• Published 21st Jul 2016
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Twilight's First Foals -- Episode II - The Foal of The Origin - One Universe One story

Twilight found she was the Origin of all magic in Equestria. And in doing so found out she was the technical mother of a foal created by magic. How will she care for this foal and how will Twilight's life continue to change?

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Chapter Seven - Two Heads Are Better Than One...

Yawn “-Good morning, Twilight,” Contact said as he walked past Twilight in the castle's kitchen.

“Good morning, Contact,” Twilight said before setting a place for Contact at the table.

“What’s for breakfast?” Contact asked before Chrysalis burst through the kitchen door.

“Contact, Control plans to set up a trap,” she said in an almost hysterical manner.

“What does she plan to do?” Twilight asked as she set a pancake on Contact's plate.

“She knows he can't be in two places at once, so what she plans to do is either she or my second will attack the Sugarcube Corner at noon and the other of the two will come here to get me.”

“Sounds like we're in for some trouble. Come to my lab at nine and we’ll be able to see what you might can do to help,” Twilight replied.

“Sure thing Twilight. I just hope I don’t go to the hospital like I did last time I was in your lab,” Chrysalis said before she turned to leave the kitchen.

“Control used her wings to contact your second, right?” Contact asked after swallowing a bite of his pancake.

“Um, yes, why?” Chrysalis asked as she turned back around.

“Were there any oddities in the message?” Contact asked before taking another bite of his food.

“Well, she started and ended the message with the word ‘False’,” Chrysalis started. “She also misspelled a few words where the correct letters that she should have used spell the words ‘School’ and ‘Three’.”

“I have a feeling I may be needed at the school,” Contact said after finishing his food.

~~~ ~~~ ~~~

“Come out, Control, I know you're here,” Chrysalis said as she entered the schoolhouse a few minutes before three.

“So, you figured out my message… How convenient,” Control said as she walked out of the shadows of the far end of the room.

“Why call on me if you only want to end my life so you may continue to fight ponykind? We are equals now that Celestia has declared us so,” Chrysalis said as she ventured closer to Control.

“Just shut up and DIE!” Control exclaimed as she rushed Chrysalis and stabbed her in the throat with her horn. “This will be your end, ‘mother’,” Control said as she pulled out of Chrysalis.

Chrysalis then fell to the floor unable to breath.

“You know, ever since your second told me about your fight in Canterlot, I’ve been more and more interested as to why you posed as that stupid, kind, loving, and selfless Princess Cadence,”

“The reason I posed as Cadence was to take advantage of Shining Armour’s love for her and use that to sustain myself until I had captured everypony in the kingdom,” Chrysalis said as she opened the door to the school house.

“But I-” Control said as she looked at the ground where Chrysalis used to lay to see she was no longer there or hurt.

“One of my 'finer’ talents, don't you think?” Chrysalis said before stomping on the ground and bursting into blue flames.

When the flames died down, Blue Mimicyu stood where Chrysalis once did.

“I am Blue Mimicyu, Guardian of Equestria,” Contact said after the blue flames died to reveal her new form.

“Oh yeah? Well you fell for a triple play,” Control said as she changed into a normal Changeling. “In lesssss than five minutesss, Control will attack the casssstle and a ssssquad of Changelingssss will attack SSSSugarcube Corner,” she said before buzzing her wings for a second.

“Time Bearer, take my place!” Contact said as she changed form to that of the aforementioned. “Be warned, Changeling, if you are in my sight in another five seconds, you will feel the most pain you’ve ever felt,” Contact said after she had fully changed forms.

“Ssscertainly!” the Changeling said before it fled.

“Time, bend at my wish! Freeze!” Contact said before time froze and she ran to the area around Sugarcube Corner. “Should any Changelings hear me,” she said after time resumed, “if any attack this city, I will personally see they they hurt for a million years, for I am Time Bearer, a Guardian of Equestria.”

After this several ponies sitting at Sugarcube Corner turned into Changelings and hurriedly flew away.

“Thought so,” Contact said before a Changeling came out of an alley nearby.

“Not so fast,” the Changeling said gaining Contact's attention. “You may be able to scare peons, but not me.”

“And just who are you?” Contact said as she prepared to fight.

“I am Conversion, second in command of the Changelings,” he replied before rushing at Contact.

Time then froze and Contact moved out of Conversion's path.

“Creators, hear my cry, the only way to save both Chrysalis and Sugarcube Corner is for the light to be separated from the darkness, the passive from aggressive, the girl from the boy,” Contact said as time remained frozen. “If my wish for us cannot be done completely, the only thing of us that I ask to remain connected is… our minds,” she finished before time resumed and she was cloaked in light.

“Are you performing some ancient spell or something?” Conversion asked as he turned around to see a mass of light near where he last saw Time Bearer.

When the light died down, it revealed Time Bearer and Blackout standing side by side.

“You deal with this, brother, I'll stop Control,” Lunair said before disappearing.

“My pleasure,” Solair said before charging up his horn.

“What are you-” is all Conversion could say before falling to the ground, appearing to bleed from his mouth.

“Next time I won’t be kind enough to let you live,” Solair said before coming closer to Conversion. “But there won’t be a next time, right?” he asked gaining a faint nod from Conversion.

~~~ ~~~ ~~~

“I've said it once before, I'll not fight you, Connie,” Somber said as he stood in front of Chrysalis as if to be ready to give his life for hers.

“I’ve said it once before, as well, don't call me CONNIE!” Control said before she dashed at Somber.

As the blade drew nearer to Somber, he closed his eyes in fear. However, Control couldn't help but feel as though she had forgotten something.


It was the sound of that breaking vial that drew back to her attention what Control had forgotten. She had forgotten about Time Bearer.

Somber opened his eyes to see Control frozen still. Her blade was centimeters away from his throat.

“What just…?” Somber wondered aloud as he looked at Control.

“It was I who froze her still,” Lunair said as she walked out from behind Control. “I came as fast as I could.”

“Your Green Naturalist form does, apparently, have it’s uses,” Chrysalis said as she looked at Lunair.

“Sadly, I won’t be able to stay long,” Lunair said as she hit Control on the back of the neck, knocking her out. “I… did something… I, so far, regret,” she finished before running out the door to the castle.

~~~ ~~~ ~~~

“Fear me, for I am the one who will bring this world to it’s knees,” Solair said as he ran around griefing the townsponies.

“Stop this!” Celestia said as she dove out of the sky and landed in front of Solair causing him to run into her. “You must yield, Blackout! As a Guardian of Equestria it is your duty!”

“I care not what you say,” Solair said as his horn began to charge. “All I care for is that my creators’ wish is fulfilled!”

“Stop, Blackout!” Apple Bloom said after throwing an apple in Solair’s direction.

The apple soon hit Solair, prompting him to send his spell in Apple Bloom’s direction, barely missing her.

“Pathetic child, I have no quarrel with you,” Solair said before turning his attention back to Celestia. “Prepare to fight, Lady Tia,” he said before charging his horn.

“Blackout, I'll fight you!” Lunair said as she dropped out of the sky, in her base form, landing in front of Celestia. “I am Lunair, Night Guardian of Equestria!”

“Why? You know any damage done to me is done to you!” Solair said before discharging his spell into the sky.

“No, Lunair, the battle would be a stalemate. I cannot let you fight your darker half,” Celestia said as she focused her attention on Lunair.

It was at this time the crowd began to murmur amongst itself.

“It's true, there is a secret about a pony that lives in Ponyville,” Solair said before reverting to base form. “Anypony notice anything similar between me and a pony named Contact?” he finished.

“Solair!” Lunair cried in both sadness and anger as she witnessed their cover get blown. “Creators, hear my plea: fuse us back to our natural form. Merge us back to the one known as Contact!” she cried. “Whatever the cost, do it! Do it for Equestria! Do it for the loved ones you’ve lost! Do it…-” sniffle “-FOR ME!” she finished as bright lights enshrouded both herself and Solair.

The lights then merged into one light about six meters off the ground halfway between where Lunair and Solair stood. It then slowly descended to ground level and the light died revealing Contact lying on the ground unconscious. Celestia then rushed over to Contact and nudged him with her hoof.

“We have used too much of our power, Princess Celestia,” a male’s voice echoed in her head.

“Yes, and with that, we must warn you: our seal that holds the Djinns of this era has been overpowered and they are free to attack at any time,” a femme's voice echoed through her head.

“I understand, but is Contact… alright?” Celestia wondered in her mind.

“Yes, he is fine,” another male's voice echoed.

“Though he will be unconscious for quite awhile,” another femme's voice resounded.

“Understood,” Celestia thought to herself. “I ask that not a one of you ponies breathe a word about what happened here today,” Celestia said as she looked at the crowd that had gathered.

“Yes, your Majesty,” many in the crowd replied.

All of you,” Celestia said as she looked at the ponies that had been grieved.

They all sighed then replied with a sour “Yes, your Majesty.”

“Mean it!” Celestia said as she charged her horn.

The ponies then replied with an exclamatory “Yes, your Majesty!” satisfying Princess Celestia's request.

Celestia then lifted Contact with her magic and brought him to Twilight's castle.