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Friendship Games: Friendship Makes Magic - ImNoPony

The great epic showdown set in an alternate continuity where human Twilight must face her old school and her old "friends" and Sunset will have to face herself.

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Chapter 10- Friendship Round III

Today is the day. Today is the last round of the Friendship Games and things weren't looking too happy for everyone. During the week since the last round, Principal Cinch had sent Canterlot High a message about what the last event is gunna be: "Capture the Flag". The message didn't say anything about magic or the current relation between the schools. Just that they have to scatter 7 pennant flags around the school for Crystal Prep to find and C.P will do the same for Canterlot High to find. Even though they don't want to go along with it, they felt like they didn't have any other choice.

But anyway, right now, everybody was waiting in front of the school and waiting for Crystal Prep to arrive. The weather forecast say that it wouldn't be raining but dark, thick clouds hang over the skies above. This was oddly (and unfortunately) fitting since everyone was in dour mood. No one looked happy or excited. No one looked curious or any at all invested. They weren't even bored. They all just looked gloomy and miserable. The scene looked so depressing that even Adagio, Aria and Sonata; three girls who were indifferent to the games was a little bit annoyed that nobody was happy about it.

And eventually, the buses that was carrying Crystal Prep had finally arrived. With Discord being the same driver, all the buses parked out in front and everybody slowly gets off. Just like CHS, the students of Crystal Prep wasn't looking forward to today's events either and they were looking just as disinterested and gloomy as they are. The only people who had the most positive expressions out of anyone was Principal Cinch and Discord (he just found it amusing that the weather was matching the emotional-atmosphere).

Nobody was talking and nobody was conversing. They weren't any aggression or animosity like they were before the games. But after what happened last week, things were in an awkward and difficult situation that nobody felt energized to talk about. At least in the first round that there were some conversation being traded. Things were just so depressing that it made the principals of the two school feel sick to their stomach.

Anyway, all the students headed towards the bleachers that was set up in front of the building. Teachers from both schools then heads on inside the building so they could scatter about the flags. Once they were done, they head back out the front and inform the two sets of principals. Standing in between the two student bodies and in front of the statue (the one with the cracked portal mirror that was currently covered up), Dean Cadence from Crystal Prep then went over the rules.

After taking a deep breath (to hold her emotions), she explains: "Ok, there are 14 pennant flags scattered thought Canterlot High's main building. 7 for CHS and 7 for C.P. The two school teams with only 7 members will then enter the building and race to capture their flags. Each member are only allowed to carry one flag each and once they return with said flag, they aren't allowed to re-enter the school. The first team to return with all of their school's flags or with the most flags within the allotted time not only win the round but the Friendship Games as well."

After explaining all of that, the students from both schools now have a firm understanding on the rules.

"Now will the teams from Canterlot and Crystal Prep now make you way to the center!" Cadence cried out.

Emerging from their respective school's sides, the two groups of seven came out and headed towards the principals. Rather amusingly (and predictably), they were the 14 girls that everyone came to expect. On Crystal Prep's side, it was Moondancer, Sunset Shimmer (from the human world), Indigo Zap, Sugarcoat, Sour Sweet, Lemon Zest and Sunny Flare. For Canterlot High's side, it was Twilight Sparkle, Sunset Shimmer (from the pony world), Rainbow Dash, Applejack, Fluttershy, Pinkie Pie and Rarity. When both teams came to the center, their respective school principals gave their students a quick private chat before they start.

"Are you all ready for this?" Principal Celestia asked them.

Rainbow Dash shrugs and replies: "We're as ready as we ever be."

"Ok but... are you all still sure that you want to do this?"

Celestia must still be worried about their help. That... and probably because the other team has magic powers that will probably gives them an edge. Twilight responded by saying to her: "We're probably the best group of people going against them. Who else know more about our magic then us?" Celestia had to silently agrees.

They then look at their opponents who were have a quite of a "pep talk" from their principal.

"Remember; as soon as you all inside, activate Moondancer's device and unleash the magic!" Principal Cinch ordered.

Despite how fierce Cinch was glaring that them, Moondancer tries to hesitantly warn her: "But Principal Cinch, we hadn't..."

But Cinch interrupts her and says: "And also remember that you not only maintaining the reputation of the school but your own as well. Other's will witness your expertise and skills and they all will be very interested into having you."

When she said that, Moondancer quickly shut the heck up. She realize that it was a subtle hint that if she or they don't do what they are told, they won't get the further education programs that they wanted. It almost like she is blackmailing them or something.

"Now all of you get into position and get ready."

With that, all the participants get behind the starting line and get ready to run. As they all were lining up, the teams were having a quick glare at one another. They try to shoot out looks that say that they aren't going to lose. But deep down in their hearts, all of them don't really want to do this.

After a moment of silence, Luna hold up the starting gun over her head.


When the girls heard the starting sound, all of them made a fast dash to the front door. They then run into the building and began their search for the flags.

After all the girls had gone into the main building, they all split up in the foyer and a lot of them went down different hallways. No one was with anybody from their own team and they spread to cover as much ground as possible. The only person they are with is their opponents who went down the same hallway as they did.

And in the center of hallway, Twilight was left debating with herself on where she should check first. But as she was looking down different corridors, she caught a gimps of someone. She wasn't too sure but she thinks it was Moondancer. When she saw her, Twilight got a voice in the back of her mind telling that she need to go after her. The only thing that was holding her back is the hostility that she might get when Moondancer would see. However, she was determined to make amends with her and so she tries to follow her.

Meanwhile, in an another corridor, Fluttershy was running down and trying to look for the room that has a flag. She had Spike along with her and sort of assisting her in her search... even though it might be considered cheating if a teacher spotted her using him. They were rushing down the hallway way until they come across a junction where they run into Sour Sweet.

"You!" Sour Sweet exclaimed when she saw her.

Startled to suddenly meeting her, Fluttershy sheepishly replies: "Um, hi Sour Sweet."

However, Sour Sweet wasn't so friendly this time around. "Don't try to be friendly around me! I know you were pretending to be my friend during the last round just so you can get a point on us."

"What!" Spike barked. "You was the one who was being friendly around us and wanted to hang out!"

But unfortunately, Fluttershy didn't think like that. Seeing Sour Sweet's mean side, after having been around her kind side, was a sharp stab to her emotions. And looking into her cross-filled eyes, she could see that she wasn't joking around. A hurt Fluttershy cries out: "Sorry for bothering you!" and ran in the opposite direction.

Both Spike and Sour Sweet was surprised by how hurt Fluttershy was. They didn't know how fragile she was or how much she must have cared for their short friendship. Spike barks: "Wait Fluttershy!" and tries to chase after.

Sour Sweet stood there, alone in that hallway, biting her lip and slowly realizing that her friendship with Fluttershy might have been real.

Meanwhile in an other hallway, (Canterlot) Sunset was hearing loud footsteps. She knows that it could be anyone. However, something about them seems oddly familiar to her. Almost like they were her own somehow. When she thought of that, Sunset realize that they must belong to her human world counterpart and she decides to go after them.

In a parallel hallway going the other direction, Rainbow Dash and Indigo Zap was racing against each other while trying to find their flags.

"I'll Find Mine First, Indigo Scrap!"

"Not Before Mine, Rainbow Trash!"

Both girls trade insults with one another and but heads while they run. Eventually, Rainbow mange to gain the lead, much to Indigo's surprise. However, while Rainbow was thinking that she will win their little rivalry, she suddenly heard a slip and a fall.


Rainbow Dash stopped running a looks back, noticing that Indigo had fallen and was slow to picking herself up. Now, the competitive part of her brain was telling her to keep on running and keep her advantage. However, another part of her was commanding her to help Indigo Zap. Either it was her good-natured spirit, her attachment to Indigo or her sense of loyalty, but Rainbow decides to go back and help her.

When Indigo Zap managed to get a third of the way up, she spotted Rainbow's hand who was offering her some assistance. Surprised by this act of kindness, she accepts Rainbow Dash's hand and let her help her get back onto her feet.

Both Sunset and Twilight looked frantically around them for the people they are chasing. Eventually, they come across each other while they were huffing and puffing. When they first see each other, they had they a feeling that they weren't looking for the flags no more. And by the fact there is so many similarities between one another, Twilight and Sunset could guess that they are looking for some people that they really need a personal chat to.

"You see, we weren't really faking it! We really tried to be friends with all of y'all."

"Actually, I already thought that was the case. The only umbrage I have is that you were trying to bank on us giving you the win. You could obviously still have beaten us in the artistic contests."

"Yeah. In hindsight, that's a bit of shame on our parts."

Applejack and Sugarcoat was jogging down the hall side by side as they have their conversation. AJ tried to explain to Sugarcoat that they really were friends and try to clear everything up from last week. While Sugarcoat still feel a bit miffed, she could tell that Applejack was being genuine and her hearts is currently in the right place.

"Let's agree to put this thing behind us and get this over with?"

"Yeah... I would like that."

Down in the other hallway, Rarity and Sunny Flare were competing against each other for the flag. Despite both have keen eyes for small details, neither of them had spotted any flags. But as they were running, Sunny Flare notice that Rarity had stopped and was catching her breath by the lockers.

Sunny runs back and asks: "Are you ok?"

While catching her breath, Rarity replies: "Yes dearie... I'm fine... Just not use to running for long periods of time."

Looking back, Sunny realize that they have been running since the event had started and that she was sort of tired too. She pressed a button on her wrist mounted device that let's it shoot out a small handkerchief. But as she was ripping away the sweet from her brow, Sunny Flare notice something on Rarity.

"Your shoes? You're wearing sneakers?"

"Hm? Oh Yes! When I heard that this event will involve a lot of running and racing, I decides to dress for the occasion and design myself a pair of sneakers!"

Sunny Flare was transfixed on her shoes. Not only were they really appropriate, but they also looked really good on her. They were stylized with white and purple strips that goes along the sides that gives the impression that they are meant for speed. They have both form AND function.

Rarity comments: "I learn that while fashion doesn't always have to be in the drives seat, it can still be in the passenger seat next to utility."

Sunny was silently impressed. She never knew that both can go hand in hand and she appreciates Rarity's talents even more.

Finally, the first set of flags were finally spotted. Both Pinkie Pie and Lemon Zest entered the gym and found the flags belonging to both of their schools. The only problem was that they were behind an obstetrical course filled with large tires, climbing walls, swinging punching bags and a net to crawl under. It looks like a scene straight out of boot camp. Both Pinkie Pie and Lemon Zest quickly loose interest.

Pinkie remarks: "Man! These games aren't fun anymore."

"You can say that again" Lemon replies.

Sunset and Twilight was running together to find the people they were looking for. But as they were slowly losing hope, they heard sounds coming from the library. Even though it would be a cliche place to find two intellectual girls, a feeling in the back of their necks were telling them that they were inside. After taking a deep breath, both Twilight and Sunset went inside.

When Twilight and Sunset went inside, they quickly found Moondancer and (Crystal) Sunset... trying to stand on top of each other. They were trying to climb on top of a bookshelf that has two sets of flags sitting on top of it and the bookshelf itself was too tall for either one of them. Sunset was trying to stand on top of Moondancer's shoulders, but they were doing it clumsily and was bickering to one another.

"Stand Still!" Crystal Sunset demanded.

"Ouch! Watch It!" Moondancer yelled back.

"I Am Watching It! Now Just Stand Still!"


Both Moondancer and Crystal Sunset froze when they heard another sound in the room. When Sunset got down and they turn towards the Library's entrance, they saw Twilight and the Sunset from CHS stood there awkwardly.

"Um... Hi!?" Twilight nervously waved.

"Twilight!" Moondancer yelled in surprise. "Waaa!"

As seeing Twilight and Canterlot Sunset startled them, both Moondancer and the other Sunset lost whatever balance that they had. They both stumbled over and crashed while also a few books fell atop of them. The only saving graces in this were the somewhat soft carpet broke their fall and the entire bookcase didn't sandwiched them on the ground. But while it was an amusing bit of slap stick, Twilight and Sunset didn't forget that they might have been hurt and rushed to their aid.

Twilight cried out: "Moondancer! Are you hurt!?"

"Yes! We're fine!" Moondancer angrily replied.

But as the Canterlot pair try to help up them up, Moondancer and Crystal Sunset pushed away any hands of assistance that they gave to them. Sunset even went far to say to her other world counterpart: "Get Away From Me You Monster!" The harsh insult repelled the Canterlot Sunset away and the two C.P students get up by themselves. These two, with cold anger on their faces, still have strong animosity towards our heroines which Twilight and Sunset want to get rid of.

In a calm and sorry tone, Twilight ask them: "Look, we only want to talk."

But Moondancer, not having any of it, aggressively replies: "No! We are done talking!" As a heart-shaken Twilight steps back, Moondancer explains: "You always talk about how you "want to be our friends" and "you want to make it up to us", But You Never Do!"

"You only want to use us and make us accept you apologize so you can no longer have guilty consciences" Crystal Sunset continued.

"But we've have had it with all of this!" Moondancer stated. "We're done being tools for petty principals and these stupid games! We're done being used by other people and people who want to be our "friends!" WE'RE DONE WITH ALL OF THIS!"

As Moondancer gets more and more riled up, Twilight and Sunset could see that all of this stress had finally gotten to them. All of this stress and pent up emotions had been building up all this time and the events that happened in the Games piled all the more harmful emotions onto them. They really want to get through to them and get through to them now... but they don't how to do it.

But as she was letting out all of her emotions, Moondancer remarks: "And you know what!? We Now Have The Powers To Do It!" And when she says that, Moondancer and Crystal Sunset pulled out the magic-filled pendents that they have around their necks. Fear stuck Twilight and Canterlot Sunset as they could see that they are about to unleash the magic. As Moondancer and Sunset was about to press ring on top that would activate the devices...

"STOP!" yelled both Twilight and Canterlot Sunset with their hands extended out, knowing all too well what magic fueled by negative emotions is like.

"WHY!?" Crystal Sunset angrily asks back. "Jealous that we got your magic now? Scared that we are gunna unleash all of it on you?"

"No!" Canterlot Sunset replied. "Because you are going to regret it."

Both Moondancer and Sunset wasn't letting down their guard and they have Moondancer's devices ready in the air. However, them says "they are going to regret it" did threw them off enough to not press the buttons and leave them open enough for Twilight and Sunset to throw their arguments at them.

"Trust me. You don't want to do this!" Twilight stated. "You are talking about unleashing a force that we barely have a firm understanding on."

"And why should we listen to you?" Moondancer rebutted. "You always want me to trust you, but you never give me a reason to. You..." And then, as the emotion was getting too much for her to bear, Moondancer dropped her hands and tears of sadness began to drip from her eyes. "You always push me away and leave me behind."

As Moondancer's face was filled with sadness, Twilight too was overcoming with sadness. So much so, even she was letting our a tear or two. "I'm so sorry Moondancer" she cried. "You was my friend all this time and I didn't realize what you're feeling until now."

"No! We Are Not Friends!" Moondancer yelled

"No But We Were!” Twilight responded. “You was the only other person I could rely on! You’re the only other person who could see what I went through! And yet...... I let you down.”

Even when tears began filling her eyes, Moondancer yells: “Stop! Stop Talking!”

But Twilight, who eyes are also filled with tears, cries to her: “I’m So Sorry Moon’! I’m So Sorry And I Can Understand If You Don’t Want To Speak To Me Again! But Please, I’m Begging You! Don’t Let These Emotions Turn You Into A Monster!”

Moondancer froze. Her heart was a battlefield of conflicting emotions that was trying to take control. And through this inner emotional war, doubt prevents her from pushing the button. Moondancer also hadn’t seen Twilight act like this before (probably even her friends). Normally, she would seem like a cool and collected person. Confident enough to solve any challenge. However, she never seen Twilight act this emotional and produced this many tears. It really convincing Moondancer that Twilight was really torn up by this.

And through all the tears, Twilight managed to ask: “But if you really hate me that much, is this how you want to use your invention? For... revenge is some silly high school games?”

And with that, as she sees how silly the current situation is, Moondancer felt emotionally defeated. She lower her hand with the magic powered pendent and show that she wasn’t going to use it. All she did was show Twilight how red her eyes are after all the liquids had expelled from them. Twilight, who eyes were the same way, made a smile, glad that she didn’t unleash the unstable magic. Even Sunset (from Canterlot High) was kind of glad that Twilight patch things up with Moondancer (even though they still have much work to do in the future.

But even though the moment seem a little bit hopeful for Twilight and Moondancer, the Sunset from Crystal Prep grab everyone’s attention when she yell out: “Well It Looks Like I Have To Do This By Myself!” And with her having a firm grip on her pendent, she looked series about activating it.

“Wait!” Canterlot Sunset shouted. “Don’t Do...”

“Why Should I listen To You!” Crystal Sunset snapped back. “I know all the things that you did here And With My Face!

“Well if you know what I did, you should know that you shouldn’t do this. Don’t make the same mistake that I made!”

Sunset, the Sunset that lived her whole life in the human world, was mad. Infuriated even. Heavy breaths of air was going in and out of her nose as hearing her other-self speak was aggravating her even more. “Big Talk For Somebody Who Has Everything She ever wanted!” she yelled.

Sunset, the one who came from Equestria, was taken aback, not quite sure what she means. Even Twilight and Moondancer was silent as the Sunset from the human world tells her life story.

“You think it’s easy being me!? Well it must be easy for you since you got everything that I ever wanted! Friends, respect, not having people breathing down your neck to give them the results they want! You even have powers that makes you a cut above the rest of us. So... If you’re really me, HOW COME YOU GOT THE BETTER LIFE THAN ME!”

The room quickly fall silent, the people in it taking in everything that Sunset had just said. Moondancer herself even realize that this must of how she acted when she release all of her pent-up emotions. Everyone then look at the other Sunset, the one who came with Twilight, as she says her response.

“So... you’re jealous of my life, is that it?”

Human Sunset silently nods.

“Well, if were being honest with ourselves here, then I got to say that I’m envious for your life too!”

“WHAT!” Human Sunset yelled.

“WHAT!” yelled by Twilight and Moondancer.

Equestrian Sunset explains: “Yeah, your life might not be perfect, but who is? Yeah, everybody is friendly with me now but not when I first changed. Even my friends had a hard time forgiving me for everything I done to them. But despite all of that, at least you can see your family again. At least you can go to a school that was meant for you. But for me... I can’t. I can’t find out how everyone in Equestria is doing. I can’t see myself having a proper job here. And when the chance arrives for me to return to my world, I have to decide if I want to take it or not because I can’t see myself saying “goodbye” to my friends! You don’t have to decide any of that... but I do.”

“Oh Sunset...” Twilight sounded, discovering the turmoil that her friend has to face.

The room fell silent once again. Everyone now understanding the difficulties in each of the Sunsets lives. Even human-world Sunset, after gaining a new perspective of her other self, could help but feel sorry for her. It was at that moment that everyone realize that none of them had it easy. Not Twilight. Not Moondancer. Not either of the Sunsets. None of them. And as Crystal Sunset lower her pendent, one more question was left for them.

“So... what do we do know?” Moondancer thought.

After a quick, thoughtful silence, Twilight sighed and says: “I think I have an idea.”

Outside in the front of the school, it has been about 10 minutes since the participants had went in for the flag hunting and not one of them had returned yet. The students was starting to get impatient and worried and wondering what is taking them so long. The teachers were too as Celestia, Luna and Cadence hope nothing has gone wrong in there. However, Cinch was the most impatient of them all as she had expected her students to return (and won) within the first 3 minutes.

But before anybody start wondering if they should go in a check, Dean Cadence notice something through the door. “Wait!” she yelled. “Somebody’s coming out!”

Everyone shot their attention towards the door, wondering who would be the first one to come out. Would it be somebody from Canterlot High? Would it be somebody from Crystal Prep? Or would it be a person from both with flags in hand and racing towards the statue. But while they were expecting something, no one imagined what would be reality.

The first person who everybody saw clearly was Twilight Sparkle, but she wasn’t alone. Right behind her, there was Rainbow Dash, Sunset Shimmer (from Canterlot), Fluttershy, Sour Sweet, Sugarcoat, Moondancer, the other Sunset Shimmer from C.P. In fact, everybody who had entered was coming out all at once. However, none of them was carrying any flags. None of them was racing or competing against each other. All they had were determined looks one their faces and walking together as one single group.

Everyone else was shocked and confused by this. “Aren’t they competing in the Friendship Games?” some of them are asking. “Why are they coming out as one unified group?” As the participants walked to the principals, they quickly find out what was going on.

Celestia asks: “Twilight, what’s the matter? What are you all doing?”

After getting a confirmation nod from everybody behind her, Twilight replies as she speaks for all of them that: “Well, we all came together and we all came to the same decision: We aren’t competing in the Friendship Games anymore!

Everyone paused due to a delay reaction. ”WHAT!”

Rainbow Dash explains: “We don’t want to take part in these games no more.”

“Yeah!” Indigo Zap added. “There’s nothing that you can give use to make us play in them anymore.”

Pinkie Pie explains: “Games are meant to be fun...

“And these games are no fun-zo” Lemon Zest finished off.

Everyone else in the group agrees. AJ, Rarity, Sugarcoat and Sunny Flare... none of them want to take part anymore.

But while school principals were taken aback by this, they all began hearing noise from the other students. It sound like they all agree with Twilight and the other participants. These games have became far too stressful and unpopular. They all miss hanging out with the C.P students and CHS students and don’t want no competition drive them apart. Dean Cadence even notice Shining Armour in the distance who were shaking (in eerily perfect unison) with Flash Sentry.

Abacus Cinch was baffled with all of this. Why aren’t her students using their new magic? Why is everybody agreeing with Twilight and her friends? “Why is everybody going against her?” she thought. Celestia rests her hand on Cinch’s should and politely asks her:

“Let’s call it quits this year and consider this a draw.”

“A Draw!? A DRAW!?” Cinch yelled, sounding absolutely appalled. She was so loud that everyone quickly yell silent. She was so angry that she says to the Canterlot Principal: “Keep in mind Celestia that you all owe me for last week. Tricking my students and trying to Cheat!

Everyone was shocked that she still want to get the games going. They were thinking: “Is she so petty that she needs one more victory under her belt in order to feel good?” But while everybody else was somewhat mad at her, the Sunset from Crystal Prep has a different frustration towards Cinch.

“Well that’s rich coming from you!” Crystal Sunset says as loud as she can.

Cinch froze. She slowly twist her head towards Sunset and says: “... What!”

“You heard me. I know what you did. I know that you Cheated!

Surprised, everyone yelled out: “WHAT!

Everyone was shocked of Crystal Sunset’s accusation. While they certainly can see Cinch cheating in someway, but it takes a lot of guts to accuse her of it and actually prove. With her anger and attention towards her, Cinch tells Sunset: “If you know what’s good for you Sunset, you should keep you lips sealed and...”

However, before Cinch could finish her threat, Indigo Zap in between her and Sunset and shouts: “No! We want her to speak!”

While Crystal Sunset was shock to see somebody had came to her side, the Twilight, Moondancer and the other girls also come around and protect her. Sugarcoat even says: “Yeah, we want to hear what she has to say!” Soon, all the students from the follow suit.

“Let Her Speak!” (Aria)

“Reveal The Truth!” (Flash)

“Why Are You Wearing A Crystal Prep Uniform All Of A Sudden Sunset!?” (“Derpy”)

With everybody on her side and Cinch was overwhelmed with everyone shouting, Sunset was free to reveal the truth and smirks. Crystal Sunset explains: “During the end of the 1st round, me and... “Starlight” was it?”

Canterlot Sunset and her friends stammered, remembering that they had to come up with a fake name for her.

“Well uh, anyway, me and “Starlight” wrote our answers on the chalkboards for her (Cinch) to examine. But while I was declared the winner in that challenge, I really wasn’t. My answer was actually incorrect. Starlight should’ve been the winner since her answer was the right one.”

Everyone was amazed by this. But in hindsight, they should have suspected some foul play since they had to rely on Cinch being truthful. Being series about the allocations, Celestia turn to Cinch and asks: “What do you have to say to this Principal Cinch?”

Acting innocent and offended, Cinch scoffs and replies: “What CAN’T I say about it!? It’s All Lies! She has no proof!”

“Oh don’t I” Crystal Sunset delightfully remarks. She then pulls out her phone and show her new friends and the principals some pictures. In them were the chalkboards that the Sunsets had used. She explains: “After everyone had left, I made sure to take a picture of our chalkboards. This was how I know that Canterlot should have won the 1st round!”

With the proof right in front of them, Cinch couldn’t worm her way out now. First, everyone was shock, then they angry and then they all were mad towards Cinch. “You Cheater!” Rainbow Dash yelled. “You Try To Call Us The Cheaters While You Were Cheating All Along!”

“What a hypocrite” Sugarcoat coldly remarks. Applejack silently agrees with her.

Rarity wonder out loud: “I wonder how many years that you’ve been stealing victory from us like this?”

As more and more students were voicing their contempt for Cinch, things aren’t looking good for Crystal Prep’s principal. All the Shadowbolts and Wondercolts in front of her might as well be an angry mob who were yelling at her. This was terrifying for Cinch. All her reputation that she worked so hard to maintain was crumbling down before her very eyes. And as the angry students got closer to her, Cinch walk back in fear.

But as Cinch was walking back, Twilight notice something: she was reversing back into the mirror on the school statue. The mirror that is a heavily damaged magic portal that would look like it would shatter if so much as a slight touch hit it. And through the crude, rushed-job cover that was hiding the cracks and evil dark mist that was leaking out.

Worried, Twilight tried yelling to her friends: “Guys! I Thinks That’s Enough! Let’s Not...” However, her voice couldn’t climb over the loud shouting that her friends were producing towards. They continue to push Cinch into a corner. And her back was up against the wall...

“SHUT-UP!” Cinch yelled, pushing back her mob with her loud, demanding voice. “You have no idea how hard I worked! The years that it took to get my where I am today and the loops that I had to jump through to get people to respect me! NONE OF YOU can understand how hard it is to be a highly respected adult in our modern era!”

“Cinch! Stop!”

“And You Think I Would Throw It All Away On Some Trivial High School Game!? Absurd!!

And then, with a fist filled with anger and frustration, Cinch swung her hand and slam it on the statue behind her. And with the full force of her anger, the portal mirror shatters.


Author's Note:

Well... It took me a sweet time to finish this chapter. And during the time of me writing this, Fimfiction had a massive re-design that made the whole website almost unrecognizable. Though I don’t have too many gripes with it. At least I don’t have to click out of my writing chapter page in order to find out my current word count is. But anyway, some author notes.

Now, I tried to set a dour mood in the beginning of this chapter. Basically, I was trying to show that everybody was miserable at this point and nobody was excited for the Friendship Games anymore.

Possibly my favorite part of the chapter was Twilight and the gang was in the school and trying to make things up with their Crystal Prep friends. Rainbow with Indigo, Rarity with Sunny Flare and AJ with Sugarcoat. All that good stuff. My only regret is that I didn’t really mend things with Fluttershy and Soar Sweet. I was going to have a scene where all the girls came together in the hallway when they would be discussing about quiting, Sour Sweet and Flutters would sort out their issues “off screen(?)”. However, I wanted to hurry along and so I skipped it. Just now that they had sorted out their issues and are now friends now (ship to your hearts content).

However, what I am assuming will be the highlight to a few reader will be the scene in the library. Just the tear jerking moment between Twilight and Moondancer and (Human) Sunset and (Pony) Sunset. I know that bronies like to eat that sh*t right up and I got to admit: there was a bit of welling up in my throat as I was writing.

And that last scene in the end where Cinch was revealed to have cheated might as well add more fuel to the fire of “Cinch’s un-likability flame”. Honestly, I don’t want to make Cinch too unlikable, but I can see reader calling for her head on a spike. And for those who were wondering if I pulled it out of nowhere or I left some foreshadowing, here’s a hint from Chapter 4- Dueling Sunsets:

-As the Sunset from Crystal Prep was looking over her result, she was judging if she was happy with it or not. But then, when she decided to change something about it, Principal Cinch yelled before she could do anything.


And now what to look forward to in the next chapter. I like to believe that during the Friendship Games MOVIE, “The Cutie Re-Mark” was happening and time was being screwy over at Equestria. So if the portal had remained opened and somebody happened to step through, they would go to the timeline that would be present at the time. We had Sombra conquering Equestria, Nightmare Moon ruling Equestria and Queen Chrysalis ruling it in another timeline. It seemed like in every timeline, a different sort of villain had won. But I am left wondering: “What happen if the Tantabus from Luna’s nightmares had won?