• Published 22nd Sep 2016
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Illicit Snacks - tosety

Human snacks are illegal. Thus, there is now a black market for snack food.

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“I don’t feel like me.” (By Tosety)

“Hey, Great Chews...” a gangly, blue, earth stallion approached a grey unicorn tentatively.

The grey unicorn smirked as he nodded acknowledgement.

“You have any Snickers?” The earth stallion’s eyes shifted nervously, worried that somepony might see them.

“Not so loud!” Great Chews hissed.

The earth stallion rubbed a forehoof against the cobblestones. “Sorry! ...Sorry... I just need that caramel and peanuts and nougat...” A bit of drool escaped his lips.

“Hey, calm down, colt,” Great chews said comfortingly. “I got the goods, but the guard is cracking down, so payment’s gonna need to go up.”

“H-how much?” The stallion asked, visibly shaking.

“Three carrots a bar.” Great Chews replied flatly.

“Three?” The stallion’s eyes went wide with panic. “B-but I...”

Great Chews shook his head as the stallion started to cry. “Okay, okay. You act like a foal when you’re hungry, so, for you, two carrots.”

The stallion’s face lit up with appreciation and hope as he dug into his saddlebags and pulled out four carrots.

Great Chews looked around before taking them and hoofing over two bars.

Trembling, the stallion put one in his saddlebags and unwrapped the other. He closed his eyes and gave an appreciative moan as he took a bite and chewed.

“Better?” Great Chews asked.

The stallion smiled and looked at the sky in utter bliss. Some crumbs of peanutty caramel were quickly gathered by his tongue as he chewed. “Mmmmm. Better.” He said.