• Published 21st Jul 2016
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Twilight's First Foals -- Episode II - The Foal of The Origin - One Universe One story

Twilight found she was the Origin of all magic in Equestria. And in doing so found out she was the technical mother of a foal created by magic. How will she care for this foal and how will Twilight's life continue to change?

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Chapter Ten - Return to School Disaster

“Solair, Lunair, tomorrow will be your first day outside of this castle as a pair,” Celestia started. “What emotions do you feel at this moment?”

“Anxiousness, fear, curiosity,” they replied simultaneously.

“To be afraid is normal, I guess,” Celestia commented. “I explained what happened to you to Cheerilee so you may resume school.”

“Thank you, Tia,” Lunair replied.

“I will check up on you in a week, or earlier if necessary,” Celestia said before she flew off in her chariot.

“See you then, Tia,” the two said simultaneously.

~~~ ~~~ ~~~

“Listen up, students, we have two returning students,” Cheerilee started, not sure what to say. “You might not remember them, but… here they are: Solair and Lunair.”

After Cheerilee said their names the duo came into the schoolhouse from the side door. They were wearing their vests to conceal their wings.

“Isn't he the one that attacked Ponyville?!!” a colt said.

“Yes, and he regrets that decision,” Lunair said as Solair lowered his head in shame.

“I think he's a Changeling because-”

“Enough!” Cheerilee shouted, much to her distaste. “Princess Celestia herself told me he isn't a Changeling and that the type of magic he uses is different from that of both ponies and Changelings,” she explained. “I will explain as best I can what these two ponies can do for today's class,” she finished.

“Shall we find ourselves seats?” Lunair asked Cheerilee as she looked in her direction.

“No, I have need for you to use your magic in class today,” Cheerilee said as she looked back at Lunair.

“We aren't allowed to use any of our magic outside of Twilight's castle,” Lunair said.

“Can you, in any way, ask Twilight if she will allow you to use your magic once here?” Cheerilee asked before Solair’s eyes flashed.

“She will allow it for today only,” Solair said as he rose his head and looked at Cheerilee.

“My question was for Lunair,” Cheerilee said in a stern tone.

“Please, forgive him, he had to answer,” Lunair said as she looked at Cheerilee in concern for her darker half. “He’s the only pony besides Princess Celestia that can enter another's daydreams.”

“Oh, um, I do apologize, Solair,” Cheerilee said as she faced Solair. “The first forms I ask you to take are the two that can call and summon creatures.”

“Yes, Miss Cheerilee,” the two said before their eyes flashed and their chest rose out of the ground in front of them.

The opened the chest and Solair pulled out the collar while Lunair pulled out a leg ring. They put them on and light encased both of them. When the light died down, Solair was in his 'Creature Caster' form and Lunair took on a form called 'Creature Caller'.

It was a form neither herself nor Contact had taken in eons. Her coat was Black and her mane was White. Her eyes had dragon-like irises and were Cobalt. Her tail was like a draconequus tail in the fact that it was long and the only real bit so hair as a White tuft at the end. Her wings were draconic and Black. Another detail about her was that her body and neck were longer than most ponies’. Also, her ears had two tips each. And, lastly, she had draconic horns growing atop her head along with a curved unicorn horn.

The students in the room, with the exception of the C.M.C. and Pipsqueak, shrieked and began running toward the main door.

“Settle down, they're not going to attack you!” Cheerilee shouted causing all the students to return to their seats. “Now, Lunair, demonstrate the power this form has,” she said calmly as she looked at Lunair.

Lunair then nod and began to speak. “U sacc obyr Oak dni Timber Wolf,” she said and within seconds a small Timber Wolf pup came through an open window.

Oak barked and snarled a bit before Lunair spoke. “Calm down, Oak, we’re not in danger,” she said before he barked a few more times. “Nothing of interest, other than us needing to present our skills to others so they learn not to fear us,” she stated before he barked twice then jumped back out the window.

“Cool, she can call dangerous creatures to fight for her!” Scoots said as she jumped up and down for a few seconds.

“Now, Solair, I'd like you to summon a harmless creature,” Cheerilee stated as she looked at Solair.

Solair nod then began to speak. “U mollyr Pinku Tourmuline dni Carbuncle Gem yw niecurk!” Solair exclaimed as he rose his right forehoof above his head and a glyph with a heart in it appeared appeared above him.

Out of the glyph came Pinku Tourmuline, the Carbuncle that had been shown to Pinkie. She landed on him in a position that looked like she was riding on his back.

Creature Caster! Zna tut ayo mollyr li!?? U zem nefurk myli ecyri duli zudr Cobalta Blu!”

“U-U’l myhha, U’cc mird ayo pesg!” Solair exclaimed before lifting his right forehoof above his head. “Hidohr dy dni World of Gems!”

The glyph with a gem in it appeared above him and returned Pinku Tourmuline to wherever she was before she was summoned.

“What were you two talking about?” Cheerilee asked before Solair came over to her and whispered the conversation in her ear. “That is not the conversation I expected,” she replied.

“I know, but that is the truth,” Lunair commented from afar.

“How do you know what he said? You're too far away to hear his whispering,” Cheerilee said as she leaned over to her right to look past Solair at Lunair.

“I am connected to him mentally,” Lunair said getting mean looks from many students. “That, and in this form my hearing is amplified many times over.”

“Oh, that is understandable,” Cheerilee stated as she turned her attention back to the class. “Students, what have you learned so far?” she asked followed by nearly every student raising a hoof. “You, Pipsqueak, what have you learned?” she asked calling upon the small colt.

“I’ve learned that Lunair is the most beautiful filly I've ever seen,” Pipsqueak said not noticing he thought out loud.

“You call that beautiful?” a colt across the room said mockingly. “A creature that looks like that deserves to be in the zoo!”

“What did I ever do to you?” Lunair said as tears came to her eyes. She then reverted to base form, took off the leg ring, threw it on the floor, and ran out of the schoolhouse crying.

“Yeah, you go ahead and cry, weirdo,” the colt continued.

“That was uncalled for!” Cheerilee said in a serious tone.

“If you were her you would cry too!” Pipsqueak yelled in the colt’s direction before running out after Lunair calling for her.

“Pipsqueak come back here!” Cheerilee called not gaining a response. “Solair, get them and bring them back.”

“I’ll see what I can do, Miss Cheerilee,” Solair said before despawning their equipment and darting out the door after them.

“This is not the day I had planned,” Cheerilee said before turning to face the class. “Since some of you wish not to have them demonstrate their power, we will be having a normal lesson for the remainder of the day,” she said in a very serious tone.

~~~ ~~~ ~~~

“Lunair, wait!” Pipsqueak called trying to catch up to her.

“Leave me alone!” Lunair yelled back as she stopped by a tree to catch her breath.

“Lunair, please, I just want to talk,” Pipsqueak said as he managed to catch up to her.

“What is it, foal?!!” Lunair exclaimed as she turned to face Pipsqueak.

“I didn't mean to say what I did, and I'm sorry you got sad and ran out,” Pipsqueak said as he looked at Lunair.

“It's alright, I wanted to get out of there any way,” Lunair said as she rubbed her left forehoof against her right.

“I really did mean what I said though,” Pipsqueak said as his cheeks turned two shades redder.

“Really?” Lunair asked as she blushed as well.

“Yes, Lunair,” he said before he used his right forehoof to lift Lunair's left and he kissed it causing her to blush further.


Lunair then looked past Pip to see Solair had fainted a few meters away.

“Brother!” she exclaimed somehow reviving her brother.

“Lunair, why?” he asked as tears came to his eyes.

“Brother, we are still connected! I had forgotten!” she said as she came nearer to her brother. “Please, please forgive me!” she begged as she bowed.

“Sister, stop and look at it this way,” he started as Lunair rose, “ we're even. Both of us have fainted because of the others’ emotions,” he concluded while standing up.

Thunder then began to resound around the three foals and lightning struck a nearby tree causing a blinding light to flash. When the light died down, two unicorns with zebra style coats, manes, and tails appeared near the burning tree.

“You know who we are, Contact,” the stallion said as the two began walking toward them.

“And you know why we came,” the mare continued.

“Why do you choose to fight us now?” Solair said as he prepared for battle.

“Fight? No, we've grown tired of violence and wish to settle our differences in a more… civilized fashion,” the stallion said before the two stopped just shy of two meters away.

“What do you mean?” Lunair asked as she tilted her head to the left twenty-five degrees for a few seconds.

“Let's say, instead of fighting, you live with a curse until a certain amount of time is up,” the mare said as her gaze shifted from Lunair to Solair.

Pip, at this point, was too terrified to even make a sound. He just stood there hearing the entire conversation.

“What kind of curse?” Solair asked as he looked directly at the mare.

“Oh, I don't know, maybe: You live in your true forms for the duration,” the stallion said as he fixed his gaze on Lunair.

“And what of your consequence if we pass your trial?” Lunair asked as she looked back at the stallion.

“Our consequence will be to return to our lives before we began our trek through time and space,” the mare stated.

“We accept your terms,” the twins said simultaneously.

“Then a cursed body yours will be. Your true form is what will be seen,” the mare and stallion said before they looked at the sky above. “Through our power, may magic bend. Only after a year will it end,” they finished.

Lightning then struck both of the twins and their forms changed.

Solair and Lunair now looked more draconic. Much like Lunair's Creature Caller form their bodies, necks, and tails were longer and their tails covered by their hide with a tuft at the end. Their ears had two tips and their wings had alternating feather colours. Their hooves had become like a grown dragon's claws and their horn disappeared leaving two draconic horns behind their ears. And lastly, they had fangs and forked tongues.

“If you wish to return to your normal forms,” the stallion started.

“You know how to call on us,” the mare finished before lightning struck the tree that had been struck before. When the light faded the tree returned to the state it was in before it had been struck the first time and the mare and stallion had disappeared.

“Wh-who w-were they?” Pip stammered in fear.

“They were two of the six that made us,” Lunair replied as she turned around to face him. “Do you still think I'm beautiful, even as I look like this?” she asked as a tear came to her eyes.

There was a moment of silence before Pip answered. “Yes,” he said much to Lunair's surprise.

“Truly?” she asked trying to ensure the answer she heard was correct.

“Your appearance does not change your 'art, I still think you are beautiful,” he replied before coming near to Lunair, lifting her hoof with his and kissing it once more causing her to blush again.

“Pip, please, you'll make my brother faint again,” she said as she looked at her brother.

“Faint me once, shame on you. Faint me twice, shame on me,” he replied, adapting a well known saying to fit the scenario.

“True. If that's the case then you know who may kiss you anytime,” Lunair started “so long as she knows what level of affection the type of kiss used has,” she finished.

“Solair has a fillyfriend?” Pip wondered aloud with a confused expression on his face.

“Seeing as how every pony in the school knows you like Lunair,” Solair started, “I guess I could tell you that the one I like is Sweetie Belle.”

“But who Solair likes has to stay between the four of us, okay?” Lunair asked.

“You have my word as Student Pony President,” he proclaimed.

“Thank you, oh, cute and smart Student Pony President,” Lunair replied, bowing as Pip blushed in embarrassment.

“Sister, Pip. Cheerilee wanted me to bring you both back to the school house,” Solair started. “But seeing as how Lunair and I have had our true forms revealed, the two of us very well can't go back,” he finished as Lunair arose.

“Pip, you return to to the schoolhouse and tell Miss Cheerilee that Twilight found me and Solair and decided to ground us because she thought we were skipping school,” Lunair said asking for a lie.

“You're asking me to lie,” Pip replied. “As Student Pony President, I have to set an example for the other students.”

“Pip, please,” Lunair said as she looked him in the eye.

Pip was filled with uncertainty as to what he should do. He did not want to lie and lose friends. And at the same time he wanted to do exactly as Lunair asked, for his feelings for her were that great.

He considered the possible consequences of both answers. Soon, he came to a decision. “What if I tell them something bad happened and you couldn't return?” he asked as he looked at Lunair with possible hope.

“That’ll be good enough, also you won't be telling her a lie,” Lunair said before she and Solair took off for Twilight's castle.

“I hope you're correct, Lunair,” he said as he watched the one he loved fly away.