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This story is a sequel to Twilight's First Foals -- Episode I - The Hybrid Changelings

Twilight found she was the Origin of all magic in Equestria. And in doing so found out she was the technical mother of a foal created by magic. The foal can appearently change form depending upon the time of day. Does it perhaps have more forms? She must look after this one as if it were her very own. In doing this she needs the help of somepony to be the father figure. The only logical choice in her mind is the one pony she likes more than any other: Flash Sentry. Hopefully, she chose wisely. How will she care for this foal and how will Twilight's life continue to change?

Please note: I had no clue they were making 'Equestria Girls: The Legend of Everfree' when I came up with this book sequel. I will adapt my storyline to fit the entire cannon universe.

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Sorry, got to this a bit late, life stuff happened.:pinkiehappy:
Good start so far.

7415384 Let me know via pm if you see anything that needs corrected or clarified. also I'd like to hear your thoughts on where you think I'm going w/ this.

when do you think you'll be done with the next chapter?

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