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Friendship Games: Friendship Makes Magic - ImNoPony

The great epic showdown set in an alternate continuity where human Twilight must face her old school and her old "friends" and Sunset will have to face herself.

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Epilogue- Class Announcements

One week has pass since the Friendship Games and everything went back to normal. Canterlot High went back to it's daily routine and everyone had to go back to focusing on their school work again. Sunset, Twilight and the rest of their friends didn't find enough shards to completely fix the magical portal mirror... but they did find enough of them to restore about half of them. So if Sunset wanted to go back to her world, she have to bend over and twist her body to squeeze through. And so for now, she will stay a little bit longer until the mirror is completely restored.

However, Sunset need to forget about that for now and focus on the lesson at hand. At the moment, she is waiting patiently in a classroom for the teacher to arrive. Sunset didn't had all of her friends with her in her class, but she did have Twilight and Pinkie siting either side of her. Sunset and Twilight was eager to learn something new while Pinkie was busy texting on her phone to Lemon Zest. There was also Sonata Dusk... but she was sitting farther back in the classroom.

And then, without too much delay, their teacher: Mr. Cranky Doodle, arrive into the classroom with a stack of papers.

"Ok Kids! Settle Down!" he says to a rustling and bustling crowd. "I got a few announcements to make!"

When they heard that he have an announcement, everyone in the class slowly become quite so Mr. Doodle can speak. Once he finally drop the papers on his desk and took a minute to straighten up his back, he finally give them the news.

"Ok, now despite just have (yet another) major high school event, next month is the annual camping trip to "Camp Everfree" for the junior and senior students. Yay..." he said unenthused. "Ahem... If you want to take take part, be sure to take a permission slip at the end of class and get your parents or guardian to sign it."

When he said all of that, the class of students became interested. Some of them like the idea of spending a week in the wilderness and interacting with nature. Pinkie is most definitely excited as she can imagine all of her friends having fun. Twilight wasn't nearly as invested as some of the other student, but if she can spend time with her friends, she guess that she wouldn't mind it. The only student who was at all adamant about this camping trip was Sunset Shimmer. Just the name of it being "Camp Everfree" was raising so many red flags in her head that cause her to be cautious. However, since it seem like all of her other friends might be going, she guess that she got no choice but to tag along.

But that was everything that Cranky had in store. He then tells his class: "Next is that we have a new transfer student starting today."

When he said that, everyone instantly became intrigue. A new student? Now? Everyone's imaginations ran wild as they try to envision this new student. Even Twilight and Sunset looked at each other with curious gazes. All they hope for though is if the new student is just a kind person.

Mr. Doodle then look towards the door and cries: "You can come in now and introduce yourself little lady."

At that, the new student finally stepped into the classroom. The new student was a girl and she looked fairly cute. She had a bright blue shirt, a cool, thin waist coat and jeans that had those intentional designed holes on them. All the guys quickly became enamored with her and Twilight and Sunset thinks she might be a nice person. But for Sonata, she got one peculiar question on her mind.

"Wait? Why is Aria doing in my class?"

The new student then wrote her name on the chalkboard. And when she turn around, flicking her dark purple hair with a blue highlight as she does, she finally introduce herself.

"Hello everyone! My name is Starlight Glimmer. It's very nice to meet you!"

With that cheery introduction, she was welcomed into the class. Her happy expression was warm and welcoming and people was already looking forward to study alongside her. However, for Sunset and Twilight, they had slightly different reactions. It just that her name, "Starlight Glimmer", was ringing bells in their heads and they didn't like it.

Sunset thought to herself: "Starlight Glimmer? Wait!? Didn't I..."

Pinkie then sneak up to Sunset's ear and whispers: "Hey. Wasn't that the name that you used during the Friendship Games?"

And just like that, Sunset fell into a sulk. She had used a name that belonged to somebody else. Or in another way you could put it: she had been impersonating somebody without knowing it. And with her already "impersonating" her human-world counterpart, Sunset sink into her chair and moan.



Author's Note:

Oh Great! Here it comes! Here come all the comment about Starlight Glimmer. It will either be about "How dare you add Starlight Glimmer!" or "Oh Boy! I can't wait to see how Starlight is gunna change things in "Legends of Everfree"". There might also be those who wonder why I added her in the last 5 minutes, but I did the exact same thing in the last installment.

And honestly, if you were expecting this after chapter "Dueling Sunsets"... then I guess you wasn't expecting it and you should be surprised.

And now, I guess I should gave some Author's Notes about the whole story in general. Honestly, the biggest inspirational influence was a comment that I got during the first installment. It was basically a negative comment that complains that I wasn't being original enough and just copying the movies. And honestly, I kind of felt way towards the 1st and 2nd story. And so, to mix it up a little bit, that's why I added Moondancer and Sunset's human-world counterpart.

Yep! That's the main reason why I added them.

I also better mention this now when I have the chance, but one of my goals was to give more focus on the Crystal Prep characters. They didn't really got much attention or development in the movie and I felt that was a shame (especially since they were advertise as the Hu-Mane 6's rivals). I also especially want to give development for Cinch. I know she's a Hate Sink for certain fans, but I wished that she was given a least a little bit of redemption.

Honestly, my own personal shame for me in this story is my handling with Spike. At most times, I didn't know what I wanted to do with him. I know I wanted him in the scene with Abacus to really highlight her allergies. But aside from that: ??? Heck, he spent most of the story with Fluttershy so her should be considered Fluttershy's pet!

Oh and then there's Flash Sentry. There's not much that I can say aside that I wanted to give him something to do and give him a (somewhat) comedic side-plot with Shining Armor. But then again, I'm pretty sure that a few fans wanted Flash to interact with Twilight's brother and I guess one of those people was me. So... yeah. There's that.

Anyway, I really hope that you enjoyed my story and think you for sticking with me for this long. If there's anything that needs approving, being it either spelling, grammer or story-elements, don't be afraid to list them in the comments.

Thank you

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Oops! This is going to be awkward... poor Sunset...:twilightsheepish::rainbowlaugh:

Excellent epilogue. And, yeah, I'm not surprised that the human universe counterpart to Starlight would end up showing up. After all, considering Sunset used the alias to keep herself separate from her counterpart, the rule of irony pretty much demanded that the REAL Starlight (in THAT universe) would show up in the epilogue . And, yeah, the future adventure set-up is just plain great especially Sunset (quite understandably) being more cautious about the mention of the camp's name due to the stuff she heard about in Equestria .

At any rate, this was, overall a superb addition to this series.

How do you know that this Starlight is from the human world? For all you know, this Starlight could actually be from Equestria who stumbled into the human world because of the mirror shards?
Nah! She totally from the human world.

Well, to be fair, I kind of figured it was a fifty-fifty shot and made a lucky guess.

Yup. Sunset, even though unintentionally, goofed again.

Out of all your stories in this series, this one is the craziest so far. Also, what's going on with the Dazzlings? You kind of left that plot hole open.

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