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Friendship Games: Friendship Makes Magic - ImNoPony

The great epic showdown set in an alternate continuity where human Twilight must face her old school and her old "friends" and Sunset will have to face herself.

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Chapter 8- Give & Take

At the library, all the principals was watching and judging the drama contest on fold. Cheerilee was also there; not only because she's the school's librarian but also the supervising teacher of the drama club. Principals Celestia, Luna and Cadence was all enjoying the performances from the students as they could feel the actor's passion.

"And yet... it wasn't meant to be. I gave her my heart and she Stabs it right back!" Tenderfoot then got onto his knees and screams: "Why Cherry Jubilee! I Would Travel To The Depths Of Tartarus If It Means Seeing Your Lovely Smile... One... last... time."

Celestia turns to Cadence and whispers to her: "Your students are really amazing actors. I can't tell if he made it up or if he actually experienced something like this."

"Thanks Celestia" Cadence happily replied. "But lets not forget to give your students some credit. Yours were just fantastic."

Luna replies: "Thanks. Our students would do whatever it takes if it means they do whatever it is that they're passionate about."

"Wow. I wish some of our students are that enthusiastic. Don't you thinks so Abacus?"

"Yes well... Our students still make top marks even if they're enthused or not" Abacus replied, after spending a huge amount of time being silent.

Principal Cinch wasn't having a good of a time as the other principals. Not because she found any of them boring or whatever but that she couldn't shake a sinking feeling that she has. They already judged the singing and the arts & crafts events, and yet she found that they went on longer then they were supposed to. It was almost as if that Celestia is trying to keep her distracted or something.

And then Cinch heard a noise. Over by the door, she notice two students running pass it and giggling: Sour Sweet and Fluttershy. However, what Cinch found most disturbing was that she notice a purple dog ridding on Fluttershy's shoulders. Cinch's suspicions grew all the more legitimate.

She take a quick glance at the other principals and could see they were distracted by the performance. While no one was looking, Cinch quietly sneak away and see where the students are going.

A while later, Moondancer was walking down the halls and trying to make her way to the gym per Twilight's request. The corridors were eerily disserted, but that just gives her the quietness to think. Moondancer was contemplating if she should accept Twilight's explanation that what she had detected was magic.

But then, as soon as Moondancer turns a corner, she come across Sunset Shimmer, the one from Crystal Prep. Both were surprised to find the other as they remember being pulled away together by Twilight and (CHS) Sunset. And as they began walking down the same hall, they deduce that they were asked to go to the gym as well.

"They asked you to go to gym too?" Moondancer asked.

Sunset awkwardly replies: "Yep."

"And uh... did they told you about the magic?"

"Yep. And turns out, that girl who looks like me is supposedly my counterpart from another dimension?"

"Another Dimension!" Moondancer said with surprise. "I can buy that before I could buy the magic part of things."

"I know, right" Sunset replied, sounding like she was getting along with Moondancer.

Both Moondancer and Sunset Shimmer fall into an awkward silence. They don't really know each other very much but found that they have an odd connection with one another; they're two people who want to be alone. However, that willing separation from their peer group somehow made them find each other and grow a certain bond. Not enough to call themselves friends or anything but enough to confide within with each other and to share thoughts.

"Hey Moondancer?"


"Are you gunna believe them? About "magic", "other dimensions" and all that?"

"Well... it's the only real answer that I gotten so far. You?"

"Well..." But before she could finish her train of thought, both Sunset and Moondancer started hearing a faint sound of music. And as they were walking, the music becomes louder and louder. "What the?"

Wanting to know the meaning of the increasing noise, the girls picked up their pace and run down the hall. Eventually they arrive to the door to the gym and they think they hear a large crowd inside. When they look through the door, they saw a vast away of students partying.

Crystal Prep and CHS students were sharing punch and chatting like mad. Rave music filled the air that cause everybody to dance and everyone seem to have a good time. Neither of them have seen a party like this, let alone with people from Crystal Prep. And as they look around and see the happy students, they soon spotted Twilight who in turn spotted them.

"Moondancer! Sunset! Come In!"

Moondancer and Sunset was still dazed from the scene that they discovered. So despite how much Twilight waved to them to come over, they were hesitant to enter the party. Seeing that they need motivation, Twilight walk over to them and pull them in. While they were reluctant, they sort of went along with Twilight into the party.

When they were in, Sunset and Moondancer took a moment to look around them. C.P and Canterlot students were chatting and dancing. Some were telling funny jokes that cause the other to laugh out loud. And in the centre of the whole thing, there were a sceptical of Pinkie Pie and Lemon Zest dancing that make everyone around them that more inspired towards friendship.

"What is all of this?" Moondancer said to Twilight.

"This! Oh, this is just something that we wanted to put together for the games. To get everyone to relax a bit and enjoy themselves" Twilight happily explained.

Cautious, Sunset asks: "Really? You wanted to put all of this together, even though we're your bitter rivals?"

"Well, I would be lying if I said everyone was on bored for this, but some of us was so tired of this bitter rivalry and so we are trying something to forget all of that."

While the two Crystal Prep was still a little bit suspicious about the whole thing, they couldn't help but feel impressed by what they have accomplished. They can't imagine the two school interacting like this in their wildest dreams. Moondancer remarks: "I can't imagine Principal Cinch would approve of all of this."

But Twilight then cheekily replies: "And that's why were are keeping this a secret from her." The two girls burst out smiling and chuckling to that fact.

Once they were thoroughly relaxed and more accepting of the party, Sunset asks Twilight: "Hey, do you know where... the other me is?"

Twilight look around and realize that she can't see her. "Hm... I think maybe she have to a quick errand outside. But don't worry, I think she'll be here any minute now."

"Ok then" Crystal Sunset replied. While Moondancer was debating if she should stay or not, Sunset says to her: "Well them, since I'm more use to the party scene, I think I'm gunna wait for her by the tables until the other me arrives. Holla if you need me."

"Ok" Twilight replied.

Moondancer stood there, shy and confused on what she want to do. Twilight saw this and try to comfort her. "Hey Moondancer" she says to her cheerfully. "Do you want to..."

But before she could finish, Flash appeared behind her and grabs her attention. "Twilight! I need your help!"

"Flash!" Twilight said with surprise.

Flash says to her: "I'm trying whatever I can to impress your brother, but nothing I do is getting through to him. You got to help me!"

Twilight groans and rest her hand on her temple. "Oh Flash..." she muttered. Even though she still likes him, sometimes he just tries way too hard. Moondancer on the other hand was left wondering and intrigue on what this is about.

Meanwhile, other members of the Shadowbolt team were mingling with their new Canterlot friends. Over by the food table, Sugarcoat was trying Applejack's family apple cider per Applejack's request. She quickly discovers that it was to her liking. "Hmm! This tastes really good. Do you family seriously makes this?"

"Yep and it's made with the Apple family secret recipe!" Applejack says proudly.

After swallowing another mouthful of cider, Sugarcoat tells AJ: "Well I'm not gunna ask you what that formula is, but I must say that you need to patent this in to stores."

"Geez Sugarcoat. That's a mighty nice thing to say."

"I'm Just being truthful!" Both girls then burst out laughing and chuckling.

Over to another side of the room, Rarity and Sunny Flare were chatting happily to one another. Sunny gratefully says to Rarity: "I must thank you again for all of your help during the fashion challenge. I don't know what I would have done without you."

"Well don't think too much about it darling" Rarity replied. "I was only there as a supervising role. Making sure that everybody was having fun making those designs."

"Well that is one of those things that I don't understand?" Sunny stated. "Knowing a glimpse of your behaviour, I would have expected you to actually competed and score a win for Canterlot."

"Yeah well, I know I would have won if I put my designs in, but then I know that Crystal Prep isn't so articulate as I am. There's no way I would stand by and wouldn't give a helping hand."


"I know, I know. "Opposite sides" and all that. I'm just too generous."

Sunny was still in disbelief to Rarity's kindness. However, when she see her kind and cheery smile, she couldn't detect a hint of mistrust from her. She was never interested in making friends before but she would like to have Rarity to be her first. "Maybe this is what it was like for Twilight when she came to this school?" said a passing thought that raced across Sunny's mind.

But as both girls were having a memorable moment, the scene sort of shift gears a little bit when Rarity asks a question. "But I must say, there is this one thing that I must ask you about."

"OK?" Sunny replied curiously.

"What is that large trinket that you have on?"

Sunny Flare looked down and see the large pendent around her neck. She actually had kept it hidden under her shirt and it must have gotten out at some point in the day.

Rarity says to Sunny: "I don't want to be nosy, but I remember you saying that you aren't one for fashion?"

Sunny replies: "Well you see..."

"... This is something that one of the other student had made before we got here" said Indigo Zap who explaining her trinket to Rainbow Dash. "She said that she made it for some soft of research project that she was doing and Principal Cinch made us all wear them for some reason?"

"Uh?" Rainbow Dash remarked.

She look at it closely, feeling that there is something off about it. But whatever suspicion thought couldn't be backed up as she don't know what to find. Afterwards, Rainbow Dash shrugs, thinks that she might be overthinking it and says out loud: "Eh..." Indigo Zap shares the same sentiment.

Meanwhile, Sunset Shimmer (the Sunset Shimmer from Crystal Prep) was standing by the food table and just admiring the party. People might call her a wallflower for it, but she didn't care. She was just satisfied watching the party and waiting for her counterpart to turn up so they could speak more.

But as she waiting, Sunset suddenly felt a colliding bump from her back that pushed her a little bit. Knocking her into a grumpy mood, Sunset turn around with anger and yell to the person who bumped her: "Hey! Watch It!"

But when she saw the boys who bumped her, she was off putted by their unintimidating appearance. One were short and kind of chubby with blue skin and the other was taller but scrawny with orange skin. She knew it was probably an accident and she shouldn't get too upset about it. However, what they say to her threw her through a loop.

"Oh Sunset! Didn't see ya there. Sorry for bumping into you" said the chubby kid as he quickly apologize.

Leaning back with confusion, Sunset says to them: "Do I know you?"

Shocked, the chubby boys says: "What! Of Course You Do! We were like your minions back when you were still a bad girl."

While Sunset still look completely confused, the scrawny boy tap the shoulder of his friend. "Hey, I don't think this is the Sunset that we know, eh."

The chubby became surprised, but when he got a closer look at Sunset, he soon realize who he was speaking to. "Oh! Y-You that other Sunset from Crystal Prep!" he says out loud.

"Um... yeah I guess?" Sunset replied.

"Sorry about that. We thought you were "the Sunset" from our school and well... you know..."

"Nah, No, None taken" Sunset replied as she quickly understood the mishap.

For a moment, it look like things would resolve without an issue. Both chubby and scrawny boy was about to walk off and enjoy the rest of the party. But before they could turn around and leave, Sunset suddenly realize something.

"Wait A Minute! What do you mean "Bad Girl"?"

"Huh?" replied the boy who turn back around.

"Did the other me did something horrible?"

The chubby boy stammered and didn't know what to say. He feels that if he says anything wrong, it would cause trouble to more then just himself. He would have stayed quiet... until his scrawny friend blathers out loud: "Oh yeah, she wasn't a very nice person. Before the Fall Formal where she turned into a flying-demoness, she was a real bully."

Want to shut him up, the other boy grabs him and gently tugs him away from Sunset. "He-He... Come on Snails, let's get out of her before..."

But before they could escape, Sunset pull them back and angrily tells me: "Tell Me Everything Right! Now!" Both boys gulped in fear.

A few moments later, the party was still in full swing and people are still enjoying themselves. Eventually, Twilight's group of friends, as well as the new Crystal Prep friends that they had made, slowly convince in the center of room and show how well everybody is getting along. And then, after wondering where she is, the Sunset from Canterlot High finally arrived and rejoin the group.

"Hey guys, sorry I'm late."

"No problem Sunset" Twilight replied. "We were just chatting and having a great time."

"Wow. Sounds like all the issues have finally been sorted out" Sunset gladly remarks.

Sugarcoat says to her: "Yeah well, we just found out that we have more things in common than we thought we had."

"Yeah! Who knew that you lot had such good humor?" Indigo offhandedly remarks.

Dash replied to her by saying: "Hey! Who's school was it that haven't found laughter before until now?"

"Us!" Sunny Flare jokingly admitted.

Both group of girls then burst out laughing. It seems like all the animosity or tension between all of them is completely gone and none of it was left to find. But as they were enjoying the moment, Sunset realize something.

"Hey! Fluttershy and Sour Sweet aren't here yet!?"

After looking at the group and saw that they aren't there, AJ just shrugs and replies: "They'll be here any minute."

However Sunset question did remind Moondancer of something. "Oh hey! Your other self is waiting for you by the food table."

"Really! Well I better go to her then."

"Yeah, don't keep her waiting!" Lemon Zest joked.

And after a bit more of laughter, Sunset slowly walks off. But as she was walking towards the back, the music slowly stops and a voice spoke out through the speakers.

"May I have your attention please!"

Everyone stop what they were doing and turn to face the stage. On there, they saw Derpy was standing by the mic stand, with Trixie was right behind her, and she was holding an envelope.

"We have got the final results for the 2nd round of the Friendship Games." When she said that, everyone's glued their attention onto her. "And the winner of the round is..."

But when Bright Eyes tries to open the envelope, she found some difficulty. She try to pick at the flap and it sealed shut. She try to tear it open but she isn't able to rip it. Something that anybody else would find such a simple tack is giving Muffins a touch time to do. The crowd couldn't decide if they should laugh or feel sorry for her.

Meanwhile, in the crowd, Sunset had finally meet up her other school counterpart at the food table who was finish talking with the boys that she met before.

"Hey Sunset. How are you..."

But before she rest her hand on her shoulder to grab her notice, Crystal Sunset grab her hand before she could touch her. Canterlot Sunset became shocked and feel strong anger in her grip. C.P Sunset slowly turn towards her, eyes filled with anger and tells her:

"We need to talk."

Back on stage, Derpy was still trying to open the envelope and the moment was beginning to drag. Growing impatient, Trixie push Bright Eye aside and grab the microphone.

"Ok! This how we are gunna do this! Shout if you want Crystal Prep to be the winners?"

The crowd was a little off put by the sudden demand and was soft questioning if they should.


And like that, the crowd started to make some noise. However, it wasn't high pitch screaming. It was more like a half-hearted cheer that they quickly made.

"Now Shout If You Want Canterlot To Be The Winner?!"

There was a slight pause. Not because they didn't know what to do but because all the Crystal Prep students secretly look at each other and slowly grew the same thought.

"Shout!" Trixie yelled one last time.


The crowd roared with loud shouting and cheering. However, most of the cheering came from the Crystal Prep students. The Canterlot High students was surprised. They didn't expect their rival school would cheer for them to win. Maybe it was some sort of thank you for showing them some fun that they never had for so long. Some were even touched by how excited that they shouted.

After witnessing the results, Trixie nonchalantly states: "Ok, Canterlot is the winners." She then pass the mic back to Muffin and tells her: "That's how you announce the results."

The C.P students made some more cheering to celebrate and the CHS decide to went along. Twilight and her friends stood where they are, proud of what they had accomplished. Excited and overjoyed, Pinkie Pie and Lemon Zest made their own celebratory shout.

"Oh Yeah!" shouted Lemon as she throw up her hands.

"Go CHS!" Pinkie yelled as she do the same thing.

As they were yelling and cheering, they unconsciously back to walk backwards. This sort of led them to walk back towards the exit and pump into somebody.

"Sorry" they quickly apologize.

However, when they turn around to see who it is, both girls became frightened.

"AH! Principal Cinch!!"

When everyone heard Pinkie's and Lemon's scream, everything stopped. The music abruptly ended, everybody ceased partying and they all look towards the door. There, they saw the cold, no-nonsense principal of Crystal Prep standing in the doorway. Her face shows no emotion but that just mean intense anger hiding behind her cold expression. And by her side, Fluttershy and Sour Sweet was there, standing terrified of the principal who grabbing onto their shoulders. They could obviously tell on how she found the party.

As the stone cold principal walk into the hall, Twilight rushes over and timidly says: "Principal Cinch! Funny to see you here. Um... We were just..."

"Save your words Twilight. I can see what's going on." Twilight gulped as Cinch walked back to her.

When Abacus was in the middle of the room, she stopped and look around to all the scared and nervous students in the hall. "Why you all stopped?" she asked sarcastically. "Are you not gunna continue partying and indulge yourselves in their meaningless friendship Trap?"

When she said trap, they all were wondering what she meant. But while most of the Crystal Prep students and a few Canterlot students was left confused by this, Moondancer notice Twilight was slowly began to break down into a cold sweat.

Seeing the confused students around her, Principal Cinch sighs. "Do I have to explain it to all of you?" With everyone still in a confused silence, she sort of got her answer. "*SIGH* Don't you find it sort of peculiar that all of Canterlot seemed so gung-ho on making friends with us, despite being bitter rivals? Don't you find it perplexing that they suddenly throw away the envelope and let it all be decided on a popularity contest?"

When she said that, the C.P students slowly became suspicious towards CHS. They too were curious on why they were so friendly and so helpful them but they all sort of forgot about when the party started. But now since those thoughts were brought back towards the forefront, they were even more suspicious.

As Cinch got onto the stage, she purposed out loud: "Is it perhaps they were misleading you, put you in a vulnerably state of susceptibility and to get you side with them? Why else would they choose art; an opinionated and subjective subject that are all based on one own opinions!? Although, they would have to know that Crystal Prep isn't so artistically adept. I would expect a certain "former student" might have a hand in it."

After hearing all of that, Moondancer turn to Twilight and ask her: "Is any of that true Twilight?"

Twilight was caught biting her lip. She want so badly to say no and deny anything that Cinch had implied, if only to help maintain the re-established friendship that she has for Moondancer. However, she can not lie to her. "Well... some of it was true but..."

But after those few, somewhat silent, words left her mouth, everybody around her gasped. They couldn't believe they were being misled and being tricked. Some felt absolutely betrayed. Meanwhile, for people like Sugarcoat and Sour Sweet, who felt that their new bonds were undeniable real, just look at their new friends with shock and they got embarrassed and ashamed looks in return.

While she could see that Moondancer was still in a state of utter shock, Twilight desperately tells her: "Look! Yes, we may have hoped that you all would let us have the round, but we really were trying to promote friendship! We were..."

However her words was falling on deaf ears. Moondancer, feeling utterly betrayed and remembering the first time that Twilight (accidentally) hurt her, let her anger grew and have control of her.

"You was trying to use us" Moondancer muttered. "You Were Using Us So You Can Win!?"

"No! We..."

"I Don't Want To Hear It!" Moondancer snapped. "You Said You Wanted To Make It Up With Me, So We Can Have A Second Chance, But You Was Just Using Me To Help Get You The Win!"

"No Moondancer! Please Listen!"

But before Twilight could say anything, Principal Cinch made an "Ahem!" through the speakers to get everyone's attention again. But what they don't know was that she was holding a peculiar button behind her back that was ready to press.

"However... I am still willing to concede the victory to Canterlot, despite how Underhanded it was. But in return..."

Cinch pushed the button and something bad was beginning to happen. The odd large pendants that were the around the necks of Moondancer, Indigo Zap, Sunny Flare, Lemon Zest, Sour Sweet and Sugarcoat begin to light up and lift by themselves. Before Twilight and her friends could realize what was going on, the pendants shot open and began to suck out a weird light from them.

"What Uh... Going On!?" Twilight cried out in confusion.

But before they knew it, all of them began to feel week. All strength was being sapped from them and each girl was falling down to the ground in pain. All the students who were witnessing stood back with shock and confusion. Even Moondancer and the other Shadowbolt girls could watch on in horror as they were seeing the life being sucked out of the people whom they considered their friends. And through the pain, Twilight realize what was going on: They Were Being Drained Of All Their Magic!

And after a few gruelling moments, it stopped. Twilight and her friends was left collapsed on the floor and the pendants closed with the stored magic that they stole. Everyone was left stunned by this. Even Moondancer wasn't expecting something like this. But through the confusion, Principal Cinch broke the silence as she make one final announcement.

"Next week will be the 3rd and final round of the Friendship Games. It will take place here, at Canterlot, and it will be a Fair Contest!" And as she was about to head off stage, Cinch took one more moment to tell her students: "To everybody from Crystal Prep; we are leaving. If you don't want to get left behind, you better head to the buses Immediately.

When Abacus was off the stage, everybody was still left in confusion. But with the fear of having to walk home, the students from C.P soon follow Cinch's command and began leaving the gym one by one. Moondancer look down at Twilight, shocked and horrified to what happened. When Twilight regained enough strength to pick up her head, Moondancer ran away before she could look at her. And when she left, Flash rushes to Twilight's aid.

"Twilight!" he cried out. As he got down and slowly lift her up, he asks: "Are you ok?"

"Moondancer..." Twilight responded in a weak tone. "Wait..." The last thing she saw of Moondancer was her leaving the gym.

In the halls, Principals Celestia, Luna and Cadence was walking around and trying to find Principal Cinch. When they found her, she saw her leading all the C.P students out of the school.

"What's going on Principal Cinch?" Dean Cadence asked.

Cinch replies: "We're leaving Dean Cadence. If you don't want to get left behind, you have better come along or else you have to walk back to school."

She continue to head along and leading the students. Cadence wasn't sure what was going on but she knows that Cinch isn't giving her a lot of time. She turn to Celestia and quickly tells: "I'm so sorry for this but I think I better go." Even though she was as confused as Cadence, Celestia understands and let her go.

But after all the Crystal Prep students had gone passed, they suddenly saw Twilight, being carried by Flash, and trying to catch up with the other students. They were trying to catch up with Moondancer and hopefully get to explain things before she get away. But when they got outside to the courtyard, they could see all the Crystal Prep students were getting onto the buses and Moondancer was no where in sight. Unable to find her, Twilight began to feel heart broken.

But as Twilight was feeling saddened to the point that she might cry, her and Flash suddenly heard a voice shout out behind them.

"Sunset! Wait!"

Confused (considering that it sounded like Sunset herself), Twilight and Flash turn around and see what's going on. Out from the doorway, Crystal Sunset storm out and was making a face pace walk to the buses. And right behind her, Canterlot's Sunset, barely managing to stand up, was chasing after herself.

"Wait Sunset!... We Need To Talk!" CHS Sunset yell out as she was holding herself up with the door.

"No, Get Away From Me!" C.P Sunset replied. "I Got Nothing More To Say To... To... To A Monster!"

Sunset's words was like a dagger that was stabbing her other world counterpart in the chest. And just then, Crystal Sunset momentarily stopped by the statue. Anger and rage was boiling up inside of her and she need to let it all out. She turn around towards the school that she now hates and shouts:

"I Wish I Never Gotten Involved In These Stupid Games!"

However, (CHS) Sunset, Twilight and Flash was paying enough to (C.P) Sunset. Instead, they were looking that the rather large crack on the statue mirror, the same mirror that was also an inter-dimensional portal. Before they could wonder how the cracks got there, Crystal Sunset, in a moment of frustration, kicks the side of the statue.


Crystal Sunset froze when she heard the sound. When look around on the statue's mirror, she saw that the whole thing was covered in cracks. Before, the cracks was only stationed around one corner. But now it was all over it and it's looks ready to fall apart. Twilight, Flash and (CHS) Sunset mouths hang open and was in a state of disbelief. And if things wasn't bad enough, in between the cracks, ominous and terrifying black mist was seeping through with signs of a bad omen being felt.

Afraid of getting in trouble, Crystal Sunset ran off and catch up with the other Crystal Prep, leaving Sunset and Twilight terrified on what's going to happen next.

Author's Note:

Woo boy, this chapter was a long time coming. This was mainly because I sort of shifted attentions towards making other stories. But don't worry, I haven't forgot about.

But I have to say, I crammed a lot into this one. I tried to squeeze in what was going on with the principals, the party, Crystal Sunset finding out the misdeeds of her other-self, the results, Principal Cinch crashing the party, the girls magic getting stolen and the mirror portal is on the edge to about to break. If anybody want to tell me to split this chapter up, I would gladly do so.

I guess the real reason why I took a long time finishing this chapter was because I wasn't quite sure how I should write the characters. At certain parts, I wasn't sure on what I should have the characters say or do. It most around the part where Sunset and Moondancer discovering the party.

Anyway, that is mostly it. It has been so long, I sort of forgot the parts that I like to mention. Maybe it's the "Drama-Slam" at the start or certain character's interactions in the middle? Or maybe it's the parts at the end where things aren't looking so good for the girls at Canterlot?

I hope that you enjoy this chapter and hopefully activity will resume for this story. Please tell me any and all mistakes that I have made so I can quickly fix them.