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Friendship Games: Friendship Makes Magic - ImNoPony

The great epic showdown set in an alternate continuity where human Twilight must face her old school and her old "friends" and Sunset will have to face herself.

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Chapter 6- Friendship Festival

Everyone from Crystal Prep was left in awestruck. Even when they got off the bus and standing on Canterlot High's ground, they still didn't know what to say to the overly warm welcome. If they had put even a slight more effort and the welcome would have been a bit intimidating.

When the principals of both schools manage to meet each other, Principal Cinch loudly asks: "Principal Celestia and Vice-Principal Luna! What is the meaning of all this?"

Celestia calmly replies: "Well we are just trying to make a warm Canterlot High welcome for all of your students Principal Cinch."

"Well I don't remember this sort of welcome in the previous years of the Friendship Games."

"That's because we are trying to do something different this year."

When Celestia said that, they suddenly began to hearing the hustle and bustle of the other students around them. They were they did what they did last week and was mixing with one another. But unlike last week, the atmosphere was a lot more friendly this time around and the students were getting along one with each other. Some of the students was a bit hesitant about "making friends with the enemy", but even they started socialising with the students from the other school who have the similar opinion.

Celestia explains: "We detected a pattern within the games that sort of made the games monotonous and unfriendly. And so, we decided to shake up the status quo a little and put on a art festival instead."

Cinch responds by saying: "Art..."

"... Festival!" and finished up by Cadence who was just as surprised.

"Yes, an art festival" Luna stated. "We set up impromptu fashion show, art contest and "poetry showdown" all around the school that tests everybody's creative skills. Nothing is prepared to in advance. The students have to create what they can within a short amount of time."

Principal Cinch wasn't impressed and was a bit sceptical about the whole thing. But meanwhile, Dean Cadence was impressed and is one board with the art festival. "Wow! An art festival could be something we all need! Something to liven up events and get the students into a more friendlier mood" Cadence stated cheerfully.

Cinch just huffed and says: "But art is such a subjective subject, all based on opinion and not any absolute score to be graded."

Seeing Cinch isn't very happy with these turn of events, Celestia calmly suggests to her: "Well why don't we be the judges and you can see if we are judging everything fairly or not."

Principal Cinch was still very suspicious and feels that Celestia has an ulterior motive about today's events. However, to save face, she decide to go along with things and tells her: "Fine Celestia. I'll play along and see what you have to offer."

Excited, Principal Celestia happily exclaims "Good!" She then pass her a piece of paper and tells her: "This will tell you all of the main events that we have in store for everyone. We'll give you time to prepare."

When Cinch looks over the list, she could see that she have to pick carefully on who she want at which event. Art isn't a major curriculum at Crystal Prep and could see her students struggling during the events. Cinch have a sinking feeling that Twilight was the one who tells Celestia that they don't teach much art at C.P, but she still gonna buckle down and roll with it.

Meanwhile, a few meters away, Shining Armour was looking up and staring at a banner that was hanging up above me. He seems transfixed on it as it looks pretty good and amazing to him. It has a wide away of symbols and colours that includes music notes, DNA double helix and nature and peace that couldn't help but feel impresses. But as he was admiring it, Flash Sentry suddenly appears beside him.

"What do you think Shining?"

Shining Armour jump back with surprise. "You made this?"

"Yep!" Flash reply proudly. "Me and the guys was asked to make a bunch of them for your arrival and it meant to show what Canterlot has to offer." However, what Flash didn't say was that the banner's artwork was a complete accident as he fought with his friends about what it should be on there.

At first, Shining Armour was amazed that Flash made an impressive looking banner. But then he remembers that he was trying to date his sister and he still want to be a hardass to him. Suppressing his emotions and pretend he wasn't impressed.

"It's alright. Nothing to right home about though."

"Oh What!" Flash responded as his feelings became dashed. He was hoping that Shining would seriously like his banner enough that it might cause him to become chill towards him. And even though Shining Armour still want to be mean to towards Flash, he could tell that he hurt his feelings.

Meanwhile, off in the distance, Twilight and her friends was watching everyone interacting. True, not everybody from both schools were socializing, but it was better start then they had imagined.

"Oooh! Look Twilight! Everybody is talking!" Rarity happily exclaimed. "Your plan is working."

"Calm down Rarity, it's only the start." Twilight replied. "We will have to see how everything goes once the second round actually begins."

Applejack adds: "But still, it's better then what we hope for."

With Spike in her arms, Fluttershy also adds: "Yep, and now we have to make sure..."


But before she could finish, Sour Sweet suddenly appears and got her arms around Fluttershy. Everyone was left stunned to her sudden arrival. However, what they found truly shocking is what she says and the genuinely sweet way that she says it.

"Don't run off on me like what you did last week. You had me worried sick."

"Sour Sweet... was worried about somebody!?!?" Spike thought to himself as he found such a thing a unbelievable.

Everyone was flabbergasted to what they were seeing. Sour Sweet wasn't acting like how she did last week or how Twilight knows about her ever since they meet. Fluttershy herself was little bit surprised, but she didn't felt scared to Sour Sweet's lovingly embrace.

"Sour Sweet?" Twilight hesitantly call out.

And then, almost reverting back to her old personality, Sour shot an angry glare at Twilight and replies: "What do you want Sparkle?"

"Just uh... Are you feeling alright?"

Sour pause for a moment while still giving an angry stare. But she then swings back to a more cherry personality and happily replies: "Of Course!" Finally letting go of Fluttershy, she says: "Ever since this little angel healed my foot, I feel never better!"

Everyone found Sour Sweet's sudden shift in personality absolutely shocking and borderline on disturbing. Even though didn't like her old personality, they are some how missing that and would feel more comfortable if she was mean to them. While everyone was still star struck, Fluttershy works up the courage and politely says to her:

"Gee Sour Sweet. I'm glad that you're ok."

"Awe! You're Welcome!" Sour Sweet replied. She then got up close to Fluttershy's ear and whispers: "And by the way, your secret is safe with me."

"Um... Thank you!" reply a happy Fluttershy.

And then suddenly, Principal Cinch call out to everyone. "Shadowbolts! Huddle!"

Realizing that she was being called, a saddened Sour Sweet tells Fluttershy and her friends: "Well I guess I got to go now Fluttershy. But don't worry. We'll meet later, 'k?"

"Um ok" Fluttershy cheerfully replied. As Sour Sweet runs off to her principal, Fluttershy says to her friends: "Looks like we have one less thing to worry about." Unfortunately, they were still stunned to Sour's sudden behaviour.

When Sour Sweet arrive to her principal, she notice that the other Crystal Prep contestants were already there. (Crystal) Sunset, Indigo Zap, Lemon Zest and the rest. And even though Moondancer wasn't participating, she was also there for some reason. "What were you doing?" Moondancer asked Sweet.

"None of your business" Sweet defensive replied.

"AHEM!" Cinch sounded, gained the attentions of everybody around. "I'm gunna give around their assigned roles... Oh!"

And then suddenly, Cinch suddenly felt weird. Her nose started twitching and she felt a sudden urge to sneeze. The students around her instantly notice what was about to happen and quickly step back. Cinch try to quickly pull out her handkerchief but... "ACHOO!" Cinch sneezed out loud. She manage to aim her sneeze onto her handkerchief but it was loud enough that a few people heard it. Embarrassed, Cinch look around angrily and see was caused it... and she saw some animal hair on Sour Sweet.

When everybody else notice the hair, Sour Sweet was wondering how animal hair had got on her. But then she remember that Fluttershy was holding a dog when she hug her and realize that some of it's fur must have gotten onto her. Sweet was getting worried because she didn't want to get into trouble. She quickly come up with a lie and says:

"Whoopsie! I must have gotten some pet hair from home. He-he... Sorry?"

Principal Cinch looks like she was furious towards her, however it looks like she buy into Sour Sweet's lie. Everyone else was silent as they know that she would get into some sort of punishment later. Sweet try to get all the dog hair off her but Cinch still won't let her come any closer. Once everything was settle down, Cinch gave everyone there roles.

"Ok, Sugarcoat will be making clay vases in the arts & crafts challenge, Coloratura will be participating in the singing contest, Sunny Flare will be a designer in the Fashion Show..."

"What!" yelled Sunny Flare with surprise.

"... Moondancer and Sunset Shimmer will be in constructive poetry and constructive story-making respectively."

Both Moondancer and (Crystal) Sunset was adamant about being in those contests since they made a poem or a story before, but they suck it up and hide their discontent.

Cinch looks at Sour Sweet when she says in a intimidating manner: "Sour Sweet will do painting..."

"He-he..." Sour Sweet chuckled nervously.

Cinch then went back to the list and finish of listing: "Trenderfoot will be in the acting contest and Lemon Zest will be in the dance-off."

"YES!" said Lemon Zest as she proclaims excitingly.

"Any questions?"

Immediately, Sunny Flare raised her hand.

"What is it Sunny Flare?" asked Cinch as she was growing more annoyed.

Sunny then tells her: "I'm sorry Principal Cinch but I don't think I'm well suited to be a fashion show. I'm more suited in architecture and constructive design. If you would change places with Sugarcoat, then I..."

However, Cinch cut her off from finishing and tells her: "My apology Sunny Flare, but if you would be in art & crafts, then I would have nobody else who could be in the fashion show. End of discussion"

"Yes but..."

"END OF DISSCUSSION!" Cinch yells at her.

Everyone froze in fear when they heard her yell. Cinch was clearly becoming more dishevelled as her anger was beginning to show. Even a fair amount of people around them heard her yell. Embarrassed that she wasn't in a more dignified appearance, Cinch fixes herself and tell the participants around: "Well then... your dismissed."

Cinch then walks off, suppressing all the emotions that she has. Her confused students want to ask her to come back and tell them how to compete in something that they haven't done before, but they know it would be a bad idea to ask and rather steamed principal. Reluctantly, the decide to suck it up and do the best that they can. But for the perfectionist Sunny Flare, she was sort of breaking down at the scene.

"How Am Suppose To Design A Dress?!" Sunny asked out loud. "I Never Picked Up A Fashion Magazine Before, Let Alone Looked Up Intricate Dress Designs!"

All the other C.P students look on at Sunny Flare as she was breaking down. But instead of going over and try to comfort her, they decide to walk on and leave her and let her handle it on her own. But then, as Sunny panicking, Rarity suddenly appear from behind her. Rarity tells her: "Don't worry dear, I will help you out."

"What!?" Sunny Flare responded

"I'm the assistant for the fashion show so if there is anything that you need help with, I'll be there to aid you."

Sunny was shocked and hesitant towards Rarity's unexpected assistance, especially since she was from a rival school. However, she couldn't explain it, but she could feel any ill content from her. Obviously since she is a girl of science and logic that she can't trust someone purely on feeling alone. However, either because she realizing that she was being too uptight or Rarity eagerly pushing her long towards the building, but Sunny Flare hesitantly decide to go along with her.

Meanwhile, while everybody was still scatter about, Lemon Zest standing around and listening to her music. With nobody else looking, Pinkie Pie snuck up behind her and tap her on her shoulder. When Lemon Zest look and recognize her presence, Pinkie says to her:

"Hi! If you don't mind me eavesdropping for a bit but I heard you were put in the dancing competition. I'm just here to let you know that I am in the dance competition too and I Can "Bust Some Slick Moves Yo!""

But while Pinkie was look confident and impressive, Lemon Zest just chuckled amusingly, When Pinkie became confused, Lemon reply to her: "Dude, I'm like the regional dance champ' 3 years in a row!"

And at that, Pinkie turn to stone out of amazement with an open jaw and Lemon decide to walk off. When Pinkie unfroze herself and look back at Lemon Zest, she saw her dancing up the steps of the front door and she looked awesome as she does it. Normally anybody would feel intimidated by this discovery if they were set to face her. But for Pinkie Pie, she instead feels more excited

"ALRIGHT! I'M LOOKING FORWARD TO THIS!" Pinkie shouted to Lemon. Lemon just smiles and began to feel excited for the dance off herself.

But meanwhile, both Moondancer and the Sunset from Crystal Prep was observing everything from the distance. They notice that students from Canterlot High, particularly those who are close to Twilight, was interacting and "getting close" to the pupils from their school. They could tell that they have an ulterior motive and they have a hunch that Twilight was behind all of this. Regardless, they notice that everybody else was heading into the building and they didn't want to be left behind.

But when nobody else was looking, Twilight and (CHS) Sunset suddenly appeared behind them and softly grab them softly. When Moondancer and (Crystal) Sunset realize they were there, Twilight whispery ask the both of them: "Hey, can we borrow you two for a sec?"

"Yeah! We got something important to tell the both of you!" Sunset explained.


But before they could react, Twilight quickly push Moondancer and Sunset push her counter part in through the doors. But instead of going with the students who were going a particular hallway, they push them down another hallway where they would be alone.

However, once everybody went inside, the front courtyard had became completely deserted aside from the presence of the wind. And since nobody was no longer there, only nobody notice that the crack on the statue's mirror was growing even large. And as the crack was becoming more and more noticeable, a series of dark and green lights leak out from the crack.

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