be the team leader Twilight, I'm sure you'd do a good enough job."

"Thanks Rainbow."

But then Rarity got up to Twilight's ear and whispers to her: "Although if you want any advice from me Twilight, I'd loose the hat. It doesn't go well with you colours at all." After seeing a "I told you so" look from Spike, a fed up Twilight then slams her hat in the teacher's desk.

But while the rest of her friends chuckle at/console her, Twilight notice Sunset sitting happily on one of the desks. "Sunset! What are you doing here!?"

"I'm here to compete?" Sunset replied confusingly. "Why? Don't you want me to?"

"No, I do. It just that... with you running into "you-know-who" the other day, I just thought that..."

And like that Sunset figured out why Twilight was concerned. True, meeting her other self again would cause some complications, but Sunset tells her: "Yeah well, even though you-know-who might be there, I still want to take part." She then explains: "In all the previous years, the Crystal Prep students would always gloat how they are so much better then use and stuff. I even got into a fight with one of them who said I wouldn't make a difference if I were on the team that year. You can say I'm letting my past-self show a little bit, but I really want to get rid off their pompous attitude and show them what's what."

Twilight do want to question her motivation a little bit, but it does show her passion and it isn't all bad. But as she was sure she had everyone, a voice call out to her.

"What!? Don't we get some attention?" yelled a feminine but haughty voice that Twilight slowly recognize.

Twilight look around and discover that there was more people towards the back of the room. And the people that she see left utterly surprised. From left to right, she saw: Sonata Dusk, Adagio Dazzle, Aria Blaze, Flash Sentry and... one girl she haven't meet before. But at that moment, all of her focus was on Aria, Sonata and Adagio as they cause Twilight to be the most surprised.

"Aria! Sonata! Adagio! What are you three doing here?"

"Well that's nice" Aria remark sarcastically. "It sounds like you don't want us."

"Well no, I Mean Yes But... Why!?"

Adagio smirked when she say Twilight confused. She tell her: "You see; everyone is still up in our case about what we did during the showcase."

However Sonata interrupts her and whispers: "Um Adagio, we sort of changed it to a Battle of the Bands remember?"

"Yeah. And the reason why everybody don't like you is because you try to mind control everyone and try to make them into your slaves" added Pinkie who whispered on the same side as Sonata.

After Adagio pushed both girls away (and a crash was heard), she explains: "Yeah well... everybody still upset with us so we join these "Friendship Games" so people will hopefully likes us more."

Twilight could tell that their reason is seems to be more on self interest rather then trying to help the school. Although she does feel pity for them as she does know that the other students is giving them a tough time and this could be a part of their redemption. Twilight just says "Ok" to them and move on.

Her attention then moves to Flash Sentry. He just mildly sitting on a table and minding his own business. Perhaps a bit too mildly as Twilight was having a sinking suspicion that he was playing it cool. "Flash" she awkwardly called. "What's your reason for being here?"

Seeing he was being addressed, Flash nonchalantly replies to her: "Well my reason is kind of like Sunset's; I just really want us to beat Crystal Prep." But then he try to put on a charming look on his face and adds: "And don't worry Twilight. With you at the helm, I'm sure we can't lose."

Everyone could sort of tell that that compliment was subtle attempt to hit on Twilight. Twilight herself didn't know how to feel and just blush. Aria even thinks out loud: "Try hard", much to Flash's irritation.

The last person that Twilight was looking at was a girl that was sitting right next to Flash and was looking at two different direction. She sort of has a carefree nature to her. But unlike Pinkie who was more joyfully carefree and Sonata who was obliviously carefree, the girl was more... different. It was like she has a thinking pattern that Twilight or anybody else isn't use to. Twilight checked her clipboard and look at the participants list. "Let see. And you are..." But when she got the list, she only found an incomprehensible scribble and a probable sign of bad hand writing. Left confused, Twilight had to ask her: "I'm sorry but what is your name?"

The girl, realising she was being addressed to, just replies: "Me? Oh I have a lot of names that people like to give me. Some call me "Derpy", "Ditzy", "Muffin Girl". Honestly I like all of them so you can call me whatever you want."

Everyone was understandably confused and taken back by that. Some of them who do know her (sort of) even thought some of those names were her real name. Left with nothing much to go with, Twilight awkwardly says to her: "Ok "Bright Eyes", let's get to work?" Bright Eyes (or whoever she is) just nods and cheerfully smiles.

Now that she knows everybody that she has, Twilight move to the front of the class and in front of the blackboard. Before she start, Spike quickly jump onto the teachers and sat there confidently in front of everyone. "Ok Everyone, Listen Up!" Twilight says loudly so everyone can hear. "I have here is a list of all of the events for the 1st rounds of the games. We must decide who will be participating in which event as no one is allowed to be in more then one or two events." Once they know what they're doing, Twilight began going down the list.

"Ok, one of the first events is wood shop." After searching her brain for the right person(in less then a second), she look at her ideal candidate and ask her: "You pretty good at wood-shop Rarity?"

"Of course darling. I can make stuff besides clothes you know" Rarity proudly replied.

"Good." Twilight double check her clipboard and adds: "Also, the event is for two people to be in it. Is there anybody you would like to work with."

After thinking carefully for a minute, Rarity replies: "Hmm... Just in case they might be asking for a bird house, I would like Fluttershy to be my partner."

"I wouldn't mind that" Fluttershy responded.

"Ok, Great! The next event is... a geography quiz."

"Geography! Heck, I reckon I can be good in that" Applejack yell out.

"Cool!" When looking at the next event, Twilight could see it might be a bit difficult. "Who's up to do a chemistry challenge?"

Everyone was hesitant to take that one, except for "Ditzy" who put her hand up almost right away. But before Twilight could see the raised hand, Flash quickly pull it back down. He had seen "Derpy" doing chemistry before and he remembers that didn't go so well. She was saddened that Flash wouldn't let her but decide to roll with it. When Twilight see no one was volunteering, she decides: "Let's go back to that later."

But as she checking her list, she found an event that could be really easy for them. "Oh! There's going to be a baking contest! Who is going to participate in that I wonder?"

Like a bolt of lightning, both Sonata and Pinkie shot up their arms and yelled "ME!" at the same time. Twilight was surprised as she thought only Pinkie Pie would be eager to take part in that."

Aria says to Sonata: "You'd be baking food Sonata, not eating them."

Offended, she says back to her: "Oh course I know that Aria. I'm not an idiot!"

When everyone didn't know who to chose for the event, Pinkie got and says: "Pick Me! Please Pick Me! I can bake a cake where the insides would look like the Mona Lisa!"

As absurd as that sounds, Twilight believes that Pinkie can actually do that. However she still feels like that she need to points out: "I trust you Pinkie, but I'm sure the judges will judge the taste of the food rather than the appearance." Rarity couldn't believe that statement.

Feeling challenged, Pinkie says to her: "Really huh? Well I dare you to taste my animal shapes muffins and tell me that they don't taste delicious." And like that, Pinkie then pulls a bunch of animal shape muffins almost out of nowhere.

"OH! Can I Have Some!?" asked Sonata.

"Can I have a dozen?" asked the "Muffin Girl"

Pinkie then pass her muffins to the both of them so they can eat and try them. When she realize how good they were and was mouth watering at the scene, Sonata confesses: "Ok, she can have it."

"Yes!" exclaims a happy Pinkie.

Once that got sorted, Twilight decides to move. "Ok, the next event is... interesting? There's a chess match that's on here?"

Flash's head was raised when he heard that. He looks at Aria next to him and ask her: "Chess? That's a board game, right?"

"Yeah" replied an un-enthused Aria.

Before anybody else could take it, Flash yells out: "I Take It!" to the whole room. Everyone was startled as they couldn't imagine him as a chess person.

"Um Flash... you know that chess is nothing like checkers, right?" Rainbow Dash ask him

"I know. It just that... I'm really good at games and what are the chances that there's another event I might be good at." After thinking about it for a moment, they all realize that Flash has a point.

"Ok, I'll give ya that"

"Don't worry Dash. There's a physics event you can do." Said Twilight.

After considering it, Dash replies: "Yeah. physics is a strong subject for me."

Once she got that sorted, Twilight look up the next event. "Hmm... 3 people for a spelling bee... Hey Dazzlings! How Good Is Your Spelling?"

Adagio, Aria and Sonata looked at each other with confusion and slight hesitation. "Yeah, were good with our spelling?" Aria replied.

"How do you feel about being in a contest where you are being tested on your spelling?"

All three of them was considering it for a sec. On one hand, they think it sounds pretty easy. But on the other hand, they just know it won't be very easy and it could be a hassle. But once they weighed their options, Adagio answer for all of them: "Ok Sparkle, we'll do it."

"Yes" Twilight whispered excitedly.

With almost everyone was given a role already, Sunset, who was waiting patiently all this time, asks Twilight: "Hey, is there still an event that I can do?"

"Yes, but I was saving this for last." As everyone was quite, Twilight explains: "The last event is going to be about a really complicated and difficult mathematics question. Do you think you can handle it?"

Everyone's eyes were on Sunset as she was contemplating. The way that she is saying it, it sounds like Crystal Prep is going to make it really hard. Even though she was pretty confident in herself, she suddenly remembers her other counterpart that's going to be at Crystal Prep. Will she be in the same event? Is she going to be as good as her? Will she be like anything like her old self? These question was bugging her and making it difficult for her to decide. However, when she remember her friends and how she feels about them, she confidently says to everyone: "Yeah, I think I can."

"Great!" Twilight said cheerily. Everyone was glad that the deciding part was over and the meeting was done. But then Twilight says: "Then I guess chemistry will go to Bright Eyes then."

As she was jotting that down in her clipboard, Derpy was happy that she got chemistry. However, Flash only imagines all the damage that is going to come of that.

Author's Note:

Hope you enjoyed all of that.

If anybody are asking why none of the Humane-7 notice the crack on the mirror-portal as they were cleaning the statue, that is because their stepladders was blocking and covering it up. But don't worry. That crack will play an important role later.

I also kind of like Twilight's and Celestia's scene in this chapter. At first the scene was just mean to give Twilight motivation to take part in the games. But then I realize something: it's kind of Sci-Twi's and Cinch's scene in the movie. But while Cinch was being cold and manipulative, Celestia is kind and motherly. It just show the comparison and contrast of both characters and I just love it because it was unintentional.

Now for participants: Twilight's friends are obvious and don't need explaining. The reason for Flash is because he was on the team in the movie and the same goes for Derpy. For the Dazzlings is kind of interesting. There are popular characters and have such a large role in the Equestria Girls series and the my last story. I was also interested how well I can make their interactions with the other character. And hey, this is fan fiction so why not right?

Now for Derpy... or Ditzy or Muffins or Bright Eyes. Yes, I'm gunna be flip-flopping with her name because I think it's gunna be funny dammit. I also try to make her have a cheery and chipper personality because I think she has a bit of that during on screen appearances on the show. I am also thinking of certain interactions she can do with a certain C.P student, but I haven't really plan that our yet and don't know when to put it.

The story is starting so I hope you are going to enjoy it. Don't forget to point out my mistakes and stay frosty.