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Twilight's First Foals -- Episode II - The Foal of The Origin - One Universe One story

Twilight found she was the Origin of all magic in Equestria. And in doing so found out she was the technical mother of a foal created by magic. How will she care for this foal and how will Twilight's life continue to change?

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Chapter Six - A Display of My Power

“Twilight, it's almost dusk,” Contact said as he looked out the window at the sunset.

“Why is he so worried about the sunset, Twilight? It's not like he turns into a colour negative filly at night, right?” Pinkie said gaining a surprised look from both Contact and Twilight.

“No, Miss Pie, I do,” Contact said, and not a moment too soon, as the sun had just set and the transformation began. No longer than a minute did the change take and Contact was in her Night form. “This form is known as Lunair. You haven't seen me like this before, I don't think.”

“Okay. So, Twilight, when do you want to throw her a Welcome-to-Ponyville party? Tomorrow? Tomorrow night? Tuesday? Ooh, ooh, what about-

“Pinkie, throw her one Tomorrow,” Twilight said. “Hold it here at Sugar Cube Corner. I don't want anypony to see the castle the way it is right now.”

“Okie dokie, Loki!” Pinkie replied. “What kind of cake do you like, Contact?” she asked the filly.

“I've never eaten cake,” Contact replied in a saddened tone.

Gasp “-You've never had cake!” Pinkie exclaimed before freezing for a few seconds.

“You shouldn't have said that, Contact,” Twilight remarked before Pinkie darted downstairs to the kitchen and came back with a tray full of samplers.

“I have a sampler for every type of cake we make! Here try one!” Pinkie said as she stuffed a ‘Daydream Creame’ cake sampler in Contact's mouth causing her to almost choke before finally managing to swallow it. “Well, what d'ya think?”

Cough, cough “-Um,-” cough “-very… sweet?” Contact replied trying to catch her breath.

“Aww, ya don't like it. Here, try another!” Pinkie said as she held the tray in front of Contact.

Contact then reached for the ‘Midnight Delight’ sampler.

“I wouldn't pick that one, it's not sweet at all,” Pinkie said causing Contact to pick a different sampler.

After all the samplers; with the exception of the ‘Midnight Delight' sampler; were eaten, Contact told Pinkie that, sadly, she didn't really care for any of the ones she had tried. As a last resort, Pinkie told her to try the remaining sampler.

“It tastes… great. Much better than the ones I have already tried.”

“How is it that this filly likes Dark Chocolate when everypony else in town hates it?!!” Pinkie exclaimed.

“Pinkie, I want you to know, when she is in her Day form, her likes and dislikes are almost completely opposite,” Twilight said.

“Soooo, make a ‘Daydream Creame’ for the party?” Pinkie asked as she tried to comprehend what Twilight was saying.

“Yeah that’ll do,” Twilight replied. “And make a ‘Midnight Delight’ for a party I plan on having you throw for the girls and us right after that party.”

“O-kay?” Pinkie wondered as she wrote the order in her party planner. “And favorite colours? I need to know them so I can get good streamers.”

“Any dark shade of red and different shades of white,” Twilight said as she looked in Pinkie's planner to see what she was writing. “What are you writing?”

“Ya like it? I found this language in a book in your library,” Pinkie said. “I think it’s called-”

“Vyra?” Contact asked.

“How did you know I was gonna say that?” Pinkie asked in surprise.

“It's the only other language of this era.”

“Am I missing something?!” Twilight exclaimed as she held her head up to the roof.

“Vyra is an older language used for spell casting,” Contact started, “specifically creature summoning and calling.”

“Oh cool! Can you show me?” Pinkie said as she jumped up and down.

“Only if Twilight says that I can,” she said as she looked in Twilight's direction.

“Only a small, harmless creature,” Twilight said as she sat down by a table in Pinkie's room.

“Okay, Twilight,” Contact said before she stomped her hoof on the floor and made her stone chest arise out of the wooden planks.

She opened up the chest and put on the collar and changed form to the one she used in the school earlier that day to scare everypony. Her vest disappeared during the transformation.

“U mollyr dni Carbuncle yw Niecurk!” Contact exclaimed as he held his hoof above his head.

Soon, a glyph appeared above Contact with a heart shape in the center. Out from it came a creature that was feline-like in appearance. It's fur was like that of Pinkie's, only a bit lighter, and it had a Pink Tourmaline gem embedded in it’s forehead.

Pinku Tourmuline nihi dy ermzih dni secc yw Creature Caster!” the creature said in a femme’s voice.

“Aww, such a cute little Carbuncle!” Pinkie said as she ventured closer to the creature.

“Pinkie, do you know what that thing said?” Twilight asked her pink friend.

“Yep! She said: 'Pinku Tourmuline here to answer the call of Creature Caster!’” Pinkie replied before Contact and Pinku Tourmuline started conversing.

“Can you tell me what they're saying now?”

“Oh, they're just catching up on how each other has been over the past umpteen years, and how the rest of the Carbuncle Gems are doing, and reminiscing on old memories from long ago when Contact called upon her, and-”

“I get the drift. Can you ask Contact to return the Carbaunt and get ready to go?”

“It's a Carbuncle not a Carbaunt! And yes I can,” Pinkie said before saying the following: Ahem “-Iqsomi li, pod Twilight zyoct cugi ayo dy mirt Pinku Tourmuline pesg, ert kid hieta dy ky nyli.”

Contact lowered his head then looked at Pinku Tourmuline and said: 'Orduc riqd duli, friend.” He then rose his right forehoof above his head and said: “Hidohr dy dni Realm of Gems!”

A glyph with a gem shaped pattern in the middle appeared above Contact and the a distortion occurred in the middle in a wormhole like fashion. It then began pulling Pinku Tourmuline into it.

Before she was completely pulled in, Pinku Tourmuline said: “U’cc lumm ayo!”

After she was pulled in and the glyph disappeared, Contact reverted to night form, her vest reappeared, and as a tear came to her eye she said: “I’ll miss you too, Pinku.”

“I thought you didn't have any emotions?” Pinkie said as she looked at Contact with a confused expression on her face.

“I didn't when we first met, but…” Contact said before stopping completely.

“She was given emotions when I shown her to Fluttershy,” Twilight said as she walked over to Contact and put her wing around her.

“What? Did Fluttershy give 'em to her or something?” Pinkie asked as she hopped up and down.

“No, four of my creators did,” Contact said as she teared up even more. “They also gave me the ability of immortality with the possibility of starvation and working too hard, and the abilities of flight and cloud walking.”

“Cool! I wish I could fly and walk on clouds!” Pinkie said as she jumped up and began walking on air for a few seconds.

“Pinkie, how did you…? Oh, nevermind,” Twilight said as she wondered about Pinkie.

“Twilight, can we go home?” Contact asked as she looked up at Twilight.

“Why, are you tired?” Twilight asked as she looked back at Contact.

“You could-” yawn “-say that,” Contact said as she rest her head on Twilight's shoulder.

“Okay, let’s go,” Twilight said before lifting Contact with her magic and setting her on her back.. “See you tomorrow, Pinkie.”

“Farewell, Miss Pie,” Contact said very drowsily.

“See ya later, Twilight and Contact,” Pinkie said as she began inflating balloons. “Gummy, can you pass me the dark red balloons?” Pinkie asked as she looked at her baby alligator who then pushed white balloons to Pinkie with it’s nose.

“Hey, narrator! Gummy isn’t that much of a baby! He knows red from white!”

Sorry Pinkie, I just wanted you to say something for a ‘fourth-wall-break’.

“Well, okay then.”

~~~ ~~~ ~~~

“Might I have your attention, please?” Celestia said as she stood up at the head of a table in Sugarcube corner. Everypony then turned their attention to Celestia. “It gives me great pleasure to welcome to Ponyville, Princess Twilight Sparkle’s cousin, Contact!” she said as Contact shyly came out from behind Twilight. He was in Day form and wearing his vest.

The crowd of almost the entire town cheered and a few bowed at the sight of Contact.

“Why are some of them bowing?” Contact whispered loud enough for only Twilight to hear.

“They probably consider you a royal considering I’m a princess and my brother is married to Princess Mi Amore Cadenza, whose name literally means ‘I Love Cadence’.”

“Oh,” Contact quietly replied.

“Let the festivities begin!” Celestia said before she raised her glass with her magic and took a sip of punch.

The crowd that had gathered began to party and make merry. Contact looked at them and felt an emotion rush throughout his body. An emotion he had experienced only in battle with the Djinns: anger.

“Twilight, stop me, I… I’m angry,” he said before Twilight gripped him with her magic and brought him to the kitchen.

“Why are you angry?” Twilight asked as she set him down in front of an oven.

“Something inside me… it hates to see ponies when they’re happy… which, as far as I know… is how I would feel… if the Djinns… from the first era… had not sealed my emotions,” Contact said as he grit his teeth trying not to cause damage to his surroundings.

“Why would you feel angry?” Twilight asked still unable to comprehend what Contact was trying to say.

“I was created… to destroy you… and everything… and everypony… you know and love. I was created… to stop this future… from existing. I am a weapon… used by the Djinns… and the only thing… preventing me from hurting anypony… is my Night form’s conscience.”

“So, you’re saying I should stop the party until tonight?”

“No, just… keep me away from-”

“Ah, Changeling!”

“That might just be Chrysalis,” Twilight commented.

“Where are you, Contact, you worm!??” a young femme’s voice yelled.

“No, it’s Control,” Contact said before his eyes lit up with a burning desire to fight. “Let me have her for five minutes!”

“No, you can’t show anypony your other forms!”

“If I change form in here, I can conceal my identity by claiming to be a Guardian of Equestria,” Contact said as he stomped his hoof to summon his stone chest.

“Alright, but which form will you take?”

“Arcane Bearer, she won’t suspect I can perform the most ancient of magics,” He said before pulling out the lower right forehoof’s leg ring, putting it on, and beginning his transformation.

His coat became Maroon and his mane and tail Gray with a Black streak. His vest disappeared revealing his wings. His wings’ primary covert tips were Gray and the lesser coverts were Black. His eyes were faded Black left and Gray right. He also grew fangs, and the tips of his ears grew starred.

“You have five minutes at most," Twilight said as she looked at her Holo-watch.

Contact then burst through the kitchen door into the main dining area. “I am Arcane Bearer, a Guardian of Equestria. Fear me not, as I will fight to protect you, citizens of Ponyville.”

“What are you going to do, foal?” Control asked as she pointed her crooked and gnarled sword in Arcane’s direction. “I’ll bet those wings are fake and you’re just playing hero.”

Contact then flapped his wings and hovered in the air a second.

“Then your horn is fake.”

He then sent a large and powerful bolt of electricity in Control’s direction hitting her sword causing her right forehoof to twitch in pain as she dropped her blade.

“Yield now, Control, while you still have breath in your lungs.”

“You have made your point, Arcane,” Celestia said as she glared at him with a disapproving gaze.

“I will be back again,” Control said before quickly limping out of Sugarcube Corner, stumbling every once in awhile.

“I must leave,” Contact said as he began to run to the kitchen.

“Wait!” a stallion called. “Shouldn’t we praise this youth who saved us from that Changeling scum?”

“That is no way to talk about a princess…” Contact said after he froze about two feet from the kitchen door, “EVEN IF SHE IS A CHANGELING!” he finished as he quickly turned and shot a bolt of electricity in the stallion’s direction barely missing him.

“Arcane! You have no right to attack citizens of a city you are to protect!” Celestia said as she jumped over her table and got between Arcane and the crowd of townsponies.

“I know… but nopony should discriminate those which are different.”

“You’ve made your point… I suggest you leave,” Celestia said as she scraped a hoof across the ground as if to prepare for battle.

“I’ll not fight the word of a Princess,” Contact said. “I will take my leave,” he concluded before he left the room.

Contact then reverted to his day form, put the ring back in the chest, despawned the chest, and exited the kitchen once more.

“Contact, where were you? You missed a whole fight between Arcane Bearer, a Guardian of Equestria, and Control, a Changeling Princess,” Luna said, as if she didn’t know.

“So that’s who that alicorn colt that ran through the back door was,” Contact said as Twilight entered the main dining area.

“Twilight, I suppose the reason you and Contact were in the kitchen was that the crowd is a bit too big for his likeness?” Celestia asked as she winked at Twilight.

Twilight had a confused look on her face for about three seconds and then she got what Celestia meant. “Yes, this crowd is rather big.”

“Some of us can leave if you wish, your Majesty,” said the same stallion that made the comment about Control earlier.

You most certainly may leave,” Celestia said as she looked at the stallion.

“Yes, your Majesty,” he said before he and a mare left the party.

“Anypony else that wishes to leave may,” Celestia said, and soon after, the only ponies that remained were ponies that knew about Contact, the Cakes, the C.M.C., Miss Cheerilee, and a few guards.

“Um, Miss Twilight, may we talk to ya?” Apple Bloom asked for the C.M.C.

“Sure, what is it?” Twilight replied.

“You're going to ask about Arcane Bearer and me, aren't you girls?” Contact asked as he lowered his head.

“Yeah, we were, but I think we just got our answer,” Scootaloo said as she lowered her head.

“Come with me, girls. You too, Contact,” Celestia said as she walked toward the kitchen.

“Yes, Princess Celestia,” they all replied as they followed the Princess of the Sun.

When Celestia, the C.M.C., and Contact were all alone in the kitchen, Celestia asked Contact to summon his stone chest. He did as told and this surprised the C.M.C. Celestia then asked him to put on all his jewelry and his helm. He did as told and was then told to slowly cycle through his forms. He did as told, again surprising the C.M.C. with his many abilities. The first form he took was Arcane Bearer, followed shortly by Creature Caster and Mecha Machina.

“I have more forms than the four you have seen,” Contact said before shifting form to a newer form.

This one had a Basic Red coat, Maroon mane and tail with a Crimson streak, Crimson lesser coverts and Maroon tipped primary coverts, his left eye was faded Maroon and his right was faded Crimson, and lastly, he had fangs and starred ears.

“This form of mine is known as ‘Red Elementalist’, and has control over the basic elements of magic such as fire, lightning, wind, temperature, and water,” Contact said before changed form again.

This form had a Basic Black coat, Dark Gray mane and tail with a Moderate Gray streak, Moderate Gray lesser coverts and Dark Gray tipped primary coverts, his left eye was faded Dark Gray and his right was faded Moderate Gray, and lastly, he still had fangs but normal ears.

“This form of mine is known as 'Blackout’ and has control over the different types of Black magic in Equestria,” he said before, again, changing form.

His next form was a filly that had a Basic Blue coat, Sea Blue mane and tail with a Cobalt streak, Cobalt lesser coverts and Sea Blue tipped primary coverts, her left eye was faded Sea Blue and her right eye was faded Cobalt.

“This form is known as Blue Mimicyu,” Contact said as she rubbed her left forehoof over her right.

“Cool, he turns into a filly!” Scootaloo said.

“I don’t think it’s cool. When was the last time you saw something like this happen, Scoots?” Sweetie Belle asked her friend.

“The last time this happened, girls, was many, many years ago,” Celestia said.

“I say he- she- um…” Apple Bloom started but didn’t finish.

“Are you trying to ask me if I want to join the Cutie Mark Crusaders?” Contact asked as she looked at Apple Bloom.

“Yeah, kinda,” Apple Bloom said as she tried to avoid eye contact with Contact.

“Why won’t you look me in the eyes?” Contact asked as she kept trying to look Apple Bloom in the eyes.

“I just… It’s your eyes, they ain’t like anypony else's. It kinda scares me,” Apple Bloom said trying not to turn away.

“Would this help?” Contact said before she pushed her front half off the ground and stomped loudly. When she stomped, blue flames engulfed her, and when they died soon after, she had eyes like Apple Bloom’s.

“Kinda?” Apple Bloom said as if she was filled with wonder.

“Blue Mimicyu’s abilities are mimicry. She can mimic the form, attributes, skills, and attacks of her opponents after she sees them,” Celestia said as she walked over to Contact. “For instance, mimic me, Contact,” she said before Contact did as told.

“Is this good enough, Princess Celestia?” She said in Celestia’s voice.

The C.M.C. gasped when they heard Contact’s words.

“Oh, right, I forgot to tell you, she can also mimic my voice,” Celestia said before Contact returned to her Blue Mimicyu base form.

“I’ll change now,” Contact said before doing so.

This form had a Grass Green coat, Emerald Green mane and tail with a Jade Green streak, Jade Green lesser coverts and Emerald Green tipped primary coverts, her left eye was faded Emerald Green and her right was faded Jade Green.

“This form is known as Green Naturalist, I know how to make potions much like zebras and can control how long they last and how strong they are,” Contact said as she set her hoof on the ground and pulled up an empty potion vial.

“Cool!” Scootaloo said as she realized the usefulness of having a brewer in the C.M.C.

“Don’t get any ideas that I’d make a potion for anything other than battle,” Contact said as she pushed the vial back into the ground.

“Where did the vial go?” Sweetie Belle asked as she looked at the ground where the vial rose from and was pushed back into.

“The vial was made of magic. It was constructed out of the magic in the floorboards and I put that magic back,” Contact said as she did so again.

“Cool!” Sweetie Belle replied.

Contact then shifted forms to a filly with a Emerald Green coat, White mane and tail with a Creame streak, Creame lesser coverts and White tipped primary coverts, her left eye was White and her right was faded Creame.

“This form is known as Time Bearer, I can manipulate time to make myself appear faster or to make somepony appear slower,” Contact said as she stomped her hoof on the ground causing a dodecagram to appear on the ground and the surroundings began to appear to move slower.

Contact then walked over to and turned on a mixer and it didn’t make any noise and moved very slowly.

“Do you see what I mean?” Contact asked before she turned it off.

“So what you’re saying is that right now we are moving’ faster than everything else?” Apple Bloom asked as she walked over to the mixer and looked at the still spinning mixer blades. “Can I touch it and it not hurt me?” she asked as she went to see.

“No, Don’t do that!” Contact said before slowing time even more to rush over to Apple Bloom and pull her away from the mixer.

She then returned all time to normal. “Just because it looks like it’s moving slower doesn’t mean it doesn’t have as much force as if it were moving as fast as normal,” Contact told the three as she tried not to pass out from exhaustion of power.

“She has more forms, but right now she needs to rest to gather more energy,” Celestia said before Contact reverted to normal day form and he fell to the floor unconscious. Celestia then removed all of Contact’s equipment and put it back in the stone chest. “What you three have seen you must never tell anypony about, ever. Do you understand?” Celestia asked as she walked to the kitchen door.

“Yes, Princess Celestia,” the three fillies said as they ran to catch up to Celestia by the door.

“Good, I expect you to do just as I instructed,” Celestia said before she opened the kitchen door and she and the C.M.C. exited the kitchen.

“We’re back!” Scootaloo said as she jumped up and tried to hover for a little while, failing to do so.

“Scoots, let’s face it, ya can’t fly,” Apple Bloom said as she looked at her friend who was now laying on the floor.

“Aw, be quiet,” Scootaloo said as she picked herself up off the floor.

Celestia then walked over to Twilight and whispered something in her ear. Twilight then walked to the kitchen and came back with Contact on her back.

“Well this certainly has been an eventful day. We’re going to go home now,” Twilight started. “Um, Pinkie, do you think you can bring the second cake to the castle? I’m sure contact will thank you if you do.”

“Sure thing, Twilight! I’ll be right over in half an hour!” Pinkie said as she rushed to the kitchen.

“Well, have a good day, everypony,” Twilight said as she left the Sugar Cube Corner.

Author's Note:

Please note: I did these last few chapters in quick succession and have not properly edited them like I wish I had.