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Twilight's First Foals -- Episode II - The Foal of The Origin - One Universe One story

Twilight found she was the Origin of all magic in Equestria. And in doing so found out she was the technical mother of a foal created by magic. How will she care for this foal and how will Twilight's life continue to change?

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Chapter Thirteen - Some Truth Revealed

“Everypony fears you, I see. Is this your true form before me?” a voice like Zecora's asked from behind the group.

They turned around to see Zecora standing before them. She was looking Lunair directly in the eyes.

“Yes, it is,” Lunair replied. “I also expelled energy from my body to shrink to the size of Pip.”

“My nephew did well to create you with emotion,” she started. “Especially those such as love and devotion.”

“Yes, he did didn’t he?” she replied. “You do know he has yet to leave Trottingham’s Low-Town, right?”

“Who are you talking about?” Pipsqueak asked as he looked at Lunair.

“That's what I was about to ask,” Rarity said as she looked at the colt.

“It’s best not to talk here,” Lunair said as she looked at Pipsqueak.


“Do you remember the stallion that challenged Solair and I to live in our true form?” Lunair asked as she looked across the kitchen table at Pipsqueak.

“Yes,” he replied looking back at her.

“And do you remember the filly in Trottingham you used to like?” she asked.

“Yes, but what does she have to do with-”

“She's his sister,” Solair said, surprising him so much he near passed out.

“But, how?” he asked.

“I'll explain when you're old enough to know,” she started. “And a not so well known fact is-”

“He was a student in Celestia's School for Gifted Unicorns, competing for top spot with you, Twilight,” Solair interrupted as he looked at Twilight. “Or at least he thought so.”

“That stallion,” Twilight mumbled gaining Rarity’s attention.

“You knew him?” she asked as she looked at her.

“Yes, he was very competitive in regards to who got most of Celestia's attention during classes,” she replied. “I always thought he just wore face paint in that pattern out of respect for a fallen practice. Nopony ever saw his body. I was told the year before the Nightmare Moon incident that he was expelled for using an ancient magic type.”

“I expelled him because he used his psychic and empathic abilities for something other than what I said he could use them for while he was there,” Celestia said as she looked at Twilight.

“He actually wanted to be expelled, Tia,” Lunair said as she looked at her.

“Why would anyone want to be expelled from the best magic school in the three kingdoms?” she asked as she looked back at her friend.

“His mother died a month prior, and your forgiving heart prolonged grief to his sister,” Solair said.

“How?” she asked as she looked at him.

“His sister was sent to a home in which the ones who were supposed to care for her abused her,” Lunair started. “Your forgiving him for the first two times didn't help her case.”

“Had he told me I would have sent for his sister,” she replied.

“Had he told you, we would not have been created and Equestria would not be as it is,” Solair said as he laid his head on the table.

“In fact, the planet we are on would be known as ‘Earth’,” Lunair started. “That and there would be no magic because Twilight wouldn't be able to bring magic into the past to introduce it to the world because the past would have changed.”

“So what you're saying is-”

“Yes, our life and the world's depended on the bad judgement of my creator,” she said cutting Celestia off.

“Uh, excuse me, Mayor Mare is wanting to know if she can see Princess Celestia,” Spike said before Celestia nod. “Okay, I'll go get her,” he said before leaving them.

“Still, my students’ problems are my problems,” Celestia said as she looked back at Lunair. “I tell all my students that and if I let them enter the school I expect them to let me know if they have any problems.”

“Zecora, you've been rather quiet,” Solair said. “What have you to say?”

It was a moment before she began talking. “This is a serious matter and not a time to rhyme” she started as she looked at the twins. “I believe what you two say because I know it to be true.-” She faced Celestia “-Had my nephew told you of his sister, life would not be as it is. I believe it was necessary for him to make the mistake that he did.”

“I accept your words, Zecora,” Celestia said. “You are, after all, his aunt.”

“Since his father left them, he had been angered and tormented on the inside,” she continued. “When his mother died he felt as though he must do everything to protect his sister.”

Knock, knock, knock!

“Enter,” Celestia said before the door opened.

“Princess Celesti-Ahhh!” Mayor Mare said when she entered and saw the Twins. “What are they!” she exclaimed as she looked at the Twins in fear.

“They are my friends,” Celestia replied as she looked at the startled mare.

“Well, okay,” she replied still frightening by the Twins’ appearances. “I came for two things, the first is that winter’s right around the corner and the town would like to invite you and Luna to the Winter Festival to watch as the town prepares for winter. Second, there was some commotion in town earlier and I wanted to know if you knew anything. Apparently you do seeing as how the creatures are here with you.”

“Somepony pulled Lunair's cloak off while we were returning to the castle,” she told her.

“You mean she’s Lunair?!” she said in shock.

“I may look different, but I'm still the same filly,” Lunair said in reply.

“So that means-”

“Yes, he’s Solair,” she commented cutting her off.

“I may have changed, but I remain the same one you saw at the party all those weeks ago,” he said. “Sorry, for hurling lightning between you and that stallion at the party all those weeks ago. But he had no right to judge Connie.”

“Apology accepted,” she replied. “Now how did you two become like this?” she asked.

He sighed then began. “The answer is…”


“So the ones who made you challenged you to live in your true forms…,” she said as she held a hoof to her chin. “I had no clue you two were that old. You look so young.”

“The way we used to live was that we would collect magic energy from around us and sustain our life force that way,” Lunair started.

“But now that we have been given a new way to live we sustain ourselves much like anypony would,” Solair finished.

“I see,” she replied. “Perhaps I can persuade the town to let you roam outside the castle. If Princess Celestia will accompany me to the Town Hall to address the town.”

“That would be greatly appreciated, Mayor Mare,” Solair stated.

“I am glad to hear it,” she responded. “Now, I never did get an answer to my question earlier,” she started as she looked at Celestia. “Will you visit to see the start of winter here in Ponyville?”

“I would much appreciate that,” she replied.

“Thank you Princess, I’ll have arrangements made for your visit later this month,” she said before standing up to leave. “I think we should address the town before they have a chance to harshly judge the Twins, don’t you?” she asked as she began walking out the door.

“I’ll leave you the Twins, Twilight,” she started. “I’ll be with Mayor Mare at Town Hall.”

“Alright,” she replied before the duo left.

“I suppose you want to know more about us that we haven’t told you?” Lunair asked.

“I don’t know about the others, but I for one do,” she replied.

“Same here,” Rarity started. “Even a pony as beautiful as myself doesn’t have anything to hide.”

“Yeah, and I’m Robin Hood,” Pipsqueak said as he rolled his eyes. “If you don’t want to tell us, you don’t have to,” he concluded.

“I’m not sure if I want to know,” Sweetie Belle said as she looked down at the table. “I mean, knowing is good, but I would not like to know the bad things about your past,” she concluded as she looked up at the Twins.

“My nephew made you very well. It is your choice if you want to tell,” Zecora rhymed.

Sigh “-I guess it would come out at some point in time,” Lunair started. “Solair and I were created in a place known as the Origin of Time.”

“A place where all time passes through and aging does not occur,” Solair continued. “At least, to creatures born in the time stream it doesn’t.”

“Since we were created outside of time we can age outside of time,” she stated. “And as such, we are able to become older so long as we go there.”

“Much like I did this morning, Twilight,” he continued. “I left the time stream and entered the Origin of time after you left the table. I left and came back older in the blink of an eye.”

“So that’s why there was a sudden flash of light before I turned around to see you as you are now,” she said.

“Yes, but there is more you must know if you want to understand why I was created,” he said. “I was created in a part of the Origin of Time that was ravaged by war.”

“The dimension my creators come from is one that is a virtual complete opposite of the one we currently live in,” he continued. “Spoils of War are the only things they care about in that dimension. I was created as the weapon that would end it all. Had I not listened to Lunair’s peaceful thoughts, I would have helped to destroy both our dimensions.”

“I was created to change the past by either eliminating or swaying the decisions of the founders of magic in this dimension,” Lunair started. “It was my intention to change the past so that the present would be different. That was, until the Twilight from the past showed me I can make my own choices.”

“So, I Show you all this in the past?” Twilight asked, very curious considering there was only one portal to the past and it opened only once every thirty moons.

“Not you but the Twilight that was born in the past,” she replied.

“Oh, um… Okay? I guess,” she replied as she held a hoof to her chin.

“It’s very confusing, I know,” she said.

“You’ll understand later, trust me,” Solair said.

“Anyway, I think we all need some rest, don’t you, Sweetie?” Rarity asked as she looked at her sister.

“I’m not tired,” she replied looking back.

“Well we’re going home anyway, come on,” she said as she lifted her with her magic and began walking out.

“But I don’t want to go!” she said before the door shut behind them.

“Come on, Pipsqueak,” Twilight started, “I need to get you home.”

“Alright,” he sighed. “I hope to see you again soon, Lulu,” he concluded as they left.

“We had best rest as well, brother,” she said before they headed to their room.


“How did you sleep?” Celestia asked as the Twins entered the kitchen.

“Very well,” Lunair said.

“You talking the town into letting us roam has taken a load off our minds,” Solair concluded.

“Yes, but it was not only I who convinced them,” Celestia started, “Mayor Mare had her part to say, as well as Pipsqueak, Rarity, Sweetie, and Twilight.”

“Yes, without them living here might not be as easy as it currently is,” Lunair continued.

“Oh, my, look at the time,” she said as she looked at her new watch.

The watch was gold and had several gems lain in it. The glass was so clear you could barely tell there was any. And lastly, the backdrop was a picture of Celestia and the Twins smiling at the camera below an apple tree from Sweet Apple Acres.

“Yes, it’s about time for you and Luna to make your appearances at the Winter Festival,” Solair said.

“Let’s not keep them waiting,” Lunair concluded before they left the kitchen and headed for the front door.

Author's Note:

Sorry it took so long. I've been having hard times recently.

Then again, this whole world is just trouble... Until the final day... When the one comes who will take those who believe in him out.

Only then will this story truly end.

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