• Published 11th Apr 2016
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Deafened - Crayonpaste

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"Are you serious?!" You shout out loud. You can feel your lips and tongue moving, the vibration in your voicebox, but no sound. Nothing at all. All you hear is a ringing, white-noise like sound in your ears that blankets over everything.

Nurse Redheart nods her head sadly, as she writes on her clipboard "However, the damage to your ears is not permanent; you should recover in two to three weeks."

You close your eyes and rub your temple in frustration. Of all the times to go deaf, it happens just within a week of the Battle of the Bands! You heard that this year, it was going to be a really good one too, and even better, Adagio was going to be in it! What are you going to do now? Just gawk at the light shows and watch everyone dance? You mean, you wouldn't mind at all seeing more of Adagio, but without the music and singing to go with it, it just wouldn't be the same.

But what pisses you off the most is not that you went deaf, but the fact that someone deliberately threw A FUCKING FLASH BANG AT YOU. What did you do to deserve this? You're (generally) nice to everyone you meet, you never start fights with people, and you always keep to yourself. Guess Canterlot High just has some sadists who like to fuck with people just for the hell of it.

You see the door open, and in walks two people: your mom, and Principal Celestia.

Principal Celestia while usually having a calm demeanor, looks visibly worried this time, constantly eyeing your mother as if she was some rabid bear, and for a good reason too because your mom looks like she's ready to go all Mortal Kombat and rip out Principal Celestia's spinal cord like Sub-Zero. You watch as Principal Celestia's pupils shrink as your mom begins talking again. You don't know how to read lips, but judging from the way your mom's gesturing as she shouts at your princpal, you can guess she isn't happy; probably threatening to sue the school for letting something like this happen to you. Right when you thought your mom actually was going to rip out your Principal's spinal cord, you decide to step in.

"Mom?" You hold out a hand. "I don't know about you, but I'm angrier at the person who did this to me rather than the Principal."

Your mother looks at you for a moment and takes a deep breath before reaching into her purse, and grabbing out a stress ball which she then commences squeezing furiously, probably imagining it's Celestia's face. Meanwhile, Principal Celestia puts a hand to her chest, looks at you, and mouths 'Thank you.'

Nurse Redheart, after seeing that "friendly" conversation between your mother and the Principal nervously steps in, and starts talking with your mother. You watch as she reaches into her pocket and shows your mom the spent flashbang grenade, causing your mother's eyes widen with fury again. You give her a pleading look which calms her down again and Nurse Redheart continues talking, probably explaining your little predicament.

Meanwhile, you're sitting on the hospital's bed trying to think of the asshat who did this. Your first suspicions turn to Aria Blaze. Of all the people in Canterlot High who you hate, Aria tops the list by a long shot. From throwing raisins at you during lunch, to always trying to foul you in basketball during gym, to always trying to make you look like a doofus in front of Adagio, you've never hated someone as much as Aria. Why she hates you so much you don't know, but all you do know is that if she was the one who threw that thing at you, you're going to show her no mercy, Adagio's friend or not.

Your second suspect would be Snips or Snails. You heard rumors from Rarity that the two of them have also had the hots for Adagio, and whoever threw the flashbang just so happened to do it when you were about to ask her out? No way that's just a coincidence, but that doesn't explain how the heck they managed to get their hands on something like a flashbang; they're total idiots and you know for a fact that neither of their parents are cops and they're so clumsy there's no way they would have been able to snag some police gear from the Canterlot Police Department without showing up on the local news. They're not smart enough to do that.

'What about Sunset Shimmer?' You think to yourself. Those are really the only people you know who don't like you, so your suspicions now turn to Canterlot High's local sociopath who almost blew up the entire school. You had a really bad flu during the two weeks where it all happened, but from what you've heard, Sunset Shimmer went from being the most feared, respected, and popular girl to the most hated piece of shit in the school. But you've also heard from your friend Flash Sentry who used to date her tell you that she actually regretted what she did and is now trying to make amends with everyone she hurt. Good for her, but you still have suspicions about her.

'Whoever it is...' You think, gritting your teeth. 'I'm getting to the bottom of it. And I'm going to make them pay.'


You hand in your English test to Ms. Cherilee, and stumble back to your desk, nearly crashing into another student on your way back; the flashbang not only left you temporarily deaf, but also messed up your coordination so you need to walk around with a cane from now on. You also got yourself a hearing aid for your ears, so you can now vaguely understand what other people are saying to you now, but it's a really crappy one so it heavily distorts the voices of everyone you hear, making them all sound really deep, and monotonous like Darth Vader. Because of this, you can never tell who's speaking to you. It could be your mom, your friends, or Principal Celestia, and you'd be none the wiser. On top of that, it would always beep whenever it detected someone talking, driving you insane whenever you were in loud places like the cafeteria because it would pick up every single noise in the room.

You accidently walk into the corner of your desk, your groin taking the brunt of the collision and you grunt in pain. Everyone immediately turns their gazes toward you, and you can feel your face flushing red with embarassement. Aria snickers as you sit down while clutching your nether regions, and you respond by giving her the finger when Ms. Cherilee isn't looking. You don't know how or why, but Aria is in every single one of your classes except Physics, meaning you see that smug little cunt every single day. And to make things worse, in just two days, Aria already found out a new way to annoy you; she'd get up real close with her phone, and play a pre-recorded audio of a bass guitar right next to your hearing aid. You don't know how, but for some reason, your hearing aid detects this as somebody's voice, and the sound would play in your ears as a super low pitch noise that literally causes your entire head to vibrate.

"Don't even think about it." You growl at Aria as you see her preparing her phone again. She responds not with words, but by putting to a hand to her ear, feigning that she didn't hear you.

"Wow, that's low, even for you." You mutter.

The bell rings, and you get up making sure you "accidentally" smack Aria in the shins with your cane before leaving the classroom. Physics is by far your favorite class: It's the last class you have before the end of the day, the only one where you don't have Aria, and the only time when you get to see Adagio. You open the door and as expected, you see Fluttershy waiting for you.

Ever since the flashbang incident, you can no longer use the stairs to get from class to class so Principal Celestia assigned Fluttershy to help you around the hallways. She's such a sweet person; kind, considerate of others, and you gotta admit, she's really beautiful. Almost as beautiful as Adagio.

"How are you feeling today, Anon?" She says. Or at least what you heard from your hearing aid.

"In a decent mood since I got this." You point towards your hearing aid. "I tried fiddling with my hearing aid last night, but it still can't pick up music, so I'm still going to be missing out on the Battle of the Bands."

"Oh..." She says as she looks down. "I'm so sorry to hear that..."

"Don't be sorry." You pat Fluttershy on the shoulder as she carries your textbooks for you. "It's not like you were the jerkwad who threw that flashbang."

For some strange reason, Fluttershy cringes when you mention the flashbang. You look at her, and she has such a pained, almost guilty expression on her face.

"Something wrong?" You ask Fluttershy.

"Oh, no. Nothing." Her eyes dart away from you. "I was just...thinking about Aria. How she's always so mean to you."

"Oh." You say. "Yeah, I hate her just as much as she hates me. In fact, I bet she was the one.."

"R-r-really, Anon?" She asks. "How can you be so sure?"

"Just spend a class in English with me and Aria and you'll find out." You answer. "I spend more time trying to dodge spitballs from her then I do working. Anyways, I can take care of everything from here; see you later, Fluttershy!"

You walk into the classroom just as Professor Discord is taking attendance and spots you. You take a look around the classroom and see Adagio scrambling to do her homework at the last second when Discord isn't looking. Deciding to do a favor for her, you do your best to walk to your seat as slowly as possible. Right when you begin to settle down in your seat, Sonata Dusk taps your arm, and you look up to see a note. She puts a finger to her lip, and you nod. Once certain that nobody else is looking, you unfold the note and read:

"Anon are you alright? -Adagio"

Your heart skips a beat; you're getting a note from Adagio?! Guess she actually does somewhat care about you; you don't know much about girls and relationships, but you know enough that this is a positive sign. You quickly write back saying you're fine, and poke Sonata, gesturing her to send it back to Adagio. It doesn't take long until Sonata hands you another note.

"I'm fine. Do you have any idea who did it?"

"In all honesty, I think it was your friend Aria." You write back. Just as you hand the note to Sonata, you realize you just scrutinized the friend of the girl you're trying to get together with.

Rookie mistake Anon, rookie mistake.

The note passing between you and Adagio with Sonata being the mediator keeps going on, and on until you nearly run out of paper entirely. The bell rings, marking the end of the day and you pack up. But just before you exit the door, you're stopped by Adagio and Sonata.

"Yeah?" You ask the two of them.

"Adagio thinks she found out who the person was that threw the flashbang." Your head turns and to your dismay, is Aria Blaze joining the two girls. "And no, it wasn't me."

"And how do I know you're not lying?" You sneer.

"In case you didn't notice, Adagio was in that room too." Aria points at Adagio. "I don't hurt my own kind, doofus."

"All bickering aside...let's get down to business..." You hear a slightly lower voice emanate from the hearing aid so you can only assume it belongs to Adagio's.

"You said you think you know who did it?" You cross your arms. "Go on then, 'cause I'm all ears right now."

"Rainbow Dash." She answers. "The day before it all happened, Aria was at the police department, where she spotted Rainbow Dash and Fluttershy snooping around in the back."

"Rainbow Dash is also really close friends with Twilight Sparkle, whose brother is a lieutenant in the Canterlot Police." Aria adds. "When you have a friend like Twilight Sparkle, it's probably ridiculously easy to smuggle stuff in and out of there."

"But how are you so sure that it's Rainbow Dash, and not somebody else in her friend group?" You ask.

"Hellooooooooo~" Sonata waves her arms in front of you. "Have you even met any of them? They're like the biggest goody two-shoes in the world except for Sunset and Rainbow Dash! I'm not that smart, but even I can tell."

"Plus, if you've ever met Sunset Shimmer, she's been trying to lick everybody's butt after what she did a while back so the only one left is Rainbow Dash." Aria adds.

You think hard for a moment...everything they're all saying actually makes a lot of sense when you add it all together.

"So then why are you telling me all of this?" You ask.

"We're telling you because you just lost your hearing, and everybody and their mother in Canterlot High knows what happened." Adagio scoffs. "We're telling you this because Rainbow Dash just made you look like the biggest pushover in the entire school." Your heart sinks a little when you hear just what your crush genuinely thought of you.

"Even I feel a little bad for you." Aria nudges your shoulder. "Come on...don't you wanna do something about it? Don't you wanna get even?"

"She just made you miss the Battle of the Bands too!" Sonata pipes up. "I mean...it was gonna be the best one in YEARS! I was gonna be in it!"

"Real humble there, aren't you?" Aria rolls her eyes. "But yeah......we do sing pretty good."

Anger begins to boil up inside you. How could you forget about the Battle of the Bands? You were so hyped for it, and now one shitty "prank" from Rainbow Dash and it's all gone! They're right. You ARE pissed about this! You DO want to do something about this! Just now, you notice that Aria and Sonata are wearing the same exact kinds of necklaces as Adagio: blood red rubies with a simple black strap. They were beginning to give off a faint glow.

"Don't forget, I was also inside that room too." Adagio says as she extends her hand over to you. "I don't know about you, but it looks like to me we have a common enemy here, Anon..."

"Yes..." You nod as you shake Adagio's hand. At that moment, the three girls' necklaces flash red before your eyes as you feel an ever so faint tugging in the back of your head. "Yes we do."