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Moving On - Manitive

This is the story of William Wright, a normal person who wants to live a peaceful life, but is doomed to make big crucial decisions. Follow his tale through the hardships of life and other...rather uncommon things.

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Chapter Four

Rainbow POV

After William left the house, I went to the couch and threw myself in it, hitting it with a groan. Scootaloo did the same, though Applejack and Twilight opted to sit in front of us, the latter started fidgeting with her front hooves nervously.

"Twilight, when can we go home?" Scootaloo asked, resting her head on the armrest of the couch, looking over to Twilight. Twilight face went a bit pale, as if she dreaded the question.

"Uhm...you see...-" She began, looking anywhere but me and Scootaloo, which made me, in turn, become a tad bit nervous. "-The problem is...That I don't know how I teleported us here in the first place...I'm sorry, but I don't know how long it'll take me to find a spell to take us home."

"Twilight...Do you mean, that we're stuck here for Celestia-knows how long? With no place to stay and no clue about this world at all?" I asked, a lump forming in my throat. Not that I was frightened...
Okay, maybe I was a bit frightened. But you would be too if you were in the same situation!

"I spoke with William earlier, and he said that we could stay here until we find a way home..." Twilight answered, looking at the floor in front of her, still not wanting to look us in the eyes. I think she thought that I was angry at her, but I really wasn't. I don't know why, but I just wasn't.

"Now that we're talkin' about 'im, what do ya girls think of 'im?" Applejack asked, trying to change the topic. "Ah personally think there's something he ain't tellin' us. Somethin' that's troublin' him big time."

"Yeah, I think I know what you mean. He seems so...sad. Something in him just seems to be missing. And I think I know what that may be." I said, remembering the times I looked William in the eyes. Something in his eyes just seemed...off.

"What do you think it is?" Twilight asked, finally looking up to me, though she still seemed to be feeling guilty.

"Do you remember yesterday? In his bedroom? The picture on that cabinet you pointed out to him?"

"Yes, I remember...Oh no, you don't think..."

"Let's not jump to conclusions!" I interrupted Twilight "Though I'm pretty sure it has to be something involving those two other humans on the picture."

"What do ya think we should do?" Applejack asked.

"I think we should try and talk to him about it. If he doesn't want to talk about it, then we don't."

"Do ya think he's even going ta trust us?"

"I think so. I mean, he's letting us live in his house..."

"Then it is decided. We're going to ask him about what's wrong when he's home." Twilight decided, nodding once. "And girls, I can't say it enough...I'm sorry..." She again looked at the floor and sadly pawed at it.

"Twilight, don't be too hard on yourself. I forgive you, and I'm sure Scoots and Applejack do too, right?" I comforted her in a calm voice.

"Yeah!" They both answered in unison. I flashed Twilight a small smile as she looked up to me, a single tear building in the corner of her eyes, which she quickly wiped away.

"Anyways, you girls think he'd mind when we look around a bit? There's some pretty cool stuff here."

"I don't know Rainbow, that doesn't seem nice at all." Twilight said, looking uncertain. I knew she wanted to snoop around just as much as I wanted to, if not more. I mean, she was the egghead of us and learning about a new species whose technology is way more advanced than ours is... All she needed was a bit more persuasion.

"C'mon Twilight, just think about all the cool alien stuff that's here!" I told her, suppressing a smirk that tugged at the corner of my mouth. "Laser beams...Spaceships..."

That was all the persuasion Twilight needed. She quickly jumped up onto all her hooves and made her way over to the kitchen.

"Okay, but please...don't damage anything, and put everything back to where it belongs!" She said, already vanishing behind the door frame that leads to the kitchen.

"Ah'll better stay by Twilight's side and see that she doesn't damage anythin'..." Applejack sighed, already trotting after Twilight, leaving me and Scootaloo alone in the living room. "Twilight, wait fer me!"

"Well squirt, what do you think we should check out first?" I asked, turning my head to Scootaloo, who in turn looked at me. She thought for a moment, and then pointed to something behind the tea table. Following her hoof with my eyes, I discovered the object she was pointing at. It was strange, to say the least, and I don't know how I haven't seen it before. It looked like a big and flat square made out of glass, with a black metal surrounding the glass. What interested me the most was the red blinking light at the bottom right corner.

Jumping up from the couch, I made my way over to the little table the object was standing on. Standing in front of it, I estimated it to be around one and a half meter wide and maybe one meter high. Looking the strange object over for any hint on what it was, I found something that looked like a small button right to the left of the red light, but it was way too small to press it with my hooves. 'How can I...Oh, I know!' I moved my muzzle under the button, so that my nose was positioned right in front of it, and then pressed forward, touching it with my nose. Shortly afterwards, the glass box lightened up, and something appeared in the middle of it.

"Wooow..." Scootaloo exclaimed in awe, her eyes going big.

"What's happen-...By Celestia, this is so cool!" I finally registered what was happening as I heard sounds coming from somewhere beside me. I took two steps back and looked up. What I saw was mind blowing.

This strange object somehow was able to play moving 'pictures' with sound. I don't know how, but it was bucking awesome I tell you. The human that I saw on the glassy surface, a male if I guessed right, wore a similar outfit to the one Daring Do does and even had a whip. I began to slowly back up to the couch, keeping my eyes on the object in front of me the whole time, until I felt my haunches hitting the couch. I then shortly turned my attention away from the object and jumped up on the couch, sitting down beside Scootaloo.

"Rainbow...do you know what that thing is?" She asked me, looking up to me with big eyes.

"Squirt, I have no clue, but it is bucking awesome!" I said, my eyes still fixated on the scene that was unfolding on the glassy surface of the object. The human male, accompanied by another human, stood in front of a small golden statue, which stood on top of a pedestal in the center of a circular room. 'Strange, the scene reminds me of that one time Daring Do tried to get the Sapphire Statue from the pedestal in Daring Do and the Quest for the Sapphire Stone...'. My thoughts were interrupted by the sound of something cracking and crumbling, making me snap out of them. I saw how the human was running away from the pedestal, the golden statue in tightly kept in his grip. He ran through several arrow traps, the arrows narrowly missing him. After that, the location changed to a narrow passageway, which had a deep gap in the middle of it. The other human, that I saw in the beginning, used the whip to get across the gap, and then told the 'human Daring Do' version to throw him the idol, and he'd get the whip in return so that he could get across too. He complied and threw the statue over to him, but the other one just said something strange to him, let the whip fall down to the ground, and escaped through a slowly closing gate.

"Wow, this may be the most awesome thing I've ever seen." I said in awe as I saw how he jumped across the gap and barely reached the other end, holding onto a vine for dear life. After he managed to get up and get through the gate that threatened to trap him in the passageway (he, of course, grabbed his whip before he went through it), he saw the corpse of the human that stole the idol from him and left him to die. Though, I have to say, that scene was making me a bit...uncomfortable. I mean, there were prickles sticking out in several places all over his body, which looked pretty gruesome. He picked up the statue and went on, but as he arrived in another passageway, a big, and bizarrely round boulder appeared behind him, chasing him all the way out of the cave he was in. It went on and I and Scootaloo were quickly lost in the epic adventure that was unfolding in front of us.

Some time later

"That.was.bucking.AWESOME!" I exclaimed thoroughly amazed, jumping up in the air at the last word, but only hovering there for a few seconds. Still couldn't fly properly because of my injuries.

"I have to tell Sweetie Belle and Apple Bloom about this!"

"Psssh, I think the next one's starting!" I was right. Right after I said that, the opening scene to the next Indiana Jones movie (as I learned it was called) started playing. That one was named 'Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom'. Saying that I was pumped to see it was a huge understatement. But before I could lose myself in the next awesome adventure, I heard someone calling me out.

"Rainbow! What in tarnation's that thing?" I heard someone say from my right. Turning my head around to face the newcomer, I discovered that it was no other than Applejack, who was now looking at the object in amazement. "Hey Twilight, c'mere, ya've to see this!"

"I hope it's important Applejack! I nearly found out how his fridge-" Twilight, who was walking out of the kitchen, started, but interrupted herself with a loud gasp, her eyes going wide. "By Celestia..."

"Yeah, that thing's awesome, isn't it?" I asked her, feeling proud that I've found out how it worked. "That thing is able to play moving pictures with sound! I think they're called movies! Jump up, let's watch that next one together!"

Twilight and Applejack willingly obliged and jumped up on the couch, making themselves comfortable on it. Twilight then nudged me in the side, making me look to her. She pointed to the other side of the couch, which made me turn my head in that direction, where a sleeping Scootaloo was lying. 'That explains why she got so quiet all of the sudden.'

"Huh, maybe that was a bit too much for her." I mused, leaning myself back into the strangely comfortable couch, starting to watch the movie again.

Some hours later

"That was AWESOME!" Twilight, Applejack and I loudly exclaimed in unison.


"Sorry, we didn't want to wake you up squirt..." I told the now awake Scootaloo, flashing her a sheepish grin.

"Nah, that's...*yawn*...okay" She said, giving me a sleepy smile in return. "Can't sleep all day long after all!"

"Anyways, what should we do now?" I asked, jumping down from the couch, groaning a bit as I hit the ground.

"I don't know, but William should arrive every moment I think." Twilight said, as she and the other two too jumped from the couch.
As if on cue, I heard the lock on the front door unlocking, and shortly afterwards, the door swung open inwards.

"Hey girls, I'm home!" A William that was carrying two full bags of groceries said, flashing us a smile. But as I looked into his eyes, I could clearly see that he tried to hide something with this smile. Something really painful for him. I think I wasn't the only one who noticed that.

"William, ya alright?" Applejack asked him.

"Yeah, I'm fine!" He said, a bit too enthusiastic, making me even warier. Something seemed just off...


"I see you found out how to turn on my TV." He said, looking over to the 'TV', and then back to us, his smile never faltering.

"Yeah. And I've gotta say, those Indiana Jones movies are bucking awesome!" I said, still amazed from before. He chuckled and went into the kitchen, starting to store away all those things he bought.

"If you like that one, I think I've got some other movies you'd like too." He called from the kitchen, which made my ears perk up instantly.

"There are more?" I asked, my eyes widening a bit.

"Yeah, there're many similar movies to Indiana Jones."

"Humans are bucking awesome." I simply stated as I moved into the kitchen, the others following me.


"William, you need any help?" Twilight asked, looking up to William, who was storing away some vegetables in the fridge, his back turned to us. It was then that I noticed that he was shaking, and that definitely wasn't because It was cold.

"William...you okay?" I asked, moving closer to him.

"Huh? Yeah yeah, I'm fine!"

"William, Twilight asked you if you need any help."

"Uh...Yeah, could you hand me the milk Twilight?"

"Of course!" She said, lighting up her horn and levitating the milk out of a bag and over to William, who grabbed the milk out of the air and stored it in the fridge.

"Hey William, would you mind telling us a bit more about you?" I asked, eyeing his shaking body.

"Huh? Eh, why not? But let me store everything in the fridge first." He said, turning his head into my direction, flashing me a small empty smile, devoid of any real emotions.

"Cool, c'mon girls, let's wait in the living room for him. Or do you need help?"

"Nah, I'm good, go on." He said, turning his attention back to the fridge.

After William stored everything to where it belonged, he came to join us on the couch in the living room. I noticed as he sat down beside me, that he wasn't shaking anymore, and he seemed...calmer?

"So, what do you girls want to know about ol' William?"

'His voice seems normal too...too calm...He's definitely trying to hide something...'

"What about you start from the beginning? When were you born, what are your parents like?" Twilight asked,

"Well, there's nothing much to say about me.-" He said, running a hand through the mane on his head "-I was born on the 11th April 1988, so I'm 28 years old. My mother died giving birth to me, and my father held me responsible for it. I mean, I kinda was..."

Putting a hoof on his shoulder, which in turn made him turn his head to look at me, I gave him a sympathetic look and then said, "William, it wasn't your fault. Stop being so hard on yourself." He flashed me a weak smile, and then continued with his tale, shifting his gaze from me onto his...eh, whatever those appendages on his arms are called again.

"Anyways, as I already said, my father held me responsible it, so he...well, let's just say he didn't treat me that well.-" His gaze turned even sadder, to which Applejack, who was sitting on his left, placed a hoof on his shoulder too. "-He only came home late at night, often walking up into my room, just to tell me how useless I am. After some time I learned to just ignore him, but as he noticed that, he started...punching me..." His voice became quieter at the last two words, but I clearly understood what he said.

"I hated him with all my heart.-" He started shaking again, and his voice grew emotionless."-One day, my math teacher at primary school noticed the black eye he gave me the night before. He asked me, where I've got that from, if I had any problems with one of my classmates or something like that. I... I told him all of it. How he punched me, how he called me useless...

The teacher reported that to the police, which in turn started an investigation against my father. To get to the point quickly, my father got sentenced to five years in prison and was not allowed to ever contact me again. I was then sent to an 'orphanage', if you could even call it that, in Miami. That's when life started becoming better. I graduated from school with good marks, got a pretty decent job, and then, some years later, when I turned 24, I found...her..."

"Who do you mean by that, if I may ask?" Twilight, who sat to my right, asked me.

William POV

"Who do you mean by that, if I may ask?"

I clenched my fists as the memories of Sandra started coming back to me. But, surprisingly, only good ones came to my mind. The first time I met her in that bar in Miami, how she smiled at me when I asked what a beautiful girl like her was doing in a bar like that. From then on, I met her every day in that same bar again for two weeks. I talked with her, and we became aware that we had a lot of things in common. Then, after some time, she gave me her number, and we met frequently to watch movies at her or my place or just hung out together. Yes, we became good friends.

After half a year, we became more than that.

So, after Laura was born, Sandra and I got married and moved in together. But the flat we had in Miami just wasn't big enough for the three of us, so we decided to move away. I've saved a pretty decent amount of money, and that combined with all the money Sandra saved, allowed us to build our very own house here in Wyoming. This place was perfect for us; big property, beautiful landscape, quiet and remote, but not too remote.

"By 'her' I mean Sandra."

"Who is Sandra?" Twilight asked me, her head cocked to the side.

"Sandra is...no, she was my wife." A single tear rolled down my left cheek, and I clenched my fists tightly, making my fingernails nearly draw blood. But before I could break down into a sobbing mess, I felt something fuzzy and soft nuzzle my uncovered right arm. I looked down to inspect what was touching my arm, only to see that Scootaloo had somehow snuck herself between me and Rainbow, and was now rubbing her cheek against my arm. I felt my heartbeat slowing down and my fists slowly unclenched. Something about her just calmed me down...

"William, you don't have to tell us anymore..." Twilight's voice snapped me back into reality.

"I don't have to...-" I hesitated a bit "-but maybe it'll help me to tell you about her and my...daughter."
I put on a determined expression as I said that. I have no clue where I've gotten all that confidence from, nor do I have any clue why I thought that telling them about Sandra and Laura will make it any better...But it just seemed like the right thing to do.

So I told them everything. I told them how I met Sandra, I told them about Laura, and I told them of that one day. Surprisingly I didn't shed a single tear throughout the whole time I was telling them. I don't know why, but something deep inside of me told me, that I could trust them. That they would care. I don't know how that stopped me from breaking down either, but it just did.

"...So yeah, that was the last time I saw them." I finished, petting the mane of Scootaloo, who moved to my lap sometime during my sad story. She looked so adorable, so...fragile, when she was curled up in my lap like that. It really distracted me from all the bad memories that kept resurfacing.

"William...I don't know what to say..." Twilight said, looking really downtrodden. "How did somepony like you even deserve this?"

"I consider myself unlucky." I coldly stated. Right after I said that, I felt hooves embracing me from my left side, then from my right side, and finally from my back. Looking around, I spotted all of the three other mares that were now hugging me. Plus little Scootaloo, who was half-hugging one of my legs. At first, I was confused as to why they were ready to be so close to me. I tensed up at first, but quickly learned to just enjoy the hugs I was getting.

Unfortunately, that beautiful moment couldn't last forever.

Their little comforting session was interrupted by my stomach rumbling rather loudly. The girls just chuckled.

"Hehe, sorry..." I apologized, feeling slightly embarrassed. "Guess I'm gonna make dinner for us then?"

"Now that you're talking about it, I'm feeling pretty hungry too." Rainbow said, and as to confirm that, her stomach rumbled too, making her blush and chuckle nervously.

"You guys can wait here and watch some TV while I'm preparing dinner, if you want to." Twilight's, Rainbow's and even Applejack's eyes light up, all three of their faces beaming with smiles.

"I'll take that as a yes." I smirked, and then reached for the remote control that lay on the tea table in front of me. Turning on the TV, I switched through several channels, until I found one that was not displaying war, horror or any other kind of overly brutal movies. I found a channel that played a gold old classic, Star Wars: Episode I - The Phantom Menace. "Looks like I've found a good one. Hope you girls like science fiction! I'm gonna prepare dinner now, have fun." They just nodded, already enthralled by the opening scene.

I felt Scootaloo jump down from my lap onto the floor, which allowed me to stand up. I made my way over to the kitchen, but was stopped by someone calling out my name directly behind me.

"William? Can I help you?" I turned around and looked down, seeing Scootaloo looking up at me with big eyes, a hopeful expression on her face. I wasn't exactly sure how she wanted to help me prepare dinner when she had no hands, but I just couldn't say that when she was looking at me like that.

"Uh, sure, why not?"

I then went into the kitchen, with Scootaloo closely following behind me, pondering on what to cook. 'It has to be something without meat...Maybe a simple vegetable stir-fry? Yeah, that'll do...' Arriving in the kitchen, I took out a pan and a spatula out of one of the cabinets, and some vegetables out of the fridge. Good thing I stocked up on them today.

"William, can I tell you something?" I nearly forgot that I wasn't alone.

"Yeah, sure." I responded.

"You know..." She started, audibly having trouble speaking out what she has on her mind. "I'm an orphan too."

"I've never got to know my parents... I was told that they abandoned me, because I wouldn't be able to fly ever...because my wings were too underdeveloped..." She continued, sniveling a bit, which made me turn around and drop to my knees. I then motioned her to come over into my arms with my left hand, so I could hug her. She did just that.

"Scootaloo, I'm sorry to hear that." I whispered into her ear, genuinely feeling sad for the little filly. I knew how hard it's to grow up without parents. Well, okay, I at least got to know one of them...Didn't help that he was a dick though. I tightened my grip on her a bit as I heard her sobbing a bit louder, and moved my other hand to pet her head.


"Yes Scoots?" Huh, the first time I called her that. She didn't seem to mind, though.

"Do you want...."


"Do you want...to be my fa...father?"

Okay, now that shocked me a bit. I mean, it doesn't happen every day that a orange and purple colored pony with wings, that can speak, and acts like a human, asks you to be her father. And I've known her for just what? two days? 'She really must like me...But the question is, am I ready for something like that? Would we even be able to see each other again, when Twilight finds a way back to their dimension? Would I...'

"I'm sorry...that was just a stupid thought...Forget it..." She interrupted my thoughts.

"Nonono Scoots, it's just... a lot to take in right now..." I cut her off, before she could doubt herself further. It's not like I didn't want to be her father, but she really asked it out of the blue. Why did I want to be her father? That, I can't answer you exactly. It may be the fact, that she kinda reminded me of Laura... Or that she was an orphan like me... But nonetheless, what I would say next to her, might change her life either in a positive way or a bad way. "Might I ask you why me?"

"I dunno... You just... You're an orphan like me, you're kind, helpful, and even though you went through so much... You were never mean to any of us...-" she started, growing more confident with every word "-I mean, you patched me and Rainbow up, and that without wanting anything in return. You offered us a place to stay until we find a way back home. You even..."

"Scootaloo." I called her out, breaking the hug to look her straight in the eyes, which were wet from the tears that were traveling down her cheeks. "You know what? Let's give it a try." I was very confident, that this could work out between the two of us. When people would learn about me adopting a talking pony, they would surely call me 'insane' or something like that, but in this very moment, I couldn't care less.
The way she looked at me... It broke my heart, that someone like her had no one that would listen to her when hard times were coming, or when she needed help. Maybe I could fill that gap.

"You serious?"

"Yes Scoots, I am." Her sad gaze turned immediately into a happy one, and she then leaped into my body, embracing my midsection as best as her small body would allow her to. I returned her hug, my heart pounding like crazy. It was pounding like crazy, because of how happy I felt.

Happy, for the first time, in quite a while.

After we finished eating dinner (Apparently they really liked Star Wars, since they couldn't stop talking about it), cleaning dishes, which again was simplified with Twilight's abilities, and spreading the word that Scootaloo wanted me to be her father (apparently only Rainbow knew that Scoots was an orphan), which the others, to my surprise, approved of, we decided that heading to bed would be a good thing to do. It was getting quite later, after all.

"So yeah, have a goodnight girls!" I said, already on my way to the couch. But I was stopped midway by Rainbow calling me out.

"Hey, where do you think you're going?"

"Err, to the couch?"

"Nonono mister, you're going to sleep in bed."

"But what about..."

"There's enough room for all five of us." She deadpanned, which made me chuckle nervously.

"She's right sugarcube, but don't worry, Twillight an' me are still sleeping in the guest room. Wouldn't want ta get the bed to cramped after all." Applejack said.

"Ergh...Fine..." I sighed defeated.

"C'mon dad!"

I smiled at Scootaloo, who was already bolting up the stairs, with the others shortly behind her. I chuckled once, and then walked after them, already longing for the comfort of my bed.

Author's Note:

New chapter!
Yay, I guess?
I somehow found time between all the exams I've written this week, to write on the new chapter. And I'm actually satisfied with this one!
Now, there's another problem. Next week's probably going to be even more stressful for me, so I think I won't have Chapter 5 done until Saturday or Sunday next week. I'll try my best though!
Oh yeah, and if you guys don't mind, I'd like to have some feedback on how you liked this chapter!
So, thanks for reading this chapter, and have a nice day! :twilightsmile:

Special thanks this time go to Frankie2 (again), Thezion1111 (againagain), and all the new guys that favoured this story. Thanks! I really appreciate your guys support! :pinkiehappy:

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