• Published 21st Jul 2016
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Twilight's First Foals -- Episode II - The Foal of The Origin - One Universe One story

Twilight found she was the Origin of all magic in Equestria. And in doing so found out she was the technical mother of a foal created by magic. How will she care for this foal and how will Twilight's life continue to change?

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Chapter Fourteen - Each Pasing Day

“Citizens of Ponyville, today is the day we prepare for winter and all that it holds,” Celestia started. “It has been a couple weeks since I last came to speak here. And during that time, two ponies have walked among you with hardly any complaints about them being here.”

“Our friends from long ago, Solair and Lunair, have told us they appreciate your understanding,” Luna stated. “If it were not for that, they wouldn’t be able to join us this day.”

“True, dear sister,” she replied as she looked to her right at her sister. “If not for that… wait… we’re getting a bit redundant. Anyway, today is about winter and all that comes with it. Is everypony ready for the first day of winter?-” The crowd cheered with yells of excitement before Celestia rose her hoof. “-Then let preparations begin!” she said before everypony hurried off to get their assignments.

“Sister, do you think Solair will be able to handle the cold winds of this coming winter?” Luna asked as she looked at her older sister.

“That has yet to be seen,” she replied. “We know Contact wasn’t able to withstand the winter winds in the prior two eras during the day.”

"But do you think he will manage this era?" she asked once more.

"I have faith,” she concluded.


“Have all preparations been made for the bird's flight South?” Twilight asked as she walked past Fluttershy.

“Almost, just a few more minutes.” she responded.

“Okay, just let me know when they're ready and I'll have Lunair join you,” Twilight replied.

“Okay,” she concluded.

“Cloudsdale is ready, what's the hold up?” Rainbow Dash asked before Twilight left Fluttershy.

“The birds have yet to leave for the south,” Twilight replied.

“Well, you better hurry cuz’ we’re not gonna wait all day,” She said sort of angrily.

“I’m trying, but this little crow just doesn’t want to go,” Fluttershy said as she turned to face Rainbow Dash with a woodpecker in hoof.

“Well make him go. He should have sense enough not to stay here for winter,” Rainbow Dash replied.

“Umm, it’s a her,” Fluttershy said softly

“What’s going on?” Lunair asked as she peered over Twilight’s shoulder.

“Um, nothing important, Lunair,” Fluttershy said softly as she hung her head.

“Nothing important?!” Rainbow Dash started. “You call a stupid bird that doesn’t want to stay warm by going South for the winter nothing important?!”

“Let me talk to her,” Lunair said.

“How did-”

“Acute sense of hearing, Miss Dash,” Lunair interrupted before walking past Twilight and taking the bird out of Fluttershy’s hoof. Her eyes then began to glow as she stared into the eyes of the bird and it stood still the entire time. “The reason she does not wish to leave just yet is that she hid somepony’s necklace in her nest,” Lunair said after her eyes stopped glowing. “I’ll retrieve it, you prepare to take them south and I’ll meet you as you fly over the railroad tracks,” she finished before flying North from their spot around the Town Hall.

“Well, okay,” Fluttershy said before she took flight with the birds behind her.


“Excuse me, Miss,” Lunair said as she walked up to Lotus Blossom the spa pony.

“Um, what is it?” she asked showing signs that she’d rather not be talking to her.

“Is this necklace yours by any chance?” she asked as she held a gold necklace with a diamond in it out in front of her.

“I have been looking for that!” she said before snatching it out of her claw. “Why did you take it from me?” she asked in an accusing tone.

“I didn’t, a crow did,” she replied.

“Liar!” she replied “Liar and thief!”

“You can ask Twilight when she gets over this way,” she responded trying to get Lotus to let her leave.

“I’ll do just that, but until then, I’ll have the guards hold you,” Lotus said before putting her hoof to her mouth. “Guards!” she yelled and within seconds three guards had come to her. “I’d like you to hold this… thing… on thievery until I can, how you say… Verify? Yes, verify her story.”

“Sorry, Lunair but we’re going to have to hold you until she can verify your story,” a guard said before nearing her.

“I didn’t want to do this, but I guess I have to,” she said before her eyes flashed.

Suddenly a scroll materialized in front of the guard and he took hold of it and began to read. “Stand down, orders of Princess Celestia,” he said as he looked at the other two guards. “Ma’am, I’m afraid I can’t hold her,” he said as he looked at Lotus.

“And why not?” she asked rather perturbed by the sudden change in action.

“Orders of Princess Celestia, she has received a temporary pardon,” he replied.

“A pardon?” she wondered

“Basically she can’t be held right now, but the time it takes for you to verify is how long she will be held when the time she has runs out,” he said.

“This is ridiculous!” she replied.

“Lunair, you’d better make the most of your time and get what you need accomplished done now,” he said as her looked at the draconic filly.

“Yes, Sir,” she said before flying off to meet up with Fluttershy.


“What took you so long?” Fluttershy asked Lunair when she had caught up.

“I got arrested,” she replied as she looked toward the ground.

“What?!” Fluttershy exclaimed as she came to a halt.

“You remember that necklace I went to go return?”

“Yes, what about it?” Fluttershy asked as they resumed their flight South.

“It belonged to Lotus Blossom, the spa pony. She accused me of stealing it and called the guards to our location.”

“Oh my!”

“I had to contact Celestia to get a temporary pardon, but I’m going to be serving a roughly ten minute sentence when I get back from helping you.”

“Well, look at it this way, you did the right thing in returning the necklace.”

“You’re right. But I think we should be focusing on the task at hoof.”

“You’re right. Let’s get these birds to the south where they’ll be warm for the winter.”


“Solair, ya ready to try your hoof at weather manipulation?” Rainbow Dash asked the draconic colt.

“Yes, Miss Dash,” Solair replied.

“Alright, you’re gonna be with Derpy, Ditzy, Bright Eyes, and Muffins,” Rainbow Dash said as she pointed to the group of mares.

“Why? To even out the skill level? To keep them from messing up the sky? Or perhaps to-”

“Quit talkin’, we’re burnin’ daylight,” she said to get him to go work.

“Yes Ma’am,” he groaned as he flew over to the mares on the North end of Ponyville. “It seems I’m working with you mares for today,” he said as he neared the four.

“Oh, cool!” Ditzy said.

“You’re so adorable,” Bright Eyes remarked.

“I don’t know what went wrong!” Derpy said defensively.

“Want a muffin?” Muffins asked as she held a basket of muffins in front of him.

“Today’s gonna be a long day,” he thought.


“Where’s this one go?” Ditzy asked as she flew over to Solair with a cloud in tow.

“Three more meters to the North, Ditzy,” he replied.

“Which way is North again?” she asked.

“That way,” he said as he pointed directly North.

“Okay,” she replied before starting to fly off in that direction.

“Ditzy, I said meters not miles,” he said causing her to return. “Here I'll do it myself,” he said before taking the cloud from her and positioning it where it needed to be.

“Okay, that's all the clouds that need put out,” Rainbow Dash said as she flew over near the group.

“Don't ever do that to me again,” Solair said discreetly to her as he flew past.

“Why?” she asked after turning to face him, however, the only response she received was a glare from him.


“Now that we're back in Ponyville, I need to face my sentence,” Lunair said before flying off to meet the guards from earlier.

“Oh? Okay… Stay safe!” Fluttershy said as Lunair flew off.

“Now, to find out how long I’m to be held,” Lunair thought to herself before she found the guards from earlier. “I’ve come back to serve my sentence.” She said as the guards came near to her.

“Your sentence is two minutes exactly,” the captain said.

“Why two minutes, I was sure it’d be at least ten,” she relied in confusion.

“It seems that when you got your pardon Princess Celestia also told Princess about your being arrested and she found us.”

“Well I guess I should appreciate her kindness,” She replied before walking into the guards barracks.

“Oh, and Miss, Princess Twilight said she wanted to speak with you when your time here was over,” the captain said before sitting down at a table near the door of the barracks.

“Yes, Sir,” Lunair replied. “Twilight should understand that it’s not my fault I was arrested… Shouldn’t she?” she thought to herself.


“Twilight, I’m home!” Lunair yelled as she walked through the castle doors closing them behind her.

“I heard you got arrested,” Solair said as he walked out from behind a pillar.

“I did but-”

“Shame on you, you’ve stole, lied, and, for the most part, got away with it,” Twilight said as she came out from behind the pillar directly across the castle hall from Solair.

“Twilight that’s not-”

“Silence, foal!” Celestia boomed as she crashed through the roof of the castle and landed in front of Lunair. “You’ve abused my trust in you, and it’s time you pay for that mistake!”

“Tia, please! Lis-!”

“Sssilence, foal!” Luna said as she arose out of a shadow on the floor behind her. “You’ve broken my sssisster’s trussst in you and it’sss time to pay!”

“Lu-Lu, no!” she said before squealing in fear.


Lunair awoke to see the entire guards barracks frozen over in Red-Ice. She looked to her left to see she had frozen a guard as well.

“This is going to hurt,” Lunair remarked before looking up to the roof and closing her eyes. she then turned a Bright White colour and the Red-Ice in the room melted and the guard was freed of his icy prison. She then fell to the ground unconscious once more.

“Miss?” the guard said as he tried to move around but his body felt as though it had pins and needles jabbed all throughout it. He finally managed to shake the feeling and went for help.

A few minutes later, Twilight, the girls, and Solair arrived on scene with the guard and his captain.

“What’s this red liquid on the floor? It’s kinda cold,” Pinkie asked before licking her hoof. “Tastes like water.”

“In a sense it is, Miss Pinkie,” Solair said before breathing a bit of Blue-Fire to evaporate the liquid. “It’s water with a high concentration of a fire resistant magic type.”

“Oh, how cool!” she replied. “Get it?” she said after a few seconds.

“Yes, Miss Pinkie, I just don’t find it very funny,” he replied before walking over to Lunair. “Let’s get her back to the castle, she needs medical attention.”

“Spike!” Twilight called.

“Already on it,” he said as he pulled out a scroll and quill.

“Let me see that scroll,” Solair said before Spike handed it to him.

“What are ya gonna do?” he asked.

“Watch closely, young dragon, for this is something I believe you’ll be able to do when you mature enough,” he replied.

He then put one claw on Lunair and holding the scroll to his forehead.

“Tia, we need you,” he said before the scroll disappeared in a flash of light.