Twilight's First Foals -- Episode II - The Foal of The Origin

by One Universe One story

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Twilight found she was the Origin of all magic in Equestria. And in doing so found out she was the technical mother of a foal created by magic. How will she care for this foal and how will Twilight's life continue to change?

Twilight found she was the Origin of all magic in Equestria. And in doing so found out she was the technical mother of a foal created by magic. The foal can appearently change form depending upon the time of day. Does it perhaps have more forms? She must look after this one as if it were her very own. In doing this she needs the help of somepony to be the father figure. The only logical choice in her mind is the one pony she likes more than any other: Flash Sentry. Hopefully, she chose wisely. How will she care for this foal and how will Twilight's life continue to change?

Please note: I had no clue they were making 'Equestria Girls: The Legend of Everfree' when I came up with this book sequel. I will adapt my storyline to fit the entire cannon universe.

Chapter One - "Enter: Contact - The Foal of the Origin"

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“Rare, we need to make an appointment to borrow your talent and your boutique,” Celestia said as she, Luna, and Twilight entered the Carousel Boutique rather casually.

“Any time, Lady Celestia,” Rare replied.

“Good, how about now?” Twilight said rather hurriedly.

“My suit can wait, Miss Rarity,” Dr. Whooves said after he made a quick bow before the princesses.

“Well, alright, Mr. Whooves, but if something were to happen between now and Matilda’s wedding, I may not be able to help,” Rare said as she gave Dr. Whooves his suit back.

“It’s ‘Dr. Whooves’, Miss Rarity,” he corrected before hurriedly exiting the boutique as not to hear a coming remark.

“Close enough!” Rare yelled at the door. “Sorry, what is it you need?”

“Come on out, Contact,” Celestia said before a the young foal Twilight ‘hatched’ came out from behind the princesses.

“An Alicorn foal!” Rare said in surprise before fainting.

“Um, should I douse her with my Drizzle spell to wake her?” Contact wondered aloud as he walked closer to the fainted mare.

“No, you powers are needed for later and you very well know what I mean,” Celestia said before summoning a small temporary rain cloud above Rare.

“Who.. was that?” Rare wondered before opening her eyes to see Contact looking at her. “Ah!”

“Rare, this is Contact, my technical child,” Twilight said as she grabbed Contact with her magic and moved him about ten hooves away from her friend.

“Your… child?!?” Rare said in shock. “But.... you’re not even married!”

“Rare, it’s not easy to explain,” Twilight said as she walked closer to her friend.

“It certainly doesn’t seem easy to explain!” Rare said almost in a yell.

“Calm down, Rare, all will be explained in time,”Luna said as she and Celestia walked over to her.

“Well, alright, what do you need?” Rare asked.

“Contact needs some casual day wear,” Celestia said while looking at a vest on a mannequin over by a water fountain backdrop.

Rare then looked in the direction Celestia was and picked up what she meant. “I suppose I can do that,” she said before teleporting to the back room and finding the appropriate materials.

“Oh, and Contact, if and when she puts on red glasses: don’t say a word and do exactly as she says,” Twilight said as she looked down at him.

Rare the teleported back into the main shop, closed all the curtains, and then locked the door. “Let’s get to work!” she said as she put on her red glasses.

After three hours of cutting, sewing, and repeating; she had arrived at a very stylish conclusion: A vest similar in design to that of the vests worn during winter wrap-up, only modified to were Contact could comfortably hide his wings beneath the fabric. there were also cosmetic differences such as: a bit of Gray here and there to counter Contact’s coat. Also, she added a sun emblem, at Celestia’s request, over each wing slot.

“I do believe this may be the greatest work I’ve done yet!” Rarity said as she took off her glasses and admired the new vest she had made.

“Contact, does it feel alright?” Celestia asked as she walked around Contact looking at him from as many angles as she could.

“Yes, Tia, it’s the most comfortable vest I’ve felt in… nevermind,” Contact remarked sparking curiosity in Rare’s mind.

“Just how long were you going to say?” Rare asked with deep wonder.

Contact looked at Celestia and she nod. “Millenia?” he replied causing Rare to just fell over fainted. “Oh no, I did it again!” he whinned.

“Don’t worry, she get used to your surprises… eventually,” Twilight said.

Celestia again summoned a small temporary rain cloud above Rare.

“He.. said... what?!?” Rare said as she quickly recovered from fainting.

“He said ‘millenia’, Rare,” Twilight said in a smart-aleck tone.

“But he’s just a foal!” Rare replied.

“Only physically, Miss Rarity. I’ve been around since magic was introduced to the world,” Contact said causing wonder to grip Rare’s face.

“Introduced? Magic has always existed,” Rare said before looking at Celestia. “Hasn’t it?” she asked.

“No, what he says is true. Magic has not always been around,” she replied.

“But… how?”

“Here we go again!” Twilight commented.

Several hours (and popcorn bags) later, Rare finally grasped Celestia’s explanation.

“So, the planet was once called Earth and our species was once known as humans and we were bipedal and-”

“Yes, Rare, now can we move on? We’re burning daylight!” Twilight said rather agitated.

“I just wanted to make sure I had everything correct!”

“Rare, we have ten minutes before you most likely faint again, I suggest you brace for mental shock rather than talk your head off,” Twilight said rather angered.

“Twilight, I- Wait, what?”

“Luna can you please raise the moon ten minutes early?” Twilight asked as she looked at the princess of the moon.

“No, not today,” Luna said.

“Fine,” Twilight said rather perturbed.

“What do you want her to raise the moon early for? I for one love the sight of the evening sky,” Rare said before looking around for something. “Speaking of which, has anypony seen my camera? I need an evening sky backdrop for my next line of pegasus apparel.”

“M.I.L.I.S., capture a picture from the west spire cam at eighty degrees vertical rotation and facing exactly two hundred and seventy degrees horizontal rotation,” Twilight said into her X-Com. before receiving a picture of the sky in full twilight colours. “There, you have a backdrop, next.”

“Well, now that you ask-”

“Not really taking requests here!” Twilight quickly said, cutting her friend off.

“Lulu, two minutes,” Contact said as he tried to remove the vest he was wearing, soon gaining aid from Celestia.

“Why was he trying to remove his vest without his magic?” Rare asked.

“He cannot perform magic like us,” Celestia said as she finished removing Contact’s vest.

“Well, what magic can he wield? Certainly he has to have some way of protecting himself,” Rare said.

“His magic comes from many places, all of which are jewelry he can wear,” Celestia said as she nuzzled Contact.

“Lulu, ten,” Contact said warning her of how little time there was until the moon was to be raised.

“On it,” she replied before her horn started glowing.

Soon, Contact began glowing. When the light cloaking him died down, there was an Alicorn filly standing where he once was.

The filly had a Grey coat, Cobalt and White mane and tail, her left eye was faded Pale and her right eye was faded Cobalt, her Primary Coverts had White tips, and her Lesser Coverts were Cobalt. She was a complete virtual colour negative of Contact.

“Oh… My…!” Rare stammered.

“Please, don’t faint again,” the filly said.

“Are… you…?”

“Yes, I’m Contact,” the filly said as she rubbed her right forehoof with her left forehoof.

“Somepony get me a fainting couch,” Rare said rather melodramatically.

“Rare, get used to it already,” Twilight said still agitated.

“Twi, just why are you-”

“I’m not in the mood to talk about why I’m mad,” Twilight said as she looked in Rare’s direction. “Any further questions on the issue can be answered by the filly,”

Rare then looked at Contact. “Do you remember when you and your friends put the stump to the Golden Oaks Library in the castle?” she asked.

“Yes, why?”

“Well, the real reason she didn’t want to be in the castle was to get away from me,” Contact concluded.

“But I thought-”

“No, she was actually thrilled to have a castle of her own, but she didn’t expect to have a foal that technically came with it.”

“But I didn’t see you there!”

“Miss Pinkie actually found me and Flash Sentry hiding in the lab and we had her Pinkie Promise not to tell anypony that we were in there.”

“Well that explains why she went missing while we were trying to decorate.”

“Yeah, okay now we’re caught up on my life, how about we get to work on Contact’s night outfit?” Twilight asked yet again angered.

“Oh! Yes, we can,”Rare said. “Let’s see…” she commented before teleporting to the back room, gathering more materials, and teleporting back. “Back to work,” she stated before putting her red glasses back on and beginning to work on Contact’s night outfit.

After three more hours, she arrived at yet another ‘best work ever’ nomination vest. This one was like the other in design with only cosmetic differences. The base colour was Cobalt, adorned with a few sequins, with bits of Creame here and there to counter Contact’s new coat colour, and a moon emblem, added upon Luna’s request, over each wing slot.

“Again it seems I’ve bested my best,” Rare commented as she again removed her red glasses. “I dare say, you are the most patient customer I’ve ever had. I for one think you deserve a reward.” she said taking note of how still Contact was during the making of both vests.

“I assure you, I have no need for any rewards that are of physical value,” Contact said rather calmly.

“Really? I was going to go get you a small piece of cake out of the fridge,” Rare said with wonder.

“Rare, she doesn’t eat physical food, she absorbs magic energy from her surroundings,” Celestia said as she put her hoof on Contact’s shoulder.

“Oh? Well, I guess that’s a plus in some respects,” Rare commented gaining a sneer from Twilight.

“Yeah, until she starts feeling weak and you have to give her some of your magic energy,” Twilight stated angrily.

“Twilight, it can’t be that bad,” Rare stated unaware of what she just started.

“Rare, do you have any idea how much giving part of your magic away is? Oh yeah, that’s right, Tirek once stole every ounce of magic you had. So, in that case, have you forgotten how much it hurts?” Twilight asked in an angered frenzy like fashion.

“No I have not! I’ll never forget that day… my mane and tail lost most of their shine.”

“Your mane and tail! All you can remember that day is how much your mane and tail lost their shine!”

“Girls, this is hardly the time to be arguing. Be thnkful your still around to argue,” Celestia said as she stepped between the two mares.

“Your right… it’s not worth my time,” Twilight said as she turned around and walked over to the door. “Come, Contact, time to go,” she said before opening the door and exiting with Contact and the two vests.

“How much will it cost to replace the materials used to make the vests?” Luna asked as she looked at Rare.

“For both? Ten bits. You two have a Royalty discount.”

“And what percentage is that discount worth?” Celestia asked.

“You want honesty? Ninety percent.”

“Then here,” Luna said as she handed a bag marked ‘Ten Bits’ to Rare.

“Thank you, Princess Luna,” Rare said before she levitated it over to a table and then walked away.

When Rare was out of earshot Luna made the remark: “When she finds out we gave her one thousand bits she’s going to go crazy.”

“How do you know?” Celestia asked.

“You remember my summer job before I entered my fourth year of Highschool eons ago?”

“Not really, why?”

“My job was a cashier for a boutique in Crystal City. One day, a nice gentleman entered, bought a new suit and tie, handed me what I thought was four one hundred dollar bills, said: 'Danke Fräulein, and how you say… keep change., and walked out’.”

“Yeah, so?”

“Turns out they were worth thousands of our continent’s smallest bill currency.”

Chapter Two - My Purpose Is

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“So, Contact, I’m assuming that your different forms have different names?” Twilight asked as the walked back to her castle through lamp lit night streets of Ponyville.

“Yes, they do,” Contact replied after kicking a small stone forward.

“Can you tell me their names?’

“Certainly, this one is known as Lunair. My day form is known as Solair. The rest are: Blue Mimicyu, Red Elementalist, Green Naturalist, Black Out, White Out, Arcane Bearer, Time Bearer, Creature Caller, Creature Caster, Mecha Machina, Swift Swim, Riptide, and lastly, Melodia.”

“Thirteen more forms? That’s a lot to keep track of. How do you do so?”

“Well, my day and night forms are semi-independent of each other in terms of personality, but each has an equal amount of forms that go with them.”

“Can you explain further?”

“I’ll try my best to do so... when we get home.”

“Don’t tell me you feel weak again! I just gave you some magic right before we left for the Boutique.”

“No, it’s just better to show you while explaining.”


“But I will need some help fusing these two vests together so that when I change form at dusk and dawn the vest will too.”

“And there’s the catch.”

“Twilight, I don’t like being dependant on you for magic either. But I use more magic than I can gather without you. If not for your magic aura I cannot exist. and that very well may happen in the future, eons from now.”

“What do you mean?” Twilight said as they neared the castle.

“Have you heard of the tale of the Six Djinns?” Contact asked as she stopped walking.

“Djinns? You mean the mythical creatures that grant you a wish if you see them display their power?” Twilight asked as she turned around and faced her.

“Yes, only they didn’t always do that.” Contact said as she closed her eyes and lowered her head.


“Yes, and I fight them in every era of time since magic was introduced,” she replied before raising her head again. “That, and the Six Djinns are actually six of the exact same person, anthro, and pony.”

“Person? As in human?”

“Yes, and in the era of time between now and the era you introduced magic into the world, all the humans became what are known as anthros due to a change in physical appearance brought by the Djinns’ influence of magic around the world.

“Anthros are sort of a cross between ponies and humans. Keeping bipedal status and taking only certain features of ponykind at the time. Features such as: hooves, wings and the ability to wield magic.

“Do you remember what you call you’re ‘ponied-up’ form from when you were at Canterlot High?” Contact asked as she looked up at Twilight.

“Yeah, I had wings but no horn,” Twilight replied.

“Well, that’s what they looked like. Some had wings, the rest didn’t. Some could wield magic, the rest couldn’t. And some had higher strength attributes than the rest.

“And in each family, when humans became anthros, their genetics began to recur.”

“Therefore, the reason the Djinns all look alike?” Twilight asked.

“Precisely, though there should only be three Djinns and not six. What happened, I still don’t know,. But something occurred to cause six Djinns to be created. I believe It has something to do with the space time continuum and maybe a parallel universe,” Contact said as she rubbed her hoof against her chin.

“We’ll figure it out someday, but until then, we need to get home,” Twilight said as she pointed to her castle in the only one hundred hoof steps away.

“Certainly, Twilight,” Contact said as she began walking to the castle. “I’ll stay up with Flash tonight so you can get some sleep.”

“Thanks, just don’t be too loud.”

*** *** ***

“Good morning, Twilight,” Flash said as he walked by Twilight’s room seeing she was awake.

“Oh, good morning, Flash,” Twilight replied. “Um, where is Contact?”

“He’s on top of the castle preparing for something. What it is I have no clue, but he grabbed that stone chest out of your lab and took it with him.”

“Oh? What would he… oh, nevermind, I think I know.”

“Am I relieved of post?”

“Flash, you have no need to ask that question like that or at all. I’ve told you that you may take a break whenever you want. Why must you stick to your training?”

“I feel it necessary in order to keep my rank as a captain.”

“Well, if you don’t start acting like a civilian caring for a foal with his girlfriend, then I’ll relieve you of your rank,” Twilight said angrily.

“Yes, Twilight,” he replied with his head lowered.

“Oh, Flash, I didn’t mean it like that,” Twilight responded before walking over to flash and placing her right forehoof on his shoulder.

“I understand. You’ve been taking care of Contact longer than I, and you have the burden of being the only one able to keep him alive with your magic.”

“Flash, how about we schedule a dinner so we can get to know each other better? I can ask Celestia and Luna to watch over contact?”

“I don’t think we should impose on the princesses’ kind natures like that,” Flash said as he looked at Twilight.

“They won’t mind. They’ll probably understand why,” Twilight replied.

Suddenly Twilight’s cutie mark flashed thrice and she took notice. “Contact’s feeling weak again,” she said before she and Flash began to walk their way to the roof.

“Twilight, may I ask you something?” Flash said as they rounded a corner near a stairwell.

“Certainly, what is it?” Twilight asked as they began ascending the stairs.

“If you really need a break from Contact, there’s a lovely restaurant in the Crystal Empire, not to far from the train station. Would you like to got there?”

Twilight froze for a second, blushing at what Flash was asking. “Why not?” she replied before continuing up the stairwell.

“Thank you, Twilight,” Flash said before opening a latched door leading to the roof of the castle. “Would you prefer to fly there or take a train?”

“Let’s fly there,” Twilight replied before walking over to Contact.

Twilight then tapped her horn against Contact’s and a bit of magic flowed out of her and into him.

“Thank you, Twilight,” Contact replied.

“Gah, that still stings when I do that,” Twilight said as she shook her head in pain.

“Twilight, I’m sorry it hurts, but I can’t make the process painless,” Contact said.

“I know,” Twilight replied. “Oh, last night you were telling me about the Six Djinns. Would you like to resume your explanation?”

“Certainly,” Contact replied before taking a deep breath and releasing it. “Three of the Djinns are named Prism. They spell their name: P-R-Y-S-M-E. They are males. And three of the Djinns are named Chia, spelt C-H-I-A. They are females. And every time I fight them, the two that belong in the era I fight them in seem to learn that fighting and destruction are wrong.

“They always give me a year to prepare to fight them. As they say they have eons to prepare, giving me a year makes it a fair fight. As of today I have eleven months, two weeks, and three days to be ready.

“Though, last night after Chrysalis came home I overheard that her daughter attacked her in the hospital two weeks ago. This means I’ll have to help in this matter as well.

“Control, the Changeling Princess, must be dealt with before six months time is over,” Contact said.

“Contact, you’re telling me that your only purpose for being around is fighting,” Twilight said in a stern tone. “There’s more to being alive than protecting Equestria.”

“Twilight, if it pleases you, I will attend the school here in Ponyville.”

“That will do for now,’ Twilight said. “Hopefully you can make friends with fillies and colts your physical age. I know three that’d love to be your friend.”

“Alright, Twilight,” Contact replied rather calmly considered inside he was angered.

“I’ll head down to the school this afternoon and get you enrolled,” Twilight said. “Oh and you were also going to try to explain your other forms last night as well.”

“Yes, I was,” Contact said. “But that can wait until you’re back from the school.”

“Alright then, after I get some lunch I’ll head to the school,” Twilight said as she turned around and began to walk away.

Chapter Three - My First Day in a School in My Entire Life

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“Okay, Contact, you’re now enrolled in the Ponyville School,” Twilight said as she entered Contact’s to see him in front of a mirror without his reflection in it.

“I read one of the books in your library while you were gone,” Contact replied.

“Really? Which one?” Twilight asked as she walked over to Contact.

“‘Ponyvania’,” he replied.

“Um, which one? There are two,” Twilight said nervously.

“Definitely not the one with three ‘X’’s on the cover with a picture of-’

“Okay, Contact, just get to the point,” Twilight replied stopping contact mid-sentence.

“My point is: In ‘Ponyvania’, the vampony didn’t have a reflection.”

“Yeah, so?”

“I don’t have a reflection.”


“If anypony found I didn’t have a reflection, they‘d think I was a vampony.”

“Look, don’t worry, you’ll be alright.”

“Are you sure?” Contact said as he looked at Twilight.

“Certainly,” she replied smiling.

The following day…

“Fillies and gentlecolts, We have a new addition to our class today,” Cheerilee said as cheerfully as usual. “Please stomp your hooves and give a warm welcome to Contact!” she said before Contact stepped into the classroom. He was wearing his day vest.

“Look at that vest!” a colt student said.

“Ha ha, looks like it belongs on a filly!” another colt teased.

“And look at his eyes and horn!” another said

“You three, no more comments!” Cheerilee said pointing to the colts who teased Contact.

“It’s alright, Miss Cheerilee,” Contact said as he looked at the teacher. “Let them have their fun. I find no reason to be mad at such irrelevant comments.”

“Such a big word, irrelevant, for someone so young,” Cheerilee commented.

“Let’s just say I’m older than I look,” Contact mumbled under his breath.

“What was that, Contact?” Cheerilee asked unable to clearly hear what Contact said.

“I said ‘I hope to have a good time here’,” Contact lied.

“Nothing like a student that loves to learn,” Cheerilee said as she walked to her desk. “Um, Contact we only have one open desk today, but it’s near the two Changeling students, is that alright?”

“Yes, Miss Cheerilee, I’m already friends with them,” Contact said as he began walking to the back of the room.

“Eww, he’s friends with those two things!” Silver Spoon said after hearing Contact’s words.

“Look’s like we have a weirdo as a new kid,” Diamond Tiara commented afterward. causing everyone but the C.M.C., Myx, and Nix to laugh.

“I find your comments meaningless, Silver Spoon and Diamond Tiara,” Contact replied before taking his seat to the left of Myx and Nix.

“How do you know our names?’ Diamond said.

“Yeah, we never told you!” Silver concluded

“Um, your cutie marks say it all,” Apple Bloom said as she turned around in her sea to look at the two fillies.

Diamond and Silver looked at their cutie marks and saw what she meant.

“Who asked you?” the two said simultaneously.

“Now, girls, now is not the time to argue,” Cheerilee said as she looked in the direction of Diamond and Silver. “Now grab your books off the shelf and turn to lesson ninteen one,” she said before the students did as told. “Contact, you’ll have to share a book until I can get you one ordered.”

“Yes, Miss Cheerilee,” Contact replied as he stayed at his desk.

“You can share mine,” Myx said as he sat back down in his seat after getting his book.

“Thank you, Myx,” Contact said as he leaned over and looked at Myx’ book.

“Okay, today’s lesson is on the tale of Nightmare Moon and how…”

Several hours later…

“Okay, time for recess,” Cheerilee said before all the students, except Contact and the twins, rushed out of the classroom and into the playfield beside the school.

“Myx, Nix, do you always stay in the classroom?” Contact asked as he faced his two friends.

“Yeah,” they replied simultaneously, lowering their heads as they did.

“Why not try to make friends?” he asked the two twins.

“Because nopony even cares about us other than you, Mamma, and Pappa,” Myx replied.

“Have you even tried?” Contact asked before they raised their heads and looked at each other then at Contact.

“Not really,” they said, again, simultaneously.

“Come with me, I may be able to help with that,” Contact said as he headed for the door.

“Oh, okay,” they replied, this time at different times.

In the playfield…

“Hey, weirdo, are the Changelings trying to take your soul yet?” Diamond said causing herself and Silver to laugh at them.

“No, Diamond, maybe they already took it. Remember how he keeps saying our comments are meaningless!” Silver said between laughs.

“You’re so mean!” Nix said, angered, causing her eyes to flare a violet mist.

“Sister, no!” Myx said getting between Nix and the two filly-bullies.

“What’s up with her eyes?” Diamond said as she backed away a bit.

“I don’t know but I think we should tell the teacher,” Silver said before she and Diamond turned around and began running to the school house.

“Well, that plan went out the window,” Myx said as he faced Contact.

“Hey you three,” Apple Bloom said as she came walking by the three friends. “I heard the whole thang, and I know how it feels ta’ have them two being mean to ya.”

“Are you here to-”

“No she isn’t, Nix,” Contact said cutting his friend off. “If I am correct she came to ask you if you wanted to be her friend.”

“Why, how did you know?” Apple Bloom asked in wonder.

“Let me just say ‘I had a feeling’,” Contact said as he turned around and began walking to the school.

“Wait!” Apple BLoom called out causing Contact to stop and turn around. “Don’t you be my friend too?”

“Please, not now,” Contact said as he looked at the filly. “But if I need a friend, I know where to look,” he concluded before resuming his path back into the school.

“Well, that went about as expected,” Myx commented.

“Hey, since you two ain’t got cutie marks, ya’ll might can join the Cutie Mark Crusaders!” Apple Bloom exclaimed.

“Um, let’s ask Mamma,”Myx said before his wings buzzed in a sort of Morse Code pattern.

“Why’d ya do that?” Apple Bloom asked.

“It’s our way of talking to Mamma when we’re far away,” Nix said

“Mamma says it’s alright,” Myx said as he jumped up and down, hovering at the peak of his jump for a second.

“Yay!” Apple Bloom said as she pranced from side to side. “Come ta’ Sweet Apple Acres after school. I have a club house in one of the fields that I’d like ya ta’ see. I’ll meet ya in front of the barn.”

“Alright,” the twins said.

“Alright, students, back inside for lunch!” Cheerilee called from the door of the school house.

After hearing this, all the students went back inside.

“Contact, didn’t you bring any lunch?” Cheerilee asked as she saw he didn’t bring anything to eat.

“No ma’am,” Contact replied.

“Why?” Cheerilee asked as she walked over to him.

“I don’t get hungry often,” he replied.

“What? A growing colt your age should eat as much as they can,” Cheerilee commented before presenting an apple to Contact.

“But, Miss Cheerilee-”

“No ‘but’’s, Contact, I expect you to eat it,” Cheerilee said in a stern tone.

“Yes, ma’am,” Contact said before reaching for the apple in Cheerilee’s hoof.

“Contact, why aren’t you using your magic to grab the apple?” Cheerilee asked as she pulled her hoof away from Contact a bit.

“I cannot use magic,” he simply replied.

“That’s silly. All unicorns use magic,” Cheerilee stated.

“Not all of them. There have been extremely rare cases where a unicorn was born with the in-ability to perform magic,” Contact said as he lowered his head.

“Oh, I’m sorry… I just… didn’t think… that that… actually… occurred,” Cheerilee said nervously as she set the apple on his desk.

“Hey, Silver Spoon did you hear that? The new foal can’t perform magic!” Diamond said followed by the entire class, with the exception of the C.M.C. and the twins, laughing and pointing their hooves at Contact.

“It ain’t funny!” Apple Bloom yelled causing every colt and filly to be silenced.

“How would you like to be a unicorn and never be able to use magic?” Sweetie Belle asked as she stood on her desk.

“Yeah, or how about a earth pony that can’t kick worth a stack of hay?” Scootaloo continued as she did the same.

“Or a pegasus pony that can’t fly?” Apple Bloom said doing the same as her friends.

“Hey!” Scootaloo exclaimed.

“Sorry, Scootaloo,” Apple Bloom said.

“Our point is: How would you like to be the one in your family that can’t do anything like the others?” Sweetie Belle concluded.

“Who asked you to ask us that?” a colt shouted out.

“Yeah, maybe we should teach these fillies some manners!” another yelled.

“Students, settle down!” Cheerilee said trying to deter the uproar caused by the colts, but to no avail.

Soon the C.M.C. were all on Apple Bloom’s desk looking at the group of foals around them.

“Leave them alone!” Contact yelled drawing all the attention back to himself.

“And what are you going to do about it?” a colt said.

Suddenly, Contact’s eyes flashed and his stone chest appeared on his desk. He took out the Black collar with the Maroon and Sea Blue gems in it and put it on.

His coat turned White, the tips of his primary coverts became Maroon, his lesser coverts became Sea Blue, his mane and tail became Sea Blue, the lines on his horn turned Sea Blue, and his eyes became faded Sea Blue and faded Maroon.

“Don’t make me do this,” he said before all the colts and fillies, except the C.M.C. and the twins, rushed to the far side of the room screaming.

“Contact! What-!” Cheerilee said before fainting.

“I hoped not to resort to this but seeing such discord makes me feel… different,” Contact said before removing the collar and returning to his normal day form.

“Did somepony call my name?” a voice said from behind Contact.

“Discord!” the entire class yelled.

Chapter Four - Chaos on Day One

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“No! Not yet!” Contact exclaimed before screaming in pain as his form changed.

His form change to that of Discord’s. The only difference was: Contact’s figure was completely equine.

“I didn’t mean to call you, Discord,” he said in a slightly deeper voice.

“Cool! Contact’s a shapeshifter!” Scootaloo exclaimed.

“He’s not a shapeshifter, he’s the only creature composed completely of magic,” Discord said,

“Discord, why did you tell them?” Contact asked as he reverted to his normal day form.

“It seems fitting that the oldest creature, besides the princesses of course, gets the respect it deserves,” Discord answered.

“What if I didn’t want them to know? Did you stop and think of that?”

“Yeah~. no. Not really, no.”

“WELL, I DIDN’T!” Contact yelled.

“Why humble yourself before foals when you are the most powerful creature in all of Equestria?”

“BECAUSE! Mother wanted me to…”

“Mother? I thought you were created by magic!”

“I was… by Twilight’s magic… amongst others.”

“Your mother is Twilight?” Cheerilee asked after fully recovering from what was going on. “She only told me she was looking after her cousin.”

“If you had checked the royal register, you would have found that her parents are both an ‘only child’,” Contact replied.

“Oh,” Cheerilee replied, astounded by Contact’s knowledge.

Contact then changed form into a Siren with brilliant Gold scales, a Bright Lavender fin running down it’s back, Light Cerulean hooves, and Faded Pale left eye with a Faded Cobalt left.

Every pony in the room, with the exception of the C.M.C., The Twins, and Discord, gasped at the change and began running toward the schoolhouse door only for everypony, except The Twins and Discord, to freeze where they were from being mesmerized by Contact’s voice.

She sung a short song about not being able to remember and reverted back to her Day Form. “Discord, I’m only going to ask once: Please leave,” he said.

“Oh, fine,” Discord said before vanishing.

After this, every pony returned to their normal positions during a school day and class resumed.

~~~ ~~~ ~~~

“Okay, class which one of you can tell me where Discord lives?” Cheerilee asked and not a moment later Discord appeared.

“You called?” he asked as he looked at the surprised teacher.

“Discord, she did not call you. She only asked if we knew where you lived,” Nix said as she facehoofed.

“Miss Cheerilee, may I be excused?” Contact asked after a strange feeling rushed over him.

“Um, certainly, just be back in time for this evening's quiz starter,” Cheerilee said before Contact rushed out the front of the school building.

“That energy… it's Control for sure…” he thought to himself as he quickly galloped to Twilight's Castle.

~~~ ~~~ ~~~

“Connie, I'll not fight you!” Somber said as he stood between Chrysalis and Control.

“Don’t call me ‘Connie’! Now, out of the way, worm! Right now my quarrel is not with you!” she yelled back.

“Somber, Chrysalis, out of the way!” Contact said as he burst through the front door.

“And just what are you going to do, foal?” Control asked in a rather perturbed manner as she turned to face Contact and pointed her crooked and gnarled sword at him.

Contact stomped his right forehoof on the floor When he raised it again, his stone chest came out of the floor. He then opened the chest and put on the upper right forehoof’s leg ring and transformed.

His form was of a silver mecha with green lines around the eyes in a microchip fashion. His wings were mechanical and were the colours Cobalt and Crimson. His eyes and the lines on his horn were an illuminated Black.

“Is that supposed to scare me? I’ve seen sca-”

Suddenly, swords of many shapes and sizes began coming out of Contact's back. He reached for a sword and rushed at Control. He missed her, purposefully, as to warn her.

“Ha! You couldn't hit the broadside of a-” Control said before seeing a strand of her mane floating towards the floor. “I will be back! Count on it!” she said before making a hasty retreat.

“Contact, thank you!” Chrysalis said as she walked over to the colt.

“It was nothing. Now, I have to get back to school, sorry,” he said in a computerized voice before removing the leg ring, reverting to his Day Form, and darting out the front door.

~~~ ~~~ ~~~

“Okay, students, time for the quiz,” Cheerilee said. “Please use type two ink an-”

“Sorry, I am late, Miss Cheerilee,” Contact said as he came rushing through the schoolhouse door.

“You're not late, Contact, just tardy,” she replied. “Now, where was I?”

“Use type two ink,” Apple Bloom said.

“Ah, yes. Contact, did you bring your vial of type two ink like I asked Twilight to tell you?” Cheerilee asked.

“Yes, Miss Cheerilee,” he replied as he raised a vial of ink and a small pointed stick, which looked like a pencil, out of the saddlebags he left in the school before his confrontation with Control.

“Alrighty then. This week's quiz is about everything you know about the Badlands,” Cheerilee said after pulling out a map of Equestria and pointed to the Badlands. “I expect your rough draft to have full sentences, paragraphs, and correct grammar and punctuation,” she said as the students pulled out sheets of parchment and began writing.

“Miss Cheerilee, how long do we have before we turn them in?” Diamond Tiara asked.

“You have until four o'clock,” she replied.

“Two hours?!? That's hardly enough for a paragraph!” Silver Spoon commented.

“The I suggest you be quiet and start writing,” she responded in a more stern tone rather than her usually cheerful tone.

“Yes, Miss Cheerilee,” Diamond and Silver replied simultaneously.

~~~ ~~~ ~~~

“Miss Cheerilee, I'm finished,” Contact said after raising his right forehoof.

“Bring it to me and you may leave for today,” Cheerilee replied as she looked up at Contact.

“Yes, ma’am,” he replied before doing as told.

Cheerilee then looked at the clock and saw it had only been half an hour. “Um, Contact, it's only been half an hour. How are you through with your rough draft?” she asked.

“I can do anything if I set my mind to it,” he replied.

“Well, I guess I can accept that answer,” she responded before Contact left.

Chapter Five - Introductions

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“Hey, Big Macintosh!” Granny Smith yelled.

Big Mac then took about three steps and poked his head out the front door of their house. “Eeyup?” he asked.

“Oh, there ya’ are,” Granny Smith started. “This here colt was a’lookin’ fer ya’. Somthin’ 'bout helpin’ ya’ out with the apple trees in the south fields,” Granny Smith finished.

“Really?” Big Mac replied as he looked at Contact.

“Yes, sir. I may be small, but I kick almost like you,” he said.

“Hmm… follow me,” Big Mac said before exiting the house and walking Southward. Contact followed close behind. They arrived at the south fields not twenty minutes later.

“Alright, now that we’re far enough away,” Contact said before his form changed to Control's. “Peek-a-boo!” she said as Big Mac turned to face her.

“Ahh! Changeling!” Big Mac yelled before darting off to his house to tell Granny Smith what he seen.

“So the avalanche starts,” Control said before she flew away.

When Big Mac arrived back home, he found Twilight, Applejack, and Granny Smith talking with Contact.

“So you're callin’ Granny Smith a liar?!!” Applejack said as she stomped her hoof.

“Git away from him, he’s a Changeling!” Big Mac yelled after he got near the four.

“That would explain why Granny Smith saw him earlier,” Twilight said.

“I still say he’s a Changeling!” Big Mac said as he stomped a hoof.

“If I may,” Contact started, “I know a way to resolve this conflict in an almost nonviolent manner.”

“What is it?” Big Mac asked.

“Twilight zaps me with a spell that would usually knock out a Changeling but leave a normal pony unharmed,” Contact suggested.

“Fine, we agree,” Applejack said after looking at her family.


“Just do it, Twilight,” Contact said before Twilight zapped him with a lightning spell which, to everypony except Twilight and Contact’s surprise, left Contact unharmed.

“Alright, now I’ve seen you use that spell before, Twilight, and I know it would have hurt even a normal pony. Why didn’t he get hurt?” Applejack wondered with an accusing tone.

“I trust these three, do you, Contact?” Twilight asked as she looked at Contact.

“Applejack is the living embodiment of the Element of Honesty, Big Mac isn’t known for falsifying what he has seen or heard, and Granny Smith is trusted by everypony she knows,” Contact said as he held a hoof to his chin. “I trust them.”

“Contact is, well… it’s better if we show you,” Twilight said before helping Contact take his vest off.

“He’s… an… alicorn?!!” the three said almost synchronously.

“To be more specific: I am a creature referred to as a 'Metamagica’,” he said as he stomped his right forehoof against the ground and again brought forth his stone chest.

He pulled out everything inside of the chest out with the exception of his bodysuit. Then he put on all the rings, the collar, and the helm. He began slowly cycling through his different forms, with the exception of his night and merpony forms.

After he cycled through every form available during the day, he returned to his normal day form. “What do you think of his power?” Twilight asked only to receive an answer she expected.

“I say he’s still a Changeling, only you’re protectin’ him with you’re fancy magic!” Granny Smith said almost in a yell.

“Eeyup,” Big Mac agreed.

“Twi, I honestly think…,” Applejack started, “… … … …you’re telling th’ truth.”

Big Mac and Granny Smith gasped at what Applejack said. “You dare go against your kin folk in matter that don't really concern you?!?” Granny Smith questioned accusingly.

“Yes, I do,” Applejack started. “Because as the living embodiment of the Element of Honesty, I can tell when they’re lyin’ to me, and they ain't lyin’!”

“Applejack!” Granny Smith yelled.

“Granny Smith!” Applejack yelled back.

“Quiet!” Big Mac yelled causing the birds in the entire farm to flee. “Twi?”

“Thank you, Big Mac,” Twilight started. “Contact was made many eons ago by six Djinns to stop the future that we live in from existing. Since then, he has fought them every few eons and four of them have turned from doing evil to doing good. Later; within eleven months, two weeks, and one day; he will fight the remaining two.”

“Hume-pokey! Ain’t no such thing as a Djinn, less yur talkin’ ‘bout ginger!” Granny Smith said.

“Humans were real, Granny Smith,” Twilight said.

“Yeah, and I'm Princess Celestia!”

“Granny Smith, sit on it!” Applejack said.

After that was said, Granny Smith went inside the house was not to be heard from for a while.

“Are you beginning to understand, Big Mac?” Applejack asked her brother.


“Good, now we have to be going. We still have to explain me to two more of the Elements of Harmony,” Contact said before he and Twilight began to leave Sweet Apple Acres.

~~~ ~~~ ~~~

Gasp “-Is that the Metamagica!??” Fluttershy said after seeing Contact enter her house. “Come here and let me look at you! Um, that is, if you want to.”

“I don't mind, Miss Fluttershy,” Contact replied as he came closer to Fluttershy.

“Oh, you’re such a handsome creature,” Fluttershy said as she examined Contact. “Will you take off your vest for me so I can see your wings?” she asked.

Contact did as asked, and before long, Fluttershy had more to say.

“Is it true you never feel hungry?”


“And you can’t perform magic or fly?”

“Also true.”

“Can you change form?”

“Would you like a demonstration?”

“Oh, would I!”

“Here we go again!” Twilight commented.

Contact, again, cycled through every form available in the day. After this, Contact’s stomach rumbled.

“What was that?” Contact wondered aloud.

“That was you stomach rumbling,” Fluttershy said after a short laugh. “It means you're hungry,” she said before running to her kitchen.

“I've never been hungry before,” Contact told Twilight.

“Consider it a first of many times to come,” Twilight replied.

“Here, eat this salad. Um, that is, if you want to,” Fluttershy said as she entered her living room carrying a bowl of salad and Angel on her back.

“I will,” Contact said as Fluttershy set the salad in front of him.

“You do know how to eat properly, right contact?” Twilight asked.

“I know how everypony in Equestria eats, but I have no idea what way is proper.”

“Eat like Princess Celestia eats,” Twilight said gaining a ‘seriously’ look from Fluttershy. “Oh, that’s right, no magic.”

“Just try eating like I do, Contact. Um, that is, if you want to,” Fluttershy said before Contact did as asked.

He pulled the fork out of the salad and took a bite of it. When he did a shimmer of magic energy ran across his body and voices echoed around them:

“He will now become fatigued, require food and sleep, and have emotions, as to set his own morals, like a normal pony. So says Prysme of The First Era,” the first echoed.

“And he will no longer require the magic of the Origin to stay alive. So says Chia of The First Era,” the second echoed.

“He will also age like, and live as long as, immortal alicorns from now onward. So says Prysme of The Second Era,” the third echoed.

“And lastly, he will now be able to fly and walk on clouds. So says Chia of The Second Era,” the fourth echoed.

“Where are you, show yourselves!” Twilight yelled.

“They no longer have a physical form, Twilight,” Contact said. “They all died physically eons ago, but they live on through the amount of power that they had remaining when they died.”

“Oh, my,” Fluttershy said in a sad tone.

“Yes, sad isn’t it? I’ve far exceeded the lifespan of four of my creators.”

“No, I feel sorry you lost them,” Fluttershy said as she placed a hoof on Contact’s shoulder.

“At the time I did not have any emotions or personal morals. I did not know what the loss of life truly meant,” he said as a tear came to his eye. “But now… I think I understand,” he said before bursting into tears.

“There, there. You don’t need to worry, just let out all those years of held up tears,” Fluttershy said as she gently pat Contact on the back.

Contact continued crying for a solid ten minutes. After that, Twilight made a comment.

“Great, I’ve got a crier for a son,” Twilight said.

“Twilight, you should be over here comforting him. Instead you complain that he has been given tremendous gifts by his creators,” Fluttershy said in a more stern tone than her usual nice tone.

“I’m sorry, it’s just, I’m not used to seeing somepony cry this long.”

“Just wait until Tank has to hibernate for the winter, then you’ll see something close to this come from Rainbow Dash,” Fluttershy said as she put a blanket over Contact’s back.

“How do you know? Rainbow Dash doesn’t cry, even when she’s in pain.”

“That’s physical pain, not the pain of a friend leaving you.”

Sniffle “-I feel-” sniffle “- much better now,” Contact said before blowing his nose into a tissue that Fluttershy gave him.

“There, you’ve had your little cry-fest and now we really must be going so I can tell Rainbow Dash about you,” Twilight said.

“Twilight, you shouldn’t call it a cry-fest. He’s never cried before. I would consider that to have made up for millenia of tearless sadness,” Fluttershy said slightly agitatedly.

“I just didn’t know what else to call a long period of time where the only thing you do is cry.”

“Um, you can call it the grieving period, considering he lost four parents over the course of his life.”

“Toushé, Fluttershy,” Twilight remarked as she walked over to Contact and put her wing around him. “Come, let's go see Rainbow Dash. And if you're good, we’ll stop by Sugar Cube Corner and visit Pinkie for a while.”

“Okay, Twilight,” Contact said as he wiped the tears from his eyes and getting up to exit the house.

~~~ ~~~ ~~~

“Cool! He can do all that and he can turn into an Ali-mech Mark 3 v0.15.4!” Rainbow Dash said as she jumped up and hovered for a second.

“How did you know his Mech form's information?” Twilight wondered aloud.

“I'm a reservist mechanic, it's my job to know military machines,” Rainbow Dash said as she slowly walked around Mecha Machina. “You know, his model is only in testing phase?”

“Wait, I thought you were in infantry?”

“I am, but ya gotta start somewhere.”

“I will now be returning to: form designation: ‘Solair’,” Contact said before reverting back to his day form. “My Mech form updates automatically to the latest version and build of the Ali-mech series when it reaches testing phase,” Contact said when he fully reverted to day form.

“So… awesome!” was all Rainbow Dash could say.

“Okay, now that we know you approve of his awesomeness, can we please wrap this up?” Twilight asked slightly agitatedly.

“Fine, but on one condition!” Rainbow Dash said.

“What is it?” Contact asked in curiosity.

“Do it one more time, please?” Rainbow Dash asked as she looked at Contact with a 'puppy dog's face.

“Yes, Miss Dash,” Contact said before he changed into his Mech form. “Luka, I am your father!” He said in a melodramatic manner.

“So… awesome!” Rainbow Dash said.

“Okay, Darth Vaser, let’s go home,” Twilight said as she prepared to jump off Rainbow Dash’s landing pad at the front of her house.

“But you said if I was good we'd stop by Sugar Cube Corner on the way home!” Contact said after returning to his Day form and running to the landing pad.

“So I did. Well, can’t say I'm not a mare of my word. Let's go see if Pinkie’s home,” Twilight said before taking flight.

“Yay!” Contact said in excite as he too took flight.

Chapter Six - A Display of My Power

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“Twilight, it's almost dusk,” Contact said as he looked out the window at the sunset.

“Why is he so worried about the sunset, Twilight? It's not like he turns into a colour negative filly at night, right?” Pinkie said gaining a surprised look from both Contact and Twilight.

“No, Miss Pie, I do,” Contact said, and not a moment too soon, as the sun had just set and the transformation began. No longer than a minute did the change take and Contact was in her Night form. “This form is known as Lunair. You haven't seen me like this before, I don't think.”

“Okay. So, Twilight, when do you want to throw her a Welcome-to-Ponyville party? Tomorrow? Tomorrow night? Tuesday? Ooh, ooh, what about-

“Pinkie, throw her one Tomorrow,” Twilight said. “Hold it here at Sugar Cube Corner. I don't want anypony to see the castle the way it is right now.”

“Okie dokie, Loki!” Pinkie replied. “What kind of cake do you like, Contact?” she asked the filly.

“I've never eaten cake,” Contact replied in a saddened tone.

Gasp “-You've never had cake!” Pinkie exclaimed before freezing for a few seconds.

“You shouldn't have said that, Contact,” Twilight remarked before Pinkie darted downstairs to the kitchen and came back with a tray full of samplers.

“I have a sampler for every type of cake we make! Here try one!” Pinkie said as she stuffed a ‘Daydream Creame’ cake sampler in Contact's mouth causing her to almost choke before finally managing to swallow it. “Well, what d'ya think?”

Cough, cough “-Um,-” cough “-very… sweet?” Contact replied trying to catch her breath.

“Aww, ya don't like it. Here, try another!” Pinkie said as she held the tray in front of Contact.

Contact then reached for the ‘Midnight Delight’ sampler.

“I wouldn't pick that one, it's not sweet at all,” Pinkie said causing Contact to pick a different sampler.

After all the samplers; with the exception of the ‘Midnight Delight' sampler; were eaten, Contact told Pinkie that, sadly, she didn't really care for any of the ones she had tried. As a last resort, Pinkie told her to try the remaining sampler.

“It tastes… great. Much better than the ones I have already tried.”

“How is it that this filly likes Dark Chocolate when everypony else in town hates it?!!” Pinkie exclaimed.

“Pinkie, I want you to know, when she is in her Day form, her likes and dislikes are almost completely opposite,” Twilight said.

“Soooo, make a ‘Daydream Creame’ for the party?” Pinkie asked as she tried to comprehend what Twilight was saying.

“Yeah that’ll do,” Twilight replied. “And make a ‘Midnight Delight’ for a party I plan on having you throw for the girls and us right after that party.”

“O-kay?” Pinkie wondered as she wrote the order in her party planner. “And favorite colours? I need to know them so I can get good streamers.”

“Any dark shade of red and different shades of white,” Twilight said as she looked in Pinkie's planner to see what she was writing. “What are you writing?”

“Ya like it? I found this language in a book in your library,” Pinkie said. “I think it’s called-”

“Vyra?” Contact asked.

“How did you know I was gonna say that?” Pinkie asked in surprise.

“It's the only other language of this era.”

“Am I missing something?!” Twilight exclaimed as she held her head up to the roof.

“Vyra is an older language used for spell casting,” Contact started, “specifically creature summoning and calling.”

“Oh cool! Can you show me?” Pinkie said as she jumped up and down.

“Only if Twilight says that I can,” she said as she looked in Twilight's direction.

“Only a small, harmless creature,” Twilight said as she sat down by a table in Pinkie's room.

“Okay, Twilight,” Contact said before she stomped her hoof on the floor and made her stone chest arise out of the wooden planks.

She opened up the chest and put on the collar and changed form to the one she used in the school earlier that day to scare everypony. Her vest disappeared during the transformation.

“U mollyr dni Carbuncle yw Niecurk!” Contact exclaimed as he held his hoof above his head.

Soon, a glyph appeared above Contact with a heart shape in the center. Out from it came a creature that was feline-like in appearance. It's fur was like that of Pinkie's, only a bit lighter, and it had a Pink Tourmaline gem embedded in it’s forehead.

Pinku Tourmuline nihi dy ermzih dni secc yw Creature Caster!” the creature said in a femme’s voice.

“Aww, such a cute little Carbuncle!” Pinkie said as she ventured closer to the creature.

“Pinkie, do you know what that thing said?” Twilight asked her pink friend.

“Yep! She said: 'Pinku Tourmuline here to answer the call of Creature Caster!’” Pinkie replied before Contact and Pinku Tourmuline started conversing.

“Can you tell me what they're saying now?”

“Oh, they're just catching up on how each other has been over the past umpteen years, and how the rest of the Carbuncle Gems are doing, and reminiscing on old memories from long ago when Contact called upon her, and-”

“I get the drift. Can you ask Contact to return the Carbaunt and get ready to go?”

“It's a Carbuncle not a Carbaunt! And yes I can,” Pinkie said before saying the following: Ahem “-Iqsomi li, pod Twilight zyoct cugi ayo dy mirt Pinku Tourmuline pesg, ert kid hieta dy ky nyli.”

Contact lowered his head then looked at Pinku Tourmuline and said: 'Orduc riqd duli, friend.” He then rose his right forehoof above his head and said: “Hidohr dy dni Realm of Gems!”

A glyph with a gem shaped pattern in the middle appeared above Contact and the a distortion occurred in the middle in a wormhole like fashion. It then began pulling Pinku Tourmuline into it.

Before she was completely pulled in, Pinku Tourmuline said: “U’cc lumm ayo!”

After she was pulled in and the glyph disappeared, Contact reverted to night form, her vest reappeared, and as a tear came to her eye she said: “I’ll miss you too, Pinku.”

“I thought you didn't have any emotions?” Pinkie said as she looked at Contact with a confused expression on her face.

“I didn't when we first met, but…” Contact said before stopping completely.

“She was given emotions when I shown her to Fluttershy,” Twilight said as she walked over to Contact and put her wing around her.

“What? Did Fluttershy give 'em to her or something?” Pinkie asked as she hopped up and down.

“No, four of my creators did,” Contact said as she teared up even more. “They also gave me the ability of immortality with the possibility of starvation and working too hard, and the abilities of flight and cloud walking.”

“Cool! I wish I could fly and walk on clouds!” Pinkie said as she jumped up and began walking on air for a few seconds.

“Pinkie, how did you…? Oh, nevermind,” Twilight said as she wondered about Pinkie.

“Twilight, can we go home?” Contact asked as she looked up at Twilight.

“Why, are you tired?” Twilight asked as she looked back at Contact.

“You could-” yawn “-say that,” Contact said as she rest her head on Twilight's shoulder.

“Okay, let’s go,” Twilight said before lifting Contact with her magic and setting her on her back.. “See you tomorrow, Pinkie.”

“Farewell, Miss Pie,” Contact said very drowsily.

“See ya later, Twilight and Contact,” Pinkie said as she began inflating balloons. “Gummy, can you pass me the dark red balloons?” Pinkie asked as she looked at her baby alligator who then pushed white balloons to Pinkie with it’s nose.

“Hey, narrator! Gummy isn’t that much of a baby! He knows red from white!”

Sorry Pinkie, I just wanted you to say something for a ‘fourth-wall-break’.

“Well, okay then.”

~~~ ~~~ ~~~

“Might I have your attention, please?” Celestia said as she stood up at the head of a table in Sugarcube corner. Everypony then turned their attention to Celestia. “It gives me great pleasure to welcome to Ponyville, Princess Twilight Sparkle’s cousin, Contact!” she said as Contact shyly came out from behind Twilight. He was in Day form and wearing his vest.

The crowd of almost the entire town cheered and a few bowed at the sight of Contact.

“Why are some of them bowing?” Contact whispered loud enough for only Twilight to hear.

“They probably consider you a royal considering I’m a princess and my brother is married to Princess Mi Amore Cadenza, whose name literally means ‘I Love Cadence’.”

“Oh,” Contact quietly replied.

“Let the festivities begin!” Celestia said before she raised her glass with her magic and took a sip of punch.

The crowd that had gathered began to party and make merry. Contact looked at them and felt an emotion rush throughout his body. An emotion he had experienced only in battle with the Djinns: anger.

“Twilight, stop me, I… I’m angry,” he said before Twilight gripped him with her magic and brought him to the kitchen.

“Why are you angry?” Twilight asked as she set him down in front of an oven.

“Something inside me… it hates to see ponies when they’re happy… which, as far as I know… is how I would feel… if the Djinns… from the first era… had not sealed my emotions,” Contact said as he grit his teeth trying not to cause damage to his surroundings.

“Why would you feel angry?” Twilight asked still unable to comprehend what Contact was trying to say.

“I was created… to destroy you… and everything… and everypony… you know and love. I was created… to stop this future… from existing. I am a weapon… used by the Djinns… and the only thing… preventing me from hurting anypony… is my Night form’s conscience.”

“So, you’re saying I should stop the party until tonight?”

“No, just… keep me away from-”

“Ah, Changeling!”

“That might just be Chrysalis,” Twilight commented.

“Where are you, Contact, you worm!??” a young femme’s voice yelled.

“No, it’s Control,” Contact said before his eyes lit up with a burning desire to fight. “Let me have her for five minutes!”

“No, you can’t show anypony your other forms!”

“If I change form in here, I can conceal my identity by claiming to be a Guardian of Equestria,” Contact said as he stomped his hoof to summon his stone chest.

“Alright, but which form will you take?”

“Arcane Bearer, she won’t suspect I can perform the most ancient of magics,” He said before pulling out the lower right forehoof’s leg ring, putting it on, and beginning his transformation.

His coat became Maroon and his mane and tail Gray with a Black streak. His vest disappeared revealing his wings. His wings’ primary covert tips were Gray and the lesser coverts were Black. His eyes were faded Black left and Gray right. He also grew fangs, and the tips of his ears grew starred.

“You have five minutes at most," Twilight said as she looked at her Holo-watch.

Contact then burst through the kitchen door into the main dining area. “I am Arcane Bearer, a Guardian of Equestria. Fear me not, as I will fight to protect you, citizens of Ponyville.”

“What are you going to do, foal?” Control asked as she pointed her crooked and gnarled sword in Arcane’s direction. “I’ll bet those wings are fake and you’re just playing hero.”

Contact then flapped his wings and hovered in the air a second.

“Then your horn is fake.”

He then sent a large and powerful bolt of electricity in Control’s direction hitting her sword causing her right forehoof to twitch in pain as she dropped her blade.

“Yield now, Control, while you still have breath in your lungs.”

“You have made your point, Arcane,” Celestia said as she glared at him with a disapproving gaze.

“I will be back again,” Control said before quickly limping out of Sugarcube Corner, stumbling every once in awhile.

“I must leave,” Contact said as he began to run to the kitchen.

“Wait!” a stallion called. “Shouldn’t we praise this youth who saved us from that Changeling scum?”

“That is no way to talk about a princess…” Contact said after he froze about two feet from the kitchen door, “EVEN IF SHE IS A CHANGELING!” he finished as he quickly turned and shot a bolt of electricity in the stallion’s direction barely missing him.

“Arcane! You have no right to attack citizens of a city you are to protect!” Celestia said as she jumped over her table and got between Arcane and the crowd of townsponies.

“I know… but nopony should discriminate those which are different.”

“You’ve made your point… I suggest you leave,” Celestia said as she scraped a hoof across the ground as if to prepare for battle.

“I’ll not fight the word of a Princess,” Contact said. “I will take my leave,” he concluded before he left the room.

Contact then reverted to his day form, put the ring back in the chest, despawned the chest, and exited the kitchen once more.

“Contact, where were you? You missed a whole fight between Arcane Bearer, a Guardian of Equestria, and Control, a Changeling Princess,” Luna said, as if she didn’t know.

“So that’s who that alicorn colt that ran through the back door was,” Contact said as Twilight entered the main dining area.

“Twilight, I suppose the reason you and Contact were in the kitchen was that the crowd is a bit too big for his likeness?” Celestia asked as she winked at Twilight.

Twilight had a confused look on her face for about three seconds and then she got what Celestia meant. “Yes, this crowd is rather big.”

“Some of us can leave if you wish, your Majesty,” said the same stallion that made the comment about Control earlier.

You most certainly may leave,” Celestia said as she looked at the stallion.

“Yes, your Majesty,” he said before he and a mare left the party.

“Anypony else that wishes to leave may,” Celestia said, and soon after, the only ponies that remained were ponies that knew about Contact, the Cakes, the C.M.C., Miss Cheerilee, and a few guards.

“Um, Miss Twilight, may we talk to ya?” Apple Bloom asked for the C.M.C.

“Sure, what is it?” Twilight replied.

“You're going to ask about Arcane Bearer and me, aren't you girls?” Contact asked as he lowered his head.

“Yeah, we were, but I think we just got our answer,” Scootaloo said as she lowered her head.

“Come with me, girls. You too, Contact,” Celestia said as she walked toward the kitchen.

“Yes, Princess Celestia,” they all replied as they followed the Princess of the Sun.

When Celestia, the C.M.C., and Contact were all alone in the kitchen, Celestia asked Contact to summon his stone chest. He did as told and this surprised the C.M.C. Celestia then asked him to put on all his jewelry and his helm. He did as told and was then told to slowly cycle through his forms. He did as told, again surprising the C.M.C. with his many abilities. The first form he took was Arcane Bearer, followed shortly by Creature Caster and Mecha Machina.

“I have more forms than the four you have seen,” Contact said before shifting form to a newer form.

This one had a Basic Red coat, Maroon mane and tail with a Crimson streak, Crimson lesser coverts and Maroon tipped primary coverts, his left eye was faded Maroon and his right was faded Crimson, and lastly, he had fangs and starred ears.

“This form of mine is known as ‘Red Elementalist’, and has control over the basic elements of magic such as fire, lightning, wind, temperature, and water,” Contact said before changed form again.

This form had a Basic Black coat, Dark Gray mane and tail with a Moderate Gray streak, Moderate Gray lesser coverts and Dark Gray tipped primary coverts, his left eye was faded Dark Gray and his right was faded Moderate Gray, and lastly, he still had fangs but normal ears.

“This form of mine is known as 'Blackout’ and has control over the different types of Black magic in Equestria,” he said before, again, changing form.

His next form was a filly that had a Basic Blue coat, Sea Blue mane and tail with a Cobalt streak, Cobalt lesser coverts and Sea Blue tipped primary coverts, her left eye was faded Sea Blue and her right eye was faded Cobalt.

“This form is known as Blue Mimicyu,” Contact said as she rubbed her left forehoof over her right.

“Cool, he turns into a filly!” Scootaloo said.

“I don’t think it’s cool. When was the last time you saw something like this happen, Scoots?” Sweetie Belle asked her friend.

“The last time this happened, girls, was many, many years ago,” Celestia said.

“I say he- she- um…” Apple Bloom started but didn’t finish.

“Are you trying to ask me if I want to join the Cutie Mark Crusaders?” Contact asked as she looked at Apple Bloom.

“Yeah, kinda,” Apple Bloom said as she tried to avoid eye contact with Contact.

“Why won’t you look me in the eyes?” Contact asked as she kept trying to look Apple Bloom in the eyes.

“I just… It’s your eyes, they ain’t like anypony else's. It kinda scares me,” Apple Bloom said trying not to turn away.

“Would this help?” Contact said before she pushed her front half off the ground and stomped loudly. When she stomped, blue flames engulfed her, and when they died soon after, she had eyes like Apple Bloom’s.

“Kinda?” Apple Bloom said as if she was filled with wonder.

“Blue Mimicyu’s abilities are mimicry. She can mimic the form, attributes, skills, and attacks of her opponents after she sees them,” Celestia said as she walked over to Contact. “For instance, mimic me, Contact,” she said before Contact did as told.

“Is this good enough, Princess Celestia?” She said in Celestia’s voice.

The C.M.C. gasped when they heard Contact’s words.

“Oh, right, I forgot to tell you, she can also mimic my voice,” Celestia said before Contact returned to her Blue Mimicyu base form.

“I’ll change now,” Contact said before doing so.

This form had a Grass Green coat, Emerald Green mane and tail with a Jade Green streak, Jade Green lesser coverts and Emerald Green tipped primary coverts, her left eye was faded Emerald Green and her right was faded Jade Green.

“This form is known as Green Naturalist, I know how to make potions much like zebras and can control how long they last and how strong they are,” Contact said as she set her hoof on the ground and pulled up an empty potion vial.

“Cool!” Scootaloo said as she realized the usefulness of having a brewer in the C.M.C.

“Don’t get any ideas that I’d make a potion for anything other than battle,” Contact said as she pushed the vial back into the ground.

“Where did the vial go?” Sweetie Belle asked as she looked at the ground where the vial rose from and was pushed back into.

“The vial was made of magic. It was constructed out of the magic in the floorboards and I put that magic back,” Contact said as she did so again.

“Cool!” Sweetie Belle replied.

Contact then shifted forms to a filly with a Emerald Green coat, White mane and tail with a Creame streak, Creame lesser coverts and White tipped primary coverts, her left eye was White and her right was faded Creame.

“This form is known as Time Bearer, I can manipulate time to make myself appear faster or to make somepony appear slower,” Contact said as she stomped her hoof on the ground causing a dodecagram to appear on the ground and the surroundings began to appear to move slower.

Contact then walked over to and turned on a mixer and it didn’t make any noise and moved very slowly.

“Do you see what I mean?” Contact asked before she turned it off.

“So what you’re saying is that right now we are moving’ faster than everything else?” Apple Bloom asked as she walked over to the mixer and looked at the still spinning mixer blades. “Can I touch it and it not hurt me?” she asked as she went to see.

“No, Don’t do that!” Contact said before slowing time even more to rush over to Apple Bloom and pull her away from the mixer.

She then returned all time to normal. “Just because it looks like it’s moving slower doesn’t mean it doesn’t have as much force as if it were moving as fast as normal,” Contact told the three as she tried not to pass out from exhaustion of power.

“She has more forms, but right now she needs to rest to gather more energy,” Celestia said before Contact reverted to normal day form and he fell to the floor unconscious. Celestia then removed all of Contact’s equipment and put it back in the stone chest. “What you three have seen you must never tell anypony about, ever. Do you understand?” Celestia asked as she walked to the kitchen door.

“Yes, Princess Celestia,” the three fillies said as they ran to catch up to Celestia by the door.

“Good, I expect you to do just as I instructed,” Celestia said before she opened the kitchen door and she and the C.M.C. exited the kitchen.

“We’re back!” Scootaloo said as she jumped up and tried to hover for a little while, failing to do so.

“Scoots, let’s face it, ya can’t fly,” Apple Bloom said as she looked at her friend who was now laying on the floor.

“Aw, be quiet,” Scootaloo said as she picked herself up off the floor.

Celestia then walked over to Twilight and whispered something in her ear. Twilight then walked to the kitchen and came back with Contact on her back.

“Well this certainly has been an eventful day. We’re going to go home now,” Twilight started. “Um, Pinkie, do you think you can bring the second cake to the castle? I’m sure contact will thank you if you do.”

“Sure thing, Twilight! I’ll be right over in half an hour!” Pinkie said as she rushed to the kitchen.

“Well, have a good day, everypony,” Twilight said as she left the Sugar Cube Corner.

Chapter Seven - Two Heads Are Better Than One...

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Yawn “-Good morning, Twilight,” Contact said as he walked past Twilight in the castle's kitchen.

“Good morning, Contact,” Twilight said before setting a place for Contact at the table.

“What’s for breakfast?” Contact asked before Chrysalis burst through the kitchen door.

“Contact, Control plans to set up a trap,” she said in an almost hysterical manner.

“What does she plan to do?” Twilight asked as she set a pancake on Contact's plate.

“She knows he can't be in two places at once, so what she plans to do is either she or my second will attack the Sugarcube Corner at noon and the other of the two will come here to get me.”

“Sounds like we're in for some trouble. Come to my lab at nine and we’ll be able to see what you might can do to help,” Twilight replied.

“Sure thing Twilight. I just hope I don’t go to the hospital like I did last time I was in your lab,” Chrysalis said before she turned to leave the kitchen.

“Control used her wings to contact your second, right?” Contact asked after swallowing a bite of his pancake.

“Um, yes, why?” Chrysalis asked as she turned back around.

“Were there any oddities in the message?” Contact asked before taking another bite of his food.

“Well, she started and ended the message with the word ‘False’,” Chrysalis started. “She also misspelled a few words where the correct letters that she should have used spell the words ‘School’ and ‘Three’.”

“I have a feeling I may be needed at the school,” Contact said after finishing his food.

~~~ ~~~ ~~~

“Come out, Control, I know you're here,” Chrysalis said as she entered the schoolhouse a few minutes before three.

“So, you figured out my message… How convenient,” Control said as she walked out of the shadows of the far end of the room.

“Why call on me if you only want to end my life so you may continue to fight ponykind? We are equals now that Celestia has declared us so,” Chrysalis said as she ventured closer to Control.

“Just shut up and DIE!” Control exclaimed as she rushed Chrysalis and stabbed her in the throat with her horn. “This will be your end, ‘mother’,” Control said as she pulled out of Chrysalis.

Chrysalis then fell to the floor unable to breath.

“You know, ever since your second told me about your fight in Canterlot, I’ve been more and more interested as to why you posed as that stupid, kind, loving, and selfless Princess Cadence,”

“The reason I posed as Cadence was to take advantage of Shining Armour’s love for her and use that to sustain myself until I had captured everypony in the kingdom,” Chrysalis said as she opened the door to the school house.

“But I-” Control said as she looked at the ground where Chrysalis used to lay to see she was no longer there or hurt.

“One of my 'finer’ talents, don't you think?” Chrysalis said before stomping on the ground and bursting into blue flames.

When the flames died down, Blue Mimicyu stood where Chrysalis once did.

“I am Blue Mimicyu, Guardian of Equestria,” Contact said after the blue flames died to reveal her new form.

“Oh yeah? Well you fell for a triple play,” Control said as she changed into a normal Changeling. “In lesssss than five minutesss, Control will attack the casssstle and a ssssquad of Changelingssss will attack SSSSugarcube Corner,” she said before buzzing her wings for a second.

“Time Bearer, take my place!” Contact said as she changed form to that of the aforementioned. “Be warned, Changeling, if you are in my sight in another five seconds, you will feel the most pain you’ve ever felt,” Contact said after she had fully changed forms.

“Ssscertainly!” the Changeling said before it fled.

“Time, bend at my wish! Freeze!” Contact said before time froze and she ran to the area around Sugarcube Corner. “Should any Changelings hear me,” she said after time resumed, “if any attack this city, I will personally see they they hurt for a million years, for I am Time Bearer, a Guardian of Equestria.”

After this several ponies sitting at Sugarcube Corner turned into Changelings and hurriedly flew away.

“Thought so,” Contact said before a Changeling came out of an alley nearby.

“Not so fast,” the Changeling said gaining Contact's attention. “You may be able to scare peons, but not me.”

“And just who are you?” Contact said as she prepared to fight.

“I am Conversion, second in command of the Changelings,” he replied before rushing at Contact.

Time then froze and Contact moved out of Conversion's path.

“Creators, hear my cry, the only way to save both Chrysalis and Sugarcube Corner is for the light to be separated from the darkness, the passive from aggressive, the girl from the boy,” Contact said as time remained frozen. “If my wish for us cannot be done completely, the only thing of us that I ask to remain connected is… our minds,” she finished before time resumed and she was cloaked in light.

“Are you performing some ancient spell or something?” Conversion asked as he turned around to see a mass of light near where he last saw Time Bearer.

When the light died down, it revealed Time Bearer and Blackout standing side by side.

“You deal with this, brother, I'll stop Control,” Lunair said before disappearing.

“My pleasure,” Solair said before charging up his horn.

“What are you-” is all Conversion could say before falling to the ground, appearing to bleed from his mouth.

“Next time I won’t be kind enough to let you live,” Solair said before coming closer to Conversion. “But there won’t be a next time, right?” he asked gaining a faint nod from Conversion.

~~~ ~~~ ~~~

“I've said it once before, I'll not fight you, Connie,” Somber said as he stood in front of Chrysalis as if to be ready to give his life for hers.

“I’ve said it once before, as well, don't call me CONNIE!” Control said before she dashed at Somber.

As the blade drew nearer to Somber, he closed his eyes in fear. However, Control couldn't help but feel as though she had forgotten something.


It was the sound of that breaking vial that drew back to her attention what Control had forgotten. She had forgotten about Time Bearer.

Somber opened his eyes to see Control frozen still. Her blade was centimeters away from his throat.

“What just…?” Somber wondered aloud as he looked at Control.

“It was I who froze her still,” Lunair said as she walked out from behind Control. “I came as fast as I could.”

“Your Green Naturalist form does, apparently, have it’s uses,” Chrysalis said as she looked at Lunair.

“Sadly, I won’t be able to stay long,” Lunair said as she hit Control on the back of the neck, knocking her out. “I… did something… I, so far, regret,” she finished before running out the door to the castle.

~~~ ~~~ ~~~

“Fear me, for I am the one who will bring this world to it’s knees,” Solair said as he ran around griefing the townsponies.

“Stop this!” Celestia said as she dove out of the sky and landed in front of Solair causing him to run into her. “You must yield, Blackout! As a Guardian of Equestria it is your duty!”

“I care not what you say,” Solair said as his horn began to charge. “All I care for is that my creators’ wish is fulfilled!”

“Stop, Blackout!” Apple Bloom said after throwing an apple in Solair’s direction.

The apple soon hit Solair, prompting him to send his spell in Apple Bloom’s direction, barely missing her.

“Pathetic child, I have no quarrel with you,” Solair said before turning his attention back to Celestia. “Prepare to fight, Lady Tia,” he said before charging his horn.

“Blackout, I'll fight you!” Lunair said as she dropped out of the sky, in her base form, landing in front of Celestia. “I am Lunair, Night Guardian of Equestria!”

“Why? You know any damage done to me is done to you!” Solair said before discharging his spell into the sky.

“No, Lunair, the battle would be a stalemate. I cannot let you fight your darker half,” Celestia said as she focused her attention on Lunair.

It was at this time the crowd began to murmur amongst itself.

“It's true, there is a secret about a pony that lives in Ponyville,” Solair said before reverting to base form. “Anypony notice anything similar between me and a pony named Contact?” he finished.

“Solair!” Lunair cried in both sadness and anger as she witnessed their cover get blown. “Creators, hear my plea: fuse us back to our natural form. Merge us back to the one known as Contact!” she cried. “Whatever the cost, do it! Do it for Equestria! Do it for the loved ones you’ve lost! Do it…-” sniffle “-FOR ME!” she finished as bright lights enshrouded both herself and Solair.

The lights then merged into one light about six meters off the ground halfway between where Lunair and Solair stood. It then slowly descended to ground level and the light died revealing Contact lying on the ground unconscious. Celestia then rushed over to Contact and nudged him with her hoof.

“We have used too much of our power, Princess Celestia,” a male’s voice echoed in her head.

“Yes, and with that, we must warn you: our seal that holds the Djinns of this era has been overpowered and they are free to attack at any time,” a femme's voice echoed through her head.

“I understand, but is Contact… alright?” Celestia wondered in her mind.

“Yes, he is fine,” another male's voice echoed.

“Though he will be unconscious for quite awhile,” another femme's voice resounded.

“Understood,” Celestia thought to herself. “I ask that not a one of you ponies breathe a word about what happened here today,” Celestia said as she looked at the crowd that had gathered.

“Yes, your Majesty,” many in the crowd replied.

All of you,” Celestia said as she looked at the ponies that had been grieved.

They all sighed then replied with a sour “Yes, your Majesty.”

“Mean it!” Celestia said as she charged her horn.

The ponies then replied with an exclamatory “Yes, your Majesty!” satisfying Princess Celestia's request.

Celestia then lifted Contact with her magic and brought him to Twilight's castle.

Chapter Eight - …Except When One Is Yours.

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Yawn “-Where- aah!” Is all Contact could say before realizing he was resting beside Pinkie. “Um, Miss Pinkie?” he asked as he tapped Pinkie on the left shoulder.

“What is it, cutie?” Pinkie said as she rolled over with hearts in her eyes.

“Miss Pinkie, what's going on!” he asked as he began trying to get away from Pinkie who was reaching for him. “Solair stop this daymare!” Contact said as he put himself in a corner.

~~~ ~~~ ~~~

“Contact… Contact! Contact, snap out of it!” Twilight said snapping Contact of of his daymare.

Contact then realized that he was sitting at the breakfast table with a breakfast cake hanging out of his mouth. “Sorry, Twilight,” he said hanging his head in shame after taking a bite, swallowing, and setting the rest back on his plate.

“Solair again?” she asked before she resumed eating.

“Yes, he gets more… inappropriate… each time.”

“Who this time and where?”

“Pinkie, my room,” he replied still hanging his head in shame.

“At least it didn't really happen and you're not physically old enough for something like that to happen.”

“May I be dismissed?”

“That depends on where you want to go,” Twilight replied as she raised a brow.

“Back to bed, I'm under house arrest, remember?”

“House arrest, in this case, means you have to stay in my castle. You can be almost anywhere in the castle, just not outside it’s walls.”

“Then may I go to the library?”

“Yes, just don't read-”

“The books meant for stallions and mares, I know,” Contact said before getting up, leaving the table, pausing at the door, twitching his head to the left twice, and resuming his path to the library.

“Two twitches, better follow him,” Twilight thought to herself before getting up and tailing her technical child. “I wonder if Fluttershy could help him like she helped Discord,” she thought as she neared the library.

“Twilight, don't enter the library,” a male's voice echoed in her head.

“Okay, what is he doing this time?” Twilight thought as a reply.

“He’s confronting his darker half,” a femme's voice echoed in her head.

“So… it's a war zone and he’s throwing things everywhere?” she thought.

“Essentially,” another male's voice echoed.

“I have to stop him, there are some books in there that are the only ones ever made!” Twilight thought before the door to the library blew off it's hinges.

“Best not to, but the books in your library will remain perfectly intact and in the same condition you had them in before he entered the library. So says Chia of the Second Era,” another femme's voice resounded.

“Thanks, I really appreciate that. Not even lying,” Twilight thought in a sarcastic manner.

“Twilight, I know you're there,” Contact called from the library.

Twilight walked to the library doorway to see Contact lying on the floor, half conscious.

“Contact, what did you do!?!” Twilight exclaimed as she rushed to Contact's side.

“Twilight, somepony cares for Solair,” Contact said before completely passing out.

“Of course somepony cares for him… I do,” Twilight said as she ran a hoof through Contact's mane.

~~~ ~~~ ~~~

Yawn “-What hap- Sweetie Belle!” Contact said as he began to get out of the bed he was in and back away from it.

“What is it, Solair?” Sweetie Belle asked as she got up and slowly walked toward Contact.

“Solair, no, not one of her age! She may daydream about you but that gives you no right to make her daydream into our daymare,” Contact said as he backed into the same corner as the prior daydream.

“This is a daydream?” Sweetie Belle asked as she got even closer to him.

“Um, yes? No? Maybe? I don't know anymore!” Contact said before he curled up in a ball on the floor.

“You look so cute when you're like that,” Sweetie Belle said as she got right next to him. “Hey, you wanna play a game that I saw in one of Rarity’s magazines?”

“Solair, I surrender, just make it stop! Make it stop!”


“Contact… Contact! Contact, what is with you?” Rainbow Dash asked, snapping Contact back to reality.

“Sorry, Miss Dash, I… I…” Contact stammered as he teared up. “I'm just so sorry,” he finished before leaving the breakfast table crying.

“Well great, another one of my awesome stories about death defying stunts gone to complete waste,” Rainbow Dash complained before she took a bite of oatmeal.

“Well, darling, you can't expect everypony to sit down and listen to all your stories patiently,” Rarity said before taking a sip of her breakfast tea. “My word! Um, Twilight, you did use the recipe for tea that I gave you, right?”

“Yes, Rarity, five eighths tea, three eighths lemon, and absolutely no sugar,” Twilight replied while brushing her mane.

“Um, Twilight dear, the recipe I gave you called for three eighths sugar and no lemon,” Rarity said as she set her cup back on it's saucer.

“So that's why my tea tastes so sweet,” Fluttershy commented as she did the same.

“Look, I've had a tough time keeping Contact from literally killing himself over a pony that likes his darker side,” Twilight said as she continued to brush her mane.

“The only pony I could ever see liking his dark side would be that show-off Trixie,” Rarity said after she took a bite of her breakfast cake and swallowed it. “Fluttershy, would you pass the syrup, please?”

“Why, certainly,” Fluttershy replied as she did as asked. “You know, Twilight, it seems like if we let the one that likes him come visit, he might stop trying to hurt himself,” she said as a very logical answer.

“No visitors, by order of Princess Celestia, remember?” Twilight said in a very smart tone.

“But what if you hold one of them open court things?” Applejack asked as she raised a brow.

“I'd have to ask Celestia first,” Twilight replied. “But if he would tell me who likes him, I might be able to teleport them directly to the castle with M.I.L.I.S.”

“That seems like a reeeeeeaaaaly good idea Twilight, but how are you going to get him to tell you who likes him when all he knows is that somepony likes him?” Pinkie asked after finishing her thirteenth breakfast cake.

“Meta, you explain, I'll do,” Twilight said after setting her M.I. crystal on the table and leaving.

“Girls, it's like this:…” Meta started after her hologram appeared above the crystal.

~~~ ~~~ ~~~

Knock, knock, knock.

“Yes?” Contact replied to the sound of the door.

“It's me, Twilight, open up the door,” Twilight's voice said through the door.

“Okay give me a minute,” Contact said before he wiped his eyes, composed himself as much as he could, got off his bed, unlocked the door, and cracked it open. “Yes, Twilight?”

“Can I come in?” Twilight asked even though it was, after all, her castle.

“Um, yeah,” Contact said before opening the door completely and walking back to his bed as Twilight entered.

“I see you've been reading as much as you can,” Twilight said as she looked at a mahogany desk with many books piled upon it.

“Yes, though, not much is unknown to me,” he replied as he climbed back onto his bed. “I've been reading mostly fiction,” he finished as he closed his eyes.

“I wanted to talk to you, Contact,… about what happened in the dining room this morning,” Twilight said trying to get a foundation laid for her following interrogation.

“What about it?” Contact replied rather defensively.

“I just wanted to know a few things, that's all,” Twilight responded.

“I don't feel like talking about it,” he said as he rolled over to face away from Twilight.

“Contact, I know it had the one that likes Solair in it, right?” Twilight asked.

“Why do you care?” he asked, angered, as he rolled over to look Twilight in the eyes.

“Because I hate to see you like this, and I wouldn't be doing my job as your technical mother if I didn't.”

“Really? Well, newsflash, you're not my only technical mother in this era,” Contact started as he rose his hind legs and sprung off his bed. “In fact I have at least four mothers that were born in this era of time. You, Cadance, Starlight Glimmer, and Sunset Shimmer. So please don't get started with that whole 'I wouldn't be doing my job as your mother if I didn't…’ charade, okay! Celestia and Luna don't care enough to come visit me even, and now I find out somepony actually likes my darkside for what it is! So please, don't go there with me!” Contact ranted as he paced back and forth at the foot of his bed.

“Look all I really want to know is who likes you,” Twilight said trying to get to the point.

Contact froze in place and began to tear up. “She… actually… cares…” was all Contact could say before bursting into tears again.

“Contact… who was it that was in your daymare this morning?” Twilight asked in a stern tone.

“S-Sweetie Belle,” he stammered as rage began to fill him.

“Contact, calm down,” Twilight said after she noticed he was huffing in anger instead of pouting in sadness.

“Why? Why must he torture his other half?” he asked before he stomped the floor with enough force to crack it.

“Contact, come with me,” Twilight said as she pointed to the door.

“Yes, Twilight,” he replied in an almost monotone manner.


“This is how we’re going to do this,” Twilight started as she locked Contact in a cage near the teleporter in her lab. “I'm going to teleport Sweetie Belle here from her house and she's going to confess she likes you and you're going to admit you like her too, got that?”

“I… can't,” Contact said before he started kicking at the cage door.

“And why not?” Twilight asked as she used her magic to hold Contact still.

“Because loving somepony only interferes with my mission!” He said before bursting through Twilight's magic grip and kicking at the cage door again.

“That mission is meaningless,” Twilight said as she used her magic to grab Contact again.

“Twilight, I have a few directives from before I became good and a few from after. And loving somepony interferes with both the good and bad,” Contact said before he burst out of Twilight's grip again, not struggling to get out of the cage after he did.

“Why?” Twilight asked as she came closer to Contact's position in the cage.

“I cannot let my emotions interfere with any of my directives as doing so will impair my judgement,” Contact said before he laid down on the floor.

“Okay, but I'm still going through with this,” Twilight said before flicking a lever and engaging her teleporter.

“Twilight, look out the window!” Contact exclaimed drawing Twilight's attention to the window near the roof of the room.

“It almost an eclipse!?!” Twilight exclaimed. “There isn't one scheduled for today!”

“Twilight. Come in, Twilight,” Princess Celestia's voice said through Twilight's Cross-Com.

“Twilight here, what is it, Princess Celestia?”

“Twilight, you're about to have two kids on your hands.”

“Celestia, what are you saying?”

“I'm saying we're not moving the Sun and Moon. And that an eclipse has the power to separate Solair and Lunair.”

“What!” Twilight said before a light enveloped Contact.

The light then rose slightly, split into two, and dimmed out, revealing the two halves of Contact as separated and standing.

“Twilight, we may be separated bodily, but we are not completely separated from each other mentally,” Lunair said before she looked at Solair and squinted.

“Somepony actually cares…” is all Solair said before falling to the ground in tears.

“What is with him?” Twilight asked as she looked at Solair.

“I’m keeping his portion of our mind focused on Sweetie Belle,” Lunair replied as she turned her attention back to Twilight.

Suddenly, Twilight's teleporter began to teleport somepony to her castle.

“Solair!” Sweetie Belle said before jumping off the teleportation platform onto the solid crystal floor. “I was worried about you!” she finished as she came near to Solair in his cage.

“S-Sweetie Belle?” Solair said as he looked up to see the white unicorn filly standing on the outside of the cage in front of him. “Is it true? Do you really like me for who I am?” he asked as he stood and wiped the tears from his eyes.

“Yep, and I wanted to let you know that you're better than what you've done,” Sweetie Belle started. “In fact, I think you have a chance at being one of the kindest ponies ever!” she finished as she put her right forehoof through the cage bars.

Contact then put his left forehoof against her right and sighed. “If only I could be sure that I could,” he replied as he hung his head.

“I’m sure you can,” Sweetie Belle said before she pulled her hoof back out of the cage. “Look, maybe… maybe one day,… when we’re both a little older and wiser,… we could get together and start a family?” she said in a sort of stammer of embarrassment as she blushed.

“But, Sweetie Belle, I'm eons older than you,” Solair said as he rose his head and looked her in her eyes.

“I don't care! I like you for who you are,” Sweetie Belle started. “Not for how old you are, what you know, or because you're cute. Just because of who you are, no more no less,” she finished as tears formed in her eyes.

Solair then reached through the cage bars and wiped Sweetie Belle's eyes. “Please, don't cry… it's unbecoming of a princess to cry,” Solair said as he looked her in her eyes before she blushed. He then lifted Sweetie Belle's left forehoof and kissed it as a sign of his love for her. “Until I see thee again, I will count the days, young maiden of friendship,” he said as he set her hoof back down and bowed.

At about this time the eclipse ended and Solair and Lunair remained apart. This surprised Twilight, as she thought that what Solair was saying was an indication they were going to merge when the eclipse ended.

“Okay, Sweetie Belle, visiting hours are now over, seeing as how you're late for your Cutie Mark Crusaders meeting at Sweet Apple Acres,” Twilight said as she powered up her teleporter.

“Oh, that reminds me!” Sweetie Belle exclaimed before turning to her left. “Notice anything different about me?” she asked as she pointed to her Cutie Mark.

“That's… beautiful, Sweetie Belle!” Solair said as he looked in disbelief.

“I got it for realizing that my true talent is helping other ponies discover their true talent!” Sweetie Belle said before walking over to the teleportation platform. “I hope to see you soon!” she said before being teleported away.

“Same,” Solair said before tears gathered in his eyes. “Why do I have to be the dark half!” he cried as he held his he head and right forehoof hoof to the roof.

“Sol, it is not because you are, it is because you choose to be,” Lunair said as she came closer to Solair and nuzzled her left cheek against his right.

“But Lune, I don't know anything other than how to cause others harm,” Solair said before laying down on the floor.

“In time you'll learn, but right now, we must serve our time for what we've done,” Lunair said as she laid down beside him.

“If you two want, you can go to your room,” Twilight said as she lifted the cage off the two foals.

“We will,” Solair and Lunair said synchronously before getting up and leaving.

Chapter Nine - The Times, They Have Indeed Changed

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“Miss Chrysalis, have you seen Connie?” Lunair asked the Changeling Queen as she past her in the hall near the library.

“No, not since Somber said he was taking her to see Zecora, why?” Chrysalis replied as she looked at the filly in wonder.

“No particular reason, just wanted to talk with her,” Lunair responded as she looked downward. “Why did she choose to stay with you after that last fight?” she asked as she rose her head.

“Changeling law, she failed to defeat you three times, thus she must do as I instruct her to no matter how foalish the request,” Chrysalis said before she resumed walking away.

Lunair then turned around and began walking beside her. “Miss Chrysalis, why did you pick Somber as your husband?” she asked causing Chrysalis to stop.

“Why do you ask?”

“Just curious.”

“The reason I married Somber was because he had a run in with Cadance and Shining like I did. And the fact I did find him attractive made a little bonus for what I wanted him for.”

“What did you want him for?”

“Seeing as how you are the third oldest creature, I guess I can tell you,” Chrysalis said as she prepared to tell her reason.

“Actually, I'm the fourth oldest. Solair was created before me,” Lunair stated, enlightening Chrysalis a small amount. “Though, in the physical world, the time difference is unnoticeable.”

“Really?” Chrysalis wondered as she held a hoof to her chin.

“Yes, but, please, let's not get off topic,” Lunair said drawing Chrysalis’ attention back to her question.

“Right, the reason I married Somber was primarily for breeding purposes,” Chrysalis stated dumbfounding Lunair.

“So, you just married him for kids?” Lunair asked as she looked Chrysalis in her eyes.

“More or less, yes,” Chrysalis before beginning to walk away.

“Thank you!” Lunair called through the hall at her friend.


“Solair!” Sweetie Belle called as she entered the castle. “Solair!” she called again before hearing hoof steps in the distance. “Solair, is that you?” she asked as the steps got closer. “S-Solair?” she wondered one last time as she backed against the door.

“Solair, isn't available right now,” Connie said darkly as she came out from the darkened doorway across the room. “Please leave a message and he'll get back to you at the next available opportunity,” she finished before she ran at Sweetie.

“Help!” Sweetie cried as she turned her head and closed her eyes in fear of what she thought was about to happen.

“Um, Miss Belle?” Connie said about a minute after she stopped in front of her.

Sweetie opened her eyes to see Connie looking at her in curiosity.

“I-I'm sorry if I scared you,” Connie said as she backed away.

“I-it’s okay,” Sweetie said before she began walking deeper into the castle with Connie by her side. “I'm looking for Solair, have you seen him?” she asked the Changeling Princess.

“Um, last time I saw him he was in his room with his lighter half,” Connie said as she continued to walk beside Sweetie Belle.

“Okay and which room is his?” Sweetie asked as she stopped dead in her tracks causing Connie to do the same.

“Follow me,” Connie said before she began guiding Sweetie to the Metamagica Twins’ room.

~~~ ~~~ ~~~

Knock, knock, knock.

“Yes,” Solair said in reply to the door.

“It's me, Sweetie Belle, can I come in?” Sweetie’s voice called through the door.

“Sure, come in,” Solair said before Sweetie opened the door and entered.

“It was nice of Princess Celestia to let me see you before your punishment was over,” Sweetie said as she came over to Solair who was laying on his bed. “Hey, do you share a bed with Lunair? I only see one in here.”

“Um, yes?” Solair said in confusion.

“Why? You're brother and sister, you're supposed to have your own beds,” Sweetie said as she looked at the room and envisioned changes to the bedroom.

“Please, don't go daydreaming changes to our room,” Solair said catching Sweetie's attention.

“How did…? Oh, you must be able to see daydreams of others!” Sweetie said in excite. “Does that mean you’re able to join others’ daydreams as well?”

“Yes, and yes,” Solair said causing Sweetie to jump up and down in excitement.

“Do you remember that daydream from a while back when you huddled in a corner?” Sweetie asked with great wonder.

“Yes, why?” Solair asked with great subconscious fear.

“The game I wanted to play there we can play here!” Sweetie said before she quit jumping.

“Um, please no,” Solair said as he rolled off his bed and began backing away.

“Come on, it's easy! All we need are three stones each, two slingshots, and six metal bottles,” Sweetie said as she began looking around the room for any of the items.

“Oh, we could go to the Holo-room and set up a simulation for the game if you want,” Solair said as he realized she was referring to a carnival game called 'Bottle Knock'.

“What’s a Holo-room? Aren't rooms already hollow?” Sweetie asked not getting what Solair was saying.

“Come with me and I'll show you,” Solair said before he left his room with Sweetie following close behind.

~~~ ~~~ ~~~

“Lunair, where is Solair?” Twilight asked as she passed her on the way to the library.

“Let me see,” she replied before her eyes flashed. “He’s in a Holo-room with Sweetie Belle playing ‘Bottle Knock’.”

“Can you tell which room? I need to talk to him,” Twilight said trying to find his exact location.

“Let me try this,” Lunair said as her eyes began to have a solid glow to them. “I can't tell,” she replied after the glow in her eyes faded.

“Thanks anyway,” Twilight said before she resumed walking to the library. She then heard a gasp come from behind her and turned around to see Lunair frozen in place. “Lunair, what is it?” she asked gaining no response. “Lunair!”

“Lun-” is all Lunair heard of Twilight's second call before she passed out.

~~~ ~~~ ~~~

“Lunair, wake up! Lunair!” Twilight exclaimed as Lunair lay motionless in her bed. “Lunair! Lunair, wake up! Lunair!”

“Sister,” Solair said causing Lunair to spring awake.

“Solair!” Lunair exclaimed as she seemingly sprung back to life. She then sat up and looked from her right to her left to see Twilight, Chrysalis, Somber, Connie, Nix, Myx, Solair, and Sweetie surrounding her bed. “You!” she said as she sneered at Solair.

“Please, I didn't mean to shock you like that,” Solair said as he looked back at Lunair.

“What are you two talking about?!!” Twilight asked, almost yelling the question.

“Would all those with Changeling Genetics and marital relations please exit the room?” Lunair asked followed by those mentioned leaving. “We're talking about why I froze in the hallway outside the library!” she exclaimed.

“Which is?” Twilight asked trying to figure what Lunair was talking about.

“Solair and Sweetie Belle kissed!” Lunair said in a mix of jealousy and anger. “And not just some petty peck on the cheek! I mean an actual kiss like a stallion and mare would give each other!” she finished in a jealous rage.

Twilight looked at Solair and Sweetie in shock. Her expression, unable to be explained in words. “What in Equestria were you two thinking!” she said after about forty-five seconds of staring.

“Well, I just wanted to kiss him because I love him so much,” Sweetie started. “And I just happened to see a movie where a mare and a stallion kissed on the lips and I wanted to try it.”

“And I just felt…” Solair said getting quieter as his sentence got longer.

“Answer me, Solair,” Twilight said in an extremely stern tone.

“I just felt like what she wants is what she deserves,” Solair said as he lowered his head as if he felt great shame in his decision.

“Solair, you are right, it's not right to deny a lady a kiss,” Twilight started, “but make sure she's old enough to know what it means first.”

“Yes, Twilight,” Solair said before raising his head and looking at Lunair. “I… hope you can forgive me. I should have told you before I did what I did.”

“I forgive you, but, please, do such things no more,” Lunair said trying to calm down.

“Lunair, jealousy is unlike you,” Sweetie said as she realized what emotions were being used by her friend’s lighter half. “Why are you jealous now?” she asked. “Jealousy isn't really a good emotion,” she concluded.

“I'm not jealous!” Lunair lied in an angered tone.

“Then what do you call it?” Sweetie asked in a flat tone.

There was silence for about a minute, and then Lunair spoke. “Fine, call it jealousy. I know of no pony that likes me like you like him. So yes, I'm jealous. No pony has ever liked me for who I am!” she said before bursting into tears.

“Lunair!??” Twilight exclaimed before she hopped onto the bed and put her wing around Lunair. “Look, jealousy comes naturally to a filly when she sees others have something she wants badly,” she said as she looked down at Lunair.

“”Lunair, it's okay to be jealous,” Sweetie started, “just don't let it come between you and your other half.”

“Why would I let that happen?” Lunair asked gaining a sour look on both Solair and Sweetie's faces.

“Lunair, I think you should be happy as a whole not just as halves,” Twilight said as Lunair looked up at her. “You should be happy for Solair that he found a filly that he loves as much as she loves him,” she finished before she nuzzled Lunair.

“Hey, I know a colt that might like Lunair!” Sweetie exclaimed as she jumped up and down for a few seconds.

“Who?” Lunair wondered before she jumped off the bed and landed near Sweetie.

“Pipsqueak,” Sweetie said surprising Lunair with her answer.

“Pip?” Lunair replied in confusion.

“Yep, Pip,” Sweetie responded.

“Please, tell me you're joking,” Lunair said in a serious tone.

“Does it look like I'm joking?” Sweetie asked as she just stood there with a straight face.

“Okay, and what makes you think he likes me?” Lunair asked.

“Well, ever since the new playground at school was built, he sometimes mentions how he likes a filly,” Sweetie started. “A filly with a Gray coat, Cobalt and White mane and tail, and she has a horn but cannot perform magic. The only filly I know that matches that description is you,” she finished as she looked at Lunair.

“Actually, he was talking about a different filly,” Lunair said in a saddened tone.

“Really? Who?” Sweetie asked in curiosity.

“Her name is Cobalt Flare,” Lunair said before a tear came to her eye. “She’s… Prysme's sister… and a completely powerless Djinn.”

“Who's Prysme? And what's a Djinn?” Sweetie asked in deep wonder as she looked at Solair.

“Prysme is the one who made Lunair, and I cannot tell you what a Djinn is at this time. Perhaps when you are old enough I will explain,” Solair explained.

“But I wanna know now!” Sweetie said causing Solair to look at Twilight.

Twilight shook her head in disapproval and then Solair spoke. “I still cannot tell you. Even though I love you enough to tell you, you are not old enough to understand.”

“I understand,” Sweetie said as she lowered her head.

“I’m sorry I can't let him tell you,” Twilight said as she hopped off the bed landing in front of Sweetie. “You’re just not old enough yet.”

Alt. Chapter Nine - The Twins Birthday

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“Good morning, Spike,” the Twins said as they entered the kitchen of Twi's castle.

“Good morning, you two,” Spike started as he stirred Breakfast Cake batter in a bowl, “I was thinking on making some Oats for you two, Flash, Somber, and Twi this morning, but when I went to bed last night I had a strange dream and it sort of changed my mind.”

“Really? How strange?” Lulu asked as she and her brother sat at the table.

“In the dream, Pinkie was throwing a birthday party for you two and had everypony in town come to the party,” Spike started. “There was one thing that seemed odd though.”

“What was it?” Sol asked curiously.

“The princesses weren't there,” Spike said in a slightly confused tone. “I mean with it being your birthday you’d think the princesses would want to see you two.”

“Spike, we have something to tell you,” Sol said after he and Lunair glanced at each other.

“Yeah, what is it?” Spike asked as he looked at the two foals.

“Today is what you call our ‘birthday’,” Lulu said as she and Solair lowered their heads.

“Cool, how old are you?” Spike asked before the Twins looked at him with sour expressions on their faces. “Oh, right, eons,” he said a little bit ashamed he even asked the question.

“It's fine,” Sol said as a tear came to his eye and Lulu's.

“What's wrong?” Spike asked when he noticed the Twins were in a near crying state.

“Nothing, it's just…”

“You were created to destroy the world we currently live in and now you find beauty in it,” Spike said flatly making the Twins cry. “I didn't mean to make you cry!” he said as he set the bowl down and came to the twins.

“Why did they make us to destroy the world?” Lulu asked as she slammed her hoof against the table.

“Lunair, calm down. Today's a day for you and Sol to be happy,” Spike said as he patted Lulu on the back.

“Spike, how's break- Spike, what did you do?!” Twi exclaimed after she entered the kitchen.

The Twins started to dry their tears and then Sol spoke. “He did nothing wrong, Twi,” he said as Spike went back to the bowl and resumed stirring.

“Then why were you two crying?” Twi asked in an almost hysterical manner.

“Because, this day… this day eons ago… we were created… created to destroy the world… the world that we now… now fight to protect,” the Twins said alternating who spoke after each pause. The one who started was Sol.

“… So… it's your birthday and the thought of it makes you have mixed emotions?” Twi asked flatly as she sat down across the table from the Twins.

“Yes,” the Twins replied in a saddened tone.

“Maybe having a birthday party will cheer you up,” Twi said before she stood back up.

“Do you remember the party you introduced us as C.T. at?” Lulu asked as she looked at Twi.

“Yeah, why?” Twi asked as she stopped moving and looked back at Lulu.

“Do you remember Tia telling you we almost struck a pony with an arcane lightning spell?” Sol asked her.

“Oh, right,” Twi said as she rubbed the back of her head with her right forehoof. “Well, how about a small party? Just the princesses, the girls, Flash, Chrysi’s family and the C.M.C.?” she asked as she went back to her seat.

“Maybe…” was all the Twins said as they held up a forehoof to their chins. Sol held up his right while Lulu held up her left.


“Okay, it's settled: Pinkie will set up a party here at the castle and those that know alot about you can come to the party,” Twi said as she finished her third Breakfast Cake.

“Alright, I'll try not to hurt anypony,” Sol said after he finished his second Breakfast Cake.

“I'll have Pinkie come over as soon as I can,” Twi started. “Why don't you two go to the library and read some books until she gets here?”

“Twi, we’ve read all the books in the library except those meant for adult ponies,” Sol said before taking a bite of his third Breakfast Cake.

“Well, then… write your own,” Twi said as she stood up from the table and began to walk off.

“Can't we read just one?” Lulu asked as she looked at Twi with a ‘cute kitten’ face.

“No!” Twi said after she stopped and looked back at Lulu. “And stop making that face. I'm the princess and what I say is law around this castle,” she finished as she stomped her hoof.

“Yes, ma'am,” Lunair said as she looked down at the ground with a saddened expression.

“Now, I'm going to go get the girls so we can set up your party,” Twi said before she walked out of the kitchen.

“Boy, you two have it bad,” Spike said as he looked at the Twins. “Eons older than Twi, yet you have obey as if you were her kids.”

Lulu then summoned the stone chest that contained their equipment, opened it, pulled out a leg ring, and put it on. She then turned into her Blue Mymycyu form and transformed into Spike. “Look at me, I'm Spike, the ferocious baby dragon! Flee as I send scrolls to the princess of the sun for a mare that hatched me and treats me like a little brother!” she said rather melodramatically in Spike's voice as she looked him square in the eyes before returning to her normal form and despawning their equipment.

“That's uncalled for,” Spike said.

“Now you understand how we feel about your comment,” Sol said flatly.

“Still, uncalled for,” Spike replied.

“We’re going to our room,” Lulu started. “If you want to continue this conversation, come there with us. Otherwise, please can it before you make Sol mad,” she finished as she and Sol stood up. They then left for their room.


“Okay everypony, she's bringing them around to to library entrance,” Pinkie started in a manner that was considered quiet for her. “Get ready to yell ‘Surprise!’ everypony!”

“I don't understand the meaning of yelling 'Surprise!’, they already know we planned this,” Connie said after hiding behind a table.

“The point is to surprise them even though they know, Connie,” Somber said as he looked in his daughter's direction.

“Ohhh, okay,” Connie replied.

Suddenly the doors opened and Twi and the Twins entered. When they did everypony in the room yelled 'Surprise!’.

“All is as expected, brother,” Lulu said as she looked at Sol.

“Aww you weren't surprised?” Pinkie asked as she looked at the Twins in disappoint.

“No, we were surprised, it's just the princesses aren't here,” Sol said as he looked at the pink party pone.

“Oh, they said they would be running a little late is all,” Pinkie said before she began hopping further into the library.

The Twins looked at the decorations strung up all around the library. There were Black, Cobalt, Crimson, and White streamers hung up on the bookshelves. And there was a banner hung up above the library door that read 'Happy Umpteenth Birthday!’. There were also sun and crescent moon shaped hang ups hanging from the roof. Never before had Sol and Lulu seen this many decorations firsthoof.

After an hour of partying, the princesses arrived and brought with them Philomena, a long rectangular box and a moderately small cubic box.

“Welcome!” Pinkie said as she popped up in front of the princesses.

“Oh, why hello, Pinkie,” Tia started. “Have you cut the cake yet?” she asked.

“Nope, but we were about to,” Pinkie replied before she hopped toward the center of the room. “May I have you attention please? May I have your attention please?” she started before everypony in the room was focused on her. “The princesses are here so it's time to cut the cake!”

“What kind did you make, Pinkie?” Sol asked as he looked at her.

“A half and half, Dark and White Chocolate, blue vanilla and red chocolate icing, five decimeter by six decimeter by ten centimeter, super awesome, really cool, blow your mind, knock your socks off, birthday cake!” she exclaimed in one breath before taking the cover off of the cake.

“What oven did you bake that in?” Connie asked in a curious manner before Somber gently nudged her. “I mean 'Awesome, you blow our minds with your baking genius’,” she said in a slightly sarcastic manner.

“Pinkie, it’s beautiful!” the Twins said simultaneously as they marveled at the work Pinkie had done.

“It was hard to make in such little time, but I managed to get it done and make it look good,” Pinkie said as she stepped away from the cake and picked up some candles that were laying on another table. She then walked back over to the cake and put nineteen red candles on the White Chocolate side and nineteen blue candles on the Dark Chocolate side.

Then everypony began singing ‘Happy Birthday’ and the Twins blew out the candles when the singing was done.

“Pinkie, why did you give them nineteen candles each?” Twi asked.

“I gave them nineteen because I feel they should have an amount that's more than their physical age but not too much more,” Pinkie replied as she hopped over to the table that had gift boxes on it. “Okay, which gift do you two want first?” Pinkie asked as she held a hoof up to the pile of gifts.

“The small box Tia brought is the one we want to open first,” the Twins said simultaneously.

“Okay, here it comes!” Pinkie said before quickly picking up the small box and tossing it at the Twins.

Philomena then began squawking loudly as if afraid of something and Tia caught the small box with her magic. “Be careful with this,” she said as she slowly lowered the box down to the floor in front of the Twins.

“Sorry,” Pinkie said. “I didn't know you got them something breakable.”

“Not only is it breakable, but it's also alive,” Tia said.

“What could possibly be breakable that's alive?” Pinkie asked as Sol opened the box.

“A Phoenix egg,” Sol said as he lifted a moderate sized blue egg out of the box.

“That's not a Phoenix egg,” Pinkie started. “Phoenix eggs are white.”

“Wrong, Pinkie, this is a Blue Phoenix Phoenix egg,” Tia said as she stood up from the table and walked over to Philomena's cage. “A Blue Phoenix Phoenix egg is laid only once every ten thousand years. And the only Phoenix we have knowledge of that can lay such an egg is Philomena here,” she said as she brushed her hoof under Philomena's beak.

“Tia, this is too much,” Sol said as he walked over to her with the egg in hoof.

“Don't tell me, tell Philomena, she’s the one that wanted you two to have it,” Tia said as she looked at Sol.

“Philomena, we can't accept this,” Sol started as he looked at the majestic bird. “You know, as well as I, just how important these are. Why do you insist upon us taking it?”

Philomena then cooed a few times and made a few motion with her wing in a sort of communication pattern.

“Still, we cannot accept this. Please, take it back and raise it like you should,” Sol said before setting the egg in the bottom of Philomena's cage.

Philomena just cooed and lowered her head knowing she had lost the argument as Sol walked back to Lulu.

“Okay, which gift do you want next?” Pinkie asked as the once again held her hoof up to the pile of gifts.

“The long rectangular box Lu-lu brought,” Lulu said.

“Man this is reeeeally heavy,” Pinkie said as she tried to lift the box.

“Here let me give you a hoof with that,” Lu-lu said as she used her magic to lift the box and set it in front of the Twins.

“There's a large amount of energy coming from this box,” Sol said before he and Lulu peeked inside the box and immediately closed it again.

“Lu-lu, we can't take this, it's a historical artifact,” Lulu said as she looked at the princess of the moon.

“Yes, but it was first yours, you two have every right to keep it,”

“What are you two talking about?” Pinkie asked as she looked back and forth from the filly to the mare and back again.

“It's the sword we fought four of our creators with,” Sol said as he looked at Pinkie.

“Cool! They get a sword for their birthday!” Scoots said as she looked at the Twins.

“No, we don't, we're not keeping it,” Lulu said as she looked back at Scoots.

“If you don't want it I'll take it,” Scoots replied.

“No it's going back to the Canterlot Archives,” Sol said before Lu-lu lifted the box with her magic and set it behind her.

“Okay, how about the next one?” Pinkie asked.


After half an hour of opening more gifts, things began to calm down. The princesses had left, Chrysi’s family went to their respective rooms in the castle and most of the girls had already left. All that remained were the Twins Flash, Rare, Spike, Sweetie, and Twi.

“Hey Sol, can you come here a minute?” Sweetie called from the hallway next to the library.

“What is it?” Sol asked when he found her.

“I wanted to know… if I wanted you to give me a kiss… would you do it?” Sweetie asked.

Sol paused for a moment to think before he answered. “I guess it would be alright,” he said.

“Then can I have one?” Sweetie asked as she looked Sol in the eyes.

“I-” was all Sol could say before Sweetie kissed him on the lips. He then closed his eyes and enjoyed the moment with her.

“Lulu!” Sol heard Twi yell. He the broke the kiss with Sweetie and ran back to the library to find Lulu had fainted.

“Sister!” Sol yelled somehow reviving Lulu.

At about this time Sweetie entered the library.

“You two!” Lulu said as she sneered at Sol and Sweetie.

“What are you talking about?” Twi asked as she looked at Lulu.

“Flash, Spike, will you two please leave the library?”

“Okay,” the dragon and pegasus replied before doing as asked.

“Okay, now what are you talking about, dear?” Rare asked as she walked over to Lulu.

“Sweetie and Sol kissed!” Lulu said causing Twi and Rare to gasp. “And not some petty peck on the cheek, I mean on the lips like grown ponies!”

“Sol!” Rare said, amazed that Sol would even think of doing such a thing.

“Rare, I-”

“Sol, you're grounded,” Twi said with a stern tone as she looked at the colt.

“But, Twi-”

“No ‘but’s, now go to your room,” Twi said as she pointed to the exit of the library.

“Wait!” Sweetie said causing everypony to look at her. “Sol didn't know I was going to kiss him on the lips, he thought I meant a kiss on the cheek!”

“Sweetie!” Rare said as she looked at her sister in shock.

“Is this true, Sol?” Twi asked as she turned her attention back to him.

“Yes,” Sol said as he looked at Twi.

“We're going home right now, young lady,” Rare said as she grabbed Sweetie with her magic and began to walk out the door.

“Well today certainly was eventful,” Twi said before she yawned. Why don't you two go get cleaned and get in bed, the boys and I will finish up here.

“Yes ma’am,” the Twins replied simultaneously before doing as asked.

Chapter Ten - Return to School Disaster

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“Solair, Lunair, tomorrow will be your first day outside of this castle as a pair,” Celestia started. “What emotions do you feel at this moment?”

“Anxiousness, fear, curiosity,” they replied simultaneously.

“To be afraid is normal, I guess,” Celestia commented. “I explained what happened to you to Cheerilee so you may resume school.”

“Thank you, Tia,” Lunair replied.

“I will check up on you in a week, or earlier if necessary,” Celestia said before she flew off in her chariot.

“See you then, Tia,” the two said simultaneously.

~~~ ~~~ ~~~

“Listen up, students, we have two returning students,” Cheerilee started, not sure what to say. “You might not remember them, but… here they are: Solair and Lunair.”

After Cheerilee said their names the duo came into the schoolhouse from the side door. They were wearing their vests to conceal their wings.

“Isn't he the one that attacked Ponyville?!!” a colt said.

“Yes, and he regrets that decision,” Lunair said as Solair lowered his head in shame.

“I think he's a Changeling because-”

“Enough!” Cheerilee shouted, much to her distaste. “Princess Celestia herself told me he isn't a Changeling and that the type of magic he uses is different from that of both ponies and Changelings,” she explained. “I will explain as best I can what these two ponies can do for today's class,” she finished.

“Shall we find ourselves seats?” Lunair asked Cheerilee as she looked in her direction.

“No, I have need for you to use your magic in class today,” Cheerilee said as she looked back at Lunair.

“We aren't allowed to use any of our magic outside of Twilight's castle,” Lunair said.

“Can you, in any way, ask Twilight if she will allow you to use your magic once here?” Cheerilee asked before Solair’s eyes flashed.

“She will allow it for today only,” Solair said as he rose his head and looked at Cheerilee.

“My question was for Lunair,” Cheerilee said in a stern tone.

“Please, forgive him, he had to answer,” Lunair said as she looked at Cheerilee in concern for her darker half. “He’s the only pony besides Princess Celestia that can enter another's daydreams.”

“Oh, um, I do apologize, Solair,” Cheerilee said as she faced Solair. “The first forms I ask you to take are the two that can call and summon creatures.”

“Yes, Miss Cheerilee,” the two said before their eyes flashed and their chest rose out of the ground in front of them.

The opened the chest and Solair pulled out the collar while Lunair pulled out a leg ring. They put them on and light encased both of them. When the light died down, Solair was in his 'Creature Caster' form and Lunair took on a form called 'Creature Caller'.

It was a form neither herself nor Contact had taken in eons. Her coat was Black and her mane was White. Her eyes had dragon-like irises and were Cobalt. Her tail was like a draconequus tail in the fact that it was long and the only real bit so hair as a White tuft at the end. Her wings were draconic and Black. Another detail about her was that her body and neck were longer than most ponies’. Also, her ears had two tips each. And, lastly, she had draconic horns growing atop her head along with a curved unicorn horn.

The students in the room, with the exception of the C.M.C. and Pipsqueak, shrieked and began running toward the main door.

“Settle down, they're not going to attack you!” Cheerilee shouted causing all the students to return to their seats. “Now, Lunair, demonstrate the power this form has,” she said calmly as she looked at Lunair.

Lunair then nod and began to speak. “U sacc obyr Oak dni Timber Wolf,” she said and within seconds a small Timber Wolf pup came through an open window.

Oak barked and snarled a bit before Lunair spoke. “Calm down, Oak, we’re not in danger,” she said before he barked a few more times. “Nothing of interest, other than us needing to present our skills to others so they learn not to fear us,” she stated before he barked twice then jumped back out the window.

“Cool, she can call dangerous creatures to fight for her!” Scoots said as she jumped up and down for a few seconds.

“Now, Solair, I'd like you to summon a harmless creature,” Cheerilee stated as she looked at Solair.

Solair nod then began to speak. “U mollyr Pinku Tourmuline dni Carbuncle Gem yw niecurk!” Solair exclaimed as he rose his right forehoof above his head and a glyph with a heart in it appeared appeared above him.

Out of the glyph came Pinku Tourmuline, the Carbuncle that had been shown to Pinkie. She landed on him in a position that looked like she was riding on his back.

Creature Caster! Zna tut ayo mollyr li!?? U zem nefurk myli ecyri duli zudr Cobalta Blu!”

“U-U’l myhha, U’cc mird ayo pesg!” Solair exclaimed before lifting his right forehoof above his head. “Hidohr dy dni World of Gems!”

The glyph with a gem in it appeared above him and returned Pinku Tourmuline to wherever she was before she was summoned.

“What were you two talking about?” Cheerilee asked before Solair came over to her and whispered the conversation in her ear. “That is not the conversation I expected,” she replied.

“I know, but that is the truth,” Lunair commented from afar.

“How do you know what he said? You're too far away to hear his whispering,” Cheerilee said as she leaned over to her right to look past Solair at Lunair.

“I am connected to him mentally,” Lunair said getting mean looks from many students. “That, and in this form my hearing is amplified many times over.”

“Oh, that is understandable,” Cheerilee stated as she turned her attention back to the class. “Students, what have you learned so far?” she asked followed by nearly every student raising a hoof. “You, Pipsqueak, what have you learned?” she asked calling upon the small colt.

“I’ve learned that Lunair is the most beautiful filly I've ever seen,” Pipsqueak said not noticing he thought out loud.

“You call that beautiful?” a colt across the room said mockingly. “A creature that looks like that deserves to be in the zoo!”

“What did I ever do to you?” Lunair said as tears came to her eyes. She then reverted to base form, took off the leg ring, threw it on the floor, and ran out of the schoolhouse crying.

“Yeah, you go ahead and cry, weirdo,” the colt continued.

“That was uncalled for!” Cheerilee said in a serious tone.

“If you were her you would cry too!” Pipsqueak yelled in the colt’s direction before running out after Lunair calling for her.

“Pipsqueak come back here!” Cheerilee called not gaining a response. “Solair, get them and bring them back.”

“I’ll see what I can do, Miss Cheerilee,” Solair said before despawning their equipment and darting out the door after them.

“This is not the day I had planned,” Cheerilee said before turning to face the class. “Since some of you wish not to have them demonstrate their power, we will be having a normal lesson for the remainder of the day,” she said in a very serious tone.

~~~ ~~~ ~~~

“Lunair, wait!” Pipsqueak called trying to catch up to her.

“Leave me alone!” Lunair yelled back as she stopped by a tree to catch her breath.

“Lunair, please, I just want to talk,” Pipsqueak said as he managed to catch up to her.

“What is it, foal?!!” Lunair exclaimed as she turned to face Pipsqueak.

“I didn't mean to say what I did, and I'm sorry you got sad and ran out,” Pipsqueak said as he looked at Lunair.

“It's alright, I wanted to get out of there any way,” Lunair said as she rubbed her left forehoof against her right.

“I really did mean what I said though,” Pipsqueak said as his cheeks turned two shades redder.

“Really?” Lunair asked as she blushed as well.

“Yes, Lunair,” he said before he used his right forehoof to lift Lunair's left and he kissed it causing her to blush further.


Lunair then looked past Pip to see Solair had fainted a few meters away.

“Brother!” she exclaimed somehow reviving her brother.

“Lunair, why?” he asked as tears came to his eyes.

“Brother, we are still connected! I had forgotten!” she said as she came nearer to her brother. “Please, please forgive me!” she begged as she bowed.

“Sister, stop and look at it this way,” he started as Lunair rose, “ we're even. Both of us have fainted because of the others’ emotions,” he concluded while standing up.

Thunder then began to resound around the three foals and lightning struck a nearby tree causing a blinding light to flash. When the light died down, two unicorns with zebra style coats, manes, and tails appeared near the burning tree.

“You know who we are, Contact,” the stallion said as the two began walking toward them.

“And you know why we came,” the mare continued.

“Why do you choose to fight us now?” Solair said as he prepared for battle.

“Fight? No, we've grown tired of violence and wish to settle our differences in a more… civilized fashion,” the stallion said before the two stopped just shy of two meters away.

“What do you mean?” Lunair asked as she tilted her head to the left twenty-five degrees for a few seconds.

“Let's say, instead of fighting, you live with a curse until a certain amount of time is up,” the mare said as her gaze shifted from Lunair to Solair.

Pip, at this point, was too terrified to even make a sound. He just stood there hearing the entire conversation.

“What kind of curse?” Solair asked as he looked directly at the mare.

“Oh, I don't know, maybe: You live in your true forms for the duration,” the stallion said as he fixed his gaze on Lunair.

“And what of your consequence if we pass your trial?” Lunair asked as she looked back at the stallion.

“Our consequence will be to return to our lives before we began our trek through time and space,” the mare stated.

“We accept your terms,” the twins said simultaneously.

“Then a cursed body yours will be. Your true form is what will be seen,” the mare and stallion said before they looked at the sky above. “Through our power, may magic bend. Only after a year will it end,” they finished.

Lightning then struck both of the twins and their forms changed.

Solair and Lunair now looked more draconic. Much like Lunair's Creature Caller form their bodies, necks, and tails were longer and their tails covered by their hide with a tuft at the end. Their ears had two tips and their wings had alternating feather colours. Their hooves had become like a grown dragon's claws and their horn disappeared leaving two draconic horns behind their ears. And lastly, they had fangs and forked tongues.

“If you wish to return to your normal forms,” the stallion started.

“You know how to call on us,” the mare finished before lightning struck the tree that had been struck before. When the light faded the tree returned to the state it was in before it had been struck the first time and the mare and stallion had disappeared.

“Wh-who w-were they?” Pip stammered in fear.

“They were two of the six that made us,” Lunair replied as she turned around to face him. “Do you still think I'm beautiful, even as I look like this?” she asked as a tear came to her eyes.

There was a moment of silence before Pip answered. “Yes,” he said much to Lunair's surprise.

“Truly?” she asked trying to ensure the answer she heard was correct.

“Your appearance does not change your 'art, I still think you are beautiful,” he replied before coming near to Lunair, lifting her hoof with his and kissing it once more causing her to blush again.

“Pip, please, you'll make my brother faint again,” she said as she looked at her brother.

“Faint me once, shame on you. Faint me twice, shame on me,” he replied, adapting a well known saying to fit the scenario.

“True. If that's the case then you know who may kiss you anytime,” Lunair started “so long as she knows what level of affection the type of kiss used has,” she finished.

“Solair has a fillyfriend?” Pip wondered aloud with a confused expression on his face.

“Seeing as how every pony in the school knows you like Lunair,” Solair started, “I guess I could tell you that the one I like is Sweetie Belle.”

“But who Solair likes has to stay between the four of us, okay?” Lunair asked.

“You have my word as Student Pony President,” he proclaimed.

“Thank you, oh, cute and smart Student Pony President,” Lunair replied, bowing as Pip blushed in embarrassment.

“Sister, Pip. Cheerilee wanted me to bring you both back to the school house,” Solair started. “But seeing as how Lunair and I have had our true forms revealed, the two of us very well can't go back,” he finished as Lunair arose.

“Pip, you return to to the schoolhouse and tell Miss Cheerilee that Twilight found me and Solair and decided to ground us because she thought we were skipping school,” Lunair said asking for a lie.

“You're asking me to lie,” Pip replied. “As Student Pony President, I have to set an example for the other students.”

“Pip, please,” Lunair said as she looked him in the eye.

Pip was filled with uncertainty as to what he should do. He did not want to lie and lose friends. And at the same time he wanted to do exactly as Lunair asked, for his feelings for her were that great.

He considered the possible consequences of both answers. Soon, he came to a decision. “What if I tell them something bad happened and you couldn't return?” he asked as he looked at Lunair with possible hope.

“That’ll be good enough, also you won't be telling her a lie,” Lunair said before she and Solair took off for Twilight's castle.

“I hope you're correct, Lunair,” he said as he watched the one he loved fly away.

Chapter Eleven - "Is It Possible To Live With A Curse?"

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“Twilight, we've tried explaining as best we can ,” Lunair said as she and Solair followed Twilight through the halls of her castle.

“I know, but I still can't wrap my head around it,” Twilight replied before opening the door to the library. “Spike!” she called looking for her dragon assistant. “Spike! Where are you, Spike!”

“I'm right here, sheesh,” he said as he began descending a ladder on the opposite end of the library.

“Oh, good, write this down,” Twilight said before he pulled out a scroll and feather pen.

“Dear: Princess Celestia,
The Twins’ first day back at school didn’t go as planned. To make the long story short, the Djinns proposed a challenge for them to live in their true forms for a complete year. It is imperative-”

"Impara- Impera-”



“Important that you come see us as soon as possible. Accommodations-”

“Acoma- Accomma-”



“Arrangements will be made if you need to stay.
As always, Twilight Sparkle, Princess of Friendship.”

“Got it,” Spike said before he sent the scroll by burning it. “What makes you think Princess Celestia will want to come to see the Twins?” Spike asked before he belched out a scroll.

Lunair then picked up the scroll and began reading.

“Dear: Princess Twilight Sparkle,
I will be there first thing tomorrow morning. Until then, do not let them outside the castle. It is of great importance to do this as seeing them may cause ponies to panic. Although, causing them to return to school could prove good, I don't want any unnecessary complaints from ponies in Ponyville.
As always, Princess Celestia.”

“Sounds like we're restricted to the castle again,” Solair said as he lowered his head.

“It's not as bad as you think,” Twilight commented as she looked at Solair.

“Twilight, the Djinns challenged us to live with a curse for a year,” Lunair started. “A curse that, need I remind you, returned us to our true forms. Not only that, but if we fail to complete this challenge the two remaining Djinns have all rights to remodel the world into one of whatever they choose,” she finished before a tear came to both her eye and Solair’s.

Twilight then walked over to the twins and sat between them putting a wing around each one. “You two are the strongest willed ponies I know,” she started. “If there's anypony that can live with a curse for a year and not have it affect your lives much, it's you two,” she finished before she nuzzled each of them starting with Lunair.

“Thank you, Twilight,” Solair started. “It's good to know we at least have you who believes our will is strong.”

“Twilight, may I go to our room?” Lunair asked as another tear came to her eye.

“Certainly, why?” Twilight responded as she looked at the Grey draconic filly.

“I would just like to think something over,” she replied as she looked down at the floor causing a tear to run down her muzzle and fall.

“Is it about Pip?” Twilight asked before Lunair just nod her head once. “I believe you that he said he loves you, and you should be thankful that he does,” she continued. “It's not often a filly will find a colt that she loves as much as he loves her,” she finished before nuzzling Lunair.

“I know, it's just…”

“You're not sure that he truly cares as much as he says?” Twilight asked gaining a another nod. “Maybe I can arrange something with Pip’s parents so that he could come over and prove his love for you,” she finished before Lunair looked up at her.

“Please don't, I would like to find out by myself,” she replied.

“Alright, but if you want help, come to me,” Twilight said before she stood up and walked out of the library.

“If either of you get hungry anytime soon, I'll be happy to fix you something,” Spike said before exiting as well.

“I'm going to our room,” Lunair started as she looked at her brother. “If you need me, I'll be there,” she finished before she stood up and left the library.


“Present, her vitals are stabilizing,” a male's voice resounded in the darkness Lunair saw.

“Good, Future, she should be ready for fusion with the other,” said a voice with identical pitch, tone, and depth.

“Shouldn't we be concerned for her?” said a third identical voice. “She is, after all, a living creature.”

“She is only alive as long as we keep her so, Past,” Future said.

“Future, we both know that killing is not our nature,” Past said rather sympathetically.

“And you know I would do anything for my sister not to have to live in that wretched sewer system in Trottingham,” Future replied angrily.

“Stop arguing! Look, we're getting off topic,” Present said. “Future, we all know what you want and we know what we want. Past, since you feel strongly against fusing her with the other, you may be the one to test her sensitivity to pain.”

“Fine by me,” Past said rather perturbed.

“Future will be the one to deal the damage to her,”Present concluded.

“Hehehe, time to burn,” Future said before Lunair began to scream in intense pain.

As she screamed, her breath became so cold it began to form ice shards that looked as though she could breathe Red-Ice, a fire so cold that it is made of red coloured ice.


Lunair awoke in her bed screaming. She stopped screaming when she realized it was only a painfully real nightmare. It was a nightmare she only ever had when she and Solair were Contact and in their true form. It took a few moments for her to realize her bedroom was completely covered with Red-Ice.

“Bother, I need your flame,” she thought to herself.

A few minutes later, a blue flame began peeking out from under the door. Soon, the entire door was surrounded in blue flames. After the flames stopped showing through the cracks around the door, Solair burst the door down and looked at his sister.

“Your ice is needed in the library,” he said before they headed to the library.

When they arrive the entire library was engulfed in blue flames, however, the flames were not actually burning anything. Lunair then inhaled deeply and blew red ice on the flames causing the flame to stop and the ice to melt.

“You felt the pain of my nightmare as well?” Lunair asked as she looked at Solair.

“Yes,” he replied as he lowered his head.

“What's going on here?!!” Twilight said as she entered from the other side of the library. “First I smell smoke, then I find your bedroom covered in red ice while I looked for the fire, and now I can't find any fire!!!” she concluded while looking at the ceiling.

“I had… an unpleasant nightmare,” Lunair said as she lowered her head.

“And what does that have to do with red ice and fire?”

“I breathe Blue-Fire,” Solair said as he looked at Twilight.

“And I breathe Red-Ice,” Lunair said as she looked at Twilight as well.

“That might explain it then,” Twilight said as she looked at the twins. “Do you have any other abilities that I need to be made aware of?” she asked.

“If we eat semi-precious stones, we can use what another dimension calls ‘Bearer’ magic,” Solair said.

“What is ‘Bearer’ magic?” Twilight asked as she looked at the twins confused.

“A very primitive form of our dimension’s magic,” Lunair started.

“It's limited in reach, duration, strength, and variation,” Solair continued.

“It's used primarily to move things around, make you faster, help you climb higher, and it can also be used as a power source for certain machines if it is crystallized,” Lunair concluded.

“How do you crystallize it?” Twilight asked as she looked intently at the Twins.

“I don't believe you can crystallize it in this dimension,” Solair started.

“In the dimension we referenced, it comes as crystals to power the machines or one is born with a crystal shard embedded below their right eye,” Lunair concluded

“Well, you’ll have to show me that power sometime, but right now you two need to get rid of that ice in your room,” she said before turning around to walk away.

“Twilight,” Solair started causing Twilight to pause and face them. “Do you honestly think it's possible to live with a curse?” he finished.

Twilight then began to ponder what Solair meant by his question. “I believe it is possible to live with a curse if you are of sound mind and strong will,” she replied before she left the library.

“Sister, I don't think our will is as strong as she says,” Solair said as he faced Lunair.

“Nor do I, brother,” she replied.

Chapter Twelve - "Can We Have a Normal Life?"

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Yawn “-Good morning, Tia… wait, Tia?!” Lunair said as she walked into the kitchen to find Celestia and Twilight talking over breakfast.

“I said I'd be over in the morning, didn't I?” Celestia asked as she looked at the baffled Draconic Alicorn filly.

“Yes, but I expected you to make your arrival known to us once you did arrive,” she said as she sat down across from the two princesses.

“So, how have you and your brother taken to the forms you now bear?” she asked after she took a bite of her Breakfast Cake.

“Our forms are our original ones. The only problem we find with them is that we can’t just walk out the front door and into Ponyville,” she replied as Spike came out with a plate with a Breakfast Cake for Lunair.

“Twilight was just telling me how she learned you two could breath elemental magic,” Celestia continued as Lunair took a bite of her Breakfast Cake.

“Yes and as I was saying: the last place I looked was the library and that's where I found them and the explanation,” Twilight concluded.

“Well, it was better to find out then rather than if they got mad and froze a pony or set one on fire,” she said after pushing her empty plate aside.

“Still, Blue-Fire and Red-Ice?” she continued.

Yawn “-Good morning, Tia. What’s for breakfast?” Solair asked as he entered the kitchen.

“Breakfast Cakes,” Spike said as he came in with a plate for Solair.

“So, you let him know I was here, but not what was for breakfast?” Celestia asked the filly.

“We use our shared knowledge ability on a need to know basis,” she replied as Solair sat beside her.

“It saves one of us from boring details sometimes,” Solair concluded before he began eating.

“You call breakfast a boring detail?” Twilight asked as she looked at the Twins.

The Twins looked at each other, then at Twilight, and then replied in an unsure tone: “Yes?”

“Ugh!” Twilight exclaimed as she looked up for a second.

“Twilight, before this era they had no need for food,” Celestia started, “so, as far as they are concerned, food is still an optional thing.”

“You've learned our thought patterns well, Tia,” Lunair said as she looked at the princess while her brother stuffed his mouth. “Slow down, brother, you make us both choke,” she said as she looked at him.

Gulp “-What can I say? I'm hungry!” He replied before continuing to eat.

“Just don't bite your tongue or choke. It'll hurt both of us,” she responded.

“You needn't worry, Lunair,” Celestia started. “I'm sure he knows to be careful.”

“Can you pass the syrup?” Solair asked as he turned to face Celestia.

“Sure,” she replied as she gave him what he asked for. “Are the Breakfast Cakes too dry?”

“No, just ran out of syrup in this bottle,” he responded while picking up and showing Celestia an empty bottle.

“Lunair is he going through his growth phases now?” Celestia asked trying to ask in a more delicate manner.

“We both are,” she replied as she looked at Celestia.

“But how? You never went through these changes before,” she said.

“We have, but in the realm outside of time,” she responded nervously while glancing at her brother every now and again.

“You're purposely trying to avoid being greedy, aren't you?” she asked as she took notice of her friend’s actions.

“Y-yes,” she replied, still nervous that something she fears may happen.

Celestia's eyes flashed and she peered into the thoughts of her friend. “You’re afraid of growing too big for Pipsqueak,” she said. “You're afraid that if you grow too much, he'll not like you any more,” she finished bringing tears to Lunair's eyes but not causing her to cry.

“Think of him, and you will overcome your fears,” she said as she put her hoof across the table on Lunair's claw causing her to focus on what she was saying.

“I… I…” she mumbled barely audible. “PIP!” she yelled before burying her head in her claws crying.

“Lunair, you're getting smaller!” Twilight exclaimed as Lunair shrunk to the size of Pipsqueak.

“Twilight, don't worry. She is doing this for the one she loves,” Celestia said before she stood up and walked around the table to Lunair. “Lunair? How are you feeling?”

“T-tir-” was all she could say before falling over unconscious.

“Sister!” Solair said attempting to revive his sister like he did the last time something like this happened. But his efforts were wasted as she did not awaken.

“I’ll take her to her room, you two continue eating,” Celestia said before lifting Lunair with her magic and walking off.


“Stop laughing!” Lunair said as she looked around her at all the silhouettes of laughing colts and fillies. “It’s not funny!!” she exclaimed as a tear came to her eye. “I AM NORMAL!!!” she yelled in saddened anger.


“Lunair, wake up!” Celestia said again and again as she gently shook the filly awake.

“I AM NORMAL!!!” she yelled as she sprung awake.

“Calm down, Lunair, it was only a dream,” Celestia said calmly as she sat down near the bed.

“They were… laughing,” she started as tears came to her eyes. “Laughing at me. Because-” sniffle “-I’m now so small and different,” she continued as she started crying harder. “Was it really a good choice-” sniffle “-to become like this?”

“If Pip still loves you, then that is all that matters, right?” she asked as she brushed her hoof against Lunair's cheek, wiping away a tear as she did.

“I'm afraid,” she started after drying her tears. “I'm afraid he won't like it. I'm afraid I'll be mocked by all the colts and fillies at school. I'm afraid… my life won't be normal,” she concluded.

“Don’t worry,” she said before summoning parchment, a quill, and ink.

“What are you doing?” she asked as she watched Celestia write a letter to somepony.

“You'll see,” she said as she continued writing.

She could make out a few of the words from the way the sun was shining on the parchment:

…would like to invite… …Twilight's castle… …school gets out for… …Twilight will escort… …you have my word.
The Princess of the Sun,
Princess Celestia.”-

The rest was illegible to Lunair from the angle she was at.

When she was done, she sent the letter using her magic.

“It was for Pip to visit wasn't it?” she asked as she raised a brow.

“Wait and see,” she replied before getting up. “You stay here and rest. I know that much of a change requires a large amount of energy.”

“Thank you, Tia,” she said before laying back down and quickly drifting off to sleep.


“Stop it!” Lunair said as the other colts and fillies pointed and laughed at her. “Stop LAUGHING!!!” she yelled before she froze them all in ice. She then looked to her right and saw she had froze Pipsqueak. “Pip!” she exclaimed as she ran to the crystal he was in. “PIP!!!” she yelled with an echo as her dream faded away.


“PIP!!!” she yelled as she sprung awake again.

“Lulu, what is it?” she heard Pipsqueak's voice say to her right.

She looked where she heard the voice and Pipsqueak was there.

“How did you-”

“Princess Celestia sent a letter of invitation to my parents and they gave me permission to come,” he said as he looked up at her.

She hopped down off the bed and when she stood as tall as she could, she was eye level with him.

“You're as tall as me!” he exclaimed as he looked at her.

“You don't like it?” she asked nervously as she rubbed her right forehoof against her left foreleg.

“No, I love it. I love you, and nothing will ever change that,” he said before he lifted her right claw with his left forehoof. “And no matter what happens, I'm with you, always,” he said before kissing her claw.

“Please, you'll make me blush,” she said as her cheeks turned fifty shades redder.

“You already have,” he said before hugging her.

“You feel so warm,” she said as she rest her head on his back.

“And you feel cold,” he replied in a near shiver.

“Oh, that's right,” she said before letting him go. “I breath Red-Ice,” she said before exhaling and creating a small solid Red-Ice ball that was, for the most part, perfectly round.

“Cool!” He said before grabbing the ball.

“Please, don't drop it. If it shatters we'll have to find every last piece,” she said.


“Twilight!” Rarity shouted as she entered the castle with Sweetie Belle in tow.

“What is it, Rarity?” she responded as she looked up from the book she was reading.

“Sweetie Belle can breathe Blue-Fire!” she exclaimed before Sweetie blew a ball of fire out of her mouth.

“What!!!” Twilight exclaimed as the book she was holding with her magic hit the floor.

“Twilight, what's wrong?” Celestia said as she entered the main hall.

“Sweetie Belle can breathe Blue-Fire!” she replied as she looked at her.

“I knew it was only a matter of time before this would happen,” she said as she descended the stairs.

“You knew this would happen!??” the three said in almost perfect synchronization.

“Yes, I knew,” she replied as she reached the base of the stairs. “I knew because it has happened twice before.”

“What exactly happened?” Twilight asked as she pulled out a scroll, quill, and ink.

“I will let the Twins tell you when they want to,” she said. “It's not up to me to reveal parts of their past that would now cause them to grieve.”

“Alright then, but that doesn't explain why Sweetie Belle can breathe fire,” Rarity said as she came nearer to the princess.

“Solair loves her,” Celestia started. “Therefore, when she kissed him, he gave her a token of his love: The ability to breathe Blue-Fire.”

“Sweet! Now I can roast marshmallows whenever I want!” the filly said with a smile.

“But my boutique is on fire!” Rarity exclaimed.

“Lunair will put the fire out so long as you can quickly put together a cloak for her to wear,” Celestia said as she began walking to the Twins’ room.

“Why does she need a cloak? Wasn't the vest enough?” Rarity asked as she, her sister, and Twilight followed behind the princess.

“Look for yourself,” Celestia said as they came across Solair in the hallway.

“My word!” Rarity exclaimed as she looked at him.

He had added about half his size prior to the last time Celestia had seen him. He also had alternating Crimson and Black spines his back forming like an armour coating. Also, the tuft of his tail had become a Crimson flame and had curved Black spines around it in a sort of flame guard shape around the flame.

“You look just like my daydream showed you looked!” Sweetie said as she ran over to Solair and hugged him.

He hugged her back then asked a question. “Would I ever lie to you?”

“You have a lot of explaining to do!” Rarity said as she looked at Solair with an angered expression.

“I'm assuming you found out about my gift to Sweetie,” he said as they let go of each other.

“And in doing so, my boutique went up in flames that have yet to be put out by the fire department!” she exclaimed.

“Please, calm down, Rarity,” Celestia said. “Not only is this gift such a curse, it's also a blessing.”

“How so?” she asked as she raised a brow.

“Sweetie Belle, wear this necklace,” she replied as she pulled a necklace with a sun shaped, Crimson coloured gem in it out of her mane.

“Where did that come from?” Twilight asked, not being noticed.

“What'll happen?” she asked as she put it on.

“Catch!” she replied as she sent a ball of magic energy at the filly.

“Aah!” she yelled as she closed her eyes and put her left forehoof in front of her pointing at the ball of magic.

“What!!!” Twilight and Rarity exclaimed simultaneously.

Sweetie Belle opened her eyes to see she had caught the ball of magic with her hoof.

“What? How!?” she said as she looked at it, turning it in all directions.

“That ball is comprised of highly dangerous elemental lighting magic energy,” Celestia said. “Had I threw that at any other pony, they faced the possibility of being shocked to death.”

“But, how can I hold it and not get hurt?” Sweetie asked as she looked up at Celestia.

“You also have the ability to use a special type of arcane magic, that is, so long as you wear that necklace,” she answered. “And if you like, Solair can reform it into any piece of jewelry you wish it to be,” she concluded.

“He can!” she exclaimed before the ball of magic burst sending electrical energy everywhere.

The energy missed Rarity, Celestia, and Solair, but hit Twilight in the neck sending her to the floor.

“Twilight!” the two sisters exclaimed.

“Ugh, my neck,” she said as she lifted herself off the floor slowly.

“Twilight are you alright?!” Rarity asked as she came to her friend’s side.

“I'm alright except a small sting in the neck,” she said as she turned and looked at her friend while rubbing her neck.

“We thought you died!” Sweetie Belle said as she rushed over to her.

“Died?” she asked. “It would take a lot more than a little shock to stop me.”

“So all you felt was a little shock?” she wondered.

“To an alicorn, arcane magic is practically nothing on the pain chart,” Celestia said before they resumed their walk to the Twins’ room.

“So I'm going to have to make a cloak that would fit an older filly that has a long tail and neck and is covered in spines?” Rarity asked as they neared the door to the Twins’ room.

“No, you'll need to make a cloak to fit a young filly with a long neck and tail,” she said as she opened the door to the Twins’ room.

“My word!” she said as she looked at the small Draconic Alicorn filly.

“How did she get smaller?” Sweetie Belle asked as she came into the room and nearer to Lunair and Pipsqueak.

“I shrank myself by expelling magic from my body,” she said as she turned her head and looked up at the filly.

“Pipsqueak, I have something for you,” Celestia said as she pulled a gold fabric bandana with a crescent moon shaped, Cobalt coloured gem in it out of her mane and gave it to him.

“Seriously, where did that come from?” Twilight asked as she looked at the princess.

“Oh, nowhere special, just a literal 'pocket’ dimension,” she replied before letting out a slight giggle.

“I will find a scientific answer one day,” she replied before focusing on the task at hoof.

“What’s this for?” he asked as he put it around his neck.

“Lunair, have you given him his gift?” Celestia asked as she looked at the filly.

“He hasn't given me a chance to give it to him,” she replied as she looked at him.

“Give me what?” he asked before Lunair came closer to him.

“This,” she said before giving him a moderately short kiss on the lips.

“Oh, dear!” Rarity said before covering Sweetie's eyes.

“Hey!” she said trying to get Rarity's hoof out of her line of sight.

“What was that for?” he asked as he blushed a bit.

“Exhale slowly,” Lunair said as she looked him in the eyes.

He exhaled and as he did a Red mist came out of his mouth.

“You mean-!”

“Yes, you can now breathe Red-Ice like myself,” she said as she hugged him.

“Hey you don't feel cold anymore!” he said as they let go of each other.

“That's because your body temperature has fallen so that you can breathe the Red-Ice,” she replied.

“Anyway, my boutique is on fire and no pony in Ponyville, but you, can put it out,” Rarity said as she rushed at Lunair and turned her to face her.

“Alright, I'll put it out. But I'll need a cloak, or something to cover myself, to get there,” she said as she looked up at the now ‘ten-hoof-tall’ looking mare.

“I'll need materials, my glasses, and you standing still,” she said finishing by pointing at Lunair.

“You have these two at least,” Celestia said before summoning material for Rarity, and her glasses.

“How did you-?” Rarity said before realizing she shouldn't question the power of an alicorn.

“And you have my cooperation,” Lunair said before standing as still as she could.

“Well let's get started, I guess,” she said before getting to work.


After half an hour, she arrived at a functional but not so stylish design. A Light Amber hooded cloak with a Gold fabric tie around the neck and Cobalt trim. It did well to cover the entirety of her body from muzzle to tuft.

“How does it feel?” Rarity asked the filly.

“It'll do for now, let's get going before they evaporate all the water in Ponyville,” she said before they started out the door.

“Lunair, it may be too much for you to handle alone seeing as how you expelled a large amount of energy from yourself,” Celestia said as they exited the castle. “Perhaps Pip should help,” she concluded.

“Wise words,” Lunair replied as they trot through the streets of Ponyville. “Pip, consider yourself a firefighter for today. I know you dream of being one,” she finished.

“You can enter others’ dreams like Princess Luna, can't you?” he asked as he ran alongside his new best friend.

“Yes, and I'm the one who’s going to make them come true for a day, so let’s hop to it,” she said as she picked up the pace.


It took them about two and a half minutes to get where they were going. Luckily they weren't yet out of breath…

“Pip, so long as you keep that bandana on, you will be safe from harm,” Lunair said when they arrive at the scene.

“What happens if I take it off?” he asked, curious as to what might happen.

“Pip, if you take that bandana off while you're near Blue-Fire, I will never forgive myself for what will happen to you,” she said as she looked him in the eyes and put her claw on his shoulder.

“Understood,” he said nervously before Celestia walked over to the fire chief.

“Stand down, boys, the Princess will take care of it,” he said after she whispered something in his ear.

“Now, you two!” she called back letting the two ice breathers know it was their ‘time to shine'.

Pipsqueak and Lunair began heading for the boutique but we're stopped by a firefighter.

“Who do you think you are?” he asked them.

Lunair took off her hood and began ranting: “I’m Lunair Solstice. I’m a Metamagica. I was created in the Origin Of Time. I’m the fourth oldest creature in known existence. I’m the filly who’s going to stop that fire because you can’t… You got a problem with that?”

“Lies!” a firefighter called from afar off.

“Whoever said that gets one minute in jail,” Celestia said before you could hear hoofbeats running away. “One more for abandoning post!” she hollered in the direction of the hoofbeats. You could then hear the hoofbeats coming back.

“Alright, you're comin’ with Murphy,” a cop said before taking the firefighter into custody.

“Very well then,” Lunair started. “Allons-y!” she finished before she and Pipsqueak rushed inside.

“What should I do?” he asked as they worked their way to the kitchen.

“First of check your bandana and see if it feels damp,” she replied as she looked for the sink.

“Not that damp, but damp nonetheless,” he responded.

“Good, all you need to do now is keep yourself hydrated and focus on freezing the flames,” she said before pushing a chair near the sink, hopping on it, hopping on the counter, and turning on the cold water.

“And how do I do that?” he asked as he neared a small patch of fire.

“Think of something very cold, the coldest thing you can think of, then exhale on the flames,” she said before getting a glass of water and drinking it.

He stood there for a second with his eyes tightly closed thinking hard about the coldest thing he remembered.

He remembered the feeling of the cold winter winds. But that wasn't the coldest thing he knew he could remember… The coldest thing he remembered was the passing of his grandmother in Trottingham the winter before his family left.

“Grandmum…” he mumbled, as he did a wave of cold air escaped his mouth stopping the fire in the room.

“Good, keep that thought, and help me clear the other rooms,” Lunair said not knowing what he said as she began to exit the room.

“Grandmum!” he said as he began to cry.

“I didn't mean for you to recall that!” she exclaimed as she rushed to his side.

“I miss her,” he said as he cried harder.

She put her claw on his shoulder- “Pip, please you'll- oh, no,” she said as she felt his body temperature lower drastically. “Pip, change thoughts quickly or you'll freeze over with sadness! The warm summer nights in Ponyville, the hot Breakfast Cakes your mum fixes for you every morning, a nice day at the park, anything other than this!” she said in fear she would lose him.

“Grandmum,” he said as tears continued to flow.

“Fried seaweed and custard,” she said causing him to stop crying.

“What?” he asked as he looked at her.

“Fried seaweed and custard,” she repeated as she looked back at him.

“Fried seaweed and custard!” he said as he began to laugh. “Fried seaweed and custard!” he repeated over and over. “That's a good memory to have,” he said before hugging Lunair.

“Good,” she replied. “This time, only think of the cold winter winds of the Trottingham Northside Park in in midwinter,” she concluded before letting him go.

He felt his bandana- “My bandana isn’t damp anymore,” he said as he looked at her.

“Go to the sink and get something to drink,” she started as she pointed in the direction of the sink. “Hydration is very important for you in this kind of a situation.”

“Got it,” he replied while going in the direction of the sink.

“Meet me upstairs, I'll be in the first room up,” she said before leaving the room.

After getting a drink, Pipsqueak ran upstairs after Lunair.

“How are you doing?” he asked as he entered Sweetie Belle's room.

“Fire’s out in here,” she started as she wobbled from side to side. “Thanks for helping, Pip.”

“Lulu, are you okay?” he asked as he rushed over to her.

“I’m… fine,” she replied as she corrected her balance.

“What's wrong?” he asked, knowing that something was up.

“I’ve expended too much energy,” she said before taking a few steps with the aid of her friend. “Will you clear Ms. Rarity's room for me?”

“Sure, where is it?” he replied as she began walking on her own.

“Up one fl-” was all she could say before falling to the floor unconscious.

“Lulu!” he cried before rushing to her. “Lulu, wake up! Lulu, please, wake up!” he said as he shook her. “CELESTIA!!!” he yelled as loud as he could and within a minute, she was there.

“Oh my,” she said a she saw her friend on the floor. “You put the fire in Rarity's room out as best you can. I'll tend to Lunair,” she said before he darted off and up the stairs.

“I can't lose her, I just can’t!” he thought as he ascended the staircase. When he arrived at Rarity's room he was crying. “Lulu, please don’t leave me,” he mumbled quietly.

His thoughts of losing her were so sad and cold that the instant he mumbled what he did the fire in the room was out and the room was covered in Red-Ice.

“I can't think of losing her, I'll freeze over with sorrow,” he thought before thinking of what she said in the kitchen. He began laughing “-Fried seaweed and custard,” he said again and again. He looked up and noticed the room was covered in Red-Ice and then immediately began down the stairs back to where Lunair and Celestia were.

“She’ll be fine, Pip,” Celestia said as she turned to face him.

He looked past her to see only a cloak on the floor “-Where is she?!” he asked in a frightened tone.

“Don't worry, she'll be back soon,” she replied as she came nearer to Pipsqueak.

“No, I want an answer, now!” he yelled in anger as he backed away from her.

“Pip, if you backup any further you'll fall down the steps and get seriously hurt,” she said trying to get him to stop moving.

“I will if that's what it takes to get an answer!” he said as he rose his back left leg like he was going to go back another step.

“Pip, I'm fine,” he heard Lunair's voice from upstairs.

“Lulu?” he questioned as he looked up the stairs to see a silhouette of Lunair.

He then walked up the stairs to find Lunair without her cloak on.

“I needed you to freeze over an entire room so I could recover,” she said as she hugged him.

“But, how did you get up here?” he asked before she strengthened her grip on him.

“I’d rather not tell you,” she said before letting him go.

“Well, either way, you're alright and that’s what matters,” he said before the walked down the stairs to Sweetie Belle's room to get Lunair her cloak.

“So, you have fully recovered?” Celestia asked as the two entered the room.

“I’ve recovered enough to leave,” she started, “but I'll need him to freeze over another room in Twilight's castle later to completely recover,” she finished as she put her cloak back on.

“Okay, I'll bring your brother over later and get him to thaw Rarity's room,” she said before the three left the building. “The fire’s out, go back to your duties,” she said to the firefighters before they left.

“Oh good, did anything become completely useless?” Rarity asked as she looked at the princess.

“Blue-Fire doesn't burn things, it only surrounds them if applied at all angles,” she replied.

“Oh… that's good… I guess,” she replied as she held a hoof to her chin.

“One more thing, Miss Rarity,” Lunair started as she looked up at the mare. “Pip accidentally covered your room in Red-Ice,” she concluded as she looked downward.

“He did what?!!” she exclaimed as she looked at Pipsqueak.

“I’m sorry, Miss Rarity, honest!” he said defending himself.

“Rarity, myight I speak to you in private a second?” Celestia asked the mare.

“Why, certainly,” she replied before they stepped away from the two foals for a second.

“Do you think I'm in trouble?” Pipsqueak asked Lunair.

“No, I'm pretty sure she's pleading your case right now,” she replied.

“Okay, Princess Celestia told me way happened and I forgive you,” Rarity said as she and the princess came back over to the foals.

“Pipsqueak, I must tell you, if you think of sad things, you may end up accidentally causing bad things to happen,” Celestia said as she looked at him.

“Keep a positive attitude, got it,” he said before they all began their way back to Twilight's castle.

“So, Lunair, what do you plan to do when you are free of your creator’s challenge?” Celestia asked as she looked at the filly.

“I haven't yet given that a thought,” she replied.

“May I suggest starting a life with Pip, when he’s old enough, and moving to the Frozen North?” she asked as they passed through a back street of Ponyville.

“That sounds good,” she started. “What do you think, Pip?” she asked the young colt.

“The Frozen North is the coldest place in Equestria,” he started, “are you sure we could live their?”

“Pip, we can breathe Red-Ice, I'm pretty sure there’s nothing cold enough to freeze us,” she replied as they left the back street.

“Princess Celestia!” they heard before looking around to see a large group of ponies had spotted her and bowed.

“Arise, there is no need for a disruption in your day work,” she said before they all rose and went about their business.

“As I was saying,” she resumed, “Pip, there’s no way we can be frozen if we breathe Red-Ice, because Red-Ice is the coldest thing in the world.”

“Well, okay, I'm fine with living in the Frozen North if you are,” he replied.

A pony then stepped on Lunair’s cloak by accident. As she took a step forward, it came undone and off of her. This caused the surrounding ponies to panic at the sight of her.

“Please, calm down!” Celestia said calmly failing to stop the panic. “SILENCE!!!” she yelled finally ending it. “Do not fear this creature, for she has saved this town from disaster twice already,” she began. “Go about your day normally, and remember to not fear those who are different, but appreciate their differences and help them live a normal life like you,” she finished before everypony hurriedly left the streets of Ponyville.

“Everypony fears you, I see. Is this your true form before me?” a voice like Zecora’s said behind them.

They all four turned around to see Zecora's standing before them. She was looking directly at Lunair.

Chapter Thirteen - Some Truth Revealed

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“Everypony fears you, I see. Is this your true form before me?” a voice like Zecora's asked from behind the group.

They turned around to see Zecora standing before them. She was looking Lunair directly in the eyes.

“Yes, it is,” Lunair replied. “I also expelled energy from my body to shrink to the size of Pip.”

“My nephew did well to create you with emotion,” she started. “Especially those such as love and devotion.”

“Yes, he did didn’t he?” she replied. “You do know he has yet to leave Trottingham’s Low-Town, right?”

“Who are you talking about?” Pipsqueak asked as he looked at Lunair.

“That's what I was about to ask,” Rarity said as she looked at the colt.

“It’s best not to talk here,” Lunair said as she looked at Pipsqueak.


“Do you remember the stallion that challenged Solair and I to live in our true form?” Lunair asked as she looked across the kitchen table at Pipsqueak.

“Yes,” he replied looking back at her.

“And do you remember the filly in Trottingham you used to like?” she asked.

“Yes, but what does she have to do with-”

“She's his sister,” Solair said, surprising him so much he near passed out.

“But, how?” he asked.

“I'll explain when you're old enough to know,” she started. “And a not so well known fact is-”

“He was a student in Celestia's School for Gifted Unicorns, competing for top spot with you, Twilight,” Solair interrupted as he looked at Twilight. “Or at least he thought so.”

“That stallion,” Twilight mumbled gaining Rarity’s attention.

“You knew him?” she asked as she looked at her.

“Yes, he was very competitive in regards to who got most of Celestia's attention during classes,” she replied. “I always thought he just wore face paint in that pattern out of respect for a fallen practice. Nopony ever saw his body. I was told the year before the Nightmare Moon incident that he was expelled for using an ancient magic type.”

“I expelled him because he used his psychic and empathic abilities for something other than what I said he could use them for while he was there,” Celestia said as she looked at Twilight.

“He actually wanted to be expelled, Tia,” Lunair said as she looked at her.

“Why would anyone want to be expelled from the best magic school in the three kingdoms?” she asked as she looked back at her friend.

“His mother died a month prior, and your forgiving heart prolonged grief to his sister,” Solair said.

“How?” she asked as she looked at him.

“His sister was sent to a home in which the ones who were supposed to care for her abused her,” Lunair started. “Your forgiving him for the first two times didn't help her case.”

“Had he told me I would have sent for his sister,” she replied.

“Had he told you, we would not have been created and Equestria would not be as it is,” Solair said as he laid his head on the table.

“In fact, the planet we are on would be known as ‘Earth’,” Lunair started. “That and there would be no magic because Twilight wouldn't be able to bring magic into the past to introduce it to the world because the past would have changed.”

“So what you're saying is-”

“Yes, our life and the world's depended on the bad judgement of my creator,” she said cutting Celestia off.

“Uh, excuse me, Mayor Mare is wanting to know if she can see Princess Celestia,” Spike said before Celestia nod. “Okay, I'll go get her,” he said before leaving them.

“Still, my students’ problems are my problems,” Celestia said as she looked back at Lunair. “I tell all my students that and if I let them enter the school I expect them to let me know if they have any problems.”

“Zecora, you've been rather quiet,” Solair said. “What have you to say?”

It was a moment before she began talking. “This is a serious matter and not a time to rhyme” she started as she looked at the twins. “I believe what you two say because I know it to be true.-” She faced Celestia “-Had my nephew told you of his sister, life would not be as it is. I believe it was necessary for him to make the mistake that he did.”

“I accept your words, Zecora,” Celestia said. “You are, after all, his aunt.”

“Since his father left them, he had been angered and tormented on the inside,” she continued. “When his mother died he felt as though he must do everything to protect his sister.”

Knock, knock, knock!

“Enter,” Celestia said before the door opened.

“Princess Celesti-Ahhh!” Mayor Mare said when she entered and saw the Twins. “What are they!” she exclaimed as she looked at the Twins in fear.

“They are my friends,” Celestia replied as she looked at the startled mare.

“Well, okay,” she replied still frightening by the Twins’ appearances. “I came for two things, the first is that winter’s right around the corner and the town would like to invite you and Luna to the Winter Festival to watch as the town prepares for winter. Second, there was some commotion in town earlier and I wanted to know if you knew anything. Apparently you do seeing as how the creatures are here with you.”

“Somepony pulled Lunair's cloak off while we were returning to the castle,” she told her.

“You mean she’s Lunair?!” she said in shock.

“I may look different, but I'm still the same filly,” Lunair said in reply.

“So that means-”

“Yes, he’s Solair,” she commented cutting her off.

“I may have changed, but I remain the same one you saw at the party all those weeks ago,” he said. “Sorry, for hurling lightning between you and that stallion at the party all those weeks ago. But he had no right to judge Connie.”

“Apology accepted,” she replied. “Now how did you two become like this?” she asked.

He sighed then began. “The answer is…”


“So the ones who made you challenged you to live in your true forms…,” she said as she held a hoof to her chin. “I had no clue you two were that old. You look so young.”

“The way we used to live was that we would collect magic energy from around us and sustain our life force that way,” Lunair started.

“But now that we have been given a new way to live we sustain ourselves much like anypony would,” Solair finished.

“I see,” she replied. “Perhaps I can persuade the town to let you roam outside the castle. If Princess Celestia will accompany me to the Town Hall to address the town.”

“That would be greatly appreciated, Mayor Mare,” Solair stated.

“I am glad to hear it,” she responded. “Now, I never did get an answer to my question earlier,” she started as she looked at Celestia. “Will you visit to see the start of winter here in Ponyville?”

“I would much appreciate that,” she replied.

“Thank you Princess, I’ll have arrangements made for your visit later this month,” she said before standing up to leave. “I think we should address the town before they have a chance to harshly judge the Twins, don’t you?” she asked as she began walking out the door.

“I’ll leave you the Twins, Twilight,” she started. “I’ll be with Mayor Mare at Town Hall.”

“Alright,” she replied before the duo left.

“I suppose you want to know more about us that we haven’t told you?” Lunair asked.

“I don’t know about the others, but I for one do,” she replied.

“Same here,” Rarity started. “Even a pony as beautiful as myself doesn’t have anything to hide.”

“Yeah, and I’m Robin Hood,” Pipsqueak said as he rolled his eyes. “If you don’t want to tell us, you don’t have to,” he concluded.

“I’m not sure if I want to know,” Sweetie Belle said as she looked down at the table. “I mean, knowing is good, but I would not like to know the bad things about your past,” she concluded as she looked up at the Twins.

“My nephew made you very well. It is your choice if you want to tell,” Zecora rhymed.

Sigh “-I guess it would come out at some point in time,” Lunair started. “Solair and I were created in a place known as the Origin of Time.”

“A place where all time passes through and aging does not occur,” Solair continued. “At least, to creatures born in the time stream it doesn’t.”

“Since we were created outside of time we can age outside of time,” she stated. “And as such, we are able to become older so long as we go there.”

“Much like I did this morning, Twilight,” he continued. “I left the time stream and entered the Origin of time after you left the table. I left and came back older in the blink of an eye.”

“So that’s why there was a sudden flash of light before I turned around to see you as you are now,” she said.

“Yes, but there is more you must know if you want to understand why I was created,” he said. “I was created in a part of the Origin of Time that was ravaged by war.”

“The dimension my creators come from is one that is a virtual complete opposite of the one we currently live in,” he continued. “Spoils of War are the only things they care about in that dimension. I was created as the weapon that would end it all. Had I not listened to Lunair’s peaceful thoughts, I would have helped to destroy both our dimensions.”

“I was created to change the past by either eliminating or swaying the decisions of the founders of magic in this dimension,” Lunair started. “It was my intention to change the past so that the present would be different. That was, until the Twilight from the past showed me I can make my own choices.”

“So, I Show you all this in the past?” Twilight asked, very curious considering there was only one portal to the past and it opened only once every thirty moons.

“Not you but the Twilight that was born in the past,” she replied.

“Oh, um… Okay? I guess,” she replied as she held a hoof to her chin.

“It’s very confusing, I know,” she said.

“You’ll understand later, trust me,” Solair said.

“Anyway, I think we all need some rest, don’t you, Sweetie?” Rarity asked as she looked at her sister.

“I’m not tired,” she replied looking back.

“Well we’re going home anyway, come on,” she said as she lifted her with her magic and began walking out.

“But I don’t want to go!” she said before the door shut behind them.

“Come on, Pipsqueak,” Twilight started, “I need to get you home.”

“Alright,” he sighed. “I hope to see you again soon, Lulu,” he concluded as they left.

“We had best rest as well, brother,” she said before they headed to their room.


“How did you sleep?” Celestia asked as the Twins entered the kitchen.

“Very well,” Lunair said.

“You talking the town into letting us roam has taken a load off our minds,” Solair concluded.

“Yes, but it was not only I who convinced them,” Celestia started, “Mayor Mare had her part to say, as well as Pipsqueak, Rarity, Sweetie, and Twilight.”

“Yes, without them living here might not be as easy as it currently is,” Lunair continued.

“Oh, my, look at the time,” she said as she looked at her new watch.

The watch was gold and had several gems lain in it. The glass was so clear you could barely tell there was any. And lastly, the backdrop was a picture of Celestia and the Twins smiling at the camera below an apple tree from Sweet Apple Acres.

“Yes, it’s about time for you and Luna to make your appearances at the Winter Festival,” Solair said.

“Let’s not keep them waiting,” Lunair concluded before they left the kitchen and headed for the front door.

Chapter Fourteen - Each Pasing Day

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“Citizens of Ponyville, today is the day we prepare for winter and all that it holds,” Celestia started. “It has been a couple weeks since I last came to speak here. And during that time, two ponies have walked among you with hardly any complaints about them being here.”

“Our friends from long ago, Solair and Lunair, have told us they appreciate your understanding,” Luna stated. “If it were not for that, they wouldn’t be able to join us this day.”

“True, dear sister,” she replied as she looked to her right at her sister. “If not for that… wait… we’re getting a bit redundant. Anyway, today is about winter and all that comes with it. Is everypony ready for the first day of winter?-” The crowd cheered with yells of excitement before Celestia rose her hoof. “-Then let preparations begin!” she said before everypony hurried off to get their assignments.

“Sister, do you think Solair will be able to handle the cold winds of this coming winter?” Luna asked as she looked at her older sister.

“That has yet to be seen,” she replied. “We know Contact wasn’t able to withstand the winter winds in the prior two eras during the day.”

"But do you think he will manage this era?" she asked once more.

"I have faith,” she concluded.


“Have all preparations been made for the bird's flight South?” Twilight asked as she walked past Fluttershy.

“Almost, just a few more minutes.” she responded.

“Okay, just let me know when they're ready and I'll have Lunair join you,” Twilight replied.

“Okay,” she concluded.

“Cloudsdale is ready, what's the hold up?” Rainbow Dash asked before Twilight left Fluttershy.

“The birds have yet to leave for the south,” Twilight replied.

“Well, you better hurry cuz’ we’re not gonna wait all day,” She said sort of angrily.

“I’m trying, but this little crow just doesn’t want to go,” Fluttershy said as she turned to face Rainbow Dash with a woodpecker in hoof.

“Well make him go. He should have sense enough not to stay here for winter,” Rainbow Dash replied.

“Umm, it’s a her,” Fluttershy said softly

“What’s going on?” Lunair asked as she peered over Twilight’s shoulder.

“Um, nothing important, Lunair,” Fluttershy said softly as she hung her head.

“Nothing important?!” Rainbow Dash started. “You call a stupid bird that doesn’t want to stay warm by going South for the winter nothing important?!”

“Let me talk to her,” Lunair said.

“How did-”

“Acute sense of hearing, Miss Dash,” Lunair interrupted before walking past Twilight and taking the bird out of Fluttershy’s hoof. Her eyes then began to glow as she stared into the eyes of the bird and it stood still the entire time. “The reason she does not wish to leave just yet is that she hid somepony’s necklace in her nest,” Lunair said after her eyes stopped glowing. “I’ll retrieve it, you prepare to take them south and I’ll meet you as you fly over the railroad tracks,” she finished before flying North from their spot around the Town Hall.

“Well, okay,” Fluttershy said before she took flight with the birds behind her.


“Excuse me, Miss,” Lunair said as she walked up to Lotus Blossom the spa pony.

“Um, what is it?” she asked showing signs that she’d rather not be talking to her.

“Is this necklace yours by any chance?” she asked as she held a gold necklace with a diamond in it out in front of her.

“I have been looking for that!” she said before snatching it out of her claw. “Why did you take it from me?” she asked in an accusing tone.

“I didn’t, a crow did,” she replied.

“Liar!” she replied “Liar and thief!”

“You can ask Twilight when she gets over this way,” she responded trying to get Lotus to let her leave.

“I’ll do just that, but until then, I’ll have the guards hold you,” Lotus said before putting her hoof to her mouth. “Guards!” she yelled and within seconds three guards had come to her. “I’d like you to hold this… thing… on thievery until I can, how you say… Verify? Yes, verify her story.”

“Sorry, Lunair but we’re going to have to hold you until she can verify your story,” a guard said before nearing her.

“I didn’t want to do this, but I guess I have to,” she said before her eyes flashed.

Suddenly a scroll materialized in front of the guard and he took hold of it and began to read. “Stand down, orders of Princess Celestia,” he said as he looked at the other two guards. “Ma’am, I’m afraid I can’t hold her,” he said as he looked at Lotus.

“And why not?” she asked rather perturbed by the sudden change in action.

“Orders of Princess Celestia, she has received a temporary pardon,” he replied.

“A pardon?” she wondered

“Basically she can’t be held right now, but the time it takes for you to verify is how long she will be held when the time she has runs out,” he said.

“This is ridiculous!” she replied.

“Lunair, you’d better make the most of your time and get what you need accomplished done now,” he said as her looked at the draconic filly.

“Yes, Sir,” she said before flying off to meet up with Fluttershy.


“What took you so long?” Fluttershy asked Lunair when she had caught up.

“I got arrested,” she replied as she looked toward the ground.

“What?!” Fluttershy exclaimed as she came to a halt.

“You remember that necklace I went to go return?”

“Yes, what about it?” Fluttershy asked as they resumed their flight South.

“It belonged to Lotus Blossom, the spa pony. She accused me of stealing it and called the guards to our location.”

“Oh my!”

“I had to contact Celestia to get a temporary pardon, but I’m going to be serving a roughly ten minute sentence when I get back from helping you.”

“Well, look at it this way, you did the right thing in returning the necklace.”

“You’re right. But I think we should be focusing on the task at hoof.”

“You’re right. Let’s get these birds to the south where they’ll be warm for the winter.”


“Solair, ya ready to try your hoof at weather manipulation?” Rainbow Dash asked the draconic colt.

“Yes, Miss Dash,” Solair replied.

“Alright, you’re gonna be with Derpy, Ditzy, Bright Eyes, and Muffins,” Rainbow Dash said as she pointed to the group of mares.

“Why? To even out the skill level? To keep them from messing up the sky? Or perhaps to-”

“Quit talkin’, we’re burnin’ daylight,” she said to get him to go work.

“Yes Ma’am,” he groaned as he flew over to the mares on the North end of Ponyville. “It seems I’m working with you mares for today,” he said as he neared the four.

“Oh, cool!” Ditzy said.

“You’re so adorable,” Bright Eyes remarked.

“I don’t know what went wrong!” Derpy said defensively.

“Want a muffin?” Muffins asked as she held a basket of muffins in front of him.

“Today’s gonna be a long day,” he thought.


“Where’s this one go?” Ditzy asked as she flew over to Solair with a cloud in tow.

“Three more meters to the North, Ditzy,” he replied.

“Which way is North again?” she asked.

“That way,” he said as he pointed directly North.

“Okay,” she replied before starting to fly off in that direction.

“Ditzy, I said meters not miles,” he said causing her to return. “Here I'll do it myself,” he said before taking the cloud from her and positioning it where it needed to be.

“Okay, that's all the clouds that need put out,” Rainbow Dash said as she flew over near the group.

“Don't ever do that to me again,” Solair said discreetly to her as he flew past.

“Why?” she asked after turning to face him, however, the only response she received was a glare from him.


“Now that we're back in Ponyville, I need to face my sentence,” Lunair said before flying off to meet the guards from earlier.

“Oh? Okay… Stay safe!” Fluttershy said as Lunair flew off.

“Now, to find out how long I’m to be held,” Lunair thought to herself before she found the guards from earlier. “I’ve come back to serve my sentence.” She said as the guards came near to her.

“Your sentence is two minutes exactly,” the captain said.

“Why two minutes, I was sure it’d be at least ten,” she relied in confusion.

“It seems that when you got your pardon Princess Celestia also told Princess about your being arrested and she found us.”

“Well I guess I should appreciate her kindness,” She replied before walking into the guards barracks.

“Oh, and Miss, Princess Twilight said she wanted to speak with you when your time here was over,” the captain said before sitting down at a table near the door of the barracks.

“Yes, Sir,” Lunair replied. “Twilight should understand that it’s not my fault I was arrested… Shouldn’t she?” she thought to herself.


“Twilight, I’m home!” Lunair yelled as she walked through the castle doors closing them behind her.

“I heard you got arrested,” Solair said as he walked out from behind a pillar.

“I did but-”

“Shame on you, you’ve stole, lied, and, for the most part, got away with it,” Twilight said as she came out from behind the pillar directly across the castle hall from Solair.

“Twilight that’s not-”

“Silence, foal!” Celestia boomed as she crashed through the roof of the castle and landed in front of Lunair. “You’ve abused my trust in you, and it’s time you pay for that mistake!”

“Tia, please! Lis-!”

“Sssilence, foal!” Luna said as she arose out of a shadow on the floor behind her. “You’ve broken my sssisster’s trussst in you and it’sss time to pay!”

“Lu-Lu, no!” she said before squealing in fear.


Lunair awoke to see the entire guards barracks frozen over in Red-Ice. She looked to her left to see she had frozen a guard as well.

“This is going to hurt,” Lunair remarked before looking up to the roof and closing her eyes. she then turned a Bright White colour and the Red-Ice in the room melted and the guard was freed of his icy prison. She then fell to the ground unconscious once more.

“Miss?” the guard said as he tried to move around but his body felt as though it had pins and needles jabbed all throughout it. He finally managed to shake the feeling and went for help.

A few minutes later, Twilight, the girls, and Solair arrived on scene with the guard and his captain.

“What’s this red liquid on the floor? It’s kinda cold,” Pinkie asked before licking her hoof. “Tastes like water.”

“In a sense it is, Miss Pinkie,” Solair said before breathing a bit of Blue-Fire to evaporate the liquid. “It’s water with a high concentration of a fire resistant magic type.”

“Oh, how cool!” she replied. “Get it?” she said after a few seconds.

“Yes, Miss Pinkie, I just don’t find it very funny,” he replied before walking over to Lunair. “Let’s get her back to the castle, she needs medical attention.”

“Spike!” Twilight called.

“Already on it,” he said as he pulled out a scroll and quill.

“Let me see that scroll,” Solair said before Spike handed it to him.

“What are ya gonna do?” he asked.

“Watch closely, young dragon, for this is something I believe you’ll be able to do when you mature enough,” he replied.

He then put one claw on Lunair and holding the scroll to his forehead.

“Tia, we need you,” he said before the scroll disappeared in a flash of light.

Chapter Fifteen - In The Eyes Of Babes

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“Lunair,” I heard Tia's voice echoed in the darkness I saw. “Wake up, Lunair,” she continued.

I soon opened my eyes to see her looking over me.

“Don't speak, you needn't say a word,” she said as she put a hoof to my mouth.

I just nod in agreement as she took her hoof away and soon Sol entered the room. When he did, I noticed a dramatic difference between the last memories I have of his appearance and what he looked like now.

He now had scales that looked like plates of armour covering his backside entirely with a few on his chest and barrel, his horns were starting to curve upward and he was taller and longer.

“I began my way here when I sensed her awakening,” he said as he came nearer to Tia.

“Can she talk?” Tia asked him.

“She shouldn't be able to just yet,” he said as he looked downward. “And I'll not be that helpful because our connection is weaker at the moment.”

“Does that mean you won’t yet be able to show her the important events that have occurred while she’s been out?” she asked him.

“Sadly, it does,” he responded.

Spike then entered the room carrying a tray with a bowl of soup and an amethyst on it.

“When Twilight told me Solair said you were awake, I just had to make you something to eat,” he said as he came nearer to the side of the bed. “I mean, you’ve been out for two weeks, I’d be hungry if I were you,” he concluded before realizing Tia and Sol were giving him mean looks. “What did I say?” he asked unaware they didn’t want me to know how long I had been out.

“Can I speak with you outside the room, Spike?” Sol asked in a very tone.

“Right after I give her her soup,” he said as he lifted the spoon out of the bowl. “Here comes the choo-choo!” he said as if I were just a child.

“Spike, she’s millennia old, she probably doesn’t appreciate being treated like a child much more than I do,” Sol said in anger.

“Oh, right, sorry Lunair,” he said before I took the spoonful of soup in my mouth.

“This is good,” I said in a very quiet voice after swallowing. It was the loudest I could speak at the time.

“What did she say?” Spike asked as he looked at Sol.

“I think she said that the soup was good,” he replied. “Her voice is too quiet for me to hear it clearly.”

“Oh, good,” he started, “I thought I added too much thyme.”

“Why did you bring an amethyst?” Tia asked him.

“Twilight told me that they can eat gems and they gain powers by doing so,” he started. “I just thought that that power might help her get better,” he concluded before grabbing the gem.

“Tia, can you shatter the amethyst for us?” Sol asked as he looked at her.

She nod and her horn began to glow. She then took the gem out of Spike’s claws and within seconds the gem was turned from a piece too big to eat to a pile of dust. She then added the dust to the soup.

“Wow, I didn’t know you could do that!” Spike said as he looked at Tia.

“I am capable of turning practically any normal gem to dust using just magic, Spike,” she replied.

Spike then mixed the dust in with the soup and gave me a spoonful. Suddenly, my eyes flashed an amethyst coloured light and my throat felt a bit better.

“Will you tell me what all went on while I was out?” I asked a bit louder than last time but I know it was still barely audible to Sol.

“What’d she say?” Spike asked yet again annoying Sol further.

“I think she wants to know what happened over the last two weeks,” he responded.

“Oh, I can tell her!” Spike said as he raised his claw as if to be called upon.

“Yes, I think you can,” Tia said as she stood and began toward the door.

“But Tia-”

“No but’s, Sol,” Tia started. “If you disagree with my decision talk to me about it outside.”

“Yes, Ma’am,” he said as he hung his head and followed her out the door. “Spike, start from the day she passed out and work your way to now in chronological order event-wise.”

“Uh… Say what now?” he asked looking at him.

“Gah! Just forget it!” he yelled before slamming the door. The sound of the door slamming hurt my head a little and caused me to wince in pain for a second.

“Okay, then. How about I tell you what happened here at the castle the day after you fainted?” Spike started as he turned to face me. I sighed and lain my head down atop my left foreleg. After doing so he began his story.


“… And then I heroically grabbed Starlight and brought her to what would have been the new timeline. When we got there it was a barren wasteland with the exception of me, Starlight, Twilight, and the Cutie Map,” Spike said. “Then I convinced Starlight to return time back to normal and we came back to this timeline,” he finished. “So wad’d’ya think? Pretty heroic of me, huh?” I just nod in agreement knowing he didn’t really do all that he said he did.

“That was nothin’. Ya should ’a seen what I did in the Crystal Empire a week later,” he started. “So there we were, getting off the train, everypony in the empire was waiting to greet me…”

-“This is when I knew, like the two eras before, he thought highly of himself. It was good to know this because he is exactly like he was in the First Era. Although he had been changed physically and his memories suppressed deep within his mind.”-

-“The first Prysme, whilst in The Origin of Time and Space, saw that Spike was to be one of the few creatures that would only change and not die. he figured that the best way to keep the future secure and safe was to suppress his memories and turn him into what the second era would call a ‘Draconid’.”-

-“A Draconid was basically a dragon the stayed both bipedal and about the same size it’s entire life. In Spike’s case, he was about seven and a half decimeters tall and when he got down on all fours he was about a meter in length. Also, his colour scheme didn’t change, which is more than can be said for most of the creatures that had only been changed.”-

“… And I held the Crystal Heart together while Sunburst brought the shard in, then Twilight and Cadence cast the restoration spell and the heart repaired itself,” he finished. “Even more heroic, huh?” I once again nod in agreement and he then hopped off the bed.

“Oh, and I became the Dragon Lord a few days after that!” he started. “It goes like this…”


“… And then I made Garble hug everyone on his way back and told him not to tell why,” he laughed.

I tried to laugh at this because I found it funny but my throat hurt every time I tried.

“I gave the scepter to Amber so she could prove to her dad that even a smart dragon could pass his test.”

I then looked at the bowl of soup on the nightstand and he followed my gaze. “Oh, I forgot! You still haven’t eaten your soup!” he exclaimed as he went over to the table and felt the bowl. “Good, still warm,” he said before lifting the spoon out of the bowl and holding it to my mouth.

I took the soup into my mouth and he kept giving me more until the bowl was about one third full. After that he started talking again.

“And I still haven’t told you about Chrysalis, Somber, and the rest of their family moving back to their hive,” he said before I perked my ears to show I was interested in that story. “Oh, I see you wanna know about that, huh? Well I was supposed to tell you that first but I kinda wanted you to hear the most heroic things I did over the past two weeks.”

“So, about Chrysalis… She and her family left because she knew her hive couldn’t stay calm for too long without her. They left the day after you passed out”

A tear formed in my eye at the mentioning of this. I knew life around here was going to be different without them.

“Aw, don’t feel sad,” he started. ”Think of this as if the twins’ are just now reaching out toward their true potential. I mean they are Changeling royalty after all.”

I wiped the tear from my eye and lowered my head. “Here, let’s just get you to finish this soup,” he said. “I shouldn’t have told you about them leaving.”

I finished my soup and soon thereafter Twilight, Sol, Starlight, and Tia came to my room. When Starlight saw me a look of discomfort covered her face followed by a false smile.

“So you’re the filly Solair keeps talking about,” Starlight said as she came to the edge of the bed. “Oh, you look so adorable. I just wanna pinch your wittle cheek,” she said as she put her hoof to my cheek.

“You can stop pretending, Starlight, I know you don’t like to make friends this fast,” Twilight said. “All I asked you to do was be nice.”

“I’m just trying to make her feel more comfortable,” she said before she stomped her hooves in anger.

“Starlight, she’s as old as I, there are no reasons to treat her like a filly,” Sol said in my defense.

“Well, she looks younger! I just thought-”

“Yeah, I know what you thought but that doesn't mean she appreciates it,” Sol said before budding heads with the mare.

“You two, calm down!” Celestia boomed while stomping hard on the floor with her forehooves. “Starlight, I'm sure you didn't mean anything by it. And Solair, just leave it be, there’s nothing to get upset about.”

“Yes, Princess Celestia,” Starlight bowed.

“Yes, Tia,” Sol said as he did the same.

“Now, I expect you two to get along with one another and the sooner the better,” Tia said sternly.

“Yes, Princess Celestia,” Starlight repeated emotionlessly as if to say it without meaning.

“Yes, Tia,” Sol sighed.

“Now that that’s over with,” Tia started, “it’s about time we give her a bit of rest.”

“Yes, Princess Celestia,” Starlight, Twilight, and Spike said before they left the room.

“I’ll stay here with her,” Sol said as he looked at Tia.

“As you wish, there’s just one thing do I ask of you,” she replied.

“Yes, Tia?”

“Insure you don’t keep her awake.”

“As you wish, Tia,” he responded before she closed the door behind her.

Sol then came near to the bed and looked at me with a look I had seen before. I nod then moved to the middle of the bed and curled myself into a ball. He then got on the bed and wrapped his body around mine.

The warmth of his body felt like a heated comforter used to keep warm on the coldest of winter nights. And I suppose, to him, the coolness of my body felt like a shock blanket with cold water on it to treat a full body burn. But I guess we each could have differing opinions about how the other feels to us as we are, after all, two separate beings.

It wasn’t too long after he laid down on the bed that we both fell asleep.



“Contact, my child,” a familiar voice echoed in the darkness around my two halves.

“Yes, Father?” I asked.

“I have come to your dreamscape to tell you a message of great importance,” the voice said. “The Djinns will make you go to the Three Hundred and Sixty Fifth Parallel after half your challenge is complete. I’m warning you now so that you may forge your promise rings.”

“Why do I need promise rings for a trip to the three sixty fifth?” I asked before a moderate pause of silence. “Oh! Yes, that would be a good idea,” I said in an embarrassed tone.

“Anyway, you had better forge them, you have less than five months before you go to that war ravaged dimension,” it said.

“Yes, Father,” I said.

“I’m going to heal your Light Half back to good health before you awaken.”

“Thank you,” I said.

“You’re welcome. And because your two halves love have someone they each love I will make it so you can use your skills at lower physical levels. When you awaken you will know the new skill level requirements.”

“Thank you,” I repeated.

“Now, AWAKEN!”



I awoke to see Tia sitting at the table in our room, sipping what appeared to be hot cocoa. I looked out the window to see it was night time.

“Lulu, did you dream it too?” I asked my still half asleep sister.

“I was go-” gasp “-So it did happen!” she said as she sprung awake.

“So he healed you?” Tia asked as she looked at Lulu.

“It appears that way,” she replied before she and I go off the bed.

“Lulu, we should get to work,” I suggested.

“Work? On what?” she asked as she looked at me.

“Our promise rings,” Lulu said while attaining Tia’s attention.

“Oh? Are you two going somewhere?” she asked

“Yes, the Three-Sixty-Fifth Parallel,” I replied. “There we will spend the last six months of our challenge.”

“Well, good luck. I know you’ll need it,” she said before getting up to leave. “From what you’ve told me over the eons, it’s a dangerous place.”

“Do you remember what we told you in the second era about their Hearths Warming story and their name for the season?” I asked as I looked her.

“Yes, their Hearths Warming is known as Hearts Freezing,” she started. “And instead of the Windigo’s feeding off of hate and war and freezing their Equestria they fed off of love and peace and burned it. And the citizens of their Equestria purposefully plunged themselves into chaos that lasts until the end of the era when all is technically reset back to its naturally peaceful state.”

“Exactly, which is why we need the promise rings,” Lulu said. “Not only is violence more prevalent, but adultery and all other acts considered illegal here.”

“Harmony is looked down upon there, we’ve told you this before,” I said.

“Harmony? Looked down upon?! Give me a ticket for that train!” Discord said as he came out from under the bed.

“Too late, Discord, but you’re already living there,” Lulu said as she turned around to face the Draconequus.

“But I live in this dimension not that one,” he replied.

“Your Dimensional Variant is still alive there,” I said as I turned around “And since you’re not of the second, third, fourth, or fifth highest power in the dimension you would cause the world to collapse if you were to meet her.”

“‘Her’? But I’m a guy, surely you jest!” he replied almost maniacally.

“The Three Sixty Fifth is a dimension where practically all governmental laws, all genders, all ponies’ colour schemes, and various other things are the ‘Colour Negative’ of ours,” I said. “Which is why I’m a guy and she’s a girl,” I said whilst pointing to myself and Lulu respectively.

“Oh, whatever! I’m tired of just talking, call me before you leave and I’ll see you off,” he said before disappearing.

“Tia, we must get busy,” I started, “we need our forge from the archives.”

“It will be here at dawn,” she replied before her horn flashed a golden colour. “I expect you need the gems?”

“Well, they are the power source for the forge,” Lulu said.

“They will be here right after breakfast,” she replied before her horn flashed again.

“Thank you, you’ve been so kind to us… Even after what we’ve… I’ve done to you all those eons ago,” I said as I lowered my head.

“It is forgiven and long forgotten,” she said. “Besides, scars mend.”

“Still, I’ll never forgive myself,” I said. “Had it not been for Lulu I would have… … … I can’t bear the thought of that let alone bring myself to say it.”

“Sol, it’s forgotten, let it be,” Lulu said as she placed her claw on my shoulder.

“It’s not forgiven if I can’t forgive myself for it,” I said as I shrugged her claw off. “I’ll not forgive myself until I can make up for what I’ve done and that will be if and when we complete the Djinns’ Challenge.”

“You will,” Tia stated, “I have faith in you… both of you.”

“Thank you,” Lulu said, “at least two of us have faith,” she finished looking at me.

“No, I’m not sure we can finish the challenge,” I said.

“Faith will move the mountain, Sol,” Tia said. “Just make sure you have enough of it.”

“I’ll try Tia, no promises,” I said. “I’ve broken too many to break another.”

Chapter Sixteen - "Don't say 'Good-bye'. We hate good-byes."

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“How come Sol won’t come see me?” Sweetie complained to her sister. “He hasn’t come to see me since Lunair woke up.”

“I don’t know, Sweetie,” Rarity replied as she was working on a dress. “But whatever his reason, I’m sure he hasn’t forgotten you.”

“I’m gonna go over to see him, is that okay with you?” Sweetie asked after a moderate pause.

“That’s fine with me, Sweetie,” Rarity replied, “just be sure you get home in time for dinner.”

“Okay,” Sweetie replied before rushing out the door of the boutique.


“Sol!” Sweetie called as she walked through the halls of Twilight’s castle. “Sol! Come on! It’s me, Sweetie Belle!”

“Sweetie? Why are you here?” Spike asked as he came out of a room behind her.

“I’m looking for Sol, have you seen him?” she asked as she turned around.

“He’s busy right now,” he replied.

“Doing what?” she asked.

“I-It’s a surprise,” he said nervously.

“What kind of surprise?” she asked as she came closer to the dragon.

“I-I-I can’t tell you,” he replied.

“Come on, please?” she asked as she put on a ‘pouty pone’ face.

“Please don’t look at me like that,” he replied only making her look even sadder. “Please stop, you’re making me feel bad,” he said before she intensified the look. “Okay, okay! Solair and Lunair are making Promise Rings for you and Pipsqueak,” he said buckling under the pressure.

“Promise Ring? What’s a Promise Ring?” she asked with a confused look about her face.

“A Promise Ring is a collar you wear,” Twilight said as she came around the corner behind Spike. “When you have somepony you love and you want to spend the rest of your life with them but you have to go away for a while, you give them a Promise Ring. You also keep a promise ring to show that your heart belongs to somepony.”

“So… Sol loves me and wants to stay with me but he has to go somewhere?”

“That’s about right, Sweetie Belle,” Twilight responded.

“So where is he going?” she asked in wonder.

“I don’t know where it is or what it is like there. All I’ve been told is that he and Lunair are leaving in about four months,” she said.

“I’m gonna go fix dinner while you two finish this conversation,” Spike said as he began walking away.

“What do you mean you don’t know! You’ve got books telling you stuff about every place in Equestria! How can you not know?” Sweetie Belle said almost in a state of hysteria.

“Because where they’re going is not of this world,” Celestia said as she came from behind Sweetie Belle.

“What do you mean ‘Not of this world’?” Sweetie asked as she turned around to face Celestia.

“What I mean is: They are leaving Equestria,” she said.

“Leaving Equestria! So you’re banishing them?!!” Sweetie exclaimed.

“No, I am not banishing them,” she said “The ponies that made them are sending them away to another world to finish the challenge that they gave them.”

“But why? Why would they want to send them away?” she asked in a saddened tone.

“Because they know Solair loves you and Lunair loves Pipsqueak and they plan on using that to their advantage,” she replied. “You see, where they are going… it’s not a very kind place. Ponies hurt other ponies just for fun and sometimes they end up making them fall asleep forever. So they plan on making Solair and Lunair have a sense of loss by not being in the same world as you.”

“And that in turn will break their will to stay in their true forms,” Twilight said as it clicked in her mind. “Princes Celestia, do you remember the book you gave Sunset Shimmer?”

“Yes, but I’m afraid I cannot craft one with trans-dimensional properties,’ she replied as she lowered her head only to raise it back up two seconds later. “However, there is one way,” she said before her horn began to glow. Suddenly a book appeared on the floor in front of her.

“What’s that?” Sweetie asked as she looked down at the book

“This is Contact’s very own Book of Trans-Dimensional Relations,” Celestia started as she lifted the book with her magic, “with it they were able to accurate and efficiently communicate with us while in their Trans-Era slumber. Also they can use it to teleport between dimensions amongst other things,” she stated scientifically. “There is a possibility that they may be able to divide this book into two halves, one for which Solair can talk with you and on for Lunair to speak with Pipsqueak.”

Suddenly the book opened an flipped to a page somewhere near the middle. When the pages stopped turning writing began to appear in the book which read:

-“We are sorry, Tia, but this book cannot be separated into it’s two halves until our Parents remove our mental link. That and we have a feeling our physical bodies will be merged again and we are going to be THAT type of pony when we arrive in the Three-Sixty-Fifth. And if we do take that form, we’d rather Sweetie Belle and Pipsqueak not know how we truly think when in that form.”-

“Oh that’s right, this is one of two gateways to your connected minds, isn’t it?” Celestia said as she looked at the book.

More writing began to appear which read:

-“Yes, and we would prefer those who are not experienced enough to handle the book correctly to stay well enough away from it. It could cause problems for us, and certainly for them, if they mishandle it.”-

“Very well, I’ll return the book to it’s place of safe keeping,” she finished before the book disappeared. “Well that idea is not going to work.”

“Then what other means of Trans-Dimensional communication?” Twilight asked.

“There is a spell that works like the book but it drains both me and Luna after only five seconds of use,” she replied.

A door then opened behind Celestia and The Twins walked out.

“Our collars are done,” they said.

Solair’s was a solid Gold collar and Lunair’s was a solid Gold collar with a crescent moon shaped Cobalt gem in it.

“Sol!” Sweetie Belle exclaimed as she rushed to her lover.

“Sweetie, I missed you too,” he said as they held each other.

“Tia, can you send a letter to Pipsqueak’s parents asking him to come to the castle?” Lunair asked.

“Certainly,” she replied before her horn began to glow. “It is done. He should be here in about half an hour,” she said after her horn stopped glowing.

“Thank you,” Lunair said.

“Sweetie, can I see your necklace for a second?” Solair asked her.

“Sure, why?” she responded while removing the necklace with her magic.

Solair took the necklace in his claws and it began to take the shape of a solid gold collar with a sun shaped Crimson gem in it.

“Cool! But, how am I going to put it on?” Sweetie said as she looked at it.

“Leave it to me,” he replied before he caused it to phase through her body then re-solidify around her neck.

“Cool!” she said as she looked into a near by mirror.

“So, we’re just waiting on Pipsqueak?” Twilight asked as she looked at the four.

“Exactly,” Lunair replied.


“Lulu?” Pip called as he entered the castle.
“She’s in her room,” Spike said as he looked down from the top of the stairs.

“Thanks, Spike,” Pip called as he began to run under the stairs and deeper into the castle. “lulu! Lulu!” he called as he an through the halls.

“I’m in here,” Lunair’s voice called from a nearby room.

“There you are,” Pip said as he entered the Twins’ room. “My parents received a letter that somepony here wanted to see me, so I assumed it was you,” he said as he came nearer to the filly.

“You are smart for your age,” she said. “But let’s get to the point. May I see your bandana for a second?” she asked.

“Sure,” he started as he handed her his bandana, “and I love your necklace.”

“Thank you,” she replied as she took the bandana. “And it’s not a necklace.”

“What is it?” he asked.

“It’s a Promise Ring,” she responded. “It’s something somepony wears to show that their heart belongs to somepony.”

“Oh! I get it!” he said. “You want to marry me once I’ve grown up!”

“Yes, you are indeed very smart,” she said referring to his abnormally vast intellect. “Watch closely,” she said as she began to change the bandana’s form into a solid Gold collar.

“Neat,” Pip said in amazement. “But how do I put it on, it’s a solid piece of Gold?” he asked.

“I make it phase through your body,” she said.

“Um, will it hurt?” he asked.

“Only if you move while I’m putting it on you,” she said before causing it to go through his body and re-solidify around his neck. While she was doing this, Pip closed his eyes in fear. “There, done. You can open your eyes now, Pip,” she commented.

“What? Open my eyes? I-I never closed them!” he said trying to act brave after opening his eyes. Lunair then gave him a ‘Seriously?’ look and he gave up the brave act. “Okay so I-“

Lunair interrupted his sentence with a kiss and they just stood there together for about a minute. “I love you for who you are, Pip. Not because you’re not brave. Not because you’re small. And certainly not because you’re young. But for you, the pony inside the body,” she said after breaking the kiss.

“A body is an empty vessel without a life in it,” she continued. “A meaningless pile of atoms arranged in a pattern that mimics what life looks like but not life itself.”

“Your voice sounds beautiful when you speak scientifically,” he replied before receiving another kiss, though this one only lasted a few seconds.

“I’ll have Owlicious take you home,” she said before the owl flew into the room. “Take good care of him, Owlicious, because I want to say I married the best pony ever when he’s old enough,” she said to the owl before it gave a quick hoot and flew toward Pip and landed on his back.

“Let’s go you book-bird,” Pip said before going out the door.

“Pip wait!” Lunair called as she rushed after him, catching him about one quarter of the way to the castle’s front door

“What is it?” he said as she came beside him.

“I-I have to tell you something very important and it may make you sad,” she stated trying to approach the subject delicately.

“You’re going some place far away from here, aren’t you?” he asked.

“H-How did you know?” she asked in astonishment.

“A Promise Ring is worn when you’re going someplace far away from your love,” he said.

“Where did you learn this?” she asked.

“My parents told me when I asked what the rusty collars on the shelf in their room were. It’s as simple as ‘Ask And You Shall Be Told’.”

“You are indeed a smart pony,” she said before giving him a parting kiss then walking away, flicking the tuft of her tail against his nose as she did.

“Owlicious, consider yourself lucky,” Pip said as he looked at the owl. “You’re single. My relationship is complicated.”


“Sol, Lulu, I’ve contacted Rarity and Pipsqueaks parents and they said they could come over to say their good-byes,” Celestia said.

“We don’t say good-bye, Celestia, because if you don’t say good-bye, you’re never really gone,” Lunair said.

“Either way, they’ll both be here in about half an hour,” she finished.

“Thank you, Tia,” Sol said.


“Sweetie, Pip,” the Twins said simultaneously. “We’re about to leave for a world that is a complete opposite of this one,” Sol said. “It’s almost the end of the sixth month,” Lunair said.

“Say your good-byes,” Prysme’s voice said.

“And hope nopony cries,” Chia’s voice continued.

“this is our last time to say this,” the Twins said. “Sweetie Belle- Pipsqueak-“ they said before disappearing without a trace.