• Published 22nd Sep 2016
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Illicit Snacks - tosety

Human snacks are illegal. Thus, there is now a black market for snack food.

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“Lyra gets the goods” part 2 (by TechOgre)

Lyra’s final stop was in a dark alley, marked only with a small maple leaf at pony eye level. This was the cherry on the sundae of this entire trip; rare northern candy. It was even illegal in this human country, and no wonder!

Big Turk, Coffee Crisp, Crispy Crunch, Neilson's Jersey Milk, Aero, Caramilk, Mr Big, Wunderbar. All this rarest of northern ambrosia. She considered keeping a sampling for herself and Bonbon, but no. Why deprive her part of equestria of all this human culture.

She knocked on the door once, twice, three times. A viewing slit opened and a gruff voice asked, “Password.”

Lyra spoke with confidence, “Celestia is a meany head.”

“Come in.” There was the sound of deadbolts sliding then the door opened. A bright light from inside streamed in the alley. The tattooed convenience store owner showed Lyra in. “Hi ya, Hearts. Been a while.”

She smirked, “Yeah Guido, you know how it is. So, I’m here for the usual.”

“Got a shipment in from Toronto last week. Kept a box of each just for you.” The muscled human said with a kindly smile.

She gave an appreciative smirk, “That’s why I like you. You know how to treat a mare right.”

Suddenly, there was a banging on the door and a loud shout, “This is the police! Open up!”

Guido looked… upset. “You sure no one followed you, Hearts.” Lyra shook her head. He thrust a curtain aside, revealing an escape path. “Go. Take the candy.”

Worriedly, Lyra asked, “But, what about you?”

Guido chuckled, “I’ll be fine. This isn’t my first run in with the law. Next month?”

Lyra nodded enthusiastically and made her escape.