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Moving On - Manitive

This is the story of William Wright, a normal person who wants to live a peaceful life, but is doomed to make big crucial decisions. Follow his tale through the hardships of life and other...rather uncommon things.

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Chapter Five

For the first time since Sandra and Laura passed, I could actually sleep peacefully. No Nightmares and no bad memories, that wanted to disturb my sleep, appeared. Instead, I dreamed about how life will develop from now on, since I'm now a father again.
Not of a human child, but of a pegasus filly.

And I couldn't have been happier.

"Hey Dad, wake up!"

Groaning, I opened my eyes and looked down my body, where the voice that woke me up was coming from. There, perched upon my chest, was Scootaloo, looking up to me with those big eyes of hers, a small smile plastered on her face. My heart skipped a beat because of how adorable my daughter looked.

"Hey there." I said, shooting her a small smile of my own. Freeing my hand from under the blanket, I moved it behind one of her ears and started scratching there, to which she cooed in delight. Apparently, she really liked getting scratched there.

"Where's Rainbow?" I asked her, only at that moment noticing the lack of the blue-colored mare.

"She went down to prepare breakfast earlier." She said, her eyes closed and a content expression on her face.

"Oh, okay."

So I lay there, Scootaloo still upon my chest, just enjoying the moment.
But when realization hit me, I quickly jumped up, making Scoots fall off of me in the process, and sprinted through the doorway, heading for the staircase. 'If she's anything like Twilight, I should better hurry' I thought, moving down the staircase as fast as my feet would allow me to, nearly face planting the floor on the last step, just barely avoiding it.

As I stood just right in front of the kitchen, I closed my eyes, took a deep breath, and entered it. However, my nostrils weren't hit with the smell of something burning, but, to my surprise, with the smell of pancakes. Opening my eyes, I took a look around and saw that Rainbow was already seated at the table, which had a lot of pancakes stacked on top of a plate placed in the center of it.

"Okay, I don't know how you turned on the stove, since you have no hands and all, but how did you find out how it works?" I asked curiously, announcing my presence to her, which made her look up to me.

"Well, it's not really that different from Equestrian ones. Just a bit more complicated." She answered, shrugging once.

"Heh, and here I am, thinking that your try at cooking might end up like Twilight's yesterday. Didn't take you for the cooking type either."

"What happened yesterday?"

"Twilight couldn't figure out how the stove worked, so she used a heating spell or something like that to heat up the pan. She ended up lighting it on fire."

Rainbow's mouth curved upwards into a smile, and then she started giggling. That giggling turned into a full blown laughter as I joined her. Now that I thought about it, that must have been pretty funny to look at. A half naked, panicked human standing in front of a burning, empty pan, with a purple alicorn next to him. I started chuckling harder.

"Watcha laughing about?" A voice behind me asked. I turned around, still chuckling like an idiot, and saw Scootaloo looking up to me with those big eyes of hers, a puzzled look on her face. It took me a second to get my chuckling under control.

"Nothing Scoots." I said, still grinning like an idiot. "Could you do me a favor?"

"Uhh, yeah?"

"Can you please go and wake Applejack and Twilight up and tell 'em that breakfast's ready?"

"Sure dad!" Still a bit weird to hear her calling me that, but I gave her a thankful smile nonetheless.

Breakfast was rather uneventful.


Okay, maybe something slightly awkward happened.
You see, we were sitting at the table, munching on the pancakes Rainbow prepared (Which, by the way, were pretty good), just enjoying a comfortable silence. That is, until...

"Hey William?" Twilight asked, making me look up to her, a half-finished pancake in one of my hands.

Yep, I didn't use silverware. Don't judge me, they didn't either!

Okay, yeah, they're ponies, but anyways...


"Uhm...you're a male right?"

I answered her question with a slow nod, not really liking were this was going.
"Then...why...why do you have, uhm, teats?" She asked, pointing a hoof at my upper chest. Rainbow and Applejack started snickering, trying to hide their grins behind their hooves, but failing miserably at that.

I choked on the piece of pancake that I was chewing on earlier, coughing violently. I wasn't excepting that she would ask something like that, at all. 'Yeah, good job Twilight. Ask me something like that while we're eating breakfast, and a little gir-...Eh, filly, is present.'

"Has *cough* to do something with evolution *cough*, I think." I managed to explain between my coughing fit. Scoots looked up to me, a confused expression on her face, and then opened her mouth...


"What are teats?" She innocently asked.

'Oh fucking great! Good fucking job Twilight!'

Twilight opened her mouth to answer her question, but I gave her a look that said 'Don't you dare', making her quickly shut it again. I then looked down to Scoots, giving her a forced smile. "I'll tell you later."

After breakfast, Rainbow, Scootaloo and Applejack went upstairs to wash themselves, leaving me and Twilight alone in the kitchen to clean the dishes.

"Hey William...?"

"Yes Twilight?" I asked, storing away the last plate that I had just cleaned, looking down to her. I was still a bit mad at her, but as I saw how sad she looked, I felt bad for being so rude. The whole time we were cleaning the dishes, I ignored her, and to be serious, that may have been a bit too much. I mean, she just asked me a question, after all.

Okay, that question may have been a bit, uh, embarrassing, and could've been asked when Scoots wasn't around, but I still felt bad.

"I just wan-"

"No, Twilight, I'm the one who needs to apologize. I've been acting like a child, and for that, I'm really sorry. I just kinda overreacted..." I firmly interrupted her, not giving her the chance to apologize for something she shouldn't be sorry for.


"No buts." I said.

After that was done, I told Twilight that I'm going to go upstairs and see if the others were already done with taking their turns in the bath (And maybe cloth myself). Turned out that no one actually was done with washing themselves, since they couldn't actually turn on the shower, as Applejack, that I met on the floor upstairs, told me. I apologized to her, but she said it was okay, and she needed to talk to Twilight anyways, so she'd take a shower after that. After apologizing to her again, I continued to my bedroom to finally put on some clothes, and as I arrived in it, I saw Rainbow lying on her belly upon the bed we shared, her front legs tucked underneath her body, resting her head on the bed sheets. But what surprised me was the fact that Scoots was cuddled up against Rainbow's side, curled up like a cat.

"You know, I'm not gonna let any of you sleep in bed tonight, when you don't clean yourselves." I jokingly said, after the encounter knowing full well that they wouldn't be able to turn on the shower with them being so small and not having hands. Their ears swiveled into my direction, and shortly afterwards, their heads followed suit. Rainbow gave me an annoyed look, but that only lasted until her eyes traveled down from my face to my chest, and a small blush appeared on her cheeks.

"But...I don't want to..." Scoots mumbled, a adorable little pout forming on her face, which I had a hard time resisting. But I stood my ground, looking at her with a determined expression. Well, as determined as the current situation would allow me to, with Rainbow still staring at my chest like it was on fire. "Fine..."

"Rainbow, can she go first?"

"Wha...Uh, yeah, yeah she can go first!"

I moved over to the bed, scooped her up in my arms, to which she made an adorable squee sound, and then walked out of the bedroom into the bathroom next doors as fast as possible (Rainbow's constant staring creeped me the fuck out) , putting her down onto the floor there. I moved over to the shower, opened the sliding door, and then turned it on. After that was done, I turned around to walk out of the bathroom, passing Scoots on the way. But right when I was about to close the door behind me, she called me out.


"Yes?" I opened the door again to look at her.

"Could you..." She began, nervously scraping at the tile floor with her right front hoof, looking down to it. "Could you, you know, help me washing...?"

"Uh, can't you do that yourself?" I asked, running my right hand through my short hair, my left hand still clutched around the doorknob.

"I can't reach my back..."

"And how should I help you washing when you're inside the shower?" I asked her, pointing out her mistake.

She thought about it for a moment, but what came out next shocked me a bit. "You could join me?"


"Yeah, join us! I'm in too!" A voice from behind me said. A voice that I easily recognized as the one of Rainbow. 'Oh god no...'

"Oh, hey there Rainbow." I said nonchalantly, momentarily turning my head into the direction of Rainbow, flashing her a small smile. I then stepped back inside the bathroom to allow her entry. She moved up besides Scoots, looking at me the whole time, that little blush from before still on her face.

"Oh hey look, Rainbow's here! She can help you! Tell me when you guys are done!" I tried to walk out of the bathroom as fast as possible, but before I could even reach the door frame, I was stopped by the voice of Rainbow.

"Oh come on dude! Why won't you join us?"

"Because firstly, I don't want to be cramped naked inside of a shower with two ponies, one of them being my daughter,-" I started, lifting my hand up in front of my face, raising my thumb. "-and secondly, there's no need for that when you're here to help her washing." I finished, raising my index finger shortly, and then lowering my whole hand again.
Well, maybe that part about being 'cramped inside the shower' wasn't right at all. Another pony the size of Rainbow would've easily fit into the shower with us, and we still would've had enough place to comfortably move around in the shower.

"Dude, are we wearing any clothes?"


"Yeah, we're not." She deadpanned. "You know, families in our world would often shower together to help them wash each other, and Scoots and you are family, aren't you?"

"But...You're not family!" I exclaimed a bit too loud, thinking that I found a solution to get out of this. Well, that is until Rainbow opened her mouth again.

"Well, Scootaloo's my adopted sister. So technically..." 'Oh fucking...'

"Pleaaaase Dad, just this once?"

I looked back to them, seeing how Scoots was looking up at me with those purple orbs of hers, a pleading pout on her face, but I could resist that. But I definitely couldn't resist when Rainbow joined her, looking up at me with her magenta eyes, a really adorable look on her face, despite her being relatively tomboyish.
The longer I looked at them, the faster my defenses crumbled. 'Would it really be so bad? I mean, like she already said, they're naked all the time, and if she's telling me the truth about that family thing, that wouldn't be weird at all, right?'
Sighing in defeat, I gave both of them a single nod, and their pouts turned into smiles instantly.

I walked over to the shower with both of them following me, and as I was standing in front of it, I motioned for them to turn around with my hands, which they, to my surprise, understood. I quickly pulled of my boxers, exposing myself to the steam filled air, and jumped into the shower, facing the wall, feeling the warm water cascading down my body, caressing my muscles. But that didn't really help at slowing down my heartbeat.

"Okay, you can come in now!" I said, and as I heard two pair of hooves simultaneously landing on the showerfloor, my heartbeat increased into possibly unhealthy heights. I awkwardly closed the sliding door from my position, my arms bending in ways I never thought would be possible.

Was I nervous?

Uh, maybe a bit.


Maybe because I was naked inside the shower with two ponies, one of them seemingly interested in seeing me naked? (I definitely do not mean my daughter)

Why do you say 'seemingly interested in seeing me naked'?

...You'll see...

"Hey William, what's so interesting about that wall?"

"Shut up Rainbow..."

"What did you say?"


"O-kay." Rainbow said. "Now turn around so you can start washing us. I bet that your...your... uhm, what are those things that are attached to your arms called again?"

"Hands. They are called hands."

"Yeah, I bet your hands are perfect for doing that!"

I turned around hesitantly, covering my most private part of my body with my hands, looking anywhere but at Rainbow or my daughter.

"You know, you can't wash us when you keep your hands there."

'Fuck fuck fuck...This is so wrong... I should've said no... Damn these ponies and their big, adorable eyes!'
My cheeks flushed a bright red as I lowered my hands, exposing myself to Rainbow and Scoots.


I immediately directed my gaze downwards, where I saw Rainbow looking at my crotch, a bright red blush on her face, her wings fully outstretched. The worst things was, that she was at the perfect height to directly look at it. An awkward silence was filling the air, neither me nor Rainbow daring to say anything. Only the sound of water hitting the shower floor could be heard.

Luckily, Scoots was getting impatient.

"Can we start? I don't want to stay in the shower for ever..." She mumbled, looking to her right at Rainbow, apparently not noticing how awkward the current situation was. This finally helped to get Rainbow from staring at my crotch, but her blush only got stronger as she noticed me looking at her. She strained to get her wings down, to which I raised an eyebrow, my blush disappearing from my face, being replaced with an confused look. 'What's going on with her wings?'

"Rainbow, what's up with your wings?" I asked her curiously.

"Hehe, noth...nothing!" She chuckled nervously, making me raise my eyebrow even higher. I shrugged once, deciding to just drop it and ask Twilight about it later. 'If she doesn't want to tell me, Twilight surely does.' I thought, a small chuckle escaping my lips at the image of Twilight doing another power-point presentation.

A frustrated sounding humph pulled me out of my mind, reminding me that I still had a job that needed to be done. I kneeled myself down, gesturing Scoots to come closer with one of my hands. She complied, now standing right under the shower head, the warm water running down her body, dampening her orange fur. I grabbed a bottle of shampoo from the shower shelf above me, opened the lid, and poured a generous amount of it on my right palm. I shoved Scoots a bit to the side, so that she wasn't standing under the spray of water anymore, and then started rubbing the shampoo into her mane.

After I made sure that I didn't miss a spot, I moved my hand down from her mane onto her back, and from then on started rubbing in the shampoo into the orange fur that covered her body, making her coo in delight, though I did mind to avoid her more private places. All that took me quite some time, but the sight of her body covered in suds made it worth it. A small chuckle escaped my throat as I admired my work.

"Aaaand done!" I said, giving her face, that was covered in suds too, a smile. She returned my smile with a bubbly one of her own, closed her eyes, and then moved under the shower head again, washing her body free of suds.

"My turn!" Rainbow, whose wings were still spread out, said eagerly, shoving Scoots away from her spot after everything was washed off, nearly knocking her to the ground with one of her wings. She took the place under the shower head with a content expression on her face.

"Rainbow! Be more careful! You could've pushed her over!" I scolded, making sure to look at her angrily. Too bad her eyes were closed, and she couldn't see that. 'What's going on with her? She's acting pretty weird...'

"Oh shit, I'm sorry Squirt..." She apologized, her eyes opening for a second, but closing as soon as she felt droplets of water running down her cheeks.

"Nah, it's okay Rainbow." Scoots said. She then looked up at me. "Hey Dad, can you open the door? I want to get out."

"Yeah, sure. Grab a towel from the towel rack besides the sink. I don't want you to catch a cold, so dry yourself!" I said as I stood up and opened the sliding door. She gave me a nod and then jumped out. I closed the door behind her, which only left me and Rainbow in the shower.

"You know, you're a really good father..." Rainbow said from behind me, startling me a bit. "Never let her down. Please."

"Uh, thanks..." I said, a bad memory momentarily coming back to my head, but I quickly shook it off. "And I won't. I'll do everything for her. Though..."


"You know that you girls are from another dimension, right?" I asked, sadness clearly evident in my voice.


"What...What if you went back to your home?" I asked, straining to get even the words out. The thought of leaving Scoots alone again hit me hard. Really hard.

"Twilight will figure something out."

"And what if she doesn't?" I looked into her eyes, my face showing my concerns about that.

"Trust me, she will." I lost myself in her beautiful magenta eyes, which just showed how dead certain she was about this. Those beautiful eyes of hers made all my worries instantly vanish. They assured me, that everything will be fine in the end...

"So, you want to get cleaned, or are you just going to stand there all day staring me in the eyes?" She asked me, snapping me out of my thoughts.

"Way to kill the mood, Rainbow..."

The rest of our little cleaning session went over pretty quickly and without any further occurrences. Rainbow stayed silent the whole time I was cleaning her, occasionally cooing in delight... Though I think I caught her taking glimpses at my groin at times.
But maybe I was just imagining things? I mean, she definitely couldn't have been attracted to me, right?
Well, anyways, after me and Rainbow thoroughly cleaned ourselves, and I covered my waist with a towel, we went downstairs to the living room, where we met my daughter, Applejack and Twilight who were sitting on the couch, watching TV. I didn't know how they turned it on, but I couldn't care less.

I mean, if I would've asked them, their response would probably be 'Magic'...

"Hey there, whatcha girls watching?" I asked, announcing my presence to them. But as they turned around and I saw their distraught faces, I knew something was wrong. "Oh shit..."

And you know what the worst thing about that situation was?

I still wasn't wearing any clothes!

Author's Note:

Hey guys! New chapter!

I've originally intended this chapter to be long, like 6000 words or more, but decided against it since I had a pretty busy week. Firstly, I had my last exams, for which I had to learn quite a bit, and then my girlfriend got hospitalized. She actually needed to undergo surgery yesterday, and I was worried sick about her. But luckily, everything went fine. Next week's going to be way more relaxed, and I plan on writing more.

So I apologize if you guys think this one's a bit poorly written. I tried my best, but I have no clue how it turned out. And I'm sorry for the cliffhanger at the end!

Special thanks this time go toooooooo

GeorgeFleurParty for his very nice and encouraging words, and for being so understanding of my situation!
Thezion1111 and Frankie2 for their ongoing support!
And all the guys that favoured, liked and followed my story!

Seriously, I can't thank you guys enough! :twilightsmile:

Have a nice day! :pinkiehappy:

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